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5260 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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REVIEWS OF Aloha Hawaiian BBQ IN Virginia

Meagan Murray

Best Hawaiian food in Hampton roads. Fast services. Fresh authentic food. Try the curry! For dessert the Mango sweet rice.

Nate Ellenberger

Aloha has Hawaiian and Thai food for take out or eat-in dinning. It is a great place for inexpensive Thai food (you'll get the same portions for half the price of these other Thai restaurants around Hampton Roads) and the lead Thai chef (Urai) has been cooking Thai food in Hampton Roads for over 20 years and can prepare authentic Thai food if she has the right ingredients on hand. The Hawaiian food is "ok", but I hear it's not as authentic as the Thai food. Give them a try and you won't be disappointed.

Gary Bennett

Outstanding 13.00 mixed BBQ plate. Chicken ,Beef ..woo hoo. I'll be back garylbennett02.!!

Victoria Sund

The service is great, and the employees are just so nice. Food is amazing.

Lisa Clark

So good. Decent prices.

Randy Bliefernich

This is a great place to eat, their Kalua pork is on point and the Ono curry is fantastic!

Laura Chapman

Been in the beach for 10+ years and always passed by but never stopped in. Great food, big portions and vegan options.

Liranda dawn

The bbq chicken and shrimp combo is delicious

Karen Vergara-Vaughn

Oh my. So good. A must try. Their macaroni salad is the best in my opinion. If you don't like a sweet, mustardy mac salad then try theirs.

Edi Obamos

Great food, pretty average priced. They close at 830 but their dining area closes at 8pm so make sure to get there early

John Devine

Great food good, customer service, and decent prices

Chris Amos

My family's go to place when we are not downtown. Food is excellent, staff exceptional, and portions served are plentiful. Can't ask for much more.

Jonathan Smith

Great food, fast service!

Becky Valodin

The Hawaiian cuisine here tastes far better than any Chinese food from fast food places and also it brings a unique taste that I find superior to any Japanese/Chinese restaurant. I can call ahead and my order is always waiting for me hot and ready to go. The decor of the store is very traditional and a welcome experience. My best friend is Hawaiian so I am familiar with Hawaiian traditions. If you are hungry and in the mood for something different, please please give Aloha Hawaiian BBQ a just got to try their Aloha tea... It's delish.

Daniel Graves

Great food and Service

Krys M Gatmaitan

We've been going to Aloha for years now, even after moving up north we try to have lunch here when visiting family. The menu has a lot of popular dishes from the islands, including spam musubi and loco moco. The kalbi shortribs are delicious and juicy, the macaroni salad is spot-on, and the aloha tea (aka Thai tea) is perfectly sweet and refreshing. You can't go wrong with their Thai offerings either. Prices are pretty good, you'll be able to have a filling meal for two for around $20 easily.

Steve Vidal

Im not Hawaiian and have never been, I do eat food though and this is one of my favorite spot anything is always delicious, staff is always worth a tip.

Angela Menichino

Amazing pad thai! Only drawback was there was no heat in the front half of the restaurant and the guy who took my order was less than friendly/messed up my order/didn't care that he messed up my order.

Anthony Francisco

Not just Hawaiian, but also Thai food. Good stuff at reasonable prices.

Hans Park

There aren't many Hawaiian spots in the Hampton Roads region, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this gem on Princess Anne Rd. I've since come back multiple times and will continue to dine here. Food - Everything on the menu is made with love and feels like a home cooked meal. The quality is consistently high and the portion sizes are perfect. I'd recommend anything off the Hawaiian menu and would definitely get an order of the mango sticky rice if it's in season. Would also recommend the Thai tea. Staff - The employees here seem genuine. I've never seen them be rude or mess up an order. They are also very good about getting your food out to you in a timely manner. Value - The prices are a about what you'd expect in the area. Most dishes hover just slightly above $10 and come with a side. Atmosphere - This is really where this restaurant shines. It's clearly a family owned business and feels extremely welcoming. They have a smaller sitting area in the front by the counter and a larger dining area off to the side. A large mural covers a wall and a few decorations are strewn about tastefully. It's perfect for a meal with friends or a casual date. Overall, this is one of my favorite places to eat. I keep coming back because it's the type of place where you can just roll in and relax while the kitchen staff whips up some simple and tasty dishes. If you're ever in the area and looking for some decent food, you should look here.

Kim Delaney

The food was great. We had two of the sampler plates. Had to bring some home. Plenty to eat.

