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REVIEWS OF frenchish IN New Mexico

Robert B

Some of the best food in what is considered a food town. Great service, awesome atmosphere.

Jonah Rodriguez

Anne Scott

Delicious food. Servers very helpful. Stylish restaurant.

Kevin Ramos

Awesome Nob Hill establishment. Great atmosphere, excellent food and service. You will not be disappointed.

Linda Vasquez

Found out on our receipt there was a happy hour menu but we were never offered the menu even though we arrived at 5:45. Food had plenty of salt. Owner was above talking to customers. Just sat in a chair near kitchen short answers and no smile looking down on diners. Think she would be happy to get a table of six willing to pay $25 to $50 a person, the world is already short on love. I don't need to pay someone to treat me badly. Where has customer service gone?

michael crossey

We had a special occasion and booked earlier in the week. The food was amazing (it always is), and the service was perfect. Wonderfully paced and never rushed. Nellie and Jennifer and the whole team run like a Swiss watch. Thanks all.

Gaston Hebert

Only two days after Jennifer James opened her new restaurant French-ish, I had the opportunity to dine there and witness how a true pro can create near perfection from the very beginning. Accompanied by two others, we were able to try most of menu offerings and were delighted with inventive starters, fresh salads, and steak, trout, and duck entrees. Her desserts are probably the best in town. The design is eclectic, streamlined, pleasant, and upbeat. I was most impressed by the staff who were amazingly efficient and coordinated for a new restaurant. You did it again, Jennifer - better than ever!

JP Salazar

Donald Owen

Adina Pantea

Todd Zumwalt

A five-star French restaurant in Nob Hill. Excellent food excellent wine selection expensive but worth it. Perfect for special occasions or date night reservations recommended. Business casual attire.

Gregory Wright

D & T Wind Dance Farm

Stephenie Armijo

wayne leach

Carrot hotdog....

Dan McCulley

Rachel Seefeldt

Travis Peitz

Great staff and food.

Private Account

We have been in several times since they opened and couldn't be happier! We've had the foie gras, trout, hamburger and fries, drinking chocolate, steak and a few of the specials. YUM YUM. We have sat at the bar and at a table and received excellent service. If you haven't tried it yet make this one a priority!

James S. Hunter

The food and the service was very good. This was my first visit and I will be seeing this restaurant again.

Máté Fischer

Carlos Armijo

Exceeded my expectations with every bite! First off, was not expecting to have the best burger in ABQ at a place called Frenchish. Second, how are their fries 1000 times better then everywhere else? Even the starter (deviled egg) and salad (Farmer's) were killer. Then to finish off one of the most satisfying meals I've had in Albuquerque in a long time... Sticky Toffee Pudding! Yes yes and more yes. Absolutely love this place and look forward to another visit.

Ruthie Robbins

Frequent diner at Frenchish and have always found it to be wonderful. Went in tonight for some comfort food and it was just that. Everything we needed. Thank you Nelle and Jennifer.

Alexandra Deckoff-Jones

Jen Gaudioso

Angelic Griego

One of the best meals I have had in Albuquerque. Jennifer James sets the bar for an awesome culinary experience in Nob Hill.

Whitney Steinmetz

Taylor Spence

Very nice bistro. Too loud.

Jennifer de Garmo

Yum! It was really great. Everything was perfectly done. I don't wanted to try the merengue topped baked Alaska looking dessert, I didn't have enough time. Jennifer James is consistently good. ❤️❤️

Michael Church

Denise Hasher

Patrick Gallagher

Good 3 course meal deal

Izz Rivera

Never had a bad meal. Always clean and delicious favours !

jezreel bassett

Everything I wanted for a birthday dinner!! Try it for sure!

William Dix

Brian Naughton

Carrot dog! Gone a few times for the happy hour. The mussels are excellent with fries and a beer or glass of wine. Fills me up but will try dinner one of these times. The menu is always fresh, changing weekly. The decor is modern and hip. Hope it stays around.

mary malwitz

Werner Schueller

Disappointing in every aspect. Wine list, menu options, lack of french character.

Ryan Sinness

We drove 5 hours from Colorado Springs to eat here. We had the burger and pork etrées. Everything was AMAZING and did not disappoint. Its just as good as Jennifer James 101, with a modern interior. If we lived closer, we'd be here every weekend!

