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Brian Joseph

Burgers are decent, but way too high in price for the kitchen not to cook them how you like. I ordered my burger medium, but it was still well done. Wait staff was a little slow reacting to us, and others. For a lunch spot, you better make sure you have the time.

Evgeniia Zdravaia

Got very unfortunate with our experience, the waitresses spilled my tea, never even said sorry, we got our order almost an hour later, I watched other people who got there later than our company getting their orders before us (same appetizers as we ordered)

Curtis Prentice

Great selection of burgers and alcohol. The delay in food service for our table, as well as other tables, was evident. The staff are friendly and professional but, could have been given to many tables to manage.

raynard wolley

The food was simply ok, in my opinion. My wife enjoyed the "fresh ground on-site beef" and said she would like to return. So I guess that means I'll be back also.

je vf

Nice atmosphere, good happy hour drinks & food. Best burger I've ever had in any restaurant (spicy Baha). Bartender less than attentive, hard to catch his eye x 7. (!) Apart from that, I'll return to try again.

maria O'LEARY

Best burger! Great service!

Luke Selvig

Highly recommend! Great burgers and at a fantastic price for the area.

Echo Bubb

Burgers were so fresh and well seasoned! Definitely will be back next time we are in DC.

Gail Dieckhaus

Good quick lunch, excellent food!


Loved happy hour! The B-berry was tasty and very popular. Tried the jalapeño poppers and hot crab dip and they were very good. I was expecting the crab dip to be spicy but it was just warm. Only the section by the bar participates in happy hour, so if that’s what you’re going for make sure you sit in the right place.

David Borger Germann

I expected good burgers but was surprised by how great the other food is. The Cuban salmon plate is amazing. Kids menu has some good variety and generous portions. Bonus: decent selection of some local brews. Highly recommended.

Angela Haley

Beer was tasty the best part of our experience. Food was ok The service was horrible, the waitress needs to put a smile on her face, check in on her table or think about another profession.

Gil Weber

Good food. Decent craft beers.

David L

Just came here for some drinks. Didn't even know it was a chain when I walked in but that doesn't matter. Service was prompt and friendly. As a native of DC (visiting DC family now) I loved the vibe and energy in the place. It reminded me of the old DC where all the staff weren't NY expats who came down here to serve congressmen. It reminded me of a time where DC had a soul and a culture. The bartender chatting with guests at the bar and the barflies reading books and sipping wine. And a good old fashioned too... Def a plus! Next time I'm in DC and looking for a burger I'll definitely be back.


food was alright and the only reason i didn’t give 1 star. service was so bad. i felt so unwelcomed in the restaurant the whole time. as soon as we sat down we were ready to leave because of how rude the servers were. this restaurant was the first interaction i’ve had with rude washington dc people. also, got the mac and cheese and the pieces of onions were way too big. would not return just because of how unprofessional the waiters were. two waiters saw my young son knock over his drink and spill it all over the table. no one even bothered to help or bring more napkins. instead they were annoyed when we asked for more napkins

Robert Nielsen

We loved this place! Great Fish ‘n Chips and the Burger was also cooked to perfection and delicious. Good selection of draft beers and wine by the glass too. And, great and personable service! Can’t wait to return someday. Yes, I wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant.

Barbara Boyer

Food very good (cheeseburger sliders) and service was excellent. Atmosphere so-so. Busy location.

Eric Daniels

Fantastic burger. Fish sandwich was great too. Not overpriced. Would return in a heartbeat.

Arkadeep Bandyopadhyay

There are better burgers in the city. Service isn't too great either. It's alright. At least their burgers come with fries.

Carrie Finnegan

This place is delicious! We stopped for a late lunch and while service was pretty slow, after several days of walking DC like a tourist, I did NOT mind waiting as it meant I could SIT. My fish sandwich was under seasoned, but I just added salt. We did not complain, but the chef sent us a complimentary bread pudding for our time and it was outstanding. I would definitely go back.

Johan Axelsson

Burgers are all right. Shawarma is a joke (you would be ran out of town in any part of the middle east after serving). Service was slow and got things wrong. Rude when asking for separate checks.

Moe Mentum

I am still waiting for my drink. And they aren’t accommodating to larger parties, everything was an inconvenience and took way longer than it should have (and it was 3pm on a Tuesday). Think twice before coming here with a larger party. Pretty standard food too, nothing special.


