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551 W Cordova Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505, United States

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REVIEWS OF Paper Dosa IN New Mexico

Snowcha Design

Seriously this is the best Southern Indian restaurant I've been. The food is flavorful, savory, and succulent. Awesome services, friendly staff (and people eat there), and great atmosphere. We always get Mango salad, Mushroom Uttapam, and Lamb curry... One of our top 5 favorite restaurants in Santa Fe.

Nathan Anderson

You'd have to be mostly dead to not love this food. My daughter spent a year in Tamil Nadu, and she says this is the best, most authentic food she's found in the USA.

Brennan Nance

The best Indian restaurant I’ve been to hands down. It’s unique though, not your cookie cutter Indian plates. They mix it up quite a bit and they do it so well. Highly recommended.

Chris Groh

Ordered the spicy basil dosa and it was delicious.

Brian Yapko

Reasonably good food, albeit overpriced, and reasonably good service but in a hipster rather than Indian milieu. This is great if you're in your 20's and you like loud and crowded. But if you're older, not so much. My food was tasty if inauthentic but my dinner companion's food was improperly prepared and caused him some serious distress. It's hard to trust an Indian restaurant where no one is actually from South Asia. But from the line to get in, most patrons seem to have no issue with enjoying their food. But for myself, I'd prefer a more honest and relaxing experience rather than the hype at this place.

Wanda Perez

The cuisine is southern Indian, not all the heavy Indian sauces typical of northern Indian. The food is excellent. Wonderful flavors. Great with Taj Majal beer. Prices were quite modest especially for such great food. Went with a group of friends and absolutely loved it. Doses, chutneys, appetizers, curries...we had one of each and we liked each and every one of the dishes we had. A true gem. Will be back next spring break. Make reservations.

Sunita Kharel

Great Indian food in Santa fe. We ordered Lamb pepper curry $20 which was very good and spicy and can be shared with 2 people. Chennai chicken curry $9 comes in a good size bowl and can be shared with up to 3 people. Parking is a problem in this location and it gets pretty busy after 6:30pm on weekends.

TJ Jasso

Wow service was great, food was delicious hardly had to wait for our order. Highly recommend this place to eat if and when you are in Santa Fe.

Debbie Widrick

Excellent food and service!

Penelope Jacks

Best Indian food I've ever had. Not terribly expensive

binoy dev

Delicious food around...

CAM Murphy

One of Santa Fe's finest restaurants! The food is delicious and looks beautiful, too. Excellent customer service, too. Can't wait to get back there!

yeny flores

The dosas are huge! Definitely more of a two person meal. They came with two sauces to dip and a lentil soup. It. Was very good.


Amazing food. I loved the Dahi vada... Too good... Must go...

Abhi Sivasailam

This is perhaps the best Indian restaurant in America. Artful, restrained fusion executed on top of studied execution of the authentic roots of South Indian cuisine. I didn't have a single disappointment.

Jessie M

This place is outstanding! The food and service are worth every moment we spent looking for parking.

Rob G.

I’ve eaten in this place a few time. Good customer service, great food. I bit too noise on weekend nights. After India House, this is my 2nd favorite Indian restaurant in New Mexico. Highly recommend!

Andrew N Bre

The food did not knock my socks and the lamb had a bad texture.

Justin Garoutte

I had the spicy basil dosa, and it was so good. The service was great, as well. You can tell they work as a team. I'm totally bringing my husband here tomorrow night!

pooja bhakta

Always had best experience with Paper dosa. The nice crisp dosa and chutneys are yummy. Authentic South Indian food. ❤️❤️

sudha Ananthakrishnan

Always feel home. No words. Best south indian food in town.

Doug Garfinkel

Paper Dosa does superb South Indian food. Flavors are varied and distinct, with sufficient spiciness while keeping the heat balanced with other flavors. Very relaxing ambience and friendly service round out the picture. We are fans of Dosa in San Francisco, but I think Paper Dosa is the better restaurant.

Ken Coenen

Delicious food, ice cold beer, great service.

Abba Corliss

I'd never even heard of a dosa before my friend brought me for dinner... But, I am certain I won't soon forget! Fabulous food, ambiance, and service!

Dianne Ryan

Great food but always very loud!

