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REVIEWS OF Dogfish Head Alehouse IN Virginia

Brooke Young

This is a solid place to bring some great Dogfish Head brews in a really comfortable and interesting atmosphere -- but I would stay away from the food. First, the positives: Dogfish Head has some of the most interesting and best IPAs in America -- and many of them are on tap. Now the negatives: The food is really bad. The servers are pleasant but can get a bit confused and don't seem to have enough training. Bottom line: go for the beer, stay for the beer -- don't go hungry.

Andy Beal

Great atmosphere, great food.. very chill

Chris Washington

Not the best experience today. Normally not this bad

Sean Lombardi

Great selection of craft beers. Great service and high quality of food

Joe Susco

Stopped in here for a lunch meeting with some co-workers. We were promptly seated. Service was quick. Two of us had the butternut squash soup. It was excellent. I highly recommend it. I had a turkey club, which was pretty good, maybe a little heavy on the mayo. Everyone at my table enjoyed their food. Prices seemed reasonable.

John Reida

Spicy Chesapeake Burger was on point. The beer was good to.

Howard Harrell

Dogfish Head Alehouse has an excellent variety of beers on tap and the service at the bar is excellent as well. One of my favorite places.

Yeajin Song

This is great place to get together with your friends and hang out. Great service, good food, and good beer, hard to complain about anything. My 6yr old got a kid's burger and in half way she dropped it on the floor and start crying. I asked our server who was very efficient and friendly for another one, and he got the second burger in 10min and didn't even charge us for it. Everyone is very pleasant, they were prompt in making seats for 5 adults 3 kids fairly quick. Their burgers and ribs were so yummy. I am definitely coming back here again soon.

stephen geraci

Always great food, beer and friendly service.

Priyesh Patel

Been going to this location for a couple years has always been consistently good and draft beers options have been sold too.

Leslie M

I have never been so highly disappointed in my entire life. The food was absolutely bland and cold. My friend and I decided to come here for the first time, we saw the burger of the week, the French Toast burger, it looked amazing, so we decided to try it! When the food finally came out, we noticed the slice of cheese, was max 2x2 inches, I was absolutely baffled as to how this was possible and what kind of sane person finds this acceptable? Neither of us did. So we tried the burgers, I got a French Toast burger, my friend ordered a spicy burger with crab meat. We both bit into out burgers and the first words out of both of our mouths were "disappointed". The burgers had no taste at all, I tried dousing it in salt and pepper to save it, but it was far beyond repair. We both ate less than half of our burgers. I have never left a place without finishing the burger, they were that disgusting. My friend had mashes potatoes as a side and I got French fries, the French fries were okay, and the mashed potatoes were cold. Another reason why I absolutely will never come back is the fact that there is upstairs seating, and during the winter, all you can feel is the draft coming in from outside, the place was cold to the touch. I have never been so disappointed in a restaurant in my entire life. I should have returned my food and left. Now my friend and I are out $30. I will never return.

MJ Devo

Good food, service and beer

Marjorie Thomas

I enjoyed my visit with my friend and her family. Friendly staff and yummy food, plus free parking lot

Frank DeRogatis

Dined here about a year ago on a weekend and even though very busy enjoyed the food and service A year later on a weekday decided with friends (who live in the area)we had steak sandwiches and fish platter witch was overcooked as were the steak sandwiches and lacked taste even with the addition of salt,the Conclusion: the better kitchen crew can be found out the weekend .

Robert Rankin

We always have a great meal there. Great food, service and outdoor eating weather permitting. Love it!

Tony Whipkey

Food was good the beer flight price is crazy. Never seen a place that penalizes you for buying samplers you actually want.

Jessica Fry

Our server was absolutely amazing! I wish I could remember her name but she is the one claiming to be psychic! Her recommendations were on point! All of the food was delicious (some of the best wings we've ever had)! We'll definitely be coming back again!

