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Mohamed Alawadhi

I have been to Ladurée in London, Paris, and Dubai, and have had wonderful experiences in terms of the service and the food. However, the worst Ladurée experience is no doubt was in the M Street branch. The food is very soggy and the hot food comes out as cold. It is mainly the lunch and dinner menu that is really bad. Obviously I can't compare DC to London, Paris, and Dubai, but at the end it is Ladurée. The food does not match with the Ladurée standard, and I am surprised that Ladurée has not seen that yet.

Kartik Ancha

Amazing Food and Service!! Must visit this french café ☕️

Mohammad S

A unique place and i love the atmosphere in this place and they have a good menu that contain a-lot of good choices and the service are awesome.

Patti Phillips

This is the place to go for macaroons. Have to wait in long line though. Not really my favorite dessert, but my son loves them. I like more decadent desserts. The place is really cute. If you luv French macaroons this is the best in Washington metro area.

Haroon Rasheed

The best French bakery in the DMV area. Presentation of food. The macaroon and French toast are superb. The service was excellent.

Reagan Toal

We went here for a mid-afternoon tea and snack. Wonderful selection of macarons, as suspected. The pistachio was awesome and chocolate was delecatable. Great service. Got quite busy during our stay and they were still on top of it! Only complaint is price—we've been to many a French bakery though none quite so expensive. You really are paying for the name.

Obada Tabbaa

Very nice staff, love the coffees and macaroons!

Tulsi Lala

I would give this place 10 stars if I could! I love EVERYTHING HERE! The macaroons are shipped fresh from Paris each day to this location. I have been to the original Paris location and you get the Paris feeling enjoying them in DC especially at this particular location. Any of the desserts are amazingly delicious! The decor of this place is crazy girly and surprisingly attractive! These Macaroons are perfect for gifting as well! A MUST HAVE WHILE IN DC!


I go here to get presents for my employees and these treats are always a crowd pleaser. Be warned, you are going to pay through nose and deal with obnoxious, entitled 1%ers, but the staff are lovely and helpful.

Hieu Vo

The seating is pretty limited compared to their customer flow, just like those in Paris. Many people buy to go, so that's fortunate. Everything else is the same as in Paris. This is a pretty fancy dessert place, but you pay for the interior and the location too. I'll make my frequent visits!

Reed Muhra

This place is way overrated, and way over-priced! When we went there the service was good even though the store was busy! But I have to be brutally honest; their macaroons are not different in taste than the ones that one can buy at Tyson’s …

Alex Kit

The best deserts in the US. Never tasted anything so good outside of a few countries in Europe. Can't wait to return. Service and ambiance was top notch. Food took a little longer to prepare, but was worth every minute of waiting.

Tyler Gordy

Good cookies, horribly slow service...

Samantha K

Love Laduree! I feel like a princess inside Laduree. Seating is tight and is pricey for anything to eat or drink but a divine place to go.

Musaed Alshammari

Really, I like it. Nice location, and perfect service I hope

Omar Sh

The best breakfast restaurant

Jay Richards

I would entirely suggest you come here for the pastries and lattes... not necessarily to dine. The desserts are to die for... the savory dishes could use some work.

Miss Noor

Pretty darn good macaroons! I must say the food there is overpriced and the place is super small so there isn't much room to sit but the decor is AMAZING! My experience with the waiters there was good, they were super nice and I had a lovely breakfast there (the check was $100 for some french toast and orange juice which is a bit ridiculous but it was a once in a year visit so that makes up for it). In total, the place & food is great! The price...not so much.

Barbie Kesling

Beautiful place! Delicious macaroons! Highly suggest taking a trip!

Tuja Khaund

Fancy place to hang out with friends for some tea and macarons. Love!

Carol G

macarons were decent and store was really cute!


Mille Feuille gone missing!! I came to Georgetown just to have it and was told they have not been making MilleFeuille for 2 months. Only location in NYC continues to make that pastry. Disappointed to say the least. One of the very few places in North America that know how to make real authentic one...but not anymore. Hope MilleFeuille will be back @ Laduree

Osako K

Great place to have your afternoon tea or coffee. Macarons and pastries taste good. I would give it 5 stars if it was a little more spacious.

