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REVIEWS OF Chicken + Whiskey IN Virginia

Sofia Bufaliza

I love their speak easy at the end of the cashier!!

Andrew Williams

The drinks were great, the menu was great.. But my companion's and I all noticed the high sodium contain across all the plates in first bite.. That would be 4 different appetizers and 2 different entrees. When mentioned to staff it was waved off as if it must be us..not the food.. So it fall on deaf ears. We cook, so we just consigned it to them not having a constant or consistent chef, and paid our bill. Personally I'd give it another go.. Though I don't know if it's a place to start a night out or end one hungover.


Great drinks, fantastic company.

Jefferson Breitenbuecher

This whiskey bar is a hidden gem. It was a lot of fun visiting this place. As you can see in the pictures, after getting into the Chicken restaurant, which has great food by the way, you walk all the way to the end and you have the bathrooms on your left and behind the door in the end of the hall is the bar. It is pretty cool, has lots of cocktails and drinks options, they had a DJ playing so some music and video clicks were played on the background with exposed bricks. It was a different experience while visiting DC.

David Koh

Love this Peruvian chicken place! Chicken is so moist! Always get a whole chicken and get 4 sides, 3 yuca and 1 rice! Have eaten the sandwich as well and it was delicious as well but not enough.

Kareem Yakub

I got the borracho wrap after a night out and it was delicious. My only regret after living near 14th Street for the past two years is not having come to eat here sooner. Highly recommend!

Maya Camargo-Vemuri

Great seasoning!

Mavis Georges

Great food and atmosphere

Jay Dub

Great food. Good drinks

Kr is

I could eat here ...daily! Whiskey in the back is amazing

Chris Smith

Good food and value. Just had plastic cutlery which was hard to eat the chicken with and not environmentally friendly.

Logan Romero

Truely a unique experience. The menu for the chicken place looked great, but the drinks and ambiance in the tucked-away bar was what I was looking for.

Amanda Skapnit

Very unique experience, good food, great time.

Derrick Ware

So much more than expected! Can't wait to go back!

Damian Steele

I order take out here a lot! Their wraps are amazing! The line moves quick and they always give me plenty of sauce and napkins. Never dined in, but I hear the Speakeasy in the back is dope. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

Angelique C

Came after seeing it featured on TV. The chicken salad sandwich was really good and so were the Yuca fries!

Brad Emerson

Every item we ordered was fantastic. Whole chicken was delicious. The skin was amazing. We ordered black beans, bacon rice (don't know the name), their guac equivalent, and a pepper slurry as sides. Chips were plantain sliced and fried. Amazing!

Jon Hicks

This place undoubtedly has excellent fried chicken and cocktails, but I have to admit I feel very cheated after my last visit. They are currently advertising a 2-for-1 "Whiskey Cocktail" sale on Wednesdays until closing. However, after I ordered two whiskey cocktails this past Wednesday, I was told that the sale only includes their draft whiskey cocktail. This was not disclosed on the billboard outside or anywhere else in the bar that I could find. They did not even have any of their draft whiskey cocktail on tap when I arrived at 7pm. I do not like being misled. I will not be recommending this restaurant to friends anymore.

Kelly Green

Delicious chicken! Get the fried plantains + guacamole!

Martynas Verbusaitis

Food was good quality, but extremely high in salt/sodium. Good prices for rotisserie chicken on 14th street.

Shashank Abhisheik

They need to work on their cocktails - the cocktail of the week they offered was whiskey and coke. Underwhelming to say the least

Laura Ireland

Delicious food in the front of the restaurant! Fun and lively bar in the back!!

Alejandra Bostic

My friend Angel who happens to work at Chicken and Whisky invited me the other day for dinner and drinks. I was amazed with the huge menu that this place has, awesome food, music and ambiance!!! Definitely a good spot to visit in DC!!

Peter Fernandez

Checked out the whiskey bar in the back. Super cool atmosphere with great, reasonably priced drinks. Happy hour is a bargain! And you can order the great food from there as well. Previously we were there for lunch. The chicken was delicious. It is marinated in a flavorful brine that really comes out. The latin-inspired sides were great. Three of us were satisfied with a whole chicken order which included three sides.

Matt Plunkett

I tried to order chicken and whiskey and the service was horrible!!! It was 15 minutes before closing and they would not serve me chicken. All the employees were rude too! Who owns this place?! The chicken tastes like last week

Oliver Ho

Great chicken and a speakeasy with small dance floor in th back. Great combo

Ryan Lingo

Food was delicious and had great flavor. I would have given five stars, but the service was not that friendly. Must have been an off day...

