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4040 Pan American Fwy NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107, United States

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REVIEWS OF Main Event Albuquerque IN New Mexico

Felipe Holguin

Good place, needs more arcade games. Many games here are to win item prizes which really eat up the points on game cards. Has a nice jungle gym but it costs to much. But bowling is exceptional. Food is good and reasonable, But some items are expensive.

Greater Goods

Loved the layout. Kids can have fun without feeling like they missed out on anything, even if you're just there for one of the activities. We had a great time and will definitely be back.

Tiffany Halliday

We had our 8 year olds party here and it went rather well, wish it was larger though. They are always so busy when it comes to reserved parties. And their food selection isn't too great. Other than that it went rather well, the kids had a good time.

Andrea Ball

Really enjoyed our time here. Wasn't too busy on a Sunday afternoon. Laser tag is a must. Bowling lanes are new and in good condition. I bit on the noisy side, but not bad. Would go again.

Steve Brooks

It's a fun place to hang out with friends or family, but pretty expensive! It's pretty easy to drop over 100 bucks if you're not paying attention. Laser tag is awesomely fun, as are the gravity ropes.

Aaron Cheromiah

Good food an good customer service too

Lisa R

Service was a little tough to get when ordering at bowling alley. Activities are fun and food is good. Power went out while we were there but management handled it fairly. We would come back.

Abraham Yang

This place is awesome! I was looking for a place near me with laser tag and this place was perfect! I also enjoyed the bowling even though I was not very good at it.

Todd Searle

Clean and fun. If you come.during the middle of the day you can do about anything you want. If you night on the weekends be prepared to wait for certain activities like the ropes course or laser tag.

Rob Cordova

This place is great for company meetings and family get togethers. The food is way above average.

henry quinones

Because Main Event had a great diversity of games to play. And I had a great time with my friends.

Dakota Waterson

I have to say I did have alot of fun at Main Event. The staff was nice and the games were fun. The Lazer tag was definitely much better than Hinkle family fun center! The bowling is also really fun. The venue is very clean and very nice but it is pricey. One of the annoying things that happened was the photo booth took our charge game card to take the picture (charged us 25 credits) then once we took the pictures and wanted to print them it asked for cash???? (Why the photo booth charges you just to take the picture and then again to print it was crazy) also the charge to print it was $15 cash? Seriously 25 credits+ 15 cash is a rip off.

T Mo

Awesome place that just keeps getting better. No complaints ever.

Myron Grant

This is more of a birthday party place than a bowling alley. Most of the time bowling is by time only and cannot be extended even if you are in the middle of a game. There are other fun activities and I am sure kids enjoy it. There is a bar for adults that may want to get away from the party.

Jr G

Solid place to hang out with others. Pizza place, bar, pool, arcade, modern interior, bowling, structure play place, and DDR makes this place a fun few hours easy to do.

Kerry Gashweseoma

Place to be for family enjoyment my 5 yr old loved it. Food side was ok could do the menu up a bit more. Presentation excellent choice were basic.

Jim Bennett

If you like Chuck cheese, you will love this place. A little more secured for watching your rug rats, while they play games. A lot of games keep the kids busy while you have a cooler; whatever that might be, and service is excellent, and so was my pizza. Prices are normal, and fairly priced. Plenty of parking around the building.

Danvert Tom

The food service was horrible, we had a time limit for a birthday party, food was not ready, Manager stated he would return with our food, waited 20 minutes which was over our designed time. Discount was only 10% off, no guest services, hostees was confused on our order, we scheduled a week ahead of time. The entertainment was great, however the ordering was supposed to be ready for our designated time which it was not, seemed like we were rushed to eat get out, after a hour there, no other party showed up. Worst service I experienced for my son. An email will be sent to corp. Dan

BIG D Hernandez

I had a great time, me and my daughter, and I'm 49 and my daughter is 30.Enjoyed the fun

FishinDaisy A

It was okay..very pricey and food portions were very little for a big price!! Way over priced for family fun... Take lots of money when you visit Main Event!!!