Ashley Stefun

Best customer we have had in awhile. Everyone was so sweet and went the extra mile to ensure we had a good time. The macaroons, especially the rose one, are AMAZING. Our other favorite is the tea (Josephine is our favorite)

Jake Davison

Lovely macarons. First time I had their macarons in Europe they were sublime. These were very good but probably different ingredients in US version. It is a gorgeous location and many other pastries and hot food items I look forward to trying

Sinan Pismisoglu

The best macaroons in town perhaps on earth. The staff is very kind and attending. Kinda small space to sit and enjoy.

Isis Sabelino

Pricey but worth it.

August Chuprajak

The best macarons in town. Also served delicious food and lovely tea before ending with a few amazing macarons.

Mathieu Desnoyers

I’ve been to severals Ladurée in my life. They are my favorite place for brunch / pastry. I’m part french and they are a must / classic. The service at this location was one of the best. Was the first time for my american friend and he felt like royalty and that’s what you get when you enter a Ladurée. Thanks again to the team for speaking french to me I felt just like home

Nu S

This place is always crowded and there is always a line. I never came for brunch so I cannot speak to the food. However the macaroons are superb. I prefer the union station location it is less crowded and same merchandise but not the same atmosphere. Macaroons are delicious and the strawberry croissants was sadly overrated not worth the calories as it lacked the buttery fluffiness it should contain. Everything here is a bit expensive but to me the macaroons are worth it. This location is pretty but it’s tiny so expect noise. We went to the park to eat our treats there was no need to wait 45 min for a table.

Dennis Yuksel

Extremely tiny but lovely pastry

Cansu Sener

Are you ready to feel like a Parisian? Look no further! Very fancy place to have some drinks, taste delicious pastries (especially macarons), or savory food. It is a bit overpriced but in my opinion you are paying for the service and fancy atmosphere. Is does not have enough seating space so people are crammed next to each other. Tartar, pouched eggs are below average. I think the best think they have is (obviously what they are famous for) macarons. My recommendation is the pistachio flavored.

guillermo corea

Great place to go with family

April Felton

Only negative was the parking is horrible! Macaroons were delish!!

imtiaz ahmad

Macrons are good but display is even better.

Katie Curiel

French guy gave good service and the menu options were nice. The staff at the front barely greeted. The bathrooms were very dirty. The menus were dirty too. The quality of food was good. I expected better for the prices, however.

Alfredo Ramirez

Phenomenal service and food that makes you feel like you’re in a Paris Cafe. Breakfast and brunch are absolutely amazing, and the macaroons are to die for, as is the hot chocolate.

Cyrine Haidar

Definitely my go to place for a quick lunch when I am in DC. I always have their vol au vent with chicken and mushroom sauce. It is to die for! Of course the macarons are very good too!

Kessashun Arthur

I've only explored the macarons here and they are consistently great. There's plenty of unique flavors to choose from. Black tea, coffee, and pistachio are among the standouts for me. The chocolate covered one's add a non-traditional element to the menu. They also make some pretty incredible sorbet+macaron sandwiches. The raspberry sorbet meshes perfectly with a pistachio macaron. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. No complaints from me about Ladurée!

Pam Hu

The idea was very nice and appealing but the actual food/drink and service was simply below expectation. The typical Georgetown prices don't really help either.

Jowanda Six

The food is fabulous. I'm in love with their macaroons.

Paul S

High-end macarons and thoughtful services were well enough to satisfy tired wanderer's lust for sweets. Surprised to meet a kind staff who knows Korean expressions. Fully charged.

Rosemary Jordenttyy09987654321qsdg

What's not to love about LaDuree!

Paul Eliasson

My wife paid good money for a selection of macarons. All of them were overly sweet and stale. The outside cookies were overly dry and crunchy in the most unpleasant way. If this place can't sell macarons fast enough to only sell the fresh ones, they should not sell macarons at all.

