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13818-B Braddock Rd, Centreville, VA 20121

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REVIEWS OF Honey Pig BBQ IN Virginia

gloria crespin

Great place. We went there with my family of 9 and everything was great even bubble tea... Amazing

Mike McCabe

Always a great time, good food and casual atmosphere.

Yuntian G

Tastes great, but tremendously overpriced. Can easily get better quality of food for lower prices at other AYCE places. Also the neighborhood is sketchy.

Tommy F

The pork belly was amazing. Really recommended! What a great place!

Steve Zehl

Really fun, good food. Not fancy, lots of local Korean folks eating when we were there, that should tell you something. Lots of choices. Definitely worth a try if you like Korean BBQ.

Christopher Madrid

Must go if you haven't

Joshua Delgado

Great food and atmosphere.

Ashley Stearns

Great Korean BBQ! Met here for lunch with some friends and my husband. We all really enjoyed our meals. The food was excellent, and the portions were sizable. The staff was very pleasant and cooked our food quickly. I do recommend getting there early as the place fills up fast and the wait times can be a bit long. We will definitely eat here again!

jx t

I like the barbecue here,nice environment,Will come next time


I love this place. It's in a strip mall area around other Korean/Asian stores. Food is great. If you work nights, it is open LATE. Come with a empty stomach and willingness to possibly sit with others if you are a small party. K-POP on the screen love it. Honestly, you feel as if you are in Korea and just walked into a restaurant there.

Holley LaFever

Honey Pig is great! I lived in Korea for 4 years and have missed good Korean food. The staff is fast and friendly and serve authentic food. I would recommend this place to anyone!

priscila GA

It was not worth my money for the little food they served me. It is expensive and the portion was not worth it!! The busboy keep checking if we were done, you can feel the rush of the staff for you to get done.

James Lavender

Absolutely my favorite place, authentic and upbeat. It's like your not in the US when you step threw the door.

Adam Laird

So amazing! One of the best KBBq places I have every been too. Awesome food, environment and service. Worth the money for the food.

Caroline Maunakea-Hammonds

Great food and really fun experience, great kimchee selections. We will return!

Amber Latten-Jones

The food was ok. But the service felt rushed and the menu was not very well explained. I was looking for a very specific kind of spread, but my server rushed me through the process and pressured me into getting something I didnt really want. We left very disappointed and underwhelmed.

Brian P

We have gone there before when it was packed but this time we went there when it was not too busy on an early Sunday. We ordered a whole assortment of meats from pork, beef, squid, and spicy cabbage. The flavors were on point and the smell of meat cooking kept our mouths craving for some more. Overall the meal was very tasty. We just wished they would up their attentiveness to customer service. We would definitely still visit them again.

Kahee Shin

Ordered nengmyun, cold noodle, which came overcooked and WARM. Waitress gave us the excuse that they didn't have ice and that was why the noodles were warm?!?! We were the only customers at the time, 3pm. The meat we ordered was ok. We have had great experiences at the other locations but this location, Annandale, was BAD. DO NOT EAT AT THIS LOCATION.


Fairly good except for the price

Andrea Larson Perez

We're so excited to find this authentic Korean BBQ nearby! With a tabletop unit within reach, we enjoyed the beef platter (enough for two). It comes with several tasty sides. The place had people waiting at 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon, so I'm not sure what to expect on a weekend night. The food was great. Fun environment with awesome Korean pop music videos playing on tv monitors. I hope we bump into Obama sometime as I hear he loves the place!

youngsu kim

Food is not good and service is no good

Don Francis

Great food and fast service. Our family likes Korean bar b q and this restaurant serves it up well. Fewer side dishes than some, but plentiful. No reservations, but no one is seated until your whole party is present.

jin noh

Meats smells so bad.

Jeleesa Furgurson

OMG this place is to die for! I highly recommend visiting this place. You may have to wait a while to get a seat if you go during the evening or the night time but the wait is so well worth it. Best Korean BBQ I have ever had!

Erik Van Dyke

Amazing Experience the other day I went...Food was great and service was awesome as well

Nick Altman

The food was good, place is packed. Staff do not speak English to well and don't explain what certan items are. All I understood was the pork was not done, but she turned the grill off.... Also say you forget to add a tip right....they will chase you out of the building, to make sure you put a tip down...not very good customer service if you ask me.


Good food and quick service. I came here with 2 friends we were greeted and seated immediately. The sauces for the food was good and the food sizes was good enough. Definitely will come back again.

Edward Plamondon

Met family for a great dining experience. We were quickly seated. Beverages were quickly brought to our tables, food was cooked to everyone's choice. Great dining experience, everyone had a great time.

Paul Rutschky

Great Korean BBQ place. We sat 5, and had drinks, Korean tapas, dipping sauce, rice, salad and an order of meat grilling on the table in under 5 minutes. Wham-bam-thank you mam! Food was delicious, coming back again. And another time after that. And another.

Nathan Giles

Very unique, tasty and loud experience.

Edward C

My first time at a Korean BBQ. It was delicious and an experience, with the grill at the center of the table. For experience dining, I was really impressed with the price. Would definitely come back again.

Kevin Chan

Great for parties of 4 or more. Annandale is known for their Korean cuisine and this place is up there as one of the best in the area. Service is good, with the staff coming to the table to make sure the meat is optimally cooked. Be advised that this place is popular, so expect a bit of a wait and competitive parking.

Aaron Beaty

I will always recommend Honey Pig. Great spot to get Korean BBQ and a better spot if you just need some place to go late night for a full meal.

Unhappy Customer

Having lived in Seoul, I can tell you first hand that this is hardly the real deal. Dirty, expensive and not good. Wow! I have NO idea how all of these positive reviews are here. Seriously!

Dave Jones

The food was excellent, the service was abysmal.

ambie Oberoi

Expensive poor quality meat, made me sick.

Paul Rojas

Wow! Huge rip off, Super Depressing meal! I pictured myself cooking my own meal at a Korean BBQ but not here because they don't want to replace the grills. And only for 1 serving of meat which was about 25 dollars and wasnt even good. Super expensive and terrible service. I suggest going to Iron Age, all you can eat for 25 and way better food and better staff. I dont see how people wait over an hour for this place. Just go down the street and find a better Korean BBQ.

Casonya Johnson

3.5 to 4 food was very good but not enough of the side dishes. Also other places include additional items that this one did not. However, me at was preseasoned. Which was good too

The Petersons

Delicious food, great customer service.

Martia Clark

I like this place but I feel like the portions are small for the prices. The food is good though.


So delicious I ate way too much.

