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REVIEWS OF Andhra Mess Indian Cuisine IN Texas


Great food but slow service.

Manju KB

Poor service Reservations don’t work No salt, no spice (like Andhra food, as you would expect) All in all, bad experience! Don’t recommend at all...


Yesterday wewent for dinner . We ordered vankaya curry and Nathu kodi pulusu . Taste is really good. Spicy level is as accepted .Service was really good. I strongly recommend this place .

Rajesh P

It’s good as a new restaurant

Rajadurai Murugan

Good food .. we had Sunday lunch both non veg and veg meals taste good. Their service is very quick

srivathsan sridharan

Very average food.

Saravana Janardhan

Food served in traditional style on banana leaf. You can eat as much as you can on weekends. Unique & variety flavors.

Gautam T

Great variety of Andhra, South Indian food

John V

Awesome food. The lunch buffet on weekend is worth money for experience in banana leaf, food variety and awesomeness.

Iftekar Ahmed

Traditional Andhra food. Serving on banana leaf added more authentic touch. Serving was fast and stuffs were courteous. Ambience was nice too. However the food was not something I would remember and come back again. But I would probably recommend to my Andhra friends. Its expensive during weekends without any reasons but that's with most of the indian restaurants. They cook with coconut oil so if you don't like it, dont even bother to try.

Chinna Ramu

One of the worst experience I had with restaurants. We went there to have Andhra Bhojanam on Sunday. Luckily we went here early and got tables. Soon all the tables got filled up and many people were waiting to being served. Within 15 minutes of serving us the food they asked us weather we are finished and told us that they need to take our plates away as other people are waiting. We immediately left the place. While paying the bill they have the audacity to ask me tip after behaving with us like that. The food was horrible, and not of good quality. I suggest every one to avoid this place. I would say do not waste $16 to $17 on this kind of food and this kind of service Response to owner I know that you have the option for the tip in the system. I Selected no tip and you manager is the one who asked me for tip even after selecting no tip. Your manager is the one who told us to eat soon and leave. Looks like you have no idea about whats going on in your business.

hanan elborno

The food wasn't tasty, the serivce wasn't great .

Praveen Charan

The food was good, the items are different from the regular Indian buffets, a little spicy but tasty, the ambiance was good, I would definitely visit this place again

sudeep reddy

A very below par buffet. The deserts were smelling of oil that was already used for making bhajjis. The chicken main course was the only good thing. The breakfast menu was very cold. So much for going in the first hour of the day. Never going back

son adithya

Great food. Good serving. Tasty food

GuruPrasad Nookala

Good place for vegetarian food options bust sercice is little poor

Vinisha Gollapally

Exceptional andhra Food.. Feels home

Ashik Prakash

Awesome food on weekends. Lot of varieties. Super service from Sandeep highly recommended it

Janis Urste

I love this food, I come cross-town for it, passing many great Indian restaurants on the way. I appreciate AndhraMessAllen . The ambiance is, well it's on the Ave - no-frills. The service is middle to excellent in my experience, depending on which time I was there. Price is good value.

r romigh

I've been left speechless

Naresh Gajarla

Good food

Ramani Kurupati

Authentic Andhra food served

Karthik Nanjappan

Standard lunch on weekdays. Tired of these. I can go to any restaurant and get the same food

Shan Sivakolundhu

Excellent place for good south Indian food. Though named Andhra mess..they have food from Tamil Nadu too. Biriyanis are good and curries are spicy and flavorful. Service was quick and courteous.

satish p

Really good food

Syed Shaukath Ali

Wonderful Hyderabadi chicken biryani and fried rice..... Full rating to service and chef..

Achyutha K

Went there for weekend full meals and it was ok no complaints !!

Sai Lalitha Chiravuri

Mother's day lunch is horrible. Lady servers have long hair, they don't even tie-up their hair. I don't want their hair to fall into my food .......... I don't know how they can get-away with the food and sanity inspections.

Kumkum Jain

Yuck food, worst taste,slow service,seems like we were served left over food....dirty place...flies all over rthere...I wish I could give 0 star...not a single penny worth..we were 15 one was satisfied

Tvs Mom

It’s not that easy to convince me when it comes to food taste and texture but Despite all the positives and negatives, this is more than excellent. If I could give 6 out of 5, I would gladly do it. The bojanam is tremendous and fulfills your tongue, tummy and heart. I am not talking about the dish that was served to me. But the overall quality of Each items in both the veg and non veg category, its uniqueness to the taste is brilliant. Each and every item was thoroughly cooked to the 100% expectancy of a typical Indian customer. Hats off to the chef for fulfilling my soul each time I visit. ROCK ON FOLKS!!!

