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9919 Colonial Square, San Antonio, TX 78240, United States

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REVIEWS OF Asian Star Buffet IN Texas

John Martinez

I did love the food but I don't go there anymore the hostess was very rude and also the manager the hostess told the manager that I was a guy who walked out without paying the manager has seen me many times go over to that restaurant to eat and he says he wants to call the police on me and I told him I'm willing to pay for the trouble if you really think I did walk out which I didn't I paid twice and then when I finally ate and left the hostess says that she thought I was a different person that she got the wrong person and she says that she's sorry and I asked the manager if I can get one refund back because it was false information he refused and I never went back. I didn't want to argue about it I just went on and left

Tx Lyn

First and last time eating at this restaurant! Not a friendly or welcoming atmosphere. The waitress kept looking at us but I did not understand why. She came up to our table and said my husband got an item from the dinner buffet so he would have to pay dinner prices. I was like, we arrived before 3:30 PM so that was still lunch. She kept talking very rudely and said my husband and I would have to pay the dinner price because I also tasted some of the coconut shrimp on his plate. It felt like we were in communist territory, very uncomfortable and strange. I felt so confused that I lost my appetite.They also have a sign that says, "Don't waste food, eat everything you get" Um, we are in the USA and it's a buffet so they may have to think about removing that sign. We were so scared to move or get anything else from the buffet after that encounter with the waitress.

William Debartolo

Great buffet, even had kimchee that was also great.


Very good service. The food is fresh

Marilyn Sanchez

Best buffet I have been in Texas. Everything taste spot on. Super good service. Super good for the price.

Gavan Lee

Very good! I love the sushi roll selection! Always fresh!

Lizbeth Leija

Food is good tbh.

sam camacho

Great tasting food and service, 5-star for the price!

Jonathan Cox

Great place to meet up for a work lunch

Gracie Love

Wonderful flavors food

Christie smith

Great food, gracious wait staff. We'd reserved the room for an organization meeting and staff worked hard to clear it before the business meeting but it would have been preferable to have had it to ourselves beginning with the reservation time. Even with the"screen" across the entrance the acoustics aren't great for conducting business. Still, great food.

George Carrasco

Love all the food options in this buffet! Steak not served until later in pm (bummer). If you you leave here hungry, it's your own damned fault...

Gerry Gerard

Excellent food. Great quality. Good service. Big variety and amounts.

Blair Radford

This is my favorite Chinese buffet in SA. There are a bunch of options, along with a hibachi bar and sushi. Also, the restrooms are clean. That seems like a rarity for Chinese buffets. I have been here two times and will definitely go again.

Wafflesnugget Ryan Gutierrez

This place is amazing but more amazing is the staff, you guys rock!

Simion Cruz Caceres

Clean place, attentive staff, great food choices for dinner, to include steamed crab legs, sushi bar was clean and sushi tasted very good. Overall, great place and great prices!

Chris B

Food was fresh and hot. Place was busy but service was still on their A game.

José Flores

Food was hot n fresh. And all trays loaded. . Thank you asian star

Chris Hicklin

This is the best mega buffet in town, though that's not saying much. But Asian Star Buffet is pretty clean and has a good selection. My favorite is the real deal sushi and nigiri. Also recommend the short order cook's custom dish. It doesn't get much fresher than that. They also have a full salad bar and soft serve machine. I wouldn't call it ice cream, though. It's more like frozen sugary chocolate or vanilla flavored mix. There's very little cream, if any.

Jen Star

Very good...the food was always being refilled and steaming hot. Very yummy.

Vasquez Soccer Squad

This was one of the best places of Asian food I've tried in a while (buffet style), all the food had delicious flavor, was hot, tasted fresh, and had SO MANY choices! We will definitely return

Scott Coker

Awesome sushi and I was allowed to have dinner sushi for lunch. Awesome food and fresh sushi! Paid for dinner plate at lunch and got the best of the best!

Jim Townsend

Nice place with a good selection of food on the buffet. Hot and fresh, best to go during lunch or dinner for peak freshness..

Irma Gutierrez

Wide variety of food choose from. Great price. Look online 1st sometimes they have a coupon.