Caleb Smith

First dip your chicken/chips in the white sauce then the red sauce! Great chicken here, amazing yuca chips, good guasacaca! Try the peruvian Cusqueña beer

Taylor Thibodeau

I liked how the bar was in a completely separate area from the restaurant. The decor was different and it led to the feeling of not being in a bar but instead just hanging out in the coolest possible living room. It felt like I had slipped into a coming of age film set in Brooklyn, where all your friends meet up at a secret hole in the wall that somehow nobody else knows about yet.


It's alright, the quality of the chicken seems very inconsistent. The sides are mostly good but I've run into taste consistency issues there as well. This was a go to spot but has since dropped off my list over time. Front - 3 stars Bar in the back - 5 stars Really great drinks in the back, highly recommend checking it out.

Andrew Girgis

Wonderful food, even cooler speakeasy in the back. You can also order food back there. Not enough space for dancing but people still try. It'll get crowded on a Saturday night but the line is never long to get in and moves really quick.

Cary Williams

Love the food. Best chicken.

Ziyun Huang

I would always love some 1/4 dark chicken and yuca fries and this is the place I order from. But other sides they offer are slightly less exciting for me

Ian Stirrups

Bar at the back of the chicken shop is really cool offering great selections of spirits, cocktails and beers. Nice atmosphere and good service.

Sam Odle

Love this place! It’s the most casual speakeasy type bar I’ve been to in the area. The chicken is good, the wraps and sandwiches are decent and the drink selection in the whiskey bar is fun. Note you can’t bring chicken back into the speakeasy area.

Adam FourTwenty

What they serve here is really good.

Katie Gallagher

The food is delicious, whether you eat there or have it delivered. I highly recommend the Sopa de Polla Picante. The bar is wonderful, with the staff extremely friendly and the drinks very tasty. A great place to stop after work!

Amelia Capilongo

Best chicken in DC...I am serious! Great for a Keto meal.

Robbins Byrne

The chicken is tasty and the menu is more diverse than your typical Peruvian chicken restaurant. I don't know what the whiskey part is about, but the chicken is good enough that it doesn't matter

Reginald Greene

Great food great service

David Wu

The chicken here was amazing! Perfectly spiced and the rice side was also very tasty. Would definitely come back again!

David Lee

I like this place my order was always on time and hot. I definitely would recommend them to anyone that’s in need of that great tasting dinner.

Oliver Coune

the chicken and plantains were divine and great quality of food. the atmosphere is divided with a bar in the back with music and was at the opening of a new draft system that combines soda water with yamazaki wiskey and a peel and was so refreshing and inviting. The owner of the place was there and great host with a great concept. Must go to the place and check it out you will be happy you did so.

Peyton Doyle

In the front is a really, really good chicken spot. There are a bunch of side options which are all so good. Besides a 1/2, 1/4 or a whole chicken, there are some cool chicken sandwiches/wraps as an alternative. Through the freezer door is a dark but welcoming bar. Solid service, great selection and decently priced. Depending on your mood, Chicken + Whiskey has got whatever you want.

Valeria Shirvani

Food, Whiskey, Service - Top top quality. I've come here million times and never been disappointed. I would also highly recommend this place for catering - they're quick and efficient, never come late, never miss any item you order, and a person who brings and sets everything up is always very polite and professional.

sandrine lum

I was very hungry and had not eaten all day, I ordered from C+W through doordash. I ended up trashing the entire food. the rice and beans was sour, the chicken was boiled not grilled because once the skin of the chicken is out, everything else is boiled. I have had terrible meals, but this is topping the list. I have never put out a review on food before but had to do this. Waste of money.

Tara Williams

Unfortunately my experience was not good.I ordered 1/4 chicken white meat, rice&beans, and yuca fries.The chicken was pink all the way through.I was starving at the moment and hadn't eaten all day so I took a bite knowing that it was not all the way cooked, risking my chances for salmonella.I moved on to the yuca fries which were very bland even though they were seasoned.The rice was okay.So in other words I had to settle for the side of rice.One star because uncooked food is a deal breaker and Safety risk hopefully I don't get sick from the bite I took.I would not recommend to anyone for the food but I hear they have a nice bar if you want a drink. Based on the reviews I'm assuming that when people eat here they have already had a few drinks so they probably can't really tell if the food is good or not.

fred fulford

Chicken was good. Service nice front pf house but the bar at the back gets very busy. Not much of a speak easy anymore. Probably best to go in the week. Shame.

