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REVIEWS OF DOMA Korean Kitchen IN Virginia

courtney dewitt

Everything was great except the waitress. She left the bldg for about 5 minutes and was not very attentive.

Melissa Kehl

Good service and tasty food!

Joshua Ball

Kimchi jeon was great, wings were middle of the road. Tasty, but the Korean hot were not spicy.

Danny Tiet

Staff is friendly and the bonchon is so good. We had the budae jjigae and it is delicious.


Yummy food, cool atmosphere, friendly server, and a clean bathroom--everything was on point.

David Manvell

Menus are in English only.

Steve Shofar

Great food cheap prices. Bibimbop in a dolsot beef or pork the real deal

James Fahy

If you like Korean food, this is the place to go. Large portions of high quality food and good beer at a very good price. Nice atmosphere.

Andrew Nash

This place got busy FAST on a Friday night, so come by early if you don't want to wait. Even if you do have to wait, it's worth it. I had a soju cocktail that was excellent. We ordered pan fried tofu for an appetizer which was good, but after seeing so many orders of wings come out I think I will try them next time instead. I had dak galbi for dinner, and it was one of the best dishes I've had in a long time. Can't wait to go back, I'll probably order the same entree again.


Service is poor, seem waiters did not have much of experience. Did not bring knifes and messed up order - missed rice and did not bring house salad. Food. We ordered BBQ short ribs, dish has been brought less then 10 min that always spells that meet was precooked and just thrown on the grill for a few minutes, meat was awful - chewy like rubber sole, sweet potato was undercooked, fresh cabbage that did not go with anything on the plate has been cut with big chunks.

David Bertolucci

Great food. The waitress was very clumsy and kept spilling water multiple times... SLOW DOWN

Kathleen Berman

Decent Korean food in town.


Love this place SO MUCH. get their haemul pajeon (해물 파전) or their dakgalbi (닭갈비). When I used to be Vegan the staff would go out of their way to substitute tofu for chicken and they were always so kind and understanding. Once I was unhappy with my meal and they made me a new meal so I would be happy. They didn't disappoint and I love going back here :)

Justin Poe

Delicious food. Super flavorful, generously portioned and well priced. We both had lunch the next day. We sat at the bar and everyone was very pleasant and attentive. Only two taps but plenty of other options. Pleasantly surprised by how awesome this place is. Good vibes. Love the interior design.


Great wings


Love the Doma! Good service. Great, authentic Korean fare (and I know). It’s a little on the pricey side, but it’s Charlottesville. We’re regulars and will continue to be so. Consistent quality. Try the dolsot bibimbap for an authentic Korean common dish. The Chompong is very good but a bit on the spicy side (even for me). You can calm it down by asking for some hot water and just add it.

Shane Burns

Excellent service, clean, great flavors.

Heidi Jenkins

This review is for the food. The service was absolutely horrendous and insulting. You sometimes have to slay a few dragons to get the treasure, and that food was treasure. It's amazing Korean food with a few optional western touches (cheese on dak galbi). We had Japchae, which was just amazing, dak galbi minus the cheese, and the korean bbq with spicy pork. For dessert we had patpingsue, which was fantastic. Again the service was abhorrent, but if you are ok with just asking anyone to help you and speaking up, the food is so worth it!

jang yun

This place is legit! Broth down to the kimchi was pefect

Robert Klingler

I am a believer in bibimbap now. Thank you DOMA

Storm strong

It was so delicious and it was my first time having Korean food and I was not disappointed. I highly recommend going, you won't regret going trust me!

Dylan Farish

Yum!! Love DOMA's feel and food. Bibimbap

Edward Kim

This place got much popular than before and the food is much better than before. Great Korean fusion restaurant in town.

Ryan Cowen

Went here for my Birthday. The food was great and the Waiters were nice and very helpful.

Robert Strickhouser

Had multiple dishes. All unique and delicious.

Tom Engle

Great food and excellent service!

Kevin Vellanki

The spicy pork Doma BBQ plate was good, although it was not spicy at all. The sweet flavor of the dish overpowered any spice that was there. Same goes for the Korean hot wings, though both of these items had a nice texture and taste and were cooked well. The sake was also quite good, and the short rib was excellent. Nice place overall.

John Donovan

They seemed a little overwhelmed with a dinner rush, but as soon as it calmed down a little everything went smoothly. Food was excellent and Staff were friendly. Definitely a great play to have dinner!