Sridhar Poosalapati

Food is below par and service is terrible - they did not bring me a menu to choose from and did not serve 3/4th of the items on their menu. It is silly that their waiters ask me "What do you want us to bring?" when I don't know what is available. At $17, it is a total rip off. If they want to serve the food the Andhra way of bringing to the table and serving, they should hire professional waiters - not college kids from India. If they want to survive in a very competitive market - they should improve the quality of both food and service.

Vikas B Rao

Unlimited meals on the leaf! Feels like home.

Rajeev Kumar

Lunch Buffet was so flavorful and the food options are more compared to other Indian restaurants in the area. Would definitely recommend others to visit this place. This had the largest, best tasting Indian Lunch Buffet I have ever tasted! What a great selection of food to choose from. Although prior to going I read some reviews saying the food was phenomenal but complained about the service; I felt like the service we received was awesome and the place was packed with lots of people. I figure as crowded as this place was, that should speak for itself in how good it was. I will be back for sure!

Sudhakar Sathuluri

Nice to see food served in thali and on banana leaf. Good variety. Tasty good. The staff served food with smile and frequently checked if we need more food. They never made us feel like we were waiting for them to serve. Keep up the service and quality of food.

Pradeep Gali

This restaurant serves the best authentic South Indian food. Enjoyed the food and place.

sandy sandeep

Tasty food

Sha C

Bhojanam on week ends is a must try.....People are very caring

Aditya G

I went for a weekend unlimited "meal". The food was horrible . BIryani was nothing but rice and chicken curry badly mixed and very salty. The desert was a joke, rice mixed with watery milk. Not sure why they did not have the buffet bar and preferred to have waiters come to the table and serve. The waiters and waitresses appear to be college students and the poor kids were having a tough time serving nearly 15 tables. They did not bring me any vegetable curry or appetizer or even the second desert on their menu. I am not going to this place ever again.

Pinakin Gandhi

Good food. Check out their dinner option on every alternate Thursday evening

Akhil Reddy

Thail are good, fresh and service is ok

Priya D

Serving staff was quite good and helpful.

Raj Awasthi

Great food.

Super Human

This place is really good...I loved the ambience and the food taste is quite delicious...I ordered the biryani and loved mirchi saalan....must visit in Plano and yeah fantastic customer service..keep it up

Shilpa Nagasamudra

Good south indian food served on banana leaf.

Satish Thota

New management and new menu but bad experience. Neither the food nor the service is impressive. Totally messed up Sunday lunch

sanjeeth ch

Soups are really bad.... everything else is ok

Wily Pumay

Best indian food in Allen and plano área butter chicken is awesome and whole tandorri fish is ultimate


1) Waiters are not well versed with dishes and it is difficult to give orders as the waiter we had was not able to speak a language we know properly 2) We repeated our order 2-3 times because he kept coming and asking us again and again as though we never placed an order !

Balaji Manickavel

This is the best place to have nice Andhra lunch around Plano Frisco area. The place is pretty crowded during weekends but the place is small but good plate is huge and unlimited. From juice starter to end payasam Ur tummy will ache due to the feast of food. U get both veg and non veg thalli

Avid Mellow

Won’t come here again. Definitely a MESS. They close at 10:30 but they forced us to order by 9:45. First two things we ordered were not available. They made an excuse and said that biriyani was only available weekends. Only available appetizer was chicken nuggets.. yes, you heard me right, nuggets. Lame! Food was mediocre.

Satya Kakumanu

The food was too worst and not recommended, even the response was not good from the manager prem. We took catering for New year and the food has smell and it's not fresh we trashed all the food and ordered from outside.

Sivakumar Panabakam

Good Place for Andhra items.. and as expected taste is good..

Prethap Idnani

Stop eating outside food. Heavy Salt,Sugar,Butter and unknown stuff will give you have High Blood Pressure, Kidney damage, Liver, Cancer. One medication will make you have 10 more later on. Eat home food. These people will fake smile to get your money. Money in their pocket while you get SICK. Do not eat Indian food from outside.

