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REVIEWS OF 622 North Restaurant and Wine Bar IN Virginia

Ron Bryan

Very good food and service, one of my favorite places. Seem to be just a little under staffed sometimes.

Walter Shroyer

Great place to sample wines, food a little pricy. Eleven dollars for a grilled cheese.

J Sackmann

Nice people, Great food & service. Nice clean & fun place.

Jordan Schwartz

The wine is good but food is not up to par with the fancy atmosphere. Bland. In addition, each time I have been, we have waited a very long time for food and the wait staff do not come around often enough. I would be embarrassed to bring a date here.

Alex Endert

Great place to have good meal at in Blacksburg. Also, the lunch specials are a great deal. Good burgers.

Susan McClelland

Took out of town guests there tonight. All four meals were outstanding. The service was superb as well. I highly recommend.

Roger Bowman

We had a reserved lunch for 20 people here for our son's and his girlfriend's graduation from medical school. When we arrived the tables were set up so we would be facing the wall. We helped and moved the tables and chairs so we could talk with each other. The temperature in the room was 76 degrees. As we all arrived the temperature started rising in the room as the AC didn't work. They moved us to the bar area that my understanding would hold us. It did not. We were all questioning why didn't they move us to the nice area downstairs near the front. No one was there when we came down. The first chicken wings we were served were raw. The beef skews were terrible, dry and tasteless. What I thought was suppose to be mini crabs cakes was bad salmon. Beside the hummus the rest of the food could be beaten in the frozen food section of Walmart. Our single waiter for 20 worked his tail off so one of the stars is for him. The assistant manager took 15% off the bill which he said was all he could do got the second star. The food was no where near the quality we should have received for the costs. Ruined a one time thing for us. Don't take your group here.

Bridget Neal

Great food, service, and prices. Must try the Brussels Amandine.

Rebecca West

Inattentive service and the food was average and for the price.

Sean McAlister

Great bourbon collect Food and serve was awesome.

Mark vastargazer

Food was amazing. The cream of mushroom soup was outstanding. The lunch special pita was a little heavy on garlic but still excellent, you will be safe from vampires. Lol

Michael At Verizon

Meal came out over cooked the first time and had the toppings in the side as asked, second time came out under cooked and toppings on the steak

Audrey Church

Delightful atmosphere and excellent food! We ordered the Augusta salad, and the waiter was kind enough to let us know that it was large enough to share--it was! For our entrees, we ordered the rib eye (cooked to order, tender, and tasty) and the ravioli (to die for!) Our food was beautifully presented and delicious! We will return whenever we are in Blacksburg.

Pauline Rentch

Nice place. Service was ok.

Michael Wogan

This is the best restaurant in the area. I come here for work at least once a month and half the time we eat here every night. Every dish I've tried has been good and their wine collection is the best I've found in Blacksburg.

Katherine Meredith

My family and I enjoyed mother’s day and the best steak any of us have had the pleasure of enjoying in Blacksburg at 622. The staff was attentive and polite, the restaurant is clean with an open but cozy atmosphere. Both students and town residents were present at the restaurant without it being noisy or draining the vitality of the restaurant and bar. Service was prompt and the salads as well as the meals were well proportioned. All of our food was beautifully presented and had impeccable flavor. We are not vegetarian but did notice they have an expansive vegetarian menu including French onion soup that did not loose flavor without beef broth. Overall Mom and the rest of my family could not have been more pleased and will absolutely return.

Joe Chasse

Delicious appetizer and entrees. Had the charcouterie board.

David Berry

I recommended this restaurant to a group of friends for Saturday lunch. I have eaten here before and the food is always great and the spaces are ideal for discussion (not too loud or dark). I was as pleased as ever with the food and the environment but the service was embarrassing. Our group waited way too long to have our orders taken. It was almost as if we were being ignored on purpose. There was never any urgency to wait on us even after we finally ordered. I won't recommend 622 to anyone else. The food and prices are spot on, as always, but the lack of hospitality cannot be overlooked.

Eyrius Johnson

Nice bar, snooty audience

Tom Hylton

Nice music venue.

J Blake

My party of 3 was told there would be a 20 minute wait. We waited at the bar for an hour and 15 minutes. The bartender was great, and the food was fantastic. This would be a 5 star review had they not forgotten about us. Also our waiter was awesome. I'm going to come back because aside from the long wait, everything was fantastic. I will recommend this restaurant to my friends.