Kapil Khanal

The wait hours is really long and the people don’t have any good estimation of wait time. They ask us to wait for 45 min and he had to wait around 90 min. We were there to have dosa, but after 80 min they said its over. Worst experience for waiting.

Aaron Girdner

My wife and weren't familiar with Southern Indian cuisine, so we thought we'd check this place out. Honestly, I the portions were good, if a bit pricey. But literally everything we got had cilantro in it, whether it stated it on the menu or not (I ordered specifically to try to avoid it). I've tried to like cilantro over the years, but ufortunately, I'm one of those people for whom it tastes like soap. My wife likes cilantro, but thought her meal wasn't particularly flavorful, especially for Indian. I didn't really enjoy my meal and we won't be going back there any time soon.

Mike Blumenthal

Some of the best southern Indian food that I have had... the flavors were unusual, the presentation was fantastic and the pricing was reasonable. The table service was fast. Maybe the table service was too fast so if you are looking for a romantic evening, order one dish at a time.

Anil Kc

Amazing dosa place. Most of their dishes are quite tasty and picturesque. You cannot go wrong with any dosas.

William Sauro

There's a reason why there's a line out the door at this excellent South Indian restaurant. Come early and enjoy a remarkable selection of Dosas and Curry dishes in a modern space. Good service and HUGE portions make this a real value winner. Several dishes also incorporate New Mexico chilies for heat, which is a clever touch.

Abby Rosenstein

Excectionally tasty south Indian food, humongous unbelievably thin and crisp 'paper' dosas. Loved the crisp okcra, and the beautiful peach and avacado salad, and the tasty stews and chutneys.

David Early

It is fantastic. The food is delightful and scrupcious, the service perfect. A wonderful experience.

Lisa Russell

Best Indian food ever

Rachel Overmier

I have been here twice, and each time I have been incredibly impressed with just about everything at this restaurant. The food is phenomenal, seriously, I have yet to find a bad menu item. The lamb curry had so much flavor, but be warned it is spicy! The wait staff are very talented, and good at recommending wine to go with your dish. The beer list is also extensive. My friend from south India said this is the closest to home cooking she has found since coming to the states.


Clean and comfortable place with delicious food

Marion Montgomery

Indian fusion somewhat successful.

Hilary DeVries

The idli fries were Out. Of. This. World! Loving the new menu additions.

James Goodman

Great south Indian food and friendly service. It can be a little loud in the restaurant, but the cuisine is unique and appealing. Not recommended for the faint of tongue, as most of the menu is at least moderately spicy. Prices are about what you'd expect of a Santa Fe small business; slightly higher than average, but within reason. Overall, a pleasant dining experience.

Amit Grover

The South Indian restaurant in the southern US

Chitra Patil

Like an oasis in the desert, good South Indian food join in Santa Fe. The best chai I have had when compared to food haven Bay area.

Douglas Brenner

Consistently flavorful with a kool atmosphere. Usually crowded but worth it.

Adam Carr

I only gave it 5 stars because I was not allowed to give them more.

Carole Goeller

My favorite restaurant in Santa Fe. Everything is divine and always consistent. Service is always pleasant and attentive. the only thing they could improve would be to open for lunch!

Bobby W Widmar

Wonderful Indian food at very reasonable prices. Fast and efficient service.

David Sweeten

Amazing food and super friendly staff!

jai tom

Never carry out!!!!! You won’t get sides:( I just had 4 dosa to carry out. No sides of 2 orders Horrible experience

Becky Scaduto

All vegetarian dosa options can be made vegan. There’s options for the less adventurous too like a paneer and chile dosa so you can take any friends there, regardless of their tastes.

