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REVIEWS OF America Buffet IN Texas

Michelle Rasey

Price wouldn't have been bad at all if the food was worth eating. Very disappointed with our experience. Dried out food, and bland. Might have been better if the employees were actually working instead of just goofing off. I am not a hard person to please but this place made me take out my phone to leave this review. So if you like dried out food and employees horsing around then this is the place for you, otherwise keep going.

Jarvis Kolen

Very nice restaurant. Clean and inviting. Would have rated it higher, but some of the buffet items seemed rushed. Salad bar was amazing. Lot of FRESH options. Staff seemed very polite and helpful. Tables were cleared fairly quickly. Desserts (which are are big deal to my family) were fresh and there was a good variety. Overall a good place. I recommend going early.

Odell from da SSIPP

Was not impressed. Things may have changes since I visited.

Mariiia D

Love coming here! Their food is always fresh and it's super tasty. I also love that it does not get crowded like other places.


It's a nice place to take the kids out for a treat of unending mouth watering galore.

Nelda Omolabi

I enjoy the selection and price. Went last Sunday and the AC was not blowing cool enough or it could have been the area where we sat. But all in all every time we go the food is good. They need a location on the north side of Houston.

Grayson Wagner

Tough meat and chicken. Had been out too long. Low temperature of food. Pay when you arrive. Its a complete serve yourself. Quanity of available food items good.

april spikes

It seems like 2 year's ago this place was better, and they could bring the appearance of the place up a notch and stop charging to take the food that you pay for home !!

Sergio O

Better than expected! Great food and service!

Powerkeeper Noneya

Dirty restaurant, dingy atmosphere. The food was old and dried out, you could tell it wasn't refreshed for hours. Severely overpriced at $14 a person. Stay far away as you'd be better off eating fast food, it would be fresher.

Junior Portillo

This place does not deserve it. Food has no love

Felton Johnson

We couldn't eat the fajitas, they were like leather, peach cobbler was a joke,I did enjoy the baked fish.The rest of the menu is served at your local hospital.

Tonya J.

Food was utterly disgusting! What a waste of $30! Dont waste your money!

J.V.L. Vasquez

The best!!! We love it!! I am recommending this restaurant.

Devin Fults

It was ok just like all the other Chinese buffet places

susie brown

Nice place to eat if you really not in the mood for fast food .They even have Chinese egg rolls and tacos and fajitas.

J.P DeLeon

Very good place to eat and clean

Tonya Jones

Absolutely disgusting! Dont waste your money! Food was horrible! Manager walks around stirring food with no gloves on. Will never ever return to this establishment!

damilola oyatobo

So nice, delicious meal and courteous staff And clean environment

Sara Vargas

Food was great hot and ready. The fruit was hard especially the cantelope. The jello was hard as well.

Martha Estrada

Great hot food till closing. We went at 8:30 pm & they closed at 9 pm. Very grateful :)

Arriving Cougar

Food was on the floor and not even the best tasting but I ate it life advice dont eat here unless u want to be shocked at how much they dont care

Oscar Munoz

Food is ok but is not servers

Kehinde Adedoyin

It is a good restaurant, neatly organized with assorted food and drinks.

Edem Ekene

Nice options, plenty of choices and the convenience of a go-as-you-please all out buffet spread. You will definitely find something that you can eat at American Buffet. Enjoy!

Harold Gilliard

Great price good food

Sahaira Briones

Food is decent. I did not see much seafood other than what appear to be cod or tilapia.

Erika Godhigh

Food was not good at all

Jennifer Webber

Veggies are kind of hard, but hard a decent selection

Mark Mccary

Lots of good food and good service.

James Miller

Great food. $14 for the food and a drink was more than worth it

Chris Young

Used to love this place, food was bland, my daughter went straight for the crawfish and they were black by the tail...NO...not fresh...will not be back...

Gloria Ha

The food selection is pretty wide which is great but sometimes it's kind of bland. For the price I'd expect a little more effort. The place is always clean though and the trays are always full. Just try to get there earlier in the day and you should be good. The also offer take out which is pretty neat.


There was no wait when our party of 10 arrived. They prices are average. Ages 3-12 are considered the child's buffet, and 13 and up pay for the adult priced buffet at about $12/person. There was plenty of seating available. This place is kid friendly with available high chairs and booster seats. Perfect for large crowds, and the buffet has something for everyone. Nice food selection, however the buffet line needed more attention.... some food selections (chicken fajitas) were dried out, and the salad bar was messy, and several foods were mixed together. Other than that, I actually enjoyed dining here. I'd definitely return.

Eugene S Globe III

Everything was fresh and delicious! Definitely going back!