A wonderful place for a burger. Onion rings are not very good. Service was good, place was clean.

Zaid Jumaily

Unbelievable burger. Must try. 10/10

Johnny Grayson

The staff was great and the place was easy to find. My group thought the wings were great.

Roniqua Jeffries

I don’t know why I never noticed this place before. It’s right next to Chopt at the archives metro stop. I just had a drink, the Kentucky lemonade, which was good. Everyone said the burgers were great. Took off a star for the poor service. When I asked where my party was sitting I was just kind of waved in a direction like “go figure it out.” I was meeting a new group of people so I had no idea who to look for. The waitress seemed overwhelmed with the large party but did her best. Seems like a cool place. I would come back.

marquetta poteet

I loved this restuarant! We had the best server ever, Johnny. We had some amazing food and drinks. Plus, you gotta try the B cup! Definitely worth a visit!

Matthew Kress

Great burgers! Definitely some of the best we've had in quite some time. Fries were delicious, as were the free pickles - and our server was quick, attentive and friendly!

Sara Roberts

We sat at the bar on a Saturday night and the bartender completely ignored us while having a conversation. Another server came up after about 10 minutes and asked him if he'd waited on us. He said no and kept talking. She came and handed us menus but could tell she didn't want to be doing it. Few beers and one burger was 60.00 bucks. The bar smelled like stale beer. I feel like for this kind of tab in that kind of place we shouldn't have felt like we were intruding by being there. I'd say skip it altogether but there are few late night choices in this area of town.

Kimberly Kruse

Great HH deals and nice server. Unfriendly bartender though

Trista Dunlap

The best sliders (1 for $3/3 for $7/12 for $10 ) in DC. Great bartenders, and customer service. The B- Lemonade (!Happy Hour-$6.00) is amazing. This is a great place to socialize, and meet new people. Happy Hour is amazing, and you must try the tater tots w/ gravy and cheese for $4.00...enough to feed a group of 4. This place is a HIT!

lizmarie mendez

One star for the burger and one for the fries. Waitress came back asking for more tip money I have always been reasonable with tips and I respect waitresses work but this one was just being rude and ruined my entire experience as a tourists. Food is good but be ready for rude service and the manager becomes mute when questioned.

Gina Marie Clements

The two is for nice location, poor service, waiter did not know his menu and confirmed the wings as dry but they were swimming in sauce. When ordering for tried hungry kids, get it right dude. Especially $80 for 3 burgers, sodas 1 app, no alcohol... Worst cold watery Shepard’s pie, quality of meat for burgers very disappointing. Very loud happy hour crowd at the bar, assuming that’s the positive reviews.

Sarah Rosen

Quick service, yummy food, cool atmosphere. The alcohol/drink list is quite impressive!

Jeremy Hill

Staff is great and the food was excellent! I would definitely come back!

Maik De Bresser

Great food, the soup of the day (chicken-potato-brocolli) was really really tasty. Good music as well!

John Dowers

I ordered the BBQ chicken Mac n cheese and it was dope. I actually got the pulled pork, but was totally okay with it. Also, we ordered the firecracker cauliflower. It was AMAZING!!!

Jariel Jimenez

b DC is a great place to get unique burgers in America's Capitol. It's location is by far one of its best assets, being right next to the National Mall and right on Pennsylvania Avenue. That being said, the food is also very good, with burgers consisting of everything from beef to chicken (in a very burger-like texture, I might add) to vegan options, if you like those. My main issue with this restaurant was the service, which was pretty slow and boring compared to the small burger joint I'm used to in my hometown of Clarksville, Tennessee. I wouldn't consider it bad or rude, but I have an expectation of homeliness at a restaurant, and I just didn't get that here.

Adam Wright

Baja burger was on point! Fry portion could be a bit bigger. Overall it’s a go! They offer military/gov discount too.

Suelena K

Is it even possible to give it a score! Never even got a glass of water! Worst service ever!! Left after 15 min of waiting to be acknowledged. 2 other tables that came way after us got served. NOT COOL... I WILL GIVE MY BUSINESS TO ANOTHER ESTABLISHMENT!

The Director

Yes! A great place with great food, downtown. The staff is super friendly. They found us the perfect table. Party of 8 and everyone loved their food. The beer was really good too.