John Paul George

I guess I came on an off night. Saw the good reviews and stopped by around 8:30 on a Monday night. Seated upstairs, ordered the 120 minute IPA and food for 2. Food took a long time but figured it would at least be hot. Cold chicken, cold fries, and a lukewarm brisket grilled cheese. Manager came by and put on a D+ acting performance offering free dessert. 120 Minute IPA was good otherwise this place stinks.

Jay Thomson

The food is always good but the beers are first date.

jazelle mcgrath

Adam was an amazing server. Thanks for the great service. Spinach dip was fantastic!

Mimi D

Turkey club sandwich is made with real turkey, not lunch meat. Delicious! Great service.

Harry Song

My cousin and I came here due to the article that placed this place as one of the 20 greatest burger places in Maryland. That article was not kidding. Their David's Frontier Burger (I think that is the name) is so delicious I could not even put the burger down after taking that first initial bite, which kind of sucks also because it was a large burger... Best part is free fries with the burgers. Getting their wings as an appetizer is also a nice treat to your own taste buds. Our server was Patrick, but all the staff we have encountered here are very friendly as well. Next time my cousin and I will do an experiment and buy a burger from Sunshine and one from here and eat half and half right next to each other. That would be an amazing experiment/experience.

Kaishi Axon

Generally great food, occasionally the wrong temperature on proteins. They sell only their own beers, all of which are good (in my opinion). Wide variety of American bar foods, generally with a nice twist for each dish. Vegetarian options too. My only compliant is that sometimes service suffers in the evenings upstairs. I've had a long wait to be served, and I've had a long delay before receiving my bill. BUT, the management are usually right there and try to correct mistakes by offering a free item or a discount. $15-30 per head before drinks.

Cindee Sheeler

Atmosphere is really nice, our waitress was great, very attentive..Food was delicious..

Derek Rebuck

The food is in general pretty good. Generally there isn't a long wait. The atmosphere is pretty mellow and the serving staff are typically very friendly and willing to assist if you're unsure of what to get. My only issue is that I order fish and chips when I go and always ask for it without coleslaw; and in the 11 times I've ordered it, I've yet to have it done correctly, and only 3 of the 11 servers even acknowledged that it was done incorrectly. So just note that if you want anything different from the standard, it is possible that it may not be done.

Jennifer Mikell

Let me say first that the beer and service were great, but the food was awful, the calamari was overcooked it was like chewing on rubber. We ordered Dave's border burger medium well, it was rare, cold and had no flavor. The fries were hard and cold. We've frequented this establishment several times and we've always been extreamly happy with the food. I don't know what's changed but Please Fix It!

Zairy Rivas

The food was delicious and the service was fast and polite. My family had a great time. They have a happy, family friendly environment.

Venom GT72

Great food.I would have gave it 5 stars but it took almost 1 hour to receive the food. I ordered 2 jumbo crab cakes, and they were awesome. My wife ordered a burger and she stated its easily the best burger she's ever had.So even though it took a long time it was worth it

Brian Crawmer

We are new to Maryland and we came here tonight to celebrate my birthday. There was a mixup with the hostess and we ended up waiting at our table for our waitress to come by for about 20 minutes. I brought up the fact that we hadn’t been helped yet to the hostess and the manager came out to personally apologize. He offered us an appetizer on the house and we were more than appreciative. Our waitress ended up being super friendly and attentive, everyone was so apologetic and courteous. In the end, the manager comped our entire meal! I did not expect such a great outcome and am so grateful to the staff. I wish I had asked for the manager and waitress’ names so I could shout them out here. Their exemplary customer service is the reason why DFH Gaithersburg is our new regular spot! Additionally, the food and beer were both delicious! I guess we’ll come back for those too!

Sarah Stogsdill

Been faithfully coming here for years and never disappointed. Cozy vibes, quirky brews, stellar menu. Favorite place in town!

Brad Hacker

Chicken wings were over cooked and light on the sauce. Beers were good, but nothing you can't get anywhere else in the county. Would have been nice to have something that's not distributed.

David Zeff

Great food. Never had anything I didn't like. Server was fantastic. Attentive but not overbearing. Love Dogfish Head.

