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Where is Oahu Hawaiian BBQ Sushi Bar & Thai Cuisine?

REVIEWS OF Oahu Hawaiian BBQ Sushi Bar & Thai Cuisine IN North Dakota

Lisa Elizabeth Johnstone

Excellent food.......Great service

Noxious Karn

Absolutely loved my Trio Sashimi.

Jon French

Great little Thai/ Hawaiian restaurant. Very good food including sushi. Has a nice bar with wide selection of taps. Excellent service.

Vincent Heidt

Favorite thai and sushi restaurant.

J None of your business

Awesome A must stop

Jess Harmon

Amazing tropical infused sushi! Some of the best sushi I've ever had. A couple very unique rolls. Incredible service at the bar, the bartender was very friendly and called me by name :)

Virginia Hughey

As much as I have loved this place in the past, it was ruined tonight. A staff member did not wash her hands before leaving the bathroom and she wore her apron into the bathroom. Sadly, no more Oahu

Carlo Dacumos

Good food - Good service

J Heags

Good food, had the pad thai was really good, the medium was not to spicy but really tasty. Would recommend and go again.

Carmen Pienaar

Food was great but the waitress we had, had trouble understanding us because we have allergies. But overall not bad.

Tracy Butler

Oahu has the best Sushi in town with top notch services and at a bit of a discount compared to Kobe's prices. Thank you!

Robert S

The food was excellent. The service was nice, polite, and helpful. The bathrooms were clean and tidy. This is an excellent place for a different kind of dining experience.

James Gardner

Great food and decent prices. Sushi is great for Bismarck! Recommend going during happy hour!

Shane Madak

Not a bad spot. Katsu was really good as well as the BBQ chicken. Best loco moco I've had since I lived on Oahu. I'd probably change up the music to something produced by local (to the islands) musicians. Like IZ or Anuhea, etc.

Lee Van Cleef

Awesome sushi! Great atmosphere and the staff is attentive without being annoying. Highly recommend eating at this establishment. The sushi is by far the best in this state that I've experienced.

Robert Gaffney

Used to be my favorite place! Now the service is under par. The food quality seems to have deminished and the men's bathroom is disgusting! Makes you wonder about the kitchen! I hope they can cure these issues!

Mic Rhoads

One of my top 3 places to go. Food is good, service is great, place is clean and comfortable.

Anna Scales

Flies in my food

Pamela Perez

Love this place! very clean! Staff is always friendly and professional, the food is great and always fresh. Can't go wrong here. we ordered food through a food delivery service - they were able to deliver to our hotel on a cold night. The food was hot, spicy and fresh. It came with a soup. i had the drunken noodles - it was spicy and extremely tasty. A buddy of mine had the curry and it was extremely tasty. Highly recommend the food.

eve madche

Great Happy Hour. Best Sushi in Bismarck. Relaxed atmosphere.

Amelia Doll

Great food. Excellent service. One of my favorite places to grab some yummy food!

Evelyn Lee

Decent food. Excellent serve

Виктор Гончаров

Its a good place for right price, I love fried rice, and Hawaiin style chicken! Also they have a 2$ menu for Kids every Sunday. Service is really good too. Thank you

arthur clark

Awesome service and great food as well as good prices. Cocktails are very expensive.

Patrick Jones

good food and services

Carlos Diaz

The food was ok but the draft beer was very cold and that for me made it better. Very clean, nice and very friendly atmosphere.

Daniel Zenner

Food was terrible and over priced, would not recommend to anyone. Only good thing is I didnt get sick, kinda surprised.

Chuck Haga

Great shrimp par Thai. Delightful waitress.

Linda Duchscher

Excellent food and excellent service!

Rebekah Davis

This is the absolute best place to get sushi! They have great lunch specials and their servers are very welcoming and do their jobs well. I ordered the lover boat for two (it could actually feed four very hungry people) and it was delicious. I didn't count but you get about twelve pieces of sashimi and five sushi rolls; two specialty, two regular and one assorted. The sashimi and sushi were both fresh, not 'fishy' tasting at all. I highly recommend the Macadamia roll, King Crunchy and Rainbow Dragon.

John Gieser

The sushi is good with numerous options. I've never had a wait for seating and the service is quick.


Best place to eat in Bismarck. I suggest trying the poke bowls they are delicious.

