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REVIEWS OF Bakery, Bread & Grill IN Virginia

Nereo Mendoza

Try the beef salteñas and the mocochinchi beverage

Jorge Davalo

Matt Grasberger

Delicious salteñas and friendly people

Marcos Sejas

I jus got 2 rosquetes they were the worst rosquetes ever. YOU DO NOT PUT LEMON JUICE TO THE EGG MIX OF THE ROSQUETES that was so disappoint. My rating of the place it is only for the rosquetes. I know they have good food.

jude kimball

tiny with very little seating but the excellence of their food cannot be overstated. frequently out of saltenas, which is unsurprising because they're simply fantastic. definitely my go-to for a quick lunch.

maria catalina Lemcke


Small place, food is good but I would rather go to the Panamerican in Picket St. you get better portions for the same money.

Michael Vu Nguyen

Jim Safley

Best lunch specials in Fairfax: large portions, tasty, and inexpensive. But you absolutely must try their salteñas and soups. You can never go wrong with them. It's a small place, so be quick about eating so others can enjoy!

Joseph Holbrook

Jose Hernandez

erik adrian roca villarroel

Very tasty food.

Rami Bannourah

Had a bad experience, felt really rushed. She didnt get our food order right, and didnt even bother to try to correct. Not to mention the language barrier. Also, total included tip, which you rarely see, and it was only my wife and I. They lost my business.

Rossmery Marguez

Jake Gold


carolina rendón

Dawn Barwood

This place is a rip-off. They charged me $17.05 for two breakfast sandwiches (bacon egg & cheese) and an orange juice. $6.50 for each sandwich and $2.00 for an orange juice and $2.05 for tax? Come on. I will not be going back and it is too bad because I could walk there from work and the food looks awesome, however, ripping off the public is a turn-off.


Friendly waitstaff and delicious, authentic food.

Emily Davis

Small bakery with a big menu. Delicious food and a wonderful staff! Would recommend.

Patrick Mancini

The Saltena's were great. almost no wait at lunch.

Martin L.

The place used to be awesome until today stopped for lunch and there was a sign on the wall six inches from my face stating "Eating time is restricted to forty minutes"... Totally ruined my lunch I really felt like choking with each bite and changed the flavor of the food... Very bad move from management.

Darlene Poucher

Stopped by to sample the Saltenas - they were delicious!

Maria Hernandez

idan zocher

Enrique A

Marek Zalewski

Small, but nice largely Bolivian bakery and restaurant, serving Bolivian specialties, such as saltenas.

Justin Lesser

Tilly Lo

This is the 2nd time I've eaten here in several years. The first time I had the buttered Trout, and it was delicious! So buttery and tender. Everytime I think of this place, I would think of how yummy the fish was. Today, I came back for the fish, but decided to get the Tuesday's special, Paella. It has a nice balance of meat and rice. I has mussles, tiny clams, calamari, shrimp, sausage, and chicken. The rice was a little more moist than I prefer and I am ok with the seasoning used. I don't see myself ordering it again... But definitely the Trout next time. The staff seems more quiet and reserved, but they did their job well. The restaurant appears to be clean. They even gave me and a couple of patrons a small slice of cake. I excited because I have been staring at their cakes and am wondering how they will taste. The cake was moist and has a lot of flavor. The icing melted in my mouth. The little slice is plenty for me after the big plate of Paella. I got a table by the window and the sun was shining in. The waitress was so thoughtful and lowered the shades without me asking... I didn't even think to lower the shade because the sun wasn't shining on my, just my table. I didn't finish my food, and the waitress was so helpful offered me a container to take my food even though I wasn't planning on taking it. She cleared my table as I enjoy the free cake. One of the reviewers mentioned a 20% tip added to the order. That didn't happen to me. Maybe for large orders or group? Overall, I have a great experience. Will come back again... Sooner than several years

Melissa D

Paul Guzman

TOG Traveler

Interesting Bolivian sandwiches that make a serious carbo load. Huge roll and potatoes on sandwich. Served with rice! Any carbs missing? Sandwich was tasty, but hard to manage without making a mess.

Oscar Orellana

Robert Cooper

Has an excellent selection of pastries and baked goods. They serve delicious varieties of salteñas and empanadas for under 3$. The food always comes out in a few minutes and it comes with this delicious green spicy sauce. They also serve many other Pan American dishes as well as some random Asian dishes such as bulgogi. I come here quite frequently and would definitely recommend.