Ashley Stewart

SO GOOD. I got the vegetarian option and it was delicious. I can't wait to go back!

Ariel Fuentes

Excellent food

Megan Valentine

Checked out the bar at Chicken + Whiskey while visiting friends in DC. Unique atmosphere, great drinks, and fun and friendly management/bartenders. We had an amazing time and I’ll definitely be stopping by again next time I’m in the area. Highly recommend!

Innocent Jordan

Good plan


Had a great time here. Good place to kick back, have a drink, and relax.

DaProblim HaveNone

its pretty good. the plantain was cooked just right, not too soft the chicken could've cooked an extra 10 mins

Michael Brower Jr

Nice establishment! Definitely a top recommendation for food and great music! Be sure to visit the room in the back.

Pamela Kelly

I order from here at least once a week. In my opinion one of the best places in DC. Unfortunately on some of my orders that have to be delivered to my apartment they have left out the yellow sauce which really makes the meal. But I love their food so much I continue to order from them. What's so amazing is the general manager Will reached out to me tonight cuz I had left him a message and wanted to bring it to his attention. I thought this was amazing for somebody as busy as him to take the time to reach out to me to talk about the situation and to apologize. Class A joint class A food. Highly recommend chicken and whiskey. And Will my son was in your restaurant tonight picking up food I think at the same time you were talking to me, lol. So he eats at chicken and whiskey just as much as I do we love you guys! I will get there in person soon!

Kinga Binga617

My boyfriend took me to this place to surprise me. I had no idea where we were going and when we got there it looked like a regular spot until he invited me to the meat locker which had the coolest bar and best selection of whiskey. Let's say we had plenty of old fashion's and overall had an amazing time as we always do when we are together. Our bar tender was very knowledgeable and made great suggestions and drinks. Will definitely be back when we are in town.

Eric Woody

Delicious food but terrible customer service. Beware if ordering takeout, order will most likely not have everything you paid for and don’t bother calling them. They will not take any responsibility.

Lorenzo Andres Sanchez

Awesome whiskey selection. Didnt try the food pero se ve rica

Candice Valencia

While the half chicken meal taste wonderful the rice was very dry, kind of disappointed for my first time ordering here at chicken and whiskey.


Great drinks, the Peruvian Chicken is the best I've tasted in the area. Noise level is quite loud. I love this place and would recommend it.

Jacqueline Hawkins

I love the food

Dalonte Lee

Manager in the yellow shirt is an entitled mf. But hey life is great and so is their food

Anthony Brown

3 star rating only because I had eaten fries only. Nice establishment, very clean & good customer service

Rocky Blanquet

Good food, I personally don't like roasted chicken and this was good. They have a hidden bar behind a walk-in cooler door


I ate at “7 Reasons” recently and it was absolutely fantastic. Knowing this place is the same owner I had to try “Chicken and Wiskey”. I am assuming I came at the wrong time of the day. (3:30PM) That being said, I got the Pollo Frito. the chicken was extremely dry, the bread was stale and the tomato’s were soggy. It’s like this food has been sitting out since this morning. Extremely disappointed:(

Mohamed Elyaouti

Love the decor and outdoor bar style seating facing busy 14th St. Sauces are amazing definitely worth a try

Warren Aldrich

Small seating areas create a cool communal atmosphere. People watching at the side walk seating is superb. Very hip and cool. Oh the chicken is fantastic!

Toran Moore


Kevin Bratten

I got sick and was throwing up all night after eating there 9/21/2019.

Luqman Mahmud

Great casual place. Food is fast and whiskey is great. Staff is wonderful too. They were friendly and seemed to actually enjoy their jobs

Nicholas Coffman

Exceptional Peruvian food in a casual and comfortable spot with a “secret” whiskey bar in the back. Highly recommend this place. A staff person at our hotel recommended this when we were in town for the weekend and it couldn’t have been more up our alley.

Lennon English

Good food. casual atmosphere. It was super busy so we waited a long time. We walked in because it smelled good.

