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4885 N Witchduck Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

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REVIEWS OF 757 Korean Barbeque IN Virginia

Elle Ca

The price: pretty high, considering the quality doesn't match. Beef bulgogi had a lot of onions compared to amount of beef. The staff: friendly but not enough of them. Two servers versus over 50 people is not good for business. Some people were waiting too long for extra kimchi that they never got until almost end of the meal. The two servers were doing their best but they needed help. The taste of food: good but again, for the price, it could be better ingredient quality and way better distinctive taste to be considered authentic Korean.

Carl Bell

Great food!

Megan Jerkins

Absolutely Delicious! My husband and I had the spicy pork and spicy chicken bbq and shared a bit of both. It was not quite as spicy as I like it but the flavors were fantastic. Some of the pork was on the fatty side but both were very well done. The cucumber kimchi was my favorite side-dish but it was again a bit more mild than I'm used to. If you want a great Korean BBQ place that has fantastic flavors this is it but I'd say a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's has more heat. The chicken bbq is also very liberal on the ginger (which I LOVED)

FamousD88 Nguyen GaMing

Check out this place. It’s a great mom and pop Korean bbq place. It’s beautiful inside and the atmosphere is very friendly

Trevor Maitlen

Food is amazing! Service impeccable. Make sure you have time if you come in a large group. Will definitely be back again!


Amazing Korean bbq, Pork bulgogi was the best I have ever had. Great experience! We met a member of the owners family who great to talk to. I have never reviewed a restaurant before, but this one warranted special consideration..... at true Outlier in VA Beach!!!

Megan Mickle

Really cute restaurant! The only Korean restaurant I will go eat at.

Shei Ootsuki

Great barbecue. But it can get a bit pricey unless you bring a few people with you.

Marcus Zehr

Food was great but service was horrible and I won't be coming back. Our server didn't check on us at all after taking the order which took an hour to even bring to the table. He was snarky when mentioning that there was a button to call for service which was also never answered when we pressed it. He didn't care about allergies as well. My wife had ordered a soup with beef and got one with shellfish. We also asked about peanuts and he said he was pretty sure there wasn't but would check, then never came back. Never refilled water and didn't even bring the check. Had to go hunting for him. Other servers were sitting with what I assume was family also eating instead of working. Who I am assuming was the owner seemed nice and thanked is for our patience but that was it. I highly suggest that the owner take a road trip to Arlington, Va to scope out the Korean BBQs in the area to learn better ways to train employees.

Grady Wierzbicki

Great place for Korean food

Deb Lord

Really delicious bbq, unlimited side dishes, and excellent customer service!

Nathan Hall

So I have a few things to say about this place and they're all great I assure you. First, since I'm sure you are reading this Wonder ng how the food is l I will cover that. The food was fantastic! I've been to quite a few Korean restaurants and this one by far had the yummiest food. We ordered the giant plate of BBQ foods, the ttoekbokki, and the seatood pancake. Between five of us(which we were very hungry) this was way more than we needed, but regardless we chowed it all down because we loved it so much. The Servings were generous and the sides we're delicious. Second, the service was stellar. The employees offered great company and came back often to see if we needed refills on drinks and sides. They even played a kpop song by request which was really fun! The inside of the restaurant is very pretty and comfortable. We sat there for 2.5 hours and had a blast listening to kpop and enjoying the company of the staff. Thirdly we had Ms Kim which I assume was the owner(?) Come by and cook our meats for us personally. We all loved her very much, The nicest lady ever. She was very entertaining and even gifted us extra food when she found out it was my birthday. I'll never forget the wonderful service and food I received at 757korean and they'll be sure to see me back there for more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 10/10

Ann Cova

Very clean and nice on inside, feels like homely type of atmosphere. The food was very good and fresh however the meat in my dish was not good quality and was a very skimpy amount. The service should have been better. We started with a server then they dissapeared. None of our dishes were cleared between courses or at all and we had food leftover on our table and was just given the check like they were trying to hurry us out. Was not the hospitable service that other korean restaurants are usually known for. We heard good things about this place so hoping our experience will improve should we come back!

