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REVIEWS OF Amphora Restaurant IN Virginia

Terri Braxton

Lots of options, large portions, fair prices.

Homer Reynolds

I ordered the GRILLED ROAST VEGETABLE PLATTER, which I have ordered several times before. However, this time, I was very disappointed with the serving size. It was about half or less the size that I had experienced on my last two visits. It was about the same price that I paid before. They have a new menu that I found to be confusing. Often, I notice that when restaurants design a new menu, they make the menu look more extensive, but do their best to hide the higher prices by changing portion sizes. Furthermore, the dish was not as tastey as before. Anyway, this is a deal-breaker for me. I do not plan to return.

Amy Stidham

Huge menu and yummy!

Barry Hogentogler

It was excellent. Great server, great homemade desserts. Menu was very well put together.

George Creed

Excellent Greek food & fantastic cakes, pies & pastries

Ann Stone

Always great. Been coming here for 40 years

Gilberto Maldonado

Good old school diner

jenn arce

Love this place! The service and food is impeccable every time. A classic NoVA institution.

Joe Cacciapaglia

This is the real thing in down home Greek cuisine. All the desserts are also made in house and they are excellent. Good service as well.

Washington Duke

Food so so but Server not attentive and SUCKs

James Robertson

A late night favorite. Open throughout the night with a very extensive menu, Amphora is a great after party treat.

Brandi Anderson

Wholesome foods. Quick service. Great coffee. Tons of food to choose from. Full menu. Breakfast 24 hours a day. Management usually walks around checking on people. Fresh desserts available but I have never had room for them. Haha.

Christopher Janney

This is nothing spectacular but it's a decent diner-esque restaurant. I've been a couple of times, and the last time had the mango chicken wrap. It was overall bland, but not horrible. Just don't expect this to be something you are talking about with friends later.

Fred Goins

A very convenient 24 hour diner. Their menu has an incredible selection of seafood, burgers, steak, chicken, etc. The customer service has always been kind and friendly. Definitely coming back again.

Gerardo Castanon

Great service late at night and delicious food.

Ryan Dauphin

Good mozz sticks and ordered a burger twice once was over cooked other time perfect

Raymond White

Great 24 hour spot in Vienna. Good service

Rex Hayes

One of my favorite places for casual comfort food and really good service.

Shana Takahashi

Service was abhorrent and the food mediocre and had a hair in it. We said something to the manager on the way out about the service and her response was "we've gotten a lot of complaints recently. We know he's terrible and he's going to be done soon." If you know this why are you allowing him to provide service to your customers?

Mark Warriner

Needed a place to eat around midnight after concert. Found Amphora on web, menu was large. Found friendly staff, convenient location. Service was good, food was pretty good too, some ingredients a little unusual. Seemed like a diner with some unusual culinary options not found in American food, i.e. Mediterranean, etc. Definitely works in a pinch, though might not be first choice during day, but will return happily.

Lauren Hof

I came in with a large group and everyone else got their food before me and I had to ask for it. The "Bagel All the Way" was terrible, not an everything bagel, not toasted, no cream cheese and by the time the server asked how if I wanted a fresh plate, I was over it. Do not recommend. Their menu is huge, maybe pare down and focus on actually good food.

Dan H.

Good, decent food and one of the few places open on Christmas day. Very busy. Still had a good meal and sat at the "bar" instead of waiting for a table.

Samara Singer

Love Amphora, a Vienna staple! Awesome breakfast and every thing on the giant menu is tasty. The servers are so friendly and will bend over backwards for your specific needs. Great place for large groups!

Miss Noor

I like this place because it closes late. The decor is unique and the staff are nice. The food is mediocre but I'm not a fan of the desserts (bit too heavy, but hey that's just my opinion). Overall, good place.

Alec Holden

Tried this place once with a friend and I am obsessed ever since. I enjoy the good character and yummy dishes and drinks. They never disappoint.