Nicolas Carabajal

I don’t believe they use the right mix for a Bloody Mary. It tastes like a shrimp cocktail. Can’t even taste the vodka. The place smells gross too. I imagine this is what Alabama smells like. DC really needs to step up its food game.


We were looking for a restaurant nearby. We used Google and other users. We weren’t disappointed. A great choice, including for children. Burgers are not out of reach. Small eaters will find their happiness, great eaters too. The ingredients are fresh and very tasty. The salads are delicious, the burgers can be customized. The reception is very warm and the employees reactive. The proof is, we stayed two days on Washington, we ate there two days in a row

Amanda Turcotte

Love b Penn Quarter. The food is always good and the people are even better. Our last trip was for Bourbon Month first friday. The menu was paired with bourbon suggestions and some bourbon infusion. The staff was polite and engaging. There were even a couple bourbon vendors on site with some decent swag. We will be back. Thanks!

Joseph Tordella

b in Penn Quarter has decent burgers and great happy hour appetizers. The burger was a pretty dry despite being medium rare and one of the more premium options; the bun was thick, dry, and seemed more than a day old. The nachos — made of potato chips — were great. Service was a bit indifferent to hostile, even behind the bar.

Lezlea Hudson

Service and food was excellent! I had the 3 mini cheeseburgers with parmesan fries. Kendrick was awesome! If I'm ever in D.C. again, will definitely come back


Restaurant was very nice. Daughter picked it out on the fly. Burger was good and flavorful. Waitress Kim took good care of us. Wasn't crowded or too loud. Would come back. A little pricey for burgers but its DC so you have to expect to spend $$...

Travis Blunt

Great, just slow service. Never got refill on drink, was gonna order a beer (no beer menus brought) but server took to long to come back. Good food, but service lacked.

Scott Schumacher

While visiting DC we got off the Metro and my two boys were hungary and we found this restaurant. My wife liked the fact the advertised bourbon out front. She did get a flight of bourbon and the food was really good. The waiter was informative of the bourbons and a great waiter. I would recommend it.

Cindy B

Service is slow and unfriendly. Food is good. Pickles are awesome!! Would be 5 stars if service was decent.

Bruce Nelson

Food was really good. Service was slow. Two mistakes on bill.

James Sumner

I have eaten there a few times when my brother and his family visit DC. The food is good and moderately priced. The only complaint that I have is that when you order a burger, you never get the bun that you ordered. Otherwise, I would recommend this place! Convieniently metro accessible. Navy/Archives

Jennifer Arney

The kids Mac and cheese was on point! The burgers we're good too. I had the Breakfast burger with a turkey Patty and it was as stated, a burger that tasted like breakfast. My husband had the smokehouse burger and said it was good too.

Liberty Cosworth

Burgers were very good, service was very good, friendly server. Excellent overall experience.

Kari Sheets

Great burger and good service even when they were packed

Nitza Carrasquillo

Great food BBerries are so good!

Jake Middleton

Great place. Food was delicious. Amazing atmosphere, and the happy hour prices were good.

Ralph McCrea

They have an interesting take on Jalapeno Poppers. Instead of the deep fried fare you get at most bars, they take whole Jalapenos, and slice them in half, fill them with cheese, and Broil them. They are more like an Armadillo.


Fantastic firecracker cauliflower. Burgers/tacos were good. Decent beers on tap. Service was rather bad. Employees were very unenthusiastic and inattentive. They were standing around and on their phones.

Mike Keane

Solid gluten free meal for the family. Service was fine. Issue with temp on my sandwich that waitress was willing to correct.

Martin Chabarrria

Easily one of the best burgers I've had

T Ligon

No crab cake but they said they did smh what is wrong with these people

Lara Carswell

Amazing gluten free fish and chips. Onion rings and fries are gluten free too (designed fryer!) & fantastic. Incredible quality and very reasonable prices.

Fany Sweeney

This was our first time in Washington, we needed something easy and nice, this restaurant was perfect. Great services, nice food

Amy Pelayo

Horrible manager. Ordered food 3 of 4 orders, were not made to how menu described, breakfast burrito without eggs!, when bringing to the managers attention we were talked to as if we did something wrong, no apology, nothing just an annoyance that we were just wanting the food made how it was on menu. . Gal next to us wanted a gluten free bun and told it was and next thing she found was it was not. What is going on at this restaurant. we are here yesterday and it was good except for cold crab cakes

Maarten Van M

Impossible to make an online reservation. Always says it's fully booked. Seems like they don't want/need any more customers.