Andrew Bilodeau

I had a wonderful experience here. Dogfish has great beer and nice complementing fare. I watched the capitals move on to the Stanley cup finals after beating Tampa bay here so this location has a special place in my heart. Cool environment and reasonable prices.

Nick M

Its was good, food was decent enough and the service was good. Lots of history swag. Seems to cater more to regulars than anything.

D Coleman

I had the fish tacos. The other entrees that came to the table was enjoyed by the others in my party. I don't know what is in the sauce but my friend kept asking for more. The crab dip was wonderful and full crab meat. Recommend you visit and have it.

Andrey German

One of my favorite places to grab a couple drinks and catch up with friends. Good food, great space, cozy atmosphere. Chesapeake Burger is one of my favorites, as are the Andouille Cajun Egg Rolls.

Victor Almeida

Always good food. Always good beer. The selection of new beers they have is constantly changing and wonderful. Their food is consistently good quality and the service is attentive. Even when busy, we still get taken care of. Absolutely love Dogfish

Leonard A. Carrion

This is the place to dine. Great staff, food and the best beer I have ever tasted. The 90 and 120 minute beers are the best. I could eat and drink here every day if possible.

Kelly Wilburn

I was really excited to try the new fall specials. But honestly, the broccoli cheese soup is just bad. It tastes (and looks) like mush. The pumpkin cheesecake was pretty good, though I wish it came with a dallop or whipped cream. I really wish I had liked the soup, broccoli cheddar is my fave. Oh well.

Thomas Cox

Everything an alehouse should be. Great staff, delicious food affordably priced, lovely relaxed atmosphere, and of course their own house distilled spirits alongside the expected array of craft beers. I'll go back gladly, any time.

Mike Blank

Good food... great atmosphere and service.

Ben Carr

They have a very good impossible burger and salad for $16 which is a welcome addition for vegans.

John Kopec

Went there for a late Friday lunch and took one of the high top bar tables. A couple 60 minute IPAs and the brisket cheese steak sandwich and fries. Service was good, though delayed a little getting second beer and check at the end. Great place. Nice atmosphere, and was easy to get a table when we went. Will definitely be back.

Paul Jones

My favorite Gaithersburg restaurant. They are famous for their beers but their food is great too!

Mark Mills

Best food and drink around. Great farmers market Saturdays as well

Nina Taylor

Not a place to relax after a long day work. Food is quite disappointing, Crab dib is salty and fattening. Shrimp/Chicken salad is bland, dry and not fresh. The worst part is service. The waitress kept ignoring us and took at least 15 min to come back to us to order without saying sorry. She knew I am not pleased so she only talked to my husband for the whole time like I was not there. Only time when she asked how are we when we signed the tips. It will be my first and last time to go there. Two thumbs down for service especially for that rude waitress with attitude.

Mehdi Zare

Great food, service and atmosphere! We liked everything here...

Joseph Bevitt

The range of beers is fantastic. Coming from Australia, $9 for a flight of 6 is a bargain. Had the Beyond Burger tonight, and was really impressed by its freshness and lack of that greasy burger aftermath

Mike Fandey

Good location, service, beer selection, and food. There are enough vegetarian options to work and a couple vegan options too. Food is above average for a nice chain restaurant. The restaurant is well maintained but it's starting to show its age.

Mike Miller

My favorite restaurant, best pub food around!!

Ashleah Younker

I will forever love the Namaste beer and their Old Bay wings

Beth Mallis

Somewhat greasy heavy bar food but the beer is sublime

Luis Cordoba

Gloria our server was amazing my first time being there with my brother and sister in law.

Shannon Harbin

Had a burger and fries and it was excellent! Great atmospherea

Joseph Tibbs

Great food--you get what you pay for, which is a casual yet high-class experience. It was recommended to us by a friend on the sole basis of its excellent brews. Citation: the recommender was an organizer of an Appalachia beer festival for several years, and understands the science behind beer better than most chemists. The atmosphere is very tidy, yet rustic, and our table was bathed in sunlight from the large window in the ceiling. So go for the food, go for the ale, go if you've got $20 to spend on a lunch and someone special to share a bread pudding with.