Felicia Williams

Very good food! And Todd the bartender was so nice. I even saw an employee wiping down the games. It was pretty cool

Momo Anderson

Was not the greatest first time experience. We went to go bowling, had my kids start to bowl then the system locked up, waited 10 minutes for someone to respond to the intercom call, still no luck. We literally had to find someone on the floor for assistance. Got to finally start playing then the bowling balls got jammed then had to wait again for someone, they then moved us but didn't credit our wait we got to play a whole 27 minutes but paid for an hour. Went to customer service desk the YOUNG lady there asked our total wait time but only wanted to credit 22 minutes for us....I was not having it, so asked for manager on duty and got better treatment, and an apology for the inconveniences. Thank you Leone for your attention to our experience and helping in resolve the issue @ hand. I'm sure our next visit will be better.

Noah Chacon

Service is pretty sub-par, but quit efficient. Not everyone is a fan of menus 75% pizza, but whatever floats the boat. Laser tag attraction could use better monitors and supervision. The air hockey tables are well maintained though, and the facility overall is rather clean

Daniel Lennox

Not the best place in the world, not the worst either. It's clean, somewhat organized. All depends on the group of people you have with you at the time.

Alena Albright

It is my me and my cousins had so much fun the service is decent and it was cheap

Mario Kato

Great place to take the family. Ask about there specials, as you might save a few bucks. The bars is a little pricey. The food and service is really good. We bought a pizza and a few beers. The staff is really friendly and will help you find the best deal,Just ask.

Raymond Woods

Great time... even when things didnt go right the manager was quick to make it right ...great night

Rodney Frederick

We had a work event here. Had fun.

Rick Gabaldon

Our son's mind was made up on having his 11th birthday party here! the booking process was easy. However everything after that was almost a disaster. The greater was unfriendly ( Several of our guest noticed as well) I was told to come early to pay and also bring the cake.. It seemed like no one knew what was going on!! I wanted to add 60 minutes to our (14) guests time cards and Amanda stated they did not due that when they had just added it to another guest card for 10.00! The ONLY THING that was worth my $526.41 was our party host Nick who was outstanding and the only reason why I wouldn't have walked out.. I hope management truly knows that out of all the staff we encountered Nick was by far the only one who cared and had a concept on customer service!! SO THANK YOU!! Martha Gabaldon

Will W

Great place to have some fun out with anyone!!! From 4 to 104 there's domething for everyone!!! The food is excellent and service is amazing!!!!

High IQ gaming

The kids loved it they had an amazing time the place was clean the lines were fast and the staff was friendly

Sara Krycho-Janssen

Awesome place! A great way to spend the day!

Kevin Klein

Cool place to go hang out and have a beer. I personally don't do all the games but if you are in to that they have plenty. I like their bar area it has nice TVs to watch games at. Actually the huge TVs when you are bowling are nice I guess to if you are catching a game while you bowl. It's a cool place I hope it lasts in Albuquerque

Randy Ortiz

Wow! $10 in credits on Sunday equals 1 to 2 games here. We are part of a birthday party and the choice for our host was $5 or $10 cards. I'm glad he sprung for $10 cards each. Wow!


Best plays i've ever been in better than Hinkle and any other game rooms ive been too. Lazer tag was the best out of it all. but some machines were broken like the walking dead one. But thats about it other than that absolutely loved the place. Wish to come back soon!!

Nancy Perez

It's great good experience for baby love it....

Desiree Gonzales

Great for family events my kids loved it

Linz Howell

Wanted to wait to visit multiple times before writing a review, but by far the worst service I have ever experienced. Waited 45 minutes for food in the restaurant area. Moved over to bowling and never saw the server again. Got the wrong drink once as well. Fun games but horrible service during every visit.


Staff was friendly and for 21 bucks we got 4 hours of game play. Over all very happy with our visit

Joseph Ortega

Great family atmosphere. Very friendly staff.

Richard Bliss

Grate place to have fun lazer tag has two floors

Drew Coriz

Me and my girlfriend played an hour of pool was a great time! They have a wide variety of things to do for young and old.

Margarita Aguilar

We had our preschool graduation here. The staff was super amazing and accommodating. We had a large group, and the staff made sure we had plenty of room for everyone. The area was set up nicely. Everyone was friendly and polite. Our preschoolers couldn't do laser tag or gravity ropes, so instead of a $10 game card, they received one with unlimited video games for a few hours. I don't eat pepperoni pizza, so they gave me a personal cheese pizza. They helped give the children a wonderful day. I would absolutely book here again. No complaints.