Elizabeth Helms

We sat outside. We waited over an hour for cold food. The manager came and appolgized to everyone who had been waiting and comped the food, which was a plus. If the food had been good at all, then I would have given this a higher rating.

LGBTQIA and Dog Friendly Guide

We did not have a good experience. We came from Pride and were given hard stares when we came in wearing pride t-shirts. When we sat down, the waitress misgendered my partner, which I let go the first time, but then did it again after seeing her ID with proper name and gender. Service was extremely slow and we had to order drinks twice each time because she was sitting at the bar and flirting with the bartender instead of putting our orders in (we could see her from our seats). She never brought us silverware, which we pointed out to the manager when HE delivered our food. The people who had burgers said those were good but everyone who had something different was less than impressed.

Andrew Ricker

Food was great! Service was also great but when we tried to get seated, we felt almost ignored by the host. Otherwise, pretty solid visit.

Joshua Tellington

Absolutely GREAT wait staff! Awesome service, good food. I recommend it!


It would have been five stars if the front greeters where a bit nicer. Not very friendly at all. However, our waitress was excellent and food was real good!

Nathan Huitt

Great place for a quick snack and good beers just off the mall a block or so.

Michelle Glover

Food, service, atmosphere all great!

Ziwei He

Their burgers are very bad. The patty in my 3 shrooms burger tastes poached, doesn't have any crunch on the outside, doesn't seem grilled or pan/skillet fried, yet is incredibly oily. I can't even begin to fathom how they cooked the patty. We asked for medium, there is no pink in the middle, way too well done. The onion ring on my boyfriend's smokehouse burger is very soggy. The redeeming factors are their wings, which tasted good, and the sweet potato fries, which are very crispy.

lisa riker

The hamburgers are awesome, drinks were great and service was excellent. Best dining our whole trip.

Philip Jenkins

Went during happy hour and appitizers we're 1/2 off. Really good food.

Jeff Downing

Worth walking a couple of blocks from the mall to sit down and get some good eats. Lot's of choices on the menu and good service.

Quinntez Washington

I happened to stumble across this place, but I have to say the experience was inviting and peaceful. Great food as well, I would recommend this restaurant.

Mitchell Myrick

Just finished eating and had to leave a review. Our group has been in D.C. for several days and eaten at restaurants every day. DC Penn Quarter has been by far the best experience all around! The food was excellent, the service was awesome! Kendrick was our server, all 7 of us had our order taken perfectly and he didn't write anything down! It took an extra minute to seat our party of 7 on a Saturday, but we we're not disappointed. Even my picky eater daughter finished her entire meal! Thank you!

Jewel Campos

Burgers and fish tacos are soooooo tasty! I will be back!

Monica Stuchlik

So impressed with this place. The burgers are delicious and so are the drinks. Great service too!

Matthew Wilson

The food and service are excellent. I loved the GF jalapeño poppers. The burger was extra juicy and flavorful. They have some excellent dipping sauces for fries and onion rings—just ask. The Baja burger is VERY spicy.

thien nguyen

It is almost a cliche that restaurants close to popular tourist spots tend to be mediocre, and b DC Penn Quarter sadly lives up to this. I came here post-lunch hours with a friend and found that service was slow, despite few people in the restaurant. To be fair though, our waiter was very friendly. In addition, the food is slightly overpriced and nothing to write home about. The burger and fries were edible and passable, but I would suggest that anyone patient and not hangry look for another place to eat if they want to make it worth their time and money.

Derek Van Dyke

Found this place while traveling. Awesome burger place.

Hollie Marie

Best Burgers Ever! - My Husband :) Also their crab cake is quite tasty!

Amanda Donaldson

My friends and I came on Saturday and they were pretty busy. We were a large group and had to wait a while for a table. The staff was very apologetic and even got us our desserts for free. Our waitress Brianna was wonderful. I personally enjoyed the large serving size of the coffee! We all enjoyed our food and can't wait to go back!

Dan Rosenbush

Good restaurant with a large burger selection. My burger was definitely good, but I wouldn't say great. I ordered a medium rare burger, and it was definitely cooked to a medium. The bun was also a little thick to my liking. The selection made up for this as they had many interesting choices. I'd go back and recommend it to others, though not one of my favorite burger bars in DC.