Fernando Franck

Jose Ortez

Kasey Hatch

Pablo Perez

Rosmery Soliz

The food is decent, but it irks me on the quality of service I always receive here. A young lady with glasses and a nose rings was our server, and would be rude to us, wouldn't refill our drinks even though she passed by our table. Would ignore us and would talk to us in a rude manner. The food is good, but the service is not.

Lil Russ Robinson

I went there for lunch today and it was amazing. Everything was fresh and good that I ate. Nothing here served out a can. They have a variety of desserts too. You can get whole cakes here and breads. The flan was big and delicious and so was the Tres Leches cake mmmm. I am big on desserts. I will drive for some good ones. I had the bulgogi and rice with veggies. It was outstanding. Wait staff was very friendly and helpful. Nice size TVs to watch while eating. The place is a bit small but definitely worth it. You must go there. They have a variety of soups and specials of the week. I will be coming back soon. Plenty of parking.

Yodi Collins

Phenomenal cuisine, cozy environment, excellent service. A visit here is never a bad decision!

Steven Rogers

Kevin Roca

Mario Prada

Good food

Jason Kim

They have the best saltenas you can get

Dagmar Mracna

Alex Arnez

Es un buen lugar la unica observacion es q en ocasiones se llena y toca esperar una mesa libre. Me gustaria q ampliaran su capasidad de mesas.

jeremias esteban

Plato Quemado

Kyle Poirier

Saltenas were excellent. Great service.

Norman Gonzalez

Excellent lomo saltado!!!! Salteñas are ok, not the best, but ok. Prices are reasonable.

Johnny Ivanovich

Tiff Cruz

Poor service. I'm assuming because I am a darker skinned Latina I get served differently here. I started my order in English as that was how the server began then when there was a clear language barrier I switched to Spanish to make things run smoother but the waiter insisted on English which in turn caused the order to be wrong. The fireworks began when I asked for things to be corrected the manager came over and pretty much told me this is what I ordered and will have to settle for it. I've ordered out in the past and the wait is a bit long but the service is poor so I won't be returning. It's a shame how prejudice Latinos can be against one another based on skin color. But more importantly half of the menu items were not available. Each time I asked the answer was we don't have it or we're out of it. Poor business practices.

Paul Mickelsen

Great Bolivian food -- good portion sizes. I went once and have already been back a few times. The asado criollo was cooked just right, too.

Brian Prince

Lots of great food at great prices. Large portions and great customer service.

chantelle thierry


My friend took me here, and the food was AMAZING. Some of the very best South American cuisine I've ever had. And they have great horchata!

Harun M.

Daniela Sykes

The salteña was only potatoes, and the soup had no flavor. Extremely disappointing.

claudia Lafertte

Chris Cisar

Small place with fresh bakery items and a fresh lunch menu. Rare lunch place to get something light. Had the terriyaki salmon w/ vegetables and rice.

Douglas Bainum

Worth finding.


This place is the best! From the food to the delicious sweets, it does not get any better. I wish this place was bigger so I can bring more people here so they can experience their incredible food! I love their salmon Caesar salad!


Their food and service is great, only downfall is the space. Make sure to get there early for lunch as they do get busy (which is a good sign).

Roberto Kim

very nice food.muchas gracias.

Les Alves

Fast service, very good food quality.

John F Kormos

Always Excellent Food and Service! Siempre excelente comida!

Jesse Hoptiak

This place is amazing! This is that secret place you go for breakfast lunch and dinner. Amazing food

Hyun Choi

Jose Vargas

If you are a looking for some good Bolivian food like salteñas , a great dessert selection or a good dinner, this is the place to go around Fairfax . I highly recommend to try the famous sillpancho . Overall , good experience

grace tapia

I love this place and service is wonderful. The servers are sweet and kind. The young lady with glasses named Jimena is very helpful and her recommendations are always good. I recommend the sillpancho and the peanut soup.


Eric Medina

This place rocks!

lemon playz

I got some empanadas and bread nothing fresh was from the day before I can believe not recommend this place at all!!

Kira Lopez

Love the salteñas! Great price. Haven't tried the other foods, but I plan to.