Shannon Nguyen

Great experience and superb quality! It's not all-you-can-eat like Iron Age but the taste and quality is much better! Definitely two thumbs up for me!

Mike Anderson

If you like Korean BBQ, this is a must visit. It can get a little crowded at times. But, it's worth the wait.


Love this place!!! Took my two kids to meet friends (also with kids) here for dinner tonight and had a wonderful time. Our only problem? We should have ordered more meat!! My boys loved all the meat along with the rice, and I certainly loved it all too. Service was nice, our server had salads and rice and all the bowls of goodies on the table within minutes of us being seated. (PS- your whole party needs to be present to be seated!) Our server handled all the cooking, which happens on a hot stove right at the table, so we just helped ourselves when it was done. The beef was our favorite, followed by the pork Kalbi. We tried some steamed dumplings and I thought they had great flavor. Finally, we had a bowl of sesame paste soup for the table, which was delicious poured over rice. Overall, this was a great group experience, just make sure you order enough meat! It's really tasty. Loved the atmosphere too, all family-style tables of happy people and great smells everywhere. Our kids couldn't stop watching the K-pop videos on all the screens, they were really entertaining for adults too! Can't wait to go back.

Catherine Lam

I have gone to this specific HoneyPig location several times, but after my last visit I would not recommend this place to anyone again. Between my second to last visit and last visit, they instated a rule that there has to be 8oz of meat per guest. I am not strictly vegetarian, but I join along and nornally order a noodle dish to socialize. I was basically forced to get a meat dish by the waitress while she stood there and stared at me. The other reviews were on point: portions cost their weight in gold. And I didn't even want meat! While that policy was not upfront, I also found the serving staff to be flat out hostile. Again, agreeing with the other reviews that if your party is not Asian, you will surely get sub par service. Or, if your party is Asian but it is clear that you won't be dropping a paycheck and a half, rude service. The bus boys and younger staff were nice, though. Keeping it at a solid 2 stars because the food was okay.

Dillon Nelson

the spicy pork bulgogi is where it's at. definitely bring friends to help conquer the mountains of food


Tasty food, but the music is a bit too loud

Andor Ugalde

The experience is amazing. The ribs are cooked to perfection, tender, delicious, tasty. Spicy pork belly or regular pork belly are a must. Great ratio of meat to fat.

Jason Tarby

A really nice Korean BBQ restaurant. The atmosphere is similar to Korean BBQ restaurants I have visited overseas. There is K-pop play on the TVs. Excellent selection of meats and staff is friendly. Please have patience with the staff, as English is not always their first language. Food is cooked at your table by the staff. There are a number of interesting alcoholic drinks. Please have a try!

Thao Huynh

The meat freaking melts in your mouth and the customer service is wonderful here. Love the birthday celebration you can get at each Korean BBQ restaurant! I'm definitely coming back here.

Alexis H

Very pleased with quality of food, but their service is lacking.

Amber Hensley

SO SO SO ADDICTING! I love honey pig!! The excitement I get every time I hear the name. It's interesting food and well worth the cost.

Jesus Tapia

Great food and the staff was friendly. Would definitely come back here again.

Danielle Fox

This was so much fun with a group of friends! The atmosphere is very fun and cool, definitely not for people looking for a quiet/fancy dinner. Don’t be put off by cooking your own food, either, because the waitress more than helped us get things going. Get there as early as you can, a line forms quickly!

Hoan Thanh

It was great food!! Loved the pancakes and beef

Emma F

Love coming here. Food is always so good

Danielle Holyoke

Worth the wait... love this place!

Nicole Lopez

Good place to go to eat fulfilling meal and conversation with friend.

chanpen teeranon

Like their Kalbi pork and the sauce is delicious.

Harry Wiese

Good place for a group. You prepare your own food for the most part but if you need help the servers will do it for you. Food quality is pretty good and they are open late.

thomas james

After a long Vacation and travel. You need comfort food. Nothing says welcome home like BBQ beef and pork, rice, side dishes and grape juice. Ahhhh what every Korean Boy needs to grow healthy and strong

Waranyu Nanbancha

Come to Honey Pig BBQ Everytime I visit DC and it always yummy and never fail

Eric Harris

Biggest downside is the price but it's worth it with how good it is

Mark Henry

Bugogi and pork belly. Always solid. This place is the family favorite.

Ron Tassa

1st time here the food was excellent and yes I would recommend this to anyone.

ann cee

I was here last week! OMG the best korean BBq.

Action Jackson

Good food, good atmosphere, minimal wait time when arriving at 2 AM

Wendy Nguyen

I don't like giving negative reviews about restaurants, however my experience last time made me very hesitant to ever go back. The food was pretty good but that was about it. When we arrived, we told our waiter we would order food and then order more after we finished what we initially ordered. The food came out pretty quickly but we had to hunt someone down to order more food and it took so long we decided to omit a few things. Part way through our meal, a customer at the table next to us got ill (probably from drinking too much) and was escorted to the restroom by one of the people she was with. She got sick all over the table and floors leading up to the restroom and the only clean up was from the rest of the group she came with, taking some napkins and wiping it up. I lost my appetite after that. Bodily fluids are a biohazard and need to be treated with chemicals. Eventually someone came by to clean their tables after they left but just wiped it down as they do for any table, which makes me fear cross contamination. I wanted to tell someone, giving them the benefit of the doubt that they didn't know about the situation, but no one came to check on our table, not even for the check. We waited for a while and then went up to the front counter to pay instead and waited again until someone came to ring us up. I've been here before and the service was slightly better so maybe they just had an off day, but with so many kbbq places around the area, I don't see myself coming back or recommending this place to others.

Mike K

Pretty good place, a little bit expensive. Traditional Korean meats cooked at your table. Shared food for your table, good for conversation. Preferred the pork dishes over the others, dont think any selection will disappoint you. The servers can assist with cooking your food at the table.


Honey pig certainly has a fun atmosphere and provides something different as a dining experience outside of your everyday restaurant. This Korean BBQ joint has a bustling atmosphere with K-pop music playing constantly. The menu is straightforward Korean BBQ, and the food is usually pretty good. However, my most recent experience was a little lackluster. The menus themselves were greasy. The service was inattentive, forgetting things as simple as some water after asking more than once. Wrong hard beverages were brought out, and the overall presentation and service of our BBQ were sub-par to what I have experienced in the past. Certainly not what you would expect for the prices you pay. It seems this location might be getting too comfortable in its skin because of its past success. I hope this was merely a bad night, but something tells me that is wishful thinking.