Stefanie Hirt

One of the best burgers I've had in a long time. And my son, who tends to be a picky eater even enjoyed the kids fish sticks.

Nanci Fox

Happy hour is between 3pm and 7pm. Must see and taste. The food is amazing. Service was fast. In and out before my lunch hour was up at work.

Derrick Portillo

Great service and atmosphere. The wings were great, a must try I'd almost say. Food overall was great. Portion sizes were just good, not great or bad, but just good. Prices are reasonable for the portions and quality. Great beer selection too. Definitely worth a try, and will be coming back again.

Miroslava Rudneva

Terrible place. Stopped here today for a party of two. Were told to wait 30 minutes till they call us. Waited until noticed they are placing people who came after us. Asked what happened. A waitress checked her tablet and said that she called my friend's phone, but "the line was busy." We checked the phone. No calls were made. So, she basically lied to us. Then we were placed at the most inconvenient and tiny spot close to the booth. Preferred to leave. Worst staff ever!

Johnleia Lambert

Great place to end your day of sightseeing down at the monuments. b DC Penn Quarter is just a few blocks away from the Botanical Garden and many of DC’s famous attractions. The restaurant is spacious and the bar area has many sitting options. Stop in for happy hour and you won’t be disappointed by the delicious drinks and large portions of food.

J.P. McWatters

This place is pretty decent. They have good burgers and a good selection of beer on tap. The only negative about this place is that it is very tightly packed and it doesn't take many people to make it crowded. Even with that, definitely going back.

Katherine Diaz-Callaway

Beyond words!! So happy to find this place in DC after growing up around their Connecticut locations. The food is soooo good. Really just drool!! Ordered the juicy CA Burger with Truffle fries. You will need a cigarette after u have those fries, promise. The burger was cooked to my requested temperature & the spicy aioli gave it an added kick. Their Old Fashioned cocktail was also perfectly prepared. The ambiance is great whether in the busy bar area or in the dining room. Great modern decor & clean. Service was super attentive. The bathrooms were immaculate. Thank God this place isn't near me or you'd have to roll me out of there in a month! A must try/enjoy!!!!

Nate Huitt

Good selection of beers and lots of bourbon. We had pork sliders that were delicious and the crab dip was good.

James Hudson

Solid burgers and tater tots (skip the fries) Really nice beer and bourbon selection

Mike Meikle

Unfortunately we did not have a good meal experience here. The burger was overcooked and too much sauce. The tater tots were good though. Service was good.

Jacob Vaughn

Excellent, expedient and polite service. Both the server and the owner were outstandingly helpful and kind. Great food and exceptional service. Do recommend.

Eduardo Back

I'm not sure about the food. I left before ordering because the hostess was rude. Wanted to seat us in a table with someone else's bag in it and when I informed someone was there already she turned her back on me complaining.

Carrol Hammonds Miller

This was my first time at this restaurant. I enjoyed the variety of the menu and the selection of sandwiches. The food came to our table quickly and tasted great. I would visit again when I'm in the area.

Fred Hucke

Good service and the burgers were excellent! Would definitely go back.

Blake Arrington

Came for happy hour. It was packed but the food was good and the drinks were great with good prices. Also even though it was so packed the staff was very helpful

Paul Lindsay

Just wanted a burger and a beer. My expectations were far exceeded. Our server was Rob. He talked us into getting the blue burger but adding bacon and putting it on a pretzel bun. It was delicious. Got a flight of bourbon as well. The 1792 and the four roses was nice.

Mark S

Pros: Very good burgers. Salad was also good. Cons: Ultra tiny plates! Everyone at the table constantly was spilling food off the plate to the table.

nikki eiland

Came with a group of 15 for a bday dinner. Service was mildly slow but that's to be expected with a big group. Server was great, answered questions, food was very good

jamie robotti

Here on vacation and my son wanted a really good burger. Read the reviews and decided this was going to be the place! You can't go wrong with any of the food! It's all delicious. We had ceaser salad, burgers and chili at our table. Kimberly was our waitress. She was patient and very pleasant. She is outstanding! We are going to be craving these burgers back in MN!

Dmitri Levitas

be much better if the bar didnt smell so strongly of bleach

Susan Doherty

Good food and bourbon selection but... We waited not the 45 minutes they quoted but over 90 minutes for a table. Then we ordered our food and waited another 45 minutes (plus they had "just" run out of the options on the summer menu) for our food. Skip it and walk to another location.