Jason Kinashi

This place he's been a fixture in Vienna since 1970 and I'm in my late 20's. Everyone in nova has been here, knows it, and loves the food, drinks and service. The old sophisticated dinner feel can't be matched by any other place in DC or Virginia. If you are looking for a place to have a quick bite, sit down, or to dress up for a date this is one of my top 5 picks.


Really good food! So many options, it was hard to make a decision. The Cajun Eggs Benedict has just enough kick, and the andouille sausage adds the perfect touch!

R Schrader

Open 24/7. The menu is a book! Amazing range of choices. Half of the place is set up as a diner, the other half as a classic Mediterranean restaurant with attentive old world service. Desserts come from the Amphora Bakery and are great.

Rachel Tenne Mouse La Jabraille

This is my go-to restaurant for casual dining with friends. The staff are friendly and attentive, and the food is usually excellent, sometimes merely above average - almost never disappointing. Save room for dessert if you can! Their pies are worth it. I also recommend the spinach & artichoke dip, which is always at minimum quite nice (and often amazing)!

Sound Asleep

Great diner. A little pricey but yummy.

Brian Bertrand

24 hour diner, although the word diner does not do this place justice. Food is excellent, they bake all their own bread and desserts at the Amphora Bakery. This is one of the few places I will trust to do poached eggs correctly. Nothing bad on the menu, which has a wide variety of items ranging from solid American fare to Mediterranean. The corned beef hash is amazing!


Great people working there....good luck in life Sherman I miss you and wish you the best in life

Karen Cullen

It Good food as always! Little chilly inside though. Will be back if course.

Will Singleton

Old school and the food was great

Linda Moir

Always great food & service. Wide selections on the menu. American & Mediterranean food. I love the Mediterranean selections. Family oriented.

Frank Bertrand

We love the Amphora restaurant because of its small town atmosphere and its worldly menu. With Greek, American, Thai, and other inspired dishes, there is a bit of home cooking for each of us. The food is delicious and plentiful. We will be there again soon.

Nima Jahanbin

Decent food. Great that they are open late. Feel as though the menu should be reduced to say the top 30 most commonly ordered food. There are too many choices.

Ruhi Ahmed

Friendly neighborhood Diner. Huge menu to select front to order. Staff is very knowledgeable about the in-season items.

Isabel Mack

Excellent service, as always. Our server was very patient with my 80+ mother, who tends to ramble.

Christopher Jackson

Food is always amazing

Debbie Kuhn Franklin

The food was not like the menu stated and gross

Gabby Ward

The service here is impeccable. I have never been let down by this fine establishment. The servers here treat you like family and the ambiance is homey. The long menu has something for everyone! Would strongly recommend this place while in the town of Vienna.

Dennis Minarczik

Great food and service

Virginia Cate

A wonderful landmark that has been around for years. Extensive menu and great breakfast options available all day. The best cappuccino around! Bonus is that it is open 24/7.

Ronan Goforth

Get the cheesecake. Always. I go to Amphora specifically for a cappuccino and a dessert, but their breakfast fare is also amazing and their offering of Greek favorites is unparalleled. I love the souvlaki.

Deb DAndrea

Great place to host a Celebration of Life! Wonderful service and space.

Julie Courtwright

Cozy, 24 hour diner with the largest menu I have ever seen. Breakfast is served at all hours. Theres an attached bakery so there are always creative and delicious desserts available.

Stella Gieseler

There were 9 if us at the restaurant and we requested separate checks. No problem. Service was fast and the food was delicious. Only complaint is that the restaurant ran out of the day's special.

Sigmund Graetzer

We just had a very nice Thanksgiving Day dinner special at the Amphora. Was very busy but we had fairly prompt service and a very nice dinner. Good service and good food in a very nice relaxing atmosphere.

Mehdi Zare

They have a huge booklet as menu with probably over fifty totally different options to choose from! Food was good and prices are reasonable. The only negative was long wait. They were seriously under staffed.