Karen Hollywell

Delicious but a bit pricey for two, with appetizers and drinks and a grilled steak meal it was over $60.

William McCormick

Really cool experience - Service was 5 star - not a second we spent waiting, they were super attentive - Its like a whirlwind of hosts and servers when you come in, who were all super friendly. Its like you are walking into a korean underground city with k-pop playing and korean signage but its all mostly in english. It is tablecenter family style bbq, which I was totally unaware of before entering but very quickly figured out. Our server did a perfect job explaing the perfect combos of bites. It was good food. A tad pricey but not bad for a date or special occasion at all. Its a place that would be an awesome treat once in a while. Will def be going back!!

Diane Bryce

My husband and I go here all the time. We love the beef brisket and spicy pork belly. I love that this location is not too Americanized. Most of the servers are native Koreans. Some speak just enough English. This location is first come first serve, they do not take reservations. In order to be seated, your entire party must be present. There is free parking all around. Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest.

Andrae Smith

Even though food was decent. Thought is it was pricey and staff is not friendly.

Ummn Lala

Fun experience with excellent food and service. I prefer going with 3 or more people so you can order many different options. I've never felt rushed to eat and leave so you can sit and enjoy your food and drinks in a fun environment.

Francisco Manuel

Possibly a contender to the KBBQ places in the bay area

Young M

There are better Korean BBQ places with same money.

Joseph Brand

Great place for Korean BBQ!


Nice service, great food, clean and upbeat atmosphere. Been to a lot of Asian restaurants in DC, VA, and MD and Honey Pig is on top of my list when it comes to Korean dining. I sit back away from the table so my clothes doesn't catch the scent off the grill.

Expedition Dreamchaser

Enjoyed the late night hours. Great food and quick service.

Bizhen Zheng

Great food and excellent service!

Josiah Rentschler

The staff: Very polite, did not really speak much but fairly attentive. The venue: Actually pretty nice. Large tables, open space, and the music was not too loud. The food: Overall decent. We got the pork platter which was cooked for us at our table. They would not substitute any vegetable for the rice which was annoying but the meat was very tasty. Summary: Overall a decent experience. I had a good time and enjoyed the food. However, the inability to sub in a vegetable for the rice is a major bummer. Additionally, the price is about $15 too much for the food (should be about $30 instead of $45). If the price were a bit cheaper and they could substitute something for the rice, I would give this place 5 stars. But for right now, it is simply OK.

Matthew Blake

I didn't like it at all I had to wait 1 hour before I could eat and the meat had no flavor what so ever and I like my meat medium rare and I asked if I could have it now she told me it still needs to cook and at this point my meat was over cook and sauces were bad i was not happy with anything ..

Bill Reynolds

The food is really good, the bathrooms not so much.

Deb Jenkins

Service is excellent and food is great...Small and quiet but we'll worth it

Travis Briggs

A little expensive but well worth it for the experience. Definitely feels like you’re walking into Korea. The bulgolgi is one of a kind. Excellent food!!

John Johanson

Great food and perfect place for a group to socialize over a meal.

Joe Martin

Awesome food for a great price. Bring your appetite because portions are large. Highly recommend this location.

Yanina Tull

Best Korean BBQ in town! Loved Bulgogi meat & steamed egg

Michael Cole

Got the spicy pork belly and brisket. Was blown away at the portions and quality especially for the price. I've been to places that changed twice as much for half the quantity. Some of the best Korean BBQ I've ever had. Was definitely worth the hour long drive.

Jonathan Nyborg

Came with a 10 person party which they were immediately able to accommodate, even without a reservation on a saturday. However, they did not bring the meat out raw.. it was all cooked by the time they brought it to our table? I'm not sure if it was because of the party's size or if they thought that we wouldn't know what to do, but it was disappointing. Nonetheless, it was all delicious, and we bought multiple side items for the table, not just the meat

Devlin Day

$75 to get diarrhea...all four of us, and one of my kids before we even let the restaurant. Went with friends, and they didn't even bother trying to discern who ordered what or ask us, they just dumped the meat on the grill and walked off. Waitress and staff barely spoke to us, and only about half of the meat had any flavor; the meat that actually had flavor, though, was absolutely delicious. They charged 18% gratuity since we were a "party of 6 or more", with one of those six being my 4-year-old. There were only actually 5 of us. Overall, poor service, half of the food is good, and diarrhea for too much money

Sung Lewe

Decent food and ub par service but still a go to place for casual Korean bbq

Valentin Zirngibl

Amazing place for traditional Korean BBQ

J. Edward

Great food, but nowhere near reasonable to list this as $$. You cant really eat for under $30-40. We got two "orders" plus seafood and they basically filled the grill once and we were still hungry. Edit: for a satisfying dinner at the same price-point, go straight to Kogiya Korean BBQ. As long as they are doing the all you can eat they will be the best.

Steven Burt

Korean BBQ that has a sort of hole in the wall feel. There's an almost disconcerting amount of KPop coming from the walls to round out the feel of the place. The food is cooked at the table with service staff making frequent stops to cut and stir. You get presented with a variety of kimchi, salad and rice in the mean time. Generally you order for the table and pick at the food as it's freshly cooked. Try the pork or the beef. You can't go wrong with either. While on the mildly expensive side, you can't really get much better of a BBQ experience.

Justin Rupp

Lil Korea for sure! Awesome atmosphere! Great food! Reminded me of Waegwan, SK!


Fun Korean BBQ spot. They give you several side dishes. The servings are pretty big but a bit pricey.

Gregg Cannella

Great food and service as always

Maria Lee

Love this place ❤️ Late night early morning amazingness. I only wish we had Honey Pig BBQ on the west coast?


The food is acceptable but the server basically told us to get out when we almost done. Seriously? ON New Year’s Eve???? I am not exaggerating at all. She said I am sorry but there is a long line at he front can u guys be hurry? First time I been rushed out of a restaurant, thank you honey pig, or pigs.

Jonathan Rosado

Great tasting food!! Definitely recommend.

Jon Morrison

Great food... Combi's are a good deal... Should consider an all you can eat if certainly. Items...

Nathan KII Ngo

this place amazing! their food is great and their beef is very seasoned and flavor. price wise it is good and the service is great also, i would recommend this place to lot of my friends

Felipe Cabacoy

.Delicious, pleasant wait staff and services is excellent, enjoyed the Korean beer.

Chi Yon Cho

Service and the taste of the food is awesome. We ordered a combo menu and one of the staff makes sure your meat doesn't get overcooked. I will definately visit Honey Pig again.