Lindsay Rassoull

Service was TERRIBLE. More than 20 min for our appetizer, more than 30 for food, my food didn’t come with everyone else and waited about 10 for that. And another 20 for dessert. Bathroom was even worse! No soap in any of the dispensers, garbage overflowing on to the floor. How do staff wash their hands!!!??? Cauliflower appetizer was great! Veggie burger great! Salmon over cooked, but not terrible. But for the terrible service and nasty bathrooms- I won’t be back and don’t recommend.

Casey Reynolds

The waitress did not ask us what we wanted to drink, and also did not come to check on us the whole time as we waited more than 30 mins for our food. We also told her in advance that we would like our bill split and she rudely told us "get your calculators out and write the total for each of you on the back". (I never had to calculate a split bill before at any restaurant) Then after doing so, she came back over and told us we did not include tax in our math so we owed her $5. She did not seem to have patience with our table and we definitely weren't expecting to wait more than 30 mins for 3 burgers and some fries. Overall the group of 5 of us were very dissapointed with our dining experience. NEVER HAD SERVICE THIS BAD BEFORE. Do not recommend.

Lavender Kelley

Great place for pub fare including a strong number of gluten free items. The various burgers are the centerpiece of the menu but try the fish and chips too!

Michael Ellis

Pretty loud restaurant that I could barely hear my girlfriend sitting across from me. Other than that, our server was excellent and the food was absolutely delicious. Would totally recommend their Breakfast Burger on the Croissant!

Elise Tolbert

Cool place for food and drinks! Great happy hour!! I really like their buffalo shrimp

Mitch Harrington

The food was great, the selection of beers and specialty cocktails was very cool. Ask for Brie, she was a Very knowledgeable, kind and attentive server. She made our day!! My husband & i can't wait to go back!!


Yum, great service and fantastic service! Would go back on our next visit to DC!

carolyn cortijo

Clarence was very nice and cordial,also the fish tacos were to die for and I would have eaten more if not that I was going back to NY.

Shane Reagan

I ordered the Smokehouse Burger and this was one of the best burgers in my life. First off, it was huge and the brisket was cooked excellently. BBQ sauce was great and I would gladly eat their Smokehouse Burger 8 days a week. Staff was nice as well to add to a family-friendly embience!

Monica Rivera

Prices are great as portions are huge. Loved the bacon and cheese burger, super tasty! Meat was medium rare just the way it should be. Fries were ok. Service is fast, friendly. Menu is varied, they offer fish and chips, salads, mac & cheese, and different appetizers. Really close to the National Gallery area. Venue is cozy, not too loud, good ambience. Definitely a great place to grab a burger.

Daniel Montalvo

Burgers look nothing like the pictures

Johanna Angel

I’ve dined in twice, had a good experience, ordered carry out and it was a really bad experience BUT management contacted me right away (food was not what I ordered...etc etc) they really went above and beyond to make up for it which shows they are very customer-service oriented. Everyone makes mistakes, so good to see when they happen there’s action taken. I will continue to come here and recommend coworkers and friends. This third dine-in I was given excellent customer service, Chardae was fantastic. Kudos to management for taking initiative it makes a huge difference.

James Gray

We just left. After a long trip into town - we were hungry and thirsty and wanted to try this place out. We were greeted nicely at the front, escorted to our seat, but that’s where the good service ended. We eventually had to flag a server down - the female seemed put out to have to help us. We asked about beer selections, to which she rudely responded “it’s all on the menu” - and then chunked a draft list on our table. We then asked about happy hour - she said “starts In ten minutes” threw the happy hour menu at us - we joking responded - we can wait ten minutes” she said “ok see ya then” and walked off. What we wanted to do was order our food and wait for our drinks - she never gave us that opportunity. We left hungry, thirsty, and very dissatisfied. We come to DC every year - the service we received today was terrible representation on not only your restaurant, but also the city. Sent from my iPhone

Mark K

I wish that the waiter had not asked how we wanted our hamburgers cooked...but he did. He asked if we liked "some pink" or "no pink" so I asked for "extra pink". I figured that it would still come out "some pink" which would have been great. I ordered the pretzel burger with tater tots and the tots were super good. The burger...not so much. Not only was there no pink but it was cooked so well that it was dry with that charred flavor. I almost never send food back because of the time that it takes, but I made up my mind to bring the problem to the waiter's attention this time. Unfortunately, the waiter delivered our food and never stopped at our table again. Luckily a manager was nearby so we hailed him downand he said that he would take care of it right away. He finally returned with the burger and dropped it off. It was almost right this time but neither the manager nor the waiter stopped by our table the rest of our time there. I guess that's how it works. It was great that my burger was free and the people who work here are kind. It's just not worth it when there are better choices nearby.

