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12184 Glade Dr, Reston, VA 20191, United States

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REVIEWS OF Ariake Japanese Restaurant IN Virginia

Astoria Malota

Just okay. Portions small and overpriced for what they are and they do not devein their shrimp which is disgusting. The service was okay.

Euan Armstrong

This is probably one of the better sushi restaurants in the dmv area.

Anna H

Service was great and food was great. Also kid friendly.

john Yim

Great sushi. Hamachi collar was awesome. Rolls, sushi, and sashimi were all great. Really enjoyed the food and the service. Will visit again soon.

Will Armstrong

So these 3 stars must be taken in context as a new standard for 5-star dining, especially Sushi/Nigiri was established for me in Seattle just last week. See my review for Moon Tree on Yelp! To get 5-stars, Ariake needs to be more attentive and welcoming to customers. Servers need to be more knowledgable about all the options and understand taste profiles of individual diners by asking a few simple questions. To be 4 stars their fish needs to be more fresh than Kumo down the street and have more taste variety than they do. The baby lobster roll special for $18 did not live up to its price point, ruined by wasabi rolled in. Wasabi and ginger should always be an accessory in my opinion, on the side, not a primary component. Not having a bar also limits the dining experience and puts them a notch below Kumo. I will be back and I hope I'll be able in time to upgrade them to a 4 or 5 star review.

Dean Suehiro

Great food and bento box has alot of it

Saad Moulvi

It is a nice looking spot, food was ok

Roman Rabinovich

Best in the area sushi and love the black sesame ice-cream.

Anh L

Sadly, I don't come by anymore cause I no longer work in the area anymore. But I had training class by and had lunch with a friend, and it was still really good.Food here is consistent. Always love what I ordered. Lunch time gets really packed and hard to find parking during that time. Otherwise I highly recommend! I wish it was closer to me now.

Celia T

Okay, so I'm not from here, but in 5 days I ate there twice. We were skeptical at first, and a little nervous because of some of the reviews. After taking the plunge...? WHAT'S WITH THESE NEGATIVE REVIEWS?! The food and service were both amazing. I spent a whole month in Japan, and this food was absolutely on par! I would have easily believed I was back there. The slices of fish were HUGE. The rolls? Packed with fish. I couldn't believe it. And their prices are cheap in comparison to the thick pieces of fish. We went there for lunch one day and dinner the other. The portion sizes were the same! I wish we didn't live two hours away or I would live there.

Kristen Bert

This place filled right up on a Saturday night! We came early (6pm) and when we left at 7pm there were several families in the foyer waiting for a table. We really enjoyed our sushi! Service was friendly and fast and the atmosphere is really pleasant. We look forward to returning soon.

Peter Kim

Great sushi and sashimi. Loved the service that we received as well. First time here but will definitely be back.

Jan Grabe

Consistently excellent. We had 2 Bento boxes (1 with bulgogi and 1 with ginger pork - both delicate & delicious) and a KatsuDon. We usually get the Bento Box with Unagi, but just made some at home yesterday. Great service! Great food!

Jay Mika

Amazing food, always expect a delicious dine.

Ken Wong


Andrew H

My favorite lunchtime sushi/sashimi place in all of Northern Virginia! The selection is great, the freshness is top-notch, and the prices are good. I love the lunch specials and the large plates of different types of sushi you can get...along with some a la carte selections! Cannot recommend highly enough!!!

Carly Stepan

I'm excited to have found a quality sushi restaurant for a fair price after moving to Reston. I'm always tentative when trying new places since I can be sensitive to texture and flavor of food. The service was great, the food was top notch (I ordered spicy tuna and eel rolls), and the prices were very reasonable for the quality. I love when I can savor a good piece of sushi without having to dip into soy sauce. I'll definitely have to come back for more meals.

Sandesh Gade

Good vegetarian options. Great atmosphere. Can't complain.

Colin Gosnell

Always love it here. One of the best sushi I have had.... only Hawaii fish market is better.

Paula Goldman

High quality. The black cod in miso is particularly delicious.

Stuart Lending

Lovely place to have an outdoor lunch. Excellent, crispy fried gyoza, very good sushi, and sushi rolls

Carl Pruschowsky

IMO the beat Sushi in the area. They have some great lunch specials, large menu and of course excellent Sushi. It might be a tad on the expensive side but the quality justifies the price.


the best sushi in reston

John Dell

Best sushi in the Reston Area. Prices have risen a bit over the last 5 years, but solid reliably high quality.