Ian Olivarez

Amazing food, comfortable atmosphere and excellent service.

Justin Mansell

Rachel C

I seriously love Frenchish. I tell everyone I know about it! I love how unassuming but awesome it is - from the decor to the food to the service. They have really fun dishes, their wine is delish (I usually just get the house red or white), and the service is always very nice. Their prices are a tad high, but you get what you pay for -- everything is great! They do also have a good happy hour menu. Their seasonal menu tends to have interesting & delicious items on it too! So yeah, I highly recommend this place!

Shea Seefeldt

Justin Horwitz

Carrot hot dogs and the champagne of beers.

David West

Just go.

Mel T



Katherine Hicks


Eduardo Aleixandre

Diego Garcia

Joshua Brown

Christine Petranovich

Jennifer Buntz

Food is good, but I was disappointed there was no vegetarian entrée, only sides. "Vegetarian" does not mean "diet"

Jessica Lewis

My husband and I had a very delicious and satisfying meal at french-ish. We were celebrating so went for the full experience including apertifs, appetizers of deviled eggs, steak tartar and an arugula salad; followed by a special of the day entree of pork belly and fish of the day, halibut. Dessert included an ice cream sundae and cheese with a glass of port. Bravo. We wanted to have it all on this night, but the prix-fixe specials were quite affordable for the overall experience of this place and could be a great option if you weren't looking to go all out. I would highly recommend and will return.

Diana Bruno


michael wood

Jeannie Prince

Delicious food, nice atmosphere

Evangelina Anaya

Jerry Tighe

Great food and the service was exceptional. I would recommend getting reservations.

Sean Keepers

Helen Collins

We had dinner at Frenchish last night and it was nothing short of fabulous. We started with the duck/pork pate and a spring lettuce salad with a creme fraiche dressing that were both wonderful. The fish entree was superd in a light coconut sauce and the lamb was melt in your mouth delicious with an amazing flavor! This is one of the best meals I have had in a long time and we travel a lot and eat out all over the US and internationally. Thanks to Jennifer James for being such a talented exceptional chef! We are lucky to have this restaurant in ABQ...

Peggy Spencer

Delicious food and very friendly and attentive service. Tasty apertif of champagne with bitters and a sugar cube. Creative! I had the Prix Fixe which was perfectly cooked steak with frites and salad and a cute and delicious chocolate pudding. My husband had the duck confit and a cauliflower soup. All scrumptious!

Kevin Stroup

Great food and impeccable service. A place to go to celebrate.

Roger Miller

Simple but elegant. Fantastic food. Best lamb ever. Excellent wine selection. Will go to my grave remembering this dining experience .

Stephen Yoshimura

Marty Apodaca

Alfred Teller

I don't know if I would have ever known this place existed if it weren't for my sister's recommendation. This was one of the most flavorful and beautiful meals I have eaten in Albuquerque. Slightly pricey, but definitely worth it.

Shawn Perry-Turner

Marguerite Raymond

Great good!

Kathleen Pitt

Excellent service and food. Jennifer James never disappoints!

ioana engstrom

Truly inspired French bistro food, great wine list at affordable prices and really good atmosphere

Nadine Nagamatsu

This place knows what they're doing. Food came out exactly as expected. A service was wonderful and the atmosphere was chic simplicity. Will definitely return!

Scott Carroll, MD

Great food, one of my favorite restaurants.

Mike Anderson

The menu is always changing and it is always wonderful.

Michael Mitchell

Jennifer James does not disappoint at Frenchish. Great fine dinning and a well rounded wind list

A Rivers

Beautiful decor and atmosphere, wonderful people, and delicious food! One of our favorite restaurants ever!

jeffrey baker

Sam Tri

My partner and I try to make it here for date night often because we have never had a bad tasting in ever. Some of the combinations that jj is able to come up with blue up the taste buds. We love the happy hour to be able to snack and sample a lot of things. Will follow her wherever she decides to go.

Hidaya Hassan

Matt Pujol

The food was great. The deviled eggs had a unique Albuquerque twist. The wine was excellent too

Jeffrey Trespel

Inventive French cuisine from City and Country with the occasional New Mexico fusion twist. Solid wine list, unpretentious atmosphere. Another winner by Jennifer James.