John Friedman

Virginia Tech rightfully is proud of it's food options but if you're looking for a bit more sophisticated fare, a short walk will bring you to this perfect date night restaurant after you drop off your Hokie.

Thomas Preston

Good times is a understatement

D Owens

Was there for a wedding rehearsal dinner. The space was too small for all of the people in the party. The food was better than I expected... The staff were super nice and patient. Thank you.

Alex Battah

622 has the best bar in all of Blacksburg -- best cocktails in town. Excellent appetizers, too!

Deborah Good

One of the best meals I've had in Blacksburg.

Lee Doughty

Nice wait staff, good food, nice atmosphere

Charles Quann

Honestly, their chorizo burger is the best burger I have ever had. I cant imagine how a burger could taste better than this.

Brian Ekey

Upscale eating in blacksburg. Great beer selection.

Rosa Hernandez

Excellent service along with delicious food! Even though we were the last ones to leave the staff was more than gracious and attentive. Great wines! Loved the cheese board and salmon cakes!

noah morris

Don't get me wrong it was good, but didn't fit my pallet, if you like lighter foods with tangy and light flavours its for you, if not then done go

Natalie C

So adorable! Great food, great service, great price! I’ll be back!

Jean Smith

Band was excellent. Nice atmosphere

Rhonda Daiber

Every meal I have had here has been wonderful. I always look forward to going.

Sarang Joshi

Great brunch and breakfast and live music sometimes.

Nancy Barnes

You can actually hear each other in this restaurant. A big plus for me. Good potatoe soup.

crossnthistle .

Went in for lunch and sat on the bar side. The server ignored us to finish his conversation with someone. Very run-of-the-mill menu. Salad, burgers, blah. The only gluten-free options are salad. My salad was not very good:/ Prob'ly never go back.

Matt Nester

The flavor was amazing. Try the salmon cakes, Chizo burger and definitely the Strawberry shortcake. 15 different beer on tap that revolves to different beer often, wine was great and their selection was the best. Very nice atmosphere.

Nancy Weld

Very uneven quality. Great service but the food didn’t measure up to it’s ambitions. For example, the bacon wrapped around my monkfish was undercooked and chewy. But appetizers such as the cheese board were terrific.

Nancy Spiller

It was was magnificent.. beautiful presentation..Ray was a gracious Host in the wine bar ...we will be back and send friends and family..

Jennifer Morrison

Restaurant side: quality meals thoughtfully prepared and plated in an up - casual setting. Think urban comfort. Bar side: roll the dice on the crowd, from chill to full bar/band scene. The constant is great cocktails and beer selection. Get to know the staff and you've never been treated better. A must visit for locals and out of towners if you want to know bburg.

Sandy Schlaudecker

Good food and service. There is a ber area that wreaked of smoke! There is an entrance to avoid this, but not a good way to start a meal!

Richard Coiro

Never a disappointment. Great food with high quality. Just remember that high quality also means a higher price. But it's worth it.

timliu75 tim

Dining environment is awesome, food is of high-quality and price is reasonable. The only shortcoming is the service: It took roughly 20 min between orders taken and food served. This problem seems to be long-lasting as some of my friends who visited there long ago also complain about the same thing. If you are not in a hurry, this place could be a nice choice.

Christine Joseph

Really nice cozy atmosphere and tasty food

Richard Colyer

Go to in Blacksburg... Food is solid, bartenders have the stuff and know what to do with it, and the service is dead on.

Wade Duvall

Good burgers and beer selection! The menu changes regularly and is almost always good.

Lindsay Noble

Wine was great but expensive! Food was great but very expensive for the portions. The atmosphere was fancy but table was covered in paper. No crayons were provided. Bring your own crayons.

Wendy Nash

Keep returning for brunch. Can count on interesting combinations of flavors that I've never considered that work. However, they don't garner 5 stars because not quite on point---eggs ordered medium cooked well done. And something can be said for presentation---mimosa served in schoolhouse cafeteria glasses. And yes I'll come back.

Sara Sweeney

Great food both in the restaurant and bar areas. Excellent beer and cocktail selection. One of the only places in town to try new and interesting bourbon drinks. The service is excellent, even when busy.