Suzie Chu

This place is for sure one of the best restaurants in Charlottesville. I drive one hour just to eat foods from here! I have tried all different kinds of dishes and not a single dish disappointed me. They all are super delicious. Their kitchen is an open-kitchen, so you can see how they how they prepare ingredients and cook foods. All my friends also really love this place! They have a break time from 3pm to 5pm, so if you are planning on visiting, try to avoid that time.

Elizabeth B.

Good food, love the intimate settings. Easy to talk to each other over the table. It was fascinating to watch the cooks too! Food was good, came out hot, and quick. The odd side note was the booth seat was strange, I felt really high over the table and stayed kind of slumped over the table. Was uncomfortable. Staff was great! Attentive and quick to bring food and refresh drinks.

erik mattsson

Got to get over to find a taste sensation here! Convenient to UVA or Downtown. On the Cville Area Transit routes, especially the Free Trolley. Happy Hour is terrific, appetizers and meals, "in" or take-out.

Rowan Davis

One of my favorite places to go in Charlottesville, and some of the best good I've ever had! Everything we've had so far is cooked perfectly and the restaurant itself is clean and modern. Haven't been there for lunch yet but I can't wait to try it!

Ann Lhospital

Quick to seat and serve us, delicious kimchi pancakes, udon meal and rice bowl and for a really good price! Just a little slow with refills on wine and dessert... In fact I'd skip dessert all together next time, the appetizers and main courses are where it's at.

Michael Towne

Charlottesville needs more places like this. Global flavors, great food...but also great value.

Michelle Taylor

It was pretty good. Watched one worker repeatedly pick up food with their bare hands. A lot of food: chicken, pickles, tofu, some sort of vegetable. That made me feel kind of weirded out. However, I still ate the food. Three stars.

Stephanie Howard

Great Korean BBQ! I am now vegan and can still enjoy the food. Wonderful options for any dietary need.

Mike Timmins

Best Korean food in town


Wonderful food, service & environment. All the food items looked delicious that passed by us & what my group had was excellent. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys Asian style food.

Diane Hayhurst

Excellent food. And authentic food as well. Reasonable prices!

Patrick Bird

Very good food and service. Comfortable seating, atmosphere and not as loud inside as some restaurants. Convenient location, right on Main St at an intersection so it's easy to find. I recommend visiting we will definitely return.

kerry flowers

This place is so great I enjoyed the food, the ambiance is great, the service was outstanding. My date and I had a wonderful time here

Cherry Cobb

Excellent! Lovely place! Awesome light! Food was super! Quick and tasty! Staff was very prompt and professional! Highly recommend! Awesome food! I had fried rice and my husband had pork belly of the menu! Both excellent! Would definitely go back!

Tianyu Zhang

The best Korean food in Cville for sure. Love it

Gabriel Barghachie

Not sure if it is traditional but seems to be based on the owners and clientele. The bokum udon is the best thing ever

Ashlina Chin

Good food! My sister and I stopped in here because we were craving Korean food. The service was fast and the decor was nice - definitely not Korean or Asian inspired but still nice. The spicy food was very spicy, which had a nice kick. I ate the Doma Bokum Udon and enjoyed it.

Caleb Rondeau

Great service and amazing food! Would recommend getting the wings any day!

Nick Platt

I like spicy food, but my dish was a little hotter than expected. I suffered through it (in the good, spicy food kind of way). Other I talked to who have eaten here haven't had the same experience so it may have been the dish I ordered, the enthusiasm with which I said I wanted it spicy, or the chef that night. A good location if you want to eat somewhere off the Corner or the Downtown Mall as it is located smack between the two.

Savannah Jenkins

The five stars is only based on the food. I've been really homesick for Korean food, and this was definitely authentic and delicious. The patbingsu was definitely my favorite part. Unfortunately, the service was a little more than disappointing. She came by twice. Once to give us our water and the second to give us our food. She didn't check in on us, didn't refill our waters, and blatantly ignored us when we tried to call her over to ask about the fact that we didn't get our second order of banchan. She brought us the extra kimchi that we had ordered once we had finished and right before dessert. It was absolutely the smallest tin of kimchi I've ever seen and the server was absolutely out of touch with what customers need. We asked another server to help us out, and she brought the manager, who was absolutely gracious about the situation and she smoothed things over with the most wonderful container of to-go kimchi. So, the manager was amazing, the food was amazing, and I would definitely suggest the place. Of course, providing that you're willing to get your own waters and serve yourself.

