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REVIEWS OF 17 South Family Restaurant IN Virginia

Mike Eaton

Good food and service.

Manny Binford

Incredible food, helpful service, cute decorations, and excellent prices. Green beans are some of the best I've ever tasted and cobbler is to die for! I can't wait to come back here soon.

Leroy Mcallister

Good food. Hamburger Steak was delicious.

Roy Lewis

Breakfast was great. Service outstanding. Everything was just great

Doris Webb

Very good homestyle cooking

David Shaw

Some of the best bacon I ever had. Tappahannock area is not known for great food experiences, but this 17S breaks the mold. Had eggs, bacon, pancakes, and fried potatoes that were all great and reasonably priced. Decor is cute with weathered wood trimmed banquettes and local wall accents. I plan on stopping back sometime to taste their lunch menu.

Diane McLellan

Always have a good lunch here. Never leave hungry. Great service.


This was our 3rd time trying out this restaurant. 1st time was just New Years day mimosa's and a light brunch. Not a bad experience. 2nd time was a group of 11 of us, and everyone's food came out at different times. Like 10-20 mins apart. Food seemed good. One family member was disappointed with the amount of shells in his crab omlet. Picking the shells out was more work than it was worth. 3rd time was yesterday for my husband's birthday. I ordered the open face roast beef. Gravy was excellent. I have to say i have never been served roast beef like that before, unless it was on a lunch meat sandwich. It was seriously the thickness of sliced lunch meat that had been thrown on a grill to crisp it up. See attached pic. I've always had roast beef that is 1/4"+ thick and can be cut with a fork. This stuff was brittle, paper thin pieces cut in squares. My husband ordered the ribeye (around $34) and asked for it to be cooked "medium, just pink inside". What he received wasn't like any ribeye we had ever seen before. It was approx 1/2" thick. A ribeye for that price is thicker than that. The weirdest part is it was nearly blood raw on one end of the steak and cooked more than the medium he asked for on the other end. Don't even know how you do that. And it came out 10+ mins after my roast beef! I'm sorry, but this is a party of 2. Pretty sad to not be able to get the food delivered at the same time for a party of 2. While sitting there, my husband mentioned to me that all that food is going to be cold. He was noticing the plates of food that had been sitting on the counter to be served for several minutes at that point. We overheard the ladies next to us complaining that their collard greens were cold and sent them back. But they appeared to be friends of a few of the waitresses so they likely won't ever voice what they really think. Upon checkout, my husband noticed he was charged for the cheaper ny strip steak and not the ribeye he had ordered. Not sure if the waitress noticed he seemed unhappy and gave him a discount because of the delay in receiving the food. It would have been nice to know if his steak was substituted. The steak was disappointing for even a ny strip, if that's what he received. We did try to love this place. I feel they are just another NN Burger. They have just enough local people that will stay loyal to them no matter what, and that will keep them afloat.

Roger Hundley

Great food and pleasant atmosphere.

John Porter

Food was good but very disappointed in the service. Don't know if it was an off day but took forever to get our food.

Angel Polly

Excellent food! Huge portions! Great staff!

Robert Mitchell

Great people and great food

Sarah Coughenour

The food was excellent!!! It was all home made and perfectly prepared. I got the fish and it was the best I've ever had. We will definitely go back.

Kenny Moore

Really good food and great service

Ellen Dunsworth

Good home cooking. Large portions. Great staff. Very friendly.

Carolyn Gaines

Waitress was very Friendly also Food was on Point Praying For the much Success going forward in Jesus Name

Scott Graebe

Wow, just wow! Great food, the dirty burger was the best burger I've had in years. It is worth

Susan Shortridge

Very nice and family feeling restaurant. Good was very good.

Keith Hettel

Wife's chicken salad great. My chicken sandwich roll freezer burned and hard. First time disappointed.

Diane Brann

Great home cooked breakfast, good service and reasonable price, quick service

Joseph Stacy

I had a rare sirlon steak. It was delicious, but tough as leather. It was even hadto Pierce with a fork. So sad for a traveler.

Gerald Collier

This was the first time me and my wife stopped to try out the restaurant. When we order I was told the where out of steak so my second choice was the crab cakes. They were awesome. The waitress was supper nice and so was the cashier. The only down fall to our visit was the cook, he had his underwear showing most of the time and I didn't feel that was appropriate because he was the cook. We will be back hope we don't have to see that again. Worth your time to try.