Tyler Macy

Good beer. Great terrace

Ana Vargas

O wow .went there for my anniversary dinner. I got the risotto it was amazing. Definitely going back

Tom Ward

Food was good. Fun atmosphere. Was not a fan of the Sazerac. The smoke flavor was to much. Otherwise it was great

Stephen Miller

Excellent dinner!

Matt Penman

Short version: go someplace else. Trust me. Long version: It would have been preferable it they simply stated: we don’t want your business. Having reservations meant nothing as walk-ins were seated before us (there was plenty of room and we were on time). We ended up waiting about an hour for food that was mediocre and not up to the “integrity of the kitchen” - the waiters words, not mine. We actually saw people seated at the same time, who were served first, ate, finished eating before we received our plates. The waiter simply did not care, the kitchen got it wrong, it was a waste of time... the only explanation that I can think of is that we weren’t high-demanding regulars (table of 4 next to us) - the “Brenners” as they called themselves. Keep it up and they’ll be your only customers.

Bin Eom

Fresh salmon and lunchmenu is goodprice.

Christopher Monceaux

Excellent food and wine selection. Ray is the man!

Erin Smith

Highly dissapointed with the service and quality of food. The meatloaf I ordered was cold, and the mac-n-cheese and green beans were so salty, it was inedible. Our server never asked us for a drink order, and he rushed us through dinner. Highly dissapointed.

Andrew Cummings

They turned me away, after saying it was too busy, when many times before I've seen it much more crowd. They did allow me to use the restroom, so I'll give it that.

David Taylor

One of the best restaurants in town. Hands down the best selection of incredible beers, it's always hard to choose one! Some of the best sandwiches. The Cuban is hands down my favorite. Go to the brunch and hey the best chicken and waffles you'll ever have!

Mark Easley

Tried it for an early dinner. Enjoyed the duck here and the chef specials.

kimberly williams

I just had a pretty disappointing experience there with service and preparation. My glass of ice tea was tattooed with pink lipstick and I requested my meal sans cheese (of course plenty of cheese was present). I did receive another glass of tea (without previous guest's makeup) and also a remade meal. However, it was pretty disappointing to know that someone else in my party had to ask for my meal to be compensated. It was not instinctive on the server's part. Secondly, I did not get the meal compensated but a 25% discount. The server did also give me an iced tea to-go but he only placed the drink on the table without saying if it was mine. So, we really only assumed it was my ice tea because of the mistakes that happened throughout the meal. Maybe if you're looking for fine dining options, consider other places in Christiansburg or Salem.

Michelle J. Curry

The wine bar is fabulous! All servers are very knowledgeable of their menu and wine list. The food is always great and the atmosphere is perfect for every occasion.

Nathan Black

This is one of the fanciest restaurants I've visited in Blacksburg. Very courteous when they greet you, then let you know they will set a place up for you (water/napkin/silverware). Then return to fetch you. Shortly you are introduced to the server and the specials are given and any questions answered, along with drinks taken (if something more than water is of interest). Overall I found the service to be perfectly responsive and the meals were very well done, presentation as well as flavor combinations.


Good place to go. Food is good and a little bit pricey

Thomas Maufer

Great food and fair prices with an awesome wine and cocktail list. Very helpful wait staff.

Tony Sutphin

Zach was a great waiter...ask for him when you come. We were a party of 5 and he handled the table professionally. Food was good and prepared as requested. This was a GREAT dining experience and we will be back.

Todd Priest

Dinners here are generally better than lunch from my experience. The food is good and there is a decent selection. The whole family found something that each person really liked. The wine and beer selection is decent. Our service was good. The atmosphere on the restaurant side is nice and a step up from most places in Blacksburg. It isn't too fancy, you can get away with being dressed in t shirts and jeans, but you could also be dressed in a shirt and tie and not feel over dressed. I had the smoked salmon salad. It was very good. The soup of the day was a little salty for my taste, but the flavor was good.

Yuri Vestil

Awesome food. Great customer service. A not so quite hidden gem in Blacksburg. My coworker recommended this place to me and it didn't disappoint!

Christine Fulmer

Very nice and I will go back.