Isaac Nakata

I am pretty particular about sushi and would rather not eat sushi than eat mediocre sushi. This place is really close to where I live so I decided to give it a try. I did not expect much and noticed right away that it seems to be a Korean run sushi place. The cuts of fish were good and I was very surprised at the specials that they had. Stuff you definitely do not come across at just any sushi place. If you like uni I would totally recommend the uni. They have two types the California and Maine. The California costed more however worth it!!! In addition to sushi we also tried some of the cooked food. The yaki ika, beef tataki and soft shell crab. All excellent choices. I recommend this place if you are looking for authentic sushi.


Excellent tasting sushi and more. While the price points are a bit higher here, it does feel as though the quality and taste of the food warrants it. We have had a few different rolls now, as well as many of the sashimi. If anything, it's been disappointing that they have been out of the special some times.

Mike V

Great presentation, delicious food, and friendly/helpful staff. Place can accommodate a lot of people for being in such a (relatively) small building. They made great use of what space they have. The various sushi, noodle dishes, and mochi ice cream are all fantastic! If we are ever in the area again, we will be coming back for more.

Elizabeth Gasque

Excellent food and service!

Tim Green

Excellent sushi

Seth Sobhani

Liked the sushi and mushroom soup, but soy sauce was too salty

D'Aydra Allen

Great, fresh sushi! And good service too!

Jenny Winchell

Busy for a Wednesday lunch. Always good sushi and it's one of my go-to places

Mark Chi

Good place for hangout

Kwangsook Lee

They have a best quality,fresh fish. Most of sushi restaurant doesn’t carry what they have! They don’t use chip fish! That is different!

James Streiff

Love their Bento Box! Very tasty and filling!

Sara Withrow

Quick, friendly service and fresh delicious food. Tables fill up quick for lunch so best to get there as they open at 11:30.

Arlene Wagner

Had simple sushi and udon lunch, so very tasty. Soup was well seasoned and delicious. Sushi was very fresh and fish was good quality. If the weather is nice, I highly suggest to sit and eat outside.

Ankur Rathi

Nice place. Great outdoor seating too... sushi and sashimi was what I went with, and it was fresh and nice. I wish though that the salad could've been better.

Paxson Bachus

One of the most affordable omakase options around and it was absolutely excellent. Ariake provides a delicious and engaging traditional Japanese sushi experience. I recommend enjoying the the food with a nice bottle of sake. The only downside is the tiny parking lot.

Tarek Alwazir

Looking at the one-level building at an intersection of two roads, one can correctly surmise it must be a Japanese restaurant. Inside it is spacious and airy. There is the typical bar facing the chefs making their sushi art. The lunch specials are reasonable and tasty. Service is efficient and friendly. Also outside seating is nice in pleasant weather.

Shannon Mahan

Fresh ingredients coupled with friendly and frequent service. Set in a pretty location that is easy to find. The best unique find is the miso soup.

nathan allen

After making sushi for some years it is hard to find a place with truly fresh sushi, and I don't just mean recently made. The seaweed was very fresh, and so we all of the veggies and fish. I really recommend this place. The staff works so hard to make this a place you would want to come back too! There is also some nice outdoor seating. There is even a water feature!!!! Oh and best of all it isn't nearly as expensive as some of the other sushi restaurants!!!!

Stacy Tran

Busy around noontime, no parking. Other than that sushi was fresh and delicious

John Johanson

High quality sushi and superb preparation, presentation. Can be a bit too noisy at times, making it difficult to carry on a conversation, but at the same time a great vibe to the place.

win kwok

The sushi was decent, but the wait for it was atrocious. After being seated, we waited for an hour to be served because the bar was "backed up". No sorry for the wait or even excuses prior to asking about the food. Other people were seated and done with their food because they didn't order as much pure sushi. Don't go if there is a line and you want just sushi.

michael Cavanaugh

My favorite sushi restaurant in reston.100% Quality food and service.

Nick Ho

Consistently good.

Conrad D'Souza

Have been here multiple times. Good, fresh food. Efficient service for small parties; a little harried for larger parties. It is usually busy and parking is limited if the place is busy. There is no where else to park if the lot is full. You will have to go somewhere else to eat!!!

Sasha Marks

Great service, friendly, and very fresh fish. We've only had sushi (delicious) and miso soup (generous with their tofu). We will definitely go back.

Duane Tant

Had the #10 bento box meal for lunch today. It was delicious and just the right amount of food for a Friday lunch. Excellent service as usual.