Aelo Balthrop

Delicious. Similar to Golden corral, only smaller. Tasty food. Fair price.

Carlos Alexander

Clean and delicious food

Philip Harris

Officially the best buffet place in Houston. The ice cream machine has a demon inside, delivering 3 undeniable kinds of soft serve. There's always a crowd of worshipers at its mercy. So go ahead a enjoy a fat day or two. Every item served is worth it's weight, lol. Over 30 different types of pleasure, choose carelessly.

Clemente Martinez

Good food good price

Samuel Rodriguez

Quality and variety of food poor, the only thumbs up was it seemed clean except for food prepper wiping food being served from refill tray with fingers, gross.

Gloria Eaglin

Good food variety of foods

Ruben Gonzalez

Great menudo Sunday. And pupusas.

Diana Chavira

Always a great place to go .

yayeetkee :3

Went for lunch there today and all the food was HORRIBLE AND SOME FOOD WERE SALTY!!I feel they owe me a refund of money I spent there dining with my daughter. They need to change the chef they have there.Wont go back there ever! :(

Leonard Oroz

The food its good

Mereselda Valdez

Food is always hot. Plenty all varieties of food. We loved it.

Delores Jackson

Not bad the fajitas were very good

Snowy Cats

Great fresh food. They have catfish, yum. Broccoli delicious, hot wings delicious, fajitas delicious, potatoes delicious. Everything was just right. Only needed sirrache hot sauce.

Alex Yang

The food is ok. It did seem a bit dry and old. Flavor was good. It's a nice change from the usual Chinese buffet. Unfortunate for the owner that their restaurant is next to buffet. Decor was relaxing and atmosphere was quiet when I went. I went around 7pm on Tue, about 20 people or so eating. Best thing I liked was their plate, super heavy duty.

veronica lopez

NICE FRESH BAKED BREAD with honey butter wow! So I'm not a dessert fan but here everything is great!!!! When you come in you pay and just serve you're self plus the beverages. If you're in the mood for fajitas they have this here a bit of Chinese selections also. You will not miss on what your family would love to eat bc they have pizza also!

Lynell Sandifer

The food is ok good I didn't pay to eat there. I was with others so ate for free. I would not pay to eat food that doesn't taste very good.

Erick Mendoza

This place never disappoints is damn good no matter what other people may say..... If you want a luxurious buffet go somewhere else but if you love good food is here

Milton Shackelford

Good variety of food and dessert seem dark not enought lighting for me. Staff unresponsive to my needs. Seem preoccupied with their phones and whatever attitude. But food was cooked to my satisfaction. So I'll try them again

Alejandra Montenegro

Good food by the price

Classic Drip Rob

Great experience Ate with my Brother's Food was Good Good Business.


Pricey, food was terrible. The fruit and mashed potatoes were the best thing. Hot as hell inside. we won't be back.

princess faniel

I love me and my family this place after church Sunday in its they have very good food

robin valdez

Pretty good. Best part is no waiters to bother you

Rosie Garza

Good food I like everything here

Jeremy Morrow

The food was pretty good. Nice sized portions and the buffet costs only $12.50 plus tax. Been there twice this year so far. Definitely will be going back to eat there a few times a month.

John Leon

Good food & service

M. Reid

All most all of the food was bad. They no longer season well and I was there areound 11 am and the food should jave been fresh. The corn was already dried out. This place use to be good to get variety food, but the quality is gone. If you are quantity only, you'll love it.

Katherine Garza

not a lot of food choices but has a nice inside and great service

Elijah Smith

Like any ordinary buffet

Bradley Smith

Good selection but the seating is old needs to be replaced.


Nice place to fine in needs to include some soul foods in their menus

La Güeritta Zhula

Love this place ...Good servics

Robert B

Good selection and food is good "for a Buffett"

Debra Redd

Not much variety, for the price and it is so dark in this place, I have to wonder what is it they don't want us to see?

Emily Newton

It's food alright but small selection of hot dishes, bland, some of the food wasn't hot or even warm cold chicken not a favourite of mine, and a couple of things had a strange smell or taste to them. Not worth the money and much much better options locally. We only came in as the first 2 places we tried had 25 minute + wait times and we were in a rush. This place you could just walk in no queue no wait....maybe that should have told me something.

Emmanuel Emmanuels

It fine and the food is good

lsaccolite Game

Not a very pleasant experience, the food types do not go together. Had some pretty odd tasting food, won't be going back.

Aljina Ndilu

I went there 5 times the food isn’t really that great and the last time I went there my kids were running around making noise the manager came with an attitude and told me to tell my kids to stop running around and make noise but then she …

Baird Clan

The food was ok. Not sure I would go out of my way to go again. Though it seems alot of people enjoyed it. So there's that.

