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4220-A Annandale Rd, Annandale, VA 22003

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REVIEWS OF Kogiya Korean BBQ IN Virginia

Terrence Geovannie Sanchez

Good stuff! Order the all meat option large and it should feed 7 people and just order extra like pork belly or so and that should be enough

Trent Perrin

Really good spot for Korean BBQ in DC. Fast service, great banchan, lots of menu options. All you can eat options aren’t bad, but limit choices somewhat.

Hannah Degn

Amazing Korean BBQ! I totally think the all you can eat is the way to go! It’s definitely worth it and so so so delicious! We had excellent service and loved our food. Plenty of great sides, good kimchi and amazing meat! Can’t wait to go back for round two!

Nathan Buchanan

Epic food, exceptional service, and very welcoming to Korean BBQ novices. Very busy, reservations are essential, and be careful where you park.

Brandon Hutchinson

This is a genuine Korean cuisine place to eat. Having served over in South Korea, the food here is good. A little fatty, but I've had similar depending on the place I went in SK. The restaurant is small so I would call ahead informing the staff that you are coming. You can either grill the food yourself, or let them assist you in grilling the food. Usually they will do the latter regardless. The downfalls to these types of places is the price. I could eat all-you-can-eat in Korea for 15,000 won ($13-14). While this is the U.S., with three of us eating the endless Type A, it was well over $75. If you're going to eat the Type A or Type B (see their menu), your whole table must be in agreement. The meat can have a lot of hard gristle so be fore-warned. The brisket is good, but I personally liked the spicy chicken in the AYCE option. The parking lot is smaller and the place is packed all the time due to the popularity surrounding it. Again, call ahead of time. Overall, decent place if you're looking authentic food with some side dishes. Probably my second favorite I've been to as of March 24, 2019 after living in the area for three years.

Robert Brown

Great food at a great price. Highly recommend

Jonathan Dollar

Solid food. Horrible service. Had to ask repeatedly for lettuce. Also called a week and a half ahead of time for “waitlist” (reservation) and when I arrived the host said that my name wasn’t on the list (even though on the phone I was confirmed as near the top, with an exact number). Then took 15 min for table and 25 min for anyone to ask what we wanted. Also we were moved from the table they were going to sit us at to another that wasn’t set up already. Plus, they did nothing or acknowledge a birthday, despite being told.

Thu Nguyen

this place is average. They made it very salty. Dont know why they got 5 stars. No clue.

Ali Zaveri

One of the best Korean BBQ places in the area (and there are several to pick from). Reasonable prices and great customer service. Bring your appetite so you can eat accordingly!

Kathee Cook

Awsome food, great service

Fatemeh Avazzadeh

It was awful!!! It doesn’t worth even one star! The meet was not delicious at all. The behavior of stuff was not like hospitality even the person how was at the entrance counter was not affable. The atmosphere was not interesting. There was no privacy on the tables, because they don’t have many table, they set a couples on the table which we were sitting at. When we want to order some thing on menu, the waiter was not patient and did not answer my questions about the menu. Actually, it was the worst restaurant that l have gone ever. It was not worth the price at all. Most of the time I go no another Korean BBQ “ Iron Age”. Every thing there are Excellent. The food,the atmosphere, stuff behavior and price are awesome! But it was my first and last time that I come to the “Kogiya BBQ”!!

Justin McMillin

This place is great! The service, the food, the atmosphere. I really enjoy it! Highly recommend. Splurge and get the the $23 all you can eat! :)

Shing Zhang

Great food and service!! All you can eat for $23 too!

Bryan Robinson

Very good service and food.

Heather B

Crowded most evenings but worth the wait. Everything I've had so far has been top-notch. My favorite Korean BBQ in Annandale!

anna reid

Service is excellent and food was great!

Nick Harrison

It was fine. My girlfriend LOVED it. Take that as you may. I would be fine not going back because the food is Korean BBQ and therefore involves a lot of fatty meats which isn't really my style but if you know u like Korean BBQ than you'll like it here

Gabrielle Howard

Hands down one of the best places to go for Korean BBQ. This is one of my favorite places to go! Service is amazing! They are open late. Customer service is fast and zippy. When it gets really busy it can be a little delayed. The place is small and industrial looking.

vaishnavi konar

A little small but good food and service.