Kevin D Shelton

Nice atmosphere, great staff, food is always great

Raymark Galman

Despite the lack of heating inside the restaurant during the winter days and the sticky tables if you dine-in, the food definitely made up for it! This was my first time at this establishment and I ordered the (chicken) Aloha Pad Thai (you can also get beef or shrimp)... and it was freaking awesome!!!!! I'm definitely going back to try their other options!

Random Channel

So good it broke da mouth

Judy Sharlow

Awesome food, quick and good service. Prices were reasonable. Food was enough to fill you but no left overs. Easy to get to from anywhere since Princess Anne can be accessed Newtown Rd and N Witchduck Rd, Lymnhaven yada yada yada.

John O'Regan

Everything me and my wife have had from there has been good. I've only ate there twice but my wife has much more and she loves it

Gentlman Agentsixtynine

Always a good meal!

Charlie Sullivan

Great food!

Ex Employee

Excellent chicken and BBQ Platter with Macoroni Salad. The Pork is a combination of short rib and regular slices. Seasoned perfectly.

Meecus Antonious

Very authentic with tasty dishes. My favorite side is the macaroni salad.

Dre titanium

Great food, that Hawaiian ice tea is superb.

Twins Painting

This place is so good! You have to try it for sure!

Geovanni Tellez

Service could of been better!! Lady at the counter was slightly rude. Food was mediocre at best! Portions were more then enough!

John Rooks

Poor representation of Hawaiian food...sorry just not good

Matthew Murdock

Good BBQ, recommend the short ribs for sure. Great price and a good quick stop for a snack that isn't fast food!!

Tyler Crum

The staff is super friendly and the food is a-may-zing! Absolutely wonderful, I'm a loyal (and frequent) customer!

J l

Love this place amazing food.

Jocelyn Vera

I love the food!!!! It reminds me of Hawaii literally. I'm so happy Every time I order from them, keep up the great work I love you guys!!!

Tammie Barnhart

The employees are not very friendly, but their food is always excellent and quick when you get take out.


Decent food...good price......the hawaiian food is definately an interesting twist on asian cusine.

Kerry Gordon

Always Delicious.

Sweta Welet

I love it there but last time the food tasted like it was a couple days old. But usually it is awesome with great sauces and mostly self service after the order.

Courtney Colley

Great food and great price. I had the garlic shrimp and loved it! Not sure if i saw steak plates on their menu though.

Lori Payne

The food is amazing, affordable. Hawaiian beef plate for me.

Sara Warner

Never disappointed! The food is always delicious and the portions are enormous. You will never leave hungry! Truly authentic Hawaiian.


Good Food , but the employees are kinda rude; need to work on customer service and speak when spoken too also .ill just go to the One on Tidewater they are much more friendly

Scott Rabine

Wonderful food. Great price

Thomas Gallo

Good food. Different menu. Worthwhile.

Linh A

Great food, we travel 20 minutes a few times a month.

Customer 757

Been going here through the years. No complaints. Meals are pretty good. Well I did have a complaint once, the brochure menu price was different from the in-store price. By law, the business is bound by any advertised price whether online or in their brochures. Gal behind the register seemed agitated at the time when I brought it up. I did get the brochure price. Anyways, back to this. I did notice they notched the menu up a dollar for most of their items. No biggie, still reasonable. Bought some red curry, but this time they made it too liquidity. Not the usual creamy goodness like before. I kept saying too myself that this is way too watery after each bite. I just kept yearning to finish this dish because it was just not pleasing to my palate. It was like..."meh". But I endured my meal suffering. Kinda turned me off on getting that menu item there again for a very long time. Maybe it was a different cook or just a bad day to order it. Just need to fade this taste from my memory forever before coming back. The other meat dishes and offered sauces are still great tho.

Danielle Thomas

Very yummy, manapuas are the best. A local favorite!

Angela Nirmaier

I swear they have the best food, and the service is great.

Steven Jurca

Friendly service. Called ahead to place my order using the menu from the website. Glad I found this place and it had good reviews, was missing Hawaiian food, since we are not originally from around here! The macaroni salad tasted just as i hoped it would! I think the price was reasonable for what you get, would definitely go back!

James Blount

Had every thing on the main (behind the register) menu. Fave is kalibi ribs but ALL of it is outstanding.

Jung Woo

Tastes just like the food I had in Maui! Great prices and big portions.

