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1188 Hawkins Blvd, El Paso, TX 79925, United States

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REVIEWS OF Luby's IN New Mexico

Nancy Henley

The employees are professional and helpful. The fried fish was soggy on the bottom. The vegetables were great.

Dorothy Srembo

Had Chicken Fried Steak and gravy. Tasted good. Overall nice portions. Might have liked it better if the food was hotter not just warm.Thats why only 4 stars. Service was very good. Hardy was our waiter. Overall appearance very clean. Not crowded. Would recommend it to all for the many.choices of entrees and sides. Deserts looked tasty. Chocolate pie with whipped cream topping was very good.

Norma Quintero

Food was delicious, the carrot cake was amazing, I gave it 4 stars because the place seems a little dirty.

Matt P

During an emergency, they were one of, if not the only restaurant to remain open. They provided water and drinks to all in the area. Was very safe and the service was very good. This restaurant loves the community!

Barbara McClain

We really like Luby's. They have fast-food prices but serve actual food. And children eat free on certain days! I wish I could get the child plate - it includes a main dish portion, jello, veggie, and bread. Love the desserts as well. Mmmmm carrot cake and chocolate pudding pie!

Max Carter

American food and the scene here is very good. Next time I'll be back with my relatives. The bill was well within reason for the quality. Food and atmosphere reminds me of Kansas City.

Brian Toste

It was stuffy and it smelled, all I went in for was desert (after chik-fill-a) and what I thought was a chocolate creme pie was. . . not. It was flavorless, and weird chewy bits in it like from bad milk. . .didnt even try to finish it. My wife had a strawberry shortcake that wasn't too bad though

Javier Lopez

Good place to change the usual things to eat.

Dariela Portales

Food was good and service as always very good.desserts yummy.had a great time with family.

Laura Rivera

Chicken/Alfredo was pink. Ordered Angus Chopped Steak very raw. After i refused to pay, the waitress never came to table again to serve my parents. Hmm maybe she knew something.

Gacha_Leya 17

The food was weired

Robert Baulch

What are the last place that has good vegetables

Oralia Alvarez

I always have a great meal there.

josie guilbeau

Excellent food service the best

Frank Escueta

Srvice was fast and friendly, but fish was overcooked

Cynthia Douglas

Excellent service, good food

David De Avila

Great service & good food!

Cool Kid

Their mac and cheese is the best! So delicious! I would definitely return

Karen Wayne Easterling

Consistant and good. Its gotten pricey tho.

Ricardo Bujanda

Good food, good service but pricy

Kathy Frazier

Always good but very expensive

Geno geno

Fresh food friendly service God prices!

Patrick Muus

Great very much

Moon Willow

Food is great. Service is just ok

twins hernandez

As usual they never disappoint


This Luby's was one of the best ones I have ever been at! My waiter, Hardy, was amazing and so incredibly wonderful! He was so helpful! Will recommend!

Monica Michelle

The food was very gross. I had blackened chicken and the chicken tasted like it had been frozen. The service is always great though. Update: since writing this review I was contacted by the manager. He apologized for the poor quality of my meal and offered me a free meal. Great customer service!

Randi Creek

Sometimes it's great and other times the food is stale... Servers are pleasant and hospitable. Love their corn bread.

Jorge HS

Great food

Raul Espino

Lubys is a good place to eat it seems it's never to crowded the food is excellent and the service is good as well not to mention reasonable prices

Tom Jones

Good variety of food offered. The dining room was excellent and the staff was very attentative.


Overpriced for how low quality the food is. The restaurant felt dirty and the cashier was picking his nose and mashing his booger between his fingers! GROSS!!! $40 for two ppl to eat and NOT worth it NEVER coming back bleh!!!

Dan l

Food and establishment were great.

Marie Danysh

The food is delicious, the staff is kind, and I love that teachers get a discount!

Josie Garcia

Mash potato was cold n corn bread was hard

Barbara Currin

The food was excellent

Black Productions Inc.

Very good

Lupe Fierro

Good food, nice and got. I'm not sure why we didn't get refills. Coffee after a drink is extra. Coffee used to be free if you had tea. Love their desert.

Accesorios Paris

We visit quite often and we love it, great service too, just would love them to have more vegetarian / vegan options for meals (not only sides

Peg M

Love the flavors and the variety! Excellent staff, too!

Lisa Lopez

Extremely friendly host(Melissa)......very helpful

Angelina Barrera

A nice variety of breakfast options for whatever your taste buds are craving. Definitely going back

Lucyjmas cool

delicious!!! everything was very good tasting n fresh.

misty maya-rangel

I love lubys but today all of our food was cold....the service was good though. Our server was very attentive and kept our drinks filled.

Ronald Forth

Cold food bad service.

Donna Sims

My top spot for American food. Nothing to complain about. Really nothing but great experiences here, so I will be back.

Miguel Gomez

Good food good desserts

Sue Y

Used kids eat free card bc my niece was on her way. Cashier demanded to know where she was, then threatened to charge us avoids plate if she didn't show up. To top it off, sat us at a table behind the cashier to keep an eye on us. WTF??

Yvonne Ezell

The place is big enough to hold the whole family of ten and plus.

Leonardo Soriano

The food wasn't to hot it was in between hot and cold,

Natalia Dominguez

Super friendly staff and clean restaurant.

Norma Ramirez

I Love luby's

Moses Lira

delicious lunch consisting of darken chicken, steamed broccoli, green beans, chicken soup, wheat roll, and a Dr. Pepper. Thanks to Kendrick for waiting on me, and for holding onto my tote bag which I left on my way to the doctor.

