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Carine Jemia

Tacos are my favorite. A must try. Not sure about the other things on the menu because I have not tried them.

Razak 44

The food is very good. The problem is that its way over priced.

Russ Hall

The beat chicken I've ever had! Fantastic service! Call ahead and order so it's waiting for you when you get there.


Food so good. All that I'm after from here.

mahedi hasan

Good quality

Warren Holy

First time ordered the boneless wings, the spicy ones were just spicy no real flavor, the sweet ones were pretty good just a little bland . Too much breading for the size of the chicken

Terry B.

The food is delicious. That's for sure. That's why I keep coming back. But 3 stars is all I can give for waiting at least 30 mins for my bone-in wings. Boneless wings don't take as long but they aren't real wings. I've been there way after lunch time and also around lunch time. Same thing. Didn't make a difference. Still at least 30 minutes.

Taurus Hawk

Awesome grinds, good friends, great time!

Chris Chen

This is our go to restaurant for fried chicken. Be aware though, it takes about 30 minutes for them to double fry the chicken, so I recommend you ordering your chicken before you even look at the menu. They also have a great happy hour from 4-7 M-F where pitchers are half off. Definitely a great deal and they have a reasonable selection for you to pick from.

Yuki Sokamotto


Kyle Transue

My favorite Bon Chon used to be in Annandale until I went to this one. It's connected to a dessert store and is the perfect weekend (or week day!) treat!

xiomy machado

Very relaxing atmosphere, people there are always very nice. Love going to this location

Yuri M. C. Rodrigues

Excelent food and staff!

Fred M

Chicken and beer is why I go there

Karen Skipper

Food's great, service is great, easy to get in & out of, huge portions and not expensive.

mari v dlc

My kids love their crispy soy garlic chicken, edamame and fried rice. We drive all the way specifically to this location as it is the best!

Eboni Briscoe

Korean Fried Chicken at its best. I had the half and half strips with seasoned fries. The spicy is indeed spicy so get water. Also loved that I got 10% off bubble from place attached. Recommend


Great place if you like spicy fried chicken. Food is very tasty and staff is usually friendly. Happy hour also is great beer for cheap.

Daniel H

In the corner of the plaza bonchon has a wide variety of chicken platters for most. For the amount that you get the price is reasonable along with this the customer service is responsive and welcoming at most of the times even on busier nights.



Derick Coutinho

Good place with good people. And good food too


Chicken was delicious, service is great.

Ruth Dalrymple

Good fried chicken and very spicy. Can be a little short on parking at times so be aware.

Justine Bromley

My boyfriend and I travel a lot and out of all the Bonchons we've been to, this is our FAVORITE!!! Not only is the food great but the staff is amazing as well. We've been coming here for a year and half once or twice every month! The manager, Jiho has given us great advice on other things to try and we're never disappointed. Our go to is a small strips soy garlic with two bowls of white rice and we've never been let down.

Brian E

The food was good, but I was in a group of 4, and we all ordered entrees and sides. The food came out at random intervals over the course of an hour. 15 minutes after ordering I got my order of fries. 10 minutes later someone else got their fries, 5 minutes later 2 entrees came out, then 10 minutes later another side. I got my chicken like an hour in or something. I know it takes a while to cook, but you still bring the food out at the same time.

Victoria M

Service here is great!

Ashley Malinowski

Absolutely amazing food!!! Great atmosphere and value. Hannah H was an excellent server!!!

Bart Hill

The taste is fine, but the take out is so slow. It's not as good value as wingstop

Marlon Torres

Great food and service!

mary a

Delicious food and great staff. The fried chicken is amazing.

Allison Schlegel Topik

The restaurant was large and dress is definately casual. The service was great.The sesame ginger potstickers were great as were the main dishes that we ordered. I would go back again.

Daniella Mendoza

They cook the chicken by order so it takes a bit but so worth it! Service can be improved.

test test

Great service. Pretty crowded though. Short wait time.