Matt Holcomb

Great meal i recomend the pork!

Victoria Killinger

My favorite place.

Steve McCormick

Great service! Very friendly and the food was amazing!!

Josh Stubblefield

Excellent food! Great prices, quick service, and friendly staff.

Ryan Zell

Food isn't as good as it used to be and the prices have gone up 30-40% the last couple years, entrees are 8.95-9.95. The service isn't as good as it used to be either.

Cecil Morris

Pretty good, but a little pricey.

Larry Oliver

worker up front he has very bad customer service

Lisa Morris

Never Disappointed!! Great food, Great service!!

Audio Light

Nothing like it in Hampton Roads. Just wish they'd give me more mac double mac salad and rice. Why cant you give me free stuff?!


Flavorful food with great portions and very kind service. I will definitely go back.

Billy Winn Jr

This used to be one of my favorite restaurants to go to ever. Sadly I have to say used to. I was a big fan of the spam Moco Loco, but now I honestly stopped going. I am not sure if they changed chefs or they changed recipes, but what I do know is that food tastes nothing like it used to. When you would order before each meal would be some of the most delicious things that you would ever try. Now everything just taste mediocre.

Doug Seymour

Great food. Love the kalua pork

Arlene Mcginnis

Came in from out of town. There were young ladies that took our orders in the past. Today, it was a man. I would call him a gentleman but it wouldn't be fitting. There was no greeting when we walked in even though he was at the counter. In fact, I don't remember him greeting anyone that walked in. Yes, he was doing something with his receipts, but I would think you greet someone when they come into your establishment. Didn't get that. A few customers later, an older lady walked in, I heard her mention to someone that she comes in once a week. He tells this lady that she's the first one to walk in with a smile on her face.While there are customers seated near the counter where he was. Really Ahole?? Where was your F'ing smile when we walked in?? I went be coming back. Your frickin meat was undistinguishable by all the sauce, but it's not really because of the food that I wouldn't come back, it was your lack of hospitality, which is the business you are in btw...

Casey Guinand

A hidden gem! The food is great. My only comment would be that sometimes it is not very clean, but it is not bad by any means.

Rebecca Roberts

I love the food; always delicious and timely. The cashiers and cooks are always personable and courteous. Somebody help the cashiers and chefs that are sweating in the back. The women are always working hard every time I come in. It seems abusive to have them cooking under those hot conditions. When I went to sit in the back that air conditioner was broken also. It would he nice to see the environmental conditions improve.

Chad Hughey

Food was ok, it had good flavor. Service was also ok. Food came out in a decent time so that was good. I had never been here so I placed an order and came back then the food was bagged up and tied in a knot ready to go when I came back. When I got to my place ready to eat, no folk, spoon, condiments or napkins. Luckily I had my own stuff but nothing was said. I have had much better Hawaiian food than this plus going to the real place. Found a piece of hair in my rice but I was almost done eating. Lost the rest of my appetite and through the rest away.

Edgardo Dualan

I wish I could give zero stars or a negative one star but I sadly cannot. I came here with my girlfriend 15 minutes before closing time (close at 9) and the Asian guy with the beard quickly gave us an attitude because he obviously wanted to get out exactly at 9 pm. His body language and the way his talked was obviously showing that he did not want to serve us. I had just got off work with the Marines and we wanted to try this place out. First of all, if you want to close until 9 pm then you are expected to serve customers until that time. Second, people like this don’t deserve to be working at all. The food is good but I don’t think I’ll be coming back to this place again. I hope that cashier sees the review so he can realize how crappy of a human being he is.

matt dejesus

it is an authentic Hawaiian representation with the fusion of many asian cultures. The service is fast, food is great, and customer service is great.

FFA Wraith

When I lived in Hawaii I always loved the food after leaving I could never find a place that quite matched the flavor I missed Until I found aloha the food was above and beyond amazing I highly recommend this restaurant

lamarr johnson

Gave me crab rice without crab

Bayard Donkey

I have driven by this place many times, and today I decided to stop in and check it out. I got the Hawaiian BBQ mix as a to go order. The food took about 10-15 minutes to prepare. Utensils and condiments are available in a self-service area to the side of the register. The portion was enough to fill me up about three-quarters of the way through the meal, but it was so good that I finished the whole thing. The side of rice was cooked perfectly, and the macaroni salad had great flavor. Of the three types of BBQ that came with the meal, the beef was my favorite, but the chicken and kalbi ribs were great as well. Definitely going back, and going to try the mango sticky rice dessert next time.

