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36 W Villard St, Dickinson, ND 58601, United States

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REVIEWS OF Blue 42 Sports Grille & Bar IN North Dakota

Parrish Cope

For the size of the town and its general remoteness, this was a surprisingly good restaurant with good customer service. The Buffalo cauliflower and the fish sandwich were high points for me.

Aaron Robinson

Excellent service, friendly staff and above all best burgers in town....highly recommend!

Jonathan Van Wagoner

Good food. The peach sriracha wing sauce is really good.

Sheila Frank

Great food and awesome atmosphere.

Ice Dog

4 burgers & 1 appetizer and 3 beers & root beer $100 plus tip. Friendly staff. Food cooked well and served fairly quickly. Nice place overall Beer was good. Tap lines are clean. Burger condiments fresh. Burger patty to small for price. Ranch dip seasoning? on regular French fries. It was on way to heavy. Almost un-edible. Chili cheese fries had ample chili. Service 3 stars. They were busy, but that would not be my problem. Water was never refilled. But another beer came eventually. I have had better and I have had worse. Overall 3-4 stars. If I ever visit town again. I would try another place. It was good but not great. Your mileage may vary

Linda Bartz

Lovely caring people, good food and good company

blayn auch

extremely good food (i had the herd burger with fries and hot wing) and service was good.would highly recommend eating here.

Bill Leier

Knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere and food. Will definitely be back!!

Vladimir Dasic

Great Place! love the atmosphere, servers are great, food is awesome. Many different burger options and great appetizers.

Lonestar Kidd

Great atmosphere excellent food. Try the fried avocados they are delicious. The Western Burger was Banging

Jared Garner

Great food and good hustle getting it out..

sue lee

Good food

Myron Neuberger

We had very good service and the food was really good

Brad Coleman

Great food, cool theme, good service

Rene Heredia

Great service and great food! Awesome beer selection. I love that you can check their beer menu at the untapped app. Stop by! You won't regret it!

Frank Hurt

Rumor had it that this location (which was previously Bogey's Diner) was going to be opened up as a JL Beers. When that fell through, my wife and I were disappointed, as we love craft beer on tap paired with imaginative grilled burgers. We were wrong to be disappointed, as Blue 42 has proven to be *almost* as good as JL Beers. Their burgers are great, the beer is wonderful, but Blue 42 has a "sports bar" atmosphere, with TVs blaring on every wall. That's not really our speed. That being said, the food is great and wait staff has been decent despite it being busy whenever we eat there. I'm willing to endure annoying TVs for a good meal.

sterling archer

Hamburger was not impressive at all however the service, atmosphere, and fried onion were amazing.

Mike Batterton

Wait staff is very friendly and attentive.

R. Travis Brazelton

Better than Applebees.

Sara Bush

Great atmosphere. Good service. Food was too, really enjoyed the villard Street tacos and for appetizers the jalapeños poppers!

Stu Merry

Great food, great atmosphere.

Nathalie Mendoza

Bar with great ambiance and food

Eric Obeng

Loved it

Doug Bartels

Greeted immediately by welcoming, friendly staff and were well taken care of during or visit. The food was terrific and the atmosphere was a bright, warm, updated retro style in a down town setting. A thoroughly enjoyable place to take a meal and refreshments!

Shannon Tschida

We went for dinner and I ordered the Jalapeño poppers. They’re quite possibly the best I’ve ever had. Food was very fresh and service was pretty good.

Vimby 210

Great service great food.

Dillon Haman

Pb&j wings are the bomb

Duane Kadrmas

Excellent food and service

RaeLea Hurt

Love the food! Blue 42 has the best salads!

Stephanie Liner

Fries were awesome! They were busy and really short staffed. Ordered the pulled pork sandwich said it came with coleslaw and chipotle mayo and all I got was meat on a bun. Our appetizer came out after our meal and looked like it had been sitting under the food lamp for quite some time. I think it definitely is a good restaurant just needs more staff. Will definitely try again.