Richard Hood

Great Service and Fantastic Food

Xavier Souvannavong

Food as great. A little different than other Korean bbq but I enjoyed my experience. The boba could be a lil but better.

Kelam 09

It's a really cool experience. The servers are happy to help you figure out what you're doing. They are the ones that handled the barbecue. There are a lot of non-pork options, too. A little on the expensive side but a cool special occasion or date night location.

David Blechman

Bladow! I've never been to Korea, but if I did I'd be like Kim Jeong Oooooooh.

Roberto Garcia

I really liked the food there. They dont verbally nor totally physically rush you. But you definetly get the feeling of it. They keep a watch on you to see when you'll leave. Which I understand because on weekends it can get so busy and they need the tables free. Only reason why I didn't give the 5 stars but other then that I really liked it. Oh they also dont have the potatoe salad I love. They only serve that in the Germantown location.

Princess Ploynapat

If you like Korean BBQ style, this is a great restaurant to try. Overall is great, such as quality of meat, taste of food and service. I like sauce here, it taste is a little bit sweet and salty. It is delicious when you eat some meat with their sauce and streamed rice. The atmosphere is good, not too crowd. But one star out because the price is too high.

Tristan Cabalar

Had some great service recently. Definitely an awesome experience and food.

Peikai Wang

Korean BBQ was wonderful. The staff were super fast serving the food and tables. It's better to go earlier to avoid long waiting line.

Hans Mortensen

If you like Korean BBQ, you can't beat this place. Great portions grilled at your table with all the banchan you need. The japchae and dengjan soup are great bonus dishes included with the meal.

Matthew Rondon

Went at 12:30 on a Tuesday night which was the perfect time to go. No wait for 2 people and the staff can be more attentive to the fewer customers. Never had a bad meal here. They don't have chicken if you want that


Authentic Korean food

John Ro

Good food. Good service. Avoid peak times. Best if you go before 6 during week and before 5 on weekends. Or go after 9.

Simon Lau

Great atmosphere and really good Korean bbq. This place can get busy during dinner time.

Esther Lee

Don't get me wrong, the food here is delicious! If you are looking for a good way to experience KBBQ, maybe for your first few times, and don't mind spending a little more than other places, it's a wonderful choice. However, as a Korean who has frequented countless KBBQ establishments in their life, all I can say is that I should have known better. The meats were delicious, but very overpriced for the serving size (e. g. pork belly was somewhere around $16 for 3 slices). Service was attentive, but this meant that you couldn't grill/cut your own meats to your liking. The place was busy and lively, but it was noisy and there was a prevailing feeling that staff wanted to rush you out for the next customer. I was particularly disgruntled by the fact that the waitress laughed at me when I asked if they had an all-you-can-eat option (which is advertised on their website, but for different locations -- an honest mistake). I'm new to the area, and I was hoping to find my holy grail KBBQ spot for when I have that craving for endless meats. I don't think this is quite it.

Mike Scarfi

Awesome food and intense atmosphere.

Joseph Parish

K-pop music and videos dominate the atmosphere. Kid friendly - If the food doesn't shut them up, you won't hear them much over the music and busy chatter. People tend to prefer beef, but try the pork kalbi. It's my favorite.


Excellent food and service. I frequent this for lunch meetings with some of my staff. By far the best Korean BBQ joint around.

T walk

Come here once every few months, fast service and food is great plus great place to share a meal. When they are busy don't think you can chat after done eating as they like to move on to next customer.

Anthony Leonetti

Awesome place, very good food. I had expected this to be all you can eat, but you have to pay for every plate of meat that's ordered. Definitely worth going again. Favorites we're the bulgogi, thick pork belly, and side dish of marinated tofu

Jason Kim

Very good KBBQ

Jae Jin Pak

Delicious food and great service


They have great food and even better service

kristine lin

I love honeypig!! Their beef brisket is my favorite meat.


Great food and service.

Rob B

Rescuing me from midnight hunger, HoneyPig delivered on an affordable tasty meal paired with a unique experience and atmosphere. Being allergic to nuts, im always careful with eastern food. The menu was not very clear on this issue but thankfully the tired yet pleasant staff were able to assure me I was safe with my meal choice. There are not many late night restaurants in the area so this place is a must for all night owls and late-shift workers.

Alex Tran

Good food in an interesting location.

Casey Warner

Korean Bar B Que at it's best. Super friendly, helpful staff, and ridiculously delicious. Not too expensive for the amount of food you get.

Mavis Afi

Food was good, service could have been better.

Dennis Lamptey

Best Korean bbq in md

Joseph Morgan

Food was great but it felt like they wanted us to leave quickly but that seems to be the norm for these places. We were seated next to a TV playing k-pop a little too loud. I need to step my chopsticks skills up. My hand was cramping by the end of the meal.

David Park

Excellent and delicious branch of the ubiquitous Korean barbecue chain. Met an old friend for lunch. Only thing to remember is that Lunch specials are not available on fridays or weekends. If you ask for additional banchan in Korean, they will bring them out at no charge!

Saudi Guy

Oh yeah! This is the real thing. They carry a good number of Korean liter bottles which is my requisite for good galbi. Try the seafood or kimchi Pajeons. They also offer the endless banchan which is really good. I WANT TO GO!

Karen Clineff

Yummy Korean food!

George Major

Food was good, service left something to be desired.

Arsenio Magaling

Good food

Blanca Galaz

I've never been disappointed! Great food!! Check it out sometimes!

1 Champ

Great authentic Korean BBQ delicious food and feels like your in Korea.

Kristen Jackson

Stepped out of my comfort zone and so happy that I did. It was really good. Shared with friends and it was a good amount of food.

Cheshire Cat

My 1st kbbq experience and it was awesome!

Seon Kang

Love honey pig. Food is delicious and great experience to have true street Korean food. Portion is decent and many choices you can choose from.

Glenn Gebhardt

The food was good but don’t let them run your credit card. I traced the theft of my credit card information to Honey Pig. What a shame I will not be returning.


Seated quick. Great service. Trendy decor. Prices a little high but worth it relative to the quality of food. Be careful ordering soft drinks. It's cans not fountain. Order your drink after your meal comes out.

Charlie Hulse

Service was quick, food delicious, and people were nice. Brought back memories of time in Korea. Only thing I wasn't a big fan of was that I couldn't cook the food myself and the prices were a tad high for the amount. All in all will return.

Eddie Carroll

If this was franchisable or a chain I'd die for it to come to my neck of the woods. Great Korean BBQ karaoke K-pop it has it all.

Shawna Snow

Great atmosphere, food, options and service.

