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REVIEWS OF Big Boy Restaurant IN North Dakota

Brietta Johnson

We stopped last night after the races at Dacotah Speedway to get some burgers and shakes for the ride home. Since we were pulling a trailer, we weren't able to go through the drive thru and had to go in to order. It was a little after 10, but the staff was great! They weren't irritated that we were there so close to closing time or that we had to come inside. The gentleman who took our order was friendly, asked if we had ever been to a Big Boy before and told us a little about the menu when we said that we hadn't. I was surprised the burger wasn't bigger, being the restaurant is called Big Boy, but the food and service was great! My husband loved the picture on the wall of the '34 Ford coupe, as that is the model of his race car!

Mark Riddle

Pizza Burger Flying Style and a Hot and Tot is the way to go here for an awesome combination. We stop here anytime we go through Bismarck and they never disappoint. The new sitting area behind the restaurant is a huge improvement. I look forward to many more visits in the future.

Don Nguyen

The locals definitely over hyped this one I've had the big boy burger and pizza burger flying saucer style as recommended on separate occasions. The big boy burger was a bit fresher than McDonald's. The pizza burger was a little unique but it was nothing more than regular sliced white bread with a patty, cheese, and sauce. The fries tasted like elementary school fries (not great).

Petra Allen

Looooove the flyin style burgers, and a frozen coke!

Misty Falcon

Excellent food

dave carlson

The best place in the World. 50 years ago I used to love going to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Garrison ND, because it meant going through Bismarck and getting a pizza burger flying style. The are the best most awesome sandwich. I'm going to make a trip back to Bismarck within the next week and the first place I'm going when I get into town is the Big Boy!!

Tom Vogel

Good chicken, good fries andvgravey, plus good flying style burgers and hot n tots

Faith Schwalbe

Fantastic place, the food and service was amazing you get five stars we loved it.

Aaron Fockler

Pizza burger flying style, fries, gravy, and a hot n tot!!! Absolute favorite!

rocky R.I.P

gravy fries please

Chloe Tipton

Personally I could easily go here for every meal and not get tired of it. I live thief pizza burgers flying style. They have never got my order wrong and didn’t even mind when I once ordered $80 worth of food. They are also really friendly every time I go there and they try to move the line as quickly as possible. I will definitely go back several more times.

Chris Jangula

Great food, fast service, and accurate when filling drive through orders.

Heidi Berger

Love pizza burgers flying style and hot n tots!!!

Smith Family

Still a favorite since childhood. Burger, fries with gravy and a purple cow. A little extra purple!

Connie Heaton

Good food home of pizza burger flying style my favorite.

Ron Curtis

Good eats.

Stacy Wachter

Big Boy is my favorite place to eat!!!

Johnny Jackson

Great place to eat

Bright Star Win

Love the food and feeding the seagulls.

Mic Rhoads

Went through their drive through on our way to Jamestown for a quick bite for the family. Waited in line forever, which whatever - it happens. It’s a popular place. Problem is when we got our food we were missing half of it - of the 8 people traveling 2 got NOTHING they ordered and 2 were shorted on at least one item. Waited too long in line and we were late getting to Jamestown, no time to go back through the line so we called. They apologized, said they’d mail a gift card. It never came. Called and asked about it weeks later, they didn’t care or do anything about it. Big boy is a local favorite in Bismarck but they let me down. Haven’t been back since. Bummer because the food is good but not going to go back somewhere that the customer isn’t valued and word is not honored.

Nic Seybold

Their burgers are overrated forsure. Never that good. The real reason I go there is for the fries and gravy. Worth it for sure. The burgers aren't horrible at all just not the best


I bit spendy for food...fries are often soggy.

Joslyn Ebert

Fast and good but never fail at getting the order wrong.

Kevin Mohr

Good food. Rude staff sometimes but there just in a hurry knocking out the line.

Roslyn Mischel

Our pizza burgers were charred and they got the drink wrong. We have always had good luck but not tonite.

Patrick Jones

only one in the tristate area

George Lafave

Big boy original, fries and gravy please. Best on earth

Taylor Farrell94

Fries and gravy is bomb!! Everything is pretty damn good, check it out for yourself

Mike Bolle

This place is a Bismarck classic been in business since I was a kid in the 80s and it was here when my mom was a kid in the fifties they've got to be doing a lot of things right. Pizza burger flying style is really good if you've never tried one definitely give it a shot french fries dipped in gravy are pretty good too although I could use more sausage flavor in the gravy I think. And don't even get me started on the spice Coke!