Meagan May

This place is fairly pricey that's the reason for the 4 stars. However if you're looking for a place that has a ton of fun options for people of all ages, this is the place!! It's super fun and you could literally spend all day there and not get bored. Great staff too!

Shannon Corder

I came here with a small group and was definitely not impressed. A group of seven shouldn’t have to wait almost 45 minutes for a couple of lanes. I was surprised how busy it was on a Wednesday. They ended up squeezing us all into one lane, which made one bowling game for seven people last an hour. Actually, our time ran out on the last players last game and the damn computer shut us off. It is $7 for a beer, reasonable priced food. I do like paying on the computer screen. It speeds up the process so we don’t need to wait on the waiter. Prepare for sensory overload immediately when waking in. Kids running around all over. Loud music, video games, music videos, etc. I had a headache writhing 15 minutes of being there. I doubt I will ever go to an event here again. Long waits for play, children running around wild. Drunk red necks everywhere.

Terri G.

Service was great. The place was fun. Only downside in my opinion was it was very EXPENSIVE !!!

Michael Morad-McCoy

The kids like it and they have a nice eat and drink place for the adults.

Virgie Piasso

Overall the kids enjoyed the arcade games, rope walk, laser tag n bowling. Don't forget the online enrollment to get 30 minutes free play. Bowling shoes $5. Good deal on pizza with drinks. Don't forget to sign up for bowling otherwise you'll be waiting all day. 1st time here hopefully be better prepared 2nd time.

Captain Scarlet

The measure of an arcade is how they take care of problems. The folks here were very quick resolving payment and point problems. The prizes are very good here.

Claudia Florez

Always a great time at main even the hot wings ate good.

Julie Knoblauch

Had fun watching all the kids play, wish there were pitchers of cold drinks for kids at least. Will go back!

Mo Martinez

Had a blast being here enjoying the bowling pit with my family.

Paul Webb

Awesome place to bowl, play pool or video games! And the drinks are top notch, as well...

Darlene Garcia

pricey, food is nasty, but the workers at the front desk, where we purchase our tickets are sweet, kind and helpful. My son lost his 100.00 game card somewhere, and my husband went to the front desk to ask if anyone has turned it in, and a female worker, (didn't get name), handed the game card to my husband. Thank you front desk workers!

Laurie Kaehler

Had a great time with my grandson for his birthday was just him and I. The old and young can enjoy it and the general manager was great. Will definitely go there again

Duke Yazzie

Arcade, bowling, gravity rope course and laser tag that was half of the building spent 4hrs complete fun watching my kids have a blast

Linda Duran

So much fun!!! Took two of my Grandchildren and with the great $7.00 all day bowling and $7.00 all day laser tag we really were able to have a good time. Good food and drinks too.

Dwayne Benallie

This is a great place to pass the time. The arcade is great, the bowling is exceptional and the laser tag is really fun. I enjoy the food and options of beer selection and cocktails at the bar. The staff and service are great and ready to help you make your evening even more enjoyable.

Holdt Garver

It was great. Bowling, a game center and good food make it an enjoyable experience.

kartik h.m.

Fun place but too loud! If you go here continuously for one year your hearing would probably be damaged permanently by 50%!


It was our first time. Went to the Monday mania and did that deal. Was sad to know were playing all those games and no tickets being won. But oh well its different to just play unlimited games. They could turn the volume down just a bit, my ears are still throbbing. And my throat sore from talking so loudly to my kids.

Andrew Abernathy

Ticket shop smelled like feet the last time I went, and a majority of the games are mediocre. I was impressed they started added VR games, but the one I was most excited about was still getting setup. Foods expensive for what it is. I just feel like they could do a bit better.

Joe Britnell

The service was lackluster to say the least. Our server was not very cheerful or helpful. It was our first time there and could not get anyone to explain things. The kids enjoyed it though.


The best place to be with your family and friends. Pool tables

ray hoover

Great and friendly staff with good prices on unlimited play.

Michelle Chavez

Activites for all aged. The staff was helpful. It was very busy but the staff was still friendly. The food was decently priced. The spinach dip was spot on . I would def go back. Special shout out to Chris who made us feel welcomed.

