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REVIEWS OF Alto Plaza Restaurant IN Virginia

Kwame Nyanin

Got just salad and ice tea which caused me almost $30 for lunch. That was quite pricey for lunch

Susan Paine

ceviche, steak nachos, guac...try them all! say hi to the GM of the friendliest guys in town! he will remember your name and always make you feel welcomed.

w.d. Youngbloom

Great Mexican food. Ally, our waitress was very good and made sure no bell peppers were near or in my food because of my allergies to bell peppers.

Laura reviews

It has to be a front for money laundering because the place was empty on a Friday for happy hour and none of the wait staff could be any less interested in the business at hand. We had to do all but make our own food and drinks. Nobody came to the table to take orders, to bring the food or drinks, or even to get paid. Weirdest experience ever.

Seth Fowler

Fajitas were very good. The portion lunch was a little small.

Lorrayne Rivera-Lorente

Great food and great view;clean and friendly for kids

C Jordan

I love this place. We escaped the Virginia winter for a little while by sitting at a table in the sunlight, enjoying delicious food and tasty cocktails, listening to Latin music, and and watching the sun set.

Joan CB

Food was fabulous, service was great, bussing was fantastic. There was a variety of food, if you like Latin food. There was no rush, wait-staff was very pleasant, music was also pretty good. This was my first time there, will def be back.

Nader Khorramshahgol

Have been at this restaurant a lot. That tells all. Try them for sure, you are gonna love it. One of the best places in town.

Cristian Hernandez

Is great place food delicious

James Perdue

My server was only around to take my order but after that he was nowhere to be found. My server didn't even bring the food out to me. The server who was servicing the people next to me did. Once I was done with my food and my drinks I waited for about 15 minutes by the time before the server showed up again. Service was horrible and tip reflected it. However when I check my statement I noticed that the server decided to take it upon himself to steal more money on the statement. I have disputed this with my bank but I should never have to worry about a restaurant trying to steal money from me. The fact that their managers didn't catch this show me that they are not managing their people well enough. I don't care if the food taste decent there are far better restaurants with far better service that cook far better food. Never will I ever go here AGAIN. FYI you should try a restaurant called "The Knife". Far better service than this place.

Cameron B

The ceviche is a must

Mike Parrish

Good food and view

Lovie S.

Went after work, the bar was half empty, seemed like a good vibe. Decent HH specials ....However I received my drink in a dirty glass. Lipstick was on multiple places. As I tried to explain to the bartender... he simply took the glass away, didn't apologize and proceeded to avoid me. I've never experienced such terrible service and disregard of any empathy. I have bartended during events and understand being busy and have experience high maintenance people. But my coworkers and I far from either of these examples. If you come here keep your expectations low and eat prior to coming.

Eli Vialpando

Horrible Customer Service. Would not sit us. Finally decided to sit in the Bar area just feel bothersome by the bar tender. Great building gone to waste.

brian gonzalez

Short ribs were good!


The variety of the menu, THE TASTE OF THE FOOD, service is good most of the time, they have 2 terraces, as it's a sport bar it's a good casual atmosphere...

Suzanne Rhodes

This restaurant has a nice Sunday breakfast buffet for about $22pp. The choices include made-to-order omelettes and fajitas, a roast beef and pork station, and many Mexican breakfast and lunch specialties. There were chicken dishes, a couple of fish options, lots of sides, salads, spiced shrimp, waffles, etc. as well as a kid buffet station that kids can easily reach which had chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and corn dogs. There was chocolate cake and cheesecake for dessert as well as a chocolate fountain with fresh strawberries. Oh and fried sopapillas with cinnamon honey syrup. Everything was outstanding and you can't beat the value. You will be set for the rest of the day!

Hillary Tate

Forced us to order a drink, even if r didn't want to drink, but came to meet friends and sat at the tables around one of the bars. So just because we didn't want to drink we could not enjoy the $5 appetizer special being ran. So we were forced to order a drink just to utilize the special, when we were going to order more than one app.