Maia Johnston

I love kogiya! The food is always really good and service is quick once you sit down. I'm also really happy they're now taking reservations! It was always sad when you would come in and there was an insane wait time.

Angela Williams

Great food. Gets super busy, so expect wait time with service

Zain Bakeer

Food tasted kind of like smoke

Helen Michie

Our favorite Korean barbecue restaurant located off of 236! Make sure you come very hungry and it is more fun to feed a family or a group of friends. Made fresh right at your table. Visited in late July 2019 at 10:30 AM at opening time. There was only one other group of customers. As usual, food was delicious. Tried the shrimp a la carte, cooked to order in the kitchen. A Washingtonian Cheap Eats restaurant.

Dolores Molina

Great food and service

April Lee

This place may have been over hyped to me. They're always booked and i called 2 days early to put my name on the waiting list. That's right... 2 days early for the waiting list. If it's that hard to get into, I expect it to be pretty great. The AYCE option is great but the chicken is way too sweet and the spicy pork is not spicy and also too sweet. The other meats were fine but nothing to write home about.

Sarah Z

This was the most horrendously bad kbbq of my life. I used to love Kogiya, but something changed, maybe they're cutting more corners or something, but it's an absolute shadow of its former self. It used to be packed from open till close. Now the only customers are people who probably don't know better. After the first two bites, and seeing a ton of fruit flies around, my boyfriend and I totally lost our appetites. Tried two other dishes and it only got worse. Service was awful too, and it wasn't even busy. So disappointed we wanted to argue for a refund. Save your time, money, and appetite for a place that cares just a tiny bit about quality.

Epically Anan

I just dont like it. To me the meat was too chewing and they didnt have a big variety of sauces and I just dont like that the interior design is very industrial even though this would be my first time being in a korean place like this, but they did serve it like it was a feast though and we got to watch it cook, which was entertaining.

Cliff Van Scyoc

The food was excellent. Not too many people when we were there and thus the smoke was not too bad (compared to the comment of others). Watch out where you park signs are marked well. Employees were very nice and spoke great english.

Kate Bugrova

Ok, what I didn’t like - side dishes had been on table for sometime when we arrived and a fly was enjoying some of them .. we didn’t get steamed egg and soup ( probably they had forgotten to put it on our table , and I read about this bonus later ). Some meat(pork) was overcooked. Small parking lot. I can only recommend pork ribs meat- it’s the one we liked in pork combo.

Eunju Geon

Good price, great service. Qulity is two thumbsup!!

Tiffany Alston

My first time here and it was a blast. Fast service and very friendly atmosphere. A few of my friends and I got the all you can eat option and it was GREAT. Looking to go very soon.

Curtis Morgan

Spiciness of food has been seriously dumbed-down for (one assumes) American tastes. Korean food should be hot, and this definitely was NOT. I attempted to amp up the heat with our (rather cold) server, who informed me "it's already spicy". Add to this, just getting in the darn front doors (seriously heavy, and I throw 35 pound weights as a hobby) is a chore; my wife split a nail doing so. Finally, you sit on stools; no backs for support. "If" you're here for non-hot BBQ, well, be my guest; we'll be taking our Korean dining business elsewhere (not too hard, in Annadale!)

Kristen Kers

I had wanted to try Kogiya for awhile since I heard it was very popular, but it was always too crowded whenever I tried to go on the weekends. I had gone to Sō many times beforehand, so I thought the experience would be similar. I ended up trying Kogiya twice (both on the weekday after work) and it was easy to get seated between 6-7pm. Parking situation is pretty terrible for a super popular kbbq restaurant. The tiny crowded lot can fit maybe 15 cars max? And then some of the lots adjacent have been known to tow people for parking there instead. Inside, the seating is a little bit limited compared to Sō. Not sure how many tables there are exactly but between 10-15 perhaps. The option A AYCE ($23) is pretty limited. It has like two brisket options, 3-4 pork belly options, and one chicken option. It's pretty sparse compared to the bigger and better sister restaurant Sō (which I highly recommend over Kogiya). Food: - Beef brisket: very tough and hard to eat because of the texture. Probably one of the worst briskets I have had in awhile. Sō brisket quality is better and Meokja Meokja's quality is way better. - Spicy pork belly: Pretty good fatty pork belly that is marinated well but not spicy at all. - Miso pork belly: Decent flavor of pork belly, but our waiter had trouble lighting the fire so he spent 20+ minutes trying to cook this since the grill was not on 75% of the time. - Chicken: Huge marinated chicken cooked in a different dish and delivered to your table. The portion is way too big and not worth it unless you prefer chicken over beef/pork. Overall, I feel like the quality of the meats were average (or slightly below). Brisket is usually my favorite and I was very disappointed how bad it was. The pork belly was okay, but wish there was like a bulgogi or thin pork belly option like they have at Sō. I would not really want to come back or recommend this place for Option A AYCE. The non-AYCE options might be better or even just Option B. I think Sō is much better in basically every way though, so I will probably continue to go there.

