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3950 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030

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REVIEWS OF Hamrock's Restaurant IN Virginia

Corina Apaza

Great food great service. Can't wait to go back

David Sieracki

A family owned and run restaurant in a lovingly restored historic house in downtown Fairfax. Recently changed hands, and I think the new ownership is an improvement. Still a widely varied menu, with lots of "choices" for people with special dietary needs. The food is excellent. Attentive staff. Reservations are advisable, especially on weekends.

Kelley Harrell, M.Div.

Excellent food and service, with lots of gluten free options.

Carl Gluck

Nice southern porch! Historical setting, good food. Enjoyable meal.

Jane McIlwain

The menu had lots of good choices. We ordered from the weekly menu enjoyed our choices.

Ameka Delissaint

This restaurant is a little diamond hidden in Fairfax, VA! The customer service was excellent. The food even better and the ambiance gives you a 1800's flare. It is a historic house that was converted into a restaurant and they did a good job preserving the historic flare. Will definitely be back with friends!

Meredith Coté

Food was very good, perfect portions, and the wait staff was very friendly. great service, and nice atmosphere in the house. Will be back soon.

Linda Kelley

Great food and service. Will definitely return.

Antoine K

Awesome as always!

Liz maer

Wonderful meal, excellent service and lovely building.

Daniel Shepherd

Excellent food and service. This place is going into my favorites list for sure. Jeremy, our waiter was great and very attentive. We had the fried chicken, crab stuffed shrimp and grilled meatloaf, all of which were perfect. The chef did a great job of getting it all ready at the same time even with the house as full as it was.

Nicole L

First time patron and organized a small gathering with coworkers. We had a private room, excellent service by Jeremy who was very attentive and friendly. Food was great for excellent price. Everyone enjoyed the experience and beautiful Christmas decorations! Definitely recommend and will return!

Edward Hara

The food is wonderful. They offer a great selection of entrees which are designed to help those of us with food allergies. Their gluten-free bread has to be the best in the state. I have gluten sensitivity and much of the so-called bread I buy is akin to chewing on cardboard. Not this bread! Get the Angus burger with the gluten free bread and it is a delicious lunch. Their duck dinner is superb. Love it! And they are always friendly and helpful.

Anatalia Macik

It started with a dirty dish, progressed to them saying they’d run out of cheese of all things, followed by mixing up drink orders and closing with meals no one will ever remember. Did I mention the service was slow? If I had some time to kill while around Fairfax and I didn’t want to go to one of the better restaurants (two sisters or bollywood) in town, I would probably not come here. If I had my elderly in laws in tow who don’t like flavorful food or good service, I would bring them here and then complain to my husband later. There are chain restaurants that do a much better job of non-generic (but still very generic) American food with better service and lower costs.

David Rhyne

Beautiful location, great service, and very cute interior. Food is very much hit and miss, and is unimpressive for the price.

Dred de Caen

Nice old house in Old Town Fairfax City. Limited parking. The pricing is high, so the expectations are high... and not always met. Sunday brunch is a normal breakfast American diner menu, but $ 3-4X.

Arsenio Nazareno

The food quality and execution doesn't match the price point.

Iantha Parker

My family has dietary restrictions. Several of us have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and lactose intolerant. Several are also vegan and vegetarian. We love going to Hamrock's because we get to enjoy so many dishes that at most restaurants are off limits. We also order with confidence because the wait staff and chef are excellent. The gluten free crab cakes are one of my favorites. My friends also really enjoyed the swordfish and stuffed shrimp. In addition to great food and great service Hamrock's is in a beautiful house built in 1842. Highly recommended.

Mark Meinke

Terrible food!

Vanessa Lopez

Service was great and would definitely return for lunch. I was with someone who has an allergy to gluten, and they had several options for them.

Massimiliano Albanese

My department organized a holiday lunch at this restaurant 2-3 weeks ago. The food was good and ingredients seemed to be fresh. As an Italian, I was pleased that pasta (orecchiette to be specific) was “al dente”, which is very rare to find in this country, where people tend to overcook pasta. I was also pleased to see they had good options for soft drinks, specifically Newman’s Own lemonade instead of the low-quality lemonade you usually find in restaurants. On the negative, the place is in desperate need of some maintenance: it is an old house turned into a restaurant and it is falling apart. They should also do a better job with keeping the bathrooms clean (can’t blame dead insects on customers).


Great Place!! Food, Friends, and Fun!!! Everyone in DMV needs to go to Hamrock's!! It's a National Treasure!!