Michael Johnson

Every time I come to DC I stop here for a box to bring home to my wife

Myriam Ait Khouya

Sooo yumy.. The staff are very nice

Julie Williams

Just like the original in Paris! Excellent customer service and delicious macarons.

r a

Stopped by today for a quick tea and macaron break. I was a little hesitant based on some recent negative reviews, but I have to say we had a fabulous experience. We were seated right away, and the interior is the most charming environment possible. The macarons were fresh and delicious; the beverages, perfect. The service was cheerful and overall we had a truly delightful time. Highly recommend.

Ray Chen

This is a gots-to-go stop if you're in town. Having been to the original Laduree in Paris, this one is not bad. The people are friendly and patient and the goodies make you want to travel to the homeland.

Annie P

Got food allergy from one of their macaroons.

d adams

Fun but didn't feel 100% authentic as one would hope

Kay Jay

There are no words that I know of that can accurately describe the deliciousness that I tasted at Laduree. Scrumptious is the only word that I can think of at the moment. The madeleines are sort of pricey, but they melted in my mouth. I can't wait to go back for more!

Jessica Lash

Amazing macarons!! Just like the ones in Paris!

Mallory Rogers

Wonderful French pastries, food, and drinks in a charming atmosphere. The hot chocolate was literally to die for and totally Instagram worthy. We also got an assortment of macaroons which were absolutely divine.

Srinidhi Nag

Food was fine, nothing special. It looked better than it tasted. At my table I was the last one to be served and then the food they gave me was raw. I had to wait quite a while to get my food remade and then they forgot the desserts we ordered. I don’t see anything special enough here to justify the prices. The service definitely doesn’t.

Alexis Durham

I'm giving this review a 4 because the atmosphere was great. The colors were soft which gave it a happy calming vibe, the food had great presentation and was pretty good. However, I personally didn't like the macarons and that was my 1st time trying them. I most likely will not eat the macarons ever again but I think the establishment is amazing.

Maria Avila

Super crowded and overpriced tea. There are better places

Mehadi Hasan M

Good place to have a cup of coffee and pastry .... pastry’s are really good here...... recommended place for coffee .............. and ........ pastry in ........ George Town ...... ☕️.........☕️..........

Dr. Isabel Sharkar

Omg, went to Laduree today for my favorite Rose dessert to find out that the new chef doesn’t make it anymore!! That’s like going to the doctor’s office and seeing a doctor who doesn’t know how to perform a physical exam! Why hire a chef that doesn’t know how to make the most amazing dessert that make the Laduree brand. Come on DC!! The chef needs to learn how to make the Saint-Honore Rose Raspberry Pastry.

Salim Hassan

Though their macarons are incredible, everything else about this place is sub par.

Anton Migulko

Ok pastries. Not great.

Keith Newlander

I was expecting a great experience but sadly this place did not live up to the hype. The macarons are good but not better than Olivia's macarons which are just down the street. The food was also good but not worth the cost to make it worth …

Linda Obedzinski

Perfect place to enjoy a stress-free, delicious afternoon tea! Fabulous pastries, attentive service, and a wide selection of tea.

Mai Nguyen

Best macaroons in town. I recommend the pistachio. Service is really quick and the line moves quickly.

Eric Vandersall

Ignore the snotty reviews, this place is amazing. It’s not meant to be french fine dining, it’s a cafe and it executes being a cafe perfectly. Desserts are incredible!

Dr. Morteza Delroba

Place looks nice but was closed and they forgot to post their new hrs , it opens 9-7 , will try again

Mikey S

Food is great, but horrible service. It takes them forever to take your order and bring you your food. But the food itself is fantastic!