Shi Kay

Amazing food and good vibes! The spicy pork belly isnt spicy at all and it was phenomenal! It is one of my favorite meats. The brisket is really good as well! Dip it in the sesame oil and try it with rice! It's really good! I'll be back again.

Cyriac E

Best Korean BBQ. The food here is a step above other places. Prime combo or beef combo is the way to go . You will not be disappointed

Samer Madarani

This place is really good and super super affordable!! A couple of us went and had an incredible time. The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because the options are somewhat limited and I felt the quality of meat was down a little this second time around. Overall, I would recommend!

Emma F

The food here was good, but the place is small and crowded

Eduardo Avila Castro

Great all you can eat option.


Absolutely fantastic. The portion size is large and great quality. You will leave with leftovers for at least a day or two. The taste is great too. The meat was fresh and the marbling on the steak was amazing. Service was amazing too. If you like Korean BBQ this place does it right.

Jay F

Great food, great atmosphere, great experience. They were able to accommodate a group of ten of us easily. The server was good, explained everything to us, and was helpful throughout our time there. Really glad we found this place. Thanks!

Mei Lau

Vents aren't strong enough. At some point mid meal, the entire restaurant adapted the smoke screen effects that was used on the set of Sleepy Hollow. Good food, very attentive staff!

Harris Park

Great korean bbq! Tasty banchan/side dishes and friendly staff! If you want lettuce just ask and they will give it to you. They also gave an all you can eat option as well. Definitely going again!

Tia Blaze

Everything was good. Took away a star because I had to wait longer then my reservation time. It's a small place with a lot of traffic. Parking is limited also.

Lan Nguyen

My new favorite place Korean bbq place in Virginia easily. I am a big fan of Kalbi and Pork belly, and this place hits the mark on both. One of the servers helps you cook it as well. Becareful where you park as the parking lot is shared with other stores. As long as you order two meat dishes, they will include rice, soup, and some fluffy eggs with your meal. You also get all the side dishes as well. Highly recommended. Would definitely go here again.

Victor Blake

Excellent service,Great food,Meat is fresh. Amazing food and good vibes!

Brian Piotrowski

The quality and flavor of the meat is unsurpassed. A good bang for your buck as well. Best Korean BBQ in the DMV, hands down.

Peter Hwang

very tasty korean food - enjoyed it


The best kbbq in the city. I've spent a small fortune eating at as many places here as I can over the years and their all you can eat menu cant be beat. If you're feeling like splurging on some nicer cuts their a la carte menu is incredible as well. Honestly after finding these guys I stopped going elsewhere

Carrie Medina

Everything was amazing! From the service to the food! The waiter was very helpful and knowledgeable with helping us to select the right type of meat order, as there are different types of meat combos; they also cook the meats for you at your table! Highly recommend this place especially for out-of-towners such as ourselves.And the beer, "Hike," goes very well with the made it taste so much better!

Karina Tierrafria

Food was great. Service was lacking. We had to ask for utensils, napkins, and chop sticks. The management staff needs to get help for the hostess. She did an outstanding job getting people seated and setting up tables.

Andy Kell

Kogiya is, in my opinion, the best Korean BBQ in the area. Their spicy bulgolgi is wonderful, their ample small plates are both varied and delicious, each an excellent example of the dish. The sauces are each distinct and we'll made. They have a dish, whose name I can never recall, that is soft rice cakes in a sweet spicy sauce. It's one of my favorite things here. I wasn't impressed by their spicy chicken, but that is only because it paled when compared to all of the other food.