Jared Meduna

The food was excellent and super friendly staff

Jason Krum

Decent place. Had walleye tacos ... meh. Definitely have had better. Wife and parents said theirs was great, taco and strawberry chicken salads. Beer selection is solid! My wife had the worst strawberry margarita I've ever tasted! Thinking the mixologist missed a few steps! Would go back.

Lucas Hebert

So, really cool place. They have some pretty good beers on tap and they’re on the Untappd app. So, I only had some beers waiting on a flight, but I like this place. Small but comfortable patio, and the sun was out today!!! I love this place now. Maybe it was the sun, or the wait staff, or the 3 beers, but still fantastic. Marley served me on the patio, and did a fine job. I will be coming back here to see how they’re doing. Cheers guys, you’re on my list!!!

אתה ברטון

Ok atmosphere—nothing too spectacular. Food tends to be on the salty side. Wait staff are a lot of young, prissy females that assumes everyone is just “another trashy, horny oilfield guy” and treats everyone as such. That attitude is solely why I’ll never patron this place again.

Richard Soyk

My biggest complaint is the noise. Music and TV's along with the brick walls make it difficult to hear. Food was so-so had the deep fried beef cubes. Very greasy. Not going back there again.

Terry Steiner

It's a typical sports bar. Clean and good service but not amazing

Curtis Edwards

Great experience here. We sat at the bar and our bartender was amazing. She said she was new and freshly 21 so didn't know everything yet but she knocked it out of the park. Definitely recommend it!

Carol Long

Great good and service!

Linda Ness

Good. Food drinks


A lot of specialty wing sauces .it gets pretty loud in there because of being such a small room.but decent food and service none the less

Ck Schultz

Super yummy food, great atmosphere!

Andrew Bushor

Great food, service, and atmosphere

Mark Wald

Good food, good beer selection

Daniel Palu

I'll start off by saying the atmosphere for what they're going for is great. It's a sports bar with a bunch of HD Televisions, but the food leaves a lot to be desired. I had a burger while my girlfriend ordered their chicken tenders. For a $12 burger I would expect one of two things: 1. It is a big enough portion size to make it worth the price 2. The burger is good tasting to make it worth the price. The burger did neither, it was very bland, and the size was probably around a 1/4 pound. The fries were very well seasoned though. I did try some of my girlfriend's chicken tenders, and dear god they were a disappointment. The breading tasted like absolutely nothing. The chicken under the breading wasn't seasoned at all. So, it just ended up tasting like bland chicken breast. And to top it all off it wasn't even a chicken tender. It was quite literally a cut piece of chicken breast that wasn't tender at all. You really had to bite into it to get something off it. Now considering all of that, I don't entirely hate blue 42. The atmosphere was nice, and I really like the design of the restaurant. I obviously wasn't able to try all of the food so there could be some hidden gems in there somewhere. But with the food being really overpriced and fairly mediocre, I can't really see myself going there ever again.

Mark Hager

Great food, great service, great beverage choices

Carolyn Kizima

We enjoyed it. We like spicy food so we thought it needed more.

GayeMark SwansonBrumbaugh

Great Food at this original spot. Enjoyed talking with Scott the bartender

Kim Florian

To loud inside

James Chamberlain

Great food

Blue Siren

Had the tacos and the jalapeño poppers. Both were amazing and so was our server. Definitely get the jalapeño poppers while you're there.

Jaden Blake

Great burgers, great beers, great atmosphere.

Leonard Buchanan

Service sucked. Not a local so got ignored.

Danny Matta

Nice place to have some drinks after long working day plus amazing food and service

Cynthia Kelley

Nice atmosphere good fries but bison burger was dry and tough.

Ben Auch

slow service good food. 20 minute wait was at least 35

Evelyn Brammer

Great place to have company

Emily Davis

Nice atmosphere, great service, and delicious food!