Hyangju Lam

We ate Honey Pig tonigh and I had thr worst service ever. My family like to go this restaurant and we go offten. But today was worst day ever. First, at the table while we were ordering the waitress just turned away and walked away. Next person came and said thr next shift Has changed. Sadly we never see thr wiatrwss again.. Funny thing is the waitress who was supposed to have left was serving another table. I feel like I never want to go there again. I know no one cares, and that is saddes thing ever.

Ro W

Love the atmosphere and the food is great too. The staff has always been friendly.

Viet Bui

This will be a difficult review to write and I live in Montgomery County and have been blessed with an Iron Age which in my opinion is just a better Korean BBQ on all fronts from me quality to overall experience. I would say the only thing that is much better here is the egg, the steamed egg just blows away the Iron Age.


Great atmosphere, music, and food. The food was absolutely delicious and cooked perfectly, and all the staff was extremely friendly. I can't wait to go back.

Ken Beyer

Good selection of meats, great service excellent dishes. Great lunch specials Monday thru Thursday


I love their food so much! They play kpop there and the food is done super fast! A little bit expensive though ;-;


I don't write long reviews, but I am about do write one for the worst Korean BBQ experience I had here. This is coming from Korean who eats Korean BBQ all his life. First of all, I've been going to two other Honey Pig locations for years and know what to expect in terms of meat quality and service. This is first time I visited this Annandale location, and I have to say that they operate like another totally different business. I ordered the most expensive beef which is supposed to be beef rib. It was about $24/order. What I got instead was sirloin that tasted like eating dry cardboard. The server dumped the entire order of beef on the burning hot pan. Before we even get to finish half of if, it all became over-cooked. They also brought out ONE pot of steam egg for SIX people ordering over $120 worth of BBQ. When I asked the server about this, she says, "We only give one steam egg per table". How does that even make sense?? They really make you feel like you are there to beg for more food when you are paying overly priced BBQ. I am guessing most of the good reviews here are for Pork or other type of beef, or they have not been to other locations to experience what the benchmark supposed to be. I'm not going to go through all other service problems we had throughout our dinner. The final blow was auto-added tip of 18% which amounts to over $20.

Heather Geesey

Dirty, Rude, and Over priced for what it is! Definitely check out Iron Age

Stacy Hillegass

Great authentic Korean BBQ experience complete with trendy K-pop bands serenading you while you chow down on some seriously delicious grilled meats and fresh veggies. The secret to this restaurant is its famous sauce. Sadly, Honey Pig is a victim of its own success. Long wait times and distracted staff kept my most recent visit from being a 5/5 star-rating.

Leia Wood

Unique experience. Go with an open mind.

Iman Alsharkawi

I want to give this place more stars, but I can't, simply for the price of food. The place is extremely clean and I do love the service. I came here with two others and we ordered the beef combination platter, which we thought would have appropriate portions of meat given the $55+ price tag, but what we got was a tiny amount of meat which I felt was worth half the cost. I can't say I'd come back here again, unless I got a killer Groupon deal. The food was delicious, just not worth the cost.

Don Chung

Very good Korean BBQ and Fresh Makkoli are the perfect combination!!!

Antoine Catteau

Favorite Korean BBQ place. Some prefer other joints but this is my favorite. You can't beat the lunch special. Good stuff, good bonchon, good meat.

Master Kevin

No luck today at Honey pig. ‘Jenny’ is the one who helped cook our meat but she wasn’t pay attention on our table. Place is good as usual. It would be 5 stars.

Zandreia Green

My nail technician was telling me how much her and her kids loved this, so I decided to try it. We had the beef combo. It was delicious and authentic. The restaurant is tight, but not uncomfortable. We were to hungry to take pics...sorry

Jeremy Soules

Service here has really declined. The have hired old, bitter women that dont care about their jobs and there is a dude that works there that stares at you awkwardly while you eat. Change the staff. Almost all of it. Used to be amazing to come here, now I just stay away.

mark gautier

Always the best. I would drive 4hrs away to eat at Honey Pig!

Karen Lee

Never had anything that I didn't like here. Food is fresh and generous portions and refills on side dishes! The Hite beer (Korean brand) is great if your a fan of lite beer!

Chuning X

Very authentic korean BBQ. You might need to wait for a couple of minutes during rush hours

Mike W

Always good haha yum

Kevin Ruane

Interesting place to visit. Good food with an interesting environment. It would be nice if the volume on tvs weren't so loud.

Mekhi Brennan

They serve big dishes and for reasonable rates. super friendly owner. Highly recommended.

Tiara Gaines-Still

Staff was very friendly and attentive. Food was delicious. It was my families first time and they a enjoyed it. Highly recommend it.


Busy as heck! Makes you feel like you are on the street in South Korea. Food has better price than most Korean places. The atmosphere is anything but fancy and the food was good, not great. It is similar to an American deep South BBQ place, but Korean style.

Christian Wagner

Food is good. Parking is terrible when it is busy.

Karina Colotl

This was my first experience at a Korean BBQ place, and it was great. We were given lots of food. The food was cooked right in front of you, and the server was very friendly. They do accommodate vegetarians very nicely as well, just let them know.

TNa Ho

I love the food here but not the service. Our waitress didn't even ask during the time we stayed here or say anything, she only talked once when she took our order

Alam Jamal

My favorite Korean BBQ place in the area. Food was great, and plentiful. The service was also great. I'll be back as often as my waistline allows.

Frank Hyun

Amazing taste, amazing tenderized meat, and amazing service! Their pork and beef is my personal choice, and you can always ask for more servings. The atmosphere feels okay and the size is relatively big!

Car Rant

The quality of the food is incredibly good, and the service very nice and congenial. The atmosphere is definitely set up for conversation, as there aren't a dozen TV's blasting kpop everywhere. My friends and I love this place, and it has become something of a celebratory tradition to visit when successes in our lives happen.

Jasmine Majors

I have eaten at this honey pig a number of times and it's a good alternative to other Korean BBQ places. Although it's not all you can eat, I never leave feeling hungry. I recently realized that the rib meat may be my favorite! Sometimes service can be a little slow, but that's not often. I would love to try their duck!

Luis Eduardo Alvarez Cortes

Don't come here at all!!! If you look like you came from a party or look poor, or your not Korean. They will not give you good service. They ignore you..the waitress was disrespectful and every time I call for service she ignore me. We paid almost 180$ in bill and we deserve the right to ask for what we want to drink. I was not drunk and she ignore me. I was completely disappointed and been here before and I will not come here again. I rather go to Vienna.