Richard Charlebois

Great atmosphere (love the wood oven aroma!), Fantastic pizza, cornucopia of fine beers. Life is good at the DHA!

Kel Heinrichs

Good food fast service

Tanya B.

The food here is typically really good with decent sized portions. The tuna sandwich is usually outstanding as it's a tuna steak on a bun. The beach fries are usually yummy. The staff are typically very nice and attentive. It get busy about noon so best to go a little earlier or a little later.

Scott Meyers

One of my favorite places!!! The food is excellent as is the service! I have never had a bad meal.

Sarah Sax

Good beer selection and yummy food. We went for Father's Day and a good time was had by all. It was pretty busy but we were still able to get a table quickly.

Jeff McKinney

Great beer with lots of options. Good good. We had the large, soft pretzel for a happy hour snack and it was excellent! Our waitress was friendly and did a great job. Wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

Lotta Härkönen

Good food! Good service.

Ryan Haynes

The service was only okay, but we were just getting some drinks anyways. But great atmospheric and good drinks.

Shanna Seigel

I've been here a few times and every time has been enjoyable! The Old Bay wings have been a hit with my husband. So far my favorite was the recent burger of the week with fried provolone cheese. We also both enjoyed the Siracusa Nera stout. The servers have all been friendly and attentive. My only complaint has been sitting outside with a large group. There were only two umbrellas for the whole seating area so most of us were in the sun.

Kat Smallwood

Thank you Keven( if I spelled that right, big dude with blue dreadlocks). We had a horrible night in dc and he was the light at the end of the tunnel. Food was good. We had a few apps and a drink. It was close to closing and he didn't mind taking care of us. Recommended drinks when my whiskey wasnt in stock. Wonderful service. (I work service too so I love good service) thank you again big guy!

Bob Patterson

The Carolina fried chicken was delicious. It was extra crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. The BBQ sauce that accompanied it was sweet and spicy in just the right way. Very, very good!

Dennis Everett

Great food and beer. Nice atmosphere, outside seating.

Melanie Johnson

I absolutely LOVE this place. The food is excellent. The sample beer selection is incredibly large. The waitress was extremely attentive and exceptionally knowledgeable on the various beers. I don't normally like a dark beer, but u really should try their chocolate/raspberry beer! An excellent dessert beer. Their soups are awesome!

adrienne Morrell

Crab dip and chips are delish!! Excellent garlic Cesar salad.

Craig Billings

My wife and I had a wonderful dinner. Our server was prompt and friendly. The food was delicious. Strongly recommend eating here.

Nick Esposito

Good beer, decent atmosphere. Food was forgetable. I'd compare the food quality to Applebee's.

Sam Lundy

Amazing beers and pretty good food. But the best part is the staff and bartenders.

Christina Warholic

The food was great here. Everyone finished their plates and we all had different meals. I'll definitely come back here again.

Brian Greeson

Good beer and excellent service. Perfect spot for dinner and a drink after work.

Martin Schwartz

Busy place. Good food, good ales.

Joseph K. Purvis

Always a great Hamburger here. Never a long wait. Highly recommended.

Didier Horstman

Great food and very good service. Enjoyed the ribbs very much. Kids got colors at start and menus for them were spot on. Can recommend big time

Steve Traylor

We held a dinner / board meeting in a private room on the second floor. The food was delicious and the staff was most accommodating as we were in their care until closing. Our group chuckled because we could not remember the last time any of us had closed an establishment... sober.

Brandon Lane

Many restaurants come and go, but this is still favorite place in Gaithersburg. Of course the beers pack a punch and are really unique, but the food is great. Canary for one pizza is the best, their crab cakes are legit, and their bread pudding is wonderful.


5 stars for the Best burgers , appetizers and cold beers. I just wish you can reserve a table for 2 people so you don't have to wait 45+ minutes to be seated.ATMOSPHERE VERY SUPER LOUD.