Dylan Schnabel

The sushi is downright fantastic. In addition, Oahu has some delicious BBQ chicken, but the real draw, in my opinion, is the curry. Whether you like green curry or red curry, hot or mild, extra rice or barely any at all, you can't go wrong with Oahu. The desserts are also pretty unique to the Bismarck area, and they're the perfect way to end a meal. On top of it all, the staff is super friendly and incredibly helpful. The atmosphere gives off a friendly vibe which really adds to the entire experience. Oahu is my wife and I's go to date night dinner, and it's also one of our top choices for a quick lunch.

tara holmes

Love the food but for someone that doesnt know what they have a picture menu would be awesome.

jordon g

BEST Sushi! you can taste the quality difference compared to other similar places in the area. it's fresh and it is reflected in the taste.

Vanessa Mullikin

Best sushi spot in Bismarck! Excellent food, price, and service!!

Molly Brocious

My husband and I stayed overnight in Bismarck last week and decided to try our luck with some local sushi. He’s from Kauai, HI and was very happily surprised to see Loco Moco on the menu. We ended up getting some raw sushi, spring rolls and miso soup. Wow! It was so good! We’re both sushi fanatics and are very impressed with the quality of the food and the service. Definitely try it if you’re nearby and curious, you won’t regret it!

Paul Hahn

The poke bowl and sushi (superstar roll) are amazing... I was crazy impressed - super fresh and bursting with flavor. That I was able to get a poke bowl to go ("sushi roll" - like a burrito) was wonderful!

Ryan Bark

Pretty decent sushi. Very good bar.

Ice Viper

It was something new I'd never experienced before. Great if you like to venture out and try something new. And the portion sizes in the meals are not extraordinarily large and are not overly priced. Love it.

Cassondra Lynn Krause

Great food with wonderful service and drinks!

Tara Hiatt

A really unassuming little food joint that I happened to stop at on a Sunday afternoon with my daughter in tow. The staff were very friendly and helpfully recommended dishes to try based on what I said I liked. The price was very reasonable for the amount of food I was given and the food itself was to die for! Definitely recommend!

Dan Schafer

Great food friendly service

Luz delvalle

That was my first time going into this restaurant. I love how they prepared your food in front of u . Also liked their friendly staff. Good food will be going back soon.

Bryan Bates

Not much to look at from the outside, but food is great! great atmosphere inside and alot of options!

Hilda Blalock

Living in Vegas my selection of food is extensive, this was by far the best food in N Dakota for sushi and Thai cuisine

Chad Leier

I enjoy the atmosphere. The food is good quality.

Tara W.

Best place in Bismarck for sushi! They also have great Thai food.

Allan Geisen

The food was all wonderful! The sushi was great and they definitely delivered on my request for spicy drunken noodles! We will definitely be stopping in again the next time we are in Bismarck!

Shaun Flick

My wife and I both absolutely love this place. I cannot begin to explain the fusion of flavors that they have with their sushi. Their standard fare like their moco loco and chicken katsu is on point. The service is great and the prices are fair. the kids meals are also decently affordable with a very large portion of food. My wife and I have also never left hungry. You're not going to find anything else this offend take out side of the big island especially in a landlocked state like North Dakota. I would give them better than a 5-star rating however I'm only limited to the five stars.

Piere Himel

Decent, miso soup isn't that great. Sushi is decent. Good selection for beer and sushi. I like sitting at the bar. The salad is great!

Michael Braun

Great food, love the sushi, rest rooms for both genders. Ample free parking.

Grace Richardson

Love that place, really good thai and hawaiian food!!! And special offer for kids every Sunday

Lucas Gulstad

Absolutely amazing. Regardless of the time of day/night, or day of the week this place is great! Always great sushi and Sashimi, with really great friendly service each time.

Don GreyDay

I love this place, but with prices a little high for my budget, I only go here for extra special times. The King Crunchy sushi is so very good!

Nate Wallestad

Best sushi in town

Sara Arline-DiGaetano

Great food and fun drinks. With Hawaiian, Thai, and Japanese dishes it is easy to find something that makes everyone in the party happy. The wait staff is helpful with finding food for dietary restrictions.

johanes Prawira

One of the best restauran in town. Nice Hawaiian beef barbeque. Pad thai and pad see U also very tasty

Trina Lipp-Daniel

Great service. Great Sushi, fair prices. Drunken tuna roll is awesome

Rebecca Lahren

Used to love the thai basil. They have changed their recipe and it is now filled with mushrooms, which I hate! So many that they at difficult to pick out-tastes like dirt.