Julia Martinez

If ever in San Antonio I know what buffet to hit up. Food was delicious, every bite was tasty. Big place plenty of sitting. The chocolate fountain was a hit with my kids

Sourav Patnaik

Probably the best Chinese buffet in SA. After having buffet in MS for 8 years, I have always searched for a place like this. You get your money's worth, esp the Mongolian style hibachi - love it. We take advantage of the lowered dinner buffet (Mon-Thurs). Pretty good deal. Fav pig out spot!

Maribel Rodriguez

Delicious food good service

Edwin Ortiz

Variety of food good. Fair price. Table servers once you are seated don't come by to see if you need anything.

CarmieChloe Mccall

Good seafood, awesome Mongolian, and great dessert.

Cesar Espinoza

Sushi and Mongolian grill and steaks everything was awesome and great customer service

Juan Briseno

Great service and good variety of delicious Asian food can't ever get enough

Kathy Loud

It was a pleasant experience very well staffed food was stocked regularly didn't have to wait on anything it was just a very pleasant experience loved it will definitely go again and tell my friends

Jennifer Flores

Horrible! Our first and last visit and we are never coming back again. We were forced to pay for my children when my 2 year old didn't even eat. The hostess gave us a horrible attitude since the beginning and the waitress russing us to pay. Need to educate your employees because they are very rude and aggressive.

Mars McMillan

Very reasonably priced for the amount of food available. I'd go again.

Ted Cuellar

Great food and service.

Julia Redding

Fresh tasting food. Clean. Waiter was kind and attentive.

Morgan Becker

Big selection of food I haven't seen in other buffets.

Josh P

Good buffet with a grill. The outside looks older but the inside was nice and clean which is always reassuring at a buffet

Nene Watts

I wish there was 0 rating. My first and last time there! I went with my family yesterday and I told the hostess two adults. Then she asked me how old was my daughter I said 2. I didn’t think nothing of it. So after we ate I asked for the check. They charge me for my 2 year old! All she ate was a bread roll. I find that ridiculous to be charge for my daughter. The hostess should have told me I would be charge for a child buffet at the beginning. After I expressed my concerns the hostess says the prices on the wall behind me. I said the prices should be to right in front when you walk in not on the wall when you’re leaving. The price of the buffet is to much almost 40 bucks for 2 adults and a two year old. This place is such a rip off. The food wasn’t that good and the dining area wasn’t clean either. It was a total disappointment.

Leeland Leu

Good selection of tasty food. Everything was freshly cooked.

Becca Perry

We really enjoyed our visit. Good buffet with many options. Great seafood and sushi! Great dessert too. We will definitely go back.

Daniel Roberts

Never seems to be a wait even when busy. Good variety of food and nothing seems to ever run out.

Alexandria Frietag

Restaurant is clean and nice inside. They have a wide variety of sushi. Pretty good too. Their food was just not warm. Sesame chicken was cold. Most of the food on my plate I left. Their fried shrimp is good and crispy. I'll give it 3 stars if their buffet was hot and ready I would have given more.

Texas Physicians

Just discovered this place. Love it. Among the reasons - all you can eat sea food. I'm home.

Erika Reyna

Loads of variety and very delicious and fresh Chinese. Best egg drop soup I've had. They got pizza and McDonald's style nuggets for yo spoiled kids lol too.

Stephen Parker

Food is okay nothing really special about it I've been there twice and there's nothing that really stands out food-wise that would make me want to go back again. Service is nice and fast large room plenty of space they just need to do something different about their Buffet possibly change it sometimes I don't know just not the biggest fan

Daniel Cervantes

Great Food! Host is always rude!

Elizabeth Perez

The food was average, decently good, but average. The food did not taste like anything 'unique' or 'special' in comparison to other Asian buffets. As my waiter collected my payment for my meal, he blatantly demands, "You give me tip! No tip included in meal!" Per usual, I tip 20%-50% (sometimes more) however being demanded to tip for only picking up 2 plates from my table, no refills, etc that attitude deserved little to nothing. Besides the service provided and food quality, I must say there is a decent selection and the dining area was clean & kept. The price per adult (weekends) is pricey and for that, better to go to Chopsticks for a larger selection etc. Would I come back to Asian Star buffet? No.