William Sims

Have enjoyed the food for over 40 years.

Mike Colling

Everything on the menu is delicious!! Double pizza burger flying style!! Hot-n-Tot, Fries gravy, purple cow!! Mmmmmm!!

Elais Legesse

I thought the fact that there was no seating was dissapointing I Walked there from a hotel I was staying at and It was a bit awkward trying to find a way to order. Also the portions are small and not filling.

Susan Hunt

Food is great and eat there when visiting in Bismarck. Each of us have our favorites. Mine is Chicken strips, Coleslaw and French fries with gravy...yum!

Rose Burcham-LaFountain

Great food...small cafe


Great pizza burgers fast and friendly staff

OP-1 Kenobi

As good as fast food gets. Also i uploaded a couple decent pictures of the menu. Decide what you want now because the order line moves pretty quick.

Aaron Coleman

First time customer and they got my burger wrong and charged me. Overpriced cheap quality food that felt like a McDonald's.

Dawn Leingang

The line was long but fast. Food great as always!

Ben Pederson

Always a great experience at big boy. Having to wait in the line is the hardest part but the customer service and friendliness of staff help make for an enjoyable experience. As always food is prepared well.

Brittney H. thriver4lyferu

Love their food and amazing service!!!

Rhonda C

My favorite as a kid (1961). Now when I visit Mandan I work to get my fill knowing I won't be back for a few years. My favorite pizza burgers flying style, fries and gravy. As good as I remembered.

Brandon Christmann

Best chicken and gravy around.

Becky Doll

Love me some fries & gravy and a brown cow!

Scott Hiland

Ok ok, it's "just" a Big Boy, but it's more than that. It's a Bismarck tradition that hearkens back to the old school drive-in, complete with attached parking and picnic area. It's interesting, quick, and fun cheap eats, loved by locals and drenched in nostalgia. Get fries and gravy, try a Hot-N-Tot, and a pizza burger, flying-style.

Bruce Wilkson

Chicken & gravy with a chocolate shake, best combo for a Friday afternoon. Thank you for the great service and overall wonderful dinning experience.

Carla Culver

Very good gravy. Always have 2 have gravy & fries that is a must as well as a hot n tot.


Only second visit in my whole life!! If you have time, it is worth the wait. (Line can be long, but things moved along well.) Excellent chicken and fries. And a frozen Coke--if I finish a soft drink of any kind, it has to be good! Mmm.

Veronica Orozco

This place has great chicken. But, you remember the soup nazi episode from Seinfeld? Yes, that is this place, but with chicken. They talk so fast and will not repeat themselves. I have an anxiety attack anytime I'm in line there. I literally have to write a script just so I don't mess up or they get annoyed.

Dylan Schmit

Awesome food!

Kim Caldwell

Little tough to hear the clerk with all the cars whizzing by. Food was delicious

Chad Leier

It's old the line can be long, but it's still the best

James Grothier

Great parking lot to meet people, I didn't eat here today but I know it has some of the best food in Bismarck

Kelsey Rusch

Great food and even better prices! I stopped by tonight and service was fast, fresh, and courteous! Everything was nice and hot even after the 15 minute drive home! The only negative comment I have is that the fries, though very hot and freshly cooked, were quite limp and soggy. The gravy makes everything taste amazing, so it was no problem, but if I were the store owner, I'd look into a different brand of fries. Other than that, everything gets an "A!"

Nani Robinson

Always has great food. The Big Boy original and fries and gravy, so good. Dont forget about the purple cow

Darlene Brandner

I love the big boy. The food is so good.

Kassie Lutz

Best burgers ever!

Jeff Mcintyre

¹really like pizza burgers flying style

Dillon Kluksdahl

Their line stuck out in traffic sucks and is a hazard to the rest of Bismarck.

Steven Neibauer

Fantastic food and service every time.

Tom Beckel

Food was good and cheap. Lots of comfort foods.

Raymond Martin

Wow got to try their flying style burger they're very courteous here


Love the fries & gravy! Also the chicken strips are SO good!

ryan petz

Fries & Gravy Flying style pizza burgers Enough said!!

Tara Haugen

Wonderful food, fun atmosphere. A must for anyone coming to town!

Ross Degenstein

Every sometime night for I picked some coins up from the drive-thru floor. I don't buy things at Big Boy.

Alicia Campbell

Favorite fast food place, they've never let me down when it comes to a Brown Cow.

