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3107 Eubank Blvd NE #16, Albuquerque, NM 87111 Located in: Scottsdale Village Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Fu Yuang IN New Mexico

Honey Bear

So friendly and the Bulgogi is truly amazing! Small so may have to wait but try the spring rolls or the won tons with cream cheese while you wait for your amazing dinner to arrive!

Wendy Renee

DELICIOUS! Enough said!

brian jacobson

Do yourself a solid and get in here. The food is phenomenal.

Nadine Martinez Daskalos

Ang Rivas

Reasonably priced, well-prepared, delicious food. Added bonus of fantastic people and service. I'm looking forward to trying everything on the menu... But if you are looking for a recommendation, go with the honey ginger chicken from the Chinese menu!!

Justin Stoner

Amazing family run Chinese and Korean restraunt. Everything they have on their menu is amazing!

Pinon Nuts

The best part is the owners... So funny... Take their suggestions on what to order... Very tastey... But sometimes a few too many limo liberals talking politics.... Too small of a place... So you over hear ALL of the political jive convo... We don't want to hear it!

Dai Herrera

David Cocain

Always top notch. Great food at reasonable prices.

Isaiah Leyva

Great tasty food made to perfection! Great service!

Michael Luzzi

yum yum yummy

D Lansdell

Tucked away in the NE Heights of Albuquerque is this quaint Chinese/Korean restaurant that blows your mind! Food was authentic and DELICIOUS! A must try, you'll be returning to again and again!!!!

An Mai

Sid Shin


Soooooo amazing. My favorite place to eat, it is medicine for my soul. My whole family loves this place.

Justin pickens

Good food, great service.

Shelton Bruce

Local family owned place who really show how dedicated they are to getting you good food.

Preray Raypre


Estevan Aragon

Carmen Brocklehurst

Fu Yuang's is consistently great food. And the staff is friendly.

Bob Ket

Bich Le Hoang

Best Korean food in ABQ

Kara Hayes

Stan & Margaret Allen

We have gone to this restaurant many many times & it's always great!!!

Jose Valdez

A relaxing meal with family. Service was excellent.

Kim Huynh

The chicken wings and soup was pretty good.

Jeena Lee

Excellent customer service Ask for the korean styled sweet and sour chicken to be done thai hot.

Russi Carr

Very good service and food

Jeanne McLeod

Awesome! 1st visit with a friend I'll be back.

Benjamin Rutherford


Best spot no doubt.

Hathaweh Bassett

I have been coming to this place since 2012 and the food has always been consistent and most of all superiorly delicious! I always leave happy and satisfied.

Lorena Garcia

Love Love Love this place!!!

Kelly Lasater

Shelley Harris

Hands down best Korean BBQ I’ve ever had.


Darryl White

Pretty good!

Jeremy Zimmerman

Having been to Korea a couple of times while I was in the Army I was really looking forward to this. The food was okay, the fried chicken wings were pretty fantastic but everything else was five or six out of ten. The waiter was quite annoying. Don't know if I'll be back.

Pradeep Kundan

Great service , good food and great value

Ellen Stallings-Hopf

Well, unlike Leon I'm not an entitled whiny white male crybaby, so I've loved it everytime I've been in!

Katherine Stoner

Consistently great food and service. One of our favorites in Albuquerque. Orange chicken is excellent. The curry is good but mild so bump it up to spice level one.

Jessica Purdy

Delicious food. My family loves the homemade kimchee. Everything on the menu is wonderful. Staff very helpful when you have questions

Josh Dorrance

Chris and his wife have a special hidden corner where they serve the best lunch around. Level 2 Clear Chicken is heavenly (if you can stand the heat). Level 3 may be the spiciest food in New Mexico if you dare to try it - otherwise levels 1 and 2 are full of flavor.

Judy Castro

I’ve been coming here for a couple years and I try to get something different every time I go and EVERYTHING on their menu is delicious! Top faves are the wings, Bulgogi, sweet n sour pork, Jopchae (noodles) and the must-have dumpling soup. I swear it has magic cold-healing powers and I crave it when I’m sick! Awesome local gem!

David Welch

Always great food and great times !

Jill Schneider

Wonderful authentic Korean and Chinese food Delicious fairly priced and the staff is terrific. You will have a great meal and feel welcome. Try the honey ginger chicken or any of the grilled meals that show up on small iron cookers at your table. OH YUM!