Tiff Cruz

Excellent Japanese sushi. The reviews for this restaurant are accurate. The staff is very friendly and attentive. The wait seemed long as there were not any parking spaces available but once we entered there was a table ready just for us two. The ambiance of the restaurant is welcoming and a bit loud. Not too loud as it is a nice place for dinner with your family not quite a "social" spot. The sushi was excellent and the miso soup was very tasty. The sushi was made with high quality ingredients and the Florida roll and the Avocado ball was our favorites. If you coming in a large party I would suggest calling in a reservation as there were no unoccupied tables throughout our experience.

Tylir Penton

Great food and service! A nice neighborhood spot.

Derek Campbell

What can I say.. Just some of the best authentic sushi in town. Get here and experience it for yourself. The restaurant is generally a bit tight and often crowded. But the friendly staff and great service make it all worthwhile.

Pegeman 1

Best sushi you can get. I’ve been to this place 4 times already.

Jean Beard

Sushi is fresh and service is great. Restaurant can get crowded quickly and the parking lot is small.

Greg Bybee

Fantastic value for lunch. Delicious, fresh sushi with generous portions.

Steven Matos

Food was delicious. Sushi was super fresh. I would have given five stars if the service wasn't so slow. I would love to go back.

Katie Enslen

The sushi was incredibly fresh with a wide selection. I liked that they put a bit of wasabi under the fish on my nigiri. The lo mein was also quite tasty!

Melissa Quartell

Always solid. We got a variety of maki and sashimi and also tried the avocado ball, which was delicious. Not sure we fully figured out how best to eat it with chopsticks, but it was fun trying!

Joley Sullivan

Excellent sushi. I visited last week for the first time during happy hour and everything was delightful and fresh. I got some vegetable tempura, which was light and tasty. For sushi I had a tuna power roll and whatever their special roll of the day was, which consisted of crab and asparagus with cooked flounder on the top. Both were delicious and beautiful; I really should have taken pictures. I will definitely be back.

Igor Chunikhin

Good sashimi at this neighborhood restaurant. I wish they had fresh wasabi though.

Jason Liang

Great Japanese restaurant. Fast and friendly service. Good atmosphere. Could get crowded during lunch so get there early.

Edward Muhutdinov

Great place, taste cuisine. But frequently inconvenient work hours.

Kevin Crummett

It's tucked away like old Reston places, but worth finding.

ChihLin Liu

The food was very good.

Cy Movaghari

One of the best sushi spots in all of the DMV it's a hidden gem in South Reston but absolutely worth the trek for the food and ambiance. Service is great and the restaurant is clean. When the weather is nice the outdoor seating is amazing.

Joan Zhang

Love this place. It’s a nice Japanese restaurant in a quiet corner near Hunters woods plaza. We usually go there for lunch. Tasty food with reasonable price. Really enjoy the outside seating surrounded by trees and flowers. Bento boxes are my kids’ favorite. It’s my go to place if I have friends in town.

Elizabeth Christy

This restaurant is absolutely beautiful, especially outside. It's in a quiet part of Reston and is very peaceful. The sushi is top notch. Definitely try it!

Kevin Hillman

Best sushi in town!!!

Jeffrey Casault

In my favorite sushi places nation wide, and I've been to a lot of sushi places. Don't miss this place

Thomas Moore

The best sushi in DC is actually in Reston. Best selection, freshest ingredients. Amazing chef specials. If you eat sushi, do yourself a service and eat here.

peter Fry

Top quality lunch menu. One of my favorites

Trey Lindsey

This restaurant is amazing. Actually top five sushi restaurants I've been to ever. The atmospherics are a bit loud but at the same time, every table in the restaurant was full. That should say something in itself. The service was exceptionally above standard. All of the service staff were extremely hospitable and very knowledgeable about the menu and drinks. If you are looking for good service and incredible food this is definitely one of the best Asian restaurants in specifically Japanese restaurants that I could possibly recommend. Don't be bothered by the little bit of noise it's going on around you it's just everybody talking about how incredibly good the food and service are!

Cameron Summerson

Amazing. Some of the best sushi I've ever eaten.

Carrie Black

Great local place. Always seems busy. Friendly service.

Kevin Price

Make sure you get some sushi while you're there. It's very good. You'll be a pro at chopsticks by the time you leave.