eneyda Portillo

This is a good restaurant that me and my husband have been going to for five years now , my husband works super late so it's out late night dinner spot. But i have to say last night was by far the worst service we have ever had there.To start our server made an incorporate comment to my friend that made her feel very conformable, after we had already asked for a round of mango Mojitos , he stated " that's a very light drink , and that she looked like a heavy drinker ' what do you usually drink on a Friday night ?" then he forgets all about , he brings us the chips after our appetizers were out , keep in mind a manager was sitting right behind us and he noticed so he asked us if we wanted another round ,for the 3rd round he brought her a different drink that she had already stated NO too ! At that point we just didn't want to eat there so we ask for our last round and he asked if we were going to eat we said no ( keep in mind he forgot about us before and after we had been asked ) , so right before we ask for our check he says" maybe next time y'all sit at the bar " we were going to have dinner but he was just very rude and we also had our infant with us , maybe i am wrong but to my understand of a server he was just very rude. it almost seem as if he was bothered that he had to attend us at the table , i assume it was because we only had drinks and appetizers , over all we love this place like said its our spot , my husband brought me there on our very first date and every other special occasion , over all its hard for us to get out , it highly upsetting when we do and its not the service we expect .

Tammy Mims

The wings were good and the martini was awesome!

Kate Smith

We love the brunch! Often take guests when we have company. A little pricey though. Dinner was also very good. Steak dishes and paella was delicious! A side of black beans and rice went home in a doggy bag and tasted delicious reheated in the morning with toast and eggs. We go a few times a year.

Raymond Mueller

This restaurant is a family favorite. It has plenty of room, beautiful decorations and views. They take reservations, and have a nice bar area. Weather permitting there is outdoor seating. I would highly recommend the made to order table side guacamole and as a main Carne Asada and Chihuahua Cheese. Parking can be tight, but I've always found space.

Leslie Alves

Food is great, bartenders are awesome.

Alexander Castillo

My wife's spot , luv the nachos combo chicken and steak

Dimitri Chung

I like alto plaza because the location is convenient, their food is decent and I enjoy the happy hour margaritas. If you are just looking for somewhere to chill and chat with some friends while having some drinks and food this is the place.

Ezzat Hanna

One of the worst places you can go to, no good food, if you go in group you will face the “one check per table policy” which is a big door to charge you 25% above your check (6% sales tax + 18% service charges ), in addition after you are done with party or gathering you will spend no less that good 45 min to split checks and out the few times we spent there we end up paying extra than the check because of their system bad calculations. I won’t be in that place ever again.

Blanca Saavedra

The Service was excellent, the food delicious and the place is very nice. My friends and I had a great time and we highly recommend Alto Plaza if you want to have a good service, excellent food and good time. Thanks Alto Plaza!!

Preshus Femm

It was okay. Food wasn't that great

Rick Flowe

I'm a big fan of Chile rellenos and drove out of my way to sample the ones at Alto Plaza. The presentation was great, the size was impressive, but there was absolutely no discernable flavor. I realize that there are very few actual Mexican chefs in Centreville and the environs, and I also realize that 'chile rellenos' is more Americanized Tex-Mex, but for my money, the tops in the New Mexican food space is Anita's. Theirs is the chile relleno against which all others shall be judged. Otherwise, Alto Plaza is non-offensive and perfect for know-nothing gringos.

Ron Melchior

Food and service was excellent.

Prabal Pandey

Only been to the bar downstairs and the rooftop for a view. The bar service is excellent happy hour menu is great! 5 bucks for all apps with a drink purchase and drinks are cheap as well.

Kriscia Zelaya

Good ceviches

Jamaal Boyd

Great experience, and great portion size. Server was excellent and the restaurant it serve is beautiful

Nashira Gonzales

The atmosphere is filled with good vibes. Lovely music selection. The patio has a beautiful view when the sunsets. The bartenders/ waiters are also very attentive and friendly. They offer happy hour for drinks and appetizers. I ordered the nachos with chicken... amazing!

Julie Wang

Shockingly horrible. Possibly the worst restaurant I've ever eaten at. The ceviche had pre-cooked seafood and swam in liquid. The tacos, which took forever to come out, were tasteless and dry as cardboard. Hefty price tag to top it all off. I'd give this place zero stars if I could.

Dan - Judy Rivera

Delicious food. Ceviche appetizer was a meal in itself. Wait staff was courteous and professional. Mojitos were on point. Great experience.

Paola Speroni

Love this place, great food, service could improve a little.. but the food is worth it. Phenomenal taste in building.. reminds me of Buenos Aires a lot!! - Gorgeous wrap around balconies to sit and relax outside during warm months... I love it and highly recommend!! :)


Nice place for happy hour

Roya Delaney

Good appetizers and friendly staff.

Emely Swarthout

I liked the food but not the service bar tender seemed like he didn't want to be there.