Kitty Katty Cutie

To be really honest, this place deserves 5 stars. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because they had us wait 1.5 hours for a table. But neither the manager nor my group could be blamed. The restaurant only opens for dinner at 5-9 PM, and when it does, it's full already. It's super popular in town, and that's because the food is AMAZING!! Soooooooo yummy!! We aren't from Santa Fe, so we didn't know it gets full this quick, so that's why we had to wait. A local we met told us people get a reservation the day before or two days before if it's around holidays when people travel. Since we didn't know, that's why we had to wait that long. But eventually we got a table and trust me, it was worth it. A lot of people left when they saw the long wait, but personally they missed out. I was this close to leaving as well, but me and my group LOVE dosa, so we stuck around. At least the management gave us 3 appetizers ON THE HOUSE as a reward for our patience. And my, were they tasty. I highly recommend this place. If you love South Indian cuisine as much as I do, this place will be great for you to go to. If you've never had any Indian food other than curry, come here and you will fall in love with the cuisine of the South(of India hahaha) **MAKE SURE TO MAKE A RESERVATION BEFORE YOU GO SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT.(ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A GROUP GREATER THAN TWO.) I wouldn't risk it, but if you are a single person, or two, you may be able to get a spot without a reservation, but still you should reserve a spot the day before.*** *Re:edit: update: I decided it deserved 5 stars! And also I believe there are several vegan options as well as many vegetarian and meat/fish options.***

Nick Denissen

Our go-to restaurant when friends visit from out of town. Never disappoints

Rosemma Adams

I am so in love with Paper Dosa. As someone who loves flavor, is vegan, and also has to be gluten free, this place is a DREAM COME TRUE. I would come every week if I could. The meals are typically two portion sizes, and are great warmed up (dosa in the frying pan). Their menu changed since I last went and now I am even more excited about Paper Dosa! Their idli fries are AMAZING - getting comforting, fried food that is GF/vegan is a difficult feat to find, even in Santa Fe - and they win! I love the truffle dosa (they added (actually hot) green chile to it for me

Jason Trumpberg

Authentic southern Indian cuisine that also has beers from India. There’s also a great selection of local New Mexico beers. And of course you’ve got to try the large dosa or if you go here. One large dosa is enough for four people, do not order one for each of you.

Miranda Fraass

Just what we needed on a rainy evening.

Jeffrey Hill

Great food and great service

Joey Haight

Excellent Southern Indian food! Highly recommend! I did the tasting menu with asparagus soup, spicy basil dosa, and lamb pepper fry. A little bit different than traditional northern Indian food, but my friends and I really enjoyed it. Really friendly and knowledgeable staff. it's really cool to see the head chef owner through the fishbowl windows of the kitchen. Shrikhand with Strawberry Chutney & Pistachios for desert

Hannah Sochs

Superb food. Great setting. Excellent staff.

Manju Rani

Great place! Really good service and most importantly ambience was just amazing. We sat inside inside as it was little cold gowever outside sitting is even better.

Devin Fraze

The best service I've ever had in my life! I always run out of water at restaurants and have to wait quotes while to get a refill. NOT HERE! I never got below half empty. The server support staff was so attentive at all times! But the wonderful experience didn't stop with service. They had a terrific atmosphere, easily readable and unique menu, and we're cleanly. Last but not least, the food was stupendous! And it came out platted so beautifully. I will come back here every time I am in town!

William Miller

Food is amazing! The Rasam was my favorite.

Phaedra Culley

This place is beautiful. I would like to see more vegetarian options and more curry options. The chutney was excellent!

Scott Cereghino

This place was great. Very very kid helpful. The owner was super sweet. And the food was excellent! Thank you very much

Sam Lundberg

It's just all so flavourful and delicious. Cannot recommend enough getting a couple dosas to share and trying everything. Seriously, go here!

Todd Morris

Awesome dosas! Great food with a few unique twists, too. Nice atmosphere, indoor or patio seating, and great service.

Allison Greene-Wall

The giant doses are wonderfully crisp and soft in texture! Perfect for scooping up the spicy treats. The chicken curry was phenomenal. Elevated Indian cousine at its finest! And an awesome, helpful wait staff makes for a wonderful dining experience!

Sentimental N

Delicious food, flavorful and spicy. The habanero chutney is deceivingly spicy and the dishes are an explosion of flavor. This place is pricey though, so be prepared. It's fun to come with a group so you can try lots of different dishes

Jolene Duran

I love this place! The food is delicious and it's fun to the eat the dosa. I only wish it was open for lunch too!