Alicia Quartz

Wonderful food and service! The people who own the place do a wonderful job and were so kind, highly recommend!

Michaela Alexander

Delicious and reasonably priced

diksha koradia

Good food, great service.

Tristan Carufel

Absolutely great service, and the food is amazing!!! Will eat here again!

Jeffrey Schmidt

Their pad thai was tastey, but the "medium spicy is very mild. If you like even a little heat, order hot


Great food with lots of variety. Excellent service for couples and families with kids.

Scott Aichele

I am at the Oahu no less than 4 times a month. I cannot say enough about the quality of the food and service. The sushi is fantastic; the Hawaiian BBQ is great and the 'Ninjago" roll cannot be beat for dessert.

Jadelynn Dahl

Waiter was very attentive and friendly. Best sushi in town! I adore the Yaki Udon! This place is great! Nice bar to.

Susan R

We ordered take out and the pad Thai was not at all what I was expecting. My friend’s meal was good (she shared with me) but the Chicken Pad Thai was depressing. Not at all the sort of pad Thai I’m used to having at other Thai restaurants. I ordered the “mild” but it was flavorless and oddly dry. The chicken in it had a strange texture and I ended up tossing most of my food. The miso soup was meh but the pork gyoza appetizer was pretty good. I might give them a try again the next time I’m in town, but I’ll order something else in hopes of a better experience.

Amanda Anthony

Great sushi but didn't like the sweet tea

Kayleen Hunt

Decent food. They give ya a lot. Friendly waiter

Blaine Ernst

Very friendly staff and amazing service. The sushi was fantastic!

Jayden H

Cheapest sashimi in town. Fresh and sometimes you can get fresh bluefin if they get it in. Edamame is great, ala carte sashimi and sushi. Rolls are good, though to be honest I prefer sashimi as I'm more of a purest when it comes to …

Ryan Schamp

Amazing food for a great price. This was the best meal I have ever had in North Dakota. If you are in town or driving by I-94, stop by.

Everett Colburn

For Bismark if you are considering Asian influenced dining, the Thai food here is very tasteful. The chef is Thai so you can't go wrong. The flavorings are authentic. I recommend the Tom Yum soup, and Pad Thai, however I am not accustomed to pad Thai being made with thin rice vermicelli. It's usually thick wide "rice stick" noodles. Other than that, nice presentation and satisfactorily presented and served by sincere and efficient wait-staff. I have not tried the other offerings or sushi. I did repeat my visit for take out prior to catching a flight. Pleased again!! This restaurant provides much needed taste diversity to Bismarck's dining options. Highly recommended.

Rachel Iverson

I have been to eat here at least 15 times. Love the sushi and the teriyaki chicken! Great service, always accommodate special needs or extra orders. They have only been slow once in all the times I have eaten there, and have never rushed me. Favorite place to celebrate a special occasion, but the atmosphere is fine for jeans, or yogas if you've been running errands all day :)

kayla fender

My favorite place for sushi in Bismarck!

Leon Helland

Great service and great food. Tip the rainbow haired girl

Anthony Rich

Not really Oahu. Felt like more Okinawa. We were very disappointed. We drove 2-1/2 hrs just to eat (what we thought was going to be Hawaiian food). There were plenty things on the menu and maybe 4 Hawaiian items that was a little bland tasting. This was a real let down. In reply to the owner. The restaurant name is very misleading. Thank you.

Anthony Fetter

I had a poke bowl and it was fantastic. Full of flavor and a lot of options to choose from. Good service and fairly quick even during the lunch hour. But it was freezing cold dining in the restaurant. Very uncomfortable.

Larry Parkos

On a slow day the staff was lazy and lethargic. The food was tasteless. My chicken was about half fat. The fried rice had no flavor. I think the rice was instant rice cook in their soup broth. Then they give you macaroni salad as part of the dinner. Im not sure if they think macaroni salad is Hawaiian or Thai. I was greatly disappointed. I was so upset and disgusted I couldn't finish my beer. I got tired of waiting for server ask for the check and had to ask to have someone from the bar to ring me up. Don't waste your time.