Darryl C

This place food is delicious but Peter D our waiter was very racist I am an African American male and my girlfriend is a Thai women and we went there and from the start they gave us looks and we had to share a table with a couple and their mother they were white and our waiter was very unprofessional ! He kept asking the white people hows their food? Do you need water ? More sauce ? Meanwhile we are at the other end of that table he never offered us any water and we asked him for soy sauce and he never bought it to us I had to ask a different waiter and then he kept trying to walk away when we asked him any questions ! I had to ask him for water ! When he saw me he thought I was broke but I planned to tip $20 but his service was so awful he got $0 I noticed he treated other customers kind and didn’t try to get away from them when they asked questions! But he just didn’t like us and I feel it’s because I’m an African American male dating an Asian women

Kristine Marketti

We go here often with a large group of friends because they have a private room and the food is amazing. I recommend the table all get one of the all you can eat options, we end up spending hours here and it has become a go to place when we have friends visit from out of town. The flavored soju is amazing.

Serenitee Williams

They are so nice and the atmosphere is really cool. Love the clever artwork too! We came during the day at lunch but I would love to visit at night with a group of friends. I bet it would be such a fun place in a crowd. :) so happy my husband and I visited. It was his first kbbq!

Kevin Chung

One of many "all you can eat" Korean BBQ place and Kogiya's meat is better quality than others. If they can do something about parking and long wait, I would go there more often.

Viktoria H

Very good Korean BBQ. All you can eat starting at 21$ per person. Gets busy for dinner very quickly. Not a good place for dinner conversation.

Paulo De Francisca

Good food. Great experience

ジーナGina Naguib

My favourite korean bbq place.

turbo targa

Small plate food left on table so was swatting food flies. I requested and was moved to another table. Small grill with dirty burner that waiter had difficulty cleaning and keep burning. Small tongs where waiters hand touched food. 8pm. Table next to us had group of drunk kids dropping bottles, yelling and staff did not control. Waiter put food in box and bag then placed it on grill! I've been to Honey Pig, Yechon, and Meokja. Food is not good here. Dont want to waste food but think I'll trash the takeout.

Adam Stickl

Probably on my top 5 of restaurants in the DC area. Food is fresh. Staff is friendly and happy to explain the menu. I recommend the beef combo. I could eat there every day, but I would be 500lbs! The atmosphere is fun as well with upbeat music and high energy feel. Highly recommended.

Ziyun Huang

I mean for the price I guess I should expect much. The all you can eat is either $23 or $28 depending on what type you get. But for the $23 the chicken is really mediocre and they def overcooked the rest of meat since it was all dry and not juicy any more. They honestly should just let the customers cook it ourselves. The steamed egg and the soup were pretty good doe. I'll give this place a second chance and try some of their things on the place that's not all you can eat next time.

Jeffrey Dorwart

Great Korean restaurant in Annandale. All you can eat menu items are a great deal.

Catherine Anderson

Best bet for your money! Great service and great food. Plus unlimited side dishes.

thaty mo

I drove all the way from prince George's county just to find out they closed early. And I called earlier to confirm they would be closing at 2. Luckily honey pig was around the corner.

Kitty Cat

First time and it was enjoyed by all three of us. We didn’t do the AYCE as we wanted the beef ribs. It was tender and very yummy! It was my favorite. Got a bit too smoky when spicy meats were being cooked so a better ventilation system would be a good addition. Good service! I always watch in Korean restaurants how they clear tables. I was happy to see everything getting dumped into trash at the table. Some other places will be shady and if a side dish doesn’t look touched, they’ll carefully put it in the bin to be recycled!!! Absolutely disgusting!!! I did notice them taking meat that was still on the grill to the back directly however. Hope it’s not used on a bibimbop for someone...

evan steil

Food is great, lots of variety and flavors. The waiters seemed busy going to all the tables to do the BBQ so sometimes the meat got a bit overdone

Robert Shobe

Korean BBQ priced at $25 for all you can eat which I considered a good deal. Food was good, service was excellent. I am hard-pressed in deciding if Kogiya is better than Honey Pig which is also in Annadale. I would eat here again.