Annette and Steve Parks

Incredible food... fabulous service...

grace lawrie

This is my absolute favorite Santa Fe restaurant. I have some dietary restrictions - primarily I'm gluten free and vegan and they are so accommodating. Their dosas are huge, delicious, reasonably priced and the service is always great. I can't recommend this place enough.

hariharan dandapani

I am from south India avid lover of Dosa, lived on it all my life. I have to say they had the best dosa outside India and probably one of best anywhere. On top the taste of chetinad lamb dish stayed with for a long time. If you are around Santa Fe do visit them!

Adrian Mondragon

Used to think this was 5 stars. Disappointing lately, with bland food.

Vishal Verma

Excellent food, service, and presentation! This was some of the best South Indian food I've had in the mid/southwestern US. The servers were polite, knowledgeable and friendly, the food authentic, and the ambiance and presentation striking. Would definitely go back whenever I visit Santa Fe.

Nicholas Toll

Yet again, came over here in some kind of melancholic mood, and got fixed right up. Something about this place is so comforting, nourishing, uplifting. The flavors of the food and the loveliness of the staff just cheer me right up every time. THANK YOU

Luna Haselbauer

Amazin eating experience!


Great place to eat. I also highly recommend the salty lemon soda.

Krishna Patel

Great food and quick too

Margaret Zenn

Ordered take took forever. When i checked on my order it was sitting on a side was cold. The dosa was half burnt and half undercooked.

Bill Nebraska

Food was very good. Portions too large.

Nathan Hayes-Rich

they serve crepes in the form of a rolled up carpet. unparalleled genius

Alex Kauffman

We are from the Bay Area and we love Indian food! This was an amazing experience well worth the 35 minute wait. Service was fast and the waiters/waitresses were very friendly. The Spicy Basil Dosa is to die for (I got emotional when it came to the table), along with the shrimp curry!! Highly recommend

Debbie Padilla

Delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff. Will definitely be back.

Richard Chong

Had dinner with my friends. We each ordered different dishes. All were beautiful. Generous portions. We each asked for takeout containers. Dinner Entrees were $11.00-$18.00. Restaurant was busy. Full capacity the entire time I was there.

Laura Cahill Harkrider

Great service and food.

C. Diane Campbell

Best Indian cuisine in town.

A.k. Iyer

Best dosa outside of India. Came here on a road trip with family from India, they were amazed at how good the dosa and other items were including the bhel appetizer. Incredible Mysore dosa, please eat here to know good dosa.

Kevin Lenkner

If you love Indian Food but looking for something different, try Paper Dosa in Santa Fe. Vegetarians rejoice! Lots of choices!!! Must try the Bombay Sliders and one of the Dosa items. The only "bad" thing about this place is that it is always busy. Lucky for us takeout is available and this service was fast. This is a must do on your next visit to Santa Fe!!!

Mills O'Connor

I enjoyed the peach & avocado salad, it was terrific. I also had a prawn entree that was amazing, it made me smile instantly.I think this is a great place to eat. My companion had a corn soup she loves. Everyone raves about paper dosa. I liked our server, comfortable interior, pretty outdoor area as well. Fair prices.

Thomas Farish

The dosa is large(!) and paper thin. Nice sauces, well spiced. The chicken appetizer made a good meal with the salads, and there was plenty to share.

Craig Jack

Great food again

Ashley Marsh

Whatever you decide to order be prepared to be satisfied! This place is busy busy busy for dinner on the weekend nights but the wait is worth it. The basil dosa, vegetable curry and pakoras are my favs. Treat yourself to a sweet and salty lemon soda and thank me later.

Dave Taggart

If not the, than at least one of the very best Indian restaurants in New Mexico. Service was prompt after a very short wait, staff were incredibly courteous and happy to help navigate the menu. Arrive early, this is a popular destination and deserves every inch of it's reputation.

Orion Stradford

The Food was really good. We ordered various different plates and shared amongst our group. Everything was good. The chai had very strong flavoring of cardamom and ginger, which some may think is overpowering, but I enjoyed many cups of it. The ambience was nice as well. The staff were friendly, other patrons appeared pretty hip, the design of the place was pretty cool. Overall really good experience at Paper Dosa.

Govardhan Kotha

Tasty food but wait time was more.