Gina Pasqua

I went to Alto Plaza for dinner with some friends for my birthday and we all had an amazing time. Everyone enjoyed their meal and especially enjoyed the drinks! I recommend for group gatherings and events.

Miriam Irigoyen

Food was cold, not the place used to be anymore.

Johnny Wen

Alto Plaza is our go-to whenever we have a larger group and don't want to deal with a wait like most other restaurants. Delicious food and a great view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Love the skirt steak and table side guac!

Naseer Rashid

Went for Sunday brunch and it was pretty great. Service was excellent and the food was phenomenal.

Emmy frenz

Food and service is great.

Jeff Duran

Horrible. First the place is dirty. The booth tiles were dirty. The chairs were dirty. The table was dirty. Food was on the menus. Worst mojito I've ever tasted. Rice was undercooked. Meat was extremely poor quality. And expensive on top of that. Service was decent though. Don't waste your money.

Madison Walker

I come here for my Ceveche fix, always very good and people are Great. I've been coming here weekly for 8 years, have not had a bad experience to date

Marleen Skoff

Great food and service. Excellent Margaritas!

Anna RH

The food and service was not good. As much as I like to support local businesses, I cannot recommend dining at this restaurant.

Liliana Rosas

Great atmosphere and service!

Allie Hunu

Delicious! I ate the salsa, guac, and carnitas tacos they were excellent, service was great too

Laney Saykawlard

Great food and drinks at a reasonable price, a good place to meet with friends or for a date.

Norman Marsh

Nice drinks!

Juan Farell

Sunday Brunch so good

marco valverde


Joy Rekas

It looks cool, inside and out. The food is just so-so- not amazing, but not bad. Our waiter was very attentive. There was kinda a old/moldy smell on the 2nd level.. My allergies acted up. The first level did not have the smell.

Amarilis Vasquez de Velasco

The food is good, they have a mixed of Central American and South American dishes, they their own creations. Great happy hour specials!

Steve Harper

Nice place food Is good with prompt service. Nice lay out for large groups.

David Wallace

Ordered tea with lemon, received lemon after third request as good as Chipotle but a bit more pricy.

John Rastello

Had the platter! Wow! And the guacamole starter was superb! Great service too!

Arman Enriquez

Bad service comes with bad food. I can understand if food is not really good but service is so bad ..... server with attitude and not friendly at all.

Charles Mays

Brunch was good. The service was good. The only thing I wish they would do is label the food on the brunch. I had a wonderful chicken in cream sauce, but I don't know what was called.

Brenda Hernandez

Margarita was ok. Setting; cool. Food was what brought the whole rating down. I think they need a new chef. Really disappointing.

Dennis Mello

Nice layout, so spacious, 3 levels. Really like the place, it is especially nice spring, summertime with all of the large balconies. Negative on clientele... drunks at the bar so loud and obnoxious it's guaranteed to destroy a good time, and management does nothing to resolve. I'm told that these individuals, mainly 2 older females, are regulars. Food seemed ok, but i only had bar stuff.

Arthur Tamariz

It was the first time we went to the restaurant. We need to go back again to see if we really like it.

Walter Benzo

Not for me.

CHRIS joslin

$25 for a breakfast buffet! Are you freaking kidding me. I should have went to ihob

Richard Rogers

Food was average. The service was about the same.

erum zee

Food is good but it oily

Kevin Livingston

Incredible! First time I had paella! It was amazing! Mojitos-awesome!

Jessie S

Amazing food and great service! We will definitely be back.

Karen Moran

My husband made a reservation for Valentine's Day they had a special menu and kind of VIP area only 2 kind of food to choose not good at all but our major concern was the service they were around 15 tables and only 2 waitress so we had to wait for a long period of time and they charge a high amount of tip for that kind of service that they didn't deserve it. Not happy at all.

Cesar Ramirez

They supposed to open Buffet at 10am. But they weren't ready until 10:35am. Make us wait all that time also everything was cold except for my coffee. Our server was friendly. Use to be better.

Richard Machamer

Bartenders closed a bunch of other open checks onto my card when I only spent $12.60 on two Corona's. I didn't notice until a two days later when several Alto Plaza transactions posted. You would be well advised not to let Alto Plaza pre-authorize your card because I guess they let the staff close open tabs without the need for a signed receipt. Currently having the bank dispute the charges.