Katie Sudbrock

My friends and I have come here only 2 times (twice within a week!) and it is our new favorite! The food is amazing as well as the service. IN THE MIDDLE OF TYPING THIS HOME GIRL BROUGHT MY GORUP OUT SOME FREE KIMBAP AND I HAVE NEVER FELT SO HAPPY. This is offically the best food place i've been to in to in years ❤❤❤

Lisandra Lezcano

I loved our waitress, she was so bubbly and kind. I had my two kids with me and she made sure I had everything I needed for them and would always ask if I needed anything else, I felt so cared for. We had a hot pot and it was a great choice because we walked out of there so full and happy. This place is awesome!

Timothy Cahoe

Great! Friendly staff and really good food. Only place we've seen so far that has ginseng chicken soup.

PJ Dickinson

Price is a huge factor here. I got tiny side dishes for an extremely high price. However, if all you care about is taste, then this place is delicious.

Naoma Doriguzzi

It's a pricey dinner when you do the cooking... But it is a great experience and the food is good. Not much alcoholic drink choices. I did try the Korean wine which was pretty tasty. When we have gone there were usually only a few people dining there so no waiting.

Mikole Boyd

Came here 4 months ago. The food was ok. We had to ask for our salad, we only got one for two entrees until we had to ask for a second salad. We had to ask for everything like utensils. We didn't get much food for having ordered two entrees. We left hungry because for two entrees we had already paid too much.

Brittany G

Loved it! I just wish that I could come with some friends......

Louie Tirol

Great food, bbq grill is awesome. It is worth trying their restaurant

Jeanne Scharf

What an EXCELLENT and tasty meal. We enjoyed many different dishes ranging from Shrimp Fried Rice, Pork Bulgogi, Beef Bulgogi, Bi Bim Bap and many side dishes. The meals were hot and spicy. Our waitress Ms. Diane was very efficient & quick to fill the needs of a 12-person party. They had nice atmosphere except I personally wasn't crazy about the Korean music videos with my young children. Ms. Diane just said ask and they can skip plays -- just so you know when you visit. So considerate. Thanks so much.

Mathew Aguilera

Overall best Korean BBQ restaurant in the Norfolk/VA Beach area. The service was excellent and they recommend really great appetizers. Will definitely be coming back.

Yevgeniy Parasochka

Went there twice, both times the place was half empty but we still had to wait both times 10-15 minutes to be seated. Second time table was wet and greasy. Menu is limited, all sides are pickled and salty

Umi Hyon

Amazing food and great service. The only korean restaurant that ive been to in virginia beach so far that is worth the money.

Dominic Romanowski

Great Korean food and quality. Probably one of the best in the area

Trina M

The food was absolutely delicious and our waitress was super friendly and fun!!!

Roshia Johari

Omg!! The food at this place is amazing and so is the service! It’s a little pricey but well worth it. The meat is so tender and tasty. They also have the grills built into the table so you can grill your meat the way you want to. The side dishes they bring are delicious and plentiful. We were told that the owner of this place has 20+ different vendors for the many kinds of meat they serve and it is all handpicked. You will not regret eating here.

milka paulino rosario

Ohhh I love this place sooo great.. the food is so delicious and the services make you feel so comfortable and at home.. I never had Korean food like this before it is my favorite spot now.


If you ever go to Virginia Beach area, you MUST visit this place! The BEST Korean barbecue place you will ever find! Very clean, friendly and nice staff and quality food! Not many restaurants can offer all three but this place can!! We are willing to go back anytime

Jodi Longobardo

Excellent marinated kalbi, one of the best I have ever had. Very friendly service. You can cook it yourself if you know how, which I love.

