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REVIEWS OF Pollo Feliz IN New Mexico

Enrique Prangner

If you're lucky, you can actually see the red hot embers used to bring each piece of chicken to charbroiled perfection behind the counter. The sides beautifully compliment the delicious bird. Drive thru or dine in, Pollo Feliz makes me happy.

Joseph Pendergraft

Very great pollo

Marcus Gutierrez

Great flavor

Cristina Ramirez

Chicken was great

Alfredo Ramirez

The chicken flautas were really fresh and my God the chicken is so tender and juicy. The guacamole rice and charro beans are allllll home made. You can tell! I hadn't been here in over 15 years, and believe I'm definitely going back. Great food great customer service.

Blanca Rivera

Been sitting in the drive-thru for almost 25 mins and still have 2 cars in front of me. Its good chicken but it's not worth that long of a wait. Pollo Feliz you need to come up with a better drive thru system.

Estrella Sepulveda

Delicious food. However, the drive thru customer service was horrible!!! Worse part is that it appeared that the rude lady was training a new employee. Also, my order was incomplete but I didn’t bother to go back, especially with with that bad attitude. I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Angel Portillo

Great-tasting chicken. Good service. Reasonable price.

Monserrat Calderon

Love it every time :)

Eric Araiza

Good char on the chicken, great flavor. Sides are also good

Lorenzo Piñon

The chicken is super delicious, the staff is very friendly, the place is kept very clean and service is super fast.

Miguel Barrera

Really gooooood

Cindy Guerrero

The special on Tuesdays and Thursdays are great. Always fresh and delicious.

Jorge Rodas

The food is good but the place has too many flies and is not clean


Best chicken out there. Also sides are good. They offer a salad bar free of charge. You get your food fast. Inexpensive, very clean and spacious. Great location.

Martin Maese

Chicken was old and reheated, serves look like they are doing us the favor of taking our order.

Gabe Estrada

Their 2 whole chicken special fed us for 3 days! DELICIOUS

Orlando M.

Very nice place to dine in at, I come here with the family every so often. The food portions for the meals are big enough, they also have a salad bar where you can get as much as you want (from salad, sauces, ranch, Chile, cebollas, and oranges). The staff has always been friendly and courteous, I've never had a problem here thus far, and the place is also kept clean, the only bad thing is that the parking lot is a little small so sometimes it's difficult to find a spot, which there's really not much they can do about it at this point though, other than that its great.

Brissa Chaparro

Is always cold inside . The cashier are so rude. Food is good.

Alejandra Fierro

Was the only car on drive thru and waited over 20 minutes. Employees were laughing, and talking to each other, and just standing there doing nothing. When we arrived home our food was cold. Very disappointed.

Hugo Flores

Great food and great service!

Jonathan Ambriz

Great food and great servings!

Jak Khawk

Average dry chicken house

Claudia Holguin

I love this place, everything is delicious. My favorite place to eat chicken. It's clean, fast,


Not bad. Better than I expected


This is grilled chicken NOT Rotisserie, so don’t expect juicy chicken, it’ll be dry if you prefer dry this is sum delightfully dry chicken sides are okay nothing out the ordinary but those flour tortillas will make you slap your momma for not making her’s as good. That flower shop next door comes in handy if you need flowers for your sugga momma.

Manuel Olivas

Best grilled chicken in El Paso

Ryan Akiki

The Chicken is fantastic worth the 25 minute drive from the north east.

Veronica Ramirez

Love it!! Service not bad it could improve.

Maria Arnoldesen

Eric Mildon

Great food. Mediocre service. It never fails if you come in between 8:30 PM and 9:00 PM, when they close, that they will be out of chicken and will not even offer to warm any up for you. One night I watched employees boxing up a bunch of chicken and walking it out to their cars, but would not sell me any. My only gripe with this place. Great food, when you can get it.

alfredo tovar

They should smile more!

Belinda P

LOVE the grilled chicken

Perla Avilez

The pollo always good flavor...but salad bar very small people are always getting mad to each other.