Amber Saul

Good food, good atmosphere. I hadn't been to 622 North in years. It did not disappoint

Manil Kukar

Ok, I am giving one star because I can’t choose cero stars. The service is awful, I went with my wife for lunch, the doors were open, there is a sign that states you can go ahead and sit yourself, so we went ahead, and 5 mins later there it comes a waiter stating the kitchen is close, he asks us to leave the table and rushed us to the bar area to eat something if we still wanted. The open hours are not clear and the service is the worse. We are not going back there!

Kathryn Dowling

Food prepared extremely well zGreat menu selection and versatility in ordering various combinations. Attentive staff.

Ron Layne

Outstanding. Great atmosphere, great people. Great food. Get the chicken and waffles.

Phyllis Scampas

Nice place, upscale. Food good but would like more selection

David Soine

Great food and drinks. Enjoyed the Duck Breast!

David Lee Hopkins

Strongly recommend the fried green tomato appetizer, best f.g.t. I've ever had. Someone else in my party ordered the filet mignon well done, and it was still amazingly tender and flavorful, so I imagine it would be fantastic if served rarer. The restaurant/wine bar side of 622 is a bit more upscale than most eateries in Blacksburg and the food and service (and prices, particularly for the entrees) reflect that. A lot of good food though, and a huge wine selection. Not a fan of the paper they have covering the tablecloths. I understand the thinking behind it, but it takes away from the experience. On busier evenings, definitely call ahead for reservations.

Adam Wirdzek

so many good tastes. they really go out of their way to craft some unique dishes. and maybe one of my favorite brunches in town.

Sean Bwoods

We didn't not make a reservation and they squeezed us in.... Thank you because the food was amazing. It's a must try if you are in downtown Blacksburg.

Megan Mills

My husband and I adore this place. I could eat their avocado melt every day... Plus the atmosphere is wonderful, the service is great, and they have a good selection of beers, with an ever changing rotation of the ones on tap. Sit outside when it's nice! You might want to call ahead, especially if it's anytime near graduation.

Viswanath Meenakshisundaram

Almost a regular here on Fridays. Great place. Its not a cheap bar, with beers averaging 6$ a pint to appetizers averaging 7-8$. The food is amazing. Pretty quick service and allows pets in the patio. Must try the burgers and the franks.!!

Philip Balister

Great place to get a Right Mind beer when Lefty's is closed on Sunday evening!

tabitha h

Generally Brunch was excellent! Pro tip: If you order the 622 Benedict, get the sun-dried tomato jam on the side.

Bob Sisco

Good place for lunch, brunch, breakfast or dinner. Comfortable setting, nice bar.

Kyle Tarro

Great service from our server Alan and great food! We had the pork chop and filet mignon, the pork chop had the best mashed potatoes I’d ever had.

Tracy Darr

Awesome place to eat! Great food. Fantastic waiter! Truly a wonderful place. From out of town, went by the reviews when I chose this restaurant. The reviews does not do it justice! Will be back when we come to town.!!!

James Lauters

locally sourced, creatively prepared food ... nicely seasoned but very balanced on the palete ... the wine list is not huge, but carefully selected and offers a broad range of types ... attentive, professional service ... a really great experience! (note the wine bar and restaurant have separate entrances and very different "vibes")

Brittany Garcia

Consistently flavorful, well prepared and truly delicious food! Heavenly entrees, grilled cheeses and soups. I'm in love with the bruschetta grilled cheese along with every soup they've prepared with it - short rib chili, fennel tomato bisque, ALL amazing and on point. The drinks are a delight, as well. Service is always professional and friendly!

Sol Atkins

This place is really, really nice. I took my girl out for dinner on a slow (frigid) night. They suggest you make reservations and I'm glad I did, because there was no wait whatsoever when we got there. The wait staff was extremely attentive and welcoming, and the food was great, not orgasmic but you could tell everything was fresh and prepared to order. Surprisingly cheap too! Our entrees were something like ten bucks each which I wasn't expecting with the fancy atmosphere.

Josiah Moody

Delicious food, good service, affordable prices. Also has a great atmosphere.

Laila Kirkpatrick

The food was delicious and the service was fantastic! We were the only ones with two little kids and they were very accommodating and treated us great.