Tori Meleski

Great food and great service in a charming setting!

Benswing Rich

The food was great, the ambiance was nice, although we were seated 15 minutes late at a highboy table in a corner despite having a reservation. The server was friendly and knowledgeable, but appeared to forget about us multiple times so our dinner ended up taking 2.5 hours, which was considerably longer than it should have been. He also forgot about the dessert we ordered and tried to cover for himself by saying it was a strange night and there were multiple new people starting and old employees leaving. None of that matters to me, the customer, it should be invisible and seamless.

Colleen Esposito

Oh my goodness, this place is amazing! Lots of options for folks who can't eat gluten, and for those who do, and all of it is absolutely yummy for the tummy!

teen siener

Good food, quaint old home, clean.

Cheryl Gresham

I had some business in the area so I Googled restaurants nearby. I looked up this restaurant after seeing the reviews. When my husband and I got there we were greeted as soon as we walked in the door but unfortunately there was a private party and we could not be seated because we didn't have reservations as well. That was okay we we were told we could order takeout. They gave us a menu from the restaurant Week menu which we used.. I ordered crab cakes I'll gratin potatoes and zucchini. I also ordered the deviled egg appetizer. The crab cakes seem to have a lot of filler and not very much crab. They were not very flavorful. The side dishes were pretty good. The deviled eggs were very Bland. No flavor at all but there was a sauce at the bottom of the container that had all of the flavor in it. Once I mix the deviled eggs up with the sauce that was in the bottom of the container it was a little bit better. Overall I thought this restaurant was just okay. The service was excellent. The staff was very friendly. But the food was not as flavorful as I usually enjoy.

Laura Fling

Not sure if it was an off night or what but my fiancé ordered a fish dish and both times it came out the kitchen raw. Brussels sprouts were also brunt to a crisp. The only reason I'm giving it two starts, is solely for the reason the waitress was so very nice throughout the process of sending plates back etc. and gave us our drinks on the house, along with both fish dishes. That's real customer service and the place was very cute!


Cool historical place, with a warm and welcoming staff. Brunch was perfect. I stopped here on my way to the airport to unwind and enjoy a pretty morning. Definitely recommend. Thanks for caring and doing a great job! Jeremy

Mo Murray

Disappointed with the food we ordered. Our guests complained about slow service and the dishes they ordered were tasteless. Would not recommend for large parties, probably okay for 1 or 2 guests.

Christine Williams

Excellent food! Perfect Presentation! Superb Service! What else can a diner ask for?

Serene Chen

I had high hopes for brunch from all the reviews but found the meal disappointing overall. My mom and I each ordered an appetizer and a breakfast dish. The appetizers came out about 5 min apart and they got one of the orders wrong. They also got the breakfasts wrong (somehow ended up with sausages instead of fruit as sides) and I never got the coffee I ordered. The hostess did her best to help, but the meal was poor in many ways. I don’t intend to revisit, but maybe they were just having a bad day.

Joe Hennessey

Awesome Easter brunch. Blueberry muffins were fantastic. Omlettes were light and cooked to perfection. I had the Greek and other's had the taco. Mozzarella and vegetables were a table favorite. The chicken and shrimp got high marks. Desserts included cookies, Brownie's and ice cream. Servers were attentive and friendly. A new Easter tradition.

Jim Conley

Fine dining in a historic 1800s house. Very good appetizers, entrees and desserts. The firecracker shrimp with duck stuffed avocado was delicious as was the pork chop with crispy Brussels sprouts and the limoncello cake. Service was impeccable. On a nice evening sitting out on the wraparound porch is pleasant.

Jerry Slavik

Old century charm and was delicious and the service was fantastic

Melissa Fielding

Went here for a company dinner. The service was friendly, helpful, and prompt! Dinner was delicious. Crab cakes were majority crab and brussel sprouts were crispy with plenty of flavor!

Stosh Kowalski

Excellent! The southern fried chicken was delicious, and their wine flight is creative, interesting and tasty

Ashley Ann

It's ok. Wasn't super impressed with the food we recieved. My son's kid meal tasted better than the crab they overcharged us on drinks. The plus was atmosphere was very nice. Probably will not be returning though.