Cheyenne Goninan

The food was absolutely amazing, staff is so nice and the decor is beautiful. 10/10 recommend going

McKinzey Whitty

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have gone to Oahu several times, with multiple sizes of parties and every time it is WONDERFUL!!!! They have a great happy hour, fried rice, pad Thai and I just discovered the cilantro, lime jalapeño margarita and IT IS AMAZING!!! I would highly recommend!!!!!!

Scott Payne

My expectations were surpassed eating here tonight. I'll be back for more!

Joshua Mckeever

Great food with prompt service!

Becky Barnes

My daughter and I have been coming here for years now. We both love the food, and the staff is always so friendly.

Bob Flare

By far my favorite restaurant in Bismarck, a great choice as it has something for everybody.

Barbara Wheeler

I ordered the chicken Pad Thai and not what I was used to. Being from California, I've never seen one that had zucchini in it before. the Local loves it though. To me it wasn't. Good part was the waiter was kind enough to take it back with mo charge. I know some Asian places would still charge for the entree. I ordered the red curry with rice, it was delicious, as good as California!!! I also ordered the calamari and man, it was delicious, tender, and a must to try it. So was the Shrimp tempura.

Brittany Hart

The sushi is SO good here!! I'm definitely coming back!

Jamie Cook

Great service, awesome food.

Lance Bennett

By far the best sushi I ah e had on my travels. Who knew I had to go to Bismarck North Dakota to get it. The bartender was also top notch as I watched him make a smoked Manhattan and he gave me a lesson in sake. Truly a little gem of a place and I can't wait to go back. Prices were also very reasonable. I got this plate of sushi and edamane for $23.

Mavis 235

Do not try the Pad Thai, unless you are up for a taste challenge.

Russell Kadlec

Always good

Joko Koasasi

Sushi taste really good!!!!

Danny Aubol

Amazing sushi!

Elizabeth Jones


Chandra Schmidt

Good food

Ponzer with a hard R

Couldn't say that i don't love anything anout this place 10/10 would recommend to anyone

Michael Tougher

Wonderful selection of sushi. They have a little bit of everything!

Jared Auch

Never had a bad meal here. Staff is friendly and the bar tender makes the best whiskey drinks you have ever had. Always had good beer in rotation. A must stop in Bismarck. Try the red curry.

Dan F

Pretty good food! Service is always prompt and friendly!!


Ingredients didn't taste that fresh, brought out an order incorrectly. Okay atmosphere and nice service. But the food wasn't great.

Kelly Davis

Best sushi in town, hands down.

Nikhil Kalothia

Best sushi place in town. A lot of variety in sushi and other dishes. Happy Hour menu is excellent, otherwise dinner prices can get expensive. Lunch specials are very reasonable. Always find friendly service here. They treat you well here. Hawaiian food is just so-so. Chicken katsu tastes great here. Same with pork gyoza, chicken egg rolls, etc. Get the King Crunchy sushi roll - you won't be disappointed!

Caroline Schmidt

Service was gd authentic green basil curry not so gd.

Bruce Wayne

It's good but the product cooked with is cheap and prices are high. A little effort to make some of the food yourself instead of opening a package and heating to serve would take this restaurant a long ways.

Dolore Moore

Decent sushi, will go again.


Great sushi, awesome service!

pedro rosario

They rushed me to order, without taking the time to refer any dishes. The waiter lacked undivided attention even though there were few customers dining. On the other hand, the food was good, but they need better plate presentation and attention to detail.

Cami Havelka

It was our first trip there, and I see many more in our future! Food was fantastic, service was great! Thank you Oahu!

Michelle Henry

Service was AMAZING!!! The waiter was one of the best I've had, very social. But, the only thing I enjoyed the was the pineapple fried rice.

Andrea Metcalf

The food is soooooo good I love the sushi and my boyfriend always gets the entrees and loves them. However the waiter we get never writes our order down!!!!!! Like just write it down for god sake!!! How is that better than coming back to our table 2 times and asking us what we wanted! Not to mention weve been brought the wrong food twice now.

James Pascal

Love this place. Waiter was very social even the busy time.good food. I think they will see me next time!