Carole Brown

Tasty, fresh, flavorful and beautifully presented! What an amazing option for lunch in the Reston/Herndon work area. From the decor, the warm welcome to the attentive service Ariake is the go to spot for those who really appreciate good Sushi and Japanese cuisine. Lunch specials (with miso soup and salad) include sushi, sashimi, bento, tempura for affordable pricing. The A la carte menu is extensive so bring a group and share! I will definitely be going back!

Mia Maceren

So yummy! The sashimi is always amazing here and the service is quick and efficient. They occassionally have some surprises available like this scrumptious yuzu cheesecake!

Sreehima Gadamsetty

I went to ariake for happy hour and was beyond satisfied. The fish is very fresh and all of the food we got was delicious!!

Brenda Padilla

Great sushi happy hour specials. Very fresh and high quality ingredients.


Great for team lunches. This is our top place to go for yummy quick lunch. Quick and simple menu.


Always have fun with my friends here. The staff is very polite and the food is amazing.

Austin Sincock

always an amazing experience. My favorite local sushi bar! In fact I hesitate to even write this review for fear of driving more people out there :-)

erik branting

Amazing food and quality service. If you enjoy sushi these guys can give the best in the area. Very filling.

Stephen Hahn

Deliciousness - really good quality sushi

Conrad Smith

Too loud and crowded when we went for dinner. Very hard to get a wheelchair in. Their sushi selection is very minimal if you're gluten free or looking for anything uncooked.

Jason Montoya

Such a great atmosphere with excellent service and premium sushi. Best sushi spot in town.

Andrew Tompsen

Fantastic sushi hands down

schindel schwinger

Everything was just perfect, the service, the food, the atmosphere. Love it, will definitely go there again.


For these reasons, Ariake gets 2 stars: 1) Failed to include all the items on a take out order sushi lunch- no California roll 2) Failed to provide notice that "it's their policy to not include a salad on to go orders". 3) Their website said there are 10 pieces in the sashimi lunch but their in house menu said 8 pieces. So if you rely on their website menu, you're screwed. Double check your order before leaving the restaurant.


Best sushi I've in Reston, and probably one of the best in the DMV. Lunch is the best time to go for price and portion. Dinner stars to get really pricey. If you do go for lunch be sure to get there around 11:30 when they open - gets crowded real quick. They have a good happy hour menu that I know starts at 16:00, but I'm not sure when it ends. Con: there is not a ton of parking but you can park at the shopping center across the street if there are no spots.

Spyridon Papageorgiou

Excellent udon ramen noodles. Really helpful and fast service.


Really enjoyed all my sushi, especially the inari.

Dorian Perdomo

the sushi in this place is delicious, but what I liked the most was the tempura banana with vanilla ice cream. The price is quite affordable and the quality of the food is very good. Recommended.

Jeff Wiese

One of Reston/Herndon's best sushi spots

Daniel Rollins

Food is good but acoustics aren't. It is very loud.

Ismail ibn Ali

Great, consistent, sushi. Atmosphere is nice and staff are welcoming. Best sushi in Reston/Herndon area.

Carla Ferguson

I was pleasantly surprised. Ariake offers you a plentiful Japanese meal that is tasty. The bento box is a perfect go to and the sushi was very fresh and so yummy!

Todd Schroder

Wonderful Reston Japanese restaurant

James Carter

Very clean, very good service. Excellent atmosphere.

Tewodros Gedamu

Good quality nigiri. Special rolls can be better. Reasonable price. Good for casual dining. Service is no different from other sushi places: eat-and-here's-the-check kind.

Grace Chandler

The food is so good that it almost makes up for all the bad experiences I had. While the sushi was amazing, the service was surprisingly cold and not friendly. I went for a nice dinner out with my family, and the staff was very dismissive and rushed. I have a food allergy, shellfish, and even though I let them know and explained how to avoid it, I ended up getting cross contaminated and not feeling well. I still give 4 stars however because the food was really good and everyone at my table loved their orders. Fantastic quality sushi. Wish I didn't have an allergic reaction once I got home.


Pricy but definitely worth it. We had salmon teriyaki, sushi, and sashimi here. It was wonderful and the patio is absolutely gorgeous.

Tim Meyer

Great service, modest price and FRESH sushi.

Rajneesh Chadha

Ariake is on of the best sushi places around. In all of the visits their rice and fish have been fresh. The sashimi is cut well and not the same thinner slice as the one that goes over rice. The service is quick. It is a popular place so reservation is recommended.

Chrys Beard

Great fresh sushi and other Japanese offerings. Try the teriyaki beef.