Joseph Walter

Hamrock's is a higher end restaurant with good food and a nice atmosphere.

ski doctor

On a recommendation decided to try Hamrock’s for breakfast as an alternative to many of the other places available in Fairfax. We arrived just as they opened and after a considered review of pending reservations (we did not have any) were seated in a small alcove with a view out the front. First all the relatively small table had a considerable wobble which required attention to keep it in place as the wife is a leftie and i am a rightee it was the in constant motion. One of the water glasses was dirty but quickly recognized by the staff as such and replaced. The food arrived in a timely manner and until they got busy coffee refills were also timely. One thing the place lacks is some sound soak like carpets and drapes. Once the place filled up all the hard surfaces really made the place noisy. I would still recommend it as an alternative to the bigger places as it has good parking, central in Fairfax, and has nice ambience.

Freeman Drayton

First time Single diner! Most unwelcome I have ever received! No not bar seating so receive corner table. Server took their time coming to table, owe listening to who is going to take the table. Nice! Feel uncomfortable eating appetizer and cancelling entree! Thanks but no!

Tracey Dreiss

Sorry to say I'm giving the second star because the house is wonderful but I would not go with a cane or crutches, very uneven walkways. Fifteen minutes to have our order taken, another fifteen to get our coffee and mimosas, unfortunately, we were leaving when they were finally bringing them. They had a constant flow but I wonder how many were repeats... Popover was good

Ashley Bartik

Definitely will be back! We had a party of 8 celebrating 2 birthdays, we had a whole room to ourselves. The atmosphere was wonderful and the decor classic. It was nice that you still felt like the house was a house. The group got a variety of dishes from the filet, the shrimp and andouille sausage pasta, chicken limone and they were wonderful! Good sized portions and excellent flavor all around. Additionally, we started with salads or the crab bisque and all were excellent. Finishing touch was the desserts, and we tried 4 different ones, all scrumptious! Would highly recommend this as a nice quiet alternative for a special occasion or date night! Can't wait to go back.

Phil Reichers

Excellent dining experience. Food is good and has service to match. Dishes taste very fresh and have multiple gluten free options. Nice ambiance with indoor and limited out door seating. Adjacent parking lot. Would recommend reservations.

Sarah Tozer

Lovely lunch. Not crowded and we were not rushed. Parking there is hard

Alzira Lampropoulos

Great brunch, friendly service, charming location

Patrick Balchunas

Very nice managers. Our waitress was great, polite, observant and attentive. However we were lucky, because the next table got a rather loud and somewhat obnoxious waiter. If we had got him as a server, the whole meal would have been different. The food was great, but the whole dining area is in need of a good thorough cleaning. Lots of dust, dirty windows and just a feel that the kitchen might be even less clean. Would I recommend it ? Probably not. Will I return? Hmmm, I doubt it. Pretty expensive

Timour Abduhalikov

Stellar food, atmosphere, and service. Ordered a Canada Dry on the rocks, and it came in seconds! I then moved on to bless my palate with the delicious fried chicken, which, let me tell you, was probably the best fried chicken I've had in years! This is the hottest spot in Fairfax, and no other restaurant can compare! I'd just like to say, this restaurant makes some great Choices!

Greg Chakmakian

Wonderful food, great service, cozy atmosphere.

Felicia Smith

Didn't actually get to eat here. We came for breakfast at a whim on Easter Sunday. There was no real direction on where to go when you walked in. People just passed by without acknowledging us even though it was obvious we had no clue what we were doing. Go outside and we get seated. Time passes. No one comes by. We randomly get water and silverware and again no direction on what to do. No one came to check on us or to tell us that the only thing available that day was the brunch menu. Very disappointed. We got up and left and went to Potbelly instead.

Brad Otto

If you’re looking for a mediocre brunch that takes too long Hamrock’s is the place for you! Featuring bacon that somehow doesn’t taste like bacon, flat pancakes and undercooked poached eggs. At least the coffee was good.

Bret Sharman

Wow, just wow. Stellar food, environment and service. The decor gave the establishment a very warm vibe that I would recommend to anybody. The chicken and fries are to die for, and the pop-overs are a must! If you haven't tried this robust restaurant, you have been missing out! Consider it next time your going out and you won't regret it.

Val Gat

Phenomenal food! Loved the appetizer, entrée, and the dessert. For appetizer, I had a fried green tomatoes with mushroom sauce and coleslaw, for main course I had roasted pumpkin risotto, and for dessert I had a vanilla maple and blackberry ice cream. Everything amounted to about $35 with taxes. Everything had a lot of flavor, which is unusual for fancy restaurants. Will probably take my partner there for a date next time.

William Terry

Great place for a Private Event. Service was excellent and menu options very reasonable priced. Would go there just to dine anytime.