Omar SA

Amazing service and great food

Kyle Clark

Waited 40 minutes to be seated, 10 more for our order to be taken. 5 minutes later they come out to tell us they are out of the one pastry we ordered and recommended another. We took their suggestion and things came out over the next 10 minutes. My order didn't arrive. When everyone else was mostly done I started asking if it would be out soon and the woman told me they just gave the last away but she could give me the parts of my order they had left. Her attitude was one of frustration that I was wasting her precious time to ask about my pointless concerns. By this point everyone else was done and I didnt want to hold things up so I just paid and left. At no point in any of this was there any apology or admittance that this wasn't what I should expect from a place with these kinds of prices. Maybe they think I want pretense with my process tag. I'm good without it. I guess you can't buy class, or staff that even pretends to care. I will never be back.

Jose Almodovar

With the place empty and after ordering some macarons, it took them 15 minutes to get us a glass of chablis and a warm champagne. Not close to anything in France. Worthless.


The special tea was great. The staff were professional. Although it was very late they let us in. The service was also great...

Lunah Jung

Disappoing service. I wanted a cake to go and I was IGNORED for 10min, until a nice waiter walked up to me and asked if I was being helped or not. Other than this waiter, others have laughable standard

Annette H.

If you want to buy the best macaroons you've ever had from in a very pretty environment almost like the makeup counter of a department store, you should get here asap. It was surprising to discover that they are shipped in from Switzerland every day. They are amazingly fresh without any hint of preservatives. On the flip side, this establishment is somewhat confusing and inefficient. Soaps, scents and other items are also sold here, which isn't something I want in close proximity to sweets. The tiny restaurant area in the back (right next to the order counter) is rightfully monitored by a manager so that people only making purchases don't use their tables. This could be marked better with either table tents or roped off somehow.

Jordan Sasbi

Very nice place with pure French accent.

Hengyun Chuang

The decoration is very beautiful, the material object is very exquisite, and the sugar is appropriate, the waiter's attitude is very good, because it is my first time to go, he is very patient to introduce food. But it usually takes a long time to wait a table.

meranda willyard

Wonderful place for tea with the ladies.

Manuel Viscarra

Super helpful and friendly staff. Beautiful location and best macarons in the DMV.

Pooja Varma

A beautiful spot in Georgetown to hang out with friends and enjoy dessert. The drinks are amazing and refreshing! The sweets are one of a kind, pricey but worth it. I would recommend taking advantage of their happy hour, you'll get the same foods at half the prices. I will definitely be visiting again!

Sha Mar

The place is located in Georgetown very convenient for people who are passing by and their Macaroons are delicious but the price is high for just a little macaroons! The staffs are friendly but the food quality is not matching their price and even the atmosphere! You may have high expectations but you will be surprised of the low quality of the food here! Just come for some macaroons, tea or some drinks everything else is not the quality you would expect!

Charlie Miller

Best macaroons in town.

Wolf Ruzicka

Love the food and atmosphere.


Présentation of foods, quality, and atmosphere are all great to let you enjoy your French meal and pastries. Of course, you pay for all these beauties; for example $9 for a bottle of water.

Mariah Patrick

Great service & even better macarons! The rose latte is pink & delicious.

Kim Kaiser

Beautiful and beautiful as always.

Emily Thomas

This place has amazing macarons and is very authentic. The only thing is the employees looked very unhappy and there were no smiles going on.

Mika Williams

Decent food, nice atmosphere but the service was horrible. I went here and immediately the service was garbage. I waited 30 minutes just to get my water while people who arrived after me had not only their drinks, but also were served before we even got our water. Super basic concept but apparently not key at this establishment. Then we waited so long for the waitress to come back that we decided we better order everything we want during our visit, drinks food and dessert, because we weren't sure when else we would be seeing her again considering her lack of attention. When we received our food we decided that it had already taken so long being there that we didn't even want to wait for dessert at this point. We asked for the dessert to be cancelled so we could just get our check immediately. This took another 10-15 minutes. Finally received the check after asking multiple times, just to see it still had the desserts on it.

Jesse Thomas

My omelette was over cooked. I’ve had better omelettes in coach.

William & Sahar DallNama

The presentation as well as quality is great. About price, remember you may pay for a bottle of water (Evian) $9.

Gabriel Massie

Avacado Toast with Scrambled Eggs that you won't forget!!!

