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1221 20th Ave SE, Minot, ND 58701, United States

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REVIEWS OF Kroll's Diner IN North Dakota

Cynthia Rolle

Walked in and was told to sit anywhere available. Waited a short while for a table to become available. Food was delicious and there were several things on the menu that I would like to try; however, the service was a bit slow and waitress was forgetful. They are hiring, which could probably explain the slower service. Overall, I enjoyed my meal, so I will be back with managed expectations of the wait times.

Rachel Pedigo

Small dinner. Friendly wait staff. The food came out really fast and was amazing. My husband and oldest made themselves sick from eating so much. Lol. The milkshakes were incredible. It's a kind place to take a family once a week for milkshakes and burgers.

Chrystal Goff

I highly recommend visiting this diner if your ever in minot. Make sure you come hungry because the portions are big and so delicious it's hard to stop once you've started. From the burgers to the chicken fried steak it all was great. Our waitress was very friendly and our food came out really fast. It does tend to get really busy.

Dominick Vineyard

Pancakes are fluffy. Bacon is crunchy but not too much. Water is refreshing and service is good. Tables and booths/chairs are clean and condiments are organized. Waiters are kind and lots of space to eat.

Myles Mannix

Great little diner. Staff was absolutely great and busy. Price was worth the quality and amount you get. The decor is right with the style of restaurant as well.

Lisa Larson

Love the atmosphere and food was awesome!

Layla S

Their inferno burger was super spicy! First time i foundd spicy food in this state. Milkshakes are really good too, and its such a cute classic diner look

Dick Hazeltine

Cold food. Over whelmed staff.

Unicorn Fluffiness

It's awesome! The food is delish! Definetly eat there.

Josh Price

Fantastic, friendly service at a traditional American diner. The food is good, for the type of establishment it is.

Robert Peterson

great atmosphere, healthy portions, reasonably priced and great service.


Great food & service!

Daisy Fichter

Fun environment. Needs dinner like prices.

Shirley Gue

Excellent food! Excellent service!

Melissa Jenkins

Fun little diner with a wide variety

Leonard Biden

Service and food great . wishing it was offered in Canada.... Regina... Sask


My first time here. The elder waitress was cold and somewhat unwelcoming at first, then towards the end when it was time to pay my bill and leave my tip she all of a sudden became somewhat friendly. They need a younger and better trained waiting staff especially for out of towners visiting family members and vacationing. Probably will not be returning to eat here especially when you have many other restaurants serving breakfast.

Julie Gibbs

Hubby and I split their 6 egg omelette. Wow was it packed have and cheese. Ordered hash browns with it. There was so much food we couldn't finish it but delicious!

Sadie Whaley

Amazing food and fabulous customer service!!

Bryce Hamblin

My experience was okay and probably won't go again unless someone else wants to go. Below is what I thought. Pro's: Hash browns were perfect small family place to take a group at. Pancakes were really good as well. Neutral/can't grade: guess American cheese in an omelette is a thing here (used to cheddar instead but not marking down for that.) Bathroom wasn't bad but seen better. Also I like to have the truckers there to have a place to hangout when I'm by myself (they had a place but it was empty so no mark down.) Negative: I don't know if my server was preoccupied but coffee took a while and the coffee tasted like sub-par gas station coffee in North Dakota (which isn't good when you've tried coffee at the "where else are you going to go" gas stations in North Dakota. One cup of water, even though I said I wanted a refill, never came.

David Miller

Great ethnic food, and just good food.

Gene Backus

Cool place,good food and friendly service

Eric Ostdahl

Good food. Big portions. Wait staff is friendly as well

LJ Brunell

If you want great food and awesome service then this is where you should go. Homemade food and huge portions. Miranda was our waitress and she is so sweet. Enjoy....I know you will.

Matt Flinn

Awesome food cooked to perfection. Amazing staff make you feel right at home.