Svetlana Belenkova

Very interesting setting. The restaurant is in a rearranged single family home. The ambiance has a Key West feel to it with fans on the wrap-around porch. The food was tasty and light (we had brussel sprouts for appetizer and lobster and beet salad for dinner). The service was excellent! Very attentive, but not overbearing and proactive. We didn't have to ask for extra plates to share a dish or water refills. The place has a great selection of gluten-free options for someone who needs it.

Priscila Romero

Outstanding... really delicious!!

Cat Bird

For dinner- Price to quality ratio was not as expecting. More quality and chef creativity was expected for the cost. It was okay.

Polly Jayjack

The service was good, the food was great and the atmosphere wonderful! We will be going again!

Kristen Hoefke

Delicious desserts and great atmosphere.

Phyllis Klein

Great food and service

cindy shively

Was not impressed. I had one of the specials, red snapper, which was overcooked and dry. 3 hard grilled brussel sprouts though I was not told that they came with the meal. My meal was definitely lacking. My companion had the filet and crab cake. Crab had a bit to much filling but the filet was wonderful. Service sucked. Had to wait forever for the server to come to the table after we received our food and then we had to ask for - refill on drinks ... dessert menu and the check.

Mark Fournier

It's definitely come a long way from where the location was a decade ago, and at first glance inside it seems very impressive. However, seating for larger groups is awkwardly placed in tiny rooms together. It makes several parties essentially one big group, almost communal style. Doesn't seem like a guarantee, but something to be aware of. Will update with some food feedback! The menu does look good.

Shannon Zish

Absolutely amazing!!! My husband, myself (gf because of Celiac Disease), our 15 month old daughter, and 2 of our friends came for restaurant week and we all loved our food and the experience. $35 per person for 3 delicious courses was absolutely worth it, and we all took home half of our entrees. The staff were amazing - curteous, patient, knowledgeable. We will all be back to enjoy.

Madison Kane

If I could leave 0 stars I would. We just left this place. When the two of us arrived for Sunday Brunch the hostess was extremely strange about seating us and acted like she didn't want to do it. Then we were walked past several clean tables and seated at a dirty one that still had a glass on it. We were given menus and sat there for 10 minutes. And then after that we were finally given empty glasses. 5 minutes later a server silently poured us water and walked away. We waited at the table for 20 minutes without a single person asking to take our order or letting us know how long it would be before someone would be able to. We left, never again. Will definitely be telling my friends in the area to avoid this place.

Valerie Grussing

Simply outstanding food, service, atmosphere. Would drive from Silver Spring to dine here again.

Randy Mathews

Great little restaurant near the courthouse, exceptional menu, wine list and service. Worth the trip!

Andrew Snyder

Food and ambience (in a house built in 1842) were great. Prices were reasonable for the quality of food. One entree in our group was delayed by several minutes, and was immediately comped on the house without asking!

Rob Kann

Their brunch special (3 courses for$20) is a steal. Great food, good service, and a lovely setting.

brenda hosaflook

The food was very good. Crab cakes were fresh chunks of crab without alot of spices to mask the freshness. Steak fries were double dipped. The only bad thing was the coleslaw -we never received ours.

Susie Christoff

It is a historic house and that adds charm to it. My friend and I went for brunch. We each had a peach and mango Mimosa but there was no fruit taste to it at all… It tasted like plain champagne . My friend ordered the poached eggs and potato pancakes… Very small portions and was served with fruit that did not taste or look fresh. I had the rice crispy French toast with sausage. It came out with bacon instead, which was OK, but it was barely warm and the inside was nearly raw and was very mushy. There were pieces of my fruit that were actually brown. Each of our meals were 14 or $15 without the Mimosa. We didn’t spend a lot of money on brunch but still, for the price, the portions were small and it was mediocre at best.

Pete Perry

Brunch was a delightful experience here. Fresh ingredients, skilled cooking. Service was friendly, attentive. I look forward to my return visit. The interior is charming -- reminiscent of a large farmhouse from the early 20th century.

Nicholas McQuillen

Was very pleased with the Valentine's special they put together. Wife and I split everything; crab cakes, filet mignon, Mac n cheese, limon dessert cake thing and can't remember other dessert but everything was perfect. They still let us order their brussel sprouts which were also amazing. Loved everything

Angela Garro

We went there for Fairfax Week, I had seen the chef one a local television show. I really enjoyed the restaurant, the food was great. I would go back again.