Ashley Ruffead

Good food, the kimchi pancakes were a pleasant surprise. I loved the noodles and the slushy drink (I got ginger and lemon combined). They aren’t kidding when they say spicy chicken; I almost wish it had been a bit less spicy so I could enjoy the taste more fully.

Ally Slawson

Every time I visit I fall in love with this place a little more. The rustic, ecclectic decor meshes surprisingly well with the k-pop quietly playing in the background, and LET ME TELL YOU 'BOUT THIS FOOD. They not only have some of the best Dak Galbi I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy, but their Ojingeo Bokum (stir fried squid with veggies) is a spicy (though slightly sweet) treat that has become my new go-to comfort food. Their food is always well-prepared, and service couldn't be better. If you want a great night out with friends, please do yourself a favor and start at Doma for dinner and a round of soju cocktails. On the other side, maybe you're looking for some cozy food to curl up with while you study for midterms? Doma has got you covered there too. All their jjigaes are perfect for a fall or winter day, and the accompanying bonchon is simple, flavorful, and perfectly balanced. All this at a price point that won't break the bank! Parking can be a bit tricky, but if you're ok with paid parking you can head to the Amtrak station lot right across the street. See you there!

Katherine Yan

Great food that also delivers to home. The bibimbap is always delicious!

Susan Leroy

Best Korean food I’ve ever had I came here with my mom I doubted it would be good but I was completely satisfied


Great food! I love Korean food and this was the best. The atmosphere had a really nice vibe and the service was great. Thanks TJ for your recommendations.


Very tasty korean food. I had the bibimbap with beef and I enjoyed it immensely.

Trevor Garrett

Been here plenty of times this was only the second time that the food was a bit off . Chicken wings were cooked to long and the mixed drink lacked taste

Suji LA

Great selection and quality ingredients. Highly recommend for taste also. If you are ordering something spicy just ask the waitress to tone it down a bit.

Alyn Minnerly

Doma is a joy to have dinner there. The food is wonderful with dishes that have a variety of great tastes prepared fresh. The service is very friendly and the atmosphere is cozy, warm, and pleasing. This is the first restaurant my family and I think of when we head out to dinner.

Jeremy Pleso

Parking is hit-or-miss. Worse case, you'll be in the Amtrak lot. No biggie. You walk into Doma and this glorious aroma hit you right in the face. The atmosphere is pleasant. Clean & spacious. I think you get a lot of quality food for a good price. Oh so flavorful! We'll be back again numerous times.

Alannah Jones

Wow. Still delivers excellent food, with excellent staff. Love this place

Andrea B

Great wings! I love the Hot Korean flavor. Also very much enjoyed the bibimbap with spicy pork. Matcha tea flavored cake for dessert was interesting and just the right amount if moisture. Service was friendly and attentive. This is my favorite Korean place in town


Inconsistent in quality and a little too pricey, but about average for Charlottesville.

Christopher Collier

Best Korean food I have ever had! Good lunch menu, and good happy hour. It's a cozy and very clean restaurant with an open kitchen.

Eric Kim

Good service and good food. The only gripe is that they dont give you the plethora of banchan (side dishes) that most other korean restaurants do and the waitress is always in a rush so without asking questions she just assumes things like how the meal is split etc.

L. Wilson

Really good food. Had a rice bowl that was excellent.

Jen Lucas

I've eaten the bibimbap take out and at catered events several times. So delicious! And then we dined in and also had the kimchi pancakes - also delicious. The owner (at least I think she's the owner) is friendly and helpful with all my questions about ingredients. I highly recommend Doma.

Rebecca Osborne

Had lunch there today and really enjoyed the atmosphere. The food was amazing and our server was attentive. Will be back again soon!

Hannah Hiscott

Absolutely delicious. They have great bibambap and I enjoyed their gochujang, could absolutely drink it. It’s really nice inside and the service was good. Some of my Korean friends have some qualms with it claiming it’s not the best Korean food they’ve had but still really enjoyable. For students... it might be a little pricy? But for a good night out it’s definitely good. Super filling as well! Definitely makes you want to lie down and take a nap!