Matthew Ha

Inside was a little smoky at times. Waiters were very busy. Most of the service was timely. The presentation with steel dishes and tables was modern and clean. Food was excellent. Banchan was excellent with good variety. Bulgogi, galbitang, mandukuk, japchae were all great.

James Suh

They offer a $23 AYCE Korean BBQ and the meat quality is very good. Best Kbbq spot around

Barrington King

Great food! Also nice size portions! I will go back.

Xena Wilder

I love the all you can eat option A. Lunch $21 Dinner $23. You get yummy steamed egg dish and soybean or red pepper soup. It comes with numerous side dishes. It has all the traditional Korean dishes. However, you go there for there for the beef and pork belly cooked on the grill to share with family and friends. For those that like steaks, they a 5 different beef that you can order as a set to be grilled. You will never leave hungry!

Ed Ford

This is a great place. Excellent food and excellent service. It gets busy, so make a reservation unless you plan on dining early. They even have a couple decent craft beers in the fridge!

Vince Idiake

Lots of food, Great place to eat

Tana Chong-Inhin

It's a very good place to eat. The waiter was very nice. The food was delicious. I will go back to eat there another time.

Bianca S

Really delicious cuts of meat and amazing service. I also really enjoyed the sauces that you can dip the meat into. Over all this is one of the best Korean BBQs I have been to. There is a wait to be seated even if you have reserved a table, which I highly recommend you do. However it's worth the wait. For 23$ you can select from a list of various cuts of meat and it is unlimited so can eat until you are full and stay as long as you want. (Or at least until they close) They also have a nice drink selection. My only complaint is the ice coffee is a little to sweet, but this is a Korean BBQ not a coffee shop. So 100% you can bet I will be back!

Rob McMains

Top notch!! The sauces and marinated meats were incredible. Also the staff was great, it was busy as expected for a weekend evening but they were great at cooking the food perfectly and very attentive!!

Krissi Jimenez

Favorite place ever!!! My family, my boyfriend, and I all go almost every week. All the servers are very patient and nice. They're very accommodating. The food is amazing, especially their miso pork belly. The way they cook the food is just right and they have really good sides too. Everything is perfect!

Jiecheng Zhao

Great Korean BBQ place. Although it does not look like upscale, the food is definitely great. You can pick whichever plate on the menu, but I would recommend the all-you-can-eat combo. In this combo you will have 7-9 dishes which you can select from. You pick one every time, and the waiter will quickly cook it for you on your table. All food are good, in great amount, and tastes very well. We tried only 4 dishes before we cannot eat anything. I would say come to try if you are a meat lover. Some smoke because of the BBQ, so be sure to put you suits/coats in your stool. Yes, it is empty inside for you to put your bags and clothes. Order some tea/coffee so you won’t feel to greasy. Pity that they don’t serve Bailey tea which is typical in many other conventional Korean BBQ restaurants.

Laura Hunter

Food was so good! I love Korean food and excellent service

Robert T

Delicious food. Great service. The rice was tasty. The sides were fresh. The meat was the star of the show.

Charles Tomasello

A great experience with amazing food. I've been here several times and had great experiences every time. Staff is friendly and attentive. The restaurant is well maintained. Be conscious when you go there, it quickly fills and I would recommend reservations or arriving early.

Jalen Cureton

Good food. But the lack of bulgogi on the all you can eat menu makes it lose one star.

Caroline Price

If you are absolutely starving, this is a great place to come and fill up! It can be really busy though, so make sure to make a reservation. Scrumptious!

Valdas Sirutis

Great food, a bit pricy.

Jung Soo Lee

Make a reservation in advance otherwise you'll be waiting for hours! Large tables with grills offer a unique experience in Korean BBQ with assortment of side dishes and unlimited amount of meat (based on option A or B) where the limit is only your small or large stomach. Be prepared to spend about 2 hours eating here if you have a group of 5 or more!

Joseph Guzman

Wonderful Korean style barbecue. I only wish they allowed he combo sets for take-out!

Brad Bender

This is our new goto place. Simply amazing with great service. You should go elsewhere so we can get seated quicker :)


I love this restaurant so much! Came here three times and the service here was great

Jenny Smolinsky

I've been here three times with groups of 8-10 people and each visit has been great! Service is quick, and the food is awesome. Downside is the extremely limited parking. I've been double-parked by customers who came in after me, and have also had to park in the lot of a neighboring store. Still worth the trip!

