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3051 25th St S # L, Fargo, ND 58103, United States

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REVIEWS OF Fargo Hi-Ho Burgers & Brews IN North Dakota

Bobby Delage

Well first off they have absolutely amazing food at this location not once have I ever had something that didn't taste good here!! But my server I believe her name was Nikki wow what a fantastic server! Super friendly and was very attentive to our needs and checked on us regularly to make sure everything was tasting good or if we needed amour drinks replenished at all! I happen to notice that she was also working behind the bar as well! And she was managing to keep up the three people at the bar and I'm not sure if they were her tables for sure but it looked like they were her! So three tables and three people at the bar she handled it very well I was quite impressed with her people skills and her interaction with the customers!! The food is fairly priced for the amount of food you get and like I said it's the food is always amazing and top notch there! I definitely recommend stopping in there if you what you are looking for is a great Burger and excellent service!

Gregg Eide


Karla Johnson

Disgusting..gross..onion rings were horrible..burger was terrible..felt I'll after eating there. Server had ZERO personality. Very loud in there.will never return

Michael Robasse

Always an enjoyable experience

Moe Berry

Great service, great burger!

Brian R

Great service

Kelly Barbot

The online menu prices differ from what's in store, but overall my kids and I love the game area, the food and the atmosphere. I recommend the burger, it's on the name after all. The games could a power washer to get the gunk out.

Shawn W

Good food

Xane Ranari

Super fill g for a decent price and the staff was friendly!

Anna Archer

Laid back atmosphere with great burgers and beer!


Great and quick service today! Great food when needing a quick bite to eat! Love that it's kid friendly as well!


Classic burger experience. Crispy fried shrimp. And a classic phili cheese steak.

Tanner Sherlock

Good burgers! Quick service.

Ron Lawler

Recently remodeled and expanded. Nice interior and great burgers at a good price.

Erik Clemenson

Love this place. Wish we could get there more often!

Brian Marron

Frozen hamburger patty similar to a fast food chain, only slightly larger. Only cooked well done. I've had way better burgers at a dozen bars. Not cheap either. Very limited menu, service was ok. Not even close to a gourmet burger. I'd never go back, or recommend to anyone.

cheryl hoeck

Great place for good burgers and shakes

Chris Peterson

Always a great experience. Good food and great staff!

Tanner McLean

Great burgers, great location, great price

Rochelle Urlacher

Great and decent priced. Quiet with the little grandsons with.

Scott Nerger

Good burgers at reasonable prices. Very friendly staff!

liz lee

I like how they separate the bar from the family area and game room. As far as only having one stall bathroom each makes it a long wait when you or your children have to go really bad.

Nate Hoekstra

Best burger in town. Plus a ton of tap beers to choose from.

Steve Quiggle

I Had very good service and I really like the new look.

Chelsea Thompson

Friendly waiter. Good food, fast service

Rory Held

Worst experience every. Will never go back. Resturant was not very busy. Cold food, food was not good, all you can eat fries never were refilled. Went up to pay the bill and complain and nothing was done on the bill to make things "right". Would not recommend this place to my worst enemy.

Hannah Bettenhausen

Love their BLTs and sweet potato fries!

Douglas Moore

If you like wal-mart quality burger meat, and horrible service, this is the place for you.

Brenda Crawford

Great food and the best homemade milkshakes in town! Love the fries too!!

stac L

Awesome food, great staff, good prices! And beer


The best burgers in North Dakota. Excellent service and very affordable for what you get. P.S. I know Brian. He told me his favorite burger joint is McDonald's.

kari joachim

Our food was delicious and Spencer was great waiter, service was great!

Arianna Roman

It was sooo gross we waited a long time to pay and the food was burnt. Everyone feels sick I would give it 0 stars. If you want too be sick come here. I wish we did not go here. We had no refills

Todd Braun

Good selection of burgers and enjoy the ability to add grilled onions to your sandwich. The fried also taste great and you can get the all-you-can-eat option if you want. Nothing super unique stands out to me as they are fairly basic burgers, but are cooked well and the service has always been good. If this review is helpful, please click on 'Like' to improve my status.

Tony Ambrose

Great dive bar burgers and fries. Friendly laid back atmosphere.

Porsche Peterson

Super good food. The HI ho special is great

Kyle Olson

A great place for a quick burger and beer with my house hunting clients.