Lucas Messier

Great food and great service if you are looking for classy night out in Fairfax. A bit pricey, but in line with the upscale atmosphere. Vegan options are limited, but available and the kitchen is willing to customize dishes

Corey Clement

The food was incredible!!! Nice, quaint spot with a convenient parking lot in an inconvenient area makes it easy to enjoy. The building has history and charm and the wait staff (particularly Mari and Michael) were GREAT!!! Attentive, polite, always helpful. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a unique experience in a town that's lacking them.

Brian Cavanaugh

Really great meal. Can't comment on pricing as I went as part of a group.

Christina Helser

My sister & I tried Hamrocks for lunch and it was one of the most horrible experiences. The soup of the day wasn't ready at 12:30pm, they had no Brie for the walnut salad & put no walnuts on the walnut salad. The waitress was like the Tazmanian Devil & never came back to our table. She was absolutely worthless & acted like she was in a panic from working so hard. It was ridiculous. They sat us in a little room where a group of young business people where talking so loud we couldn't hear ourselves plus another couple making out all during lunch. We waited forever for the check & finally just walked up to the bar. The Tazmanian waitress said she'd give us 15% off b/c of the poor food & service but didn't do it by the time we got the check. My recommendation.....stay far away from this crumby restaurant. And it's so overpriced!!!

Scott Toler

Nice place, service was good, food was excellent! This is going to be a successful locals restaurant very quickly! Only downside is they have no cocktails; only beer and wine. But we are told that is only a matter of time.

Alexandra V

The majority of the menu items are gluten free. I was so happy. Gluten free fried chicken was so good. Service was great. The patio seating is very charming. Good for a casual date. And there's a couple dessert places right across the street. Very cute area.

Izzy Saylor

We have been coming here for years and the name may have changed but the service is as wonderful as ever and the food is fantastic. They do a great job of working with allergy issues, too! We will definitely be coming back.

Ruth Hassell

It was wonderful! The setting is great, the service was great and the food was all fantastic! We will definitely return and support this locally owned and run restaurant!

Dan Jordan

Had dinner last night outside on the porch. Great venue outside. Menu had a great selection of dishes. Sautéd scallops were seared perfectly. Popovers and cornbread in the bread basket were a really nice step up from run of the mill bread. Excellent service. Will definitely return.

Maria Eugeni Obrien

The food is outstanding with a very friendly service.

Jaimee Nygaard

A perfect end to the week at the perfect lunch place. Lunch and rose with a friend!

Dave Deptula Sr

So far, after a 25 min wait to get seated—after staring at an empty table for 20 min—we’ve waited 35 minutes after ordering and we still not served... never again... horrible service... coffee cold...etc.

Emily Belcher

Great food quality, good gluten free options, friendly staff, if a little inattentive when busy. Nice coffee. Worth a visit


Good food, reasonable price, friendly staff. I'll be back.

Carlos Ariel Ferrero

Hello . My name is Carlos Ferrero i have been the chance to enjoy one of the best crab soup and follow with excellent pasta and red wine malbec from argentine . My wife and I really recommended as romantic dinner .... And we only pay 60 dollars plus tips.

Jamie Austin

Very quaint cute restaurant. The food is really good and they were also helpful when it came to food allergies. The menu has a good number of options for everyone. I recommend saving room for dessert.

Ted Cummings

We arrived around 12:30 on a Sunday for brunch, and the restaurant was pleasantly busy (a good sign from my point of view.) There was nobody at the host stand to greet or help us. When the host arrived (around 5 min after arriving) he was very helpful and had us seated at 12:45 (our reservation time.) We were seated in a small room with two other active tables and offered water. We ordered coffee that came with no spoons and the cream came in a drink glass (which made for some dribbles after pouring.) The room had some sloppily installed sound panels overhead, but it was pleasantly sunny and quiet enough for a conversation. The food was very good. I had the stuffed french toast and the bacon was nice and crispy like we asked. The fruit was fresh and the syrup tasty. Our waitress was attentive and very pleasant. Overall, a very good place to have Sunday brunch that, with a few improvements in the little details, could be excellent!

Abdullah Elamari

Good food, beautiful ambience. However, our waitress did not return our full change, instead she kept all the coins, which is really distasteful and presumptuous. When a customer gives you an amount of money that will obviously require the waiter to return change, it is expected that they return ALL of it- including the coins- and not just the bills. Coins are still a part of the change, and its our decision to leave or take them, not theirs.


The food was very good and different. The staff was very nice.

John Lilly

We ate Sunday brunch here a few weeks ago and loved it! Very nice and courteous staff and the food was well prepared. Highly recommend!