Keith Mernitz

Everything rocks. Get a bobblehead!

Cheri Walker

Was a little pricey but good

wilfred mendez

Flying style pizza burgers and purple cow shake were godly. Would deffinetly Go back again and again

Triple Ts Vlogs

Love this place

JayCee Riehl

Best home-town fast food, hands down! You HAVE to stop here for lunch/supper! My go-to meal: flying style pizza burgers, fries with gravy, and either a Hot&tot (coke w/cinnamon syrup) or a Calypso shake (cinnamon- it's not on the big menu tho!!)

Anna Bernhardt

Classic hamburger stand! Excellent fried chicken. Big Boy Deluxe burger is my go-to, but the pizza burger flying style and chicken nuggets are a close runner up! Don’t forget to get fries with a side of gravy- it’s life changing. Top the meal off with a brown cow or a hot and tot!

Krista Kurtz

So delicious and the updates are looking awesome

Andrea Telenga

Love love LOVE stopping here when in town! Must have the pizza burger flying style. Also a purple or brown cow. Love that the decor and signage is all old-school and the building looks right out of the drive-thru era. Also the only place to get an original FROZEN Coke, none of that frozen Pepsi nonsense.

Rebecca Andes

Excellent food, can't beat the Big Chic sandwich with fries and gravy!!

Debbie Svanes

They are quick and food is hot and right

David Rhoades

I got cherry coke was syrupy. And my hot dog Was salty.

Shane Smith

Food is good but they got the line messed up on who's food was who's. I'm not sure why they have all those order machines. They only use one or two then they get them confused.


Love pizza burgers flying style and a hot and tot!

Johanna Draper

I love it here! Food is awesome!

Samuel Edwards

Great tasting burgers!

North Storm

Plus you get extra 5 (

tammy mosbrucker

Food is always fresh and tasty! Great prices and fast service

Kevin Moser

Their chicken is always been good tried there burgers the other day terrible tasted like microwave patties and not even hot onion rings were slightly undercooked and Mushie if you're going there for a burger save yourself some money and go to a real burger joint even McDonald's is better

Jonathan Cretsinger

OMG order Pizza Burger flying style (round with no crust) & a Purple Cow shake. I had this when I was 15 and I am 52 now. Blast from the past! I now live in Salt Lake City, Utah and there are no Big Boys, pizza burgers, purple cow, or gravy fries, or jalepeno poppers! Mega money opportunity here for a clone here!

lesley lippert

Food was great,,, but my husband's cheese burger had so much mustard on it, that I hope the white sweet shirt that he was wearing comes clean from the run off of mustard

Lane Quandt

We drove 600 miles so my wife could have a pizza burger, fly style, and they did not disappoint. I had one as well which was fantastic, also a great bacon burger, and their fries, OH MY! It was worth the drive.

Jessica Ressler

This is the ONLY restaurant in Bismarck that doesn’t mess up our order. Their staff are fast and efficient!!! Pizza Burger Flyin Style!!!

bob owens

Flying saucer style what else needs to be said.

Jay Fettig

Pizza burger flying style, fries and gravy, e.t.c .. YUMMY ... Just nothing like it .. absolutely the best!!!


Pizza burgers flying style and Hot 'n Tots. Classic Bismarck cuisine!

Teelee E

Have been going to this place since I was a child. I stop every time I am in Bismarck. Last week I picked up supper before heading nearly 4 hours home from Bismarck. My family requested pizza burgers, fries and gravy! I did not check the bag and drove off after getting my order. I discovered I was short several pizza burgers upon my arrival home. I notified the restaurant and they not only offered to ship me some frozen ones, they offered to refund my money. I told them I would be happy with replacements alone. True to their word, they shipped me 10 PB Flying style and they arrived as promised. EXCELLENT customer service. I will always stop here when I am in the area! I realize part of my love for the place is nostalgic, but when you get customer service like that, you definitely want to go back!

CoachNiki DotCom

Just taken to Big Boy and was told to order a "pizza burger, flying style". First off, what's a pizza burger, and what's this 'flying style'?! Okay, despite the weirdness of the menu, not bad! Definitely a country thing, and well worth the wait in line- especially seeing my friends (in their 60's) acting like little kids about to get the best treat ever.

Odin L Anderson

Used to be great. Everything has gone down hill. Didn't realize you could buy baby chickens! Sad.

bob crowell

I know there are other Big Boys, but I've never found another like this one.