Sam Brit

Food is excellent. The bar in the back is pretty dope too

Austin Graff

The concept says it all. A 127 year old row house converted to serve quality chicken and whiskey. You can't get more DC than that. They serve chicken dishes for lunch and dinner with a 12-hour brine and no MSG (ever!). My friend ordered a half chicken (still on the bone) and really enjoyed the bold flavors. This former vegetarian still can't do bones, so I opted in for one of their sandwiches. The "pollo frito" sandwich is superb. It's a soft jalapeno cheddar roll stuffed with perfectly fried cassava breaded chicken (all white meat), bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, Greek yogurt mustard sauce, and mayo. It's amazing! In the evening, the space converts to a bar serving 99 international and domestic whiskey. #winning The staff are friendly, fast and the space is large enough to host a party. There are tables as well as window and wall tables wrapping around the space. The window in the front comes up letting in the cool summer night breeze.

Darien Salehy

Great bar in the back. Food is good

LeKeisha Harris

I love this Place!!

Bradley Popkin

Nice chicken eatery with a variety of options and sides

Terrance Wakefield

I love this place!!! It is an adventure every time, especially because I am a lover of whiskey. As you go in, it comes off as a nondescript Peruvian chicken restaurant. And if that is all you are looking for, you won't be disappointed. The food is GREAT, but if you are truly on a whiskey adventure, keep walking to the back towards the freezer door, open it, and step through to a cozy whiskey bar that has a great selection of pours. The DJ may even be playing one of your favorite jams. The service is friendly and knowledgeable about the bourbons, whiskeys, scotches, and ryes. And if you are a true whiskey drinker, you will not be disappointed. Yes, it can get a little cramped back there, but it is a small inconvenience any whiskey soldier will bear to get a quality pour, a unique experience, and a story to tell. If You didn't know, now you do. Go to this place, if you really want a DC adventure.

Mike P

Love this place! They have some decent Peruvian chicken (not my absolute favorite though), but what's better is if you head to the back. Really cool atmosphere in the bar and some decent drinks. They were even doing a charity raffle and I won a bottle of whiskey. Will be back for sure.

Beau Gunn

I eat chicken every day of my life so when I ate the chicken here I was blown away. This chicken is superb. The sides were excellent as well. Very impressed.

Chase Johnson

It was okay. A little expensive for what you get.

Rajit Sarkar

It's a little confusing that this is treated as one place, because it's really not. Chicken is pretty self explanatory. Reminds me a lot of Super Pollo. If you walk through it, you can enter Whiskey which is a bar. The drinks are pretty good, but priced fairly typically for DC.

Dondré S

This place has really good burritos. The chicken is great! I love the home made sauces they have. It's a cool place to grand a quick burrito and have a seat right out front on the patio and watch things unfold on the busy 14th street. They have a bar in the back if you'd like to get drinks and they offer a decent amount of indoor seating.

leonel gomez

Great place. Great atmosphere.

Vijay Kanneganti

Yuca fires were excellent and the old fashions at the bar were just the way I like them, not too sweet with an extra dash of bitters. Had to edit it for being called out like that.

Nez Torres

The chicken is not SO bad, however it could have definitely been cooked more. It looks well cooked because the skin is crispy but once you cut it you can see. Rice looks like cheeses cheese and taste like plastic. No plates ! Dirty silverware, No round tables! def wouldn’t come back.

Bryan Istenes

The name is misleading just a bit because the whiskey bar is in a separate door inside. They did have a massive selection of whiskey though!

Maurice Douglas

Chicken is extremely lack luster. We sent our chicken back for not being cook all the way through and had to wait almost 40min and got the exact same result.

Christopher Cannon

Chicken and plantains are so good.

Scott Hendrix

The name is a bit baffling, as I didn't see any evidence of whiskey present- but the chicken was very tasty, and at a good price by DC standards. I also had a good beer to wash it down, and sitting at the open window facing the street provided excellent people watching opportunities in the interestingly diverse neighborhood.

Sandeep Shah

Way over priced drinks. Good ambiance though.

Jessica Cooper

Oh my goodness! What a gem! I have probably walked by this place a half a dozen times and never went in. I only would see the front of the restaurant where you can grab food and cop a seat at one of the small tables or along the wall. It was bright and yellow and I figured you could just stop in and grab a quick bite to eat and maybe a beer or a whiskey cocktail in a plastic cup...boy was I wrong. If you walk to the back of the restaurant, there is a secret door that leads to a speakeasy with some of the best gin and whiskey cocktails that I have had in a while. You won't be disappointed!

Omar Abdallah

Really enjoyed the chicken sandwich here.