Stacey P

We dined on Sept 28, 2019 at around 5:30 PM. Never in my life have I experienced such a rude waiter. He was young and the only male waiter that evening. My boyfriend and I dined here for the first time and ordered sweet chili wings as an appetizer, and then Doma Korean bbq chicken plate and Doma Bokum Udon. At the start we had a young female waitress who took our order and was very nice. Then for the rest of our dining experience, we had the rude male. First he brought us our entrees, and then the chef gave him the chicken wings to put at our table. And the waiter said (very loudly) "they got chicken wings on top of all the food they already have?" I felt so embarrassed. I really didn't think it was necessary to say that, especially since we only ordered one appetizer and 2 entrees. For the remainder of the night this waiter was incredibly rude to us, treating us as if we were not welcome. At the end, I asked for a box for the remainder of our food. And he brings over a box but then also grabs our plates with the remaining food on it and walks away very quickly. So I guess we weren't allowed to take the remaining food we paid for? Overall, the waiter made this the worst dining experience I have ever had. The food was alright. The wings were very good. The Korean bbq plate was terribly overpriced. It was $16 for some dry chicken on top of cabbage, a small bowl of rice and lettuce. The udon noodles were okay. It was about 85% vegetables, 15% meat and noodles. Definitely not a dish for noodle lovers. I will not be returning and advising others not to go here because of that waiter.

Svetlana Rivas

Food is always on the spot. Fresh. Cooked to perfection! Delicious! I recommend the Mandu for the appetizers! Wow! Look, this is like my second or third time (don’t remember quite well) but I’m NEVER disappointed! They know how to cook. I love DOMA! ❤️

Jason York

The bossam was incredible! It doesn’t get much better than this. I will definitely go back!

Micah Ibadlit

Casual dining with the Korean basics. This is not a Korean Grill restaurant. Love their Japchae (잡채, aka Glass noodles) and their Homemade sodas/ slushies/ teas ❤ Ok for solo dining too

Francisco Mantilla Jr

One of my all time favorite spots in Charlottesville ...great authentic Korean food ...selection of dishes are tasteful and appetizers like the dumplings are amazing ...great service as well but the food is the reason I come here for!!

Aaron Thompson

Great food, tasted just like proper Korean cuisine. What a pleasant surprise to find in Cville.

Kevin Wyatt

Good food, nice - clean building.Awesome cooks and staff. Food was tasty, came out hot and rather fast. The tables are a little close together but that probably doesn't bother some people. We had a great experience and will come back. Thanks Doma!!

Faria Zahura

Their Kimchi pancake was really tasty. Tried a cake which was good. My friend had chicken wings. All of the dishes were delicious.

Robert Ott

The food was very interesting and tastes great! Service was also wonderful. Will be going again!

Lena Seville

Amazing. Delicious. My favorite restaurant in Charlottesville. Loved the bibimap. Only negative is that I prefer to have something that comes vegan and says so, that way I don’t have to ask a bunch of questions and find someone who can answer them. But totally worth it. Generous portions made up of high quality, flavorful ingredients.

bryan ortiz

A bit on the high side, but oh so delicious! Service was amiable and fast. Food was fresh. Beer was cold.

Kathryn Gaines

The food was pretty good but my husband didn't like the seafood stew. The seafood was poor quality. The wait staff really wanted to serve us at first, but once we got our food, we had to ask for more water and it was hard to get their attention.

Ketki Modi

A decent place to try our different Korean dishes. However, They don't have many variety of sauces.

Paige Williams

Lower rating because of the service. They were very understaffed when we went (only 2 servers for the entire place). The food was good.

Michael Balazs

Place is absolutely delicious, we come way more often than I care to admit. Food is excellent, especially for the price. Staff is friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend giving it a go.

Evan Bee

Food is fantastic! I come here every time I'm in Charlottesville.

Jane Unbehagen

I went with my Korean friend, she order for me. I loved all the food, even the spicy because normally i do not like spicy food.

Yegeun Song-Spivey

Food is great and people are nice! We came in quite late pretty much right before kitchen was closing but they were totally cool about it.

Kanikonai Kanikonai

Great atmosphere! They probably need another server as there is only one. The food was nice too!

Clayton Russell

The place is legit! Friendly service, cool atmosphere and the food is second to none! Had the Tteok Galbi (Chicken meatballs) - they were honestly a little dry but when dipped in whatever that deliciousness personified they call a sauce is they were really tasty. For the main dish I had the Dolsot Bibimbap with beef - so, so good in the hot stone bowl! I’ll definitely be back!

randy vasquez

The food was great and fresh. Service was good. Menu was different. Love to go back and try different Korean item.

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