Nettie Lkat

It was our 1st visit and we had a great time. I regret not getting the wristbands at first because we only came for 2 reasons. But after awhile we ended up buying wristbands and it was worth it. Laser tag was fun, just wish there was a bigger reminder that you have to get a ticket before standing in line. Bowling was a lot of fun, great food and service. Arcade had a lot of fun games for both young and older folks. We got decent prizes with our winnings. Better than other places where you can only get small lame stuff. My son was happy with what he chose. With my 10year old, I like Main Event better than D&B's for sure.

Lost Sheep

Pretty good boneless hot wings and tasty pizza (adult beverages are also available). Many things to do here, i enjoy the pool tables and bowling alleys. There are also a wide variety of games for children and a overhead harness walk/"ropes course."


This place needs attention! The laser tag is a joke, over half the guns didn't work. The pool tables are a joke. The sticks are all crooked, the felt is in dire need of replacement, even the current balls have dimples... The games have issues too, especially the basketball game. Wasn't registering the baskets. Then, without notice, they just shut off the power and we lost about $5 in game play. Staff are not friendly. Terrible experience, will not go back. Had corporate people in town and this was our team building night and they, too, were highly unimpressed.

Mario Rodriguez

Place was awesome!. Just wish they had more games for the kids. And not just the bowling. Over all. I had a blast! Thank you Main Event!


The whole family had a great time! There was something to do for everyone! Bowling, games, billiards, food, laser tag, even obstacle ropes. It is a little pricey especially if you have a big family. We LOVED the wizard of Oz game! They have cute prize options. Worth it over all.

Buck Buckner

Fun place. We had a small party there. Everyone had a ball. Very spacious. Cool fun layout. Far better than miniature Busters.

Candice Trujillo

The kids enjoy coming here. It's nice because we all get to enjoy ourselves

Wyatt Nolen

Great place! I enjoy the machines, but the SpongeBob Coin Machine breaks regularly, as it does in all locations with it. The food isn't terrible and the prices are reasonable. Would return!

Kris Heyler

Love the food, the things to do, the drinks, and the staff!!! Always a very fun time there, day or night. Highly recommended!!!!

Josh Gonzales

Really don't understand why the bar has minimal staffing at all times. There is always a line and takes awhile just to get a drink. Not to mention the overpriced arcade. If it weren't for company parties, probably wouldn't go at all.

pixel slayer

We are from out of town and we had a great time! Great deals and nick was exceptionally helpful !!

Johanna Freeman

The staff was ridiculous we waited in line for 10 minutes while they were only attending 1 other customer the gretter was nice but from there the rest of the staff was rude you could tell they didn't want to be there and they made us feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed especially a girl who was working lazer tag it also took 15 min for one of the servers to bring us one soda. Such an amazing place and so disappointed that we couldn't enjoy it because of the staffs attitude.

Eric Romero

We went as a group of 8, the service was extremely slow and quite frankly, very poor. That being said, The food came out very quickly and was pretty good. However, the price for the games was incredibly high, we spent 50 dollars and that went very quickly. As we were leaving a nice person gave us a all night game pass and we stayed for a long while after that. The games are super fun when you're not worried about breaking the bank. The bartender told us that the 32 dollar deal was our best bet, came to find out that's not a very good deal and I felt a bit swindled.

GamingDragon 14

Me and my friends love it it's a fun place for all ages!

Matt Sherick

Took my family here for a spontaneous dinner/ games night. We are traveling from Fort Worth, TX to Grand Canyon. This place has a LOT of arcade games, food is fairly priced considering the entertainment value, games are priced about 20% higher than what I considered fair. We purchased a $30 game card and played games (taking turns) for around an hour. We have 4 kids from 3-13 they all found something they liked. We didn't have time to trade in tickets so we will do that another time. No comments on ticket pay out vs prize value since we didn't have time for that. In total we spent $81 with tip for dinner for 6 ( we drank water) + $30 in games. Will return again soon.


Fantastic games to play, great food, and affordable for all the options available!

Brooke Kaci

We show up around 9:30 on Saturday. It was not very busy. All the open tables were dirty we somewhat cleaned it ourselves and sat down. No service came to our table for a while, we asked the bartender if they could get us a server which she did. Server finally walks by asking how everything is....we haven’t even been helped yet. We order drinks and one appetizer. More waiting. An HOUR passes and we didn’t even get our table cleaned yet! We also didn’t get our food. Our server told us it’s on the kitchen to get it out. I’m not a cook but a quesadilla shouldn’t take an hour to make. Finally got the food after another thirty minutes. Server didn’t pay attention to our table, didn’t offer any sort of apology for the wait and was rude. Probably going to stick to Dave and Busters and Round 1 because service is always great.