Steve nygaard

French fries and gravy are always Good! Don't let the long car line fool you, it goes pretty quick!

Elaine Ellingson

They have the best food!!!

Hazzy Baz

There's no non meat options

Madison Peterson

Great food

Amber Jorgenson

Food was ok. Gravy was great. Service was okay rushed and a little rude. Seen her leaving when we were eating

Rebecca nybeck

We stop there for pizza burgers flying style, fries, gravy and frozen cokes everytime we go to Bismarck

Christopher Stroschein

Don't ever let passengers in your car order. It only gums up the works. "Shut up. You're getting a pizza burger flyin' style and a purple cow. We'll spli a fries and gravy." Is usually what I say to them.

Cindy Schatz

They now serve breakfast sandwiches too. They open at 10:30 am each morning. Sausage, ham or bacon with egg and cheese, flying style. So good.

Wade Young

Pizza burgers flying style, fries and gravy! DELICIOUS!

Lisa Dewey

If you're looking for really good 1950's type food, burgers, fries and gravy and my favorite pizza burger flying style, there's no place like Big Boy.

Carol Guler

Beautifully updated. Best pizza burgers.

Kelsie Butts

Can you really go wrong with Big Boy! Always great food and quick service.

William Hill

I thought living here 3 years now, I should make it to Big Boy's and see what this place is all about. I read how busy it can be, and having seen the drive-thru line a few times while passing by, I came at 3pm. Got right into line behind a car who pulled up to the first of three available intercoms. I'm thinking, what a newbie or what? I ordered the 12 piece chicken meal as I read on their Facebook page it was on special for $30. I also ordered one fish sandwich as a friend of mine told me they were very good. I wasn't too impressed with the chicken. The dark meat was kinda mushy like maybe it was over-cooked? The breast was drier than I like. The chicken pieces were on the small side. I am comparing it to Cashwise chicken, which I do love. The fish was indeed a good sandwich. The pound of fries... meh, who needs a pound of fries when all of it is pretty cool once I got it home. The gravy, very thick and floury. I added a ton of pepper at home. The dinner rolls were crumbly on the bottom, tender on the top. Maybe they sat around a bit? The cole slaw and beans were delicious! Not sure if I'm coming back. They sure have a lot of positive reviews, maybe caught them off their game.

Mr Zestie

Order the pizza burger, and the hot an' tot. It won't let you down! It is probably the best fast food I have ever tasted!

Petra S

First and last time. Yuck!! Burger no taste..."wheres the beef came to mind". bun was dry n hard... one bite was enough. The chicken was set on top of fries....fries were super skinny n smushed. No taste. Gravy so so... chicken was good...but in the end not worth the total amount paid for order!!

Kelli Neigum

Big Boy has been a staple in our community for many many years! They have the best pizza burgers flying style, fries with tasty homemade gravy and finish it off with a brown or purple cow! The new owner has done a great job of keeping the old style flair without changing the recipes but has updated the grounds it's on and added new life to the menu board and The Big Boy himself!

Robert Chaussee

Big Boy is pretty exclusive to Bismarck. It is a drive thru only, but we'll worth the long line. The pizza burgers flying style is a must to any new comer. If you have room, try the purple or brown cow as well. If you get the fries, don't forget the gravy! If you like cinnamon, you'll want to try a Coke hot'n'tot.

Scott Housman

Food good service.good people!

Kevin Nelson

Big Boy Restaurant is a local icon in our community. Their broasted chicken is some of the best you'll find anywhere. They have great French fries that are even better with a side of gravy. If you order a chicken dinner, you get the delicious chicken, fries and gravy, a bun, and a side. For the side, their coleslaw is good, but their beans are better. My favorite meal is the Big Boy Original with fries and gravy! Mmmm ... Regardless of what you order for food, you can top it off with a frozen Coke, a Hot'n'Tot or (my personal favorite) a Purple Cow. Check it out. You won't regret it.


Probably the best fast food places in town.

Joe Fouhy

Love the big boy flying style pizza burger

Lucas Boustead

Best food in this world

Michelle Faris

Wonderful as always!!

Harrison Krank

Must go to this place if you are in bismarck

Charlotte Dempsey

Big Boy was perfect as usual. Love the fries and gravy and marshmallow coke with a pizza burger - flying style.

Scott Randolph

Good food. Good service. Order was CORRECT.

Jim sondrol

Way over rated in my opinion.