Ernest Montoya

Pretty good for a buffet. Clean and the service was great.

Roswitha Peters

Good food for the price. The hibachi grill has a good ordering system with assigned numbers. The sushi is freshly made.

Elba Ortiz

First time I went it was good, food was fresh, crablegs which is the whole point to go there were fresh. This time service was bad, servers were rude. The crab legs were cold and when I asked for fresh ones the server gave me an attitude. I had just gotten there and paid my money.

Gerald G

Amazing selection of a wide variety of different foods. The sushi was very good. They have everything here. I highly recommend giving this place a try if you haven't already tried it.

Dragon Customs

Great selection of food. A little pricey once you add your drink cost, but rest assured you won't leave hungry

Guat 20

Good food but staff is a bit aloof.

betty Miller

Have a lot to choose from everything was good. Noodles were wonderful. Cannot wait to go back. Crab cakes were delicious.

Calvetta Osborne

Love this place. My husband loves the steak and I go for the all you eat crab legs. Always clean and atmosphere is excellent

Prince Modar

Good food, service and variety for the price

Zachary Bennett

Great buffet. Always a great variety and they never let the food sit for too long without bringing out a new tray. Most of the time when we go we bring our two toddlers and they put us in a back room with two really great waitresses that are always so nice to our kids. They even brought them to get ice cream for us. Definitely a surprising experience service wise from a buffet.

Gabriel F.K.

Friday dinner buffet is very rich. Crab legs, crawfish, variety of shrimp. It seemed clean and server was on top of her game with drinks, for any table around. My favorite was Chile lime shrimp, salmon and strawberry cheesecake... Strawberries in the cheesecake tasted so fresh, you could crunch on strawberry seeds.


The only things that could have made my experience any better would have been, in no specific order: had there been a large throwing star displayed prominently on the entrance sign, if you never actually saw staff but they magically showed up when you wanted a soda refill dressed in ninja garb, if there was an old wizened Oriental man in the bathroom handing out complimentary soaps, and if a gong sounded whenever anyone came in. Otherwise, the food was your typical Asian buffet fare.

Roadside Solutions

Very good verity and good food! Love the mangolian bar! Good prices

Johni White

Phenomenal selection of food. Kind staff as well.

Paul Newton

Had good food and wide variety. Look for their coupon in your mailbox

Karsten Nielsen

Great buffet. Good selection of food and good quality. Great sushi. One of the best Chinese Buffett's in San Antonio

william layton

I decided to eat here because it has good reviews. It was a Monday night the sushi was old and dry. Either the wasabi or the sushi was sour. The rest of their food very bland.

Damian Guevara

Great buffet with a lot of options. Not the highest quality of food but great for the price!

Curtis Allen

Terrific. Everything was , Great. If you can get there ,(GO). You won't be , Disappointed,At ALL

Roxanne Chavez

Food is always good, hot and fresh! My boyfriend loves the "make your own bowl" grill. This evening they didnt have crab legs, but they usually do. Salad bar fresh fruit bar is a plus.

Michael Bright

Nice place. Food was better than I was expecting.

Karen Scheuerlein

It was so great. All the food was hot, fresh and delicious. The staff was friendly and quick to refill our beverages. Definitely the best Asian buffet in San Antonio!!

Casey Lee

Everything was fresh and delicious. My drink was consistently refilled and the staff was so pleasant. I can't wait to come back.

Natisha Allen

We have a great experience each time with food and wait staff. The last time our waitress was the only thing that sucked to the point where my husband wasn't going to tip and he's very generous when it comes to tipping being that he is a restaurant manager. Waitress had to be called to refill my drinks and take up our plates. But previous visits our waitresses have been GREAT!!

Chengyu Wang

Best buffet in San Antonio. I have been there dozens of times. It’s awesome!

Jupiter Lopez

It's a nice small buffet, I wish there were more choices of food to choose from.

DJ Scotty Walden

I love this buffet especially in the evening when their sushi is better and they have steak. Best in town.