Mr. Smith

Food was okay, service was very pleasant. Nice place to try for a semi-quick lunch.

Rebecca Winebrenner

Unique little place with the sweetest drink ever called Aloha Tea. No idea what's in it but has a beautiful orange flavor. Will be one of my spots to hit while visiting VA Beach in the future:-)

Elle M Nop

I came here with my mom; we’ve never been here and wanted to try something different and local. We loved it! My mom is picky about trying new restaurants, so if she likes it that’s how I know it’s a winner. The staff was friendly, the food was delicious and arrived quickly, and the restaurant was clean and had a cool island vibe to it. We will definitely come back again!

crystal cheresnowsky

Great food and service

Kenneth Takasaki

Disappointing. Being from Hawaii, I have a pretty good idea of what Hawaiian food is.

Dustin Sink

I went here last year and had the BBQ and I have to say the sauce they have is simply amazing. They had a great price too. The service when I went was friendly and I asked twice for something and never got any nasty attitude. I must say this was pleasant to try something different when I was on vacation in the South.

Maribel Arandela

Great food but customer service was not too great.. Lady at counter seemed to be in a hurry to go home..but the food made up for whatever customer service shortcomings.. ;)

Leila Nunez

This place should be ashamed of themselves for even claiming to make Hawaiian Bbq. If you've never been to Hawaii and had their food you won't know the difference. The short ribs were barely marinated, chicken under seasoned and their "pork bun" also known as manapua tasted like it was frozen, thawed and heated up. I make better Hawaiian BBQ at home and if I decided to sell it, y'all would surely be out of business. Stop scamming people!

Mollie Gioffre

Great service and great food!

Michael Kehoe

Gotta try the manapua!

Kristin Pryor

Most amazing place we accidentally discovered. Huge plates of food, quick service, and good prices! We will be back.

Edward Beam

Great food. Makes me miss the islands. Wish they had haupia or malasadas

Jerri Howell

I went in there to Place and pick up a DoorDash order and as soon as I walked in nobody greeted me. Then somebody finally came and still didn’t greet me and with the attitude said what’s your order. So now that’s why am irritated and so I placed my order and he asked to see my phone as he can see the order hey so I gave it to him and he just had an attitude about him. Then when he told me my total he said it with a little bit of tone in his voice and after I finish signing the receipt he didn’t hear me back my card or my receipt you just left it on the counter. The whole experience was just not good at all and it was my first time ever in that place and it will be my last I will never ever place or there for myself the only reason why I was in there was for door dash. It is very unprofessional and that and the attitude was not needed I would not recommend this place

GENE Gonzalez-Landrian

Great pizza, clean and nice friendly staff

Erin Rayle

The food is SUPER CHRONIC!! Ill definitely be back! THANK YOU!

Jeff Jacobs

Delicious Hawaiian style barbecue

Michael Marks

The food was bland and the laulau had no meat, just fat. Nothing tasted like home.dont waste you time or money


Great place for lunch. Delicious and generous portions for not a ton of money.

M Skip

Warm friendly service, Thai Hawaiian plates for lunch & dinner. Accommodating for kids. Super fun and delicious!

Brian Gambale

Never had a bad meal here in the 10 years I've been going there

R. L.

Beef was over cooked chicken was good Hawaiian fried rice was the best dish we had.


Great authentic Hawaiian and Thai food. Definitely comparable to food in Hawaii. Mac salad is amazing as is the bbq beef. As far as Thai, the green curry chicken is great! A lot of food for the price

E Lee

I do a to-go-order on average once a month. They almost always forget something. I've learned to check my to-go orders before I leave. Food is good enough to keep me coming back though.

Anna Knight

Love the food, prices and customer service :)

Charles Hoakiko

Great food and service.

Mike Sawchuk

Pricey for island grinds. It was good but I wouldn't do it again.

Jonathan Mays

It really depends on the location and who is cooking that day for the quality of the food. For the most part i have always like the food. At times seems under staffed for this location. I have walked out due to long line and mutiple tables not clean, so even I was wanting to sit down it won't have been pleasant. I do however recommend ordering something off the Thai food menu. Especially if you like spicy food.