Andrea Diaz

We came back from here an hour ago. THE WORST EXPERIENCE WE'VE HAD IN A LONG TIME AT A RESTAURANT. FIRST TIME HERE. 1. 30 minutes exactly to get our food. (Mushroom Ravioli and Country Fried Steak) 2. It was midnight, so not even busy. 2.1 WE WERE ABOUT TO WALK OUT ON MINUTE 30, when the server finally came with the food. 3. Food comes out dried out because of the heat lamps from waiting in the kitchen so long. 4. The steak was spoiled. 5. Ravioli didn't come with the cheese that we asked for. 6. My fiancee asked for ketchup, and after 5 minutes of the waitress not coming back, he just grabbed it from another table. 7.No one came to check on us UNTIL 20 minutes AFTER WE GOT THE FOOD, so my fiancee didn't touch his food the whole time. We didn't know who to call to fix the order. 8. When the server came back, she said she would call a manager for us. 9. During all this unpleasant talk with my fiancee, I notice MY FORK IS DIRTY. (Seriously, what else can go wrong? 9.1 A drunk lady being so obnoxiously loud (singing Kiki) that we can barely hear our own thoughts. That's what


Second time here. eggs benedict still good. your typical Greek diner with over the top outdated deco, not that anything is wrong with it, it just is, but at the same time cosy. Most importantly good cooking and fast service.

Pier LeGendre

Stopped in for breakfast and Amphora did not disappoint. Many options to choose from. Staff was very pleasant, food was fresh and tasty. Ramon, the new manager, stopped by our table to check on us a few times. Will definitely return.

Arlene Wagner

Had another amazing meal at Amphora! Decided to try their Tuscan salad. Salad was very well balanced with dressing, candied walnuts, cranberries, mixed greens, and goat cheese. Salad was generous and very filling. I'd have this salad again!

Adam K

The food is great and good service. I always get the Greek omelet. Yum!

Sylvia Hart

Greek style food, but also a variety of other selections Large portions, great breakfasts and desserts.


One of the best places in Vienna that I'm aware of, but not as good a Amphora Dinner Deluxe in Herndon. I don't think it's fair to expect such things in a vastly smaller place. What I do like is that Vienna Amphora is always clean, the wait staff is always very attentive, and the food is consistently great.

Thomas Caprera

This place is a classic staple, I hope it's here forever. Best gyro sandwhich I've ever had. The bloody mary was unbelievably spicy!!! But good! I had an old fashioned, which was also very good. Service was a bit slow, but they were busy.

Emily Riley

Very cute, vintage diner. Great staff and the pancakes were amazing. The booths and decor could use an update, but a good Saturday morning breakfast spot.

Katarina Austin

Horrible. My order was completely wrong and asked to be refunded by the night manager, Sherman - and he had some convoluted reasoning behind not doing it : and he made a sarcastic comment saying I sound as if he fried the eggs on my head and was laughing. really really unprofessional and uncalled for.

steven dockweiler

Favorite for years, a little snafu recently and mgt fixed quickly

Lee Cooper

The food is good, especially if you order something unique. The service is usually decent, but it varies from server to server and can sometimes be poor. Despite that, if you're looking for a tasty and interesting breakfast or baked good you'll more than likely enjoy Amphora.

Brand Elverston

Great food. Step-up from diner-style food, much better too. Extensive menu with almost too many choices.

Paul Lange

Had four legged visitors join us in the dining room.

Q Nguyen

Breakfast is served all day.. Unexpectedly, on 8/21/19 we had a very sad dinner order, the bread of the SOUTHWESTERN TURKEY MELT was so dried and hard and the french fries was reheated , the bun of the AMPHORA DELUXE burger was also dried and hard. Hopefully, they will be corrected. The night shift manager only offered a credit for the AMPHORA DELUXE burger.