United Real Estate Admin

We would go back there again. Food is good, service was good.

Virginia Gamble

Very good food, very pricey and would expect better dressed employees as such. They largest steak dinner (48 oz) was $80. Why? Its tag line is "eat at the farm", but not farm prices. Still excellent food and unusual dishes and condiments.

Matthew Ellis

Amazing place, very friendly staff, and great food.

Derek J

Great food at great prices

Joshua Schroeder

Out of this world flavor. I had the seafood special, she had the BLT. My sides were Mac n cheese, fries. Hers were Brunswick stew and baked potato. There wasn't a bite we didn't love... The wine from the local Vinyard was a great pairing. They make a (blackberry?) butter that was so good we had to buy some to go. I can't believe how good this place was..unreal.

Edward Thornton

hi one just aloe this is Chef flavor from flavours Fine Foods on today I experienced a restaurant out here in Warsaw tappahannock whatever you want to call it call the eat at t The farm.and I'm came from Richmond to anyone that's in the area please go out on 17th Street and enjoy the dining experience the service is excellent their everybody is smiling everybody is happy it's a wonderful place to eat thank you 4shared Minecraft bon appetit bon appetit I bone appetit when I say the food was excellent I had fish catfish on top of that grits and eggs and rye bread with tomato juice when I say the tomato juice was made out of the whole tomatoes it was excellent folks keep up the good job I wish you well

Wanda Mclennan

My husband and I have been to this restaurant before and enjoy it. When you can get a piece of their coconut cake take advantage of it. Yes, very moist.

Joyce Dillard

Nice place to go in the northern neck. Food was good though something we ordered wasn't ready, ever, so we got a free piece of cake. Overall definately will return

Mitchell Townsend

If your looking for GREAT local food then look no further than 17 South!!!! You will not be disappointed...

Christine Hull

Service and food are Awesome

Stuart Cook

The food and service was fantastic.

Cameron Sanders

Good service, excellent food, clean inside

Dennis Kues

Very nice, good food , good prices. First time definitely will go back

Cindy Tate

Awesome food

Heart Feathers

Customer service had a rocky start. I don't take issue with it taking awhile for us to be seated because it was crowded. However when we were finally seated our waitress walked away without taking our drink order, so we had to wait even longer to even get started. After that at least the customer service was good. Food was brought to us in about the amount of time you normally wait for food to be cooked. Unfortunately the food was not very good. The noodles in the Mac and cheese were soggy and the cheese was lumpy. The fries had no seasoning to them not even salt. The chicken was stringy and dry. Overall it was just meh.

Peter Bell

Love this place! Been in a few times for lunch and have never been disappointed. The food is delicious and the service is top notch. Can't wait to stop in for their new supper hours.

Jacki Schroeder

Ample portions. BBQ and burgers were great. Prices are good. Frozen fries but mashed potatoes were delicious! Staff could be friendlier.

Cropmadness Vance

The food was amazing! Best breakfast we have had in a while. One of our daughters is vegan and our server Abi went above and beyond to make sure she had enough to eat. We live an hour away and will definitely be coming back.

Sandra Nice

I have to say not as good as last time over cooked my steam shrimp had to send it back and the server said none of it was worth sending out not what I expected but my salad was great black,& blue _ the blue cheese not a fan my date ordered the hamburger steak & gravey and FD oysters he said the same not as good as the last time so I guess they need a little help in kitchen and the server needed more help with his memory but will try it again

Ann Delano

This eatery should be a must try for everyone. My hubby and I are not food critics but we LOVE to eat and we know good food and this place has GREAT food. The service we've recieved from Ashley has been above and beyond. Try 17 South, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Sheila Hammond



Our first time there,and everything was totally awesome!! We will be back... We ordered cheese burgers and fries.. but the burger was soooo good,a cute lil cozy restaurant on rt 17 going towards Tappahannock... Try it.. you'll love it

Diana McQueen

This place is so great. Great customer service and great food. I highly recommend it. Nice drive to the country too.

L. A. Justice

Excellent food and family atmosphere

Molly Phelps

Did not have a good breakfast on Saturday... service was slow!! 10+minutes to get a waitress to come to table for coffee which was at best lukewarm ... the actual meal came 45 minutes later.... I understand lunch and dinner are good but I won’t try breakfast again.