Stephen Mccallister

Would be 5 stars but reminds me of my ex

Aushaud Gantt

Absolutely love this place! The food is superb and staff are extremely accommodating and knowledgeable. Our waiter practically made the evening for us the last time we were there. The K-pop soundtrack is also a blast! I'd highly recommend you pay them a visit. It's a little pricey so bring friends to share large entrees.

Sweta Welet

We lived in Korea and this is comfort food for us. We enjoyed coming and also introducing this food to people who never had it before. They loved it. Spicy or not. You can get and eat it all. Great galbi and great marinate. Side dishes are refilled free and the rice as super fluffy. Amazing. We will be back

Shequra Babb

Great food, excellent service. Definitely going again

Michael Wood

I have lived in NYC and Chicago and this is hands down some of the best Korean BBQ I have ever had. Lunch, dinner, doesn’t matter, the portions are amazing! Staff is quite friendly too! Highly recommend!!

Noah Harvey

Best Korean food in VB! Lovely customer service and place. A bit pricey but it is 100% worth it!

Tim Williams

Great food! Excellent service... Just a bit pricy. I hope they stick around and I can bring more people here!

sam c

Mediocre for spicy tofu soup. The side dishes weren’t bad, but could be better.

Chuck Mehle

Outstandingly authentic Korean food, best on southside undoubtedly. Service is friendly and attentive. Very nice dining area, super clean and modern. Barbecue grills in center of many tables. The beef and pork were very high quality and super reasonable prices. Kimche was best i have had in years. Owner, Miss Kim, was so sweet and accomodating, we will be back soon. My new go to place in Virginia Beach for real Korean food.

Allen Campbell

Great food, K-pop music playing, overall wonderful experience

Joseph Dunson

Delicious cuisine with a wonderful atmosphere.

kyle warren

They plan on cooking for you, so that factors into the price. The combos are a little janky so it's best to go a la carte and make sure you eat it all. Good food, nice place, nice staff. The hotpots looked good and the bibimbap is supposed to be off the chain. Just wish there was more food.

David Slaughter

I love it here. The atmosphere is great and the food is even better, I always leave satisfied. The owner is also very nice and welcoming, she also encourages my wife who's studying Korean. Would definitely recommend.

Tasha Royster

I like this place I feel comfortable eating by myself. They are very attentive . Enjoy the food each time

Beau Cislo

Just moved to the Virginia Beach area and this was the first Korean BBQ place I tried. Service and food were awesome! Diane took really good care of us and even helped us out with the meat grilling process. Would recommend to anyone to give this place a try!

Marc Munoz

Pretty good. K-Pop videos playing in the background. You can cook your meat in the center of the table. Typical Korean sides. I kinda wish they would give more rice. They give 1 cup of rice. Coming from an Asian background, the extra rice should be free or very cheap. An extra 1 cup of rice is $1.79. Eh...a 25 lb bag of rice is $17. Wholesale perhaps $10. I'd be ok if it was $0.50-$1. $1 is pushing it even. $1.79? Wow The Bulgogi for dinner was $19.99...a bit pricy for the amount of meat. It tasted like it should. The salad will serve 2. Bibimbap was $13.99 and was a good size. The Korean sides (various pickled items including kimchi) seem to be all you can eat. I would rate this place a 3.25/5. The staff was friendly. Clean and renovated recently. I came here once when it was a grocery store with a makeshift restaurant on the side.

Chad Blackiston

Food was delicious, our waitress Sarah was awesome

Jessilou Gonzales

The food was good and the service was great


Great Korean food. They play KPop while your eating too. I personally suggest the barbeque tables.

Margaret Dickerson

The best korean bbq around friendly service i wish they had one in the deep creek area of Chesapeake

Jaron Shim

Very wonderful service and food was amazing! Must go if you’re looking for Korean bbq.

Ebony Ricks

Very nice! Food was very good. Would recommend coming back again!!