Alejandra R

Everytime I visit VA this place is on my list. There chicken is delish!

Ashkan Asx

Good food and good customer service,thanks!

Daniel Ducharme

Bonchon is always going to be a long wait because it takes a long time to "double fry" chicken? Whatever that means. And whatever it is, it does actually make chicken significantly more delicious. I am also not a slaw fan, however, treat yourself to their kimchi slaw. It might just be the highlight of your night. It's delicious, not too spicy or hot, and offers a nice balance to the fried chicken.

Steven Clark

Nice ambience, food is great, the service was excellent, definitely coming back, Amy server was A plus.

annzie a

Yum. We always get mixed large...worth the appetite. This specific location has the best taste and quality, more meat than bones. I've been a few times already and would return.

Juan Lagos

Both of their spicy and soy wings are top tier, particularly @ this location. A must-have when coming by here.

Shadi Tabba

Tasty food... especially if u like spicy

Abraham S

Great food, beer, and atmosphere. You can watch games here while enjoying every bite of your chicken and fries. As long as you're on a diet, this place is perfect.

Jenny Chambers

Absolutely love the food here wonderful service very delightful

Tyler Sposato

I think I can die happy now. Some of the crispiest chicken wings I have ever had (coming from a guy from Buffalo, NY).

Katie Clarke

very good food. my son's favorite place for a snack

Maheshwari Neelam

Not worth the visit

Mohamed Badaoui Najjar

Crunchy tasty chicken with Altra crispy potatoes. Mouthwatering dumplings wrap up this must visit restaurant.

George Chen

Everyone I know loves their fried chicken and fries; you do want to order ahead as it may take a while to prepare. I'm taking one star off for their service; they once forgot about my phone order and tried to trick me into waiting on the spot. I ended up confronting them that they must have forgot about my order and just told them to forget about it. In my opinion that was not very honest

Christopher Kubicek

Love this place. Their chicken wings are unlike any I've had elsewhere. It's expensive for wings though, so don't be surprised.


Most likely the best Bonchon in the state! Always excellent quality food, wait staff are always kind and knowledgeable on the menu, and the restaurant is consistently clean.

Jeff White

The double fried chicken wings and tenders are out of this world and the garlic fries are "crack" plain and simple! This place is usually busy but we always find a table and I love the intimacy of the place...unusual for a sports bar type establishment. One tip: Call about 20 mins out if you plan to order chicken as it takes a while to cook; otherwise, you'll be waiting!! It won't be the waiter's fault though as they are on the ball!


BEST BonChon in the area by far! Service is always fabulous and the chicken is consistently amazing. The flavors, portions, and breading are always on it!!

Bert Baker

Soy garlic fried chicken the best

john laffey

Fairfax location, first time customer. Going back often! The tacos were amazing.

Brian Frenette

Live in Michigan but originally from Fairfax, Va. Anytime I'm visiting I make it a point to get Bonchon. Don't have one near me. Some of the best chicken I've ever had, their spice and flavor is perfect. Need to get one in Michigan, I would be a constant visitor.

Katlin Barrett

Great place! Great service! Great chicken! I get the strips half soy garlic and half spicy. The Cole slaw is good too and helps if the spicy is too hot. Love the beer menu and happy hour during the week!

Lisa Bailey-Harper

If you're looking for crispy succulent tasty chicken wings, this is the place to go. I can't make it home before I have to dive into the box to snack on my drive. The onion rings too are my favorite. Yummy!

May Saffar

Great Korean fried chicken place and a must try! It’s my first at this place and I ordered chicken strips and drumsticks with seasoned fries. Everything is freshly cooked and tastes fantastic. I don’t eat fried food generally but I break the routine every now and then and this place now is one of my top places for such a break

George Cochran

Great Korean style Bar B Q I recommend this restaurant to everyone.