Ingrid Long

This place sure wasn't like I remembered. I use to like the liver and onions but it wasn't that good. It must have been sitting around awhile. The dessert use to be amazing but again you could tell it was not fresh. Employees were nice and did a good job. I'll give them one more try.

Adrian Fernandez

Breakfast buffet is very good. Service is friendly and fast. Great place for a Sunday brunch.

Sid Garza

Wow! I aint been there in yesrs but it surley to me has the lack of good quality food hospitality they have plenty of but the macaroni was soggy the peas were moooshed and the chicken taste like wood.

Tina Funari

Ordered just a Spaghetti plate. Next thing I see my plate is being given to gentleman next to me with side orders. He looked at it and said "I think they gave me your Spaghetti with my side orders." They redid my plate but this time they threw a small scoop sloppily onto my plate. It looked like a 3 year old put it on the plate. Spaghetti was falling off plate.

Gabriel Reyes

Ribeye was good i always like lubys compared to other places because it feels very casual but quality of food is above and beyond many restaurants. Could get a little pricey depending on what you get. Overall very good.

Tim Dunbar

Good food and pleasant service.

Irma Keith

Had a great Sunday lunch after church service

Rosa Elia Garcia

Cold food and a hard roll

Lorenzo Cruz

My favorite pecan pie was $4.48 or something. I didn't get it. I think I was the wrong price. I will check again.

Joe Idar

Was pracitly pushed thru the serving line by the staff, very rushed, Only to wait several minutes in line waiting for the cashier. Chicken fried steak was cold. Won't visit again

jimmy jimmy

good place nice food

Anselmo Estrada III

The food was not prepared properly, brussel sprouts were under cooked, fresh green beans were over cooked and the blackened tilapia was not blackened.

George Antuna

The Luann platters never disappoint! Great portion sizes great food!

Yvonna Blaylock

Great food and great service

Alfred Vanhooser

Awsome food. Clean . a little expensive.

Spiderj55 Web

The Food was ok but the service was something that needed improvement.

Omar T

Great selection of food!! Great seating space!

J Centavo

Your typical Lubys cafeteria. Good selection, good food seemed pretty clean and the staff was friendly. Nothing to write home about but a good meal at a decent price.

Barry Grubb

The food are so tasty, fresh and hot, the service was good and friendly...

Mon V

Love this place, always have...and they have only gotten better!

Laya Horton

Fresh food and hot , customer service was great!

Jose Garcia

Very good food

Araceli Saucedo

Good food and our server Claudia was very attentive.

Debbie Hill

Great food and friendly staff.

Brynna Acuna

Ordered kids meals they put them on "adult" plates so they charged us for adupt portions. Manager didnt even offer to pay for our drinks. Will NEVER go back

Claudia S. Boizeau

Great! Deli!


Amazing bruh

Alan Gabriel Gachupin

Good Food...Good Prices...

Jorge Ramirez

That one meal you always will remember

Nancy Bojic

I love lubys since I was a kid... nice big place.. people serving sometimes are rushing you to choose. They could be more patience with so many choices to choose from

S.R. Maldonado

My fish was delioand the green beans and the awesome macaroni is to die for and the cottage cheese pineapple with pecans OMG delicious too..

Fred Tavarez

Taste was good. It would have been better if food would have been hot.

John Doucet

Whenever I get a hankering for liver and onions this is the only place I think of. My wife and I love this place.

Brian Riley

Pretty good food, but way to much cost for the drinks!!!

Dianna Gourley

Food quality was poor. Surprised me asi usually really like it.


This Luby's has great food and great service, always! What we don't care for is that on the TV's on the wall they're always playing the FOX News channel. It's not appetizing to hear all the Trump rhetoric playing while we eat. A lot of people in El Paso are not fans of his. At least play something else (like CNN) on the other TV.

Marlon Cautino

This place has Good food, & many selections. People and atmostphear are Awesome.


Still not all that filling

Peggy Wong

Liver and onions was delicious; broccoli, cabbage, and jalapeno cornbread was great as always. Can definitely always find your comfort, childhood foods here. $6.99 LouAnn platter is fabulous. Sweetened iced tea was $2.69, but all you can drink. $10 for dinner for good healthy food is definitely worth it.

Anna Diaz

Love the place always very clean good service and tasty food

Bernie Ott

Great. Nicest looking one I've ever been to. They also sell beer.


Great food

Enrique Lopez

Over price and not as good as it's used to be

Eugene Simpson

Salad bar is very bad. No good salad display. Liver was almost warm, twice baked potato like stale and jalapeno roll was old and I guess twice baked. Service girl not good she was sa king butter and never came back. NOT GOOD.

Robert Nash

Great home-cooked meals. Consistently well prepared, good tasting gourmet meals. Plenty of appetizing selections. Popular destination for those seeking a healthy full-course meal. You can't go wrong here. I highly recommend bringing your entire family to this Luby's.

Gloria Hernandez

Like always delicious,which it was a little less expensive.

Hartmut Mueller

Overall food and service is great. Hash browns however were a bit cold.

Michael Henson

Can't go wrong with the all you can eat buffet


The food is good im not gonna lie. BUT LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHHING GIRLLLL, these girls were taking foreverrrr. Their attitude was the worst thing ever and i didnt have time for that bs. They asked me like a million times what i wanted even though i had already said what i wanted.

Alejandro Rosales

Not really a Lubbys diner. It's OK.

Lupe Gurrola

I don't really like Lubys. But it seems like a lot of people do! Deserts are good! I guess you'll have to try it for yourself.