Amara Ramirez

I absolutely love Hi Ho's food(Now called Hi-Ho burgers and Brews since they added on their new addition) I've been coming here since I was a kid. What I love most about the burgers is that they never put the meat in the freezer!! :-) It's made daily and always stays fresh in the fridge (fun fact) My favorite appetizers are definitely the cheese curds and potato munchers!!! The new addition has 24 draft beers and a warm feeling. The service is awesome and fast!

Jan Arens

Excellent food,, excellent server, Spencer

Ralph Reynolds

Best Burger in Fargo one of the best burgers I've eaten the onion rings are really good friendly good service. One day I was there and a couple of military men came in the owner bought then lunch in gratitude for their service to the country. One of the best places in Fargo.

Bernadette Lies

Attended 50th anniversary gathering there, had burgers & fries, nice, casual atmosphere. Asked them if they could provide plain liquid Coffeemate, only carried flavored(can't use) w/ coffee. I can take my own next time we eat there. Pitcher beer cheaper than by the glass. Average prices for burgers/fries.Lots of visiting & good conversation. Some love the place, others said, "so-so"... How about adding a malted shake???

Becky Gildea

Food is fine, family friendly, service was not great.

D B Burrill

I would say this is definitely the best burger and fries to be had in Fargo for the price you pay and ease of service. The burgers are juicy and sizable. The fries are crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. Not as good as Grand Junction's fries but you can't get burgers at Grand Junction. If you want a really good fast food experience w/ good natural ingredients this is the place. Definitely a big step above all the fast food franchises.



Andrew Gustman

Always a good burger at a good price. Last few trips have been troublesome, but this recent visit was without problems. I just hope it stays that way as the last couple were flukes.


Simple, but good food. Tough to call it best in the town. But, it is pretty good. Grab a burger and shake, it's enjoyable.

Tim W

Excellent mushroom and swiss burger!!!

Samson Natal

Very Awesome place for food and drinks and the staff super friendly

Cynthia Malsam

Great burgers!

Dave Mollins

Walked out, ignored me.

Chuck Morman

I have never had a bad experience at this place.

Jordan Pfaff

Excellent food and very fast and friendly service! One of my favorite places to eat in the FM area.

Jeremy Andra

The food, drinks and atmosphere are great here if you are looking for a good sports bar that gathers good people together. Service can be a challenge and you will have to call for help occasionally and it won't always come to you naturally. If you found this review helpful, please like it. Thanks

Big Daddy

Great burger and service

Derek Kubicek

Delicious burgers, beer, and all the fries you can eat -- the perfect recipe for a great night out!

Desirae Gilmour

As always burgers and fries were amazing. Same great food they've had for decades. Prices are a bit higher but burgers are bigger and come with bottomless fries. Fast and polite service.

Joe Rodriguez

Too expensive

Teri Vinje

Prices were good, food and service were adequate. Not a place I feel I need to go back to anytime soon.

Brandon Freeman

Fantastic burgers at a good price

G Stone

Great neighborhood restaurant.

Kacie P

Always good burgers and fries. Good service, never have to wait long, even if busy. Small game section to occupy the kiddos when waiting.

Larry Doeden

Good burgers and a good selection of craft beers

Elayna Emin

Staff was friendly, food was great, quick service and nice atmosphere!

Kat Smith

The food here is just bad. It's fast food level burgers in a restaurant setting. Burgers are always dry and tasteless. The buns are the cheapest ones available. The fries taste like styrofoam. My fiancee loves it of course but I definitely don't find it worth the already semi cheap price

Adam Hanson

Excellent burgers. Have that small town flavor that I love.

TheLegendOfLouie .

Horrible experience. Would give 0 stars if possible. Server was absolutely horrible. My sister ordered bottomless fries. The server only gave her a small portion to begin with and didn't come back to the table at all. She messed up my order to begin with. Food was also really burnt. Horrible place. Don't ever eat here.

Barb Merth

Love Hi- Ho South. Best cheese curds ever!

Calvin Armbrust

Everyone says this place has good burgers but the truth is they really don't. I get the same dry overcooked pattie everytime idk why people keep going here.

Tim Mclagan

Great place to grab some good food for cheap.

Amy Weigel

Service was horrible! Was there twice in one month. I thought the first time may have been a fluke so went back a second time. Nope, service was still horrible. After making eye contact with three waitresses they still never came over to wait on us. Too busy helping the guys playing darts.