Derek Carillo

Wow wow wow wow wow! Thai wings, Nachos, and crab dip were all amazing. The rest of my party was extremely impressed with their meals and IPAs.

Amber Webster

It was my B-day so it was fun regardless. The Dogfishead liquor was excellent!

William Strickler

Surprisingly good food. Nice drink and wine list beyond the beer selection. Very children friendly and fast efficient service.

Chris Marchetti

Nice selection of beers. Also a full bar and excellent food. Great service too.

Candice Shimanek

Service was A+. The beer was delicious. A great selection of beer from pilsners to gruit, sours to stouts, various pale ales and IPA's.

Kyle Broadway

Awesome place, amazing servers, great food, great beer. Enjoy this place every time I go.

Zachary Greenwell

Love this place. Their beer for breakfast is so good when they have it available. BBQ burger is amazing! Wish I was closer!

Maureen Bigelow

Great soup & sandwich! Coffee just ok

Miora Kely

Good food, good customer service, great location! It's family friendly too.

Ryan The Wine Guy

A very welcoming place with great food and large portions. Great selection of beers and wine as well! Great for a nice lunch or a dinning out for dinner. Always stop on by when in the area!

JaNae Hill

No waiting to be seated,the food was ready in a few minutes, and the three meals we had were great.

Thomas Kusch

Very attentive wait staff, good bar food (creative and small menu), and really good selection of great beers from the highly prized Dogfish brewery. The outdoor seating area is cleverly designed with a retractable glass enclosure. A must-go if in the area! The seafood is pretty good and really fresh.

Benjamin Chartier

Good food and better beer. Cannot go wrong if you like the brewpub scene

Roger Peace

The food and service and drinks were wonderful. The crab cakes were very good and my wife's grouper sandwich was excellent.

William Waggoner

This is the second time I have dined at the DHA, and I was not dissapointed. I had a Jumbo Pretzel as an appetizer, and the Jambalaya as my entree. Both were excellent and definitely filled me up. Cost for both items and a root beer was approximately $30.00. Definitely worth the price in my opinion.

Carmine Giglio

This is a very good alehouse with very good food. I love Dogfish Ale so I’m a little biased :-) I had the Mahi sandwich with fries (asked for medium rare and it was cooked to perfection)! Washed it down with a 75 Minute IPA and I was sated. I would visit here again and when I’m back in the area again I will ....and take pictures!

Jason Gilbert

This spot never fails to impress. They have excellent food for convenient prices, there is no waiting time even when the spot is packed.

Jeremy McBride

Cozy atmosphere, great food and specials. Staff are friendly and attentive. Good place for happy hour or dinner. Popular items include the jambalaya and the Thai wings. Pizza is pretty good, too.

Kate Mackey

Overall good. They somehow thought we wanted our food to go and then unpacked it and served it to us.

lauren terry

Food is ...edible. Not very clean. I'm not a beer drinker so maybe that's their pull. Won't be returning.

Wayne Gorski

Good beer and OK service. A nice patio for sunny afternoons.

Angela Lakatos

Great place to hang out, catch up, drink a couple of brews and eat good food. Outside seating available. Get the grouper sandwich, fried chicken salad, or the ceasar salad with blackened salmon!!!

Rodger Moran

I've eaten here many times over the years and have never had a bad meal. Their menu changes and the meals are always something fresh and tasty.

Christopher John Torontow

Great beer and good food in a strip mall parking lot. Not Rehoboth Beach

Chason Trasport

"Beer, beer, beer" said the private! I came for the beer and it never disapponts... unless of course they are not currently making Raison d'etre. Food is always good albeit high in calories but hey, there is always "leafy green things". Service is typically attentive and well versed on beer selections.

Mike Bantz

You might think: meh, it's a brew pub, the beers are good, the food is probably there to fill the spaces in between another IPA. NOPE. Beer here is great, food here is fantastic!!! Service is excellent, atmosphere is laid back, so happy this place is walking distance to my office.

Morgan Taverner

Fantastic food and beverage selection and reasonable prices. Their signature chili is served with tortilla chips for easy sharing and an exciting alternative to the spoon. Make sure to check out all three beverage menus (paper menu, chalk board, and television screen) because the constantly evolving selection may not be reflected in the printed menu.