Melanie Schlosser

We asked for 2 chesseburgers flying style but got regular buns. Otherwise food was delicious! Thank You

Shelle Michaels

The BEST pizza burger ever!!! Flying style!

Brenda Sammons

Great pizza burgers flying style

mo luv

This place is a local fast food staple. But too me, it's always been just OK. The lines are pretty long. The food is hit or miss. This place has always been a bit overrated if you asked me.


One of the things I miss most about no longer living in Bismarck is Big Boy. Pizza burgers flying style and fries and gravy were my favorites.

Anthony Ryan

Gotta try the Pizza Burger Flying style with fries and gravy! It's a great cheat day meal :)

Steve Johnson

Cool place! It's a Big Boy Restaurant strictly as drive through. We got the Pappy Parker's Fried Chicken and was not disappointed. They have a picnic area behind if you want to eat there. Will definitely go back

Teresa Miller

The food was so good. Customer service was not a goid experience. I had never been to this fast food place before so of course i was asking questions about menu choices. The person on the other end of the speaker was very rude, impatient and sarcastic. I even informed her that i was not form around their.

Mike Beaver

This drive thru only burger joint has fallen for what it once was and honestly I just don't think they are changing with the times, the burger patty leaves quite a bit to be desired while their fries can only be described as mediocre AT BEST. the burger sauce is really what sets them apart but they need more than just that. The chicken strips were dry and under seasoned quite a disappointment. That being said they have an interesting variety of offering that are extremely budget friendly, so if you just need something to get you through this is a good stop. (Just don't bother waiting in a huge line for it..)

luxx orzz

As far as food goes, this place is really the gold standard. The food is great, the area is convenient, and the style is iconic and VERY memorable. If you go here, however, make absolutely certain to get a purple cow and a large tray of jalapeno 'poppers with your meal, as these are essentials. Love this place. 5/5.


Awesome Chicken and pizza Burgers Flying Style!!! And amazing Drinks!

Jeremy Binger

Wow. Ever since the new owners picked this up it has been PHENOMENAL. The food has been extra delicious, that authentic experience of a "Big Boy Restaurant" is next to none. So happy I was able to share this place with my kids!

steven cameron

Great food and great prices. Best place to actually eat in town.

Brenda Fillbrandt

Love big boy

Terry Huwe

Good food fair prices

Josh Erb

Great food! Have to stop every time we’re in town!

Brian Feist

Best burger place in Bismarck

Ash Lauinger

Someone please leak the hot n tot recipe...

Jesse Auday

Umm fries, gravey and a purple cow! Fatkid heaven!

Andrew Garnett

Highly recommend the flying pizza burgers and fries with gravy.

Mike Jorgensen

Iconic restaurant of Bismarck, the fries and gravy are awesome and pizza burger flying style are great. Their fried chicken is excellent as well.

Dean Sirvin

If you are a Bob's big boy fan this is not the place for u it's a drive up drive no indoor seating their version of the classic big boy not even close;mayo and 1000 island no red sauce that made the real big boy;so if you want a glorified big mac stop in otherwise don't bother

William Mitchell

Friendly staff, great food & I love the atmosphere!

Patricia Herdebu

Their $20 special is.really a good deal. Fries, gravy, and chicken. Well worth.the price.

J Nuss

Good food always.

Carl Young

Great food great service. Awesome gravy. Pizza burger flying style and a purple cow shake... Yum. And they reworked the drive thru so it is super easy to leave with your food!

Suzanne Vogel

The hamberger was missing in my berger and I didnt get my gravy

Dave Weixel

The best pizza burgers flying style & purple cows. Mmmmmmmmmooooo

Brian Kopp

Pizza burger flying style or a big boy original plus fries and gravy equally one tasty lunch. Throw in a brown cow for a drink/dessert and you've completed your taste bud right and calories for the day! It's delicious fast food at its best.

Tracey Goetzfried

Great food. Love the improvements, while staying true to what Big Boy means in Bismarck. Great place.

Juan Rico

Fried chicken's always old and Cold one hour old for chickens to Long

Cassie Harrison

Purple cow is not even purple, disappointing to a toddler, when she gets a vanilla milkshake.

Dylan Frederick

Best pizza burger and purple cows in town hands down!

DeMay Fox

Fries were a bit dry and the burgers are smaller than I remember. But the chicken and biscuits were amazing!

Roger Hoggarth


Angie Hoovestol

Best pizza burgers and hot n tot and brown cow, and of course fries.

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