Seth Chi

If you like a great burger you should check this restaurant out next time you are in the area. Excellent meat, clearly freshly ground and prepared exactly as expected. A nice number of suggested burger combinations and a make your own option as well. Three of us in our group of 8 had burgers and we all loved them. Others in the group enjoyed there selections too. Only one minor comment with one person whose salmon was slightly over cooked. Service was very friendly and appropriately attentive.

E Altoro

The food was good. The drinks were fabulous and the Navy band was playing right outside in the courtyard. What more could you ask for? They did get my food order wrong and my husband's as well. But they immediately corrected it with no hassles.

Ki'Amber T

I've been here twice and the first time I had a really positive experience. I ordered the fish and chips which was good and received good service. However, the second time I ate here and ordered the fish and chips, the fish batter was not fully cooked. I noticed the batter tasted off and I didn't like it in comparison to the first time I ordered the fish and chips. So I pulled off some of the fried crust from the fish and I realized there was still RAW BATTER on the inside! The fish batter wasn't cooked all the way through. It was well done on the outside but there was still a lot of raw batter on the inside. I was disappointed and informed my waitress who provided amazing service to us throughout the night. Our waitress informed the manager about my food, but when the manager came over to check on us and ask about the food, he was totally dismissive. He told us that that is just the way they do their batter and there is nothing he could do about it. He basically told me that there was nothing wrong with the the way it was cooked. This manager's dismissive attitude really upset my partner and I, which is I why I am writing this review. I hope other customers don't have to 1) eat raw batter or 2) deal with a dismissive manager. Honestly, I think the manager treated us this way because we were black and brown and younger. If we were white, I don't think he would've responded the same way. I bet his tone would have been much more polite and he would've been apologetic had we been white. Aside from the manager, this place is pretty good. This last experience was very off-putting though and I don't know if I see myself going back there.

Donna Arcaro Serratore

Good place to eat after a long day of sightseeing. The (classic) burger was okay. I didn't have any beer, but the (makers mark) bourbon was great. The prices were pretty reasonable. I'd go back.

Evan Baltimore

Not very good... but the wings were amazing

Deanna Hume-Cheatwood

Our meal was amazing! Gluten-free burgers that were to-die for! Excellent cider, gf onion rings and the gf kids chicken tenders were out of this world! But what was even better was our server! Jonny was a total treat, I would eat anywhere to spend an hour with him! Can't wait to come back!


Consistantly good pours and great appetizers

michael allen

Spent the day in DC needed a place to eat and came across this burger spot.My waiter was very nice and knowledgeable I ordered a smokehouse burger and a Sam Adams beer.The burger was cooked to my liking and was very good.

One Life2Live

Really enjoyed my bacon cheeseburger! The beer was superb! The fries were rather delightful and my waiter was spot on! A little diomamd in the rough! A must to try!

Hilda Kroll

The food is really good, the portions are very generous, the prices reasonable, and the location conveniently close to the National Mall and Metro. The fish 'n chips big plate is enough for two and crispy and delicious without being greasy. The super salad was filled with all kinds of wonderful things and was a perfect main course with the addition of a chicken breast. On the downside, the service was really, really slow. Miss K is a lovely young woman with a great personality who could be a real asset to the restaurant if someone took the time to offer her a little guidance and additional training.

Mr. Green's Jelly Donut

Amazing BURGERS!!!!! The smokehouse burger was unreal! Delicious beef patty with beef brisket piled on, a fried to perfection onion ring, cheddar cheese, and BBQ sauce. Mmmmmm. Lobster sliders were equally as good, and the firecracker cauliflower was literally the BOMB. Also our server Hassan was great! Great work guys! Your food is amazing!

Hillary S

Great burgers. Good happy hour. Priced ok ~$15 for a burger.

Scott Andreen

I always appreciate a place that promotes fresh meats cut in house. The food was delicious, atmosphere upbeat, and service adequate. There were several menu items I wish I would've ordered instead of the big breakfast. But I'm highly susceptible to food envy.