Francisco Lopez

Chicken with a lot of flavor . Try the nopales

Diana Diana

Terrible terrible customer service. Got a miserable portion for $12 two tiny wings and what would be considered a leg and thigh . $12 it was pathetic and grotesque and definitely not worth the wait . The girl at the drive-thru was extremely rude and obnoxious. I can hear her screaming at the people before me telling them that the wait was going to be 20 to 30 minutes. You figure she would have been in a better mood considering she had a boutonniere with money on it assuming it was her birthday. So rude an inconsiderate wouldn't answer any questions that I had because I was asking her in English as if I was insulting her and all she did was respond in Spanish. I felt badly for the girl who came to the window to apologize. Will never ever spend a dime in this place again! Save your money go to Sam's and get a rotisserie chicken for $4 you definitely get better customer service by far and more for your money

Derrick S

Best food in the area and great price.

Maria King

Best chicken ever.

Johnny Hernandez

The food is delicious, just they have small portions on the combo meals.

_Stupid Aesthetics_

When I got there, it was all clean and organized. And the chicken thoooooo. It was sooo juicy and it took a short time to cook or serve idk, but if you have a craving for som juicy chicken, then this is the place I recommend. Also the bathrooms are cleaned to but need some fixing, but hey nobody bathroom is soo clean.

John Hernandez

Vanessa Quintana

I don't know how or what they do to this chicken but it's delicious. It's juicy and seasoned perfectly. I ordered the #5 which is a whole chicken and two sides (corn and fries) it comes with salsa, tortillas (both the flour and corn are delicious) and they have a salad bar where you can take salad ingredients, too. It was about $23 and it is a lot of food. I highly recommend it.

Anna Miranda

Delicious chicken, charro beans, and nopales!

Blue Yeti

The chicken is sum of the best chicken iv ever had, but the fries could be better.

Francisco Nunez

Place was crowded ay 4 pm but were pkeased with the food.

Araceli & Gabe Estrada

2 Chicken special fed us for 3 days!!

Arianna Duenez

This place definitely has the best chicken in El Paso! They also serve some of the most delicious arroz, nopales and frijoles as well as some mouth watering desserts.The environment is great and people here are always friendly and always go above and beyond to meet customers expectations and requests! My family has been coming to eat at this place for years and will definitely continue to do so

Alma R O

Bad customer service poor bar of salsas and place is dirty. But chicken is good

Jorge Garza

The best taste in El Paso for authentic mexican style pollo al carbón

Isaac Mendoza

Food Is delicious. But drive thru staff not so friendly

Rudy Villalobos Jr

Good food if you like cold chicken! It's colder inside than outside. Your food will definitely get cold before you finish. They claim the owner says don't turn of AC because salad bar can spoil so the customer suffers especially during winter cold weather. Buy a salad bar cooler and keep your customers happy!

Araceli Perez

The chicken is good but it ridiculous that they gone one tiny salsa for two chickens! For the what they charge we should get more.


Pollo feliz makes your belly happy.

La Aguila Gasolina

Good chicken, but sides and tortillas were bad. The "charro beans" were not charro beans, they were only beans. Rice was hard and tortillas were cold and hard. When they started sweeping the dust got airborne and we're careless about it.

Maria Christina Wilke

Food tastes good. The place is filthy. They do not clean the tables or clear things off the tables. The bathroom had no soap in the dispenser. The tea was not great. We did not wait long for them to bring the food out.

Valerie Macias

Great Mexican charbroiled chicken! The staff are happy and friendly. The place is clean. The salsa bar has plenty of flavorful variety. The tortillas are good. The rice and beans taste just like grandma makes them. And you get a lot of food for your dollar. Can't say a bad word about this place.

Monica Infante

Very good chicken

Izzy Andrade

Delicious!!! The salsa is one of a kind and tortillas are freshly made! The chicken and corn were incredible!

Nilda Padilla

Pretty good chicken but can't give it a 5 because drive-thru takes long time and sometimes messes up your order

Sylvia Fabela

Delicious grilled chicken. I enjoy their Tuesday and Thursday special!!