Maria Robles

I love the food it's good and it's fresh

Martha Haro

The food was horrible today. It had no flavor

Christina Jiménez

Service was great. Staff was wonderful. Food has a great presentation and taste is delicious but green beans were undercooked and pork chops were dry and tough. Everything else was great. And now they can scan coupons. Yeah

Henry King

Needed a place to eat that we hadn't visited recently. It seems the chicken size has been reduced and less spices are being used in the food preparation. The prices have increased. The service workers are doing greay, they are attentive to the diner's needs.

Arturo Tamez

Great food & great place to eat.

Jose Diaz

Second time I go and food is cold, ask to correct and they nuke the food in the micro so bad that I have to wait bout 6 minutes to cool off. Never had a problem at Lubys in San Antonio. Not so sure what are they doing here in EP. For the $ you are paying for hot food, you should go to Miguel y Miguel lunch buffet, much better for less $.


Prices went up before it was less allso coffee is not free anymore like before.. new management changes things now people don’t like going. Before the coffee was free with any drink purchase now it’s not they said because this coffee is more expensive that’s ridiculous instead of having the customer happy they just make them stop going

Laura Ramirez

Great customer service!

Cosita_ KETO

I was shocked, this place is so good. The food was nice and hot and flavorful. Everything I have selected has been amazing. My 7 year old likes the fish and broccoli, ha! Score

Janet Boones

Good food and good service.

Gerardo Chacon

Great tasty food. However, very pricey for the small portions being sold....

Erik Garza

Great food and staff, now how about one on the far East side

Guy Tex

Food is still great but taking the whole family it can get a little expensive.

Cindy McNutt

Have always loved Lucy's. Good food. Never changes.

Rudy1991 C

No service after we sat down to eat and 15 surrounding tables needed cleaning.

Terri Pope

Very confusing when you place your order. It says 1 entree with 3 sides, yet a side salad & a dish of pea salad was an extra charge. We then only had 2 sides, no one said you get another side. Cost was outrageous & then we both got sick upon arriving home. What a terrible experience.

Patrick Martinez

Not the same Luby's as before. Management needs to visit the tables more to ensure everything is okay. Way too many flies inside the dining area.


They ran out of chicken fried steak. Was told that it was going to take a while because they had to cut the steak and prepare it. Had to settle for the fried fish.

Larry Denger

I was visiting the area and stayed 2 blocks away, so how could I not return to an old and great staple from the 1980's? The food is nearly as good as it used to be (but what is?), AND the service was just as good and friendly as ever.

Ruben Elizondo

Great lunch specials

More Tips

I love it

Sylvia Trevino

There wasn't a long line! Got our food the waiter asked if we needed butter for our cornbread. Very nice! When leaving we bought to slices of pie to bring home.!!

Kaylie Delgado

The spaghetti tasted a bit too Smokey so did the greanbeans well, I was a bit annoyed by the lady that served me becasuse she had asked me several times on what I wanted after I had said that I wanted spaghetti. It was ok but probably not a great place for me.

Peter Rayon

Overall great choice for a well balanced meal!!!

Garcia Jesse

Food got cold quickly because of AC. System where wait for server if we want anything additional was frustrating. not enough servers. Buffett was advertised as 7.99 but drinks are not included and this was not known to us. So we paid about 24.00 for two plus tip.

Ricardo Riza

It's ok food but good service.

Derrick Bradford

Great place to eat ,the service there is very good.

Elizabeth Owens

We went tonight to eat there and when we got there they were closed. Really? Why would you close at 8pm on friday night? You could stay open longer! It's ok because we went somewhere else!

Sharda B

Excellent all around!

Rudy Galvez

The addition of waitress is awesome

Rodolfo Duran

The restaurant was hot, the chicken breast was dry , the fish was also dry. Most of the food looked dry. The staff was very friendly.

Joffre Junqueira

Got a plate with Tilapia and beggies. Food was ok but is was not worth $24!

Phaedra Sayles

Service was excellent. My family & I enjoyed an early Mother's Day celebration.

Sheryl Russell

Great food. Ordered a massive to go order and they were not prepared but they gave me a discount and the food was awesome

Bobby Guerra

Very good food and service. The server's were very nice . Cashier was patient with my elderly parents. The waiter was on time with everything. Look forward to returning

Beatriz Hernandez

Everything is so good just hard to pick

Sergio Esparza

It's good food, Mexican dishes could use a little more flavor.

Emmanuel Hernandez

Always love the baked almondine fish and baked fish.

Mark Thomas

The quality of the food is great. The staff is always very friendly.

St Ff

Love this place quiet and have amazing food

terry gunderson

I did not order any food.

Sheree McIntire

Very good.

Sascha Schneider

Eat what you like great wounderful. Food

Carolina Rodriguez


Marta Gonzalez

Great food

Texasveteran 81

Melissa Saucedo was a great hostess.

David Cantu

great food at this location

Adrian Cordova

It was ok, not quite as good as I remember. And I think well it was already a little pricy, but I think it went up since well wooo last time I was there before today. But the staff is still nice and friendly and helpful. Comfortable place to eat too.

norma trevino

Food was good!

Neri Flores

Good price, good food selection and the personal was very helpful

Del Rio

It is always good to have on of their soup and salad specials.

sonia tovar

Service was poor. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry to go home. Salad bar and food choices were extremely limited. Definitely not going back near closing time. #Disappointed

David Owens

Took a bit to bring liver and onion but worth the wait

KC Baron

Quite place but terribly over priced for meal or even senior plate. Too much salt on the food and most salads too much oil. Came home bloated do to too much salt.


I did not like the name, the cafeteria style of eating, or the pricing. I also got food poisoning shortly after eating here. Food tasted okay, but thats really about it.

Constance Rawlinson

Quick service and quality food choices

Vida Rocha

For me it was too much money

Reality Hits

Liver and onions great as always!

