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REVIEWS OF Humpback Sally's IN North Dakota

Don Nguyen

Private Reviewer

Loved the small plates. Great variety and very tastee!

Jason Berg


Stephanie Ritter

One of the best places to eat in Bismarck. Fantastic food.

Eve Madche

Favorite place to dine in Bismarck. Best gin and tonic ever...called the #5 I think (cilantro and peppers)

Kris Alston

Awesome place. There are bars on all 3 floors. Had a blast there!

Carlo Dacumos

Mark Thueson

Reed Christensen

Great owner and manager. Food is delicious and unique.

Susanna Warner

Kelsey Connor

The whole restaurant is unique and a great addition to downtown Bismarck (which is pretty dull). The cocktail menu is endless and there's something for everyone. The plates of food are small so this would be an ideal place to order a few different dishes and share between friends. Try the truffle fries!

Sandra Bogaczyk

Really nice and open atmosphere, yet a cozy space. I like that. Creative rustic-kitsch-pub-chic design and fabulous menu. Savory food and decent portions for tapas. I suppose appropriately-priced. Nice mixologist-menu. Army Josh from CO was a great bartender, very cool. Fond memories. My date and I had a great time here....

Mechelle Norris

Whitney Zoeller

Great food! Love the twists on homestyle foods and unique options!

Carson Wolfe

Thought there would be more whales... name is a little misleading

ashley depriest

Amazing food

David Kisby

I love this place!! Second time here and I'll definitely be back.

Lyndsay Beavers

LOVE LOVE LOVE Humpback Sally's. Classy cocktails, great service, and delicious nibbles!

Pamela Perez

Unique dining experience and wait staff was great. Met a couple of friends for dinner and drinks. Menu is more of appetizers than a full meal. We ordered quite a few different dishes and shared all and all was wonderful. Had a good variety of drinks as well as craft beer. Will definitely be back. We really liked our experience at Humpback Sally's. We had our children with us, and we felt welcome. I liked that we were seated in the front, away from the bar. Our drinks were good, but the food was great. The exceptional dishes were the Reuben Wontons and the Eat Your Veggies dish. My whole family enjoyed the food. The meal was very nice and the ambiance is good. My kids also got moustaches on their straws. They loved it.

Abel Feltes

Pretty nice.

Shelle Michaels

Gin and tonic #3. Enough said!!! Unique small plate restaurant, only one of its kind in the state. I highly recommend visitors to add this to their journey through Bismarck.


Best experience I've had dining in many years. Great concept, beautiful staff.

Sara Juneau

Beautiful architecture and modern concepts. The dessert was delicious!!

Jamie Kalvoda

Vienna Gagliardi

Jens Randolff

A few weeks ago I was "scouting" for places to take my mom to dinner to, as she was coming to visit me from Germany. Among those places was Humpback Sally's. I liked the atmosphere and the menu offered some great choices for a light meal. Yesterday, I finally took my mom there around 4:30 pm. As it was still relatively early, business was pretty slow. I noticed only a handful of guests. The staff greeted us and was friendly and professional; the atmosphere was great. Our server brought us menus and water without delay. We ordered two glasses of red wine. In addition, I ordered a Spinach Mandarin-Orange salad and the pan-seared Salmon, while my mom ordered the 6 oz. Beef Tenderloin (grilled: medium). When my salad arrived I noticed that it did not have almonds on it, like the menu stated. I informed our server and she returned the salad to the kitchen. While waiting for my salad to come back, my salmon arrived. Although it was cooked to perfection, flavorful and great-tasting, the entire dish was already cold. Nonetheless, I wanted to wait for my mom's entree to arrive. Shortly thereafter, our server brought me a freshly made salad. It appears that the kitchen decided to remake an entire salad rather than simply add the missing almonds on top. Although unnecessary, I appreciated the gesture. However, there was still no sign of my my mom's food. I made the staff aware of the missing entree and was told that they were trying to grill a 12 oz. tenderloin (6 oz. was listed on the menu), which took longer to prepare. At that time I respectfully explained to the server that my salmon had already arrived cold to begin with and that any competent chef would insure that all entrees leave the kitchen at the right temperature and about the same time. I assured our server that the problem was in no way a reflection on her and that we were very happy with the service she provided (which I confirmed with the 20% tip I left). Finally, my mom's entree arrived, although, 20 minutes after I had received my food. The tenderloin was at least 10 oz., the quality of the cut was acceptable and the flavor was good. The meat was medium on the outside, but medium-rare in the center. Given the fact that the tenderloin was nearly twice the size advertised, my mom ate the medium grilled meat and was content. I finished the rest of her tenderloin, as I like my steaks rare to medium rare anyway. Although, our dining experience was somewhat disappointing, I will give Humpback Sally's the benefit of the doubt. I found very few negative reviews online and others have recommended the place to me. The overwhelming reviews and opinions seem to be very favorable. Hence, I assume that the kitchen simply had an "off" day, which can happen to anyone. In all fairness I should point out that management decided on its own not to charge me for the salmon. Furthermore, I want to reiterate that the staff was courteous and professional and that we really enjoyed the ambience of the restaurant/bar. I will leave an updated review after my next visit, whenever that will be.