Sylvia Richardson

Clean, somewhat affordable if you catch the deals during the right time. Different varieties of food.

Brenda L

Food was somewhat cold. Warm to cold. The front cashiers were not friendly. And tables were not clean.. even after they came and removed plates.

Letesta Redmon


Sabrina Wright

One of my favorite restaurants in Hoiston!

Samira Shepard

Sometimes it's great and sometimes I wished I had gone somewhere else. The food choices are ok. They keep it clean though.

Don Vega

Weekend breakfast. Has great Mexican barbacoba!

Keith Hale

I'm not from this area but was expecting better from the other reviews. Food has a definite asian flair and is not seasoned at all. The ribs, while extremely large and generous had no flavor at all. The bread pudding was over done on top …

Cathie Haglund

I had to give it a one because there's nothing lower that place is awful the food is dry and sits out all day the service sucks just don't go there

Eric Davis

Perfect love this place

Michelle Canell

Love the pupusas here! Best ever!!

Thomas Kaldahl

Great homemade style food. They have the best cookies! The price includes all you can eat and also covers your beverages. Nice place to have a full meal

Pamela Shipp

What a colossal waste of money! Poor selection, dried out, over cooked. Never put anything fresh out, just kept stirring the old stuff.

Daniel Yang

Selection is small and lacking. Soda is at times, flat. However, the overall space is wide and what food selection they do have is decent in taste for the most part. Do note that the price has increased as of late.

Laura Garza

It was highly priced!! Food was cold!!

Linda Lopez

Restrooms smell bad and nasty dirty but it's been like that for years food tast going down really quickly has zero tast not hot enough all food cold and people that work there act like dont care I quess owners dont eather

Chuck McMullen

Very busy on Sunday. Must be the good food!

yosmine hampton

The only part of the buffet that I found enjoyable was the Mexican food and the fried chicken when fresh I think they need to revamp the American and Chinese part of the buffet especially if you are going to continue charging $15. My next issue is the customer service the young lady at the front desk was rude to people in my party when they asked her where the restroom was when it was expressed that her attitude was unappreciated she still didn't refrain from her unprofessional conduct I really don't think we will be back had she been a little nicer we possibly would have enjoyed making this place our Mexican buffet spot bc the Mexican was surely good but myself and the others in the group will not spend our money where it is not appreciated.

#Bible study

The food was blah

Cecil Mccullough

Good food nice price. Better then golden corral

Jimena Echeveste

As soon as u walk to your table the carpet is sticky as hell all of the plates that are supposed to be dry are wet and the cups that you are suppose to use for your drinks still have lipstick on them COCKROACHES ON TALBES.I don’t recommend it what so ever I repeat DONT GO !!!

Valarie Tates

Not the cleanest place to eat. The is not that good either.


bad food bad service over priced don’t recommend this place i expected more from here not a verity of food

Wanda Kibe

Horrible food used to be good new owners suck

otoniel guerrero

Love good steak

Ramey Sullivan

Relatively expensive, but the food is awesome. Worth getting every once in a while.

Ganiyu A Ayinla

The place is so fantastic

Kay Rodri

I went on a Sunday and it was packed but we still got seating and food was good. They had a variety of foods. The thing that I didn't like was that the baby changing table was low inside the girls bathroom so it was hard to clean up a messy diaper. I'm average size so it was low for an average woman. Also the rug is outdated and runned down they need new flooring.


Had lots of choices, wasn't what I expected..gave it a try. Everyone is different, go check it out!

Athanasios Kotsonis

Lots of varieties of foods, I have eaten there many times, and the quality of the food is good. Good value for the money,

Bryan Ta

Good food for the selection, but not a lot of selection.

Markie Ethridge

Roaches what more can u say

Jonathan Carmona

The foods pretty good. They have a wide variety of food.

Wa hid

I went there with my niece and we both enjoyed. Everything was fresh and incredibly delicious. Excellent customer service. 5 stars!

Deborah Simmons

The food was great. A little crowded but it's a buffet.

Angela Doughty

I went today, the food was dry, cold, some overcooked, not a variety of meats. Overall nasty.

Albert Tomchesson

Had a good Thanksgiving lunch with family there. Food was good

Tameika Williams

Golden Coral it is NOT!! I really wished I had just googled Golden Coral. I used to come here years ago and it was well worth the 10 buck. I paid $15 and the ribs had no meat, the dries chicken was dry, the meat for the fajitas I'm guessing was beef was not tender at all. And the steak was lol ridiculous they should not even be making. I mean you can just slap some meat on some fire throw it a pan call it steak and charge $15. Bye Felicia! I will never return. Oh and wait I could not find any lemons for my tea. There were limes!! The f?