Lawrence LaPenes

Good food! Great shakes! Prices are very good, there is also a number of German dishes available. Very affordable.

Lyndon Vrooman

Fantastic doesn't begin to describe this place. We first noticed it while driving in to Minot last night and saw it lit up. We decided to try it out for supper. Walking in felt like walking a little back in time. The staff were super accommodating and helpful. They made pleasant conversation while helping us with suggestions. The food was great. Had a burger and fries which were both delicious and very filling. The pie after dinner was icing on the cake. The best part of the food though, he ice cream. I had a root beer float while the rest of my family had milk shakes. The grin on my face went from ear to ear as the waitress walked up with a giant mug of float, and another smaller glass of root beer for when it ran low. The milk shakes were large and still came with extra. Will definitely be stopping by hear again on any future trips through Minot.

david ball

Excellant service as well as excellant food. Place was clean and authentic. Loved it!

Denise Prine

Loved it!! I love German Food

Sam Beaudoin

Marilyn sure is fiesty, made for a unforgettable Sunday breakfast

Christine Lisman

My food was not very good! Service was ok. My order was messed up as well. I was very surprised considering they weren't busy at all. Plus I could see one of the ladies eating over by the kitchen! Was she eating off plates, I don't know but it didn't make me want to eat there!

chris ALAS

Really good service and attd

Zoe Reeves

Food was great. Waitstaff was very attentive to our needs. Atmosphere was wonderful. Very nostalgic. It was like stepping back in time to the old diners. The only thing missing was the jukebox at the table. I highly recommend this place.

Kim Caldwell

Coffee was horrible. Tasted like the machines haven't been cleaned in a while. Popcorn chicken chunks were over cooked but edible. Kneophla, sausage and kraut was delicious but had like 4 chunks of sausage.

Kaitlyn Erdman

It was okay - food was good. But there were flys everywhere, they didnt bring any silverware or napkins, waiter didnt come back to check on us after food arrived

Cameron Aberle

Great family place. Food and service is excellent.

Doug Monette

Best knoeffla in Minot.

Shelley Shelley

Good food, friendly staff and a good variety of food with good prices. The old cafe diner style is a nice change.

Anthony K

6 egg omelet large enough to feed a small army! Decent prices, excellent staff and clean establishment. I'd give it 6 stars if I could

Frosty Life

Very good food, just like auntie used to make. Fantastic waitress.

Christopher Landry

Absolutely amazing little place to eat at. The employees are incredibly nice and the food is really good. Gives off of waffle House kind of vibe.

Randal Mitschke

Great food and great staff. Super friendly and lots of food for each order.

Memo Munoz

Great customer service with a smile. The food is great food. This restaurant is one of a kind . I'm glad I stopped by.

Burneall Ekberg

Great stop for dinner.

Carlton Champion

Food was delicious. Staff was good. Only complaint was that it was on the pricey side.

clint wylie

Gave them a three, would be a four because price was right and food was good, but service was extremely slow. Lucky for us we were not in a time crunch

Brittany Kemmit

Been one of my favorite places to eat since I was a child! Great service, good food, and decent prices!

Ward Odom

Regional chain and have eaten there in both Minot and Fargo with Minot most recent. Food is good, menu is extensive. Service is adequate. Can be very busy. Had to ask if any specials. It was close to closing time in Minot. Of the 2, Fargo was better but Minot still good.

Kippen B

Food and service is the best in town.

Mark Timbrook

Really good breakfast. Good service.

Dakota Smith

Some good down home cooking

Brian Benson

Always a great experience. Delicious food, small-town friendliness. Great place for comfort food.

Ruth Ramos

Big bang for your buck! Delicious

Lizzy Marshall

The food is amazing!

Greg Tonini

Quintessential diner. Good comfort food with a German twist!

andrew kroom

It was great service

Janet Richardson

The 4 of us, had a awesome time, with milkshakes, buy one, one free, our waitress was great with an awesome smile. We had lunch too. Thanks

Brenda Borders

Good food, good service.