Deubre Owens

Good service and good food

Angie McMahan

My food tonight was off the chain, as always! Amazing food and awesome, friendly staff! Thank you for always delivering delicious food with a warm, welcoming smile!

Joan Wise

Good for now. Starting to snow.

Jennifer Anderson

Great food and generous portions!

Susan Marsh

Good food. Service good.

Dianne Banker

It was very busy and very hot in Sunday. The staff was pleasant and worked very hard. I had a delicious omelet, my husband had a Reuben sandwich that was a little dry, but fabulous onion rings! Pleased with this experience and will return!

Roger Hutt

No salads , no hush puppies :( first time customer for my dads birthday and wasn't even asked if we'd like dessert, not a happy guy .

Shelly May

This is a must go to restaurant if you are close by. The food is absolutely wonderful, never had a bad meal!

Donna Shelton

Breakfast was really good

Holly Beazley

Great food, great atmosphere. Food came in a mostly timely manner and tasted great.

Chris Fleece

Excellent food and especially the farm provided pork and the seafood oysters are amazing!

Bonnie Smith

Broke my tooth eating a steak and cheese sandwiches

Peggy Garrett

Had a great breakfast with my 2 oldest grandsons. Love them #proudnana!!

Dianne Clarke

Excellent food. Enjoyed my lunch. first time for a hamburger with barbeque bacon and coleslaw by

Deborah Wilkins

Food mediocre service lousy we were seated in front of the kitchen. Very noisy with loud voices will not return

Nick Horrific

One of the best dining experiences I've had, staff was very nice, restaurant was clean and appealing, and the food was unbelievably good. I ordered a 4 meat plate which was huge and came with two sides. Tried to eat the whole thing because it was so delicious and savory, but I had to get a box and take the rest home. I will be returning very soon.

Ruth Bracken

The food is Excellant and the prices are great! Service is also Excellant!

Sue Shearwood

Best crab cake I have ever had!

Allan Jordan

Good food, but higher priced. Also, slow service.


Good country cooking but be close to a bathroom.

Laura S

We had high hopes for this place. Farm to table in the middle of a fast food wasteland sounds heavenly! Unfortunately, the steamed shrimp was not fresh (my wife has very decerning taste) and the burger, ordered as medium, was overcooked which ruins whatever fresh local beef flavor there was on offer. We did not bring this to their attention as nothing could be done about the shrimp and we wanted to get back on the road and didn't have time to wait for a corrected burger.

matthew sanders

Went there with a group of friends. I ordered the crab dip tortillas as a appetizer and it was a lot and delicious. I ordered the pork chops and they were the best I've had. Why go to richmond, when we have a gem just outside of Tappahannock. Everyones plate looked and tasted delicious in my group

Jessica Lou Ellen

The best southern food around! They have a large menu with a wide variety of items to select from. Highly recommended if you're in the area.

Penny Geiger

This restaurant is an experience. Such a cozy , down home ambience with good comfort food. A super restaurant to look forward to on a trip going 17 South between Tappahannock & Port Royal . Pristine clean & interesting decor.

Wanda allen

Great family restaurant. Food was amazing. Would highly recommend.

Sherry Pardon

Had dinner there for the first time and ordered stuffed rockfish. It was delicious and all the side were too. Good service and clean. It's a small place so it can be noisy at peak dinner times and it was very warm inside. But I will go back again.

Kenneth Geffers

Very good

Nicholas DeCanio

Just stopped here on our way up to Maryland. Really great food, nice staff, and an overall great restaurant.

Hattie Dinges

The food here is great. You get a good amount food. I little pricey. But it is fresh food .

Teresa Satterwhite

Really good food and good service

Ellen Scites

The food is awesome!!!!!! I am so glad I stumbled upon this place!

Chandler Wiegand

Stopped in when I saw a line of pickups in the lot. Figured it had to be good and it was. Great omlete and sausage. Coffee was a good brew strength. I will stop again.

Jennifer Braun

Staff were very welcoming. Was seat yourself at the time. Service was attentive and fast while not rushed. Very casual, tasty desserts on display everywhere. Food was fresh, homey, and comforting. Pay at the counter for first timers!

Donald Morrow

Food was cold

Toray Bryant

Service was off the chain great food

lisa clinger

Extremely friendly place breakfast was delicious .