Darlene Futch

Food was very good. There were 4 of us for lunch and we all got something different. I had the southern fried chicken and it was delicious. The limoncello cake for dessert was perfect. We had a great time. The house was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Tarryn Quinlan

Very cute place. Food was great and service was great! My only complaint was the desserts. I expected better selection after the rest of the food was so inventive and great.

Joey Prette

The food here is really great. I went with a very large group to this not so big restaurant and they were able to get food out to us much faster than most other places we have gone. The menu has great breakfast food. My personal favorites are the pancakes (any of the dishes with them) and the chicken with waffles.

Christine Beaulieu

Just had my investment club meeting at Hamrocks and they did an amazing job. Jeremy was so attentive and on spot. The food, service and atmosphere was amazing. I would highly recommend this restaurant for any occasion. Crab cakes over the top, as well as all the food. Great place for any occasion!!!

Natasha Lingle

Great experience- delicious food and friendly service.

Paul W Nagle

Nice family place with good food and service

Everett Phoenix

Good food, free birthday cake

Phil Ramirez

Wow! I've never had a popover in my life, but I am sure they have the best popovers in Fairfax. :)

Michelle Huber

Thank you for a wonderful Easter brunch. The food was delicious and plentiful. The staff was very accommodating, especially with GF options, and understanding with our seniors in the party. Although we had to wait quite a while after our reservation time, management kept us comfortable and provided open communication until we were seated and throughout the meal.

Fred Landau

Great food, better service, had crab cakes, fried chicken & scallops, all superb. We will go back.

leonette dent

Good place to eat.

Diane Huynh

Good food. Good service. Great atmosphere. The pork chops were delicious!

Andy Zavala

The catering is spot on. Always on time and with plenty - PLENTY options. The mushroom and red pepper side is amazingly delicious and it'll make you wonder why you ate junk food in the first place - these taste so much better than junk food. Definitely on my list to try eating here in person. Bill is the man!


I have no idea why this restaurant is 1) pricey, 2) popular, and 3) hard to get into. We had reservations, but still had to wait 45 minutes. Apparently the room that remained reserved the entire time we were there, 2.5 hours total, was for the chef. Regardless, after all the wait the food wasn't even good. My daughters split the meatloaf, my husband order pasta, and I had the southern fried chicken. My girls liked the meatloaf but not the mashed potatoes, gravy nor veggies. My husband said his pasta was ok. My southern fried chicken was laughable. I felt like it was a country fried steak from my middle school cafeteria. The potatoes were boxed, I don't care what anyone says. My favorite food are potatoes, there's no way they're that soupy with adding water.... yuck. I did eat the vegetable though they were good at least. To top it off the service wasn't good either. I think our waitress thought we were going to be bad tippers so she didn't take care of us at all. And when I told her I didn't want to take home a plate full of the restaurant's most popular dish, her words, sans the vegetables you would she would ask if everything was ok, nope nothing. I personally wouldn't have left her tip but my husband said be nice to break the stereotype so we did. We're never going back like never!

Amy Payne

Fantastic meal, from appetizers to dessert. Can't wait to return!

Cruz Sanchez

Great place for breakfast. It is set in an old house that has a history behind it. The food is good and I heard that this is a great place for wine as well.

Kevin Hurst

My wife and I celebrated our two year marriage anniversary at Hamrock's recently and expected a lot more. To start, I will lead with the positives of our experience. The two only positives were the host, who was a very nice young man, and the aesthetic of Hamrocks -- great feel and beautiful grouds. Now on to why I gave Hamrock's one star. Food: the food was overcooked and both my wife and I had what we could only describe as grains of sand in both of our very different meals. Waiter: Our waiter was nice to start, but she was not attentive by any means of the word and I actually had to get up from the table to find assistance. All in all, I do not think my wife and I will be returning to Hamrock's and will also be informing all those we told to go to select a better option or just get drinks.

Charles B

It looks like a great place in general with very nice food and a friendly bar. I was with a professional group and it made all of us quite comfortable.

Kate Ienna

I cannot say enough about this charming restaurant. We were trying to coordinate a surprise birthday brunch for my sister and had the pleasure of contacting the owner of this lovely restaurant. Bill was a breath of fresh air to work with. He was extremely helpful and kind and made the coordinating from NC easy. The charming restaurant did not disappoint with delicious dishes, they even offered GF options and lovely setting. Thank you, Bill for making our brunch a lovely!