Abraham Awad

Some of the best sushi I’ve ever had has been from this place! We went once on a short trip to Virginia and had to go back a second time before we left! Try the deep friend rolls or the cashew shrimp tempura. Honestly, everything from here is fresh, tasty, very well put together.

Brett Latour

I have had a lot of sushi in my life. From Osaka Japan, Monteray California and various spots in between. This place is way up near the top of the best sushi places I have ever eaten at.

Tim Myers

We love this place!

Sabrina Fi

Great fresh sushi. I am super picky with my sushi and it is definitely the best in the area. Great service and beautiful clean restaurant.

AJ Marcus

Sushi is good, consistent and fresh. Low grade is due to service and space. I've been here multiple times when busy and slow. The staff manage a bit haphazardly when it gets busy and I end up waiting a lot for response. Additionally, the table spacing is tight. With all the hustle of the staff mixed with the customers, it's distracting from the meal. There's plenty of accidental table bumbling, and cases where customers had to get up and move just to allow another person to pass to their table.

vanessa garcia

Love the Udon we had for lunch. Warm, tasty and great flavor!

Beth Sammons

Best sushi in Reston. Everything is fresh and service is great. Great options for those who don't like sushi as well.

Laura Ramirez Drain

The best sushi ever


Very fresh sushi and a good selection too.

Ella Connor

One of the best sushi restaurants I've been to. Great knowledgeable service staff, and the best nigiri around. They always have interesting special rolls to keep you from getting your regular order. Definitely on the pricier side, but the food is worth it.

Jennifer Y

First time here. I was very excited about this place because it has really good reviews. I love sashimi and nigiri especially salmon, mackerel, and uni. When mackerel and uni are fresh they are not fishy at all. Unfortunately, they both were very fishy to me. I usually don’t comment on food to restaurant and if they don’t taste good then I don’t return. I was nice enough to tell them they were fishy. Server was nice enough to take it seriously but not the hostess (might be the owner). She said fish are delivered fresh every day. Umm. Are you saying I’m a liar? I’m trying to let them know so it can be better next time. Rolls were good so I’m giving 2 stars. Service was okay but not the best. I probably won’t go back. Wasted my $200!!!!

Kristen Baker

Great sushi! Extremely fresh, some of the best I've had on the mainland. Little on the noisy side though. . . Also excellent service!

Neelesh Sahay

Pretty good food. Good friendly service

Dan Raymo

Pretty nice place. Ambiance was nice and the food was good. The tempura was a little greasy, but not too bad. The service was pretty quick as well.

Jihye H

Worth every expense and appropriate for a nice dinner date. High quality fish and great variety as well. If you are not a sushi person but others are, this restaurant offers traditional Japanese cuisine. The yakisoba is a tasty non-sushi recommendation of mine.

Fatima Mirza

The service is quick and efficient. The food is excellent and the staff were informed and attentive. We ordered the sushi platter for two and were pleased that it included salad and soup.

Ryan Russell

Lovely place. Great food. Creative chef and it's pretty besides tasting great. I love it!!

Donna Dolinger

Although I have been to Ariake many times over the years, I finally decided to write a review. Every time I go there, the food is excellent, and so is the service. In my opinion, this is the best Japanese restaurant in the Northern Virginia area. When I had lunch there yesterday, my server, Jee, was truly delightful to work with. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for high-quality Japanese cuisine!

Chris Sanner

Great place for a good meal. I look forward to going back and trying more items.

brenda dintiman

Best fresh sashimi as well as artistic creative sushi. Wonderful service. Fish is fresh daily!

Joe Krause

Completely unbiased review. I wanted to like this place. The sushi rice was good, but inconsistent. The miso soup lacked flavor/salt, which surprised me. the nigiri didn't have the right consistency of a small spread of wasabi and soy underneath the overlying fish, and i actually decided to dip their nigiri in some soy, which I NEVER do. Service was the worst ever as well. Absolute joke on service guys. Food quality was okay so it kind of made me give 2 stars instead of 1. Avoid this place if you want good sushi or just good food in general. Very disappointing all around.

Edison Guerra

Gave me and my wife food poisoning and they could care less. Below are pics of the brown tuna we received one night.

Giorgio Via

over the past 7 years no complaints - However, today 1/25/2019 I was invited for lunch with one of my friends - I ordered a tuna Bento box- Of the two tempura shrimp one was stone cold, left to cool and collecting local bacteria, the other was not properly cleaned and had a substantial "black matter" within his left in vein. I will not go there anymore, the staff has probably changed...