Michael Hudson

One of Blacksburg best restaurants for American Continental cuisine. Choose to dine in ine of the dining rooms, The Deck over looking Main ST, The wine bar or Frank's Bar. Franks in a larger pub style room with pool table and frequent live entertainment. Excellent selection of beers on tap, usually a catch of the day in season and a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Rikhit Arora

Whenever I visit Blacksburg, I always visit 622 North. The beer selection is great and the food is excellent. Highly recommend the salmon!

David Bowles

Excellent service; extensive wine list

Lucy Harris

The food was rubbish

Marciano Siniscalchi

I didn't get to try the regular menu because I was with a conference group, but the salmon was cooked just right--juicy and flavorful. The spinach salad was tasty, if a bit on the small side. Great beer selection.

Dawn Jones

Great food and atmosphere.

Izhar Syed

Awesome place

Rebecca Vest

As a professional courtesy, the hostess should have let guests know they were serving a limited menu excluding they're signature brunch items at check-in instead of waiting for 20 minutes and having our server tell us once we are seated. We took our business elsewhere this morning.

Eric Smith

Food and atmosphere were both very good! The food consisted of classic items with a special twist.

Yaman Sharaf Dabbagh

One of the best restaurants in BB, food is really good. Make sure you reserve.

Chris Hagreen

Great food, great staff. Good place to chill and have a few.

Carlos Navarrete

Great most of the time. Service could be better, esp for such a high grade place. Recommend lunch in the bar instead of the restaurant, as it is not as busy and the bartender is a better server than the undertrained waiters. (Undertrained in a global sense. Most BB restaurants have this problem)

Ali Alkhzaimi

I go there for brunch and it’s one of the best brunch places in town

Fred Williams

Nice atmosphere, food could use some work

Mark Madhavan

Some of the best mixed drinks I've had in a while! The burger and fries were delicious as well, but the drinks were definitely the most impressive thing about this establishment. Ginger beer brewed in house made for great Pimm's cups and Moscow mules. Would definitely return!

Scott McCrickard

Innovative for the area, with interesting specials and a good wine selection. A bit pricey with small portions, but worth it for a special occasion.

Barbara Wills

Beat brunch in Blacksburg! Love their chicken and waffles.

Bryant Watson

Have not been here in a very long time. Decided to attend one evening for the trivia competition and to shoot some pool. Ended up coming back 3 weeks in a row I've had forgotten what kind of great food was served here the staff is great and I plan on returning as often as I can

Adam Lancaster

Great atmosphere. Went for business dinner and highly recommended

Damon White

Excellent selection and the food was perfectly executed. Warm atmosphere, comfortable but elegant. Great service.

Chris Bartlett

We want to love 622, but we've had some bad experiences in the wine bar section with haughty staff.

David M

Fantastic food and service whether in the restaurant or bar. Great selection of beer too.

Micah Schmal

Great place. Restaraunt side is quiet and serves a great brunch. Bar side is nice, not too crowded, mostly grad students.

Jesus Garcia

Great place....always feel like family here.

Steve Boothe

Outstanding. Hands down. Bartender was amazing and we set net to exec chef before she went on shift. Duck was perfect. Go here. The atmosphere is so cool. Only bad thing was freakn patriots won!


Love the brunch! Dinner is good too. You have the option of eating in the romantic dining room setting. In the bar area. Or outside with some nice private seating on the balcony. Great service! Great food!

Ryan Hogue

I had the Chorizo burger and it was excellent. If you get a burger/sandwich it's not very expensive. My wife and I ate there for ~$25 after tip. If you go for other entrees it starts to get more toward $20-$30 per person, but from what I hear, all of their food is very good.

Audrey Martin

My family & I happened upon this place & we really enjoyed it. Great beer & wine options as well as mixed drinks. The grilled cheeses are amazing...we tried the avocado grilled cheese & the fried green tomato one. The building is very quaint & has interesting art. Service was excellent & professional.

Sal Bonsall

Loved the food!

Julie Pridgen

YUM!!!YUM!!!! Excellent burgers and wonderful mac and cheese!!!!❤❤❤❤

Serounian Keir

Our first time there. The food was excellent, as were the prices. I recommend it be redecorated. But, we will be back.