Harish Thiru

The real deal. If you like macaroons, you should know that these guys (the store in Paris) literally invented macroons back in 1854. So there you go, it's as legit as it can get. It's authentic, tasty but obviously pricy. If you fancy the cafe, try their hot chocolate. It's really good.

Sridevi B

I love the pastries here. Little European desert place in georgetown. Fancy & delicious confectionery options.

Marco Ponce-Villacis

The place is incredible. The teas, sweets, desserts are delicious.

Kenneth Holt

Nothing that you can say other than.... WOW! amazing in every way

Renita Stukes

I was greeted and seated in less than 5 minutes. I had "high tea" service. The atmosphere was beautiful and service was quick. They are a bit pricy but they provide a nice experience.

Suji Mao

It's a cozy place to grab the French dessert of your choosing. The is plenty of variety when it comes to their macarons. My personal favorite was the pistachio but reallly you can't go wrong what you pick.

Michael Chahrour

Great breakfast place. Courteous staff, awesome French patisserie..

Greg Gimenez

Feels like the real deal in France. Excellent food if you are willing to spoil yourself a bit. Great bakery selection. Not big enough to fit a large family, but cozy for a couple's outing. If you never travel to France, then visit here to get a small feel.

Joelle Egger

This is a beautiful "salon de the" in the

Mathieu Greenwood

Spectacular place! Its even better than what one hears at DC soirees or at the country club!

Sturg E

Good macaroons and coffee. The whole seated vs takeout system is not very clear. We bought some items at the counter them was told the seats were for service only.

Canberk Suat Gurel

The atmosphere is very relaxing. Temperature management needs to be improved.

Annette Piton

Amazing pastries. Macaroons are out of this world! Even had the lobster roll! Great for lunch and wine!

Ricardo Caraballo

It's nice imy coming back ,iRecomended.

Courtney Drosjack

Love the pastries! Obviously a little pricey but you are paying for the name and they are still soo delicious. The omelette was great too but I'd rather spend my money on more pastries

SweetStacy Ramirez

Best macaroons, you can feel the authentic French flavor.

Gold Dragon

Now serve sandwich, omelette. Cocktails ...etc Two Thumbs Up!

P. Gomez

Overrated, terrible service, expensive. Can name at least 10 average pastry places in NY that are better in everything than this place.. makes me wonder if people who go here even travel out of DC great area at all??

Andrea Rivera

Used to come here very often because I love the tea and macaroons but this time the quality of the food was very poor. I ordered the Eggs Benedict and the hollandaise sauce was awful. It tasted sour and reheated. I told our waitress about it and eventually took the sauce back and brought another one. She said the new one had been done recently and although it tasted better, it was cold. Not to mention, by the time it took to bring the sauce for the eggs, the whole dish got cold. Very sad about my experience because I used to love coming to this place and getting my eggs benedict. I truly feel the quality has decreased. Hopefully this review will be used for improvement.

Kevin Loder

1st time here, bit of an odd evening. The French onion soup was delicious. We interacted with 4 of the staff, most nice & doing their best. But kept forgetting things. Would've liked to been here just half hour but ended up over an hour due …

Sara Boyer

This place is beautiful and I love that we get a little piece of Paris in Georgetown! Beautiful cafe and the macaron's are delicious! Great spot for a little spot of tea or drinks and some cakes, or macaron's! Super fun!

Rosie Korzie

Beautiful and delicious! Just as good as the ones in NYC

Leighton Smith

Good food. Good service. Moderate prices. Very small -- limited seating.

Marine Havel

Delicious! And beautiful boutique to have a tea with friends

Yasir AlZahrani

Best French pastry in DC, known for their macaroons and eclairs . Their coffee menu is not recommended I tried cappuccino and latte.

jose ector

Excellent macarrons,, but I order a cappuccino, seating at the bar next to cashier ,because of that ,I could no have it on a cap and I ask... That was unnecessary ....estrictness...