Philip Kada

John Mairs

Samanta Corrales

Borys Anzoategui

Me gusta mucho la variedad en cuestión del bakery todo es delicioso en especial los cuñapes. Pero mi queja no es por el producto si no por la gente que atiende a los clientes. Como es posible que no respeten la línea. Atienden al último que llega y al que llegó primero bien gracias. Realmente pésimo servicio al cliente. Sobre que los precios son exageradamente altos uno tiene que aguantar el desaire de estos malos trabajadores.

Celia Julca

(Translated by Google) Exquisite are the cassava cunapes (Original) Esquisitos son los cunapes de yuca

Deissy Silvestre

Excelent food good customer services

Graciela Dominguez

Fuimos en julio del 2015 y me atrevo a decir que fue el.mejor fraicase que he comido hasta la fecha.....lo recomiendo

luis gonzales

Ashley Gilbert

Great breakfast

Alexis Carambot

So delicious. You definitely won't leave hungry!

Jholeman Flores

Fairfax City Reporter

City Fairfax’s tastiest small bakery on Lee Hwy, featuring breads, pastries and a variety of saltenas and empanadas. Perfect spot for people in need for a break from work, equipped with Wi-Fi and secluded seats and a fantastic selection of Bolivian cuisines.

Monica A Perez S

Pésimo servicio de la mesera ordene mi comida por teléfono y no estaba lo que pedí y la mesera quería obligar que lleve lo que ella mando a preparar, realmente estoy muy molesta la manera que me trataron pésimo servicio no importa que la comida sea buena si no tienen calidad de atención

Mensur Begic


Joseph Garcia

I love this hidden gem! They have a huge menu full of different options. The saltenas are to die for and the staff makes you feel like you are at home! Please, I urge you to give this awesome place a try.

Chris Monje

Quality of service is horrible. I ordered food and they messed up on my platter. When I asked to get it redone since I'm allergic to jalapeño peppers they stated they can't when I clearly informed them no jalapeño peppers!!!! Staff is very rude.

Darwin Tipan Velasquez

Bakery items are great. Food is great. Staff is great. Very small and cramped eating area. I would recommend the yuca bread and the salteñas anytime.

Julio Jr Guzman

I came here for some Salteñas cause I think their Salteñas are good. I was hoping to bring some for work, they open at 7plam I got here at 7:10am and they didn't have any why cause the employees come in at 7am. Sir I work in the food industry business and by law when you open you gotta have everything ready. What a disappointment you got make your employees come one or two hours prior to your open hours....

maniom shrestha

Noel Zapata

Amazing bolivian restaurant you MUST give it a try! Amazing south American food

Juan J. Tapia

Jason Andrade

Cause saltenas...

Maggie Welton St. Lawrence

Brittany Havenner

Food was amazing!

Mariana R Cummings

***Be aware that they automatically include 20% tip on your payment. Good food, I tried the famous saltenas (beef) and they are amazing, also tried sandwich churrasco and the Tancra Pecho, those sandwiches is good but nothing that would make me come back for them. I think for the saltenas is worthy and also maybe try the desserts that look really appealing.

Ben Allen

Had the special for the day, Pollo Saltado, and it was great. Really glad I stumbled upon this place.

Ronal Zapata

Tom Luna

Excellent, Salteñas are very very good.

Corina H

Delicious saltenas!

Francisco Ortega

Food was great but on the expensive side.

Danny Bae

Great food, great service and fair price. Can't really ask for more. Only gripe is the location is very cozy so a party size greater than 4 is going to be really hard.

Martin Barrera

There customer service is superb, they have the best cook and cashiering town, she speak English, Spanish and Portuguese! I meet the cook, a delightful individual too ! I have nothing else to say than FOOD is great, not expensive and "I will be back for more, surprise me"! I forgot to mention, their Choripan is outstanding !!!!!!!!!

Doreen Mueller

Carmen Vaca

Sandra Szeto

A Google User

Feel J Akir

Saltanas are

eileen greene

Great brunch & coffee. Recommend the Petit Omelette. Nice, frothy cappuccinos. A touch on the pricey side (west village, of course), and the seating situation is a little awkward, but the greenery and casual layout make for a great ambiance.