Mary Ann Loyola-Gomez

Amphora was pretty good! I would have to say that they might want to renovate the place as it is starting to lose its charm. Also, the servers were a bit awkward while serving us. The food was delicious! Overall, a four star restaurant.

Jeffrey Marovitz

A wide array of food at very reasonable prices with excellent service. A family owned gem among Vienna, VA.

Graham Ryder

First time I had been back in a few years, it use to be an almost weekly thing to go get lunch at amphora than go to the movies but it's been 4-5 years since I last visited and I was disappointed. Food while it was an approximation of the old menu was not nearly the quality paired with some very slow service for a Saturday afternoon and I think the only thing that kept me in my seat was nostalgia.

rick alschuler

Best corned beef hash. All meat, no potatoes.

Roxanne Gadol Fritz

Varied interesting Mediterranean menu in old-style diner atmosphere, good service and great desserts.

Kel Mire

It was nice that it is 24/7 eatery. The food itself was just decent, nothing spectacular, and it was a bit overpriced for not being that great. The atmosphere was dim, which was completely ok as it was late at night. The staff was definitely friendly. If I were to come back here, I would try a different dish. More than likely I won't be visiting again.

Andre Wyche

Great food on the inside of the building

Al Betts

Lunch at Amphora is like visited a dinner of long ago. I lunched on Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, Broccoli and mushroom gravy. Large, delicious dish. My wife ordered the Blintzes came with sour cream and strawberry topping. Delicious. Recommend both.

Rick Gonzalez

I've been eating at this diner off and on for almost 30 years! This has got to be the most inconsistent, well established diner in the country! I still remember the first dish I had that got me coming back as a regular, a great rendition of London Broil! I cringe now when I visit, because sometimes it's great food, other times it sucks! Some visits the staff is great, other times they suck! They do have a couple of things going for them though, they're open 24/7 and their desserts from their own baker are great! This place is definitely a flip of the coin. Good luck, and may the Culinary Gods be with you the day you decide to go... Bon appétit!

Doug Quaid

This little diner is great and it's been around forever. My parents used to come here when they were in highschool. Can get extremely busy all hours of the day and night but they're pros and the wait is usually short. Good food after a long night out.

Lisa Fisher

Great staff and food, especially the Greek specialties. Desserts incredibly delicious.

meranda willyard

We come here often and always get what we requted and the prices are fair.

Alex Fernandez

Better food than 10 years ago. Sometimes the service is a 3 star. I like this restaurant. It is open 24 hours...

Karen Mortensen

With a diverse menu that should please all tastes, this restaurant is based on Greek food, although it is not limited to that. It is comfortable and casual, with quiet booths in most of the restaurant. I have gone there often, and every time I've brought a friend, he or she wants to come back. With good service and a pleasant atmosphere, this is simply an enjoyable place to go. I recommend it.

Eddie Morris

Always good food!

Mike Swink

Thank you for continuing to offer a quality 24 hour restaurant.

Lauren Keiser

Pricier than expected, but tasted great and is open 24/7 with a very overwhelming menu (hollaaa)

Adam Rubinstein

I went a few times recently and had the same server each time who was extremely rude. I spoke to the manager two different occasions about the server’s behavior, but he continued to be rude when I next went back.

AKC 96

Solid choice for late nights in Fairfax county, beats all other available options and def beats ihop

W. Michael Burstein

We eat here regularly and enjoy the great service and wide variety of items on the menu. Deserts are fantastic and they are open 24 hours.

Allison Steele

Amphora is the single best late-night spot in all of Northern Virginia. The food is simply better than Denny's, 29 Diner, or other local options. The menu is diverse and all of it is good. Servers typically are laid-back and let groups hang out for a while, and as a 24 hour restaurant, this can be substantial. It was *the* place to go when I was a college student (not because it was cool, but because it was functional), and it hasn't substantially changed in the ten years since.


The menue has a lot of good options. Good omelets and burgers. I need to start going here on a more regular basis.