Annie H.

The staff/employees were great! Had tons of fun bowling. Wouldn't mind doing it all over again!

crystal rae

The food was not very good at all I tried the nachos and casadia. I would recommend

Jessica Crespin

The Main Event is exciting and fun when you walk through the doors. It's really neat inside with lots of gaming options. However the customer service is awful, and the food sold near the entrance is disgusting. We ordered 3 different items (4 total) steaks, salmon, and baked mac and cheese. We tossed everything because it was that unpleasant besides the mac n cheese, that was actually pretty good. Not good enough to share between 4 people though. I think we did get a game card with our food purchase so money wise it wasn't too bad but bad enough that we'll never visit again. Perhaps it was just a bad day. I can see the potential. So in my experience I'd suggest visiting Dave and Busters instead.

Theo W

Bowling pool a bar area arcade and Eatery laser tag where can you go wrong? The services is questionable. And the food is decent

O.G. GABEreal

Good price of $15 , but other than that it was bad. For what they say is unlimited is actually limited due to the fact that not everything is open at all times but bowling. Waiting to do later tag or the gravity wall was a long wait. Also since my son who really wanted to do both was to small so once again not worth it. The note thing is they were nice enough to adjust what we paid to what we actually got which is why they got 1 star.

Audrey White

Really cool setup and super fun! Really pricey tho, and Burns up your wallet real quick. Otherwise super fun!!

Linda Grimm

A bit pricey but is big and clean and alot of activities for kids and adults

Dangerous Jay

The food is good here surprisingly. Unlike D&B's. Also, you are free to order your own food through their kiosk system. Super convenient.

Samantha Baltazar

I love coming here with friends so many things to do and so much FUN!!!

Nancy Arnaudville

Great place for family entertainment! Features dining, sports bar, bowling, games and prizes.

La La

The Monday night special was great to take the family for bowling but all the other activities had a 3 hour wait. The Monday arcade special was a bummer because it didn't earn any tickets. The kiddie plates were really good. Their wings were pretty good too.

Wayne Chavarillo

That's places is nice and good hot wings.

adrianne l.

It was so fun! We had such a great time bowling! The facility is very clean!

Virginia Cupit

Service was horrible took too long to get my food & drink, besides that the waitress gave me back the wrong change having not realized this until I got home. I attempted to call to talk to the manager but no-one answered the phone. Don't recommend...

Paul Land

Had gone for the first time and had a very unpleasant experience from the start, staff wasnt very informative, we never got sat to a table, drinks took 10-15 min, finally got a server who didnt introduce himself. Nachos took other 10-15 minutes to which were delivered with no plates napkins or silverware. At this point I got a manager, Leon. He then took over and really changed the experience. He comped our night and even brought us that crazy sundae! We ended up having a blast at the end of the night thanks to Leon. He went above and beyond to make sure we ate well and played a lot! I would recommend this place for a fun night but cant give 5 stars due to the lack of training I feel some staff has with our misdirection and lack of attention.

John Wayne

Good food. But slow waiters. Games were plentiful but expensive. Cool place though.

Cody Gravgaard

Went with my crew of a local shop in town and had a blast, everyone had a great time for an entire 4 hours. Great team building will definitely go again.

James Price

Good Place but DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU REALLY WANT TO BOWL! This place has lots of other fun things to do and like any other amusement location however it treats bowling just like another ride with extensive waiting times. IF you get the pass that includes "unlimited bowling" you need to know that is a joke. We came for a birthday party and wanted to bowl and still have other things to do for all the little kids. Well after an hour and a half of waiting for a lane they let us bowl for 1 hour and then we went to renew our lane with our "unlimited bowling" passes and found nope you don't get to keep your lane you go back on the waiting list. Well this time we waited for 2 and a half hours to get our lane again. You get to bowl again for an hour and then repeat process. So lets average our two wait times and say we actually waited again. that would mean we wait for an basically 2 hours. So if you wanted to bowl for 3 hours like most people do at a typical bowling location. Here you would spend 6 hours waiting and only 3 bowling so your wait ratio is essentially DOUBLE the amount of time you actually get to spend bowling. The rest of the place is great but like I said at the beginning if your looking for a bowling party go somewhere else. Their "unlimited bowling passes" are a complete joke. Suggestion for the owner: If you are truly experiencing this much volume which I assume is the reason you are running the ridiculous wait list system with the bowling lanes consider restricting most of your lanes to by reservation only or even better allow people to purchase by the hour as opposed to getting an unlimited pass. If someone wants a lane for two hours allow them to purchase a two or even three hour block and then if they want to get back in wait list them. People have an idea how long they would like to bowl so if you make them purchase blocks of time as opposed to utilizing the pass system then hopefully you can reduce customer frustrations such as ours.