Robert Bischoff


Jameson Dav're

Was passing threw on vacation from LA and I was staying at a hotel in Dickerson and wanted to watch the 1st game of the NFL season New England vs KC Chiefs on a Thursday Night in 2017. I have to say.... i loved this bar in downtown Dickerson! They have a great layout with a massive big screen above the bar and plenty of draft beer that was ice cold. The bar was packed with locals and its a very welcoming place. The aesthetics are really good.... reminds me of a cool Chicago style interior design that is modern and hip..... the wings were just ok.... the ones I got were kind of dry and the dipping sauce of ranch and blue cheese is just satisfactory.... they need to make the hot wings sauce more wet and they need bigger portions of dipping sauce.... also they need to turn down the lighting ... it was a bit bright inside but not that big of a deal..... it was a good experience

Brian Bell

One of my Dickinson favorites!

Amanda Bachman

Delicious food and extensive beer selection. Best place in town. Good service and fun atmosphere plus I haven't ordered a thing I didn't like yet.

Sam Clyde

Food is excellent and the atmosphere is welcoming.

Debbie Schweigert


Shaun Olson

Great food, good service. Scotty behind the bar was amazing!

Bonnie Goldsberry

Fantastic food and service! A must when you want a great lunch!

chris corbin

Good food and staff. We'd stop here again

Jessie Pettway

Love this place very laid back and upscale setting. Cannot imagine what it will be like with the upper level fixed. Bartender was very prompt and attentive. I forget his name but very cool guy. Made our time enjoyable as I work all around the us and hardly have leisure time. Thanks guys.

Allison Smits

I had the chicken and waffles and the waffles were SO good!! I could have eaten those without the chicken. I would definitely eat there again when I am in Dickinson!!

Doreen Senn

Food was great and the service was amazing!! Great job Brenda. Would definitely recommend this place.

J Pavek

Atmosphere was nice, sports bar esque. Plenty of options on games, as well as beers on tap. Food was good, staff was friendly and quick to make sure all was well from the time of seating, to paying the bill. 8/10 would go again and try different items.


This is a good place to sit and have a non vegan meal. They might have the best burgers in town but that's debatable depending on who you ask. It's usually crowded during lunch and there will be a wait time if you choose to eat here during that time.

Cindy Haderlie

Great food. Not too pricey.

Meg Gion

Very fast and friendly service! Cocktails were good and the $5 apps were a great value. I want to eat those sweet potato fries everyday for the rest of my life! Dickinson really needed a fun sports bar. Cooks are doing amazing. Keep up the good work, Blue!


Food was good, service was not good

ME Moe

Great atmosphere! We love to go here for a night out.

Krystal Horton

Wonderful staff. BRITTNEY Was great!!

Kathy Brich

Great place and food!!

Jen Dassinger

Omg the food was great...they were very nice and very quick at serving and checking on you..definetly going back

Tom K

Delicious food, friendly environment.

David Isaacson

Food was okay but drinks were expensive, 7 bucks for a small beer! Server wasn't able to do any sort of custom orders that involved price changes (double burger patty) which is pretty unusual. Weird vibe: lots of tvs with the game on but very bright like a diner.

Corbett Schollmeyer

Great place ... Well worth getting off the interstate for. Try the fried avacodo ... WOW!

Rebecca nybeck

Cool atmosphere wonderful customer service and great food

Jean Barsness

Awesome place. Reasonable pricing, Good selection of food, terrific accommodating staff


Wonton jalepeno poppers are amazing

Kristian Hemb

Great place to come and grab a brew with the boys!!


Good food and atmosphere

Tim & Becky Eckelberg

Great food! Clean and professional establishment!

Dustin Ware

Atmosphere was basic like a Buffalo Wild Wings, clean but basic. Service must have been new staff, lady had no idea what was on tap and only visited us once at the end of our meal to refill drinks. The amount of her tip sadly reflected her service. The menu seemed interesting but the food lacked luster. The Brie was half melted/warm and the spicy jelly it was served with was watery and had little flavor. The wings are nothing to reminisce over and as far as the main course goes well, let’s just say if you tried to sell a Philadelphia Cheesesteak like that in Philly your likely to get tarred,feathered and ran out of town. Seriously it was an embarrassment to see that poor dry pathetic thing sitting there on my plate looking like a sad neglected unwanted french Fry at the bottom of a dirty oven. It’s like the owners have never tasted Pats or Gino’s. And on top of that I asked for no peppers due to allergies and what do I find on my sandwich, peppers. It wasn’t all bad, them waffle fries were on point! Won’t be visiting again though not even for them over priced icy cold $5 dollar domestic tap beers. 2 stars for the waffle fries and cleanliness.