Dan Stryker

Good burgers and tater tots!

John Little

Food and drinks were really good, except the desserts which were meh. Good service, fun atmosphere.

Michael Campbell

Food was incredible! Fun and friendly atmosphere from all the staff.

Steve M

Great burgers and great service

Moe Atari

Yum yum burgers ... fresh bun fresh ground beef... great service...

No Way

Just finished a great meal at dc Penn and Quarter. Charde was the absolute best and made some great menu recommendations. Often when I'm vacation you find a restaurant where the staff is not vested in their customers. Charde helped us all relax and just enjoy our meal and relax.

Brian Doons

I knew this place looked familiar.. B is Plan B from CT. A good burger bar with a fair beer menu. On this trip I had the fish tacos and they were great. While burgers are their specialty, try the shroom burger, the tacos were great. Also, this is very close to the Mall so it's very convenient.


Great service but the food was less than mediocre. My wife's salmon bowl was bland and the salmon was dry. My Mediterranean bowl was also bland. The olives were fresh as I removed 6 pits.

Toby Weir-Jones

The staff are willing but the last few times I've been here the kitchen has consistently let them down. Details forgotten despite being rung in, sloppy follow through when the missing items are pointed out, slow turnaround on simple orders. The food itself is OK and it's nice to sit outside on a warm evening but this place isn't worth a separate trip.

Samantha Hatton

Came in here on our way to the Bible museum. I picked this restaurant for my husband that doesn't like fussy food and we had French restaurant plans for dinner. I was wrong as to the simplicity of what I thought this meal would be. My simple burger was everything but, it was delicious and my husband's Cuban burger was also delicious. The fried green beans and the sauteed kale were such a pleasant surprise

Zach Taylor

A mix of classy and casual. Great burgers and a bible full of beer and bourbons to choose from.

Maria Lebron

For all those who struggle with finding excellent food and gluten free this is the place to go and excellent service.

Laura Campa

The burger and fries were totally delicious

Scott B

Decent drinks, food ok. Terrible service. We asked for a seat outside, but none were available. We said we'd go wait at the bar and have a drink, but to please let us know when one opened up. Multiple people got seated outside before I reminded the hostess that we were waiting. Finally got a seat outside. The waiter rarely came by. Absolutely awful service

Martin Bauer

Love this place. Patrons are nice workers were even nicer. Food is great

Brianna Martin

Alright folks let’s chat. Real talk right here right now. The burgers are incredibly good. The service? Incredibly BAD. Let me set the scene I’m waiting for my burger and salad side. It had been 20 minutes. They come out with the food - FINALLY. My order was wrong and they got me the wrong thing. So they took it back and after another 10 minutes I got my correct burger. The salad? Eh. Bad. Also. Barbecue sauce? Forgotten. Our waitress was slow and barley checked up on us. So yea. That’s the tea UPDATE KIDDOS- forgot to mention. Our waitress did not even care that my order was messed up. So yea. She really screwed herself. caused her tip to DECREASE . BABY.

Breezy Bird

Food, service and atmosphere was great. Paid parking was close.

Karen Diard

After a day of visiting the museums, this was a fantastic stop for my family’s lunch. Burgers were delicious. Those who had salads were very pleased. Enjoyed both Parmesan and regular fries. The atmosphere is very pleasing and our waiter was fast, efficient, helpful and pleasant.

Brian Mills

I liked this place... My burger was delicious, it was the Baja burger, but as suggested the Baconator patty. Great beer and bourbon selection! I will be coming back, next time with my wife.

Daniel Navarro

We stopped here for lunch while in D.C. The place was very busy since it was lunch time on a Sunday, but we didn’t have to wait for a table. I ordered the 3 Shrooms Burger On a pretzel bun with Parmesan Fries and it did not disappoint. The fries were great. The Parmesan was the perfect amount and added to the flavor. The burger with the mushrooms was very good but the pretzel bun made it even better.

Sherrie Kleitch

Wonderful food and many many gluten free options! Someone finally made fantastic gluten free onion rings. And this is the first time in years I have had battered fish. Thank you!

Cyndee Barkley

Food was great! Service was excellent! Highly recommend!

Darryl Logsdon

Excellent service, wonderful cocktails, great food. (Only a few vegetarian options, but they're good).

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