Adam Carter

This place was the best place I ate at while I was in New Mexico for 2 weeks. The staff and management was very helpful to a person who loves different kinds of foods especially spicy. They directed me to a great meal and a drink to compliment it. I returned one more time before I left to go back home.This is honestly one of the best places I have eaten at in my life. I am thankful for the experience and the great care they take in creating wonderful food! If you are visiting Santa Fe, this place is an absolute must. You will not be let down if you enjoy this type of food.The price was very reasonable as well for the quality of the food. Such complex tastes that just go so well together. These people take great care in the art that is their passion. GREAT FOOD :)

Sumant Suvarna

Good place for authentic Indian food

Tipan Verella

Get the Spicy Basil Dosa

Dick Wimberly

Great food , great atmosphere and lot of gluten free items on menu.

Angie Schneider

Service was outstanding! Thank you, Philip! Food was absolutely amazing! Highly recommend!!

Katie Hettinger

Wonderful southern Indian food great for sharing. Staff was charming and efficient.

Steven Levesque

Great service and delicious food. I recommend Paper Dosa to everyone who visits Santa Fe.


Great flavors. For dining in, get in line early. Nice hidden gem well worth it.

Karen B

Excellent food and service

James Mckinney

Was higly rated in a town with a ton of great restaurants and the rating was well earned. Everything was perfect from the food to the beer pairing that was suggested to the service. We stopped in for dinner at a fairly early time and by the time we left there was a line forming out the door so my suggestion is to get there early.

sean hizny

Delectable, complex flavors, and friendly staff to help you find something you'll truly enjoy. Dense, dark and delicious food with many lighter options as well. It's hard to overstate how big the dosas are, visualize a man hole cover rolled up ;-)


Dosa here is just fabulous. All india chef here and you get authentic South Indian food

Estevan Gonzales

Amazing Indian food Huge Dosa and fantastic service. We sat at the bar and had Christine as our waitress/bartender. She was very helpful, polite and had a friendly disposition. It is always a refreshment to find ones like her who understand what customer SERVICE really is! Thank you for a memorable meal. As a caution if you order the dishes extra spicy the ingredient to boost the heat is a habanero chutney which is on Fire!!! Ask for it on the side


We loved the food here when we were visiting Santa Fe to the extent my wife wanted us to stay back the next day till this restaurant opened and she could buy some food from here. I was surprised to see a few negative reviews. We know South Indian food and this is top notch. If you do not like South India food you should try the East-West fusion food (not the Indian stuff) this restaurant offers. Downside - the restaurant gets filled very quickly after it opens, which is testimony to the quality of the food. Courteous service.

Chris Moseman

Food tastes great, filling portions. However, there always seems to be a wait, and my stomach usually gets very upset after eating here.

Lars Ulrik Wacher Hansen

Not you typical Indian food. Very refreshing. Love the Masala Dosas. May be the biggest I have seen. Also they the calamari appetizer. Surprisingly good beer, cider and mead selection!

Kristine Gadberry

So Goood! I really liked the kambucha ale and the veggie Currie <3 very cute place

John Pianezze

In the United States almost all Indian food comes from North India that it's unusual to find South Indian food such as at paper dosa. this place is always busy, the food is always good, the service is usually pretty good, and the prices are fair.

Sergio Morales

You might as well get the gigantic Paper Dosa for the full experience. My wife had the shrimp curry and it was delicious and had plenty of shrimp in it. The South Indian Chai Tea has some spice to it and it was also a nice hot treat.

Atanu Barai

The place is good to hangout. Paper Dosa wad also good to me. But not like super delicious.

Stephen Pederson

Came for dinner based on recommendations from several folks, the food is pretty good, and all the staff were very nice. Expect a short wait on weekend nights. From the reviews and recommendations, we were expecting pretty amazing food, but we were slightly disappointed in the variety of the menu and overall quality of the food, again, it was just pretty good. Overall experience was good, we would eat here again.

Addie F

The food was excellent, BUT we received poor service which is disappointing as it ruined the vibe of what could possibly be an excellent spot. Our waitress did not come back after ordering until I notified a hostess that we had been sitting without water and needed more sauce. *I do believe a manager was standing next to the hostess as he asked where we were sitting, but never visited to inquire* My partner was finished with his meal sitting with a dirty plate as I sat watching my dinner get cold. Frustrated, I decided to take the rest of my meal home. I was also charged for extra sauce and not given a container so it sat untouched. The disappointing part is that our waitress, Marie, visited the table next to us numerous times asking if they needed anything not acknowledging us. She was quick to get her ticket though. As an out of towner I was hoping to try new things...this is one I'd skip.