Gwen Ulmer

If you're looking for a great asain buffet, you found it. I love their sushi bar, clams, shrimp, and crab legs. Top it off with dessert. Tapioca pudding is my fav!

lance dix

Good food always ready

Paul Stone

I heard mixed things about this place, but I'm a firm believer that I need to try something first before making my mind up. I was personally impressed by the atmosphere and the food. There is the standard Chinese buffet, with Mongolian grill, Sushi bar, and dessert bar. They do offer hot crab legs and mussels which was a huge yes for me. And the coconut shrimp they make was phenomenal. Most addictive plate on the buffet line in my opinion. The sushi bar was pretty good. I'm not a big fan of sushi but I still ate some and loved it. I'd say this place is well worth checking out.

Samm P

Very clean. Good service. Great food! Cant complain. :)


Because it left me doing darraria

James Chandler

Good food, clean, & outstanding staff.

Melissa Farrar

This is one of the only restaurants that everyone in my family can always agree on. The selection is huge and everything tastes amazing. Whatever Chinese food staple is your favorite they've probably got it. Plus sushi and a Mongolian grill.They also have crab legs and fried shrimp on the buffet. They even have some items for picky little ones who don't like Asian food. My little guy got chicken nuggets and fries last time we went. The service is usually really good. Ive been here more times than I can count and got bad service once it was so out of the ordinary it was surprising and so far seems to have been a one time thing. Prices are good not the most expensive but not the cheapest. We pay a little over $60 for three adults and one child to get buffets and drinks. I think it's worth it but if you're looking for a cheap dinner this isn't it. If you're looking for a good value I feel that you're getting one here.

Manaswini Mishra

One of the best buffet I would say. Really food was amazing and tasty . Very crowded but it’s decent. You will get more than 100 items. Varieties of seafood with lots of flavors. Each item you will get at least 6/7 dishes . Very good service,staffs are friendly.we just love it especially seafood. Good ambiance and spacious place. Restrooms are clean. So many options for kids as well. Recommended.

Stephen and Penny

This place is a gluton's paradise. The food is average for a buffet, and the overwhelming. İf you like buffets the likes of Golden Corral, it is good. İf you like quality Chinese food, go to a place you can order freshly prepared food off a menu. İf you like engorging yourself with a massive quantity of food without regard for food quality, this place is awesome.

Gabriela Rodriguez

Very good food! And very attentive!

Aaron Peterson

The food here is delicious! They have so many options to choose from and it is always fresh. The price is reasonable too

Stephanie Corona

Fresh food good prices

LasexyMorenasa75 LASexyMorenaSA75

The food is good and restroom was very clean, customer service was good as well.

Tony Pollreisz

Good selection and good food. Stacks up pretty well against the other Asian buffets around town.

Isaak Mora

This place is excellent. Perfect for $16. They have a good variety of salads, chicken, Sushi, Desserts, and Mongolian food. The kids can have chicken nuggets and fries and pizza and ice cream. Very clean and love the atmosphere!

Marlene Lodge

Everything that I selected from the buffet was delicious.

Kirstie Elrod

Not being from San Antonio I’m very picky on the buffers I go to. I was so impressed fast seating during lunch clean restaurant and bathroom staff super friendly food was super delicious and the dessert blew my mind I’m very glad I came here! Will be my go to place for Chinese buffet!

Chad Houk

My wife and I eat there regularly. We like the food there and staff has been good to us. It's not bad on prices we pay about 20 every time there. It's worth it to us.

K. W. Hammes

They were rude regarding my service dog. It was as if they begrudged having to let us in. Never going back. Food was ok though.


Food is good especially the stir-fry

Manuel Martinez

This place got everything I like to eat and more it's real good

Alan Cutler

Great selections and they have so much of all types of Asian food. The Mongolian buffet on the weekends is great.

Chin Pak

This place is great for the money and food selection. Friday and Saturday nights are all you can eat crab legs so that adds alot of value. Some dislike buffets because of the very nature of it however it was a great experience.

Amanda Abel-Shepherd

One of the better Chinese buffets in San Antonio. It's our sons favorite and he always request it. Great egg drop soup, hot food.

Jerry Olivares

Great spread on seafood.

Its PartyTime!