Dawn rhone

Liz Kopp

Unique food small plates. Asperagas with poached egg was delicious. great service

Ashley Inhestern

Me and my boyfriend were in last night and had a wonderful time eating great good and drinking tasty cocktails. Our server Michelle was very friendly, prompt and did a great job! Will be back next time we visit Bismarck :)

Gustavo San Jose

Nice but pricey

Gabe S

Wonderful bartender, Rachel was the best and made excellent cocktails. The food was also delicious and had a great variety!

Andrew Heidt

Very expensive but I guess the millennials love it

bradley seely

Everything was amazing, sharing the plates allows you to try lots of different dishes. We still have a lot lwft to try.

saydee wahl

Terrible service. Food was just ok, I knew it was small plates but it's a bit over priced for the quantity you get. I mean it's SMALLLLLL plates. We ordered a couple to start off with until we ended up waiting on the waitress for over a half an hour to come check on our table. We decided just to leave and waited another 20 min for our check and left hungry.

BV Bell

One of my favorite places to get a drink in Bismarck, Humpback Sally's, 510.2, and The Luft are all excellent bars with good bartenders and cocktails as well as beer.

Terry Johnson

Small portion menu make it a great sharing experience!

Chris Hustad

Ya know...I really like this place. Interesting food, good drinks, and knowledgeable staff. I need to get back more often...

Alexis Newton

Second time I've been there, and it was awesome both times. I love that they serve Kombucha. And all the small plates are delicious. I love it, I can get a couple different kinds of food and not have it be just 1 big meal that I wont finish! Service has always been good too! Definitely will be going back.

Jon Greiner

Really enjoyed my time here. The bartender Digby and wait staff are exceptional. The food .was also delicious and came out quickly. It’s specialties are definitely gin and there is a speakeasy on the second floor, but their service was not as exceptional

Badri Radhakrishnan

This place is downtown. I parked in the garage around the corner. This is Bismarck’s version of a pretentious “small plates, tapas” kind of place. I had a bourbon cocktail which was well made. The service was good but not especially warm or friendly. The food was good but the portion sizes are ridiculously small. I just can not see how this type of restaurant can survive in Bismarck.

Kiana Achtenberg

The food was SO good that I went back the very next day. The manager Paxton was such a big part of our experience. He was welcoming and fun. He also was the chef one of the nights, his food was to die for. The atmosphere is so comfortable and elegant. The experience is worth every penny!

Graham Kist

To be clear this review is for 510.2, the speakeasy bar above Humpback Sally's. It is awesome. Period. I'm a huge cocktails guy, and these people deliver. Not only is it hidden away behind a side panel, but the interior vibe is so chill. Big plush chairs, low lighting. Each cocktail on their menu is unique and uses some esoteric ingredients and equally oddball presentations. These are not the type of thing you can just make at home. They will also custom make anything you want, their back bar is extensive and their staff knowledgeable. Whenever I'm in Bismarck, I go here.

Cassondra Lynn Krause

Kris Tower

Maximized Chiropractic

The Bollens

We had a great experience! Food is very affordable and delicious! We split the 2 person cocktail and tried 4 different small plates. The curry is amazing, would love to come back here someday if we pass through again.

Cathy Barrington

Love the speakeasy. It makes for a fun night out. The atmosphere is quaint and the staff go out of their way to make the evening memorable. The bartender even made a drink for us that was off menu.