Our first enjoyed it a lot, we'll visit again

Jose Canizales

Way too over priced for what they offered. It's fun but not $1000 for one family kind of fun.

Jordan Debroux

Its a great place to do multiple things and still have fun with friwnds and family. Whether your a parent,kid or young adult: i deeeffinetly believe you'll find something you like here. Been here two times for a dates and a bunch of buddies, high request it

Kyle Cochran

This is a great place to take your kids and hang out with friends and family. Perfect for any type of gathering event or parties. Has everything to do: biggest arcade in all of Albuquerque I think, pool, shuffle board, laser tag, bowling, rope climbing, and also has a huge bar area with TVs to watch all the big sport games. Awesome place to go whenever your looking to have some fun weather your by yourself, on a date, or with a big group of friends as well.

U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union .

Most people wouldn't think of Main Event as the place to host a corporate events. Well, guess what? It is! We hosted an employee appreciation event here, and we were so pleased from start to finish! Even during the planning stages, they made us feel assured things would go smoothly. The staff was very attentive, friendly, and prompt. The food was great and all of our employees had a wonderful time. They truly went above and beyond in our opinion. Needless to say, we highly recommend this venue for your next corporate event or meeting! Thanks again for hosting us, Main Event!

Yayo Saavedra

Great place to gather with friends or family! Great promotions. All the fun you need for everyone all in one place. Staff/Crew fast and excellent. Highly recommend!

Allie Wolf

I just wanted a soda from the bar and I'm sorry but I'm not giving a tip for a $3.55 soda :( The bartender was super rude to me after even though I was very polite and thanked her kindly twice. The bartender with red hair should not work there if she gets that offended over not tipping for a soda.

Tara Smith

Worst quality bowling lanes I've ever bowled on. I'm a professional bowler and was horrified by the quality of the lanes. Not good. The staff is very nice though

Sheila Myers

Not worth the pay. Everything u have pay separate say buy game bowling. No wait now u need shoes. Oh wait u bought arcade. In which not for all. And they pretend like you'll get tickets and then u don't.

David Lennox

If you're looking for a busy place with entertainment for everyone in the family, this place works. I don't like that they make you pay for bowling up front to reserve a place if they are busy, and that it's nonrefundable. I also think it's wierd that you reserve the pool table at the bar. No great waiting area for bowling, so the idea is you spend more money while waiting on Lazer tag or arcade games. I get it, they are trying to make money, but they wouldn't let us sit and wait at some empty tables. Not recommended if all you want is to bowl. Bowling area is pretty cramped with tables, but they did offer to move one when it was obviously in the way, so bonus points for customer service on that point.

Mandy M

My son said he had the best birthday ever. He loved Lazer tag and gravity. We prefer going here over Round one and D&B's by far

Jessica Bernhard

Had a great time playing the games and lazer tag but when we sat down with our kids to get food mind you this was on a Wednesday when they were not busy at all they were out of every thing no shakes no mustard for the pretzel bites no LID FOR THE CUPS ARE YOU SERIOUS waiter very rude brought out a drink that had spilled over the top had to clean it myself had to ask for my smoothie that they threw on the table I asked for a straw I ended up throwing it out because I was afraid the wait staff spit in it very disappointing service and we are very easy to please people as long as your nice and professional we try to understand things being out of stock my 4 year old even made a comment that the waiter was mean I hope for a better experience if we decide to come back

Rambunctious Pokafan

Great place now they have beat saber what else can they add to make it better?