Ben Runyon

Great atmosphere for fun and plenty of food for one and even better for a group.

Jeff Johnson

Great place to go if you miss the Korean BBQ. My daughter wanted the sweet meat but it wasn't available. No worries the rest of the food was there. Can be a little pricey but cheaper than the other ones in the area. We are not allowed to cook like before but I don't mind.


Delicious food, good service, and no waiting

Brenden h

So good. Thank god they're open all night.

jessica olden

Friendly staff, quick and efficient. Food was Amazing. Even on a busy Saturday Night my party of 3 didnt have to wait, we were seated immediately and served shortly after.

Victoria Sherbin

I tried it because all my friends ranted and raved about how amazing it is! But I personally didn't like it. The experience, the food. It was all... underwhelming. Nothing was explained either because they assume you know or can't speak to you about it. Maybe I had a high hope based on friends. Was still hungry after, even with a $40 total. Pricey for mediocre food. Probably won't be back.

Alex Wei

Been here almost 30 times. Never gets tired!

David Huntington

Good food and good service.

Copper Media corporation

The food as well as the service is just awesome.

Noah Boswell

I have never been to a Korean BBQ before and this was a unique experience! If your open to trying something new and very different this is a great place for lunch or dinner. Staff is friendly and will help. Food was great, although you can't expect typical flavors. Great place for party's of 4+.

Buddy Newell

This is a great Korean BBq restaurant hidden in plain sight. The inside is a mix between a honky tonk dance hall and an Asian-nation alley haunt. Whatever the atmosphere conjures up for you, I think you will walk away knowing you had some good Korean-style fare in the end.

Mandip Shrestha

Best place for celebration among 5-10 people.

Katie Wilson

Delicious, open 24 hours, quick service. Prices have gone up but still good amount and quality of food for the price you pay.

N Frances

We loved our dinner here. For three of us we got the beef combo, an order of dumplings and an order of beef bulgogi and it was definitely plenty...we took most of the dumplings home. Everything was so delicious, including the many side dishes. Fun and lively atmosphere with Korean pop music and videos playing. There was a bit of a wait on a Friday night but they are efficient in moving things along. Service is fast and the servers are super friendly. We definitely will be back!

Dustin Potter

I haven't had a bad experience here...but I don't know enough about Korean BBQ to really evaluate...the staff does their service well...but don't expect any explanation of anything. You have to ask if you want to know. Price seems a bit high but certain additional items are included. Non-the-less, if you want to try something that might be new to you, and exciting, grab some friends and give this a try!

Day K

If you are the person (or foodie) opened to international cuisine, this is the place for you. You can experience authentic Korean BBQ. Expect 30 mins wait in usual.

BMJAAL Limited

Awesome place and staff!!! Love the food

Han E

It's still very good and consistent

Tony Garcia

Great food and service!

Joe Christadore

Meat was good, had the pork belly, prime rib was tender and falvorful. Service was great... Recommend to come hungry.

Wrig Adhikari

Never visiting this location again. The amount of food received for money paid is terrible. Compared to the times I have been here before, it’s less and less meat every visit. NOT worth the price. Also, the service is incredibly rude. 5 minutes within starting to eat the entrees, the cheque was tossed on the table without even asking if we wanted anything else. Every 10 mins after that, waiter came to ask if we were ready to leave. Never visiting this location again.

Sue A.

Outrageous prices for Korean barbecue, yet resembles flavor profiles of most cheaper all-you-can-eat locations.

BC Yoon

Long wait, limited parking but great food.

Sorina Aquinde Calero

Came here with my husband and some friends. Service was mediocre. Food was great though. Favorite was definitely the kalbi. It was just so delicious. This place does get crowded so, just be ready for a little wait time during dinner hours!


Loved it! A bit pricey to me but it was filling and authentic korean food. First time eating korean bbq!

marvin hernandez-ortiz

Dont come with a large party. they wont tell you that you will be in a backroom where tables dont have the grill.

Dane Garcia

Great Korean BBQ, an awesome place to bring friends and family.

R Howell

Awesome food. Great first time experience

tdphomedesign55 Song

Among all the Honey Pig's this is the most best food!

Michael Lee

For the price you don't get a whole lot but the meats were tasty and flavorful. If you're going for quantity look elsewhere, if you want flavor and good quality meat but don't need a literal ton to fill up on, honey pig is a good spot

Audrey Vergara

After the first time I visited I keep thinking this place is great as I keep going back. Great food!

Henry Hargrove

Been back a few times. Pricey but you can get obliterated with food. Every meal comes with unlimited side dishes and they serve several flavors of soju. Spicy pork belly is great and the spicy tofu soup is nice too. Was very impressed by the seafood omelet. Not too noisy and not too crowded during weekdays late at night (past 10pm).


It's great, will return. Add this one to the ol' memory banks.

Cherry Gardner

My favorite is the spicy pork. It's always good but sometimes it's not spicy enough for me. Quick service but a little pricey!

Rebecca Francisco

If I could give negative stars I would. The food is okay - nothing special and the portions are meager. The service is hostile. They only took half our order. We ordered a platter and a few other things. We only ever got the platter, none of our drinks were brought out, and none of the other dishes that we ordered like noodles and such. When we tried to rectify it and get the rest of our order placed they gave us dirty looks and walked away mid sentence. It is also insanely loud in there. They seated us right below a speaker. We asked if we could move or if they could turn it down a bit. They acted super pissed that we asked and refused to let us move even though we arrived early and the dining room was only 30% full at 4:30 pm. We asked right away, so it's not like they would have had any extra cleaning to do. They said it was not possible to turn the music down at all, either. We left hungry, with sore ears, and very feeling very mistreated. The buss staff is nice, though. I was really looking forward to our meal because a Korean friend had recommended them for the food and they have a lot of really good reviews. Maybe it's under new management and has changed.


Quality of meat is not "Premium" as one would hope but is fair compared to the price. Service is good/friendly, sometimes providing complementary dishes based on the amount of order compared to number of guests. The special sauce is very sweet but goes well with the meat.

John Schwartz

Very nice food and a neat concept!

Lyon Clef

The food here is good, and the service is acceptable. The waiters come by pretty rarely, only stopping by to flip the food. The meat is good and high quality, and they provide a variety of sides that are decent. Occasionally the rice is slightly undercooked.

Nicholas C

Loud music but authentic kbbq

Turbo Erin

Love honey pig! You get a 2% discount if you pay cash. PRO TIP: if you go as a large group, bring cash or just venmo each other later. They do not split checks.

Terry Barker

Perfect place to practice your keto diet.