Wild Fan

Ordered something that was supposed to be a little spicy, food came and it almost gave me a heart attack it was so spicy! ( and I like spicy) Told the server at the bar, he could have cared less and didn't do anything but walk away and play on his phone. Waste of $12 for a bowl of noodles that were tainted with some kind of extract that made it so spicy it was inedible. There menu did not impress me at all.

Jesse Bourgo


Enrique Alcocer

Katie Adams

Fun tapas place. They also make their own tonic.

Joel Beach

This is hard to do. We have loved this place, but tonight was the final straw. The service was mediocre at best. Once again we were told the mussels were "bad", and the bone marrow we came for was so salty we couldn't force ourselves to finish. We should have sent it all back, but the service did not allow for that.

Kevin Stadler

Fritz Post

Delightful restaurant offering numerous, varied, tasty small plates. We had risotto, garlic potatoes, skirt steak with chimichurri sauce and pork belly with a miso glaze. The two former dishes were finished in small iron skillets. All were distinctly different in taste and texture. There is a very extensive drink menu. As an example, many variations of gin and tonic are offered. The dessert chocolate cake topped with flan and served with a smooth caramel sauce was divine. Would definitely go back next time I drive cross country.

Mitch Becker

Dane Ferguson

Derek Isaak

Jon H

Fun place for small plates. It's not a ideal to eat if you are starving. It is kinda pricy. Excellent cocktails.

Brian Rieck

Jasmine Pelletier

Jessica F. Simpsons

Easy parking and great food.

Ben Roodhouse

It's an attempt to bring Portland to Bismarck. The look and feel are successful, but sadly the food is below average quality, the portions are small and inconsistent, and the service is terribly slow and inattentive. I've been here twice and I'm hoping that's all.

Heather Speert, RN

The bonemarrow was delicious. Unique, friendly and nice staff.

Chris Solberg

Great food. Awesome atmosphere

Kevin Demello

The food was amazing and great service

Neil Toman

Great food and drinks. Check out Lüft on the roof too.

Justin Marquette

Buddy Giasson

Horrible bar service. Did not expect to be treated so rude or with such a bad attitude from the bartender in one of Bismarck’s finer establishments.

Reade Adams

Excellent wait-staff. Interesting selection of dishes. Cowboy Mac and Cheese was excellent as were the apple and cauliflower soup and the butternut squash bisque. Love their kombuchu made on premises.

Jayden H

Very unique bar/small plates location. They have Pho that comes with a large plate of add ons. Very unique cocktails and my favorite, PB&J's. A shot of Jameson Irish Whisky and a Pabst Blue Ribbon chaser. I have only tried a few of the small plates but every one I have had I enjoyed. A little pricy for what you get but, it is what it is. Great atmosphere and friendly bartenders.

Sarah Garner

Murdoc Jones

Always a must stop while in town.

Jace Toney

Have you seen the bathrooms here guys? They're nuts.

Kat lam

cocktails here are excellent! The French onion crouton is amazing! two must try!

Cari Lyn

Pretty cool place. Long line to get a drink though!

bob crowell

As a Bismarck resident, I'm ashamed to admit that this was my first visit. I really like the small plate idea. We were able to try a few different dishes. Jake the chef is quite good. Takes his job very serious. I recommend this place to everyone. There's the restaurant and bar on the first floor, bar on 2nd floor, and open loft on the 3rd with outdoor seating. After wintering in New Orleans, I am very happy there is a place in Bismarck like this. Great food, nice atmosphere, friendly staff. Finish the meal with lemon creme brulee. Perfect.

Kari Pollert

Food is great but on the expensive side. Drinks are phenomenal!

Maggie Kohls

Charlene Williams

We were looking for just a light something to eat right next to motel and happened to find this little gem. We absolutely loved the hip, quiet, and cozy vibe. The food was the best we have found around area. They have nice small portions and the menu is full of variety so you can order several delectables to try. Just overall wide variety of drinks and eats to try.

Philip Frye

Terrible. Did not have the IPAs they listed in their menu and the suggested small food should be called 'tinny portions' or 'expensive bites' not impressed. Should of realized that if only customer in the bar and no one else I should of turned around and find another place.

Daryle Mindeman

Serves housemade on tap Kombucha!

Andrew Kirking

Very trendy and a bit intimidating. A hip place to be with unique cocktails. Not really the place to go for a Busch Light.

Connor Than

Great food and service. I really enjoyed the ravioli!