Dan C

Good choice for food and beer. Mostly come for the beer, but the food is pretty good. Sat outside and was not forgotten about by the staff. Everyone was helpful and informative. Food came out as ordered and warm. Plenty of televisions to watch sports or just sit and enjoy.

Meredith Stormer

Amazing service! The staff went above and beyond. The only complaint I had was the kid's pizza was very greasy.

Tim Cooper

Great place. Good food

Daniel Weschler

Always a good time Danny Adam fuzz Thai Katie the manager there always pleasant service is good food is good my go-to place best Bloody Marys around

Josh Gay

Best burger I've ever had and the beer is tasty

Mitch Zeissler

I always enjoy coming here, though the upstairs can be absolutely jet-engine deafening on a Friday night (unless you score the tiny meeting room in the front of the building and the doors can be closed). Good food -- including some of the best burgers in the area -- and GREAT beer, especially if you're a fan of Dogfish Head brews. For people not familiar with Dogfish Head brews, many are quite hoppy (all of the IPAs in particular) -- though there are a few that are less so, like the new SuperEIGHT (pink colored and tart/sour). Highly recommended.

Amani Allen

Only had cream of crab soup (somthing to that sorts). Most of the staff is friendly! Wide variety in menu and tap. Gets packed in the evenings and weekends. Love how they have a inside/outside seated area that's heated that's lined with lights. Really pretty at night! Will update review when I go again and have more on the menu.

Chuck Hughes

We always sit at the bar. Best bartenders in town. Great food, awesome beer. We love this place. One of our favorites!

Richard Flere

Good beer selection, good food, friendly helpful staff

Arny Archibald

Food is great. I've had many menu items and not have disappointed. My only complaint is that often times the servers are not the most attentive.

Sean Knapp

Loved it. Couldn't make it all the way to Delaware to visit the brewery, this was a great substitute.

William Powers

A great suburban pub. Always a great selection of their brewed beers. And food to match. Particular kudos for their burgers -- soooooo good! Busy but friendly staff.

vamsi reddy

Nice place for good food and drinks

Joel Lesch

Pub food is good. If you are an IPA fan, this is a 5 star beer menu and worth a visit. If not, I'd look elsewhere. Beers on tap also had a lot of summer seasonal hoppy beers with fruit flavors. If you're not a hoppy beer person, there are a couple stouts available, but they're $10 for a sniffer glass. Nothing on tap for lager or pilsner fans so two of our group had a dry visit. Might be different at other times of the year.

K Guerra

They were very accommodating to our large group. I recommend the burgers

Bernadine/Nancy Dalton

I can't really say from experience. I've only gone there as an Uber-eats driver and I've seen it packed full of patrons but I don't like the way it smells.

Edward Fowlkes Jr

Love this place. Great Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings too.

Eli Blaker

This ain't just any old place. This is Dogfish Head Alehouse. You want a good steak, you go to Capital Grille. You want a good TV, you go to Amazon. You want a good beer and some pub fare, you go to Dogfish Head Alehouse. I've been going here for around once every month or two for the last 10 or so years and I have never had a bad experience here. Everything on the menu is good and they have a good variety of beers on tap. Combine that with seasonal releases and you have one hell of an experience. Could not recommend this place more highly.


Very friendly and great beer. Food was good. Rueben rolls were really greasy but what can you expect for fried food. Impossible burger was great


I ordered the Steak Bomb sandwich, and it was fantastic! Came out promptly, server was nice. The wings were a tad on the dry side, but the flavor was there and I'm not one to waste food.


The pretzel is addictive. So delicious. Can be a little heavy on the IPA selection during certain seasons (I’m more of a wheat beer or Belgian enthusiast).

Patrick Thompson

The salads were delicious. Of course a good variety of beers. Service was fine. It was clean, not too noisy even though it was fairly busy, good location. I recommend and will go back.