Amanda Grav

It's always a great experience at Kroll's. The staff is amazing, friendly, and tried to get to know you every time. They have quick service and the food is great homestyle cooking. All of the German food I've had is wonderful, and this time I tried the fried cauliflower. Wow, it was tasty! It has a good spicy kick. I highly recommend!

Emily Erin

Food at McDonald's is better than this place


Food was great but I think I love the milkshakes here.

Michelle Lopez

Awesome place! I love the atmosphere, great customer service and the food never disappoints. I have been there twice, I ordered something different, out of my comfort zone, and so far everything tastea delicious. The pancakes are huge! Trust me when i tell ya! 3 people can share that one pancake, but you will want to go back for more.

Mr. J

Good food for a decent price at this local favorite. Breakfast will most likely run $30 for a couple. Staff are polite, courteous and very helpful. Definitely will come back again!

Ardy Painter

Great service and great food. Staff is very friendly.

Kim Peterson

Felt like we stepped back in time. Fun dining experience.

Jeff Newell

I have always liked the old style diners. It is sad that so many have disappeared across the country.

Rojo Awesome

A good place to hang with friends. They also have great shakes that you can mix flavors.

Rick Wray

Our waitress, I believe her name was Pam, was great. We just stopped in for some chilli fries and ice cream. When our food was up our waitress suggested to the cooks that they melt the cheese on the chilli fries, she was met with what appeared to be very rude and dismissive attitude. She then took it upon herself to put a stack of plates under it to raise it up towards the warming lights, she left it there for a few minutes, melting the cheese. It was much better that way. I was very thankful. Hopefully the cooks attitudes improve, as I found that to be extremely unprofessional.

M. Winborn

Best breakfast I had in North Dakota.

Michael Halter

Fun place to get that German from Russia food

Kody Clark

I go there with my family often, it's good food, great price. Friendly small town feel I'm a fan! Big bopper omelet is my favorite.

Don Firkins

Very slow service, cold food.

Sloop Macgregor

Pretty good. Check it out!


Their food is always always dry and seems old. Old chicken, old bacon, and old dry everything. The kitchen is soooo beyond grosss. Gordon Ramsay would say to shut that place down. The malts and soups are the only thing good there. The servers are nice, but noones keeping up with that place. Not trying to be rude, but the one and only cook there looks like she doesnt shower.

Vianne Strandlien

Great Breakfast food! Do not recommend lunch or dinner there.

Cathy Sines

The food was really good. The service was quick and efficient. Thank you for a great meal!

Donald Humes

Good food. Good service. What else is there?

Christie Lynn Henderson

The three dishes we got were bland, no flavor or seasonings other than grease flavor.

Linda Powell

Delicious! Very friendly.


Nice clean place, great service.

Robert Gunville

Service was not up to par, I and two of my co-workers are regulars there. We usually call ahead of time to put in order and let krolls know that we will be there with in 10-15 minutes to eat. We only have a half hour lunch break so we call ahead to make sure it is prepared ahead of time. So today, 5/3/19 at 12:25 pm we called and "Jasmine" answers the phone she says "this is Jasmine", I said "hi jasmine, this is "My friend”, I and two of my co workers are going to come in and eat, would you put in an order for us and we will be there in 10-15 minutes? jasmine says, "Ugh, Im on the line so I cant," I said "okay?, can I speak to a server?" she replies back they are busy.", so I replied back "okay, we will order when we get there than. she replies back with "good luck with that" and hangs up. She is very rude.

Sarah Wentz

Love there burgers and malts are the best

Steve Eide

Great food, friendly staff, all around American diner

Tim Westberry

Best food for the buck try the yellow soup awsome!!!

Pam Eckel

Soup and cheeseburgers are great

Raymond Levadney

Gotta love the borsht!