Breanna Garay

Food was creative and delicious. Very nice ambiance. Will come back soon! Highly recommend.

mike harris

This place would be at home in a much larger city, and in my opinion is the gem of Bismarck. The cocktails are amazing and staff is great

diane libs

Great food and drink. This is a must do for a great lunch or dinner. Or just drinks.

Roxi Mathis

Love this place! Unique and delicious food, friendly staff. Very comfortable atmosphere. One of the best places in town.

Eric Torgerson

Barbara Wheeler

I'm a huge cocktails guy, and these people deliver. Not only is it hidden away behind a side panel, but the interior vibe is so chill. Big plush chairs, low lighting. Each cocktail on their menu is unique and uses some esoteric ingredients and equally oddball presentations. These are not the type of thing you can just make at home. They will also custom make anything you want, their back bar is extensive and their staff knowledgeable. Whenever I'm in Bismarck, I go here.

Bill Orphus

Ken Grigsby

Gerry Wolfe

Salad was brown and not fresh. Other tapas seemed it came out of a freezer.

Jamie Cook

Drinks are very pricy but you can get delicious small plates for a decent price. Typically there is very good, personable service here.

Hailey Bohanan

Jake Stock

Terrible service and drinks!

Rich Francabandera

Easy atmosphere considerably priced and pleasant, attentive staff

Jay Waite

Duck Gyoza was spot on- Chimichurri Steak- just right on spice- service was great- when in Bismarck make the time

jacob erickson

Gigi L.S

I recommend this place to everyone. It's perfect for quick meet and greets or even a easy date night. Love it!

roberta cruse

Five stars up in this B..... Amazing food, service and atmosphere.

James Taylor

Rusty Dahlin

Kyle J

Wow. I didn't know exactly what I was getting into when my wife suggested this place, but it was really great. The street tacos were a little dry, but everything else was amazing, truly impressively delicious. The drunken noodles were probably our favorite. It's easy to order way more good than you need. About two to three small plates per person is more than enough. Enjoy!

Bre Sailer

Jerry Standifer

Expensive and small. Save your money and go to the rooftop, cheaper and the view is great.

Corey Erickson

Great drink selection!

Duncan Parrish

Yum. Class and culture

Brett Patzell

Nice restaurant/bar. Not someplace I'd usually go to but it has a nice enough atmosphere and some interesting drink options, like a big alcoholic slushy.

Dean Christiansen

Very cool bar.

Xylina Blanco

Susan Brammell

Celia Horton

So many flavors and styles to choose from. I wish I could eat the whole menu every visit. The must tries are the chimichurri steak, the salted caramel bacon popcorn and the pork belly.

Kyle Kennedy

Meg Swenseth

Great options for food and drink! Service was friendly and the awesome decor looked like it was straight out of a Restoration Hardware photo shoot. The meal was a full experience from beginning to end, complete with talented bartenders entertaining with trick pours and small touches like a hardcover book used as the receipt holder. Very neat place! Glad to see ND picking up on big city style and implementing it in a down home way.

Eric Ellingson

Wonderful & tasty small plates of food.

Erik King

Nikhil Kalothia

Very overpriced and very small portions. Although, I've heard the menu has changed quite a bit since I last ordered food there. The quality of the food is mostly good. Last time there, one person in our group got yelled at for being too loud for her to have a phone conversation. She could've gone outside if she couldn't hear the other person on the phone and we were being too loud for her. It is a bar after all and the noise is to be expected, especially at midnight on one of the biggest party nights of the year (Black Wednesday). The bartender said he couldn't do or say anything because this customer was a regular apparently. It was the least enjoyable venue out of the many we visited that night.

C Cassel

We decided to grab a quick small bite after being at the Speakeasy. We loved the Speakeasy. Our waiter at humpback Sally's was absolutely atrocious. It's as if she had a vendetta against us and she didn't even know us. After ordering their ribs they came out smelling rotten. I mean literally rotten meat. I thought it was just my nose. But the gal sitting next to me curled up her nose and I gave it to the person setting on my other side to smell and he instantly said, "Oh, that's rotten." I sent it back to the kitchen saying I don't want this it's rotten and I do not want it replaced. I did not want to sit and wait another 30 minutes for another dish. Even the fellow across from me said it smelled rotten. When our waiter came back and I mentioned it to her she argued with me and tried to tell me it was the brine. Sorry it was not. No apologies or no compensation given for the rotten dish served to me. I wasn't expecting they would comp the entire bill (over $50 for 3 people - at that point I didn't even order a drink.) but it would have been nice had they offered something like a free drink. Do not recommend this place to anybody.