Pete V

Im sorry to say that the I dont like the food here. It's very bland and not exactly cheap. Most recently I ordered a mushroom and swiss burger with an exra patty and the whole thing was very dry. Nothing like a mushroom and swiss should be. I know its considred a area classic but i dont understand why at all! I can think of alot of locally owned burger places that are better and cheaper than this overrated one!

Kristal Hudson

Daily food and drink specials are amazing. Food is super afforable as well as family friendly. The staff are friendly and super chill, no hovering what so ever. Personally, I love how relaxed and quiet it is. Perfect hole in the wall for those whom want a simple beer and burger for cheap. Perfect place to watch the game without that annoying band wagon fan yelling nonsense.

Jeremy Wendorff

Excellent food and great beers on tap!

Tim Bakewell

Great burgers, awesome french fries, and super service!!

Mark Dvoracek

Great place to get a burger


Friendly waitress but chicken fingers were a frozen product and pricey for their size (literally about the size of an average human finger). They were good and had a really good sauce but I doubt I'd return for them.

Lola London

Decently priced food with a relaxed atmosphere. Typical burger and fried food baskets. Service has always been good with pleasant staff.

Mike McCormick

I've been having trouble the last 4 times I've been there, on getting a shake special (my usual). All 4 times I was unable to get a shake for one reason or another and ended going elsewhere to eat.

Dylan Furst

Food is good and restaurant is clean. Service is friendly and quick.

Luke Italiano

Great hamburgers, great root beer, and great service.

christopher teeman

The food is always great. However the service is usually lacking. I order a super combo and rarely able to get my reorder of fries due to servers rarely coming around.

Loni Carr

They just got some new appetizers and we had the pretzel bites w beer cheese dip. Was really good. Good buttery pretzels w creamy cheese dip.

Zach Ciszewski

I’m adding this to the front of my original review, do not be roped into the lies of the good reviews/fake reviews. Especially don’t believe the “burgers are made fresh and never frozen. What complete BS! The burgers are shaped like the frozen patties you buy at the grocery store! The only thing worse than the burgers, is the service. While I usually don't write reviews, especially negative ones, Hi-Ho in south Fargo requires one. I have been here 3 times, once for dinner on a weekday, once for a quick bite and beer after work on a weekday and finally a Sunday at about 2pm. The first time was shortly after they opened their bar area and it is very nice inside, I love the set up and plenty of tv's to watch a game or just to throw a game of darts and listen to some tunes. The burgers leave much to be desired but are extremely affordable so you can't be too upset, they seem like a simple store bought frozen patty with no seasoning whatsoever, but again, they are very inexpensive. You get what you pay for I suppose and it's good if you just want to fill your belly. The second visit, I knew what I was going to get when I ordered but like I said, I just wanted to fill my belly and have a beer after a long day of work. I ordered my one beer and a burger and was considering a second beverage. I was sitting at the bar and while the waitress walked by twice, never even looked at me and I couldn't grab her attention, short of me rudely interrupting her conversation with a friend and asking "Hey, can I have another beer?" She was polite about it but I seemed like an after thought even though I was not about 3 stools down from them. After that, I finished my beer and went to the end of the bar where they prefer people to pay. I stood there for 10-15 minutes waiting for the bartender/waitress to come back out and she finally did, I easily could have just walked out and she wouldn't have even known I was there, probably. The last time was today, Sunday, August 6th at about 2pm. I walked in, and there were probably 3 tables in the dining area and 2 tables in the bar area and no one at the bar....bartender also missing. I sat down and waited for 5 minutes, not a single employee walked through the bar area. I could see in the mirror near the kitchen entrance that there were people in there just standing around and talking, but not once did anyone check to see if anyone needed anything. It's not like they were slammed and running around busy. After 5 minutes, I simply left because I knew it was just going to be a repeat of my last visit. As I was leaving, I heard a table of 5 or 6 say, "I wonder if we're ever going to get our bill." So clearly this is an ongoing problem and I didn't just have bad timing. I feel that a place that is really the only bar in that particular area of town, outside of Ruby Tuesday's and Doolittle's is dropping the ball. They have a brand new bar area but don't seem capable of running it. Perhaps it's understaffed or inexperienced staff but I will probably never go back, and it's a shame.

Cheriann Bortle

Loved it the food was great and extra punch day is amazing!!!

Kathryn Renwick

Food was good. Little slow on getting food out.