Jo Davis

Absolutely, hands-down, the best sushi in the area, and I've tried them all. I also love Thai and Hawaiian cuisine, and must say this place does NOT excel at either of those. However, still giving it 5 stars because the sushi is absolutely phenomenal. You MUST try the Macadamia roll. So unique and delicious.

Jael Unterseher

Service is always great and the specials are spectacular.

Preston Schmidt

Love this place! The food is incredible, the staff is very friendly. Fast service. I come here at least once a week and will continue that trend.

Pat Daniel

Great sushi, really good food, and a good selection of beers and whisky

Luke Schmit

I loved it the sushi is so good

Jeanetta Turner

Great food and cozy place.


Great food and service.

Jeff Szczerbinski

If you don't like flavor or heat, you'll be happy

Harvey Hanel

Friendly staff with good food

Heather Chavez

Food wasn't the best..we had to send it back! My meal was $7.50 they said they would take my meal off and just charge for the noodles and rice what ended up being the same price as the whole entire meal paid $6 for noodles and rice the pad thai was a bowl of spicy mush. The people there were nice about it just low quality food.

TJ Pfeiffer

I loved the sushi


great service....expensive for the portions and they need to cook the beef ribs a little more

J Lynn Paris

Great sushi selection in Bismarck. Staff are always wonderful and treat you like family.

Tammy G in ND

Thai for 2 Tuesday. Yummm.

Kathy Hondl

We love this place...the food is amazing....once you have a king crunchy roll you will be addicted

Michael Charles

Delicious sushi and friendly people! Such a great selection it's hard to pick just one or two rolls!!

Megan Nelson

It was delicious. The staff was very attentive to our needs. I would recommend this place to friends.


It was nice to visit Hawaii without going outside of ND. The food is tender and flavorful. Clean, great lighting, with great decor. If you found this helpful please click the "thumbs up."

Dorinda Sailer

Food was excellent, service was a bit slow.

alan wilson

I Was there last Wednesday. Great selection of beer on tap. Ordered several sushi selections everything was fresh and perfectly prepared great service good pricing. menu had good selection and variety of foods.

Matt Jones

Good sushi.

Lauren Yoakem

Can I give 0 stars? I’ve been here quite a few times ( honestly at least once a month for the last 6 months ) and this time was by far the poorest experience. It took more than 10 minutes to get our water. We had some sushi which wasn’t bad although the amount of fish was so sad I’m sure they spread what would normally go into 1 into 3 rolls. The loco moco which was previously a pleasure had meat thinner than a piece of thick lunch meat and was oddly sweet. We got an order of seafood soba which was obviously not the buckwheat noodles as listed and was sweet as well. Honestly 6 months ago I would recommend to any and all, in recent times I wouldn’t recommend to my enemy.

Nolan LaValley

Food is always excellent when I come here and they have great deals during their happy hour!

Jeannette Monroy

Very good delicious I love this place people do a wonderful job

Peter Manstrom

Great service and great prices. Thai curry is great if that's what you're looking for

Karali Plonsky

We love going here for the sushi roll lunch special - great food for such a great price! We always have awesome service too!

Matteo Stucchi

From outside, nothing special. And still, the sushi was superb, neatly presented and quickly served. The staff was great too! Very good sushi option in town!

venkatramanan jeyaraman

Great food

Jacob Thomsen

Sushi was very good.. Very fair priced.. had more than enough to eat for 15$ .

Emily Clarke

Perfect place! Highly recommended eating sushi and good service in bismarck

Jessica Stark

Great service! Miso soup was excellent. Rainbow roll, best I've ever had. Very American atmosphere. I'll come back here. For sure!

Alexandria Moede

Delicious food and great selection of sushi! Super delcious and fresh tasting sashimi

Terry Doxtator

Everything we tried tonight was very good. The service was awesome and they helped us on deciding what to order. Very patient.

Hattie GoodSoldier

It is absolutely massing food - it has a very lovely atmophoshere - the waiter was very polite - by far the best sushi joint in bismarck - I was a big fan of kobes but now this my place for sushi - 5 stars absolutely love it

Alvin Marquez

Clean environment and courteous employees. I am from Hawaii and some of the flavor was different, but overall good. There is a lot of variety, especially sushi. Recommended.

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