Good buffet. One of cheapest in S.A. Place looks nice.

Dianne Garcia

The food was fresh and all was good. The service was EXCELLENT.

Nelda Rios

Good food & lots of choices. Must eat if in the area.

Novela Banks

The food was great especially the stir fry made fresh on the grill.

Alejandro Garza

Awsome dinner experience. Enjoy

Mr. Darrell G. Evans Sr.

Favorite Asian buffet in town food is always fresh and delicious early service doesn't hurt at all

Lanetta Williams

Food is very good, the best I have tasted in town.

Random Bubbles

Very good food nice selections Nice staff

cj morrison

The best buffet in town! I went bc I saw it had 5 star rating and it deserves all the credit! Sushi bar is amazing for a buffet!

Dwayne Devol

We will never eat there again. Waiter dropped sauce top on floor and put it back on bottle without cleaning it.. Waiter cleaned a seat that a dog was sitting on and then cleaned the table with same rag. Cook was scratching his head while cooking and never moved away from food while doing it. We tried to be very quiet when we reported it but they treated us as trash. NOPE. NEVER AGAIN

Lisa Carrasco

Best sushi and crab at any buffet hands down

Jennie Furlong

Great oriental buffet! Never have been disappointed.

Mark Brantley

The food was excellent. The variety was also good. Good service. Friendly.

cris red

I normally won't LOVE a buffet but during this visit it was amazing. Please don't forget to tip for good service which they really were on their game.

H Lacy

Great food!! Nice atmosphere. I recommend to someone looking for fresh food and variety!

Rev7ful .

Good food selection and good pricing. Always have fresh food coming and going. Their ice cream machine tastes like the batch is cut with water so that’s why it doesn’t get 5 stars.

Half Melty

My family comes here on special occasions as well as just for fun. Experience is always great. Food is on par with what you'd expect for an Asian buffet. They have a sushi bar which has several types of sushi to choose from. Love this place! I highly recommend.

Nader Farhat

Spacious, comfortable location. Food is hot and plentiful. Staff are attentive and friendly.

marilu rodriguez

Great selection and variety of foods. Something for everyone. very clean. Staff was very good about changing out pans and making sure everything was fresh. Servers are friendly. No wait considering it was a Sat. Plenty of tables and booths available, liked that you have room to walk around without being too close to people already sitting down.

Horror Hero T.V.

Really good buffet. Great dessert

Brenda Z

Good food. Good price

Ken Poulin

Great buffet. Higher quality food than I expected from a buffet

Bill viner

The food is always fresh and the staff is always attentive.

Crystal N

Was very pleasantly surprised! Had planned to go to Chopstix but after being told it would be a 20 minute wait I decided I would try a new place. And I must say I was happy I did. There are so many entree choices here, not just a bunch of American fillers either. Plenty of favorite Asian dishes with an out of this world good hibachi! A sushi bar to rival any I've seen at a buffet, and even a chocolate fountain. That hibachi chef was ON POINT!! The service was super fast and friendly as well. Never had to even look for the server Once for a drink!! It is definitely worth a try.

J Albert K

We really enjoy shopping here. Always friendly and personab

Amanda Lermond

Sooooo good, everything I grabbed was delicious, excited to go back

Stephanie Herrera

We love coming here we come on a regular basis during a month about 4 times ——-pros Our kids eat very well We all have many options There food is quality and regularly make new batches They typically never have a wait Bathrooms are clean Dishes are clean Appealing decor for the type of restaurant it is ——-cons They give you one meal military discount or preferred employee but not the tab... so I don’t like that since we are a military family. There is usually a issue with us getting timely refills on water or drinks in general

Anna Sojka

Great place, good atmosphere, a big variety of food.

Rob Roath

Pretty good for a buffet. I was honestly pretty surprised by the sushi lineup. Rice was a bit old..but passable for sure. San Antonio rolls are a must stop. The chicken pot stickers were also quite good. Well worth the price. The wait staff was also quite attentive and it was even reasonably busy when we were here. Well done guys. We'll be back

ralph quinones

Mostly good food, never gotten sick from it. The staff is always nice and tentative.