Sara Mousa

Great and comfy place. Went there the other day with my daughter. The waiter was awesome. Although he mentioned he was working double. But so so sweet. I wish I remembered his name.

john woodson

I really enjoy going here. They have been in business forever, it may be as year or two in between visits, but the service is always friendly and fast. A huge menu of good food. Open 24 hours a day. The first time for me was about 30 years ago. Recently I took my granddaughter there for lunch. She loves the place and asks when may we return. Try Amphora, I believe you will like it too.

Stephen Marshall

Big menu with good food and free parking. Service is slow

Peter Caramella

This is the place to see and be seen in Burke! Food is standard Greek/Italian fare, but the service is exceptional. The gyro is way better than what passes for one at most places. It's a family owned place that's a pilar of the community.

Andrew Horan

2 restaurants great 1 Bakery perfect for catering and coffee with muffins. 1 store on 123 perfect for coffee and pastries before work.

Huma Mahmud

Great food perfect salt in all the dishes I tried

Natsukigamer 777

Me and my friends go to Amphora almost every weekend. We love the food and the service. It's our favorite late night hangout!

Lex Poot

Excellent quality food. Staff is very friendly and attentive

Stalin Josef

food is very good, prices aren't too high, platters are especially cost-efficient

Ali Reza

Friendly staff and great Brunch Reasonable prices, fulfilling menu. Was really satisfactory

Jammal Barker

Great Food. Always good to have quality food options late night/after hours!! Comfortable atmosphere and great service!! Highly Recommended.

Samantha Huff

Good food, lots of options. Service was a little slow; however, it was Christmas Eve and packed so I don’t think this is indicative of their normal service (which is why I still gave them 5 stars). In fact they gave us free desert to apologize for the wait!

Pradeep Reddy

This is great place to get food even at late nights

Daniel Lee

I have been going to every version of this place since I was born over 40 years ago. Its always been there, and probably always will. Huge Menu, its like a book. Friendly staff and wonderful baked goods.

Linda West

Never Taste There Food Before But It Was Verry Good & Tasty, Fresh & Delicio

Rachelle Valladares

Classic diner with a massive menu.

Eric Beinhart

I LOVE this place... their sausage frittata is exceptional and I could eat their mashed potatoes by the gallon.

Stephen Taylor

Menu is can get almost everything from eggs to the desserts are homemade and delicious

Marty Krist

Great family dining, extensive menu and great value

Siennia J

The best Belgian Waffles ever! Great ambiance, and it’s open 24/7 to satisfy that 4th meal craving:)

Nick Koutris

So good and open late!

jen scott

Very friendly and accommodating place. Food was pretty good for the price.

Alex Manthey

There was a mouse looking for food under unoccupied tables!!

Milena Garcia

It has convenience 24 hours.

Michael Langer

Went in today (Saturday) around 9am for a mid 50 mile ride refuel with a friend. They must not want cyclists coming in as we were absolutely ignored by the white-coat servers the entire time. The Hostess/Bartender seemed to be singlehandedly picking up all the slack for the rest of the servers. She waited on us and did a great job! But she was clearly overworked as she appeared to be the only person in the place who cared about service. My blueberry pancakes took 20 minutes and came out thin and over-cooked. Perhaps it was just a difficult morning with lots of new staff. Everyone can have an off day.

tdphomedesign55 Song

Open 1972 the oldest restaurant in Vienna, great food, no need to explain. Just go and enjoy. Simply great restaurant!!

Jb Fontes

Excellent service and food.

Ryan Santichen

This place is great. The menu is huge and their food is always great. The calamari is awesome! The hollandaise sauce is also great. The only thing I would change is the night service, it can be a little lacking at times.

Cory J Woodall

The BEST breakfast place in Northern Virginia! Amazing service, pleasant atmosphere, family owned, and an all around great place! The spanikopita is divine, as is the cheesecake. Make sure to try the fruit and yogurt bowl for breakfast!!

Blair Schaefer

One of my favorite places for any meal!! Omelettes, sandwiches, and desserts are to die for.