Art Light

Really good food, nice ambiance

Jeff Weatherup

Excellent food, great service, Celiac-friendly cooking. This place was great!

C Laudia Bonetti

Great place to eat and food is so good.

Lorraine Peck

Average food, nice porch to sit on.

Devra Kann

Wow, this place has atmosphere going on! Beautiful setting, an historic house turned into a great restaurant. We had brunch and they had a special menu for Restaurant Week, pretty good match! Three course meal for one set price. Starters were two cups of Crab and Artichoke Chowder, two salads. The Chowder was very nicely thick, chock full of potatoes and lumps of crab, and tomato based. Delicious, we could have had a couple more cups!! The salads were crisp and fresh with an assortment of greens, a light tangy dressing, and fresh shavings of Parmesan. Our main courses consisted of; Two Eggs Benedict on Croissants, one Waffle with Bacon and one Grilled Salmon with rice and glazed carrots. Breads offered were blueberry muffins and popovers with butter. Yummy, sweet blueberry mini muffins along with savory popovers. (Like OMG!) The Eggs Benedict were deemed some of the best ever had. The Waffle was a treat, crispy and cakey, with perfectly cooked bacon and warm syrup, YUM! The salmon was perfectly cooked as were the carrots, neither was overcooked, just right. Dessert was a choice between Ice Cream and Cake. 3 Limoncello Cake and 1 Butter Pecan Ice Cream were chosen. The Ice Cream was premium in quality, very buttery loads of pecans. The cake was very lemony, fine textured, and moist. Totally awesome desserts. A perfect ending to a perfect brunch.

Kevin Lackey

The food was very good: we had the duck breast, the chicken fried chicken, and the fried green tomatoes for an app. The service started out rough as we were sitting outside and apparently our server didn't know we were there, but another server stepped in and all was well. I recommend this place to others.

mary cresseveur-reed

Beautiful old home with historic story. The staff is very friendly , efficient and accommodating. The food is expertly prepared and delicious. There is indoor and outdoor seating. The beverages include some nice alcoholic options as well as non alcoholic.

Chris Brownlowe

Good food. Went for Saturday brunch with a group of friends. Definitely not a place if you're in a rush. Service wasn't slow per se, but it did match the atmosphere of the place: that of an earlier time. Measured, yet attentive. I could almost imagine that I was a 19th century traveler having stopped in at an inn or coach house. Great food. Be sure to try the pop-overs.

Scott Parker

Fast, friendly, and attentive service, excellent food, and very reasonable prices. Also great attention to detail - I guess I put down "anniversary" on the online reservation (I didn't remember specifying that), and they gave us a freebie slice of chocolate cake (also excellent, btw) on a plate with "Happy Anniversary" written on it in chocolate. Very happy with this place! We'll try the brunch next.

Robert Farnsworth

Excellent! Great environment, great-must try fried Brussels sprouts, grilled salmon was delicious, tiramisu to die for.

Berryfine Bakery

Great place for people with food restrictions. The porch is beautiful.

Michelle Huynh

I love this place. Super cute. Welcoming of my dogs when it's nice out and we eat on the patio. Great atmosphere for group setting too inside. Food is tasty and they have a nice wine bar.

Jerry Miranda

Absolutely wonderful dining experience. Fantastic service and delicious food. The filet mignon was to die for. The chocolate cake made the dinner perfect. You must visit this place for lunch or dinner. You will not be disappointed.

Kathryn Wilson

Delicious food and lovely quiet atmosphere. Wait staff was helpful and patient. Menu had a great selection -- filet mignon, crab cakes, pasta...

Bryna Zumer

Overall, this place was very nice. GREAT ambiance in a historic, cute, elegant house. I’d never been to Fairfax City before & definitely enjoyed it. We went for my sister’s birthday, & the staff was extremely nice about that. The food was a good, interesting selection; creative and delicious. They gave us popovers for the bread at the beginning, and they were *excellent* - every restaurant should do this, haha. :) Food overall was a *little*hit & miss, though, because my dad got rockfish and it wasn’t that great.


I've tried this place for brunch and dinner. I'm not a brunch person so I strongly prefer their dinner menu. I had the duck and house salad and my gf had the crab cakes. Everything tasted great but the side portions are disappointingly small because they are so good (except the potato cake, that was a very healthy portion). This is a good place to take a date but I'd recommend making a reservation.

Donna M Bruschi

Super quaint place with some great outside seating in Old Town.


