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REVIEWS OF Lost & Found DC IN Virginia

Dan Zick

Stopped in for a few drinks while waiting for a friend. Good selection of beers and friendly bartenders.

John Higgins

Awesome dive bar, no food... But great place to get drinks

Stephanie Wu

Great selections of beers on tap for reasonable prices. Bartenders were prompt and sitting at the bar was comfy. Bar smelled like a bathroom though.

Harry Wilson

Terrible place with terrible employees

Andrew Isett

Big rotating selection of craft beers. Never too crowded. Has a relaxed blue collar feel that you get from Baltimore bars.

Liz R

Great place to grab a beer and cocktail. Bartenders are crazy attentive and mix a wicked Mule.

Patrick Ennis

Great beers on tap! No food though

Luke Marson

Always a great bar. Great staff, good music, and a classy menu.

Emma Dillon

A solid dive bar. Love it

andrew strycker

Stopped in on a Sunday night. This bar has an amazing music selection: a feast for the ears of a classic rock fan or alternative/grunge aficionado. The bartender could have been a bit more wasn't that busy.

Zaque Johnson

Good industry friendly late night spot.

Nathan Postillion

Kenneth Kreider

One hell of a bar.

Kate Ficke

Great somewhat dive-y vibe. Two parts to the bar so decent amount of space, but only in back, the front was super crowded. Drinks are $$$$ although there's a good beer selection and cool craft cocktails. Liked the bar it was just extremely crowded on a Friday night (maybe that's what you want!)

Xavier Eliopoulos

Good beer selection. They don't serve food but you're allowed to bring in outside food

Vishal Kummetha

Meagan Getsinger

Love the bartenders

Scott Campbell

Approximately $8 for some beers that should be no more than $5 in a bar, or $2/each if I buy them in a store. They don't serve food. It got crowded and was so loud that we couldn't really carry on a conversation. They only have three single bathrooms, and at one point, the bathroom line was seven people long. Not all of the chairs have backs to put jackets, and there aren't any coat hooks. Maybe this bar should stay lost.

Harold Cartier

Good vibe. Good drinks.

Nick Cordell

Cool bar with a decent atmosphere. Crowded but not crazy Friday at 7pm

BobbY Butler III

A place that is hard to find , but once there you'll be glad you went on the treasure hunt!


Small little hidden gem of a bar. Great cocktails, good variety of bourbons, whiskey, and craftbeer. Clean bathroom which is a plus for a bar. Will come back for more

Dana Tashjian

Hidden gem! Fun bar with a great vibe and friendly bartenders. Nice job with the decor.

Craig Thackray

Good spot to drink beer and people watch. Very much a neighborhood staple

Daniel Clemmer

Place always smells like chlorine bleach which is encouraging but kind of off putting if I'm being frank. Very millennial friendly. Staff is enjoyable. Drinks can be fancy, and good selection of spirits. I've seen a bunch of tinder dates go on here. Which is great for people watching. So, come with your friends. It's a great place for social fodder. TVs are split between sports and horrible basic cable movies worth laughing about over beers. Decor is curated with a junkyard/flea market find feel. Very 19th century industrial with wood and iron everywhere. If you want to get away from u street it's a good spot. Not really a place to go 'bar hopping' at given its distance, especially with safe track going on.

Rachel Anderson

Great bar with a warm industrial vibe. $6 rails.

Lola Valentine

Great space-- two rooms. Reasonably priced drinks. Definitely a neighborhood go to.

Brett Thorson

Pretty good drinks and drink selection. Still weird not having food. Try the pizza or the bbq places.

Becca Arbacher

Really good (if a bit expensive) cocktails, reasonable beer selection.

John Preston Brown

Cool vibe, nice selection of beers, spirits.

J Gaines

Fun place. Good beer selection. Love the decor.

Sean Collins

Cozy bar space with tvs. Decent selection of beers at typical dc prices

Lateke Burke

A small place, with a retro feel, and, great beer!!

Zoe Bambery

Bring your own food and enjoy the impressive beer menu

Justin Harbin

Good beer selection, but nothing impressive. A bit pricey, but a great atmosphere. Mike is a dope bartender for sure! I'll be back plenty!

Sam Moses

Drinks are bit pricey and happy hour deals won't draw big crowds. But it's the only bar in the neighborhood that doesn't feel like a shiny hotel lobby. Good atmosphere.

John Garrett

And I thought the service at Thally was bad...

Jonathan Shafer

The atmosphere here is pleasant, and many tables have easy access to power. Drinks were not cheap, but prices are fair (and in line with DC, generally). I'd go back!

jay austin

On a painfully droll strip of bougie bars, Lost & Found stands out as the best of the bunch. Laid-back and unpretentious, with a good selection and decent prices. It's nothing that you simply can't miss, but for a no-frills drink in the Convention Center area, is a nice spot.