Barbara Seibert

Good salad . Meats overcooked and dry

Local Colour Old Town LLC

Excellent food, great service and prices too!

sophie willis

a hidden gem! i love going here with my friends, the green eggs in ham is my all time favorite. Staff is super nice and friendly, I come here late at night all the time and everyone who i’ve been here with has had nothing but good things to say about this place

Art Light

Open 24/7 year round. Really good food, especially Greek and Italian, but also good general offerings. Prices are also really good.


I had a great experience here. I was seated almost immediately and given water. The server was cheerful and cracked some jokes. When my friend sat down given adequate time to decide what we wanted to have for brunch. We told the server what we wanted and she even answered my question about what I had like a pro. I have to say amphoras just does not disappoint.

Miss Highnoon 87

An absolute pleasure to eat here. Excellent diner vibe but classy

Alireza Saboori

The food here is pretty good. Better than your average diner when it comes to breakfast things. It is a bit on the pricey side. Service is good if there aren't too many people in the restaurant. I'd recommend this place if you're up late night and want something more than pizza etc.

Amanda Catherine

Yum! A huge menu and everything is great here.

Erich Izdepski

Good breakfast food.

Michelle Kessler

Opera cake is not as tasty as it used be.

Danny J

The place a nice atmosphere to it, especially during it's late night hours that they provide! 24 hr running restaurant is quite great. The old diner feel is amazing and they're menu is jam packed with choices!

Joshua Leake

One of the few truly 24 hour diners in the area, and the place, from decor to jacketed waitstaff to the menu feels solid and old school. The food is tasty, with some surprises in the menu, and the baked goods are phenomenal. Best of all, when you're up way too late or way too early, they're there, open, and ready to get you what you need.

Jason Newcomer

Food was great. Carlos takes wonderful care of his customers, even lovingly picking on regulars. They really make you feel like you're one of the family.

Jordan McCormick

Service was quick but food was just okay. The bread seemed microwaved to warm it up. The desserts looked amazing but didn't have any. It was a just okay diner experience .

Dale Dean

Good family restaurant with wide variety of dishes. Cuisine is American and Mediterranean. Service generally good.

Rod Gautier

Great breakfast spot

Adam Ashley

I remember coming here as a kid, and now I get to stop in while I'm in the area for work. The food is still just as good and the service is amazing. No matter what I order, its always fantastic. My favorite has always been the french toast though.

Dorothy sherman

The food here is excellent. It is fresh and always seasoned to perfection! The staff were very pleasant and attentive. I love to eat at Amphora!

Ralph Spoettle

Been coming here since the 80s, first as a "local," and now when we're driving through the area. Always a great diner experience!

Sam Woodard

Good food, very old decor and the service is ok at best

Malik Saab

This really is a bad glitch of Google to make it not easy for me to take down an old review of mine from right here, which is what I want to do after this gracious and intelligent customer service gesture they did. Oh well! Just changed the review to 5 stars for now for the great and smart customer service gesture! Probably will be going to this place again in the future.

David B

Meh...... Very overpriced for very little, we only went there because Starbucks was closed.

Carter Dunham

Very diverse menu, lots of options for everyone. The food was good but nothing exceptional. I would compare this to a diner.

Teagan Robinson

There's this one waiter with a muatache who always orders for me. Like he interrupts me when in ordering and brings me food I didn't ask for. If Im about to ask for sausage he says bacon before I finish my sentence and then I say no sausage and he still brings me bacon. And there's this other waitress who takes foreverrrrr to fill your drinks. Both of them take a year to bring the check so I never order any desserts because then I'll be there for like 3 hours waiting. If you don't get either of those two, it's good. You get your food and you have so many options. But honestly every time I'm going to get those two servers I'm going to get up and leave. I'm tired of dealing with them. Pies are great if you like pies. Don't get their orange juice because it tastes weird and chalky almost. Definitely not fresh orange juice. I like their french toast and breakfast sandwich with Avocados added.