Taylor Redding

5 star way to top off a 5 star day! Food, drinks, and service were all excellent!

Christi Hille

Paper Dosa is one of my favorite dinner spots in Santa Fe. I love how the simple wine and beer list compliments their stream lined menu. This is also a great place to indulge with multiple courses because while the food is filling it's not overly heavy and you can get quite a few amazing dishes for a great deal.

Michelle Whitelonis

If you've never had dosas before, go here! Delicious food with great service to match. We'll be eating here again next time we're in Santa Fe.

Notee van Bro

little pricey, but good stuff as far as I can tell

Karwan Zan

Amazing dosas, curries, and drinks. Although the wait was about 40 minutes to be seated, it was well worth it! The owner/executive chef even came over to thank us for visiting his establishment. 5 stars all around!

Dona Genarto

They won't split the checks based on how much you ordered. We had a party of 5 and I ended up paying 3 times as much as I ordered because we had to split the check evenly.

Juan Diaz de Leon

Dear Santa Fe, Meow Wolf is cool but Paper Dosa is out of this world. I would recommend the lamb dosa. Also, this place is a friend of the GF/celiacs people. Best Indian food ever!

Joseph Alden

The best and most authentic Indian food I've ever had. The also have hard kombucha! I can't recommend this place more highly!

Meg O'Brien

Mm good. Go early

Glen Sanchez

Absolutely amazing! Delicious food, super friendly staff, and affordable prices.

niyati patel

I highly recommend this restuarant for south Indian food. Very authentic ambience and food. Lots of vegetarian and vegan options . Staff is very friendly. It is must visit restaurants if you visit Santa fe. Chef combined local ingredients to make Indian cuisine. Each chutney has distinct flavour and not over peering with spice so you can enjoy the taste .

Archit Joshi

Excellent food and service

Julie Weiss

Beyond good and creative Indian food & and excellent service. Don't miss it!


Never disappointed but you must get there early or else its a wait. Its our go to spot for dinner.

Vivek Ghate

We are currently on a vacation in Santa Fe and we went to dine at Paper Dosa last night. I can tell you that this dosa was one of the best I’ve ever had ( and I’ve had quite a few dosas on account of being Indian, and LOVING Indian food). The service was also great (shout-out to Richard, our server). The restaurant itself was packed but it felt like a home, so you wouldn’t mind the crowd. Overall, great dining experience, and definitely a must-eat-at if you ever come to Santa Fe

Virginia Williams

The food is amazing and even my son has something he enjoys. The flavors are so interesting and I always get a salted lemon soda. We've never waited less than 40 minutes for a table though, so be prepared to wait.

XC 87505

I would highly recommend this restaurant. Nice comfortable sophisticated Indian Food. Try the White Truffle Masala dosa and the chutneys. Excellent!

F. Arable

Paper Dosa is an outstanding South Indian restaurant. (I'm originally from South India and it really tastes like home cooking.) The Owner and Executive Chef was originally the Executive Chef of DOSA on Fillmore in San Francisco, which was routinely voted on of the best restaurants (not just one of the best Indian restaurants) in San Francisco. When I took my Mom in, she went into the kitchen to thank him and saw that they grind all the masalas from whole dried and fresh spices every day, just like a high-level private chef would do in India. The flavors are really authentic, and I'm so glad we have this amazing place in New Mexico. They only take reservations for parties of 6 or more, so it's best to arrive early, say, 20 minutes before they open, if you don't want to wait in line.

sathari khalsa

Always good. Nothing beats a dosa

Diego Colom Steele

Excellent food, nice atmosphere and good prices. Some of my Indian friends love it as well so highly recommended.

Mark Kendrick

This has become my wife's favorite restaurant and I'd have to agree it's pretty awesome. The different dosas are so flavorful and make for a unique dining experience.

Trang Vu

Good Indian food.