Yoonmi Ha

yummy korean fried chicken place with authentic taste, a bit too saltier than I remember from back home but still it was almost the same. be careful of the slippery floor, though, my kid almost fell down. wouldn't reconmend ddeokbokki(hot and sweet rice cakes) since there are very few ddeoks( rice cake) at all, and too much onion, better be called hot and sweet onion!:)

John Ro

Not quite the same as in the beginning.


The chicken is the only good thing here. Disgusting soup!!

Murat Degirmenci

I really like the chicken wings it was very crispy and tender.

David Schrader

The KFC of Asia only better. Better service. Better flavor. Serves alcohol.

Jason Donohue

Oh my god. I'm addicted to the soy garlic strips. The best fried chicken ever!!

James R.

Excellent chicken and Parmesan fries. Highly recommend for a quick bite to eat with friends.

David Zlo

OK place for beer and wings, but I would not take my family there for a dinner again.

Tom Snow

Amazing flavor for the chicken and potstickers. Udon soup was delicious with onion and fish cake. I would get the udon by itself. There sign says "Are you addicted yet". I am.

Thuymy Jenness

Seriously the best chicken. Don't bother order anything else just load up on the chicken!

Brian Chong

Love their spicy chicken. The restaurant was clean and the waitress was friendly.

Arthur Huffman

Really great wings

Tom Jorgensen

I used to love this place but lack of cleanliness is not acceptable to me. Chicken is still good but i gotta wonder...

Rheana Gray

Their soy garlic wings are amazing. The ramen noodles & Kimchi coleslaw are good standbys as well. It takes thirty minutes to fry the wings so if you're short on time definitely call ahead to place your wing order. These wings are amazing- and once you hear the crunch of the wings as you take your first bite I promise you'll be hooked. Bonchon also has multiple locations in the dmv so there's plenty of opportunities to get your crunch on. Located in the same plaza as hotspot. 5/5 for the wings, casual atmosphere, consistency, and the (unaffiliated?) dessert shop attached.


Best wings in the DMV

Mason Eoyang

Standard Bonchon, good food, hip atmosphere. If you've never been, Korean fried chicken is crispy, rather than crunchy. Pan Asian inspired side dishes. Service is attentive to the point of needy when I visited.

Binh Nham

I could eat this chicken all day long! It's crispy, moist, sweet, and spicy. Mmmm.... I also had their bulgogi sliders, which were also super yummy! I wish there was one of these where I live, but I was just in the are for a convention.

Hind G.


Gregory Lystra

The food was incredible. Our group shared many dishes and my favorites were definitely the bulgogi and the wings. We left feeling like Thankgiving.

Joeliyn Tran

Ate and order here >5 times, usually great BUT today, they gave me old chicken when I order careful


Food takes a while (-30min on average for the chicken) but tastes great. Would recommend ordering a few side dishes to snack on before the chicken arrives.

Michael Ackerman

Best drumsticks in town

Brad Bender

First time there tonight. We had the Pork Buns (oh my god were they fantastic!) The Bulgogi Sliders (They were ok) the Octopus (first for all three of us and yummy!) and of course the wings. The mild were were wonderful, the spicy were super good as well. My wife found the spicy ones to be way hotter than she liked, whereas I found them to be fairly tame. Regardless the food was only outshined by the service. Great staff, spotless dining area. We will be back often.

Austin Kirk

The food was bomb as always. I love getting the takoyaki appetizer. I used to eat it in Japan and you guys do it right! Also the wings are killer. COME GET YOUR WINGS HERE.

Marcus Johnson

My wife heard about the chicken at this place so we decided to check it out on our Saturday date night. Its one of the crunchiest most delicious chicken experiences I've ever had! Juicy succulent fall off the bone flavor with a crunchy fried outer skin. Comes in strips, wings, boneless and drumsticks - 10, 25 and 35 - Bonchon also had a great selection of Korean fare' including steak, shrimp and calamari dishes. Next time we go I will try something different but I will always get an order of chicken when we visit! This place is off the chain! Had to give it to the old lady she knows her s#@t! #partyinyourmouth

Matthew Jaquith

Great chicken, lively atmosphere

Tiffany J.