Patricia Cordova

I used to live in Vienna. When visiting family I make sure I stop to get something good to eat. It's been there since the 1980's.

Davis Nyman

I am a repeat offender here. I cant stay away from this amazing restaurant. I just took my gf here for her first time. She had heard about it through a client of hers. So i had to be the first one to take her there. The service is always top notch and food is delicious.

Brian Longerbeam

A ledgendary restaurant of McLean, regret not eating there more.


Old school dining with real professional serving staff, expertly prepared baked toast and breakfast ! Smoked Salmon omelette was amazing

Jack Russo

Good service with tons of choices for everyone

Michael Holmes

Good breakfasts for as long as I can remember (at least since the early 80's).

Rachel F

Stopped in to grab a slice of cake to go for my roommate's birthday. The guys at the counter were very friendly and helpful. When it came time to pay, the point of sale system was down and I didn't have any cash. Rather than making me wait while they were troubleshooting the issue, they gave me the cake on the house. The customer service here is always great and the food is excellent! Thanks again for being amazing!

Christine Gates

This is a great restaurant opened late (maybe 24 hours). The atmosphere is nice, but casual. Great stop after a night out! Food ranged from traditional to unique. There were 7 of us who stayed for a while to talk. Servers are very friendly and goodlooking!

Calvin Elmore

I love this place. Huge menu, substantial plates, great customer service.

patrick freeman

After a short wait we were seated at a table that wasn’t reset. I’m talking, tip on the table, no silverware, etc. We were greeted by our server and given waters. When placing our order, I asked for a rob roy, and it arrived shortly before our food (after the bartender walked into the kitchen and loudly asked where the drink was going). The food was mediocre, with my burger being over cooked. Upon delivery of the check, it was incorrect and the server didn’t let me know prior to charging my card, causing a bit of confusion on my part as to why I was being charged more than expected. It was not my first time at Amphora, but it will definitely be my last.

Negar Tabibian

We were a group of 9 and went to restaurant after 1 am, on Memorial weekend. The fact that the kitchen is open during that time is great. Their cakes are so good and awesome too. The staff are friendly too. Food itself was above average. BUT. Our whole experience there took about 2hours, while it could last about an hour. Staff were slow in taking orders, bringing food, making little adjustments (bringing water, extra napkins, etc), weren't sure how to work with the billing systems... And worst of all for me, their clothes were super dirty! Their sleeves, and front of the outfits were full of stains that if it wasn't so late, were enough to kill my appetite!

Jared Lem

Very nice atmosphere for a 24 hour restaurant. My mother and I ordered meatloaf, which is nicer than Golden Corral, Ryan's Buffet, Old Country Buffet, and other buffet restaurants. Server was nice and professional. Even though the Herndon Amphora is closer, it is a nice hole in the wall restaurant for everybody to have dinner.

Dexter Thomas

Great spot in Vienna/Oakton/Tysons area for awesome breakfast, cheesecake, and dinner plates piled high with great tasty comfort food 24/7 & 365 days/year! Fun and friendly atmosphere with a wait staff that is attentive and laughs at the most stupid jokes I can contrive. Great place to bring the kids for blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes!

Mark Lee

Zorba omelette was amazing. Greek beef and feta cheese with onions all wrapped in eggs... found a new favorite. Staff was efficient and friendly, would communicate if there were an any delays. Their menu is clean and easy to follow because its well organized - needs to be as it is vast. The place was clean and the atmosphere was peaceful. Good food. Clean place. Friendly and efficient staff. 24 hour eatery available. All good things.

Anthony Kelly

Casual, quiet, comfortable, with a very broad menu. 24 hrs. A local fave.

Skyler Trautz

Service is amazing, everything I have tried on the menu is good if not exceptional. The crowd does skew quite old if that means anything, but I absolutely love it. Beats other 24/7 diners by miles

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