Kerry Clear

Service was excellent! Food is always amazing. Dessert was unbelievably delicious!

Shankar Kulumani

Great upscale Restaurant in nob Hill. Good was great and service was excellent. There's a large number of staff so there's very little wait for anything over seated. Staff was knowledgeable and able to answer any questions about dietary restriction. They were also very well equipped to handle gluten interolance with separate friers for food.

Peter Knipper

Very good and classic dishes.

Barry Herrero


Janet Stuart

Scott Hurt

Heather McGuire

One of my favorite restaurants ever. Amazing and slightly famous chef and restaurateur Jennifer James creates delicious and surprising food in a comfortable, and beautiful space. Try happy hours for the best deals. The madelines for desert are fresh from the oven!

Brooke Parish

Always a treat.

Anders von Reis Crooks

What a wonderful little place. Food was spectacular along with general good service and a nice setting. I personally though it was hilarious and cute that the bathrooms we're labeled unisex essentially "who care, but wash your hands". I had a wonderful experience and would recommend this place wholeheartedly.

j d

Great atmosphere and service food was great last time this time ok but not great the devilish egg was better last time this time too much salt. The veggie of the day was ok. Carrot dog great last time.

Shannon Jay

Best food in town. Every dish is a delicious work of art. I cannot stress how much their attention to detail is; you can feel the love that has been put into everything. Ita ny new faveorite restraunt.

Nick Angel

Some of the most inept and clueless wait staff I have ever seen for an establishment of the supposed standing.

jose anda

The best hamburger in town

Phil Gouy

Great food. Probably the best carrot dog I have had!

George Branigan

Great food, great wine, great staff. Best restaurant between New Orleans & San Francisco

Chris Luchini

The latest incarnation of Jennifer James restaurants. If you are a foodie, this is the place for you, with a small menu, expertly prepared. There is no boring food here. Make sure to look for the off menu specials, they are seasonal, episodic, and very interesting. They have an extensive wine list, but more importantly wine selection that is well balanced and will allow you to find something to match your meal and your palate. Make sure to check out the off-menu steak tartare that is offered as a side dish. It is substantial enough to be a main. Yum.

Raul Leal

Simply amazing

Michael & Allen Mitchell

Food, wine, and service was spectacular

Andrew Trujillo

Fantastic ambiance. Wonderful food and wine list. The Carrot Dog is everything!

Zig Zarley

$$$$$$ great for the folks with cash to burn, guess i am non- pretentious and was treated as such. Menu is limited and designed for the pretentious, not really your nob hill crowd or homeless and lowlifes that shuffle up and down central looking in at the rich at scalos and frenchish and a few hoidy toidy establishments on this stretch of central. Food ok, but left hungry and a little humiliated sey la vie.

Carla Davis


Dan Peterson

Best restaurant in ABQ

David Campbell

David Popelka

Wonderful. Just go.

Cathy Winfrey

Frank Fine

Simply Albuquerque"s best food & service, without pretension.

Matthew Gagne

Ronjo C.

French-ish is the new version of Jennifer James 101 and it's just as spectacular as her old restaurant with a more trendy flair. The food has slightly more of a French twist than her previous restaurant but has lost none of its ellegance and refinement. Her specials are always the best on the menu but don't underestimate the joy her perfectly prepared French onion burger can bring! Jennifer James and Nelly remain my favorite duo of restaurant owners in Albuquerque. Honestly, even Santa Fe would be hard pressed to find a pair as talented as these two!

Marcella Lindsay

Brant Palley

Great muscles!

Clay McPheeters

Jayant Kumar

Always good menu, healthy options, casual atmosphere, great service. Love going there with family, including kids.

Steve Jones

Food was good. Portions small for the price. Spent a lot of money on 3 courses and went home hungry.

Ali Hill

Seth Daly

The veal was awesome.

Ernesto Mascarenas

The food is outstanding. Great staff, friendly and knowledgeable. Great atmosphere. Try and enjoy this fine establishment as soon as possible.

Allyssa Y

Juno Raby

Camilla Dominguez

A LOVELY restaurant in Nob Hill! Amazing, food, wines and ambiance. A true Chef's restaurant with only the finest ingredients and menu. We loved Jennifer James 101 and are happy to see her shift to this new space and cuisine. You're treated like a valued guest every single time. The staff is stellar to match the food and vibe. 6 stars out of 5!