Alisha Peterson

First of all our waitress was amazing. She anticipated our needs and took great care of us. The food was delicious but nothing to brag about.

John Matthews

Best diner good anywhere! Good milkshakes too.

Lucas Lauckner

Always great food and excellent, fast service. Very reasonable prices! Always a busy place so make sure to get there early.

Ronald Deraas

Nice place to eat. Hardy meals with ample food.

Minkkit Andrews

Good wholesome food, great staff, nice diner atmosphere and amazing soup!

Shell H

Great food & friendly staff

Chase Meduna

The food was good (as always) but I’m gonna do 4 stars instead of 5 because the cooks weren’t wearing hairnets and were wiping the nose without washing their hands after.

Pickle Osterman

Dude the best breakfast in North Dakota!!! And the waitress in the morning was so nice!! Got our food in ten minutes, fresh fr

Cheap Survival

Great little diner with great food and their knoephla soup is amazing

Carlos Giovani

I am new to town and the service is great every visit. The food is perfect and affordable, so much we made it a routine to bring the family here on the weekends. The menu has a ton of variety and I love ordering things I have no idea what they are but end up being delicious nonetheless.

candie David

My husband and I are from Oklahoma and stopped here for breakfast because it looked like such a unique place. And I must say it was one of the best breakfasts we have ever had. The customer service was excellent and the waitress was absolutely wonderful. There were so many choices on the menu to include German breakfast and dinner items. We were very pleased.

J. Swanee

Service was great and my breakfast was delicious

Olivia Padilla

The only are the waitress they really need to know how to be more alert to their customers

Keith Mattiensen

The food is good, to bad the price's keep going up.

Kenneth McCuen

Waitress was really nice and polite food was extremely good

Stephen Bello

Wow what a truly unique experience this was today to go to this restaurantand the food was just unbelievably good so much food $10 you figure you wouldn't get very much but with this restaurant it reminded you of the restaurants back in the 50s and the 60s the old style restaurants with the aluminum on the outside the the old restaurants that it was just a wonderful truly wonderful experience so I cannot say enough and the food again was just superb I'm so glad that we decided to go over there and will continue to go there for breakfast. We truly found a new and very uniqueplace to eat breakfast and again are things to the waitress who served as I wish I could remember and I again would highly recommend this restaurant

Wendy Tully

Perfect service. Great food. Recommend highly

Heather Ware Nelson

Good food, friendly and fast.

Wade Eberspecher

Really good food and excellent service

Bob McDougall

Terrible they let me sit for 30 minutes and then I walked out

Sue Licht

Great food prices and service. Everything was perfect, made correctly which is rare in this town .would recommend it to anybody.

Charles L

What a cool place, a 50s style diner that not only serves all the normal and very good traditional foods and desserts but also wonderful German dishes (delicious) and all the staff was friendly and service was prompt


If you like German food worth a visit and on Monday 2 4 1 shakes great deal in itself

Deonna Lynn Koop

Great great service here! Food wasn't too shabby either.

Joe Filoseta

Traditional Diner offering breakfast all day along with Classic Diner lunches and dinners. What's different here are some of the German Specialties that are served for both breakfast and dinner. The stainless steel exterior and neon retro interior is very cool.

Jami Phillips

Stopped in with my family today as we traveled home. By far the worst service and food I've had in a long time. Our server didn't even attempt any type of conversation with us until we were leaving. We had food that was brought out burnt, as a server I would never serve a customer burnt food an definitely as a business owner I would not be happy if one of my servers served one of my customers burnt food. Definitely will not be coming back here again!

Janilee Mourning

Bacon cheeseburgers Dean Winchester would dream about.

Peggy Pinkerton

Yummy home cooking and friendly staff.

Kathleen Morinello

Great food.

Deb Bradley

Love this charming diner so much!!! excellent service, helpful etc. very awesome food. shakes were extremely good. easy to find.

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