Lance Phillips

Great food and atmosphere

Randy Hart

When you get carryout, you often arrive at home with everything being a bit soggy. I got 3 carryout dinners that were in really good condition when I got home.

Russell Carter

Dude....this place is my "Cheers." Everyone knows my name and what I like. Too bad it's taken me 8+ years to write a review but as I'm chowing down this Pork Fried Rice I had to say something. Seared Ahi-Tuna, Steak Bomb Sandwich, Reuben Eggrolls, burger of the week, etc. You CANNOT go wrong with anything. Tim, Adam, Tyler you guys rock!

Erik Phelps

Just had dinner there tonight. Ordered a rack of ribs, which were overcooked and dry. Sent them back. Got another rack of ribs - just as dry, but this time with a bunch of extra BBQ sauce slathered on top. Sorry, but that's not a fix for overcooked ribs. Didn't feel like complaining again, because I didn't have time for them to send me a third rack of overcooked ribs. Very disappointing...

Ryan Kramer

We come here every time we're in the area. Great food, friendly staff! The Dogfish Trio is great, and they have plenty of their beers on draft, also Andros l available in crowlers.

Kinh Burr

The food and beer were good and the service was fast

Hope Costa

Always a great place for good food, better beer, and friendly service. Every visit has been fantastic. Can't recommend enough.

meghanjay sahu

Excellent service and very courteous staff. As we entered we were greeted and asked to wait while our table was prepared. While waiting, 2 more staff members asked if were taken care of. Excellent food and ambience. Loved it. Will definitely go back again.

Russell Byrd

Great food, a wide variety of craft brews, enjoyed a sampler of well brewed stouts and ales. Tuna steak was flavorful and cooked well.

Kylee W

All around pretty good, but we were one of the last tables (but it was still before they closed) and I felt like the waiter was kind of pushy for us to hurry up and leave. I was catching up with a friend I hadn't seen in a while so that was disappointing.

Arjan P

Expensive. Waitress poured the wrong beer, but still served it as the beer that I ordered. She corrected it without hesitation though. Beer is good. The Mac and Cheese was not as firm as it used to be.

cesar p

Good food, good beer, I just wish stayed open later

G1 and-only

The greatest place on earth Best beer in the USA with the food to match.

Mauricio Ayala

the restaurant is clean. staff are friendly and a lot of them bilingual. The food came out quick and everything tasted fresh. I tried a burger and the dogfish trio, both were good bit not extraordinary but over all it was a good experience.

Bruce Boyle

Had live music good band had a really good time nice place good food would go back again

Mike Autry

Love this place. True hometown feel brewpub with family friendly events. Great beer and awesome food too! The grouper sandwich is a personal fave.

Jenna Browne

Great service and the food was delicious

Nishan S

Good selection of beer. Food is good .

Dave Gallagher

Great Burgers! Atmosphere is good, very busy place though so dont be surprised if there is a wait. Food is great, service is friendly and prompt

Yasir Khattak

I tried out their Memphis chicken, was no where close to Memphis chicken grilled. Extremly dry chicken. And the sauce was ok. The place it self is beautiful and gives a very cozy by the beach feeling. Service is excellent, all employees, I encounter were going above and above.

Southern Rebel Rages

Great place to eat, drink and have a good time! Their food is great for the price they offer aswell. Reccomend the cheddar bacon burger and cream of crab soup. 5 stars.

Alan Nelson

Great selection of beer. Nice upstairs for bigger groups. Outdoor seating. Food to go. Good food and appetizer options.

Freeman Wharton

Good food, good beer, good atmosphere. Take a 120min IPA crowler home for later!

Tom Gleason

We had a big group for lunch and had a great time. Super service, food & drink!

Connor Tilton

food took a long while to be served but every time I go here it's amazing. best food around

James Simone

Excellent food and service, as usual! Well-managed and operated.

Steve Morris

As always, great food and great service!


The Cajun eggrolls and wings were delicious, and the bartenders were great..

Amari Villa

This place knows how to serve their customers. Always with a very nice attitude. The food is reasonably priced, always delightful and clean.

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