Rob Riggle

Spicy pork belly is all I ever need.

Mike Jerdak

Love this place. Need one in South Florida ;)

John Tweel, Jr

Fun place! I thoroughly recommend the Kalbi beef ribs. Mmmmm-MMM!

Kyle Steinhauser

Very good Korean style barbecue. Come hungry.

Andrew Tran

Good place for Korean BBQ. I enjoyed the food that I had that day. We ordered tofu soup, boneless rib and spicy chicken. I liked the seating arrangement here better than the Annandale. A little more space. Will definitely come back again.

biruk esubalew

Great customer service and great food that is prepared in front of you

Johanna Desbiens

Great Korean BBQ, it was my first time trying it and I wasn't disappointed! Great service and their dipping sauce is amazing!

Orlando Cruz

I’m not one to comment... but people have to know. When we were seated early this morning (around 2 am), they brought out the sides that go with our meal. Within the sauce, there was a full grown cockroach!!!! And it was ALIVE!!!! It came straight out of the kitchen, and none of the staff noticed. The staff offered to replace the sauce but we decided to leave. If a coachroach is coming straight out of the kitchen, that can’t be good folks. That’s a sign of an infestation. You’ve been warned...

Acro Man

The place is amazing but.. they don't have unlimited briskets.

Diane Park

Quality of meat was bad. Service was bad. I was so disappointed.

Hailey Robinson

Best service and excellent food! First time here and I love it!

Edgar R. Martinez

Fantastic place, good food, great atmosphere. Order from the combos and enjoy.


Love the Korean food here! Extremely delicious!

Bryan Cunningham

Attentive service with good food

Sunny *

Good place, but Ironage gives you much more food for the same price- in some cases less money. Sorry, ya'll have lost me to Ironage forever.

Luca Johnson

Fantastic Korean BBQ There are lots of good Korean places in the area, but I think this is one of the best if you are looking for tasty BBQ. I have also been to their location in Taipei and I found it just as good. I like how they put the soybeans on the grill in addition to the meat. Ill definitely come back the next time I am in Annandale.

Dj Mial

Top 3 places in the area

Jeff White

Always enjoy honey pig and Korean bar b q. Unique dining experience with the meat cooked right at your table.

Seth Ewing

Good Korean food. Lot's of choices in this area but worth going.

Joanna Econaz

It was nice to try it out, but I didn't really like it so much because the meat doesn't have any flavor. The only thing I enjoyed was the bean sprout and the salad.

Kevin Pelley

This is a popular and hip Korean BBQ with loud music and K-Pop videos on screens all across the restaurant. The food was great. We had the galbi combo. All the meat was fresh and the sides were good. It is Korean style where theyl cook the meat on the grill in the center of your table. We eat early and always find a table if we are there by 5:30. But it is a busy joint! You must have everyone in your party present before they will seat you, Nd once you are done eating they will kindly ask you to leave and free the table for the long line of folks waiting.

Mad Gamer

overall I enjoyed at Asian pop culture theme of the resteraunt and the sides were exceptionally good however the food was a little dry but still satisfying.

Jonathan Grant

The place I think of when I want Annandale KBBQ. Even worth the trip from DC

M. Marzulla

Came here late one evening with a group craving some KBBQ. This place delivered. I only wish they had an all-you-can-eat option like some of their competition. Food was great, service was as well.

Madi L

I've been to Centreville honeypig many times and it's nice there and the service decent there for a Korean place. This place, on the other hand, is a disaster. Service is terrible and they don't even provide you with lettuce and side dipping sauces (garlic, spicy sauce,etc) unless you specifically ask, which is unfortunate since you cannot get the service people's attention easily. We were finishing up eating and just talking since we hadn't seen each other for a long time and the lady came up and said "you're done eating". Then she started cleaning up all the dishes and throwing things around and we could not believe what we just saw. She said there's people that are waiting outside. I'm thinking she could have just told us nicely instead of rudely cleaning the table. We were going to order more but it's too bad. We're never going back to this location. They also did not want to honor my expired Groupon. Per Groupon policy, they have to accept even the expired Groupon for the amount that I paid. I try to explain, in fluent KOREAN, but she said she was not going to honor it. I am contacting Groupon for this problem. I do not recommend this location at all. Centreville location has never given me issues and I will only go back to that location.

Max Puthongkham

Overall quality is great.

Jack Liu

This one is better than the another one in Alexandria. Here are more waiters. Near this restaurant have Hmart and a Korean water SPA.

Alan Smith

This is the second time I've been to a Honey Pig. I've been to many Korean BBQs. The service was exemplary. The side dishes not so. The pork combo was okay. The dumplings, meh.

Yaser 19n1

Overpriced and nothing out of the ordinary

Shirley Kasser Creech

Delicious food cooked in the center of your table. The atmosphere is comfortable and loud. The flavors are amazing!

Duk Koo Kim

My favorite place. Friendly service, even when busy and hectic. Food is wonderful. We stop in everytime we go to a DC United game.

Shane Hess

Great Korean experience! The food is amazing!

James Cienfuegos

Best place ever.... I love it here, just ate with my grandparents, my friends and I stop here after concerts or a long night if partying

tom gera

Excellent food and service. Clean and efficient operation

Heidi Shyu

If you love Korean BBQ. You won't be disappointed here!

Justin Y.

Food? Good Service? Good Hotel? Trivago

Hunter Felton

The food was okay, but it's not all you can eat and the portions you have to pay are kind of small for all that you pay. Not my preferred Korean BBQ

edwin gill

Amazing food, great looking decor,kpop playing in the background. Honey Pig BBQ is another one of my favorite Korean BBQ places.

Tania Sotillo

Celebrating Paul's birthday good food!

Steve Williams

I'm not going back here. For the price you pay here, there are much better options. Service was really bad as well.


Opens late night. The server was pretty attentive and food was great.

Quentin Collier

Needs improvement on service at times but food is good and can't beat the late night service!!

Melanie Vance

So fun and lots of options to choose from. Very good food.


Easily the best Korean BBQ we’ve had - excellent meats and sauces and interesting banchan. Efficient and attentive service, too. The atmosphere is rather industrial and noisy, however.


Good service, great food

Jessica Hummel

The servings are good. They are worth the price.

Sam Borgstrom

Delicious. The staff were so friendly and our food was made quickly excellently. Would recommend!

asia allen

Love this place and the atmosphere/vibe!!!! Great food, very authentic. Not the place to go if you want a quiet romantic sit down, more for friends and laughs and good times.

Chang Bae

Horrible place. Dont go there.