Isabella Pacheco

Cool atmosphere and good food. You can make the experience as casual or formal as you want. Have done date night and friend hang outs here and have had great experiences. One of the best places to eat in Nob Hill.

Sharron Dishongh

Monique Hogan

Excellent food plus great atmosphere.

Mike Frese

Jennifer James is probably Albuquerque's finest and most creative chef. The food is only just short of perfect.

Blake Brown

Best meal l ve had indome time

Richard Glitz

Had the price fixe menu, which was excellent. Done just right, and just the right amount. Good wine selection, and superior service. Great find on Central.

Joseph Loverro

Xayo Meunphalangchai

Great food and atmosphere. Can get loud.

Angelica Salazar

Corinne Teller

This may be our favorite restaurant in Albuquerque. The owner and staff take such good care of their customers and the food. Wait staff is some of the best. The owner finishes off every dish and watches the operations of the whole restaurant to make sure everything is just right. Everything we've had has been delicious, even from the most simple dish. Save room for dessert, which is just as good as everything else!

Frances Whelan

Great, casual French cuisine. Prices are$$-$$$. Best bet is the meal special: simple salad, 6oz filet mignon and shoestring fries. Comes with a chocolate pudding shot. $25.

Sheila Richmond

Love Love it every time.

Megan Murphy

I absolutely loved the food and the wait staff were so friendly and fun to talk to. The carrot dog was a total surprise and so, so creative. The ingredients are simple but the preparation is what elevated everything. These guys can cook!

Walt Beyeler

Imaginative use of local ingredients. Welcoming and unpretentious, yet professional and knowledgeable staff.

Robert Martinez

Great food

Roberto Vasquez

Worst service hateful people would not recommend everything was over-salted disgusting if you want to go eat and enjoy not the place to go don't go if I could give him less than a one star I would give him a zero star

Joel Maliskas

So effortlessly classy!

Chad Curtiss

James M. Woodward

On the North side of Central, huddled between a board game store and space for lease is Frenchish. As you drive by, be careful not to miss it. If you do, you'll be missing one of the most delicious, and visually appealing meals I've had in years. While the menu can feel misleading to the name (a cheeseburger at a French restaurant?) keep in mind the "ish" and take care to note their seasonal menu. Entrees are not massive, instead cleanly presented, leaving you with the "just the right amount" feeling. At most restaurants I'd recommend a "pass" on the unnecessary dessert options but you will be missing out here.

Kristy Tadgell

Best. Food. Ever.

kye chisman

Jeffrey Baker

Best French Onion burger.

Remi Dingreville

Jason tackett

Marco Berry

Kate OBrien

Great food, super employees and stylish decor. Attention to all detail. Great menu and lighter bites for happy hour as well. It's a must when I travel to Albuquerque.

Mark Waggener

Deviled Eggs, Carrot Dog, Monte Cristo burger, Frozen Chocolate Burrito with Champagne Cocktail, wine and excellent coffee after dinner. What's not to like? One of our favorite places in ABQ!



If youre reading this, GO IN AND EAT. The decor is something to be desired but the food is top quality. I would say the finest steak; cooked and seasoned, I've had the pleasure to have in Albuquerque.

Deena Rosenberg

Lovely place to take family from out of town. Not necessarily kid friendly, but very accommodating when we bought an infant with us for 5:30 dinner on a Tuesday. Definitely check out the cocktails!


Food was exceptional. Seated quickly on busy evening without reservation. Will return soon.

My Lady

mish rosete

Janie Rae Byrum

We dined here last night for the first time, and it was wonderful. We especially loved the mimolette cheese with spiced fruit preserves, the wild pink grouper, and the drinking chocolate, but everything we ordered was divine. For drinks, we had fun with a vermouth cocktail (martini-ish), a gorgeous Byrrh, a raspberry lambic, and tawny port. They have a large-ish wine list, with which we hope to experiment soon. The service was kind, knowledgeable, and attentive. Decor is fresh and open, and there is style continuity across their seating, service attire, food offerings, visible kitchen. A++

Deacon Blues

Ed Ducayet


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