Obsessed with these wings! My favorite spot for take out.


Bonchon is pretty amazing, not gonna lie. I could eat their chicken everyday. We were there last week to pick up food for a birthday, always a crowd pleasure. Beware, though, the hot chicken is most definitely hot, and the white meat tends to be spicier. Still awesome.

Will Allen

this is a great place to go and hang out with friends. I highly recommend calling ahead to place your order as the wings take about a half an hour to cook.

Ian Matlak

Great food and I had a very nice waitress who kept refill my drink when it was only half way done, Loved it.

Rojas Sarmiento

Proportions are good.....luv the soy garlic strips.


It's not the same. I've been dining in regularly here at Fairfax location even though I live in Annandale because Fairfax location used very fresh, big chickens. I dined last Friday during the happy hour and it was a pure disappointment. My family ordered 2 fries and 2 large wing+drumstick half spicy and half soy. We got the fries in timely manner but it took roughly about an hour to get the chickens (even though we were told it will take 30 minutes to get them). Well the chicken size decreased roughly by half, more than half of them were as small as my thumb (even if they were wings, they were very small). Even worse, ALL those wings were very dry and hard to chew as if they were either fried more than once to serve old left over chickens, or were just not fresh. I would've given a star if those friest weren't good. I will definitely not waste any more money on this sub par , expensive chicken.

Anna Lowry

BonChon is life changing. No, really. It's basically double fried Korean crack - once you have it, you will be back on a regular basis. I'm a fan of the spicy, but the soy is good too. Make sure to call ahead, even if you are eating in. The chicken takes about 45 minutes to cook.

Prazeena Shrestha

My family has always been a big fan of Bonchon but it felt like there was change in flavor today. The spicy wings weren't really spicy. I hope they bring the flavor back. Will coming back again!

Mansour Mehdi

best wings in town


Has good flavor chicken dish, lot of young people like this menu.

Hung Nguyen

Wow.. Being from Albuquerque NM and being taught how to cook wings from friends in buffalo NY.. This place is really good. 30 mins is worth the wait. The staff is very friendly and nice.. Recommended amount and sizes.. Appreciated the hospitality. Will come here again and bring friends on work travel here.


Been to this location 2 times. First time, i got take out and the chicken strips were very thin. Not a good first impression. The second time, i got sick from the chicken strips before the end of the night. The service was good but its not a redeeming factor. I will stick with Centreville and South Riding locations from now on.

Corina H

Love.the.chicken! We eat here all the time.

Tommy Domingue

The food was great, including the drums we ordered and the Bulgogi. But the place was a little too loud for our tastes. Maybe this will be a place for us to do pickup in the future.

Micky Minutoli

Loved the wings

Wenpeng Xu

One star just for the food. The fried chicken made me sick for the whole night.

Philippe Varron

I ordered the Bulgogi soup for $13.00 it was too much salty that I did need to put half of my glass of water inside to be able to eat it !! The size of the soup was ridiculous small . I did take picture to show it to my friend who did want me to let him know how it was . I give one start because the deco :)

Arica Cornejo

First of all.. not family menus for kids, I asked the server if they have chicken for kids he pretty much notted no and walked away..service didn't get better... Not attentive what's so ever..waiter appeared was decent..tho on the expensive side for the portion.. wings were big and filling which I give 4 stars..first time at this chain..

Thomas Ryou

High tables, beam projection, chill mood. The food is good. Had a nice get together with friends.

Victoria Barnett

Slightly disappointed. The flavor and quality of my fried rice and chicken strips is inferior to the Hyattsville, Columbia and Rockville location. The food wasn't bad, just not what I'd expect from Bonchon.

eileen greene

Excellent food I would say in town. Perfectly cooked perfectly seasoned steak. Very satisfying experience. Excellent service...