Charles Schirra

Between the food and the service, I don't know which was better. The smell of the meats grilling mixing with the smells and sights of all of the bright and wonderful side dishes was incredible. Our waiter was constantly checking in, grilling more meats as requested. This is definitely a restaurant I will not just drive the 2 hours from Richmond to eat at again, but bring family and friends to so that they can experience it. 6/5 stars.

Namir Perez

Best Korean BBQ restaurant in Virginia. I have eaten in Korean BBQs all over the country and Kogiya is definitely one of the best. Great street/casual atmosphere with one the best customer service I have seen. Everyone was very attentive and respectful. I'll definitely come back and recommend to others.

Richard Bamberger

Great experience overall. Staff was really good and food was excellent. It is a little taxing on the waiters when it is busy due to the overall table service they constantly provide, but they do a great job to keep up. We had a great meal.

Kalia Woods

Loved the food here....we had the all you can eat for 25 and barely could finish. Service was good and we will definitely be coming back!

Qilin Zhang

I came across the worst service. The waitress didn't know how to heat the pan, and I spent half an hour convincing her it wasn't working. I ordered a total of four portions of meat, two of which were seared.

Rhea S Rossi

Great food and services at a great price

Anthony Wu

Somewhat pricy. Crowded and cramped but overall good for AYCE.

Luciano Gaines

This place is great! Convenient rates, big dishes and the staff members are regularly very friendly.

Leonard Ewang Ngumbah Wolloh

I am actually still here right now enjoying the delicious meal of grilled meat and assorted Korean spicy foods. Service quick, food is tasty, kids are welcomed and prices are affordable. Feel free to come around whenever in town for a dinner or weekend bonanza.

Ken R

Really enjoyed it here. I think this is better one in the nova area

Ryan Zlatanova

Fantastic place, coming back over and over again. Amazing portion sizes, they keep updating their side dishes and expanding their menu, AMAZING service!

Loi LeMix

Four hungry gentlemen came thru last night and we ate like kings. One less star for not having enough side dishes during the beef-sizzling adventures.

Ethan Stackpole

Great price! Great cooking, lots of toppings and sides come with the meals. Service is very attentive. Soccer is always on the TV. What more could you want?

Yesenia Lopez

Plenty of food, great service. Tasty bulgogi!

Michael Baxley

The food is outstanding. It's a very popular place, so be prepared for the wait.

Mark Mooney

Love this place. Staff is usually super chill. Food is great. We usually go with option A and Chow down on the spicy pork belly and brisket. Bring a jacket it can get a bit cold in the winter depending on where you are sitting.

Yee Wong

Great value and quality of meat. Definitely call ahead! The all-you-can eat option for $22 per person is a great deal.


First time going to a Korean bbq. It was an experience for sure. The chairs were confusing at first. Thought they fell apart when moved. But it turns out that it's a place to put your coat so it doesn't smell once you leave. The side dishes were great. And the meat choices were great as well. Wish there were more chicken dishes.

Mike Davis

First time Korean Bbqer. I liked it. The food was flavorful and the service was fine. It's a busy dinner, though. Small portions of sides come and go all through dinner, the bbq is sizzling and the chef stops by periodically to stir or serve. Drinks are being poured and more small portions of sides and sauces come and go. The entire restaurant is buzzing with action. I will be back and will enjoy it more knowing what to expect. Watch out for the soju!

Sean Bird

Super accomidating for me and 12 guests. Excellent service, great food, I visit here at lest once a month easily

Zachary Jones

The experience here was wonderful! It was authentically Korean, the staff was attentive, and the prices were very reasonable--you get unlimited rice, sides, and meat for $23. It's great for larger groups; we had 12 people at our visit, but they probably could not have handled more than that. It would also be a fun idea for a double date, if you wanted to change things up. There's nothing like it in DC, and it's totally worth making the drive. I can't wait to go again!

Sang-Oun Lee

Good service, so far the best K-BBQ in region

Sirey Carolina

Great service, delicious food. Never disappoints

Joey Walker

Amazing food and great service. Make sure to call ahead and get your name on this list.

Jenn Granberry

Always a good time here, love the food!