Craft beer and great bartenders

Connor Lawrence

Great beer cool vibe and you can bring food in

Raja Krishnamoorthy

A great spot to hang out with good beers/whiskeys. The paint kinda smells a little weird though

Joshua Feldman

Best old fashioned!

Alex DiCaprio

I loved the ambiance of the place and the nice staff -- but wish this place expanded their offerings a bit more. First off, I found the bartender to be extremely efficient and cordial. He was willing to assist as best he could but i seem to have caught him off guard asking for a negroni. I take fault in this as they really do advertise themselves primarily as a beer/whiskey joint, but, with that being said, they also advertise craft cocktails (which I will get too later). Secondly, as I touched on earlier, they are a whiskey and beer bar. They need to really stress this as a strength and stop offering other types of cocktails. I say this because I tried a couple of the cocktails and they were not good (at all-- in fact horrible). I stuck with the old fashioned which, in their defense, was good Finally, This bar can really succeed if they focus on their strengths and outwardly advertise that they are a whiskey and craft beer bar. I would recommend they move toward pairing whiskeys and beers and really showing off their whiskeys and hiding vodkas/gins/etc and serving only basic requests for vodka drinks. I will return at some point to review and re-rate -- mainly because I think I entered without an expectation being set and immediately was disappointed. (one last note -- no food -- so come thirsty, not hungry)

Patrick Labbe

Great local bar. Their beer selection is awesome and thier frozen cocktails are great, refreshing and don't taste like sugar bombs. Also, if you need a snack you can order takeout from All Purpose next door and have a great pizza with your great drinks.

Logan McGear

James Emery

Amazing draft list that's always being updated and huge selection of whiskey / bourbon

Joseph Raczynski

It's a fun, very long bar in Shaw. It can get very crowded toward the weekend. It's worth a stop in the area. Always feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @joerazz

Corey Nolan

Love It! Best bartenders in DC!!! GETY9U WHAT YOU NEED!!!!

Meghna Rao

The place has a nice ambience. Good variety of beers

james teare

Good variety of beer, nice laid back environment.

Mac Attack

Great beer selection... Full on a Monday.. #Darrell

Taylor Wan

Neighborhood bar, pricey with okay drinks

K Keen

Great beer selection, but no food, and the place has a strange smell.

Drew Sample

Good beer selection

Robert Harkins

Awesome bar.

Rafael Medina

A. Thomas Grunley

A very spacious layout, historic detailing / design, and a very trendy, very cool location make this the perfect place for medium to large group gatherings (such as Office Parties, large birthday parties, etc.). There are two distinct areas of the lounge though one common decorating theme is carried all the way through. Two large bar areas and clean / recently renovated bathrooms. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Hameed Tasal

Great vibe. Good for groups.

Carlo Gavino

Awesome neighborhood bar, I've been going here for years and developed friendships with the bartenders. Service is great just like their beer selection. They also allow for you to bring in food which is a nice touch.

Matthew Schindler

Excellent, well curated list of beers. Great service and live music several nights a week!

Shreya Tulsiani

Good vibe and large

Isaiah Headen

It's a good neighborhood drinking bar that has an excellent rotating beer menu and a great collection of whiskeys. Also if you need a space to host a happy hour event or a large gather of friends this is the place. Their backroom is affordable and spacious.

Justo Robles

Easy and chill location to hangout with friends.

Karla Shadday

Good drinks but they closet early

Kelly Appenzeller

This is a deceivingly large bar with a great atmosphere. It is nestled in a great spot in Shaw and is a more low key option for a night out with friends and casual sports games.

Meghana Raja

Cool atmosphere with good drinks. Try the cider here, it's not sweet and sugary like other ciders. It's crisp and dry with a nice punch at the end.

Ginger Ballentine

Great bartendars and trivia!

Ryan Segrist

This place sells itself as a dive bar. It is not. The ennui I experienced when I came in reminded me that I was not 25 anymore. Or rather, it vigorously reminded me that this place lacks that timeless quality found in proper dives. It is a place for young people desperately seeking a burnishment of their lifetime credentials. There is no timelessness of a proper dives to be found here. Just the plastic, saccharine sweetness of false hopes dashed on the shelf of ragged time.

Paul Masbeth

Great beer. No kitchen. Perfect.

the unknown

Great vibe, good prices. This is a REAL bar

Lora Kluber

Worst service I've ever had. The "manager" of the bar was an arrogant jerk to my group of 12 people and I. He wouldn't let us order more than one round of shots although we just got there and it was our first drink. Okay don't take our money dude, we will never come back here.

Gordon Cameron

Decent beer list.