Juan Miche Rosales

Elizabeth was fantastic! She really knows her cilantro chicken! Give this girl a raise!

Vilma Villatoro

Amazing food and vibe

Brooke Bentley

This place is super cool. The speakeasy in the back had the best drinks. Try the Becky's Got Back if you're a vodka drinker. Tons of whisky/whiskey/bourbon choices for those of you who are into that kind of stuff (looking at you, entire city of DC). Only reason this place didn't get 5 stars (if I could give a 4.75, I would, but alas...) is simply due to them being out of the chicken strips and it being a chicken place. Ya can't get the people drunk and run out of chicken tenders, guys!

Alainna Cox

Some people just find things to complain about lol. This place is amazing. My sister got the Apollo Frito (the chicken sandwich) and I got the Borracho Wrap. Both things were amazing. The fried chicken was seasoned perfectly, my pulled chicken was delicious and the little sauces that come with the meal were tasty. We also got the guacamole and plantain chips and were not disappointed. I would take a picture but we devoured our meals as soon as we sat down. I will definitely be coming back!!

Whitney Caldwell

Despite some of the more positive reviews, I would be remissed if I didn't express my experience with C & W was simply awful. I severely deride their chicken and fixings. Only two hours after eating a half a chicken with black beans and coleslaw, I developed stomach pains. In less than an hour, I had excessive mitchuration, defication, and regurgitation of the aformentioned items. My experience was excruciating. I would advise you to avoid eating here unless you are interested in contracting Salmonella or Shigella and missing the gym and work the next day.

Lyra Carr

There was good chicken. And good whiskey. But it should be chicken or whiskey not chicken and whiskey as it was almost impossible to combine the two. Everything was enjoyable but the arbitrary separation was less than ideal.

Jered Kropholler

Double check how much was charged for tip

Carlos Rivero

Paid $4 for 5 yucca fries via Postmates


It's an okay place but nothing to brag about. The speakeasy is a nice touch for the place but not really a big fan of the chicken tenders. Maybe the other food is good but I haven't had it.

Amy Bauer

I can only speak to the bar portion as we didn't get any food while we were there, but the drinks we received for the price we paid was excellent especially in this part of town! If you haven't been to the bar at Chicken + Whiskey before then you probably just didn't know that it was there. Walk past the counter all the way to back where it looks like there's a giant cooler door. Wander through the door and boom! You're in the bar. There's not a ton of seating and it's pretty dark, but it's a pretty nice atmosphere. We went on a Saturday night and they still had drink specials which is almost unheard of. Buy one get one whiskey? Done. I had the 'Becky Got Back' drink and it was pretty good, but I'm not sure I'd get it again. The best part is that after you're done drinking you can grab food on your way out to take home with you! I can't wait to head back and actually try the chicken this time. ;)

Kevin Sheppard

Nice space for eating alone or in a pair. The wrap was too greasy between the mayo, dark meat and cheese.

Euro Auto Sport

This place is hands down one of my favorite places to eat chicken in the city!

Sam Gilbert

So fun. Simple done expertly!! Drinks in back super fun atmosphere! Food was pleasing to everyone in a group of 10

Marilynn Flores

Food was great. My only issue was the staff. The cashier was not friendly and one of the guys was sweeping and cleaning right next to me and it was nowhere near closing time. He was moving the chairs and I just felt in the way and rushed. Worth eating there but I hope everyone else has a different experience if dining in.

Brand Kidney

If you love chicken - and whiskey......this is the place!!!!


Interesting "speak-easy" type of bar location. Walk through the main food lines and to the back where the bar is located behind a door man and large fridge door. Great selection of mezcal and tequila cocktails. After you're done drinking make sure to pick-up some food on your way out

Michelina Ippoliti

Nothing on the menu is Venezuelan.... very confused about why they said it’s Venezuelan food

Jeremy Menninger

How a speakeasy should be done. Get a cocktail.

Barry Downs

Simply the bar behind the food. Walk into the freezer and be chill with dope music and a attentive bar service. It's a win ,win. Food and drinks until you walk out the door.


Super strong drinks in the back that you can bring to the front. DJ was on point with the music and the food (at least the sides -fried and green plantains) were delicious!

lei cabral

The food was awesome. The folks there were very nice. We went at lunch time. Very opened restaurant with stools ...and wall tables. Very raw looking but it's great looking. Love the music. But really toooh have to go and try out the food. Buen trabajo y la comics deliciosa.

kelly freespirit

Chicken is great well seasoned and nice and crispy. Their sauces weren’t too good and also their sides were just plain Jane.