Makayla Mattox

Honestly if I could give this place zero stars I would. The food to me was okay but what made this place terrible was the service. I am a woman of color so this could possibly be why. My friend took me out for dinner here for my birthday and it had been both of our first times going. When we came in we stood at the front counter (btw two women were there watching us enter) we stood there for about a good two minutes, nobody ever greeted us. We finally sat down and that's when the cashier finally told us we had to order at the front before we could sit. We ordered our food and sat down to eat. No one ever came over to check to see if we were okay or if we had enjoyed our food. My friend and I watched as other costumers came in, all of them were greeted with smiles. I will never come back here again just for that reason. They were not friendly and the food was not even that good.

Lily Mountjoy

Delicious spam sushi look like and but Hawaiian BBQ is super super delicious than other regular bbq! We will come back soon!


Great food

Craig Verebely

First, ask yourself where are you going to find Hawaiian BBQ style grub in Tidewater? Nowhere.. except here so you should embrace this place! I've been coming here for about 7 years and from what I can tell it is a family business with the daughters running the cash registers. The food is great and my last visit yesterday the helpings were plentiful as I had the ribs and they were tasty and filled me up. My wife is a foodie and I have been all around the world from Thailand to Turkey to eat with her and comparied to other places around this area this restaurant is great. The prices are reasonable and the service is what as expected for a family ran place. The food is very tasty and my wife always make us stop in before heading back to DC. I've read some other complaints here and for people complaining about mashed potatoes, or others showing up 15 min before closing why not come in at a reasonable time and if your potatoes are cold notify the cashier. If you came in my place 15 min before closing and wanted a fully cooked meal I would assume you are an idiot...just These are simpleton complaints that could easily be handled by approaching waitstaff and possibly could have an new item or switched out completely. Don't let any negative reviews stop you from trying this place out :-) consider where these reviews might come from. This place is a gem in a different way. Anyway, next time I am going to try the Hawaii Kabob. I got it for my pops and it looked amazing (2 kabobs and mac salad) my pops loved it. Like I said I always get the ribs and will most definitely expand my food options next time I visit. The interior is a little old but that is ok. I like that as it has a unique Tiki party vibe with surfboards and Hawaiian gear. Also has a Thai menu and I have had some Thai dish in the past and they were great. If you want to try something new or want great ribs or real Hawaiian style kabob try this place out. It may become a favorite for you like it is for me.

Jonathan Warford

Chronic per usual. Ive Never had bad service or poor quality food

Doug Hershberger

Delicious BBQ and teriyaki. Even the cabbage tastes good.

Paul Wojtas

It was a pretty good restaurant. I got the fried mahi and Hawaiian bbq chicken and it was good. The fish was nothing special, but the BBQ chicken was great. I also had the steamed pork dumpling which was tasty. Next time I go I'll get pictures.

April Block

Actually 2 different eateries inside. Huge portions of delicious food!

John Ormond

Really nice independent restaurant, great staff and very good food.

Steven Thompson

Great place, fantastic food. I visited while working in the area and was greatly impressed. Prices are pretty decent and you get a fairly large amount of food. Interior was nice and inviting, but unfortunately I had to order takout rather than dine in. I like trying a wide variety of food, but had never had hawiian BBQ before. I ordered beef fried rice, and I feel like it satisfied the cravings of my soul in a way I've never experienced before. Would love to visit again next time I'm in the area. Wish they opened another location in my local area.

Brantley Death

Friendly service. Called ahead to place my order using the menu from the website.

Kendra Williams

Good food. First time going.

Annette Mahoney

Great food, good prices, you will not be disappointed

Ramsaran Grady

Okay place with good food. Service needs work.

Amanda Bain

food is always good.

Charles Engman

my first time trying the menu and I can't wait to go back to try new food. I was surprised by how fast I got my order and very happy I stopped in. thank you for the suggestion. the macaroni is awesome!

Valerie Litwinko

Hawaiian and Thai food, thier galbi ribs are very meaty and at a good price, this location has amazing steam pork buns. The aloha tea is Thai ice tea which is very good. The dining room is small but it's a nice place for a meal.

heather delagarde

I've been coming here for years and is a guarantee to always get good food. The only thing is a personal preference bc trying to make a modification like putting the beef on the rice or having the sauce that the beef was cooked in on the rice cant be done. Other than the small things the food is excellent and fast.

Timothy Russell

Food was good but service was not so good. Seem like the server had an attitude. They messed up the my order. I went to have it corrected that is when The attitude became even more apparent.

Wendy Marks

Love the coconut dessert. The macaroni salad tastes great too!