Mike H

Good selection of nigiri sushi. Maki rolls are rather average. Fresh ingredients and good service. Serving size is a little small considering the price range, though.

Shae La Vie

So fantastically good. Cant wait to go back. The staff was helpful in my selection process. Looking forward to my next visit

big wave

Beware some of the staff are mean and rude, and they preprinted out the tip on the receipt without giving me an option. I took my family for dinner to this place because it was close to one of my family members. The place opens at 5pm and didn't let us come in until exactly 5pm. The lady came out and didn't even greet us (stared us as if she was just in a fight) and opened the door. The food was in very small portions and no flavor, and I had to go home and eat some more. At one point the lady came and yelled at us for opening the back door. I felt like I was being punished for coming to this restaurant. I think they were in a serious fight with each other or something because food sucked, service sucked, place was dirty. Never coming back again.

Neeva Bose

Best sushi in Reston. Perfect place for lunch but get there early because it gets busy!!

Yevgeniy Gusev

Good sushi restaurant in the middle of residential Reston. We haven't tried their sashimi, but sushi rolls and appetizers were pretty standard 'run of the mill' sushi selection. They do, however, have a great selection of premium Sake's.

Harry Woods

Pacing of the meal was great, no long waits between courses. I would highly recommend!

Libby Oconor

Probably the best sushi place in all of virginia. never disappoints.

Rob Aaron

Always most excellent!

Karl Heeter

Simple place, outstanding selection. First thing I noticed was the number of Asian people are here both as staff and customers. A good sign for this type of restaurant's likely hood of success. Great flavor and presentation.

Richard Morton

This is our go to sushi place and the food is always excellent. The service is quick and friendly. The only downside would be having to wait a few minutes for a table at the busiest times.

Christopher Tsang

Excellent food and very reasonable prices as far as sushi goes. One caveat is that if you order sake, it can only be served cold, they don't do warm!

Alyssa Pike

Favorite sushi place in Northern VA!!!!

Michael L

I frequent this establishment on a regular basis and I've never been disappointed. Worth your time!

ChihMing Huang

Decent Japanese style restaurant. Reasonably priced menu items.

Maryam Kaymanesh

Best sushi I have had in the area! The outdoor seating by the waterfall is a bonus.

Debbie Sykes

High quality sushi and care, the place is clean and I always feel great after my meals. This is my favorite restaurant :)

Taylor McN

Not bad! The fatty Salmon was pretty good!


Incredibly fresh sushi and the prices are pretty good, especially for lunch. I would recommend the hot tea, because it's delicious and free, as well as pretty much everything else. Everything they serve tastes very fresh and high quality and the presentation is always very pretty. By far the best sushi place I've ever been too. Plus their udon and shrimp tempura is also very good.

Brooks B

Great place really good fish and helpful staff!

Sivan r

Very fast service and always great quality sushi

Thant Aung

Great fresh sushi. Could be expensive depending on what you order. The taste has been very consistent. I will keep frequenting the place. You might not get a spot walking in on some good weather Fridays and Saturdays during dinner time.

Harry Blodgett

Love this place. Some of the best sushi in the area. I’ve never had a bad experience here.

Michael Koenig

Sushi was average. There seemed to be a lot of employees standing around with nothing to do. The sushi chefs were very friendly. Did not like the fact that sushi on the menu was one piece per order most places have 2 pieces per order.

John Jordan

Have stopped in for lunch a handful of times and they have been very quick and efficient processing the lunch rush. Overall, the food is pretty good but not my favorite local Japanese restaurant. Decided to change it up a few weeks ago and ordered a bento box with katsu.

Keith Burgess

I'll admit I was not the biggest fan of sushi, but I have had multiple experiences at Ariake that may have converted me to one. They have great quality sushi and their service is top-notch. We come here regularly and have never had an issue with either the food quality or the speed of the service.

Jason L

They changed their hours and now open at 11:30. But did not actually notify anyone. Or change their website. The menu online also changed nor do they put any form of pricing so you actually don't know what you're paying for until you go there and pick up or when the check comes. When you try to ask the server how much things cause they don't know. Besides that the food is not average, saying that you could get at Bento house.

Gabrielle Bulgari

Best sushi in Reston! Lovely ambience, very nice service, always!

Mike K

If you have never had sushi it’s probably amazing here. If you have ever had sushi, this place is middle of the road. Probably won’t give you food poisoning, but not a great sushi meal.

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