Bryan Archuleta

Nice bowling alley. A little pricey but clean establishment. Make sure to reserve a lane ahead of time to avoid waiting

Gerardo Hernandez

The Albuquerque location does not have mini golf nor a rock wall climb. I was pretty upset when I got there and found this out as my boys wanted to do the wall climb. I was trying to find this out before I went, but no one would pick up the phone! I talked to the manager about this and they made up for it. After that, arcade was very fun!

M Becenti

My X-Country team members had the best time at the Main Event!!! Leon was outstanding from the time we arrived till we left 4 hrs later. From the very first contact in making the reservation with Ian and the follow up with Jesse then having Leon on the day of our visit was just outstanding in meeting all our teams needs. We will be back next year. . The pizza was delicious as well!!! Thank You Main Event


Bowling lanes weren't slick but was a good time

Elisha Nolan

Great place to take the kids and spend all day!! Not too bad with prices. Family of 6 to do ALL activities and eat one entree with $20 game card each for about $250. We were there for 6.5 hours. Well worth the money. Billiards, lazertag, bowling, arcade, gravity bars.

Stephanie McAllister

Had a little kid's birthday - they were great at keeping the kids together and on time for their events. Great food too!

Randall Pablo

Awesome games and lots and lots of fun for the whole family

Sean Bowser

Certain nights they have decent deals and it's a lot of fun as well

John Farish

Expensive but fun. It'd be a lot better if the service was better/faster, but the employees all seem young and underpaid. Maybe buy a single drink and over-tip to get better service.

Abigail Avalos

There's a lot to do here! The ropes course, laser tag, and bowling are especially fun. It is just very loud!

Sweet Cheeks

They lost the birthday cake @ the party i was attending.

Aziz Mohamed

Very clean entertaining place. Enough for the kids and adults to get a break from the ordinary.lots arcade games, a few pool tables and shuffle board tables. There's a full bar and the food was better than I expected and the whole time was not too pricey. Got to try it!

Charlene Ngo

Great place for Fun afternoon of games, arcade and bowling

Jason Jaeger

1st time being there. Had a great time. Was there with friends and my 4yr old. She had a great time

Desiree Pacheco

Great place to have birthday parties!

Patricia Lingnau

First time here for a work/group event. Our Host/Server, Abby, was awesome! She has a great attitude and a wonderful personality! The entire place was packed and she was running around taking care of our group and a whole bunch of other people too. They're definitely lucky to have an employee as great as her! Bowling was fun and laser tag was awesome! Just make sure to sign up for your activities in advance. We had a small buffet with salad, wings, chips, brisket and mini sliders with sauces and non-alcoholic drinks on the side. Food was good- wings were great( I don't eat "traditional" wings at all but I definitely got my fill of those! First time experience was awesome! Can't wait to go back! Thank you again, Abby, for taking care of our group!!

John Doe

Lots to do... Laser Tag was a blast! The little pizza place was super expensive... $12 for 3 sodas...

Gavin Dolezal

I went here for my birthday on the 17th many times, and it is always fun. Invite some friends if you go.

chrisitna wittekiend

We celebrated my birthday there and everything was perfect ! Service and food was great!!!

Isaiah Billings

The arcade is a little small and had us walking around in circles quite a bit but the games are really fun! Staff was friendly and informative. Good experience overall.

Richard O Neill

Went to the bowling here on a Wednesday and was 7 dollars all you can bowl which was pretty good. When the hour was up I didn't like having to go to reception and say we were playing again cos there was a 20 min queue to just say can u extend the time. Had some wings and fries while playing. Felt the games were more expensive then dave and busters, most were 1.50 dollar to play. Nowhere to put your drinks while playing but on the floor. But seems like a bit more do do as in there's pool tables, laser tag and a rope obstacle course overhead.

Mason Briggs

It used to have same days, but has since not been offering as good of options. Is loud and expensive, there aren't really and arcade games (everything is ticket /prize oriented) and the activities are expensive. It's like a less fun Dave and Busters.

Kalenah Moore

We enjoy coming here for a night out. It is quite pricey a lot of times, but if you can catch it on an all you can play doy or some other discount day, it isn't too bad. The cost for shoe rental is a bit frustrating as the price definitely climbs the more people you have with you. We have had good experiences in all of the games areas, though sometimes the employees show that they don't really want to be there. All together, it is good for some fun every once and a while.

Jennifer Guzman

This place is really cool definitely fun to be a grown up here and my son had a blast too! We had a great time. Thank you so much!

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