Scott Childers

Means were very good. Nice atmosphere

Cecilia Leonard

Great brunch spot! Good food, good service and accommodate gluten free

Michael MacWilliams

We were seated timely, and the service was reasonably attentive, although somewhat "odd" (and I can't explain it much better than that). However, the food for our party of 7 was awful. I had the $35 surf and turf special. The "ribeye" was 65% fat, seemingly from the sirloin reject pile at Golden Corral. The "scallops" - and I am not certain that's what they were - were inedible, barely-cooked gelatinous blobs. My daughter had the Coconut Plantain Shrimp Pasta. The shrimp were overcooked and dry, and the sauce didn't help. Our friend's salmon risotto was ok, but the poached egg in the middle of it (which she did not eat) appeared undercooked, even for "poached." The rest of the entrees - one cheeseburger and three tri-tip steak entrees - were "fine." Overall, a huge disappointment for that kind of money in a college town. I would not go back.

Kris C

The last few times I have visited this restaurant there have been problems. Last visit our waiter rushed us through brunch. There were 2 of us and had plenty of time. Today I decided to bring my mother for her birthday right before 1pm. We were turned away.. Seems like over the last couple of years for some reason the food quality has declined, portions are smaller, and staff is increasingly less accommodating. It's a real shame considering we have frequented this establishment for many years.

Jessica Duncan

Service was extremely slow. I enjoyed my salad. I ordered soup but the server never brought it out and did not come check on us until we were almost done eating. My boyfriend ordered the ribeye medium rare and it was cooked well. It was not a very good cut of meat. Not the dinner experience I was hoping for. More than likely will not go back.

Zachary Miller

Great for everyone. They have a diverse menu and a fun bar connected to the restaurant, which frequently provides entertainment.

Courtney Yatteau

622 has a fabulous brunch! The server was very friendly and knowledgeable about their menu. The Kentucky Hot Brown sandwich was mouth watering delicious! Also try the pancakes, they are amazing!


Food was good, but they lost our place in the waiting line. They told us 40 minutes up front, but we were waiting for an hour and a half.

Jesse Burgardt

Great atmosphere and service! Novel drinks are featured often and they boast an amazing bar staff!

Nathanial McCutcheon

I frankly asked the bartender to make me his signature drink, hoping he would honestly utilize his talent. He made me a $13 cocktail from the menu. That is no way to endear an individual to your establishment. The venue is good, the menu sucks.

Dylan Thomas

Food was great. Good selection of wine, beer, and cocktails. Service was fast.

Michael Brian

Fantastic food and great service today at brunch. Would return if I lived in the neighborhood.

Jean Davis

Delicious food and worked around food intolerances and allergies.

Taylor Ray

Love their Sunday brunch. Everyone enjoyed their meal. The chicken and waffles is unique and delicious. Ask for some extra andouille sausage gravy!

Tyler B

Great atmosphere. Decent food though expensive. Great drink selection

Brian Perdue

Great beer bar that offers everything from rare craft brews to a ONE. Food is exceptional too.

Dennis Parker

Good service, excellent food.


Really want to give a great review but can’t :-(

B Johansson

I have eaten here six times and each time I enjoyed the food. For Blacksburg, known mostly for catering to the university student palate, 622 North offers a varied and more creative menu. Our waiter was not very engaging, unless speaking about himself. My experience has been he generally makes you feel foolish if you don't take his wine recommendations, and that is unpleasant. I have to say, I enjoy my meal there and the wine selection is rather good. It is expensive for Blacksburg, but I don't mind paying for a creative and flavorful meal.

Jane Irvine

Wonderful food. Great atmosphere.

Pat Ceperley

the food was absolutely wonderful and the service was spectacular

Deanie Heath

Love the food! Great bar space for social time

Mike Crowe

great food, although it's a bit on the pricey side


Awesome food and service!

Neal Feierabend

This is a review of Frank's Bar at 622 North as I've never actually been to the restaurant side. Frank's tends to be fairly low key and typically has an older crowd (ie few undergrads). They've got one of the best beer selections in town with a good rotation and usually a tap takeover every few weeks. They also have a lot of music, and while the venue isn't terrific, the intimate atmosphere is usually pretty nice if it doesn't get too crowded. They also have a small outside area when the weather is nice. One of the best places to catch a soccer game in town as well. The bar staff is very friendly and provides great service!

A. Diaz

Not once have I gone here and not had a problem. This includes food being hardly edible, burnt or under cooked, a waiter incorrectly taking my order or having weird stuff floating in my drink. I rather drive a little further and go somewhere else.

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