An An

Saul V

Great fresh food and reasonably priced. At $10 for one their daily specials it's a bargain. Like salmon on Thursday's for $10 sign me up!

Ron Walton

Delicious food everyday.

Robin Gailliot

Christopher Sass

Bruce Robbins

It would be a great restaurant if they would open on time as I said they're going to they're supposed to open at 7 a.m. so I was here the first day they couldn't get the front door unlocked for about 5 minutes today I pulled in and at 7 a.m. they're totally dark so what kind of business runs like that I got their quesadilla the first time which was good but they're unreliable on their opening time

Elizabeth Ayala

It was the best place for salteñas...!! but this last time...the dough of salteñas was very thick...!!! not juicy..!!! burned...!!! over charge...!!! What happened .??? Please keep doing good job..!!

May Rivas

Love it!!!!

Maria Medina

Buenísima atención, la comida riquísima para todo tipo de gustos... Muy recomendado!!

Elena Rocha

(Translated by Google) Very expensive (Original) Muy caro

Behemoth Titan

ivan perez

Ivannia Avila

Their chicken cordonbleu is amazing

Wayne Paulus

Francisco Uribe Luna

Delicioso, en el corazón de Fairfax, variedades latinas, muy buena repostería y pan.

Cci Andrea

As I was born and raised in Bolivia, I had a hard time finding a restaurant in the DC area that served good bolivian food. This place has it all, food is well cooked, service is good, and it has environment. Im definitely going back again!

Harrison Hwu

Maribel Banegas

Amazing Bolivian food

Julia Cooper

Ryan Martinez

Mauricio Crespo Suarez

Rodney Haggins Sr

I am hooked. TEX MEX, Spanish and European. Great food and great service.

Gamal Aburdene

I work about a mile from this restaurant and I enjoy coming here to get lunch, service is great and food is amazing. I would 100% recommend this place. People who work here are always friendly

Yovana Jaldin

I ordered a soup to go and I waited for it thinking it would be a good portion since I ordered medium. Turns out I paid $8.50 for a cup of soup that was so small a McDonald's large drink was bigger than It! And I thought since it was a Bolivian restaurant they'd serve the soup with meat in it, because every Bolivian restaurant does, but they put in very tiny diced chicken in it, and the soup had absolutely no flavor. I've never seen diced chicken in that kind of soup before. Not worth it.

M Wu

Thant Aung

Authentic Bolivian food. Great quality but cheap price. Love this place.

David Huet

Good Bolivian food and bakery that also has American style breakfast and sandwiches

Yunica N

Mario Tommasi

I had coffee and little pastry along with a breakfast burrito. All terrific. Plus the wait staff are very welcoming. It is sort of small with, maybe, 5 or 6 tables. But comfortable and cozy.

Oscar Brown

I've been there three times in five years, and the last time I remembered the reason why I didn't come back in so long. The food is okay. If you compare with the food in other Bolivian restaurants in the area, you will find that it's below the standard. The quality of the food does not justify the high prices, neither the quantity of the serving (Bolivian dishes are known for their large serving size). Seems like they try to take advantage of customers with their pricing policy. Ask for a cup of coffee and you'll see what I mean, specially when you request a refill. The last time I ate there I ordered a "charquekan", a dish which consists of beef jerky, hominy corn, steamed potatoes, cheese, and hard boiled eggs. in other restaurants it's served with rice, instead of hominy corn, and some salsa, or "pico de gallo" topping the jerky to add some moisture to it--here the jerky is not real, by the way, it's just beef overcooked to an extreme dry state. I requested my dish like that, but got charged $7.00 more for adding the pico de gallo and a portion of rice (no other restaurant would do that). Yesterday I was there, again, ordering the same dish, with the same substitution. The girl behind the counter said the substitution could not be done, but went to the kitchen to inquire about it. The cook got very upset and, in a very hostile way, replied that it could not be done, that I would have to eat it the way it's served, if I wanted to order that. He kept shouting and complaining about the request so loud that I could hear him from outside. I decided to cancel the order and went to another restaurant. I figured that if that joker is so hostile while making my meal, he could do something disgusting to it. I just don't trust cooks like him, I worked in kitchens before, and seen it all. I guess he doesn't realize that, if he's got a job, it's because customers pay for it.

Miguel Ferrufino

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