Silvia Hernandez

It's a healthier choice of food, but service is not good. Waitress didn't showed up and I got overcharged on my tab.

LiaDenise H-family

We went yesterday afternoon and there was a GIANT cockroach smashed on the floor for at least 20 minutes near the cash register and where the fountain soda machine is... unbelievable

Alex Gardea Sr

Great food service is awesome.

Emiliano Garcia

Alex the guy who was serving us tea and anything else we needed was very prompt and helpful. Very friendly atmosphere and family friendly. The food was the bomb I mean the bomb. My daughter who doesnt ever eat anything ate spinach wow!!! We loved it. And it was a treck. Being from Poteet we will be back !!!

Uno Carb

Family style comfort food all the time. Can never go wrong with the food here for a plain good meal, caffeteria style service with deserts to die for, only one drawback is their lack of filtered water. Tap in this town has a flavour and yeah its nothing to write home about..

Omar Rodriguez

Everything was good ,except the mash potatoes, they were salty!

Emily Galindo


Beto Tellez

Very many different types of meals and great service.

George Fernandez

A little pricey but good food, selection, snd service.

Agustin Cervantes

Its ok

Akeem Hill

Everything is made fresh daily.

Jessica Lopez

I dont knsow

Jose Juarez

I've had better.

Mark Gonzales

Food Was Less Than Average And Asking For A Sweet Tea Several Times No Bueno

G Manda

$6.99 meal taste like $3.99. Chicken fried chicken was gooey. And the serving size is very small.

Tex Star

Portions are great for the price. Our server Stephanie was incredible and very attentive and nice. The food is fresh and was greeted with a smile. I felt welcomed and I'm very satisfied.

Jesus De Leon

Love this place

Javier Regalado

The food was cold and the customer services was not very pleasant. The employees kept doing what ever they wanted. It seems that there was no restaurant manager at the location. Also my son and I sat on a table that was unsafe. The table was ready to collapse on our feet and legs. We brought to the waitress attention and her response was we know it not safe but nobody has fix it and walk away. Lubys was at on time a good place have lunch and dinner with family but now all gone.

Patrick Castillo

Had the spaghetti and two sides, it was all excellent

Marcus Antley

Great comfort food

Benjamin D

This place had the biggest ribye ive seen ever at a lubys. It was so good and cooked just how i like it. Forced myself to finish it cuz i was so yummy.

Came Avila

Always have good prices and great food from fish chicken and beef or adults and children everyone has wat they want here love it

Diana Corona

The food was so good! The atmosphere was wonderful!

Charlene Lievanos

good basic food

Everett Brunt

Little bit of everything good home style food.

Esperanza Neria

Their matched Turkey with cranberry sauce and 2 sides of veggies is Delicious!

Rhonda Croy

First visit to this location, outside looked nice and clean. Went inside on a Saturday, not very busy. The food was okay, but the dining room and bathroom were a disaster. Floors and tables were all dirty, and the bathroom had not been cleaned in many hours. This made me seriously concerned about the cleanliness of the kitchen. I'm sorry to say, we will not return.

Daniel Burciaga

love the food and the service

Peggy Cervantes

Today my company was going to place an order for a meeting they were going to have here. We tried to look at the menu online and it was unavailable. Then we tried to call them at two of the numbers listed - no answer - just a recording. Our company has many meetings where lunch is provided. We are all disappointed it did not work out.

Me Bee

My meal was cold when I went to go sit down, but the waiter went back to heat it up. I enjoyed it. Too bad they didn't have sugar free pie.

Debbie Wood

Portion sizes are very generous. Choices are numerous. From steak to fish. I had the seafood gumbo. Perfect seasoning, just a little spicy, again perfection. Vegetables were cooked, but not mushy.

Jo Ann Tampke

Balanced food choices available. Food is very good By the time you add tea and taxes. The cost for two is pretty expensive.

Steven Morando

Ordered a plate of fish, 2 sides (pinto beans and broccoli) and tea at 7:10 pm. They wrote my number down gave me the tent sign with the #6. I normally leave a tip but no helper was working the area to even check on my undelivered broccoli. 20 minutes later afterI was already finished my meal I was able to flag down a personality-less wait person and asked about my food. She went and got it with no apology for the delay (I told her it was 20 minutes earlier). I have been a long time customer and always a generous tipper, but not leaving any $$ this time.


This has to be the worst luby's location. Macaroni was worst ever. My 6 year would never, the cheese was water. My lunch guest met the fate of watery spaghetti sauce and added salsa to try to thicken it. All signs that the pasta wasn't drained properly and/or someone got lazy and tried to eyeball measurements. I've had my children cook better and they're all under 14. In short, restaurant and restroom clean but, the food was bland and not worth the money spent.

Monica Ellisor

I was disappointed with the gravy I was expecting to be the same like with all other lubys. It usually has a bacon flavor to it which I love because it goes perfect with chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. But not here it tasted like flour and water

Nick Stafford

I've never eaten at a place quite lkle this. It's similar to a high school cafeteria, minus the gross food. You pick your food, put it on a tray, pay, then go sit and eat. The food was fantastic! Everything tasted like homemade comfort food. The biscuits are some of the best I've had, a little crispy o. The outside, and soft buttery goodness on the inside. If you're looking for a light lunch, good luck, you're likely to stuff yourself into a food coma.

Roberto Thomas

Good food and decent service. Well kept location.

Guadalupe Smith

Great food no mistakes in my order

Jacobo Frescas

Great food & personable service! Managers are always out helping out & attending to our needs! Great comfort food!