Funmi Faithful

Lots of variety of food and drinks. Nice, tasty meals.

itz_ martha campos

The food was delicious lots of choices to choose from. Very clean. Very friendly help.and affordable.

Calvin Solar

Not very good

Tyler Dasilva

Good price for good food

Tonya Williams

It was very nice and clean. The food was fresh though should have more varieties. Over all very good.

Ma'kayla Ryan's

Great place to dine in with your family. Simply because they have good prices & great food!!!

Emmanuel Igboekwu

Nice meal

Luke Roundy

Really good for the price.

shawonda bass

Worst buffet I've ever eaten at in Houston area! Waste of my time!

Wayne Kelley

Food and service was tops

Verna Battles

Good food and good prices

Predicus Maximus

Food was good. The restaurant be so cold by time you make it to your table your food Is cold

Margaret Rehem


tabitha bevers

Food was not worth the price. Fish was nasty, chicken fajitas were dry as was the beef. Broccoli and cheese soup was nasty! Not much else to choose from. Will not go back ever.

Andrea Gonzales

The food was not what I expected. It did not taste good and it seemed it had been sitting out all day. I was not impressed. And the price of $14 persom for crapy food was rediculous. I will never return.

Tonya Stewart

It sucked don't waste your Money or time

Hector Navarro

Always good

Krystal theNurse

Love this place

Angel Henriquez

There is a such a large variety of food. Food was very well made and tasted delicious! I've been coming here for a few years with my family and I have never had a bad experience. Employees are nice. Place is kept clean. Over all, this is a great place!

Niels Grobbe

Good buffet. Cheap, lots of veggie and meat choices. Nice desserts.

Kabir Abu

It's amazing how they cope with the deluge of customers they had yesterday. It means they are efficient.

Ana Perez

This place is awful ,dirty and food was old ...DONT NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE

Jessica Marrero

Yummy food alot of variety and good price

Abdul Rahman

The one star is only cause I have no choice waste of $15.... I tried to plates the beef ribs was tuff and under cooked the broccoli and cauliflower what is rubbery the macaroni and cheese waterdown no flavor the rice was dry and the dinner rolls was a brick......

Laylay Woods

Not many options but pretty good

Belinda Elizondo

Food not as good as it use to be.

Roxmary Mendez

Food is amazing. I think this is a great restaurant for picky eaters since there is so much variety. It is just amazing and delicious.

Mechelle Turner

The salad and fruit were good, but the fish was fried so hard, you could cut a steak with it.

Alphonsus Ezeoke

There are very few dishes on the menu. Do not go here if you are looking to eat varieties of food. The food is mostly cold. They will eventually lose all their customers and close down unless they drastically improve their menu.

Jessica Vickers

15.99 for an adult. And the food is horrible. Everything is either dried out or is just plain.

Jimmy Holder, Sr.

Food was just warm. Not worth the price of $13 for dinner. Back to Sweet Tomatoes.

Zander Granados

Best buffet in town and nice price for it too


Great food. Decent price. Pretty good variety. Not much fruit tho. Nice and clean too.

Adriana Lomeli

I stopped by with my family yesterday. A party of over 20 people. We ordered the buffet. As today all my family is sick. My kids and husband threw up all night. We use to come here on the past. Food was terrible and for our experience it was rotten for sure. I will give zero star if possible. I will never return.

Gloria Gonzales

The best place to go eat

Maria Mendoza

All the food is fresh

craz ma

My kids and I really like it!

Jose Perez

The ribs are good but have to much fat than meat

Esther Willado

I love the variety of food they offer

Oyetunji Oyeyele

Nice place, many tasty food choice, reasonable price.

Sean Duplechain

Decent selection and quality. BBQ beef ribs was like eating through a shoe.

James Urick

It was amazing, I had the most American experience I have ever seen, I was eating tacos, pizza, buffalo wings, lo mein noodles, while listening to a black woman and a Chinese woman arguing in Spanish and I was just amazed at how American it was lol, food was good to

Ricki Olvera

They have everything, all kinds of food

Anthony Wise

Never disappointed me.

Pete Valdez

Food was pretty good. Ribs and menudo the best out of my lunch. Garlic bread was a bit dried out though. Service lacked though ...not a single person checked on me during my hour stay.

Manuel Hernandez

Good food, good place to eat.

TaNisha Dancy

When I came years ago, it was worth 5 stars! Now, the food quality is way down and their prices are way up. $30 bill for 2 adults and 1 child for a mediocre buffet is bananas! They didn't even have steak or shrimp. My bill was roughly the same for 3 adults at Golden Corral, in which, they had it all.

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