Christopher O'Kelly

Great quality, flavor and atmosphere! But.... Give me an all you can eat option even if its $50 bucks. And dont touch my grill! Let me do the cooking they would for the most part but then came by and threw a meat on that I was saving for the end of the meal

Charles Ch

Any Bimbap dish is very worthwhile. The service here is very hospitable.

Aaron Michael Lambino

Even though I haven't tried their bbq, they have best hot anc cold bimbimbap around! I loved this place when they were Hanaro, and will still continue to come for their dishes. Highly recommend!

davis bui

Food was ok , I would recommend grammy. More selection of food and its delicious there ...

R. B. L.

God food, expensive but good


Very very delicious Korean food and barbeque!!! I haven't had Korean food since I was a kid and this took me straight back to my childhood <3 Insanely good food and a very friendly awesome staff, would 100% recommend eating here!!!

Anne Qu

The ginseng chicken soup is so healing to have in the cold weather

Rebecca Dismuke

Food and service was fantastic. Visiting from Richmond, such a nice treat. Will definitely have to come back again!

Philip W.

This place was awesome. Went with friends from out of town and we're pleasantly surprised as we are used to Korean food from Annandale, VA aka koreatown. The food and service were fantastic and would definitely recommend if you enjoy kbbq.

Karly Grogg

If I could give this zero stars I would

Bonita Mita

My first time eating Korean BBQ it is an interesting experience. We opted to try the BBQ which means they bring your food raw and you cook it yourself at your table. It's a very cool thing to do but as a first timer I wish the instructions would have been a tad better because the second dish was cooked in a different way (different grill) than the first. Our waitress was great and explained that after we had already messed up on how to cook that dish...oh well. That said: the food is amazing, lots of different sides and flavors. Highly recommended! If you dont like the idea of going out and having to cook the food yourself skip the BBQ and order from the entree menu which is way easier. Great food and Great experience. Also try the Apple Soju (rice wine/liquor) it was very good!

Amber Dye

I’m from Chicago, and I love Korean food. When I moved here all the Korean place I went to weren’t authentic or they’re like mixed with American. When I came here the bbq is great and the usual dishes are great. I’m come atleast 2 times a week. The staff is so friendly and the actually pay attention to their customer. Yes the bbq is a bit expensive but they pay for quality meet I never have a problem with the quality of their meals

Samantha Martinez

Great tasting food and nice environment. Loved the Kpop music playing.

Adrian Shaw

This was my first KB experience... Very tasty... I will definitely try this again.

Thanh Bui

I've been here twice and each time the food was amazing. One of the best place to find authentic Korean cuisine.

Youngran Cho

Very delicious~ good service~ I am very happy~ 엄청 좋아요

Anj Cortez

I love thier food! Place so nice and service is good. Will go there again.


5 stars for great service, and I'd give the food a 7 out of 10. the Galbi 갈비 (basically ribs) was the best thing there. Also, if you're into K-pop girl groups this is your place.

John Shively

Great food, wonderful, attentive service. Best kimchi I've had in years.

melissa rachel

Are you BTS-ARMY? They played BTS songs when I was there- IM IN LOVEEE. haha. their food is delicious and they have great customer service! Definitely coming back.


I always reccomend this place to people who are looking for both good food and a fun experience. Staff are helpful, knowledgeable and awesome people. Relatively middle range pricing for high quality food that's cooked right in front of you!

James Rapp

For korean bbq, this is a hidden gem. Very friendly staff. Nice atmosphere and open late. Beer and alcohol selection is limited, but the food is amazing. I had spicy chicken. Bbq and my wife had the pork spare ribs and chicken fried rice. Our main plates came with white rice and all the traditional Korean sides. For a nice quiet delicious korean bbq experience at a reasonable price, I recommend this place.

Danabel Terc

Super nice and welcoming servers! Food is delicious and I love the Korean Pop music videos!