Schuyler Collis

Best Korean food I've had in Albuquerque

Kenny Wang

I love this place. It was super busy and Chris are server was so fast. Great place to eat it's worth the wait.

Chris Golden


Liz Anaya

Delicious food. Super nice folks.

Arielle Sedillo

james swenson

Best Korean in town and awesome price.

Joy Patrick

Idaline Spencer

Lee DeFrancesco

Love this place. Food is fantastic and the owner's and their employees are such nice people. I have a special place in my heart for them.

Guy Mor

Great food! Lunch specials come with egg drop soup and the wontons are fantastic! Service is on top of it and the price is right. Bulgogi is delicious. Highly recommended!

Nguyen pham

Carleigh Wallace

We walked in to get take out and the staff was so pleasant and we got our food very quick! And all of the food was delicious, some of the absolute best Chinese food I've had. The cream cheese wontons, pork dumplings, egg drop soup, and orange chicken were all top notch. We'll be going there again

Timothy Trembley

Eric Maxon

Berrett Harrison

Lauriann King

Charity Rose

Daniel Drain

Very good Korean dishes! Best Korean food I've had since I was in Korea. Kimchee is to die for!! I think they were maybe breaking in some new staff the night we went. A little slow, but worth the wait! Seemed like only one guy knew what was going on. But again, good service, considering how busy it got so quickly. A definite favorite!! Almost wish it was a bit bigger, but it's more real Asian that way. Small, quaint, cozy. Kind of a hidden gem!!

Nic M

Fu yuang's is amazing! They serve a Korean menu as well as a Chinese menu. The lunch menu is a great value. You get soup and cream cheese wontons. The atmosphere is nice and can accommodate a large group. I recommend the Korean sweet and sour pork. The brown rice is sooo good! Also, if you are a fan of hot wings this is the place. Get the Korean fire wings with 1 or 2 drops and you will have a new definition of heat. I'm native New Mexican and love chile but this is crazy hot. (Addictive and delicious) This is definitely one of my favorite places and one of those places that I've never had a bad meal throughout the years.

Leona Easley

Denia Griego

This place is fantastic!! The food was delicious and the servers were super awesome. ee ordered the Jean and cream cheese Rangoon. Effing delicious! The wings to die for. The entrees were spicy and amazing. Go! Go! Go!

Richard Sides

Chris, the waiter is by far the best I've seen in the restaurant industry. He makes you feel right at home and does not leave you disappointed. My wife and I have been here twice so far and will continue to come here for our dates. I'd give it 10 stars if it was possible. 100% recommended to come here and eat.

Herbal Edibles

Everything Mia makes is heaven on a plate! She would probably give her mom and dad the credit but she is the genius in that kitchen. Keep it up!

Toni Getz

My favorite food and staff.

Alina Long

Endion Schichtel

Hands Down the best Chinese and Korean food in Albuquerque! Everything is super fresh and home-made. I highly recommend you check out this hidden jewel in Albuquerque. The service is always great and you can tell they put their heart into their food. Their egg drop soup and Curry chicken are my favourites.

Gregory Leiker

I recommend their chicken wings to start and bulgulgi amazing. The beef wonton soup great too. I been going here for years and gotten many a family member addicted great food a friendly.

John Bailey

Excellent Korean dinner!

Travis Wisthoff


Travis Forbes

Favorite Korean place in ABQ. Great lunch specials Mon-Fri. Staff is very friendly.

Laura Costa

Leon Morton

Not a very good experience. Owner was waiting tables and running around with a kind of nervous energy that is not really what you want to be around when you go to lunch after a stressful day at work. The food was... okay. Nothing stood out flavor wise. The Egg drop soup was the only soup they had and "free" as we were told many times. My lunchmate doesn't like eggdrop soup and when he set it to the side we got a remark as the owner was busily running around "at least try the eggdrop soup it's free and the best in Albuquerque." Well I did try it..and it is not the best in Albuquerque.

Nilda Balderston

Wonderful food only surpassed by the great server!

Patricia Martinez

Best & always very fresh, Oriental food in town! All... our Family's, favorite place we go for Korean & Chinese!