So Myung Jung

Good service, price and quality

Martin S

Best KBBQ in Dc area

Daren Carlstrom

Eating here is an unforgettable experiance. Amazing food!

Liz P.

The only times I have left Kogiya disappointed are when I don’t make a reservation and the wait is 1+ hours. Most of the time though, especially when I come in around lunch time - there is no wait and the service is great. I love the all you can eat options here and it’s honestly one of my favorite KBBQ places in Virginia. You get a good mix of meat choices as well as small appetizer dishes and vegetables!

Jose Antonio

Place looks okay but rest room was a disaster

Instructor Hernandez

Prime combo is the best. Haven't had such good Bulgogi in a while

Sean Blackford

Visited here with some friends and was blown away by the food here. We got the beef combo and loved it all, particularly the spicy bulgolgi. We also got a kimchi pancake, which was also delicious. Far too much food, but we ate it all because it was so good. The restaurant itself is pretty small and I'm told it's hard to get day-of reservations. It's worth planning ahead for.

Thomas Ryou

It's crowded and loud. If you're in that mood with the right company it's a great night out with all you can eat Korean BBQ. The service is prompt and efficient. The food is good. Lively atmosphere. Had a great time.

Boon Spangler

Had the all you can eat, both the food and service was excellent, when I left around 5:50pm there was a waiting line out the door... I highly recommend eating at Kogiya

Keen Trinh

So freaking good! Customer service was pretty good but it almost felt like the server was kind of annoyed that it was my first time there and didn't know what to order yet. Went for the all you can eat option A and we're treated like royalty after! Everything came out in a timely manner and cooked so fresh.

Julie Dufault

It's just okay. If I want Korean BBQ, I'd rather go to a spot that a la cartes. This AYCE strikes out when it comes to flavor, quality and variety.

rohit bharwani

Very packed! Pricey but good, non-marinated meats, not the fastest service as they're so busy. We reserved a table but got a smaller one, all we cold eat but it's limited to 2 meats at once, on one grill (not two, as such a small table). There are close by Korean BBQ places with cheaper options, who marinate the meat the meat for more flavor. Complimentary coffee at the end was nice though.

Oscar Rivas

Food was great. The serving was lacking and they were a lot of flies flying around.

john p

i have consumed great mountains of beef. only god may judge me burning cow flesh is peace. burning cow flesh is serenity in a chaotic and injust world, only mindless bowls of fresh meat and rice gives me the perspective and solitude i crave i will continue my quest. my covenant is strong

Seth Ewing

Love this place. Great korean food in dmv area. Go here and enjoy! Everything is tasty.

Jack Dannibale

My wife is Korean and I used to live in K town in LA. This spot is as good as the best in the city of angels. And that's saying a lot. Mashi so yo. Awesome galbi here. Go. Now.

Dan Choi

A la carte option and near combos are a great alternative to the all you can eat options. Decent kbbq

Melissa Alfano

Great food. Service was slow. We went like 15 minutes without being greeted by our server.


Staff were all very helpful, patient, and kind. Good service and communication, decent prices, and delicious food. Tables are set nicely with lots of variety.

Lisa Yaeger

Great first experience with Korean barbecue. The spicy beef bulgolie was the best (and not very spicy). Our server was very friendly and helpful. I'll definitely be back.

Chris Valentine

Well worth the money. And trip which takes roughly an hour to get to

Carlos Martinez

It's one of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in the DC area. Staff is always friendly, and the spicy pork belly is my favorite. Give yourself extra time since there might be a small wait for a table, but it's worth it.

Henry McNamara

Lots to choose from, especially if you want more then just beef. The scallion pancake is amazing! They have a standard selection of Soju, but you don't need anything other than what they have. The combos are really well priced too. Compared to everything in the area, these guys blow everyone else away.

Tyler Clark

So good. We tried the soy marinated duck for the first time and it was definitely worth trying. I'll get it again for sure.

Kan L.

If you’re looking for a korean bbq place, this is the one! The atmosphere and food was all great! I understand it gets busy, but the service could be improved a bit. We were seated and had to wait at least 15 minutes until someone took our order and we didn’t get our water and utensils until after our food was already being cooked. Otherwise everything else was great!