Johny Mccahill

Great place to get lit up .

matt smith

Great beer selection. Fair enough prices. The bartender was excellent at managing a busy bar! I enjoyed the decor. They used find items like old license plates.

Christopher Rogers

Draught beer list is great, and there's tons of seating and space to post up.

Keith C.

Nice staff, but a bit noisy when crowded. Great selection of beer but no food. Lost of wood decor, kind of reminds of an old saloon!

Colin Johnson

Private function in back room was flawlessly executed. Attentive bartender for a party of about 50 folks. Tables stayed clear of used plates, glasses, and napkins. They took care of us and had a great selection of craft brews. Solid 5 stars, thanks guys.

Jeremy Sutherland

Great beer selection. No food

Stephanie McCaslin

Awesome bar, you can bring your own food, and the bartender is friendly.

Matthew Lego

Lost & Found offers a relaxed, upbeat atmosphere and a *great* beer list with no stupid gimmicks. The owners clearly take their beer menu seriously and it shows- they're excellent at finding great beers from around the country and rotating them through the taps constantly. You can walk into Lost & Found any day of the week and try something new. The entire staff, from the bartenders on down are friendly and engaging and knowledgeable about what they serve. This is a great neighborhood spot, plain and simple.

Nathan Gamson

Great place. Feels like a cleaner dive bar, and attracts a nice crowd. Great selection of beers and liquors. No food, but you can bring in your own.

Brandon Sorensen

Great whiskey and beer list.

Robert Howard

Great beer selection with live music every Tuesday. A great place for a relatively easy night out.


Great beers and cozy

AC Craft

My favorite neighborhood bar! Excellent beer selection that always features a good smattering of local breweries. Good sized bar with both a front and a back section, so finding a place to sit normally isn't an issue. Does not serve food, but they're okay bringing in food from Sundevich or any other place.

Catherine Runyan

Lost & Found is great! It's truly a cocktail bar, so unless you can do with a bad of chips from behind the counter, grab your food from somewhere else. But definitely make your way here eventually! It's such a cozy, fun space. It's rumored (please note, I have not independently verified this fact) that before the bar opened, the owners put an add on Craigslist asking people to bring a bunch of random stuff. And that's what they decorated the bar with! So if you were wondering where the old license plates on the wall, or the records in the window come from...there might be a story there!

Adam Godet

Great low key bar...go drink whiskey with a friend and enjoy your company

Scott Annis

Great tap takeover of Iowa brews.

Greg Mitchell

Best neighborhood bar ever, best staff, best music, tad pricy. It's a hole in the wall in all the best ways.

Eric Forbush

It was aight. Nice craft beer selection, but I wish they had more munchies or a food truck outside.

Mike Lewis

Don't come here, I don't want it to be too crowded when I want to hang here. It's a local bar for local people, we'll have no trouble here. It's actually a lovely establishment with friendly staff, but I'm serious, don't make it too crowded.

harry peli

Nice place inside. Perfect for the hipster trendys. Which is fine, but if you aren't one of them they dont make you feel welcome. Only serve craft beers and other trendy drinks. Dont ask for a bud light or any other standard bar drinks. They dont have them and wont make them. So some people will love it. But not for me.

Abdulrhman Almutery

No good bad

Ryan Kellett

A large back area can be a quieter than the front. They had rare Shacksbury Cider on tap when I was there, so how bad could it be?

Travis Feldman

Went there on a Wednesday night with a small group of people. The bar had about 5 people there. The group I was with was ordering many rounds and having a good time until the bartender/ owner asked us to quiet down as we were too loud for his bar. He told us that this was not the type of bar where you can have fun or be loud or he would kick us out.

Erik Wandrag

Great beer selection.

Carlisle House

A nice solid long bar with a good selection of beer and whisky.

Lowrie Ward

great chill dive bar

Kevin McHugh

Bring your ID. Great brew pub

Tommy Scott

Craft beer on tap from all over

Gabriel Shapiro

Great space, the back patio is particularly cool!

Brian Rowe

Nice beer selection

Tom Giaquinto

Amazing Draft selection! Perfect atmosphere! Solid Dirty Martini! And thanks to Darryl for introducing us to The Meters!

Courtney Weigand

Great beer list that's always changing. The bartenders are friendly and fast. Can get a little crowded with the after work crowd especially on Fridays.

Che tana

Only had one drink- sparkling $10. A sound selection of drinks and different cocktails. Huge space- no real intimacy. A big front room and a big back room. great for groups, not for a date. Don't know if they had music- or it was normal and nothing outstanding. Football on the telly. Friendly service. No food- but a fancy array of snacks (Doritos, potato chips, etc...). Not a bad place to chill with a couple of friends.