B Fram

This was my go to restaurant when I lived in the area and is now my must visit whenever I'm in the DC area. The chicken is divine, the sides are all worth trying (particularly the potstickers and the salmon ball), and the spicy mayo that comes with the fries should go on everything. A can't miss place.

Anthony Sheetz

Great food, great service. Interesting layout.

Sandarva Sharma

Great food. Loved the beer, fries and the wings.

Dean Freeberg

BonChon is really making a name for itself. If you like chicken wings, or chicken strips...theirs are AMAZING! For the regular wings the wait is 25-30 minutes, but once you CRUNCH...I mean bite into'll know why. They also have other great items on the menu, including YakiUdon. The service is always efficient and polite. The food has always been above grade. Try it, it's worth it.

Leilani Darling

The food was 10/10. Service really sucks. I came after a long flight from Los Angeles and this really helped my body to recover from nausea and headache. My parents said to the waiter we might order more later. So, I eat some define food and enjoyed it so much, I wanted more. So as we called over our waiter, he said the kitchen is closed. Hmm, I thought this place closed at 12? Apparently, the kitchen closed at 11. What made me really annoyed was when the waiter decided not to tell us that the kitchen closed when we specifically said we would order more food later. As we left, my mom talked to the waiter saying our case including our flight. He said, "I'm sorry but everyone knows kitchen closes at 11." WHAT. WE CAME FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND YOU EXPECT ON OUR FIRST DAY HERE THAT WE WOULD KNOW YOU CLOSE EARLY? Uhm... No. Also, it doesn't matter that EVERYONE knows. All he had to say was "last call for food, kitchens closing" especially when we told him that we would order more. If you don't know what you are doing, don't work there.

Dave Park

I only recommend their wings; no other dishes.


Bonchon is great! Cool bar/casual restaurant atmosphere. They've recently added some good and interesting items to their menu. Bulgogi sliders are delicious. We always go for their wings or boneless tenders and seasoned fries.

Jamie A

Food was delicious. The chicken is tempura breaded and wonderful. The bibimbap was excellent. Service was also really good. Friendly, welcoming and patient.

Martin Granzow

Hot waitresses

M. Marzulla

The crispy soy chicken is delicious, as is the bulgogi. Service was quick and friendly.

Wes H

Great chicken, just make sure to call ahead. I like the strips the best. The spicy is good, but if you have a weak stomach stick with soy garlic.

Toan Tran

Crispy, saucy, delicious double-fried chicken. You can't go wrong at Bonchon. The spicy deuce had good kick to it, while the soy garlic sauce is packed with flavor.

Ömer okur

Always a pleasant experience :) clean and warm environment. Tasteful food:)

Ike Smith

Double fried chicken legs and wings in soy garlic I need to continue?!


Best Korean style chicken around.

Will Dkn

We arrived as a group of 10 with reservations. After placing our orders, the food arrived as it was ready, though some if it took longer than 30 minutes. After waiting almost an hour for our order of small wings and asking about them multiple times, we decided to cancel it. I seemed that they were having a pretty bad day keeping their orders straight. when they took our cards to pay, it took them 10 mins to get everything figured out. The overall experience was one of dragged out disappointment.

Marya Clausen

Delicious chicken and good service. Buy TV channels and Music streaming at the same time are not family friendly.

Jessica B.

First visit, this place is delish! Service was on point. Definitely will be going back. No complaints at all.

Tenzing Barshee

Great chicken probably the best I ever had.

Edgar Han

Star ratings based on Food, Price, Ambiance, Service and Overall Experience Ambiance

Isaac Yang

Great food but a bit of a wait. Good for large parties.

Alan Tu

Korean Fried Chicken is doubled fried chicken that makes for an extremely juicy inside and crunchy outside. I always get the non-spicy soy garlic flavor . Their fries are super crunchy as well.