Jonathan Dagle

Pretty authentic to the Paris experience, but without the insane crowds. Macarons are just as I remembered. Brunch is an elevated, European inspired affair. Great omelettes.

Mushtaque Abban

Amazing macarons. Everything we tried was really good. Must visit when in Georgetown.

Raquel Davidson

Got there early morning, then around 2pm botb didn't have the wait. Love the macaroons & rose merengue.

rebeca batista

This is one of my fav places in Georgetown to have a coffee with a delicious desert. Now they also have happy hour so you got to check it out.

Nita Price

Laduree is so luxurious that I wanted to take up residency there! (If only I could LOL) Superb service! They make you feel welcome. Food was delicious!!! As soon as you step inside, you feel like you have been transported to Paris!! This has become one of my favorite restaurants!

Lynne Randolph

Yummy tea and pastries. Enjoyed our chat with the manager from France.

Ben Beam

Everyone here is very nice and the shop is beautiful

Kevin M

Like much of the other reviewers, food and atmosphere were great, but service is terrible. I’d opt for takeout if you don’t have an hour plus to wait.

Laura Cardenas

Great millefeuille

Liz S

If you're looking for perfect French macarons in the states, Laduree is the place to go! Super cute shop and helpful staff right in the heart of Georgetown.

L Dee

Always a must visit to this location when I am in town. You can have breakfast and afternoon tea here while enjoying the dessert and macarons. The staff are always friendly.

Randall Bogrand

Great atmosphere, very much like their Paris store . The freshness of their macaroons are outstanding.

Arifa Qureshi

We went there at 7:15pm on a Saturday and had the door shut in our faces because apparently they were already closed. Online they have their hours listed as closing at 9pm on saturdays. And once the door was closed at my face and I was told that they were closed, someone literally just walked in the door and started ordering macarons. At that point, the lady that works there saw me and told me to come in and I could order something to go. Well why was I even told that I could not come inside to order macarons to go in the first place. This was extremely rude and unprofessional. Never will I ever visit this store in my entire life and will be telling all my friends and family about this. I would also like to add that after this entire fiasco, the hours were changed on Google to reflect that they close at 8pm instead of the original time of 9pm on google. On the website, it also says they close at 8pm. Regardless, we were there well before 8pm and were declined service and all we wanted were macarons to-go. Update: hours on google still say 9pm Closing time for Saturday’s at the Georgetown location

Nishant Tare

I fall short of words to describe this place that has a Classic Parisian Decor with a variety of their French delicacies... Don't forget their decadent macaroons, its a must try.


Feeling like a nice break with exquisite pastries and wonderful people? Run to Laduree in Georgetown! Very loyal to the French tradition, it is a piece of fairy tale where you can sit calmly, close your eyes and let you treated by the dedicated staff, professionally managed by Donia. It really feels good to have an authentic French touch, unlike some other places in DC. You absolutely have to enjoy the Ispahan pastry and the macarons. And of course, don't forget to try the traditional hot chocolate that you can usually only find in France. The food is delicious, the location pretty and the staff amazing. It has to be on the top of your list, well-being guaranteed!

Hietham Zemam

Unique place with very delicious desserts.

Sabrina Mack

Can't get over the macaroons! The best in the world for a reason. And the upscale french cafe feel really leaves you feeling spoiled :)

Marie-B CDA

Great service. Exquisite decor. Succulent pastries. A little bit of Washington, DC.

JH Monsen

I've only ordered takeaway from here, but the macaroons are really great; light airy and crispy but simultaneously gooey - as they should be. All flavours are distinctive, with my favourites being the tart ones (to balance the sweetness of sugar and almonds) - particularly the passion fruit is amazing! Cassis could have a stronger black currant flavour though (perhaps Americans find it too aromatic??)

Gerald Robinson

The cassis macaron alone is worth a special trip!

Paul Colon

Cool ambiance. Good food.

Bryan Egge

Friendly service, and the macaroons are just as good as they are in Paris, which is to say outstanding

Наталья Манохина

Looking for exclusive not over sweet deserts ? Definitely find it here

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