Ron Layne

Great food great atmosphere. Dos equis on draft

kelli cecil

The food is amazing. Love that soccer is on all the time!!

Monica Nickel

Overall this place has nice atmosphere/ view, food is just ok! When they brought out chips and salsa, the chips were cold and a little bit stale

Zach Stone

Holy guacamole they have chips! This is a restaurant I have been to with some friends and I love it. They owners are incredible and I can't get enough of their food. Keep up the great work!

Angel Matos

Great food and service.

CJ Gilbert-silva

The facility and restaurant had a complete makeover recently and offers event rooms and a very nice menu. Every item I've tried has been delicious. The staff are also friendly and helpful. The only reason I gave 3 stars is that there is often confusion as to where our group will meet when we require a room rather than the normal restaurant accommodations. We are minutes past our meeting time while the staff coordinates with the owner.

Sarah Lee

Service was great, restaurant is clean, lunch prices are fair, food was good. Good sized portions. Guacamole is fantastic.

toum diomande

$5 app during happy hour. Great place to hang out. Relax atmosphere.

Rafaela Rodo

amazing food and people.

Heather Geesey

Amazing food and Service

Christa Roan

Great Food! Enjoyed the atmosphere. There Happy Hour ended at 8:00PM.

Trish S

Had a great meal.... Service was excellent!


Great Sunday brunch with a lot of variety of Latino and American dishes

Devon Henry

I come here for friends and the divey ambience (that's a complement haha). Get to know the staff if you can/care...

Alex Yeo

Good food but limited beer choice. No IPA.

Erick Portillo

Nice happy hour, excellent service, good food, nice place

Joey Loberiza

Friendly and professional staff, elegant place for the occasion, fantastic food and of course, drinks are expertly and promptly made.

Rex Rhyne

The food is real good. The drinks are great.

Angelique Clarke

Consistently good food, value for money and service. Nice chill atmosphere. Been there for awesome ladies' lunch, fun tween's birthday celebration and cozy date night!

Leslie Kerns

The views were beautiful and the food was delicious. They have a brunch on Sunday which had a wonderful variety! Service was attentive.

Jen Baird

I haven't been to Alto Plaza in 8 years and I forgot how truly wonderful it is! My hubby and I got to sit on the patio by ourselves in gorgeous weather with really amazing Mexican food. I highly recommend this restaurant!

Ana Lopez

My brother and I decided to surprise my mother for her 50th birthday and this restaurant was such a hit! From the moment we got in contact with their guest relations, Sabrina, who is super sweet, nice, understanding, and flexible- we knew we had chosen correctly. The restaurant itself is very elegant. The food is delicious and flavorful and the servers were extremely attentive. The ONLY reason why I am giving this place 4 out of 5 stars (and aside from this incident I would have given this place 5 stars) is because after everything was all said and done (and mind you, we paid good money for 30+ guest) I went down stairs to ask for a cup with water to go and the bartender was extremely rude. It was as if I had asked her a question from another world. Rudely, she answered "we don't have to go cups" which is odd because majority of restaurants do, and then she did not even offer to give me water; she quickly tried to dismiss me as if I were not patrons of the restaurant. So needless to say, she was the only spoiler to a great event. Aside from her, I would definitely host another event at Alto Plaza and I would definitely ask for the same staff that helped make my mothers birthday as perfect as they did.

Kevin OMalley

Good Buffet lots of variety good service

Mac Richard

I tried and give this restaurant a second chance. Fist time bad food. This time the service provided by the bar attender was awful. She was very mean and i think racist. I forgot her name but she was skinny and white. She came and asked us once what we need and left and we never got our Drinks after that. I had to get another server to get us the drinks. This was my worst experience at a restaurant ever. No wonder the place was slow on a weekend. We always love to go out to drink and eat and I will never go back to this place . One less customer and I will make sure none of family and friends visit this place.

Yanira Alfaro

De food is very good


Very nice looking spacious restaurant. I must have picked a bad night. Sadly the Ceviche was not good at all.

Chuck Carey

The food was amazing and the environment was great. I would definitely recommend the 23 Cigar bar upstairs for great smokes and drinks.

Rhonda Feimster

Great theater! Seats were cushy and reclined! The IT movie was funny and a little scary.

Kim Breneman

Food was just okay. The bar was nice but the atmosphere was less than welcoming. Bartender didn't seem real lively. Maybe in the summer time with the outside area it is more upbeat.