Caleb Flom

Fair prices and fresh food. Fries are always nice and hot right out of the fryer.

Karen Lee

Love me some Hi Ho! Great food at a great price! And wonderful employees!

Danny Aubol

Pretty good for a lunch

Mark Peterson

Great burgers and great service

Phyllis Hohle

Great burgers and fries. Excellent service!

Teddy Graham

Fries were cold and it took forever.

Tim Bauer

Moist, flavorful burger. Fries were very lightly salted, if any salt, which was great! Casual atmosphere, reasonable prices, enough said.

Leani Morris

All the food we ordered were so very bland.

Doug Bakke

Love the burgers, staff is friendly

Mason Akvik

Hi-Ho has an overall nice atmosphere--definitely a sports bar type of place with plenty of seating (you seat yourself) and big TVs. Tasty and affordable food, very nice staff members, and fast service. What more can you ask for?

Robin Slavik

Great food and staff

Erin Heller

Amazing burgers! Great selection of beers on tap

Courtney Olson

Great burgers at a good price. Fast and friendly service.

Sandra Hove

Have always liked their burgers.

Dez West

Awful place. My whole family got sick from it, and I'm pregnant and got food poisoning from it. The server never came over, 3 of our meals were all burnt and 2 werent cooked all the way through. Complained to a manager and they didnt seem to care at all. I've been a server before and I cant imagine treating customers how our server treated us today.

Michael Rheault

Amazing as always. Staff is courteous, helpful n the cook is pretty stellar. Always get treated like family.

Jacqueline Riebhoff

Hi Ho is always great if you want just a ice cold beer or glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of tvs. Courtney is the best server ever! Love this place!

Marty Riske

Fabulous burgers and onion rings

Barb Wild

Always good food...Great burgers and fries.....1919 root beer yum

Lady Najera

Love this place. Great food!! Great people!

Ben Sperle

First time eating here. The burger was great with a nice big helping of fries. Will be coming back for sure in the future.

Jason Bye

What's not to love about the high ho south? I think there burgers are about as close to In-N-Outs as you can get this far north! They have a great deal every day, a punchcard reward system, and cold beer on tap! Their fries are also very good and do not come salted which I like. Grilled and raw onions is the way to go!

Kela Ann Johnson

Always a favorite. Good burgers and great new taps. I love the crispy fries. I tried the crispy chicken sandwich for the first time and was surprised how juicy it was.

jordan hovde

Good drinks and place is clean, service is very nice

Chris Christianson

As always, the food and service were both good. The variety of beers is nice, too.

Keith Neuberger

Great place to stop after work

Donn Groth

Great burger, great fries, great price. Fresh burger patti's make this a value everytime. Friendly service, simple and good.

Sean Huggans

This place has awesome food! Since leaving Nebraska, I've missed a good cornmeal breaded onion ring. I love beer battered onion rings as much as the next guy, but you can't beat a good cornmeal breaded onion ring. This place has them, and they are really good!

Jeff Johnson

My wife says... delightful....good burgers and shakes..price is great for a family

Christina Becker

Burger was kind of small, but tasted ok. Service was alright, but took forever to get a refill on soda, servers and bartender were too busy talking to wait on us. Currently has been over 20 minutes we have been waiting for our check. Wont be back

Joe Stadstad

Possibly the best burgers in town. Great customer service.

scott monson

Dirty, icky place. Table wobbled so bad, our drinks would fall off the table. Burger was not good at all.

Kevin Schmidt

Food was ok. Server was questionable on outside of work indulgences. Kitchen partially screwed up our order.

David Knutson

Good hamburgers . Nice casual place to go .

Lucas Brendel

Nice burger joint. Nothing real fancy but the place kept up well. Their shake special is really good with a shake and burger and fries. My favorite is a deluxe cheeseburger with fried onions and a chocolate shake.

Rain Larson

The food here is always great! The staff are awesome.

Reed Samuelson

Nice old fashioned burger basket place with unique options. Plus local sports supporters!

Peter Ege

Burgers seem like they are getting smaller. Please don't mess with the Philly.

Mill Aa

Check out the new bar area, great burgers!

Bill Sparke

Love the burgers.. Great service

Tianne Burdick

Great food at reasonable prices! The whole family loves Hi-Ho!

Jak S

Great food, good service and nice prices

Nancy Ollenburger

Such a good meal and fun atmosphere.

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