Jorge L. Flores

Very good eating options and excellent, friendly staff. Always an option on my weekends.

Vanessa Martinez

Great food and service.

Jennifer Aldana

To my surprise they have a buffet on weekends. It's only at the Hawkins location but it was very good. The service was very good. We enjoyed this place early in the morning and strongly recommend it

Roberto Salazar

Lots of food to choose from and it's great food ! Nice restaurant with televisions.

Heidi Cordova

I was highly disappointed and the quality of food- and the high price to go along with it. 4 adults- including seniors- the total was nearly $80 for lunch. The servers and staff were decent- however I dont plan to dine there again.

Rebecca Meza

Love this place to enjoy a family dinner.

Benny quintero

Food is delicious, the customer service is horrible

Brooke Spencer

Good spot for delicious Family Meals. A favorite evening place of mine. This place has a great feel to it.

Javier Rodriguez

Great food, too bad it's a only one a payday place

Berna Bas

Not bad at all. Food will be served depending on Day time/hour. So dont get befor 12 or you wont get the beeff!

Luis Rosales

I would like to say thank you to the Luby's staff, servers and hostess. They took very good care of my mother and I. Especially since my mother is disabled and wheelchair bound. They were on top of their game today. The hostess started by opening the door for us, as we were about to enter the restaurant, and the she stayed with us to help with our trays of food. Then, she and another server carried our trays while I pushed my mother and sat us as at a table. Then one of the servers actually took the liberty of cutting my mother's food to bite sizes. We couldn't have asked for better service and this exemplary service made their food taste even better. Thus, for those of you who have disabled loved ones, Luby's is the place to take them for good food and even better service.

Matthew Hawthorne

It's always good food and service never had a complaint

clutter junkie

I used to love to go here to eat but now I feel there are better places to go where you get your money's worth and the food is tastier

Lucy Montes

Mt positively favorite place

Maria Blake

This location is the original recipes from 1980's. The employees are so personable and very happy. Note; I give a 4 to 5 dollar tip to the waiter before I eat...I like it very quiet for my lunchtime.

Michelle Johnston

Very nice interior. Food was delicious and the staff was very attentive.


Great food but took long to get seated

Cheryl Lott

Visited yesterday and food always good at Airport location.

karen friesenhahn

Lubys is great I love their fried fish and their pie delicious take the family everybody can choose what they want to eat

Shawn Hoey

Outstanding food, service, and meal size. We love this place

Maria Reyes

Not good food cold ,.....

Ruben Lara

I like this place, clean and fast

Anthony Canonizado

Isabel was great at the salad area and Ubia was a great server.

Mary Rodriguez

Loved the food and the atmosphere. Great place for families or even for date night.

OG BIG T 575 / 915 shoot2kill

Best Luby's I've ever been to. Super clean and great service.

Rudy Trevino

Great food and lots of choices. Tried the fish while my wife got the Angus steak patty. Both were cooked to perfection. The sides were delicious.

Brisadelmar Pena

I always love coming to Luby's food is good almost every time

Laura Richardson

family meals at this location - excellent. it's so tasty. definitely worth a return trip. the bill was fair for the quality of the food. not close to my job, i wish it was.

Donna Garcia

My spinach n cornbread was cold but my fish n potato was fresh n yummy! Good service today

Angie Peralta

I say it was not to good because we ask for coffee and and they gave it five mts later and we didn't have anything napkins sorry one star

Veleria Castro

Love going to Lubys because everyone can get what they want.

Homero Jimenez

Excellent food and service... The menu was very good as well.


Good food, too humid inside. Had to wait for silverware and coffee.

Ashley Ramirez

Great service and food. Went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied with out visit.

Joe Villa

The service is awesome. The price is decent. The food is great. Leslie is an outstanding waitress. She came to the table right away and asked how we were doing and if we needed anything else. She came to check on us throughout our dinner and made us comfortable while we ate. I recommend this establishment for the whole family.

Charles Aleman

Great service.

Pelma Willmott

Always serving great and nutrition food

Fito Gomez

Lots good food. Assorted. Plenty of seats. Servers very helpful.

Roger Peterson

More than 40 years ago Lubys food was excellent

Charles Sturm

Good, clean, reasonably priced cafeteria.

Matt Barnett

I still enjoy Luby's and especially the one at Broadway & 410 because it provides its history on a wall there. However it is in much need of a facelift to step up into the millennium. The place seemed very old & musky feeling which impacted the overall dining experience.

Frank Ruiz

Luby's no matter which location/city you visit you'll always be satisfied. Great service as always.

Alicia Mach

Nice, I like there angus steak with sauted onions, pretty good size also

Jonathan Cuéllar

We have 10 Luby's in the Rio Grande Valley. I eat at Luby's a lot cause it is so good. I am on a business trip to Eagle Pass, Texas and after work I stopped at their location. The food is delicious. The staff was friendly. The service was quick. I ordered to go and the only issue was that they forgot to include my eating utensils. Since I am at a hotel I have none with me. Thankfully the hotel has a dining area so I got one right away. If not I'd be a 1 star.

Belinda Morales

delicious been going there for many many years

John Favela

This is a good place to enjoy a quite meal.

Lauren Denay Pacheco

All the food was very salty. The staff was friendly. They did talk to each other a lot more than to customers. I was waiting for the cashier to finish her conversation with another staff member about personal things before finally getting rung up.

Arturo Cano

Great place they treated my mother like a guest not a customer.

Mary Abundis

There was no options available everything, I wanted would take 10 min or so. I finally decided on fish and when I took a bite it was not cooked it was still frozen in the inside so I complained and they just brought me another one from same tray! Horrible place never again will we go here. Very very poor Management. Please don't eat here...