Great food

Kim Nguyen

I had a great time lunching with my mom group. It was 4 adults, 3 toddlers, and 1 baby. Hamrocks was very accommodating to our needs. Service was quick enough that there wasn't tantrums from the kiddos - the mini muffins given instead of table bread might have helped with this, too. There's also a kids menu but we didn't order from it. Food was excellent. We came for Restaurant Week, and I will come back for Duck Tostadas, crab cake, and limoncello cake. I recommend going for lunch! I've heard that brunch is good too.

Loyda Reyes

Awesome server, great food, short wait considering we went on father's day, but the mimosas are a bit steep for what you get in your glass

Kurt Haldeman

Very nice small restaurant in a converted Victorian home. Extremely helpful and friendly wait staff

Scott Pio

Great food, great restaurant. Good staff too.

Grace Jang

the interior is very quaint and cozy and the food was yummy


A beautiful old building restaurant. Service was good and the menu is varied and interesting. We went for our anniversary and had a good time.

John A Davis Jr

The salmon was excellent!

Amanda Parker

I really enjoyed the quiet ambiance, great wine selection and service. Would return just for that amazing appetizer with guacamole, tomatoes, mozzarella and sauce. So good! I tried vegetarian risotto and it was pretty good. My husband had the crabcakes and they weren't bad either. Their sides and sauces are delicious!

Reyna Gaar

Ordered pancakes and they were HORRIBLE! Both sets. Unfortunately, the service was below par. There was no attempt to substitute the horrendous attempt at pancakes. The ambience was wonderful though. I will try dinner sometime soon and I hope that I have a better experience.

Larissa Parisien

Best food in the area. Amazing recipes, nearly entire gluten free menu, but not taste free. I took my Aunt who is gluten sensitive and she ate food she hadn't been able to eat in a decade. Charming atmosphere, top of the line staff. We closed the place down.

David Ron

Known for it’s gluten free options but when I asked for all gluten free food for the both of us, she got really sick from her gluten allergy. Needs more attentiveness if it’s going to be “known for it’s gluten free options”. I’m definitely not taking anyone back there because of this, it’s a risk for all gluten free eaters.

Aneesa Baig

This is such a cute place to meet up with friends or go on a casual date!! the food is good too, its a simple short menu, waitresses are so pleasant! You can eat inside in one of two cute dining rooms with harwoode floor, or eat out! I hate going to chain restaurants and this place along with other local restaurants are a dying business due to competition. Will definitely go back when its warmer and eat outside!

Meta Rater

Average food, average service, nothing remarkable. 3 stars

Brian Longerbeam

Food and service is excellent, love the outdoor seating in the summer.

Morris Jones

Excellent service, Very good food, excellent ambiance, Indoor and out door dining within a a stately, remodeled Northern Virginia House(well done!). My family had a birthday gathering for twenty members. We were served brunch and had a wonderful birthday celebration. Well done! Enjoy!

Natalie Williams

Good gluten free options with a nice atmosphere. A little pricy.

Luke Helbling

Good service. Great brunch. Interesting building with some history. Parking nearby.

Michael Holmes

Good food, nice place, plenty of parking

sheri sipes martel

Quaint, quiet restaurant in the City of Fairfax. Relatively small menu but all of the food us freshly made and so good! Great place for something a little different.

Craig Kidd

Very nice dinner in a great setting.

Matthew McCarthy

This was a nice little restaurant in downtown Fairfax. Service was pretty good, I enjoyed the grilled meatloaf, and the food prices weren't bad for what you get. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. I wasn't as impressed with their variety, and the staff was 20 minutes late clearing a table for our reservation. But I would come back.

Don Taylor

Lovely in old FX City. Go there and explore.

Laura Stewart

Ate here with a friend for dinner. She had come a few days before and it was so good she wanted to come back! Name has changed to Hamrocks with new owners. Really great food, had the crab cakes. My friend had the salmon. Nice ambience indoors and out. Outdoor porch seating on a pleasant night.

Ken Evola

We were surprised by the variety of the menu. Our meal tasted great and we loved sitting outside

Randy Jett

Beautiful historic home turned into a restaurant. If I lived closer, I would visit often. The southern fried chicken was delicious! It was light and perfectly cooked as were the brussel sprouts and risotto. The menu has something for everyone. We caught them 45 min before closing, and our server was courteous and attentive. Go there for a terrific meal, you won't be disappointed!

neon brad

Great down home downtown Fairfax flavors. Homestyle goodness Get a Mimosa at Sunday brunch. May reservations in advance.

Naoji Watson

The food was somewhat average which kind of surprised us.

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