Fred T

It was good, just very little communication from the staff. I wanted to know what the vegetables they were serving was, but they just served it and left our table. Overall the best thing on the menu in my opinion was the pork belly. Must have.

Leo Quito

Best Korean food in town!l

Alice Gladfather

Love this place. Kids love it even more. Occasionally service is not that great due to their lack of staff especially when they are busy. Front staff could be more friendlier, a few times of thinking about leaving because they are so snobbish but other than that food is great. Love their bulgogi.. yum yum. Thanks

Kevin Chronister

This is the first place I experienced Korean BBQ and I'm glad I did, the experience made a difference, the meal was fantastic all around.

Brooks B

Great place with a lot of food for a great price!

Hur Henry

Awesome place to eat. Fresh food, great Service. I come here every time I visit

Clyde Kunkel

Meat, more meat and then more meat cooked and served at your table. Choice of beef, pork, chicken and shrimp. Kimchi served throughout the meal. Good service, nice selection of beer. A bit pricey, but worth the occasional visit.

MJ Elbert

Fast service. Great food and drinks

Nadiia Lopez

We came to this restaurant because someone mentioned it was a really cool Korean to go to. We come in and the restaurant seemed busy, good energy and packed. When we are ready to order I kindly asked my server to please replace the beef in my bibimbap for tofu. She said “this cannot be”, I asked for different options and the only response I get is “this cannot be”. So I decide to remove the beef and of course still pay for the full price of the meal without a replacement. The service was awful. When we are paying with the cc, we add 15% tip (and still thought about that twice after really horrible service) and the waitress picks up the check walks away and notices the tip amount. Makes a face and walks back to us saying this is not the tip we should leave. We should leave 18% or more. THIS IS SOOOOO RUDE!! you not only were not nice at all but you think you “deserve “ 18% tip? This is beyond rude. We are never coming back.

Enoch Yang

Amazing authentic Korean bbq. Best in nova. True Korean bbq experience. Come hungry.


Place is descent. They don’t use the best quality meats and that’s how they can offer somewhat cheaper prices. A good place to take your foreign friends from out of town. Does the job.

Michael Zarnegar

A family favorite of mine. One of the best Korean BBQ places. Friendly atmosphere and prompt servixe. Big party or small this is a plsce to visit...

Myung Sul

bit pricey but still one of best korean bbq spot other than mi casa.

Kitty Housden

Terrible service!! Myself and 2 adult daughters were sat in a section behind the waitress stations which was 4 tables segregated from the remainder of the restraunt even though there was plenty of seating in main area. We were not given lunch menus and when asked the waitress said she wasnt sure if she was allowed to but would try. We then sat as we watched the Asian customers being treated way different than we were. My daughters drinks never came then once they asked for them she brought them 1 to share,,never in my life have I heard of a restraunt expecting someone to share a beverage. Once we realized what was going on we watched as only 2 other people were sat behind the waitress station and they also were not of Asian decent, they also received terribly poor service. And moments after leaving we had terrible stomach pain! If your looking for good Korean food without the racism I highly suggest Kogiya Korean Bbq around the corner!

Jong Sun Lee

Good taste..this restaurant is a korean restaurant. Not only Korean like it but also americans like it..

Michael Bensen

Best Korean BBQ I've had outside of Korea.

Ari Roach

This spot is wonderful and roomy, the food was delightful and the rates were very economical. quick, productive service and very personal staff members. Recommended!

Stéphanie VAL

Maybe my expectations were too high before this place has such good reviews! My boyfriend and I went after an afternoon at spa world. The inside looks like an American BBQ place but with Korean video clips on TV instead of sports. We ordered spicy Korean beef and fried dumplings. The beef was $19 so we expected to have more than what we got. The quality of the meet was also poor... Lots of chewy parts I couldn't eat. The fried dumplings were very greasy and not very tasty. The little condiments served with it were very good though. So in overall overpriced, not great quality and also pretty loud and smokey place. The food at Spa world is much better

Gloria Spottswood

Love this place, but you get better attention if you go with people than by yourself! Really miss Izakaya!

james tavenner

I had no idea what I was doing, but the food was amazing! Kalbi beef ribs were tender and flavorful without being overwhelming. Dumplings were some of the best I have had. During the meal, they keep bringing tiny dishes of appetizers and condiments such as pickled vegetables, kimchi, noodles, etc. Everything was great.

Bryan Chaisone

Always good here.

Kim Jenny

Food o It's okay but service is suck!!!

Sharad Baranwal

Nice unassuming eatery with no non sense and frills. The beef combo is my favorite. Tried the tofu soup but it lacked some depth. Will keep coming back to try other items. Gah, i will always take the beef combo. :)

Michael Glassman

staff was not attentive. Food was good

Sikuate Disal

The best authentic Korean restaurant in the area. Fast service and reasonably priced too!

Ryan Vesny

Best kbbq around have been taking family for years! Never disappointed

Belphanior Z

Rather expensive but very good service.

Mo Arr

Sooooo yummy! You won't regret it.

Jill Bernes

Nice place to eat. Love their meat varieties. I would order anything from their menu. Kids particularly love their egg soup. absolutely recommend this place. Thanks!

Scott Pierce

Price - 2/5 - On the expensive side. Don't expect a great value. Expect to spend $30+ / person. Taste - 4/5 - The food tasted pretty good. It's hard to screw up Korean BBQ if you are serving quality meat. Service - 2/5 - Like some other reviews have noted, I felt a little rushed while there. All the Korean bbq places I eat at are different. The waiter would get us stuff fast when we asked for it, but it was difficult to get a hold of the waiter. They cooked half the meal for us and served us some of the meat off the grill, then they just disappeared and never came back until it was time for the bill. We just kind of sat there waiting for them to serve us, just waiting for our server, and they never came back. Besides that, they were pleasant and nice, but I was disappointed.

Julie Oh

Came with my non korean friend and she loved it! Had great service with well attentive staff filling banchan and water constantly The marinated pork was a bit too sweet and salty imo but it was not too overpowering. I still finished everything

zephery williamson

Food was flavorful and service was friendly!

Scott Serafini

Incredible food great experience

Jennifer Carr

Hands Robert Korean BBQ place!

Patrick Deans

Very busy but wait time is not bad

Matt W

Best korean bbq I have been to outside of Korea.

Eric Stern

Amazing and you need to try it out, especially if youve never been to a Korean BBQ joint like this. Meat cooked fresh in front of you at the table. Dont mind the pop Korean music, youll grow to love it

Charles Helton

Love this place. If you can get in it's worth eating at.

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