Sergio Ybanez

Usually good,but this trip,the fish was bland and the coating on the top was like Gel. Oh well, maybe next time....

Mary Lu Zavala

Home cooking friendly attendance and good ATMOSPHERE

Cindy Lopez

Always has fresh hot food. Good selection

John Espresion

Service was ok felt rushed in the line to get my food, the only friendly one was the waitress but the food was cold by when I got to the table.

Josilyn Vega

Food was nothing like I remembered, too salty and very bland. Service was poor, especially the people serving the food they were so rude trying to hurry us up, I couldn't decide on my sides and they worker was visibly upset with me. When we sat down they forgot to bring us extra things we asked for.

Brenda Perez

Good customer service by Sandra

Gregory Fentress

Been going since I was a kid and have always liked this place. Good franchise, been constant for a long time.

Khasan Gadzhiyev

Fast service , good food

Lupe Morales

I don't know what is going on with Luby's. The food was no bueno! I had looked at the website and it clearly indicated there would be meatloaf, enchiladas, roast beef, all these things. We got there and there was enough fish you would have thought it was Lent. The roast beef was so dry, I kid you not, it would have made a great pair of flip flops! No enchiladas, no meatloaf! We all just kind of looked at each other because we were trying to see what was the lesser of the two evils. Just awful! But, set that aside and my severe seafood allergy, the servers were nice and apologetic for the very dry meat entrees. Some of the sides were room temperature. Good way to get good poisoning. Then there was dessert for my grandchildren. I don't know how old they were, but they had refrigerator taste. If my grandbabies don't eat their dessert, it's bad. Again, table service was very nice. I don't know what else to say. This has happened more often lately. I remember a Luby's that use to have a really great selection of food that was hot and the presentation was quite inviting. I don't know what is going on, but when you walk by and see that food has been left on the plates, that's not good. Especially when some of those plates look almost untouched. I remember a time when my family jumped at the chance to eat a Luby's. Now, we pause to decide whether or not to eat there. Sorry Luby's, but this is happening a lot more often than I care to mention. It's too bad. We use to have our family meet ups there so many times. I love to eat, but not today. Holidays are coming- hope you think about what and how you serve your food to your customers. We can be forgiving and trusting. I hope that counts for something.

Kenneth B Rodriguez

Surprising place. Called a cafeteria but it has a varied and deluxe menu Its clientele also seemed "deluxe" Main dish was only 7$ but it soon became 17 Friendly and courteus staff I plan to return especially if they serve ribs


Nice place for family dinner

flor alfaro

Good food and great place they should improve their coffee

Leslie Barrientes

Me and my family were very disappointed, the food was cold, the server was horrible and the restrooms were filthy. Lubys is somewhat pricey you would think it would be more kept up.

Martha Oviedo

I would have given four stars for good table service and food but I had my disappointment at the payment location. I gave a $10 bill by mistake as I took it as $1 bill. I did not notice until later and the cash registrar who must have noticed never told me about it.

Brett Soyars

Came here this evening, went to Academy sports & outdoors first, ran a few errands. Had the fried chicken combo plate, excellent food, excellent price, I've been here many times whenever I come to eagle pass. I've had no complaints at all. Be advised this one doesn't have a drive through. It is a good choice, because there really isn't that many other options if your looking for good food in eagle pass. This Luby's location is acceptable.

jose cortinas

Good food ,great staff.

Paul Dean Cyr

Clean location friendly waitress. My favorite is the baked fish almodine

Lynk Beza

Always great food.

Hope Gutierrez

Had fried fish mash potatoes corn garlic bread and tea yummy

B Gonzalez

Great Food!

Tami Engle

Good food and friendly service

Alice Sanchez

Good food, friendly staff

Daya Mdz

One of the only places I can find chocolate icecream.

Alyson Klein

It has gotten very expensive to eat here. Almost $30 for 2 Luann platters and some fruit salad.

Victor Bonilla III

Super variety of good food.


I don't know what Luby's has done to change their image but it is a positive change. I stopped going because the food, service and cleanness of the cafeteria was terrible. When I say I stopped going, I mean for almost 2 years, I did not go. Someone told me things had changed, so I decided to give it one more chance and I'm glad I did. It was like the old Luby's I remember going to all the time!

Manuel Garibay

Great food exelent service great job

Michael Mollick

Cafeteria style, didn't know that going in. Food was good but kinda pricey. I'd eat here again.

gus castaneda

For the Quality of food is too expencibe

alina mergele

Great choices. Pleasant and helpful staff.

Enrique Ornelas

Great place to dine. The food and service were top notch. In my travels back to Texas, Luby's cafeterias embody the delicious food and warm hospitality of Texas.

Tony Fernandez

Good prices good food

Suzanne Whitney

The food is really good, if you want a home cooked meal, this is the place to come eat

Adriana Simons

Great mac n cheese

Gabino Rangel

Good needs flaver

Lilith D Voure

Good food and good selection, though the place was a little dirty and customer service was slightly lacking.

jose cap

Love coming here when I have the chance. They have great food when I come n love the selection of items they have every time they change it up. They have flavor that just make the food great. Sometimes it's a bit ok but never had a problem when i go there.

Gabriel Uribe

Good food and service

Matatela Palma

What can I say? The food feels like it was cooked at home. I love their baked fish and broccoli. There side dishes are delish especially the cabbage and squash.

Rick Mendoza

Texas tradition, fresh delicious food, awesome selection, never disappoints.

Deborah McPartlan

Good assortment of items offered. Very clean environment in which to dine


Explosive diarrhea is what you get from Lubys. 4 out of the 4 people in our party got sick after eating. I would not recommend eating here.