Tawny O'h

Was not great, But will give it another try.

Jamie Cook

Really yummy! I really enjoyed the poutine.

Jess Billey

Good food, horrible service

Sheldon Noll

Dickinson has needed a new restaurant/sports bar for a LONG time. Service was excellent and the food was delicious! Give these guys a shot!

Ryan Ratliff

Great food, cold beer, friendly service

Kaci Hjelle

Very busy and the waitress was a bit rude. The food was ok.

Rownea Gerbracht

Good service great food

Christopher McManus

So i went here because I've heard good things. My wife and I went here and first thing is they sit us at a table that is way to high and wobbles like crazy. As we were eating it would swing back and forth each time we grabbed the food off our plates. It was so loud in there with the music that we could barely hear each other talk across the table. After waiting 50 minutes for our food we finally got to eat. Our food was good but it really didnt match the hype that I've heard about from others. I felt like I've eaten there before. Our waitress was the reason for the other star, she was good and couldve been better but had way to many tables to maintain by herself. So in my opinion i probably would not go there again for it seems to be more a place to drink than a grille but i do suggest you try it yourself.

Valoree Rios

Best Philly cheese steak I've ever had!

Britney Johnson

Drinks were chicken strips were a little dry but the server fixed that with no problem. Been twice already great little spot for Dickinson.

Becky Hollingsworth

Best cheesesteak sandwich that I’ve had since moving to ND in 2015! Great atmosphere and wonderful service!

Robert Illg

Good wings great service

Dwight Mundy

Excellent burgers and sides at reasonable prices. A very nice place.

Ethan Guymon

Service is probably the best in town. The food is diverse and extremely tasty. Brenda was fantastic!

Brooke Bartholomew

Great food but cramped and loud

Nicholas Engmann

Food was fantastic! The poppers are the bomb!!

Brenden Ourth

Walleye sandwich was just ok. Nothing too special.

Benjamin McCrary

For Dickinson it is fantastic. Good drinks at a reasonable price and good food. A great addition to an over priced city.

Eric J.

Good drinks and very tasty food

Jason Wells

Great food and a decent beer selection

Brandi Dauksavage

First time was great

Jennilyn May de los Santos

great food, but terrible costumer service!

Cheryl Watson

Very good food and excellent service. Would recommend to all.

Matthew Dickerson

A bit pricey for beer but not bad. Good wings and some interesting flavors. I want brave enough to try the PB&J wings.

Phyllis Krueger

Great place to eat, great service

mark Littell

A true sports bar. The food was good, my wife had the lettuce wraps and I had some wings - good sauce. The unique thing to me were the size and amount of screens. Lots of games going on and they would accommodate changing to your sport. Good service with a smile. Been there 5 times. Go-To place on the Western Edge.

Jordan Z

I had the breakfast burger. It was delicious. They have a good selection of beer on tap and they were running pitcher specials so that was a bonus. Service was quick and the food was fresh and tasty. I would say go here for a good meal.

Justin B

Used to be good.. They changed the burgers to some pre-made patties. Patties are always dry and super thin now. Avoid the burgers, pasta is good however. Service is hit and miss, just don't expect anything over Applebee's standard of service and you'll be fine.

Beth Stockton

Service was great, food was amazing, zero complaints

Jodie Snow

Great food

Knight Michael Productions.