Janice Thrasher

I ate there the service was poor The rice was warm The fish was sitting in kitchen The food was not fresh. I will not be eating at this restaurant anymore. My mom's food was bland She had the Barbecue beef she said it was very bland. She asked for beef and she got pork and chicken with some beef she does not eat pork. I have to ask the young lady to wipe off the table she was just sitting playing with her cellphone . She said if I need the Ketchup I had to get it from the other side wow. Very poor attitude. Never again .

Edward Tamariz

The manapua was old and mad us SICK. After the owner called he was rude and never offered to return our money back. We where sick for two days. He argue with us and hung up the phone. We could here his employee saying F#$@ US! They never tried it make it right. We will never go there again. Do not eat there.

Kendra Sahr

This is my favorite Hawaiian BBQ place. They have amazing pasta salad of all things.

Jeffrey Kramer

Very good been there lots of times

Ellen E. Cespedes

Food fusion dishes inspired by Hawaiian, Korean, Japanese, Thai. Chinese and Filipino cultures So yummy!!!

Lurline Wagner

Excellent customer service

Nikki Beebe

Hands down one of my favorite places to eat. The food is always very good and the service is great as well. Comfortable & calm environment.

Alexander Merz

Love this place. Food is good.

willson kwong

Always great!

neleh poletsky

not it do they serve Hawaiian noms but inexpensive Thai food favorites as well!

K Stofocik

Delicious! Reminded me of when I ate plate lunch in Hawai'i.

Halley Robertson

Any time I’m in a 15 minute radius of the place I gotta stop and grand lunch or dinner. New favorite restaurant for sure!

won willis

Great food. Considering this is thousands of miles from the islands.

tommy quiroz

Excellent and accommodating staff, food is delicious, and a fun & clean locale for Hawaiian & Thai fare.

Lola Flower

Such a classic and delicious place to eat

LadyLiza Ellis

Eating here is like being back in Hawaii. Legit ono grindz.

Sha Sha

First time eating at this establishment. Customer Service was great, food was pretty good (had the Hawaiian BBQ Mix), pretty good portion size! Ordered to go, didn't have to go real biggie though!

Hito Shura

To be fair, I have only been to one other Hawaiian restaurant (Hawaii BBQ in Portsmouth), and although I've had friends cook for me, I'm no expert on it. Compared to the other food I've tried, the food here was just so bland. The side dishes were good, but the meat just didn't seem to be seasoned enough. This applied to everything my family ordered. The cashier/waitress was nice enough, and I liked the intimate feel of the building, but I don't plan to visit again.

Scarlett Brown

Awesome service, food, and amazing tea

Rich B

I'm not sure why one of the employees picked this place but the food was horrible. Almost everyone ate a small portion of their food and simply tossed the rest.

April Crews

The spouse and I are very sick after eating here last night. Food tasted great but not worth the sickness.

J Dubya

Great place. Solid food. The burger was pretty good.


My first visit was fantastic will be back again when working on that side of the beach the ribs and chicken and beef comb was alright and the macaroni salad is awesome

Susan Moore

I had the Hawaiian BBQ CHICKEN. Came with two chicken breasts, rice, macaroni salad and side salad. Pleased with this place. Will be back! Sept 21: Maui Maui is delish too!

Joshua Alspach

Amazing food. Going to have to wait but totally worth it

ren bandong

The spam moco and spam sushi....must have!

Shi Weng Chung

Great cheap Hawaiin comfort food. I got the Musubi. It was fantastic.

Curtis Williams

Great authentic taste and food quality. Wish y'all well in the growth of your business.

Tracy Critser

The food was great! And the aloha tea was delicious.

Natasha Morgan

The bomb garlic shrimp!! Very nice people, pleasant atmosphere and clean.

MRB Banks

I have been coming here for lunch off and on for the last 5 years. Very yummy.

William O'Leary

REAL Hawaiian cuisine at decent prices. Its never crowded and isnt too far from i264. I purposfully stop whenever in town and bring some back to Richmond!

joseph bussuvanno

Best thai food you can get in vb

Terra ashworth

Order first time. Potatoes were box potatoes, fries were cold, and my Hawaiian bbq was bland. I won't eat here or recommend it either. I wouldn't expect a coupon or discount. And all the positive comments below have to be a lie or they got paid to make these post.

Tashamee Alston

When dealing with the public there is a level of customer service that is expected and should be upheld. If I patronize your establishment I expect to be treated with respect

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