Rajeshbabu Chintamaneni

Worst meal in my life, to worst management. All food are stored one getting smell. Think may be one week old food still they are making hot and serving food. We wont serve food to beggars if food is spoiled. Still they are selling to us. Still we are eating the food with any comment. Choose another one, your health is your responsibility. Please take care your health, better chose deferent one


Very bad serving. They were paying attention to only few guests and the others were just waiting for 10-15 mins with nothing on plates.

Sudhakar Kanniyan

I went for sunday buffet .. food is very bad. really very disappointed.. not worth .. Buffet was $14.99..

Ram Babu

The worst

Vikas Sankla

Good south Indian food

rama krishna

Nice place....Valentine’s Day rush......delay food supply...otherwise all good

Vidu Kapoor

I prefer clean flavors and medium level of spice in my food so I can taste the food and bot chilli. This place is not foe my foodbuds as I was taste anything but chilli. THIS eatery is not for me with hot and oily food. The service though was very professional so no issues on that front. For Nyone who is looking for HOT food this is the place... me not so much.


Great tasting food


first things first...I went to Andhra mess on a weekend expecting typical Andhra food like pappu, vegetable curries, sambar, curd but it was not .The taste was like any typical restaurant type food taste though i have to mention that I liked the chicken biriyani. The Goat biriyani could have been better with tender meat. I went for non veg thalli and my wife had veg thalli. We could not clearly get a idea of what food items were available in each of these and we were not sure whether we even got all that was on offer. So i would suggest to owners to clearly describe food items that would be offered. And the folks serving food were not be seen and we had to wait for long time to get their attention. And I felt the $13 for veg thalli was expensive compared to food items offered in the plate, so there is a lot of room to improvise and i shared this with the owners as well. sharing over here for others


Great food over all. Ask to up your spice level if you are looking for some really spicy food. Mutton biryani and Vijayawada chicken biryani were yum. I was only disappointed with the tomato soup they have on the menu. No croutons and looks more like paneer butter masala.

sivaram prasad

Great place for homemade food.. loved the quality & taste... I recommend this place to those who would like to eat great south-indian food.

sunil ramineni

Food is really good... this is my first time here and am really impressed with the quality and taste.. must go place !!

Venkata Rakesh Pachawa

Very bad food for catering. Food given has gone bad and turned in couple hours. All items were salty. Ruined New Year’s Eve for us.

sujit kumar kantha

We visited there when the restaurant was almost closing but waiter let us in and took nice care of us. I flattered when he said "I cannot send you back ... You might be hungry "

Mukharjee Adusumalli

I loved alot especially Hyderabad Biryani is Lovely..!!

Abhishek Guha

Great homely food. Yes , the service is a bit lacking which you will find it in a bigger restaurant but you won't find the taste there for sure. Definitely! try the bhojanam on weekends. The items are limited on weekdays for vegetarians.

Ganesh Subramaniam

Sunday bhojanam (fixed multi-course meal) was fantastic. Only reason for the reduced star is the slow speed of serving. But this could be due to the day being Sunday and Mother's day.

Veeren Jote

First time visit We went with family were treated well, the server with love tried to take care of our kiddo’s tantrums by giving him a sprite which I was not comfortable with and advised not to, she said it’s only one time and proceeded to give. I let it go because it was not end of the world. Sat at table, saw all of cutlery and plates were not clean, brought this to their notice, they said they are clean and we clean them, then I pointed to glasses which had stains. Later we ordered Dosa for kiddo, chutney was stale and stinking, asked and exchanged with a different one. Along side we ordered pepper mutton and asked lemon and onions, they got it but the lemon were about to rot, pointed out that to the server and she said that it’s ok, I asked her then to smell it, then it was replaced. Overall it was a bad experience with regards to the food and service, would not recommend this place to anyone. BTW, was charged $2.50 for can of Sprite soda, which was forced on us, which is quite higher than other places. The classification as a Fine Dining place is incorrect because it does not qualify even for a hole in the wall place level service.

Pratik Mazumdar

Love it. Mess style Andhra food served to you at the table. Service needs to improve.

deepsi A

Food is really good... this is my first time here and am really impressed with the quality and taste.. must go place !!

Gaurang Agarwal

Green chilly chicken and garlic naan are must.