Jeto Fisher

Christy Bykowski

Love the seasonal fall menu and great service!

Zayen Wolf


Delicious small plate menu. The walleye fish and chips were outstanding!

Mallory Held

Bill Russell

Wonderful food.

j Bex

Hockey Fan

Bad service, bad food

Meghan Reichert

Always a great menu and like that they change it up from time to time. Great to go to with a group and just order everything to share and order extras of the favorites!

Caralee Newman

Christopher King

Hidden gem and a must visit if you're in Bismarck. Tremendous drink selection and helpful and attentive bartenders and staff. Order at least 2-3 plates if you want to get full.

Zachary Leighton

Great for late night snacks and excellent drinks with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Seating is best for singles, couples, and small groups, and the location is sweet!

Bob Weigel

Catherine Bohner

Overall it's good, but can be hit-or-miss and is on the pricy side. When I first ate there, I loved it, but ever since I haven't been quite as impressed. It's still solid but can tiptoe on the edge of mediocre. The cocktails are good and more consistent than the food. Service and ambiance is always great.

Jeremy Binger

Amazing, amazing, amazing food! The gin selection....mhmm. I could not keep my paws off the clam chowder to save my life. I feel like every time I'm downtown I'm dragging my friends in there for a delicious cold drink and a cute bowl of the best Clam Chowder Bismarck has to offer. THEN the fact that there are literally two other of the coolest bars in Bismarck attached! I just cant help myself from stopping in, every time!

Chris Lewis

Quick and friendly service. Liked the small plate options. I got the beets with goat cheese- it was very light and refreshing. Fun place to stop on our trip east and celebrated making it to Bismarck with some Basil Haden Whiskey on ice. Fun art made the space feel cozy and comfortable. What is the origin of the restaurant name? Forgot to ask :D

Camey Gathman

Good food, they need more variety.

Lexie Smith

Lisa Young Bird

Great variety of small plates! Love the menu covers too.

Loren Carlsen

Karen Cossette

Terrible service with NO attempt to correct it.

James B

Great place for small bites

Elle Dee

Super cool

jon bliss

This is a nice place to go and meet up with some friends. It is kind of expensive though.

Jessica Sprague

Love the food b the chief that makes the food does awsome n tastes really great the staff that works there r awsome also keep up the good work n i recomend this place 2 any1

jom archer

Nice cozy atmosphere

Megan Nelson

Riley Eide

Excellent small plate meals, always enjoy dining here, quiet and friendly


Small portions (as advised), and very Gourmet. I haven't seen most of these options before anywhere, so we were delighted and intrigued to try them. The bartender was helpful. At the end of our the adventure at Humpback Sally's, we left happily satisfied, and cultured. I recommend Sally's to all visitors.

Justin Richardson

Brandon Dosch

Classy place, don't forget to try the other two bars above.

Ryan Voiles

Great food! Great drinks! Great service!

Nicholas Hanson

Karali Plonsky

My husband and I brought my mother-in-law to Humpback Sally's a couple of weeks ago. She loves to try new dishes so we thought it would be the perfect place! While the atmosphere was nice and the food was delicious, we were very disappointed in our service. Our server let us know that they were out of the sangria and were going to make a new batch. After waiting 20 minutes, we flagged down our server to ask for something different to drink. We waited SO LONG for our food to come out and we were over half way done when she finally came back to check on us us. When we were done I had to get up and go ask her for our bill because she hadn't been back to our table. Yes the food was good, but service is everything and in this case we won't be back.

Shelle Aberle

Best place in Bismarck to meet my friends and have a unique cocktail in a fabulous environment.

Darla Hueske

Wow. Just go. Super creative takes on classic appetizers. Top notch ingredients.

Tiki Tavi

Amazing food, even better drinks. You absolutely may try the cocktails here. The service was fantastic. I've found my go-to place now.

Chuck Green

Always a good experience. Great food and unique twists on classic drinks.

joshua cables

Super amazing menu, reasonable prices, and service is impeccable. Desert is the best in the state for sure...

Aaron Lincicome

One of my favorite places in North Dakota


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