Shannon Wylie

Over priced for not so good food

Alex Castro

Great food kinda pricey

Michael Martinez

Awesome service good food

Mayra Navarro

The best family restaurant

Estela Gomez

I love this place, every time I'm in El Paso I eat here, great place

Rufus Shinra

Nostalgia, and good food at a good price

Christina Padilla

Excellent place for delicious Family Meals. Visited on Sat I believe. The service was sociable and attentive. It has a good atmosphere. Menu is like a cafe in Boston I loved.

David Manago

Always enjoy the food, the service and the friendly employees. Good food selections and good prices. Always take some leftovers for dinner.

Samuel A. Quiñones II

The service was great. The meal & dessert was good. I had the liver & onions with spinach & cornbread. I also had a slice of chocolate mousse pie. I have had a better meal in the past but it wasn't bad at all.

Cindy Sosa

The service was good and the food was all right. Overall a great place to have friends and family for good meal.

Michael Calderon

Great place. Great food and service. Its busy most times but great food.

Graciela Ibarra

Great variety of food and good portions. My mom loved going when she was a kid and it hasn't changed since. It has a cafeteria style to it and the service is decent

Timothy Shelsea

Good quality home style food. Friendly staff. Pricing isn't the best deal. Better value can be found at other all you can eat cafeteria or buffet style restaurants such as Furrs or Golden Corral.

Ford Hermansen

Good, fresh and hot homestyle food with some of the best mac and cheese of all time. I only went into the to go pick up area but it wasn't bad, a TV and enough seating to wait for your order. Only downfalls were the wait standing at the counter before being noticed and the lack of simple condiments added to the Togo bag. It would've been nice to get or get offered some butter for my bread and some napkins aside the single small one with the utensil pack. Otherwise a good experience, next time I'll just remember to ask for butter.

Ron C

No crowd the food is good and the wait staff was attentive.

ximena chavez

Love this place!

Nancy McGoldrick-Rivera

It's my father's favorite place to eat but he's in a wheelchair and in the past, it was hard getting him through the line to select his food and push both our trays. As soon as we got in line an employee came to assist us & pushed his tray along helping us immediately. We've had help from the register to the tables before but only this type of help when this lady Yolanda worked. Didn't get this new ladies name..but I was so grateful. We hadn't been there in a while, but will be taking dad hopefully more often.

israel perez

Clean and friendly service. Food good to Lubys standards. No complaints. Atmosphere inviting.

Saul Garcia

Expensive as heck. It has gotten crazy! Food still goid th

Rosa Riojas

Great food great service our waiter Roberto Martinez was really on his toes attending 2 our needs really nice n courtious thx Lucy's

Jennette Rodriguez

Love going there they have great service highly recommend it

Arturo Fonseca

My place us old foges anytime lunch or dinner


Robert and Luis were friendly, efficent and courteous -I had a great experience today!

Richard Draker

always a good meal!

Brenda Barker

Get a lot for the money you spend. Friendly family environment.

Jose Aleman

All food looked and tasted amazing, and great service! Waitress was rushing table on table!

Estela Hernandez

They lost their authentic taste

kayla greer

Pretty good food chicken fish and steak

Pablo Alvarez

Best cafe in Eagle Pass.

Mario Fernandez

Great food

Adan Mares

Great comfort food.

Cecilia Allison

I love the food in this restaurant. Everything is always fresh and of good quality. The are a lot of plates to choose from that It is difficult to take a decision. They have variety of meat, fish and chicken. The portions are very good even if you order the Luann plate which is half the size of a combo. The deserts never disappoint. I like that they are sweet enough. I had a salad with my meal and I was surprised that they do not have any balsamic vinaigrette dressing. That is very odd for a restaurant with such many options. I will definitely recommend going to this restaurant.

Ana San Miguel

Love it!! every time we come down to eagle pass lubys is our first stop

Kat B56 Barragan

The best food & great service

Laura Bennight

The prime rib was great and so was the selection. It wasn't crowded on Mother's day so that was a huge bonus.

Denise Barraza

It's a nice meal you dont have to wait for. My son is 1 1/2 and it's a perfect place to go out to eat because we dont have to wait for food to be ready and entertain him in the meantime.

Janice Marshall

I love the online coupons!!! I'm 65 and it helps so much when your retired and can get discounts on anything these days. Just do it!!! Go online and sign up right away, get your coupons sent you your phone. Get your LuAnn special and enjoy!!!

Miss CL

They were very, very kind to my grandmother but the food was lacking. I wish it was better quality and warmer.

Robby Centilli

Good fresh food

Sammie Nickolas Diaz

This place is really good

Rebecca Gutierrez

Great food and awesome service. Our waiter Roberto was very friendly and polite!

ibrahim Alshareefi

Little bit expansive

Angelina Orozco

Stop at Lubys on the drive home to San Antonio. The atmosphere was pleasant , food great! Our waitress was very polite and helpful getting the little things we forgot on our tray.


Loved the food and the friendly atmosphere

Cristina Holguin

The food quality is not great for the price they are charging. Also, the employees are not too friendly, especially the cashier she was rude.

Armando garza

This is a good place to have a nice family dinner they are dishes of all kind very good food

Pedro Ortiz

Awesome but kind of dirty.

ned thomas

Food was delicious, service was first rate.

Marta Alvarez

Good price for food, not too busy for Friday night and friendly service.

Ricky Meza

Awesome service great food to pick from

Corina Hernandez

Loved it!!! Fresh food, excellent staff

Desiree Cordova

Excellent service

Fernando Luis

I liked the desserts but the food is definitely very expensive


Love there food. Chicken fried chicken w/cheese sauce is awesome.