Vicky Pradyumna

Amazing Non veg meals in weekends, but 17$

Rajendran Rajusangaiah

Fine and delicious food

sandesh mallya

I loved the chilli chicken and biryani. Tastes just like back home

subbareddy y

Worst service,$16.23 for Bojanam not worth, place is not hygiene. The service is not in order. Andhra Bojanam doesnt even have pulihora.Welcome drink never served. Taste also not great

Mano C

Great tasting authentic Andhra south Indian food.


An average overrated restaurant in plano

Roland Paul

Homely food. Reminds me of Andhra

Jobin Samuel

It's a mess

Amit Sharma

I liked the place and can be referred as American form of Andhra mess. The serve in plates with banana leaf in it. Meal is servers as it is normally done in India. Place is clean and stuff is good. Though taste of food is quite good but it is little far from being Authentic Andhra style but in US i would not assume getting the real taste is an easy thing. I would defiantly recommend the placr for all Andhra foold lovers and i see my self visitng the place often.

Basuru Dheen

Good stuffs..nice

Swaroop chowdary

Food tastes as good as their hospitality. Loved it Will come back here for sure

శ్రీ బసాబత్తిన

Took chicken Biriyani few times. My daughter likes it.

Sana Ali

Unbelievable HORRIBLE food. And they keep changing their name, but same crappy food.

Robin Varghese

The lunch was great, typical/authentic south Indian taste. Served until one had enough of a meal!

Muhamed Ismail

Saturday &sunday buffet super. Reasonable rate also

Irfana Nizar

The food reminded me so much of the andhra foods I had back in my country. There service is really good.. they treat people well..

Raghu Mamillapalli

Worst food..will not go there again.

Latha Sunkara

We ate buffet few months back and so trusted their quality.. We got a chicken biryani take out box on a Friday for $12 and all they served in that box is full of rice which is colored with food color there is no masala or any and just 2 chicken pieces that is it. Waste of money. Hope this place maintains the quality like before

Harish Raj

Best Andhra meals ever in the United States.... The serving and the food both reminded of the awesomeness of a classic Andhra meals... The food variety and diversity just increased the awesomeness of this place... A must visit place for Andhra food lovers in Dallas region.... Loved it...

Neeraj Sripuram

It's always a new beginning. Have been to this place when it was Delight and was pleasantly surprised when they opened up anew in a new avatar as "Andhra Mess" ! For those who don't know what the name represents, here goes : Andhra is the name of a state in the southern part of India resplendent with culinary aweosmeness; the "Mess" part of the name comes from an old South Indian tradition where families and bachelor's whose better halves are traveling, but want home made lunch and dinner, served in an unlimited fashion on a plantain leaf. This places epitomizes that whole feeling in it's entirety, and leaves nothing to guess. They start off by giving the different sides and starters like pakodas, punugulu ( fritters )etc. Then they serve mixture which is like a snack mix, then comes the sweet dish, curries and rice items. Once you've finished those you can repeat any of those items, or get into the white rice round, with sambar, any of the curries , rasam and yogurt rice to cool all the spices. Overall a wholesome Experience and hope to repeat the visits many more times for a wholesome meal.

Harsha Srinivasan

I like their weekend food service. It's all out south Indian style, what being served and all. Their food could and should be a tad less spicy, especially the Biriyani. I love Andhra food and this place ticks all the boxes for me. I don't mind paying the small premium for the experience..

Murugesh Kumar R

Food is ok. We tried Friday lunch. Lot of options

swarna gudipati

very tasty andhra food

Jaya S Kumar Dadi

Yesterday I bought Natukodi Fry Biryani and Vijayawada Boneless Chicken Biryani for TO GO. Taste is not good. Both are really worse. I don't recommend these items in Andhra mess, Allen.

Puni ram

Please don’t waste your money here . Last week I went to the Andra Mess the food is not all good. Their not ready to serve the food .We have to wait for long time for each . Had a bad experience.

manoj srinivas

Disgusting place. Untidy, not tasty food. Wouldn't visit this place again

Harvey Prince

Best Andhra restaurant. Great dishes and big variety. Try everything. All delish. I ❤️Radhika. Kumar ❤️Radhika.

Divyang Oza

The worst experience for my first time there! I was there with my wife, my 1 yr old son and my mom & dad, and they messed up one of my order, then I told them to give me to go box and it came 15 mins late I had to ask them twice, then I ordered one extra naan which never came, my masala dosa had no masala inside, we waited for food almost 45 mins , there were only 2 servers there on a Thanksgiving day I mean seriously , they were packed , I had the worst customer service there ever I didnt tip them at all after all of this mess. We will NEVER EVER go there anymore.