Steph Bellypassion

I love this place. The food is so good and they're super fast!

Kia Fleet

Good food. Fast service

Christina Scott

Ummm... So the chicken is delicious. But let's talk about the secret bar in the back! Definitely a fun stop!


I was looking for best wings in DC and came across a blog that recommended this place. Well, they do serve chicken parts but NOT wings lol. They are Peruvian cuisine restaurant and they serve amazing whole chicken or by parts like 1/2 of the chicken. They also do strips which usually take a few minutes. The sides are awesome too. On the back....there is a door to a whiskey bar. It’s kind of hidden like a speakeasy but the name of he place sort of gives it away:) we had some drinks after food and they were great!

Secrett Happy Place

Food is great. Service is fantastic.

Malcolm Holloway

Saw this place in an article pretty much about places offering a better chicken sandwich then the popeyes chicken sandwich.. that's craze had been running rampant in the country.. and it delivered! get their pollo sandwich.. forgot the name. Lol but wont forget the place. Extra points for really good sauces

lambert quartey

Chicken is really good. They sometimes run out of options if you go at midnight. Then again its open at midnight. Has a nice whisky bar in the back behind freezer door.

Olivia Jeanne

Bougie version of Chipotle, with Absolutely delicious flavors and textures. My favorites are The sopa, guasacaca, tiritas, All the sanguiches... actually I love everything ive tried so far. Just wish portions were larger.

Alex Holston

What is not to like about a place that specializes in two things - Peruvian/pollo chicken and whiskey. Don’t be surprised - when you walk in you are greeted by a take out counter. This is the pollo part. Keep walking back and you will find a plain door. Enter and find a subdue bar with 99 different whiskies. They specialize in all the classics, listing vieux carre, sazerac, penicillin and other cocktails on the menu. I ordered off menu, preferring their take on the Hudson. There is food at the bar, very tasty. Try the wrap and guacamole with plantine chips.

Unim4trixzer0ne 7

Fast and delicious food!

Jennifer Turiano

Super fun night spot, my vodka soda with blood orange was a nice twist on my standard drink and the bouncer had the coolest hat! Everyone was friendly. It was great :)

Joe Ostrander

Chicken was moist and had a lot of flavor. The sides were my favorite part. Loved the coleslaw, yuka. The "yellow sauce" was perfect, and spicy sauce went a different angle than I was used to, but good. Best black beans I have ever eaten. I went for lunch, didn't see anything that had to do with whiskey. Not on a menu or anything. Went there because of the name, not to drink, but saw nothing about my favorite spirit.

Sara Rozario

Loved chicken and whiskey’s speakeasy bar. Cute intimate bar located in the back of a fast food restaurant. Bar tender was extremely kind and prices are average. Definitely going back again!

Michael Smith

Way too loud. Or maybe im just not cool any more.

Bernie DuBois II

It’s a shame I couldn’t go to this place physically I only had their food through door dash but daaaamn was this food fire. The chicken is banging same with the jicma fries. The highlight however was that yellow sauce which is the aji Amarillo. Best sauce ever. Please eat here you won’t regret it!

Juan Antonio Santacruz

This is my 4th time at this place and still disappointed with the chicken which is always undercooked and red inside. Eating raw chicken is dangerous and can cause salmonella. The rice is awesome, and the other side orders are very good. Price is very reasonable.

James Mcgregor

As you leave the whiskey part the chicken is really good. Can't get enough of that chicken.

Dustin Williams

We were there for the whiskey more so than the chicken. It's a cool place and we had a blast. Bartenders were really friendly and made us great drinks. DJ Dirty Hands entertained us with some choice 80's music. Love the speakeasy feel of entering the bar through a freezer door.

James Andrew

Impeccable flavors. The whole chicken with 4 sides is great. The roasted chicken is tasty. The side are all good. The sauces add some extra kick. Really good!!!

Jeff Kuhn

Great speakeasy style whiskey bar in the back with a delicious Peruvian chicken restaurant in the front. The bar is very comfortable with a huge selection of varied whiskeys and great bartenders. The bar menu has good tasting notes as well. The chicken and sides are great - my favorite sides are the corn and the guacamole. The one thing I would change is the seating at the restaurant. It's ample but uncomfortable.

Elijah Abass

The server Elizabeth is great. She really knows her chicken!

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