Awesome service Melissa! Loved it!

allison nielsen

Solid standby bar out in Shaw. I like coming here after going to one of the nearby restaurants and it's also a fun followup spot after going to Maxwell Park. Service has always been really friendly for me. There are live bands here occasionally. It's not my favorite bar in DC by any means or a bar I'd go out of my way to go to but it's a decent option if you're in the area.

Erin Ballentine

One of my favorite neighborhood bars. They always have excellent beer on tap and the bartenders are great and incredibly knowledgeable!

Robert Jacoby

Underwhelming bar...even though the drink list looks pretty good. Loud bar, somewhat divey. I was definitely served the wrong beer, although didn’t have time to question it because the bartenders are very inattentive. Had high hopes for this one because it looked cool from the outside, but they fell short. (Not going for lower than 3 stars because if you like the divey, loud scene, you may have a different opinion.)

Baochaun Lin

It is a good dive and not pretentious. If I live close by, I will visit regularly.

Didier Rosez

Bar that is open quite late. Nice interior and atmosphere

Brannon Green

Great beer selection and happy hour discount ($2 off drafts). The bar gets really hot though, so I don't usually stay there long. Otherwise pretty great.

James J Reilly III

Great rotating beer list, a solid whiskey selection, and a great vibe makes this place a favorite neighborhood spot.

Shiney Sharma

Pretty cool place. Very laidback, but still packed on a Friday night. They had really great drink specials on happy hour.

nasen gets a referral

Rajiv Shah

Nice atmosphere and decent selection of beers

Don Knieriem

Small, cozy, bar with frequent (good) local live music. Nothing fancy, but definitely a trendy spot in downtown DC. Near a metro subway stop. Some street parking. A couple pay parking garages nearby.

Ben G. Green

good beers on draft

Nathaniel Broekman

I lost my hat at lost and found, but it was not found. Still a great bar, though.

Dipika Mouli

L&F is one of the chillest, least posh/stuffy places in the neighborhood and that's a good thing for people like me who thrive on going to bars in athleisure. The prices are standard for DC and slightly less than what you'd find in surrounding areas/Blagden Alley so for that reason alone it's worth popping in. There's a ton of seating so it's good for large groups. Honestly can't remember if they have food but I don't think you're going for that anyway. Have fun bye!

Vincent Galatro

Solid bar.

Hsiao Chen

Straight up pub, one of the better ones in DC. No frills and good bartenders. Crowd is lovely , but not obnoxious. Friendly and fun environment.

Matthew Temba

It was cool...but not mind blowing. Good place to hang with a group.

Brent Bain

Very chill spot, just tried a meet up for the first time at this bar. Great people, great beer selection and service.

Leigh Rawls

* Really awesome dive bar in a relative bar wasteland section of DC * Pretty good Happy Hour deals * There are two separate bars so you don't have to fight the crowd to get a drink if there is a band performing. * Good amount of seating * Great beer and whiskey selections (and expansive for a bar of its size) * Knowledgable bartenders that are super friendly in a sincere way (not in a "I just want a good tip" kind of way.) * Easily metro accessible (Convention Center/Mt.Vernon Stop) * Industrial Cinderblock meets quirky yard sale interior design * You can reserve the back section for a private event and have your own separate entrance and your own bar/bartender * Only downside is that the acoustics are not great so when a band is playing it's pretty loud (but you can escape to the other end of the venue (assuming it's not closed for a party) if you want to get away from the noise. *Overall: DEFINITELY WORTH A VISIT

Robert Lee

Great daily rotating draft list, and best prices on beer in the area. Pretty sure you're also allowed to BYO food which is awesome.

William Peterman

Good beer just but bar tenders can be snooty and surly.

Austin Neu

Always a fresh bottle of Old Overholt

Dennis Sanchez

Friendly staff, great beer and liquor selection, very cozy. It's my favorite place to hang out and have a drink.

Anthony Wilson

Great happy hour. Totally unpretentious. A welcome reprieve from the typical DC bar.

Mia Richter

Really fun and unpretentious bar with a great beer selection. ;-) Also serves wine and liquor if you're not in the mood for beer!

Andrew Huber

Fantastic beer selection. Not only big but very well curated. Super nice bartenders and you can bring in outside food.

Nathan Hurwitz

Typical type of bar in DC. Large crowds on a Saturday, good drinks, but no "wow" factor.

Andrew Ladner

Lively atmosphere.

Doug Brown K

Popular packers fans meetup spot. Bring your own food. It's a great place.

Erin Reeve

Dive bar with fun decor that you can’t help but get lost in (Find your state!). Usually packed with a rowdy crowd so don’t wear your Sunday best and be prepared to fight for a spot at the bar and through the crowds.

Divya Petigara

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