Jessica Chamberlain

Friendly service and great food. My husband's steak was cooked perfectly and was seasoned well. My Reuben was great but thought they buttered the bread too much before grilling. Delicious regardless. We'll be back!

Chip Noland

Great stop on 17 between Port Royal and Tappahannock. We travel this route several times and found this to be a refreshing change from the usual stops close to here. The service was very quick and friendly. The restaurant was inviting and clean. We ate cups of Brunswick stew, chicken salad sandwiches and they served Devils Backbone lager. This is comfort food in a decent, traveler friendly environment.

Donald Wyant

Great food friendly service. Would stop again.

Coleman Courtney

Always good food and service. The restaurant is clean, the menu is clear and the music is not too loud. It is easy to walk in and feel welcome whether your are dining alone or with others.

Jacqueline Ambroe

Outstanding service and food. Hands down best crab cakes around. Highly recommend this charming restaurant.

Mike Rash

Great. Fresh. Delicious! What else do you really need on this extremely boring stretch of 17?

Michele Oshman

Sorry to post a bad review but this place does not live up to its farm-to-table claims. It serves mediocre diner food at best. And the prices were higher than the experience merited. My crab cake platter consisted of a flat, salty mashed lump of crab meat, a half filled cup of cold baked beans and another half filled cup of CANNED green beans. My sister got a thin, fried hockey puck cheeseburger with okay-tasting Mac and cheese. The sweet tea was only slightly sweet. The best thing served was my sister’s Mountain Dew. There was no pretense of any kind of plating and no atmosphere. Sorry to say but keep driving.

lewis stanley

Portion of what I ordered didn't match size listed. Overall was good will good back again.


Fresh fish fried by a pro - it was GREAT!

Mike Davis

Good food. Good service. Just outside of Tappy. I wish them the best.

Josephine Thomas

The hospitality was great and so was the food.

Michelle Breeden

Excellent food and service.

Scott Morris

Very food food and service, will be going back !

Wayne Fletcher

The food was cold , that was breakfast might go back and try the dinner. Other than that it's not worth the 30 minute drive to eat breakfast

Dave Jones

Best place around wanted to try some place different for my birthday went there loved it they gained a new customer

Rae Boyd-Awa

Food was Great Service at the Table was Great...Unfortunately the Young Man who was the Cashier was Unpleasant...Mostly a Good Dining Experience

Tia Day

This was our checkpoint for Day 4 of Hot Rod Drag Week 2019, so we decided to have lunch while we were there. The staff was great and very friendly. Our table ordered a lot of food and everything from the sandwiches and chicken salad, to the crab cakes, shrimp and scallops was excellent! We will definitely stop again if ever in the area, even if next time it isn’t required to finish our first Drag Week!

Marti Lloyd

Loved it! Outstanding food and our waitress was awesome! We got there on a Sunday afternoon, 45 minutes before they closed. They greeted us like family! We went there on recommendations from a friend who had traveled through there yesterday. We loved it, and have already decided to stop there in a week or so when we go back through...

Michael Holt

Absolutely the best place I have eaten in quite a while! Home cooked food - great atmosphere - excellent. We found it on our way down to Hampton. Now we always stop either on the way down or the way back! Pork Chops are the best!

Stan Becker

Very good.

William Landram

Good food and prices

Jennifer Pickerel

Wonderful food and staff. Great mother’s day dinner

Michael Chase

Great food and awesome service best place in tappahannock.

Karen Reed

Great food and friendly staff.

Brenda Clark

Very good food

Sue Jones

One of my favorite places to go out to eat. Food is excellent, service is quick and the folks who work there are wonderful. If you go, try the Fried Oyster Po Boy. My husband's favorite is the hamburger steak with gravy and mashed potatoes. I highly recommend 17 South!!

Andrea Sydnor

all of our food was outstanding.seafood sampler, the rockfish stuffed with crab ....yum ! my steamed shrimp was some of the best I've had.

Elizabeth Mitchell

The service was for the food was cold and wasn't very good

Robin Dinsmore

Great service, delicious food, good price

Robin Wells

Very, very good! A bit of a joint from Deltaville but you have the time, it is well worth the drive!

Colton Hayden

Pleasant experience. Great staff, bangin’ food. My girlfriend and I stopped here on our way back to Fredericksburg and we got carry out. Staff was really great because even though we didn’t call it in our food was ready in 10 minutes. Highly recommend the oyster po’ boy

Harold Sayles

Great place for old fashion home cooked meal

Erin Williams

Great food! Great Service! Only problem there was no a/c, but they planned on getting it fixed. I will be back!