Alok singh

Closed on Monday doesn't say so on the website

Charanya Natarajan

Veg thali was awful. Even plain curd tasted bad.


This place exceeded my expectations, the food was amazing!! The service was great, and pretty much everything about it was above what you would expect. I could most definitely say that every one should go here at least once, I can definitely recommend this place, great experience.

Sivananthan Chelliah

Unlimited food Saturday and sunday. A bit slow service.

Lokesh Babu Manda

Dosa tasty

Thomas Varughese

Good and clean place. Friendly staff, bit spicy

Driveline motors

The food was ok not very fresh tho. But service was good


Terrible service. Also, dirty.

haritha. ram

Food was good. Lot of Andhra varieties. Service is also fast enough

Michael Maddha

Brinjal curry in buffet was amazingly amazing


Loud music. Bright lighting. Poor ambiance. Oily food. Wouldn't go any more. It's a MESS!!! Hardly few customers. Waited long to be seated.

Manindra Varma Koricherla

Worst possible service. I have been waiting for my food for a long time. My adjacent table and I came in at the exact same time. They're been served promptly. We are not been served and been ignored when called for service. This is ridiculous.

Jay Man

Buffet was okay, nothing exceptional.

Naiyer Alam

If you are looking for true and authentic Andra meals in Dallas this place is a must visit. The staff is very hospitable and try to make everyone happy. Typical to Andra meals the food is high on spice levels. We were there with kids and the staff made recommendations for items that kids should try. Their curd rice was the best. The staff was proud to mention that they don't serve yogurt rice, rather true Authentic curd rice. The serves both veg and non veg. Per staff the meat served there is Halal.

Ram Chandra Prusty

Not an authentic Andhra mess. I tried mutton biriyani...the muttons are cold and more salt.

Dilip Malik

Good spicy biryani for treat

Aravindakrishna R

Nice place with good menu options, a bit crowded and busy on weekend lunch timings....

Durga Sharan

Excellent food. Large portions. Clean restaurant. Good experience.

Shan Sabapathy

Food is great! Especially on Friday lunch and dosas outstanding Went twice- first alone to check out - was impressed Went today with family and friends totally 7 - good was impressed everyone but the service a mess ! Very disorganized and had to make multiple requests to get anything - the older gentleman server was the best - the manager the worst!!! I asked if I could order dosas and The waiter asked me to ask the manager; the manager kinda scolds me for coming to him and create bad image !!! I was lost !!! This guy needs to be fired ! I will come back for the food but not the service! I really upset but kept calm because everyone enjoyed the food taste and quality Hope you will take action to correct your service n management as I would like to patronize with more friends for the food

Nizamudeen K

Worst place to eat on weekdays. I tried on a Thursday. But heard they serve great food on weekends and Fridays

santhosh kumar maddinei

Food was not up to the mark... the location in Irving was far better compared to this one... hope they can bring up the standards

Rajani C

I am veg .Very disappointed with verities of food options they had. Expected to have veg biriyani and nice appetizer... but they had only chiken biriyani. And appetizers were bad expected some kind of Manchurian item. Deserts were good.Service was good clean place..

Vishwakanth Reddy Ch

A Delite.. of Weekend meals

sravya reddy

take out order , worst egg noodles and waste veg fried rice.

Raghunath M.V

Good, Authentic Style of Indian Food.

Venkatesan Thanulingam

I went to that restaurant after hearing great reviews from my colleagues in my office. We went there around 8 pm on a Friday night and I would say that the restaurant was not crowded at all( probably would have 10 people ). We ordered a soup, a sambar idly and rayalseema Kara Dosa. The order took more that the normal time to get delivered ( like we waited almost 20-25 mins for the order to get delivered).The tomato soup was excellent. The rayalseema Dosa was spicy and very well made.The flavor was good too. The sambar idly was above average and could have been better . The waiter was good and really took good care of us to save the food and was very attentive. Recommend the restaurant if you have sufficient time to go and have some spicy Indian food

Swamy Thangavelu

Authentic South Indian lunch..on weekends.. go with high expectations.. you will be overwhelmed..

Chetan Krishna

One of the best places for Friday Lunches. Never fails to disappoint. Strictly Indian.

Ziddi I

Food is good, but it took forever for them to serve. Need to improve a lot in their service. Expect 1-2 hour lunch on Friday's.