TNa Ho

I only love the soup at this place. Their soup is really good, truly Korean soup but I don't like the bbq here; the price is higher than the other places and it doesn't taste good at all. Anyways if you want to try this place just give them a chance because of their soup and professional service

Seth Cropper

Interior is very beautiful, the employees are very nice and attentive. Plus the food is very good, and if you order right, not too pricey.

Nhat Nguyen

The price is so expensive for me. We had 3 people and get a combo A for grill. They said it fit enough for 3 people but it was not. I am not a big guy but be honestly only me can eat the whole combo like that. The waiters are good, but 3 people ate a little bit with $100 with water for drink is not what I want.

Noodle Bear

This place was absolutely delicious. The food is wonderful and the couple who run the place are so sweet. Some of the best Korean food I've had in the states so far, highly recommend coming here.

chen han xiao

Friend recommend so I decide to try last night which is Christmas! The food was ok ,but for that price is way too expensive! Order spicy pork bbq they put a lot onion and carrots than meat which is fine !The reason I gave 1 star is the service (older waitress)!Toooooo bad !! Waitress is very impatient when took my order , close my menu even I haven’t done my order yet!!!! And run away !! At that time only 2 table !!!! There is 2 waitress I like the young lady better ! She is come to Ask my drink with smile ! If you want to treat as a customer ask the young lady over there ! I left angry and hungry ! I hope owner can see this review and training your staff if not you will lost a lot customer !I live 2 minutes from your restaurant I am a restaurant owner too and Love Korean food but I will never come back just because her rudeness!

philip lewis

Food was amazing the waiter was helpful, music was great

jocelyn newsome

So good!

Latifah Shabazz

Great atmosphere, pricing and food delicious

Leilani Hopkins

Firstly, the food was amazing, would highly suggest for like lunch break or dinner or just a weekend lunch or something else, it is also a big portion of food especially if you get an entree, the staff were very nice and great service, and if you like kpop then this is definitely a nice place for you, they play kpop on the TV and it's heard throughout the restaurant. But overall it is a really nice place and the prices weren't all that bad, seeing as how it is a foreign restaurant the prices really weren't all that bad.

Chuck Lloyd

Delicious food. A little pricey, but delicious!

Richelle Bonneville

It smells a little funny but that's because they make their kimchi homemade. The duck is my favorite!

Verlaine Quinniey

The service and food was amazing! This was my first time having Korean BBQ and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I would highly recommend this restaurant. We will definitely return.

Steven Brown

Staff was very accommodating and incredibly nice. The experience was wonderful and tons of fun. The food was very good and the speed of service was impeccable. I highly recommend this restaurant.


We ate here tonight and it was very good. My friend said that when they cooked the pork they didn’t cook it enough. Also there was no soap in the bathroom which grossed me out. That’s the reasons I took a star off.

Cameron Sy

KPop videos while you eat. Good stuff! #Bibimbap #Galbi

Doug Palmateer

What a great experience! Good Korean bbq!

Jon O'Neill

Oh wow what a cool little place. Went there on a Sunday so it wasn't crowded. Sat down at any booth we wanted. Larry was very helpful in helping us select our choices and going over the BBQ options and portion sizes. I've never had the opportunity to prepare my food un front of me before eating, but it was a fun experience. The meats were fresh the sample plates of various vegetables and kimchi were delicious. The soup with dumplings was so so good. I will definitely be going back and I would reccomend the food if you want to try something different. The staff was super friendly!

Madeline Heraty

Food was so deeee-lish! I loved the spicy pork bulgogi and all of the sides, especially the kimchi. Service was not good though. I had to ask the waiter his name because he didn't introduce himself and it was really awkward. When we had questions about the food he said he had no idea and didn't bother to find out. When we were finished he didn't bring the check and I had to go hunt him down. Also there was an issue with our check. The menu was labeled incorrectly and we were charged 10 dollars more than anticipated. The owner who was a very kind lady made sure the issue with our check was corrected and was very accommodating. I've seen other awesome reviews of this place so I think I'll give it another try but hopefully we get a different waiter. Overall I give it a 3 out 5. I am craving some of that chicken now too.haha

Adam Stalnaker

Food was good. Service was nice. Your guys kimchi is really good!