Jenifer Cordova

Only reason they got two stars it’s because of the waiter even tho it wasn’t a “WOW” service. We were seated by 8:15pm and got out drinks 8:50pm so y’all can imagine how long it took them to serve our food. I ordered the Carne Asada (which is almost $20 plate) only got one piece of meat, ONE ring of onion, ONE slide of tomatoe and ONE slide of green pepper. Ordered it with beans and rice (which they served the beans on a big cup so it made the dish look empty with the small amount of food they gave) and some tortillas. The place has a lot potential but management doesn’t know how to take advantage of it. I was expecting Alto Plaza to be like “Lauriol Plaza”, “Uncle Julio’s” or even”Guapos”!!! But this place in general SUCKS!!! They need to work on its management...

Andrew Kish

Great Sunday brunch, a lot to choose from plus its a very good value!

Suri M

Bad cooking with no flavor plus a poor menu. Inside feels like am old motel. Service is as terrible as the food.

Faiz Khan

FIFA world cup

Paul Waldschmidt

Nice outdoor balcony area, drinks mixed well, friendly staff

Alex Hernandez

Service was outstanding. Love the food. Carlos was very friendly .. first time and impressed.


Excellent food , better guacamole :) I will recomend to any one.

Dawn Carter

Exceptionally delicious and upscale presentations of basic favorites. The ceviche is the best I have ever had! Beautiful decor and building.

Jon Cornwell

Sunday brunch is being run by a bunch of Monkeys. Employee's are more interested in their conversations with each other rather than customer service. Food is all cold, rubbery, and the only saving grace is the omelette station as long as they don't run out of gas to run it. (Yeah, that happened. They didn't have a replacement handy and had to search for more) I walked away, and the cook made my omelette anyway and brought it to the table. That surprised me, but the rest of the visit was horrible. We won't be back.

Michael Anduha

Service was very bad waited to get a drink from the bar with no one in the place. Sat outside to have a cigar got my food and waiter never came back out to check.

Kambiz Darvish

appetizer not too appetizing

lenin garcia

Not the place for authentic Peruvian food. Ceviche tasted plain and the lomo saltado tasted like tapatio sauce filled with almost raw vegetables. Even the rice could’ve been better. At least the carnitas tacos were better.

Alisa T

Food was good. Went at lunch and the one other table finished so I had the place to myself. Food was fine, service was good, but overall it's overpriced. It seems like it would be more fun at dinner.

Jenae Grader

The food is okay, but there is a great view.

William Spivey

Exceptionally nice restaurant. Atmosphere and decorum is top shelf, management is very attentive and the food is outstanding. We live in Maryland minutes from National Harbor and Rosa Mexicana but drove 36 miles to have dinner at Alto Plaza. Do I need to say more....

AJ Oneal

Good food

Paula Fagulha

Horrible place and terrible service. Waitresses are horrible and so is management.

Yogeny Ferrufino

I think food used to be a little tastier a couple of years ago, still good don't get me wrong but could be better. Service is always good though!

Paulie Mitchell

Unique taste and great service

Gypsy Luck

Great Restaurant

Melissa Alfano

Mother's Day Brunch. Brunch listed as starting at 10am. It was raining, and we all had to wait outside until 10:05. We still had to wait 15 minutes in the lobby to be seated (we could see that the set up was still ongoing at 10:15). Hostess sat five people, which consisted of four adults and a large toddler in a booth. I pointed out that the table was too small, but she said the highchair would fit. Spoiler alert: It didn't and the person in the chair didn't like being moved every time sometime got up to go to the buffet. Waiter, trying to serve drinks across the table, spilled Mimosa and placed the hot coffees in front of the toddler. Never saw him again. No one offered to have us move, despite me breaking down in tears about how all I wanted was some space and a cup of coffee. We asked to move and the waitress said "if you have to move you have to move." At this point, I would have expected someone on staff to be proactive about this, given that the first waiter nearly spilled a Mimosa on a two year old and the customer, clearly a mother, in tears on mother's day. This place used to be so much better. Both food and service have greatly declined.

Heather Robinson

Food for happy hour is great!

Pete Aloha

Food was excellent, service was slow. I ran out of salsa and they never came back to check on me. I never got a refill of water. Once I got my food, they never came back to check on anything until they brought me the bill. It was a slow night too, no excuse. I had to give them 5 stars though because the food and atmosphere was outstanding.

Tina Jefferies

When to celebrate my husband bday...Everything was superb!...favorite place to eat!