Soumyajyoti Saha

Very nice restaurant. Lot of space for dinning. Vareity in menu. Mongolian style preparation also available here. Sushi and deserts are having lot of vareity. Many types of salad in here.

Melissa S

Food is always good & hot. Staff is always friendly

mahesh koshy

Wonderful experience! A nice place for family lunch! Thank you for the hospitality.

Abimael Rodriguez

First time and love it. So MUCH FOOD. Alot of variety.

William Gonzalez

Everything is good, except for the salad area. The seafood in the salad area had no taste and was overcooked. The mongolian grill is pretty good and the crab shells were delicious.

Tony Abrego

Come hungry they have everything for everybody. Big place lots of people, very busy. Good customer service.


This shop is very good for chinese. You can talk with the waiters in chinese.The food they provide is delicious and suitable for Chinese people.

Astrid yeah

Good Food. But the waiter came back and asked for a tip!?!?

Angela Ash

The buffet is incredible! So much to choose from- and there is a sushi bar as well! Definitely a large variety and something for everyone. A must try.

Ulises Calixto

This place has a great variety of food. I think it has food that everyone can enjoy. The service was pretty good too.

Esco 210

Waitress was rude, didn't do anything but pick up some plates right before we left, but we had to flag our waitress down for a refill, and utensils, then she brings the bill and tries to charge us for an additional person and then has a attitude when I show her the mistake. Food was decent

Baby Dallas

The food had always been good. But I don't do ants on the table and definitely don't do big roaches coming from behind the wall and watching me eat. So, No me, my family will not be returning to dine there.


We really like this place. Selection is good and so is sushi. They will allow you to get the more expensive dinner sushi for lunch if you pay for it. Just ask.

Nikii Nicole

We really like the food at this buffet! We visit this buffet at least once or twice per month with our family. Food is always fresh and always clean. Staff is friendly and attentive. Our youngest is a picky eater and he always has a plate or two! My only wish is that they had real ice cream for dessert.

Frances Tristan

Great food and staff was so friendly


Great place for Mongolian style stir fry. Lager variety of delicious food

Rita Spoonemore

Big selections good food quite where you can talk without saying what did you say

Randy Roads

I used to love this place even though they didn't have lemon sauce on the bar they would always get me some from the back ,they only have that ugly sweet an sour sauce that taste like ketchup mixed with something an its not good ,but they would always get lemon sauce to put on the chicken that's the only main course I would eat there is lemon chicken my kids will eat some of the other stuff but we prefer lemon chicken we don't like all the spicy stuff an the other dishes with shrimp .anyways the last time I went there the people were just down right rude I asked the lady taking care of the food if I could get some lemon sauce an surprisingly she said if it's not out there we don't have she didn't even go ask anyone ,I even asked the manager an 2 other people an all of them just go an point at the nasty red ketchup sweet an sour sauce an say that's all ,I even told them every time I've been here an we come here a few times a month they get me lemon sauce from the back an they said no we don't I'm not gonna argue with them but that was my family's last visit there ,I can't stand rude people especially when they call you a liar .never again ,this place used to be ok but it's gone to hell .not at all worth what they charge .

Ian Wolf

Used to be one of the best Chinese buffets in town. They're still good, but it seems they're quality has gone down.

Nathaniel Adam Castro

First time here. Food was great. Our waitress was very nice.

Jennifer Lambert

Great food, clean establishment with friendly staff.

Mike Cortez

Good buffet food for a good price!

Stephen Duke

This restaurant is so good. I would eat here everyday if I could. They have a very good selection of food. The food is fresh and delicious. The sushi is excellent and well prepared. And the price is fair. You will leave about to explode. The last time I went my stomach hurt from eating so much.

Officer Mamabear

Best buffet ever! My favorite place for Chinese food. Coconut Shrimp is thee best!

Chao Chang

Love this place, especially the seafood soup.

Cordova's Moving

If you want great service and great flavor please try this place. It will not disappoint you in any way. The cooks got it right! The food is always fresh, the place is always clean; Waiters and waitresses are always helpful and kind. We like to ask for Franky to help us. He is a great person! I will recommend this place hands down! The owners of this place got it right!

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