Robyn Carson

Absolutely delicious! Delightful and quaint. Huge menu options.

Amy McLeod

Millshakes are excellent made with real Ice Cream!

John A

Food not that great. Tables set too close together and small. Dirty plates not picked up.

Theresa Ross

Very friendly and good eating!!!! Always, this place is a part of our road trip!

Michael Thomson

Steak and eggs. Steak lots of grisel. Potatoes cold. Good service. Good biscuits. Overal average

Amanda Jordan

I had the chicken primafredo. The portion size was good and the Alfredo sauce was yummy. It was all well seasoned, but the price was high. $19.99 for something that you can get at Olive Garden for less. I don't mean to compare the two, because this restaurant seemed like it was farm to table, which is nice to see, but you pay the price. The way it is advertised on Google is a family restaurant and it's not. It's a farm to table and expensive.

M Vern

Really enjoyed their breakfast and service was fast and friendly.

michelle gathercoal

Amazing food at a great price

Patricia Dalton

Food was delicious. Service very attentive.

mike dunn

Very nice place to sit down and eat, staff is very nice and welcoming. Food is delicious and inexpensive and good service!!

Ernie Forrester

Good food and will be going back again.

Dyre James

The dirty burger is a huge bite of everything but the kitchen sink it was delicious and will be on my next trip.

Patricia Withers

Very delicous & good service

larry cavin

The servers are friendly and make you feel welcomed. However the food is another story. Breakfast today for two was $20. Way over priced for the quality. Don't know if I'll be back again. Second time I've tried this place, second time I've been disappointed.

Sugustus Awisher

Overpriced, but the food is very good.

Marilou McCrosky

The very best hush puppies ever! Really great food and service

Marie Payne

Too expensive

Kathie League

It is great!

Linda Collawn

Food was very good

Suzanne Stepp

Absolutely fantastic breakfast! Had the salt fish and they were perfect!!! Definately going back!

Benjamin Carter

The food was incredible and the staff did a great job despite being busy on Father's day.

Nicolle Johnson

First time here & really enjoyed myself food was delicious & my coconut cake was to die for

Woody Johnson

The food was delicious and well portioned, and the service was on top of it. It's a great place to have a relaxed meal.

jay cooke

Great service, good comfort food.

Alexander Luscher

Wonderful family atmosphere, quality burgers and premium fries! Lots of other good salads too

Dennis Jones

Excellent breakfast fast and great service

anna harris

My family and I just left out of there we were in the far corner to the left. It was very disappointing! I ordered the shrimp and Alfredo and it came out cold and nasty I politely asked her if I could have it warmed and she came back 2 minutes later I could already tell it was microwaved, it chucked up the Alfredo and was even worse. One of my family had the breaksfast meal and the bacon tasted hard and old and the meats of the hamburger was just old and dry. We will never EVER eat there again NOT what we paid...

Gary Dye

I loved it I'm 10 years old and I loved it the food amazing the service amazing everything I loved and I definitely recommend to eat here

Diamond Doublin

Great food and customer service

Jill Jozwikci

Very nice atmosphere, food was very good with lots of flavor. They were busy and food came out in a timely fashion. I went on a Saturday at 6:30 pm


Really wish they would treat their employees with more respect. Especially as a black owned business. Would prevail more if lose the crab in a bucket mentality. Good food...from past cooks my experience.

Jeffrey Homewood

The food is excellent as was the service. A very friendly staff and the country decor was very good. Clean in every aspect. We will stop there whenever we are in the area.

Patricia Lacava

Delicious breakfast every time my husband and I visited. Courteous staff too!

Connie Moseley

We come up here often after church. The food and the service is very good. I recommend this restaurant to everyone

Leon Goins

Food was excellent, reasonable pricing

Joe Leland

Good food great price

Kathy Harding

I particularly love the crab bisque but everything is good.

neon brad

Good meals. Nice staff.

JJ Ain't Crazy

Great customer service and the food is great

Lethlbu Racing

17 South is the BEST! The food and service was hands-down the best we have had on Dragweek 2019. Thank you for your great food, friendly and fast service!

Karen Hensley

Amazing food and great service

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