Lauren Toepfer

Marco Lam

Rob Norfor

Best food in town

Vivian Taylor

They already have weird hours,they never answer the phone for call in orders, and once you get there they have a sign saying they want cash or amex only. Very annoying and inconvenient business practices. GET A SQUARE READER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD or put it on your website!!

Ronjo C.

Daniel Burnham

Oh man, this place seemed when I was there yea s ago,not a standout,. Oh yeah,this baby has some real interesting stuff here. Had there chapche, unbelievable. Was surprised by the little salad s you get. Portion s are really good too. Hands down winning place, small cozy,but seats are limited,well worth the find. Customer service is King here, enjoy !!

Blake Pollard

Lindsey T

Love the fresh, homemade dishes and kimchi! Service is excellent!

Eric Harris

Anthony Gutierrez


Hands down the best Korean restaurant in Albuquerque. The bulgogi melts in your mouth. The chicken wings are perfectly crispy and have a great kick. Great price too.

Jenny Kinsey

Excellent food. Lots of regulars.

Ric Martinelli

C Wall

Food was ok. Server, Brian, was nice though. I'll give it one more shot.

Elisa Mascarenas

Wonderful place to be. The dumplings are delicious.

Brooke Taylor

Great family feeling. The service was attentive and kind. The food was excellent.

Peter Olejnik

Ron Cooke

I hate to bash this smalled owned restaurant but but I ran across town for the bugogi that a commenter raved about. It was chewy and really inedible. I threw my meal away and ate else where. Vegetables were fresh though, lol

Lettie Gal

Ive been coming here for years and all I have to say is they are always consistent. Consistent good food, good service and amazingly executed food. The best korean food I've ever had anywhere including places in Seattle, VC BC, Las Vegas abd London. I will always choose this place over others.

Jeni Grimm

Great food, great service. Chris was wonderful and very helpful. They have Organic tofu and gluten free options.

Margie Espe

The best 'out of the way' place ever! I hesitate to give them a review as I want to be sure I can still get a table. Great service, excellent food. Try the vegetable fried rice with brown rice, the lemon chicken, the honey ginger chicken, really you can't go wrong!.

Kate Nguyen

OMG. This place KNOWS how to do spicy and I love it. I've been craving Korean food every since I moved to ABQ and I am so happy I found Fu Yuang. Their food is so delicious! When you ask for spicy, they give you spicy!

Aniela Kowzan

Delicious, good quality East Asian food.

ZhiYuan Chen

David Eversmann

Stir fried chicken was actually boiled chicken cut up and then thrown into my stir fried dish. Lost a lot of flavor.

Tom Childers

Great Bulgogi. Good service


Food was pretty good and you hot more with it then a combo from fast food

kevin halse

Excellent food, and the service was good even though they were very busy and a understaffed that day. Highly recommended.

Anya Castillo

We had the Korean bbq (numbers 4 & 5) off of the dinner menu. Portions were small, service was courteous but very busy and not timely, the namuls were standard, and we were never served lettuce for bbq wraps. The bbq portions were already cooked and brought out to us on the hot grill — we are accustomed to a more authentic dining experience where the raw meat and grills are brought to the table. I would not recommend this place.

Katherine Morgan

The food here is Americanized and disappointing. It was bland and one note. On the plus side, the waiter was very friendly and the place was clean. The waiter called several regulars by name and knew their orders. The Oolong tea was quite good. The orders came out promptly and were good portions. They had clean bathrooms and a clean high chair, but no changing table. Just wish it was more authentic and tasty.

Xiaohan Wang

Great Korean soup but I hope to have more options on menu here :)

Michael Gonzalez

I always enjoy the food i think it's the best of Albuquerque

Gaylon Lavigne

Christopher Maestas

Liberty Sieberg

Carolyn Buckley

Al Cesarz

Excellent food and service well priced.

Mr. Kevbo

Excellent Korean food. Authentic according to my Korean friends. Limited seating so best to make reservations. The clientele trends progressive, so if you are a Fox News snowflake, you might get the vapors from eavesdropping.


Brian Ladd

The best Korean and Chinese food in town. I have tried eight or nine different dishes and really like them all.

Stephen Avery

Josh Roper

Kimberly Leppots

Eric Lederer

We moved to Kansas and now every time we visit we eat here.

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