Jaimee Driscoll

This was a delicious meal. We had bulgogi and pork belly, which were cooked perfectly. Along with the banchan (which was wonderful and endless), we ate until we were completely full. I have an allergy, so they cooked that stuff separately so that my husband could still enjoy it! The price point was great, the food was delicious, and I can't wait to go back and try new stuff!

Carol C

Very good experience. Friendly workers


First class Korean BBQ! Food is top-notch and staff is extremely helpful. Accentuated enjoyment with K-Pop music videos. Parking lot seems on the small side, however, I have yet to have an actual issue finding parking. If you go, you must try the fried dumplings--my absolute favorite in Virginia Beach!

Scott Hummel

It was good, just a bit pricy.

Christi Barnes

I cannot put into words how great this place is. The food is amazing and the service is great. We had the Seasoned Galbi, Spicy Kimchi soup, fried dumplings and of course we tried the flavored soju. It was a little pricey but well worth every single penny of it. We tried a different Korean BBQ place in town and it didnt even compare. At first glance the outside looks like a hole in the wall which made me questions the authenticity. I am so glad we gave them a chance. BEST EXPERIENCE AND FOOD EVER! You will not be disappointed!

Aaron Manning

Amazing! I am left speechless it was so good! Pork belly!!!

Chantel Holley

Great food and atmosphere! The staff (Re) was very attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable. The after dinner hot tea was a nice touch! Wonderful addition to the community!!

Julia Harmes

Fast service very clean and very friendly. Perfect Korean bbq. The side dishes are great too.

Roze Quindara

The food was the best I can tell you that but the services is awful. They only came and ask if were ok few times and so quickly couldn't even ask for a freaking napkin nor get a drink refill. Never coming back again . It sucks!!!

Kirsten Judson

Amazing food experience!! Awesome service, Definitely coming back to try more.

LaDonna Olivo

Friendly service, fresh food choices, clean bathrooms, this place has it all. The duck and beef bulgogi were delish.

Marsha Brunswick

This place is so clean and nice! Dining here feels like you are at home! The owner ms Kim is really friendly! The price also for the food is very fair! Its not too expensive versus other Korean restaurants who charges an arm and a leg!! Highly recommendable! Bring your family and friends!

Ryan Thomson

Good food, fast service

Erika Ri

Kim and I had met recently on work related basis. She has always been so welcoming and friendly. So,when my parents came to town last night, and wanted to go somewhere quiet, I suggested 757, it's right around the corner from my home. We all loved it! Everything we had and more was perfect. Kim and her staff are the most welcoming, friendly staff I have ever come across in the 757. She made sure our experience was amazing and my parents and youngest and his girlfriend left full and with smiles on our faces!

Billy Brown

The best you can get

Megan Henderson

Stopped in for lunch. Waitress was amazing! She was so bubbly, helpful and paitent with me. I never had Bim Bop before and took her advise on the sauce. OMG it was soooo good! My husband and I split the kim bop which was melt in your mouth delicious. I had the bulgogi bim bop. Beautiful presentation and you can spice it how you like. Hubby had the spicy pork bulgogi which had decent heat and he was in heaven. I will be back, I have so much more to try! Highly recommend!