Cassie Goss- Ramos

I’ve been here a 3-4 times and each time I’ve had a pleasant relaxing experience. Recently I even had my baby shower here. This place is very pretty with gorgeous wrap around stairs and makes for a great small party venue. For my baby shower they had cute printed menu cards that gave the guests a choice between chicken fajita and chicken enchiladas. Both were great! Today I came back for late lunch which reminded me to leave a review.

Monica Rodriguez

The food was good but the service was slow. This place is really nice from the inside.

Charlye Olmos

Food was good portion of the meats is small

Liz Jones

We had enjoyed going to the bar when we were young adults and looked forward to checking out the restaurant - and we're disappointed. The hostess was not welcoming and the booth we sat in smelled of body odor. The server was great and the food was really good (pork tacos are a winner), so at least there was that. We went down to the bar after dinner and we're further disappointed - there was trash and dirty dishes all over the floor, and we consistently had to get the bartenders attention whenever we wanted a drink. Not sure I would recommend this place.

Joe Sabha

They have problems with a waiter She wasn't qualified

Ashby Boaz

Very good Mexican cuisine. Wonderful sunset view.

Gio Lazo

I was here for Sunday brunch and enjoyed it very much. Great variety of food for everyone. Good for kids too. Only thing I wouldn’t suggest getting is a mimosa. They’re so small “fun size” compared to other places.

Brian Freitag

Great food, great service, we always go there, whenever in the area,

Ken Kaplan

Good Latin food but a little pricey for what you get. Table-side guacamole was heavy on the garlic.

Marcel Santos

Great view outside for drinks and food

Steve Mowder

My wife and I held our wedding rehearsal dinner at Alto Plaza and it was nothing but AMAZING! We worked with the restaurant's event coordinator Sabrina who was a huge help! They were very patient and responsive to all of our requests. We had a fairly large party (~65 guests) and they were able to accommodate our group. There were multiple dinner options to choose from and all of the food was fantastic! All of our guests said the food and service was great. Alto Plaza unfortunately does not offer any alcohol packages, but per our request we were able to customize which beverage options to be made available for the event. Overall, great service and great food! Would recommend to anyone!

John Arlo

Was amazed at the interior of the place, it is gorgeous. Even though the parking lot was almost full, there was no waiting to be seated. The food was delicious and slightly less expensive than other Mexican restaurant s in the area. Portions were plentiful and delicious. Highly recommend.

Herman Matthijssen

Excellent visuals, the place present beautifully, though the food has yet to match. An interesting space that exercises it's alcohol license to the fullest and utilizes Queso as the bonding-agent for every meal. ...again, awesome place to see the sunset. Just don't eat here.

Jazz Hill

Alot of food and good food! Also tasty margaritas

Josy Wilkins

I love coming here for happy hour. One of my favorite spots. Great view. HH until late and they use steak on my tostadas yummm

kawaljit Chandi

Recommended by family and friends. Stop by for dinner last night while in VA. Great food and friendly service. Can't wait to go back.

Robert Alley

Cheap prices and ok vibe.


If you like Ceviche this place has amazing and always very fresh. It's a great place to watch a sports game and sit at the bar and have some appetizers or if you're in the mood for a nice dinner or even a romantic dinner on the 2nd or 3rd floor the view is amazing and the food is amazing and the people that work there are very friendly and very customer service oriented I've never had a bad meal at this restaurant I would recommend it to anyone that's in the area to visit at least once you will not be sorry the quesadillas are to die for as a matter of fact everything on the menu is great that I've had

Leyden Velasquez

Highly recommend the skirt steak...great ambiance.

Clara Menacho

Excellent sangria and the best Argentinian skirt steak ever. Love it!

Linda Alcorn-Burg

Happy hour is nice. Food is good.

Paul Reilly

The bruch is worth a hard pass from everyone.

Gesell Tobías

I love the atmosphere and food. Unfortunately the bar tender Francisco Brito has a horrible attitude and he gets in other’s people business. He is offensive and offers a very bad service. Place it’s great but this guy makes the place look low.

Kristy Allen

Great happy hour

Falik Alfonse

Good place for appetizers and beers.

tequila adams

Wonderful service and food....

Brown Black

Very good

Elza Ritter

Nice place with beautiful sunset view.

Larissa Blosa Ateba

warmth very nice place

Maria Chkeri

Amazing location, beautiful view but bad service and food

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