First Impressions were done right. Great service, nice local atmosphere to support local and state colleges, with a nice selection of sports playing. The server I had was really friendly and helped me out with the first time I went there. Pointing out some of the favorites on the menu and her personal choices. The food was great and rather fairly priced in my eyes. Over all I'm happy to say I can't wait for the next time I decide to sit down at Blue 42!

stick fig5

Delicious food! Very friendly staff! We came a little bit after it opened so they were still a little busy but you wouldn't know based on how well the staff handled everything thing. Fried Mac a cheese bites to die for!

Kristina Bereznyak

We were really excited about this restaurant opening up and it did not disappoint. The menu is full of interesting selections. I had the chicken and waffles with coleslaw and it was delicious. My husband had their burger and really enjoyed it. We also had their mac and cheese bites which were delicious. They also have a great kids menu. Definitely will be coming back.

Alex Abdo

excellnt food and srvice

Peter Majerle

Nice, hip spot in Dickinson. Beats the traditional sports bar vibe.

Carla VanPelt

A bit pretentious, food was mediocre. Paid way too much, was expecting food to be much better, but was rather bland. The staff is extremely friendly though.

Brad Willer

Great service, great food & even better atmosphere!

Michael Brice

Great place to eat with people coming through town! Food was great, beer was cold, price was reasonable.

Leyman Tedford

Came for early dinner with our family. Staff was great and food was fresh and well prepared. So friendly and we are definitely coming back! Bon appetite

Tyson Willis

I loved the different sauces. Pb&j, strawberry bbq and the spicy honey... can't go wrong! Great service as well!

Meg Mite

Staff is nice. Prices could come down a little.

Randy Armstrong

Excellent food, atmosphere and very very friendly staff


Deleted several specials we liked, first round of waffles was burnt, portions get smaller every time we visit...

Kelsey Bailey

Love it

Jon Beachy

Great food, great people.

Katie Splichal

I was impressed with how the salad had real bacon on it and not bacon bits. The food was really good. The service was a little slow but it was worth the wait

Scott Meske

Great atmosphere, solid menu and service!

Christean H.

Yummy food, great service, fried avocados, kind of spendy

Lisa Kraft-Kujawa

Good food, service and atmosphere. We'll go back.


The food was terrible. Frozen hamburgers??? Yes they were. You can see what they are cooking when you go to use the restroom and I know what frozen looks like on the grill. But besides that the burgers were terrrible tasting as well. I would not go back even for a free meal. Our server was awesome that is why they got 2 stars I think she got like a %50 tip. For the people saying their burgers are good....need to go to a place where they actually serve good burgers. Get out to Bismarck. If not JL Beers has way better burgers for FLAT TOP grills

Brian Kopp

A great local sports bar with a surprisingly large menu. Burgers, steak tips, strawberry chicken salad, fried cheese pickles, desserts, and much more to choose from. They serve an extensive list of tap beers with many from local breweries. Their specialty drinks range from having ingredients like bourbon and ginger beer to cucumber vodka and Grand Marnier. Happy hour is from 4-6pm with a dollar off some drinks and $5 appetizers.

Wyatt Johnson

Fantastic atmosphere, really friendly staff!

Jeff Frueh

Burger was over priced for a frozen patty. Was dry and tough bun was dry and weird like it was left out for awhile. And took way too long!

Collin Schock

Great food, clean place, andfairly fast service. Can get a little short for seating during busy times though.


service was good, food was a little overpriced for what it is. burgers had good flavor as well as the appetizers, smaller sports bar. will be back.

Chuck Green

Food is always really great, sometimes there's a drunk guy at the rail (me) playing it pretty fast and loose with the f-bombs, but he always backs off when he gets a sideways look. It's a great place!

Valerie Davis

Great food and drinks only I don't know why teenagers can't order a kids meal.

James Hein

I grew up in Dickinson when there weren't many good options for restaurants. Coming back it's really nice to see a number of places doing things right. I had really tasty food (especially lettuce wraps) and good service. The environment was sports bar meets downtown/urban restaurant. I'll be hitting it up again when I'm back.

Mathew Cross

Great sports bar and grill; great friendly staff.

Travis Webb

From Great Food to Great Service. You can't go wrong with Blue 42!

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