Oh boy. Great food, service, music, environment. Been twice. Loved it. Will come back!

jiu jai

The servers are nice and welcome when we came in. After sitting down I felt like this place is kinda humid, they might wanna adjust their ventilation system or air-conditioning. They are totally understaff. There are about 10 tables but only 2 servers. Since Korean barbecue require more work from servers, they should hire more staff. The options from the menu was little, I was about to order the spicy squid but I didn't because it was under the section which said "Lunch Special" so I guess it's only served during lunch. The server gave us some suggestions then we ordered the beef bulgogi and spicy pork bulgogi, and we're sharing our food. Although I know that the side dishes can be refill, the portion of them are only good for one person. I mean for ours and their servers' sake they could just give us more so we don't have to keep asking them to refill. We asked the lady to refill our kimchi and the chewy and sweet whatever it is but only the kimchi came back. The pork is not spicy at all in my opinion but it taste good. The beef bulgogi didn't have enough flavor, which also comes to the main reason why I gave a 3-star rating. Despite not having some lectures for us to wrap our barbecue meat like some Korean restaurants, they don't have any sauce (like the chili paste and the salty oil one) for us to dip our barbecue food. I've had Korean food from Hong Kong, Korea and the U.S since I was a child, I have never went to a Korean restaurant, especially a Korean BARBECUE restaurant that don't have sauce for us to dip our food. We asked our server if they have any sauce and he gave us some liquid mustard, which you can tell it's not for Korean barbecue. If they provide us some sauce I would've gave them a 4-star. My friend finished her water for a while but at least the server came to refill after we finished our food. We waited for about 15 minutes (Probably more but we were chatting so time flies) for our check. The male server came first and we told him we want our check. Couple minutes later the lady server came and ask if we want our check again... Overall the spicy pork is a 4/5, the beef is a 2/5, the service is a 2.5/5 (They are nice but they need more service skills), the interior is 4/5. Their average score is 2.5 so a 3-star for them.

J B398

I do not usually write reviews but this place was full of Fantastic food and great service. The owner Mr. Kim and his daughter were delightful. The porkbelly BBQ was awesome and well cut. The side dishes are all made by Mr. Kim and the sauces are wonderful. Will eat here when i come back to VA Beach.

Geff Foxworth

First time coming here, and I will be definitely be coming back. Great barbeque.

Rick Haupt

Pleasant service and tasty spicy beef soup!

Christian Baucom

I was recommended this place by a good friend and it did not disappoint. The food was very flavorful and fresh. The staff was very kind and attentive. They also have hot pot and Korean BBQ that looks wonderful but was a lot more food than I was prepared to eat even just the entree sizing was huge. The steamed dumplings were wonderful. This is definitely a place to come with friends or family.

Cynthia Arocho

Price is a bit higher than average but pretty good food. We tried the grilling ourselves and the already prepared food. We had fun grilling our food. However, we really liked the flavor of the already prepared meals.

Joshua Brundage

My first Korean BBQ experience. I was not let down. They started us off with some small plates with various items including: tofu, picked radish, potatoes, broccoli. I had the kimchi soup. Anyone that enjoys kimchi soup will not be disappointed. I had the spicy pork bolgogi. It tasted like BBQd bacon. I don't mean that as a bad thing. It was very flavorful. Some pieces were very fatty. The only thing i would recommend from them is to obtain higher quality meats for their dishes. I will be back.

Tianlei Zhang

Awesome service. Best kbqq in Virginia

Tommy Atran

I got the galbi bibimbap and you only get 3 pieces of galbi. I understand it's expensive meat but for the price they charge, I expected 5 as other places in the area give you that much for cheaper pricing. Service was alright in the beginning but waited forever for the check. Also ordered a beer but came back and said it was unavailable and was about to open the larger version of it. Luckily stopped him before I was charged for that thing.


The only place we will go locally for Korean food, staff and friendly and food is great! We always get the seafood tofu soup and regular pork belly bbq, some reason the spicy flavored ones are not good. Really disappointed with their ramen considering the price, its an instant ramen with added vegetables.

Hayley Martin

Food was great. Staff was friendly with recommendations of food.