Steve Beecraft

The food was excellent I'm a carnivore and I enjoyed the meatless entrees fully. The wet staff is very good. Prices are the best part Very good food and economical as well.

arsath ayup

Hi sir am arsath from karaikudi i saw ur restaurant video it was soo good

Ashley Leong

My husband and I just enjoyed the Mushroom Uttapam and the Spicy Basil Dosa. We were wowed at the taste of our meal. We were just in Kerala, India, and I have to say that I think the food here was better than in India because it tasted so fresh!

ritz ritwika

I went here after a recommendation from a fellow Indian. The masala in the truffle dosa was delicious, and so was the jeera soda. The lamb keema was amazing. The staff were super helpful as well. There might be a bit of a wait for big parties so I would suggest getting a reservation. All around a solid South Indian spot.

Ed Ogle

First time I have tried South Indian food. Love it!

Olivia Savell

Paper Dosa was a fabulous find. Dosa is the Indian subcontinent's version of the french crepe. It is made from lentils in a fermented batter. It is somewhat similar to a crepe like in appearance. We recently had the opportunity to go here for dinner, reservations are not accepted unless its for a party of six or more. Hostess was very accommodating, we had a twenty minute wait but we were able to get drinks in the waiting area. The food presentation was excellent and everything delicious. The staff was wonderful and flexible with food pairings. Yes this is a great restaurant for southern Indian cuisine and a very popular Santa Fe eatery. Highly recommended.

Tom McDermott

Fabulous food and very good service. Souh Indian cooking you won't find anywhere near. Arrived early. Fills up fast.

Mehmet Kutsal

The best food you’ll find in Santa Fe! If you like Indian food, you’ll keep going back. I took some friends there recently and one of the gents was a very pick eater and skeptical. Now he’s a convert and can’t wait to come back to Santa Fe to eat there again

Lauren Thompson

This place is super tasty and unique! I have not tried a single thing on their menu that I haven't liked. But, because it's so popular, there is a bit of a wait time, but it's definitely worth it. My personal favorite is the Bangalore chicken curry.


Paper Dosa is a total gem. The fall meun was a real treat. The butternut squash and brussel sprout Poriyal and prawn moilee were delicious. In fact the moilee was the best curry I have ever had! Treat yourself to mango lassi!!!

Jared Jones

Really good, had the tasting menu and the portions were huge!

Aralia Rose

Great dosas, excellent service & atmosphere. Arrived around 6 on a weekday and though the restaurant was crowded, was seated and served quickly. Leaving at 7:15, there was a line out the door. Folks who don't want to wait in line might want to check busy times for this restaurant.

Bob Martin

Exceptional restaurant! Paper Dosa is a wonderful blend of Indian and Santa Fe cuisine. The menu is long and full of options. We asked for recommendations from our waiter and his picks were fantastic. The prawn curry and lamb Dosa were magic!

Bhavisha Patel

For tasty Indian food, this is a solid bet. If you go early, there are long waits but it slows down after 730pm. After waiting 45 minutes, our service was par. We asked for spicy prawns and all they did was add the habanero chutney in there made it too hard to eat. The rasmali is a must try. Chai is pretty ok (less milk better). We still gave 20% tip thinking about the young bus staff not our server.

Ceri Sanchez

Paper Dosa is continually busy and rightly so. The food is savory, delicious and inventive. I wish they would open up in my city❤❤

Langston Tiller

It was the best place I have eaten in a long time and I am 13 so yeah

Samden Lhatoo

Authentic South Indian fare with just a small western twist. Works super well.

Sanjay Vora

Great Indian restaurant. Dosa's are excellent. Very friendly staff. Definitely return next yime we are in Santa Fe.

Amrit Bhandal

Disgusting food and literally a guy working drinking beer in the kitchen

Elizabeth Peters

Outstanding Southern Indian food served beautifully in a lovely place. The server offered us a taste when we inquired regarding the level of spice. Although some dishes are quite spicy, there are many mild choices available. The clientele was a multicultural mixing pot. Definitely worth finding.

Gururaj khalsa

Being a person who lived in India for 9 years, this place gets my approval for quality of the dosas that we got here. The western spin on some of them, such as the green chili cheese dosa was actually good too. The desserts were good. Overall a great place, with only one reservation, it is a little expensive.

Nicole Nez

Very good modern Indian dining experience.

Lewis Shutt

Quite simply, the best Indian restaurant around period. Nuff said!

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