Marie Destine

Food is delicious

Mickey Mancill

Awesome food!

rickstir71 rickstir71

We got this today for dinner and were extremely disappointed with the service. First, we pulled up for drive thru and were waiting for almost 10 minutes and the line was not moving so I decided to get off. I get in line inside and basically the same story. I should've walked away but unfortunately this is the only charbroiled chicken place around here. The girl finally takes my order so I'm assuming this won't take long.... But I was wrong. I waited for my food for a good 15 minutes. Keep in mind that the place wasn't even crowded... I was literally standing there looking at the employees "work" and I couldn't believe how clueless they were with no sense of urgency whatsoever. The girl taking the orders for both dine in and drive thru was simply doing that but very slow. The female making the tortillas was just doing that. The guy roasting the chickens was singing and taking his sweet time doing his thing but the whole time they were all chitchatting, laughing and dilly dallying without a single care for customer service. Don't get me wrong, the food was great and always is, but customer service to me is what makes me want to go back... Guess who's not going back? So if you want good service, definitely go somewhere else. Very disappointed. Not even a "we're sorry for the long wait" which to be honest might have made this outcome different.

Jesus Moncada

Delicious roasted chicken with Mexican sides, toreados, and plenty of more!

chimolero chiles

Not so good , chicken hard ,no flavor

Ginger Boreyko

Love their chicken and sides!!!

omar pz

Great chicken. Long waits. So so busy all the time. Food is worth the wait

Bertha Herrera

Food is delicious, the nopalitos need a little tweaking but the service is awesome.

King is Cracked

Chicken is really delicious !!!

Valeria Guerra

The food is great However the employee's lack a lot of customer service. This has been the 2nd time they tried to deny a to go order at 8:30 when there is half an hour till they close because they want to get out by 9:00 p.m. exactly.

adan c hernandez

Good chicken the chicken is good there but they need to work on the products for the bar they always run out of utensils condiments and all kinds other knickknacks the manager has to work on that a little bit more

David Akers

The flauta plate were great

Juan Cháirez

Delicious chicken. This is mexican style chicken with a taste like no other chain restaurant in the U.S.

Rick Flores

Second best chicken only to Bush's!!!


Check-in is good but it lacks spices. The combo is priced fairly the homemade Fresh Tortillas are cooked here at the restaurant and the Frijoles Charros are not bad corn on the cob is good too overall it's okay.

ricardo vergara

Good food but chickens are small

Alicia Robles

Super tasty food and amazing deals. Highly recommended if you need something quick to go.

Henry Garcia

Wow great chicken honestly good god some nice flavors didn’t expect this one you tricky tricky devil you

Michelle De La Cruz

The chicken it's very good bit the service not to good I wait 35 minutes to get my order

Marcos Rosa Santiago

Simple and good budget place to eat.

Juan Machado

That is a good Mexican stile

Brian Ojeda

Excellent chicken, good flavor always packed

Cristina Nares

Good chicken, good service

Rosa Ruiz

Good food

Robert R

Good food, good prices. You won't leave hungry.


Service nit so great, the chicken was good

Marco sanchez

good fresh food

Susana Contreras

I love this chicken and the fact that they have salad for you to take. The downside is that on orders to go, they don't give you a good size container for the veggies.

Chuck Briones

I have been waiting for my Pollo 45 minutes, very unorganized service.They served 3 guest before me.

Carlos Cham

The chicken at this place is amazing. Some of the best chicken out there hands down

Daniel De La Torre

The best place for pollo asado, on the grill.

Nivia Garcia

Pollo happy. The name says it all.

Jerry Ruiz

The chicken is soooo dry! And the sides are even worse. The place looks very unkempt and dirty. So many flys everywhere. I keep passing by it so I decided to try it but no, never eating there again. Prices are expensive. Cheap eating here. Perhaps your experience might be better but I can’t recommend it. Please do something about all the flys!!!!

Debbie Ybarra

This place is fantastic

Susan Rajabi

I'm driving down N. Zaragoza. I pass Canes, Chik-filet, Hawaiian Barbecue, Whataburger, but convinced myself to eat healthy and then I spotted El Pollito Feliz! Grilled chicken. I ordered the 2 piece with 2 sides. The pinto charro beans were hard! The rice was extra salty and the chicken was a small thigh and an itsy bitsy leg. So disappointed. 10.00 freaking dollars! I could kick myself cause any of the other ones would have been 10 times better and cheaper!

Fred Rivera

It sure beats fried chicken. Nice flavor.

Daniel Garcia

Better than don carbon

jessica pinales

Great grilled chicken. Good flavor and zero fat.

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