Kranthi Dodla

Expected food to be much tastier and spicer but what a huge disappointment! Btw only thing good was papad. Ugh! No option of giving negative rating.

Amit Bagchi

Lot of tasty Indian food.

Venkatesan Kumar

Excellent food. The spice level was exactly what we wanted. The item Gutti Venkaya (miniature egg plant curry) was just outstanding. All items we ordered were just superb. I am constrained to take off one star because the Hyderabadi DOUBLE KA MEETA which is a Hyderabadi item was mediocore and prepared in a RUSH. They should imorove on it. Over all great food. Keep it food. will definitely their buffet.

Laavanya Rachakonda

Food was average with a very bad service. If you have a lot of time and patience to kill with the waiting, you can surely consider going !

Bharat Reddy

Authentic and endless south Indian Thali. Dishes taste like home cooked food and is all reasonably priced. Definitely recommend.

Anish Abraham

Food was ok but service was lousy

Shafiulla Syed

Love the food here

Karshinaz Zaman

I don"t about how they are on weekends. But I went there on a weekday with my friend and it was the worst restaurant I have ever been to. First, the service was not good. The server didn't ask if we want any drinks or so. His language barrier also was a problem because we asked him about our menu options and it took us few minutes to make him understand our question. Then, the food was old. The biryani could easily be seen they just poured some rice over the old dish. It looked like all left over food and we didn't enjoy one single item.Even the Naan that the server finally remembered to give was so crusty. It was a dark,dirty looking place Btw, they had no soda or any other drink. This is really sad. People pay money and spend time for driving there. We should not be cheated like this. No Question of coming back.

Jayant Sahewal

Really delicious and homemade style food!!

Ashwin Reddy Bhemidhi

Place a little small to host private events

murugan velan

I been living here past one year.i am big time foodie.recently my friend suggested me this place.this afternoon I went for this place to see their taste buds.i am stunned.spice level is perfect and taste is fulfilled my family members loved this place and their way of serving bhojanam. best Andhara bhojam i ever had in US soil.i wish them good luck.

Vignesh Sivasubramanian

This is not Andhra Mess. This is a new similar thali place called Curries and Cravings. Please update. The food was homely and awesome

Natasha Suvarna

It’s more of a non-vegetarian place. Hardly any good stuff in veg meal. Very oily fried stuff and pooris. My daughter loved the non-veg meal though. They can do much better!

Neha Sharma

We went for the first time to Andra mess during a weekday for thali. The service and food was good. However when we took our friends there on the weekend for buffet and it was the worst service. I don’t recommend this place for buffet.

Ashna Das

Amazing food

Milind Shastri

The food costs way too much. $15.99+tip is insane cost for an at best mediocre meal. And they don't tell you up front the costs and breakup of the food. Be careful.

Praveen P

Awesome traditional south Indian food. Must visit.

Manohar Karthik

I was there for lunch buffet during a weekend. The food was great with good number of varieties. The only thing I disliked was the service in the buffet.

Siddharth Jaganath

Awesome food! The manager was good but the other staff serving had to be called out and waived at to get attention..they appeared tired and unenthusiastic..

alpa thakkar

Food was average. The food was cold. The service was bad. They dint even serve the dishes they had. May be the staff was not trained. They had no katora to serve sambar or dal. They charged me $15 for this bhojan as they called it. Not going there again.

Karthik Reddy

It’s not Andhra mess it’s a big mess...30 minutes to take order and then 1 hour to delivery food....stay away from this place

vic sims

Some of the Best Food I have Ever Experience!! The fish is awesome and the owners really care about the customers experience. Great place. 5 stars for me.

Dibyajyoti Dalai

I went to this on Wednesday after knowing from radio but Food quality is not good. But person who was assisting is very good.

Aravind Viswanathan

Really good authentic south indian food. Delicious !!

Lavanya Samin

I liked avakai briyani. Taste was good. I will definitely visit again.

Enzo Harris

Would not recommend

Kristy Marin

They asked my boyfriend how spicey I wanted my food. (Yes, you read that correctly). No, worries. He requested BOTH our dishes MEDIUM. Mine was SO SPICEY that I was sweating and couldn't eat it. I had to ask several times for water because our waitress was MIA. My boyfriend's dish was edible and delicious. Needless to say we ate out of his dish mostly. I will give it another try. Hopefully they are more consistent next time.

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Andhra Mess Indian Cuisine en Texas
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