Noah Schulte

If you want Korean BBQ and you're in the Hampton Roads area, this is a good place to check out. Clean establishment, friendly staff, tasty food (I recommend the bulgogi and the short ribs), and good for small groups, especially if you're all willing to share. It's not cheap, but not outrageously high priced either (think hibachi). The food cooks in front of you and either you or they can take care of flipping the food and such. We were all pleased with the experience.

Taija Medley

The food was delicious. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly, especially considering we had a big group.

Ramune Icepop

Tasty food, peaceful place to eat, the guy that served us was very thoughtful and polite and helpful! Wonderful server and very tasty food! I will eat here again! And I enjoyed the k-pop songs that were playing too!

Edgar Lunasin

Great food but service not all that great

Tripp Little

Place is great

Brian Hall

If you’re going to eat Korean in Hampton roads come here. This place is bar none to any others around.

mama duck soup

We were so excited to try this restaurant but it was a horrible experience. The quality of the meat they serve you was cheap and the grill didn't work properly. Not to mention everything on the menu was VERY expensive. It's not worth going back!

Bob Bellis

Wonderful range of flavors I'd never experienced before. We'll sure be back.

James Sim

Everything was So good! I brought them here and we ate like kings! (And a queen) ^^ They were so happy and we all got so full. There was so much food, we shared everything and still couldn't finish. I have some food sensitivities, and the waitress worked with me to find a dish I could enjoy. Open when everything else is closed, delicious food, without straining your wallet, definitely worth the drive! Awesome Korean BBQ house in VA Beach.

Ronald De Leon

Pretty good KBBQ spot that opened in Virginia Beach. They have the legit seafood pancakes and offer a wide variety of meats which was flavorful and well seasoned. We enjoyed all the dishes and definitely a great place to eat with family and friends. The building had been renovated and has a modern feel inside as well.

Sheryl Bliley

Always delicious!

Charles Rogers

Amazing food but expect a price. It's average for Korean BBQ but the price tag still stuns. The service is great and servers are friendly! Definitely have the Soju, so good!!

Ralph Cisch

First time outside of South Korea that I ate there food. I can say with no dought it tasted and looked great. We had the seafood hotpot for two. It was more than enough for us.service was great and friendly. Outside was alright, but the inside was beautiful. Will come again and again. Will not be disappointed, must see.

Jacob Flickinger

My wife's first Korean food, awesome!

Randy Willoughby

Pretty good food here. I didn't enjoy the sides of thebugolgi tho

Justin Bennett

It was my first time eating Korean BBQ and my experience was really positive. I love the idea of cooking the food in front of you while sitting. Great value for the overall taste and happy tummy.

M Clark

This is a great Korea barbecue restaurant with very helpful staff. We visit 757 everytime we visit VA beach.

Virgil Antolin

Nice clean area with good food and plenty in menu

Stephanie Wilson

This is a place I like to bring my friends to share new experiences and show off my local businesses. The food is fantastic and the servers let you cook your own meat unlike other KBBQ establishments. I have been here so many times, I think the workers are beginning to recognize me. I highly suggest this for the KBBQ experience.

Ashley Tsu

AMAZING FOOD. The ladies that work there are so nice and pleasant, such great service! I’d definitely go back again!

Mykee Mabanglo

This place is amazing. Definitely my favorite go to Korean barbecue place! The whole atmosphere is just so beautiful, the way they decorate the whole place makes me feel really welcomed in there. The food is great, there’s a lot of options and you really get the feel for authentic korean food. The service was also super nice. The owner was just so sweet and we are definitely coming back soon!! Give it a try, promise you won’t regret it!

Bryan Henson

Great good! Great family owned restaurant! Authentic and a must visit if you enjoy real Korean cuisine.

daniel butierries

Food was amazing! Service was great. I just found my new favorite restaurant.

Wonn Love

This place was amazing food was delicious. I will come here again. They were a little pricey but food well worth it.

Jazmine Alemania

I always go here! I am always satisfied! Amazing food!

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