Daniel Sweeney

A cozy, authentic spot for delicious Korean BBQ. Tables are set up around a gas stove with a BBQ iron grill on top. You have a wide variety of options to choose from, and once you get started you can keep going until you have eaten your fill. Prices are extremely reasonable, staff was helpful and pleasant. The food was delicious and had so many ways to try it with sauces, wraps and other add-ons. Highly recommend for getting some great Korean BBQ


I'll give them a 5. The side dishes were unique in there own easy and birthing was alike. The meat was fresh and very tasty. The price options for the all you can eat was a great value and I wish I could have ate more.

Eddie Rozeski

All you can eat is no joke, you will leave too full. Banchan and sauces are also very good, this is a great place for Korean BBQ, even with all the other competition around.

Hector Director TV

Food was pretty decent but compared to much popular places like SO’s and even Iron Age this place is extremely mom and pop and underwhelming.

Jacob Kennedy

Much better than Hee Been, Honey Pig. Very good Quality of food, environment and customer service. In fact great service.

Heather Choi

Industrial style interior with smartly designed furniture to make your KBBQ experience great. They have great meat options and the pan chan (Korean side dishes) are delicious and light. Very nice and accomdating staff who we're happy to help out my mother in law who has several allergies. Definitely recommend.

FourSeasons Wind

My favorite place for Korean BBQ. Weekend nights are really packed, should call ahead to put name down. Most servers are very good; only had one who was not as attentive ONCE! Love the luncheon deal at 12 dollars which includes meat, soup, rice, and the banchan. Perfect portion for a good lunch! My family and friends have been coming here for 4 years and we have never been disappointed with the food.

Caitlin Denney

Want quality, bottomless piles of meat and sides come here. Always great services, choices, and cuts. I love bringing out of town guests to gorge on KBBQ, and since discovering Kogiya, we don't go anywhere else. Come here! You will love it.

Michelle Jafari

There is an all you can eat option on the menu if your whole table partakes, along with standard menu items are available. Our servers were quick to refill the side dishes for table. And unlike some Korean barbecue places we did not feel rushed to eat and leave. The meats work good and side dishes tasty there was a good selection and enough variety for the 5 of us to all leave happy.

Andrew Eifert

If you're a fan of Korean BBQ this is definitely a place to check out.

EJ Jung

Mmmmm I love their side dishes, soup, and spicy pork is my fave.


Excellent service. Great food. Meat is fresh! Much better meat than honey pig down the street. Don’t forget to make a reservation!

Geepy Pe

Been here twice now. The first time, they were overbooked and although we were not kicked out, it was obvious that the waiting customers (and even the staff) needed us to leave. So much for a bday friend said that their "motto" out whatever you would call it off, "never leave hungry" or something along those lines was a lie. The second time, I came with a smaller group and we had a much better time and no one left hungry. So currently, I'm neutral. Overall, the staff is nice and the AYCE selection is pretty standard but good!

Sarah Steinke

DELICIOUS! There are all you can eat KBBQ options as well as items to order. One of the best Korean barbecue places in the DC area.

Long Huynh

Hands down one of the best places to go for Korean BBQ. This is one of my favorite places to go! Service is amazing! They are open late. Customer service is fast and zippy. When it gets really busy it can be a little delayed. The place is small and industrial looking. The Option A and B are great bargains. You can get all the pork belly, brisket, and chicken you want! The little condiments that come out are also unlimited! At the end of the meal you get a refreshing iced coffee!


Lunch was 13$..You get 1 meat and soup choice. Get the steamed egg and they also give plenty of pan chan. Ate here everyday for lunch while visiting.

Liz Brown

The best Korean around! A hip and energetic atmosphere. Every night is packed so call ahead and get your name on the list.

Dory Peters

Kogiya is usually my go-to Korean BBQ place for 3 years now. Today however, I was so disappointed with the bad service by Abdi. Our option A order comes with steamed egg and soy bean paste soup. Ours came at least 10 minutes later than the table next to us (also two people) who arrived later than us. You would think after I told him this, he would pay more attention. But nope...he continued to be busy with the other table and did not check on us at all. I literally started flipping the meat before he noticed that they were so grossly overcooked. Unfortunately, his poor service really ruined my dining experience.

eddie rojas

Amazing and authentic Korean cuisine. I highly recommend the spicy beef bugolgi. Add a Hite beer and some friends and you got a receipe for success!

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