Oscar Wiygul

This place is great. Excellent ambiance and awesome Korean fried chicken. There's even a dessert shop attached to satisfy your sweet tooth.

El Mohan

Best fried chicken y ever had

Brad J

Bon Chon soy garlic chicken is awesome!

Bobby Royal

Love this place. Expect to pay $8.00 to $13.00 dollars for lunch. Free refills on soft drinks. They have full bar as well. My first there and found the staff to be extremely friendly and provided great recommendations. I recommend trying the combo chicken platter. It really gives you the best of both worlds. I found the spicy. Fried chicken delicious and not overly spicy. But, it does have a kick. Wether you do the tenders or bone in chicken - it is filling. If you are going for dinner, I suggest take an earlier dinner. This place could easily get busy. If you want to experiment, go during lunch time. But, the way, the crunchy fries can come with something like parmesan cheese. And, their dipping sauce is awesome. Parking is ample but it is in a busy shopping center. Televisions are strategically placed so, you can catch up on either sports or news in hi-def. Then, if you have room, you can step next door for some great treats, coffee, teas or bubble drinks. Be sure to present your receipt to receive and additional discount. Very enjoyable.

Kenneth Berrios

One of the bigger Bon Chons I've been to with a great dessert spot next door. Super friendly and great service!

E-beats Beatbox

The chicken there is from heaven but for an appetizer try the sliders with bulgogi the establishment is great and the waiters are very polite and check in on you often. I definitely recommend this place to all meatlovers and foreign food lovers!

Asia Sampson

Best Fried Chicken other than my mommas....... and their Cheesecake is popping.

Meta Rater

3 stars, no more-no less. I don't get what the big hype is; the chicken, although crispy, is hardly any different then a decent general tsos's dish but with a mild sauce. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but I would not rate it as something special. This is a Korean recipe and should never be compared to the classic buffalo wing with the tangy sauce. For me, it just wasn't worth the 10 grams of fat per wing serving nor the 30 minute wait but there were quite a few people who seemed to be enjoying it.

Kedar Haldankar

best chicken wings and chicken strips I ever had in my lifetime so far

Charles Hamilton

This is a very good Bonchon location. The service is fast and friendly. The food is consistently delicious. They have the best fries of all the locations I've been to.

Hniem Siu

Can't go wrong here... great food, great environment, great staff. .. im one happy camper


Great chicken. Must have parmesan fries. Good atmosphere.

Matt C

Bon Chon is the best food

Sam T

Best authentic Korean-style, pressured-fried chicken. The side dishes are okay, but the specialty is the fried chicken, which isn't greasy (and that suits me perfectly, since I can't handle too much fat or greasy food). You can get it mild or spicy, and with a variety of dipping sauces. If you want the food to go, it's best to call ahead, since the food is slow-cooked.

Jeremy Lucier

This is probably some of the best wings/chicken I've had in a long while. Excellent in general. Call ahead for large orders. Ordered half and half (mild and spicy), fries and drinks. Also they have their liquor license now

Riad Khattab

Excellent chicken, done right. Pricey though.

Lisa Peters

Always great food!

Romeo Hermann

Delicious food. Plan to return.

Cyrus Bakhshi

It’s korean fried chicken and it’s damn delicious. I usually get a mix of mild and spicy, but the spicy is SPICY, so buyer beware. They have amazing seasoned fries and a solid selection of beer.

Emmanuel Manful

Fried rice and fried octopus was good. I️ could do without the chicken. Spicy wasn’t really spicy. And for the hype I️ could’ve seasoned my chicken better. Overall nice environment and friendly staff

Michelle Nam

Not super impressed with the menu and food at Bonchon. Was looking forward to good late night eats and ordered the wings. Not only did it take more than 30 minutes for the food to come out, even though we were one of only two tables, the taste was just okay. The service was slow and our waiter didn't come to check in with us or update us often about our food.

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