Andrea Rey

I had the worst meal. Got the Roast Beef combo and it tasted days-old and dry! They didn't wanted to give me gravy for it, and even when they did it did not help improve the flavor of the roast beef. Only the wild rice and corn were good.

Eduardo Aguirre

Love their meal options.

David McKee

Great place to grab a good meal.

Hugo Barrón


Jerre Broussard

Always Great food and servers also accommodating. Great location everyday.

Rosemary Ali

I've attended by a young girl named Isabel and she gave me 100% costumer service.. She really took the time to explain to me what I was asking.. Thank you Isabel..

Nikaury magallanes

The food is good ,healthy choices ,friendly staff .kids on saturday eats free .

Capt Cadwallader

Quality was top drawer, selection of entrees were more than enough. I selected several, for a hungry man meal, to include chocolate pie...all for a price. Hungry man dinner for one was $25.00. Can't wrap my mind of the idea dinner for two at Luby's could reach $50.00. Unquestionable quality, just pricier than I remember

Blanca Gonzalez

Food is always fresh and appetizing. Great customer service.

Teresa Delao

Variety of food. My luAnne was good with fish. Did not like the chicken salad, had no flavor. Matts fried chicken and sides were great Service was very good.

Olga Rodriguez

Food was cold. Liver was awful, dry and old. Very tough, not even the knife could cut it Potato dry, cold and tasteless...

Diana Thompson

Great LuAnn after 3pm. 7.99 good deal and healthy delicious food.


Great fresh food. Fish and chicken fried steak is fabulous. Always friendly and has a very nice pleasant family atmosphere.

John Steger

Pricy but food was ok


Food is ok, mediocre at best. Very greasy though and that can sometimes cause an upset stomach. Cashiers have always treated me rudely and with a bad attitude. Waiters/waitresses have been good though and do a good job. The cashiers make the dinning experience terrible though. I don't really enjoy going to this location.

Lord Capricorn

Love that Fried Fish

Luz Olvedo

The food has good taste however the food temperature needs to be hot! Cool food is not too appealing.

Maria Ramos

Love getting here with my friends, we eat we chat along with a delicious dessert and coffeee!!!

Beverly Albrecht

Good food & prices. Usually no wait.

Fred Holliday

Always consistantly good. Best black eyed peas in town.

Eleanor Rigby

Great variety

Amelia Vasquez


Jeffrey Carmicheal

You can NEVER go wrong with Luby's!

Rose Marie Farias

Food was great and so was the customer service.

cosmo olversatil

Great food, attentive service from both servers and waiters, perfect for a quick healthy lunch or a hearty dinner instead of most of the forgettable same-thing-different-brand fast food joints around the area

Blue Rose Alvarez

Food is not as hot as should be. Within minutes of sitting (under fast ceiling fan) my food was completely cold. The waitstaff commented that was a common complaint and a replacement meal would get cold too. I packed up everything to go and reheated at home. For the prices charged, food should be hot and tasty.

Hector Muela

Liver ...the best in Town.!!!

Gracie Gibson

Great foid ands lots of choices. Courteous. And friendly petsonnel. Reasobable prices.

Margaret A. Garcia

Good food always

Rigo Aragon

We have enjoyed Luby's since my earliest (1972), it is a very good place for family and friends. Kudos to you for the great employees who offer their best service, and in return a nice tip always comes their way.☺

Maria Garza

Food was delicious. Anthony, was very courteous, friendly, n a professional server. Plus, he was very prompt with our customer service requests. Great Job, Anthony!

Phylly San Antonio

Good food. New spécials : fan favorites. 6.99. Kendrick was our waiter, nice kid. Remember to tip. They work hard.

Nick Torres

Try the Luann special! Great place for a family meal great service great atmosphere.

Fabiola Hernandez

I love going to Lubys when I'm in Texas.

Martha Holstead

Good food. Expensive

James Martinez

Food was super fresh. They went out of there way for me when I asked for just a cucumber salad with Italian dressing

Debra Collins

Love having a variety of choices and they are all good. Salads, veggies, meats, fish, even breads and desserts. All

Siria Elena Felix Lemas

My kids and i go almost every week, is one of our fav

k K

Stopped in for quick vegetable plate. Bland, oily, overcook. Not what I remembered from the old days.

Reggie Lopez

The food was excellent as always. The service was outstanding, first rate...from line service to cashier ti waitress...I especially appreciate the attention given to those of us with physical limitations.

Holly Green

I am a luby's fanatic and by far this is the best one i have been too in the almost 30 years of eating there. The food was fresh and delicious!! This location also served alcoholic beverages.

Joe Prospero

Good food good variety

Steven Mathis

Armando the manager was great. Went above and beyond his job to make my visit pleasurable

Victor Juarez

Food is good, service is fair

Kenia Rojas

Food was delicious. Mangers are very kind people. Service is excellent.

Donald Willits

Good home cooking. I especially like the chicken fried chicken

V Navarro

Good sides and entree, tea was not to my liking but everything else was fine

Kara Barcelo

Love Lubys. Their food is always good. The staff is usually nice and helpful.

George Patrin

Food was excellent. Server was very attentive coming to the table many times to ask if we needed anything. I'll go back.

Jerry Chavez

Good selection and wonderful service.

Adrianarv Rodriguez

Great food and great selection.... Come every week with family

Susan Rajabi

Salad was amazing! The Turkey with mashed potatoes was absolutely tasteless. Could be a good thing cause now I'm looking forward to real home cooked Thanksgiving meal!

Alma and Nelson Ruiz

Great service!

Crystal Sanchez

Our meal was wonderful. We love Luby's.

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