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REVIEWS OF Dave's Cafe IN New Mexico

Cristina Ramirez

Great atmosphere

Norman Schoening

We went there the day after the March high wind storm that created a lot of damage. The village was basically closed due to mass power outage on the mountain. However, Dave's was open using a power generator. Been there before, but not before they put the rustic/beautiful bar in. Food, as usual, great. Bar selections, real diverse and great. Western Bar is in trouble with Dave's on one end, Cloudcroft Brewery on the other end and Fat Jack's in the middle.

Gary Klein

Great selection, good food. It was difficult finding a table for more than five, but we managed.

Cathy Bunch

Had a green chile cheeseburger. The chile was very hot. Tasty but some of the hottest chile I've had in years. We had to wait a very long time for our food. Kitchen is too small.

Jaci Szczepanski

Good selection of draught beer, solid service, and good bar food. The green chile carried a hefty kick even by New Mexican standards. The chili cheese fries were tasty and a perfect complement to a cold beer before heading out on a hike.

Juan Iván Muñiz Acosta

Excellent, friendly, nice service, really outstanding. Excellent food and nice price.

Miguel Quinonez

Good food delicious good people they deserve 6 stars I love it

roxanne montandon

Great grn chili cheese burger. Also mrxican food. Lots of good beers. Often crowded in tourist season, for good reason.

Jose Garcia

Great food at good prices.

Nghi Doan

Quaint little cafe in Cloudcroft NM, very nice folks, peaceful, good food

Cassandra Bindea

The Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich is amazing, and the green chili cheese french fries are delicious.

Frances Gomez

Great sandwiches!

Lorenzo Onsurez

A very good place to get a burger!

Rex Romhild

If you are going to do a breakfast business get the toaster repaired. Texans may like Texas Toast for breakfast but I do not. The toaster has been inoperative for weeks now. Not going back until I am assured it is fixed.

Dylan Anderson

I think i have finally had enough! Daves is always hit or miss and the more packed they get the worse it gets. I keep trying to give them the benifit of the doubt but this Sat finally sealed the deal. My wife ordered a taco salad, my self a cheeseburger. Grabbed a seat, got our drinks and menus, and placed our orders. 42 minutes later, ahh at last lunch.. Hold on a minute, whats this? My wife reaches down with the watress right there and begins pulling the longest hair out of her food.. Its also an order of Nachos? With out even a pause oh we're out of taco bowls are chips alright? What about the hair my wife is holding in front of your face? Oh, sorry want another one? Ahhh, yes please. So she takes it away, comes back with the same plate and says well i looked and don't see anymore and puts the plate back down.. My wife and I look at each other then look at her as she says and i kid you not, "What? did you want a whole new order? Yes, please as she rolled her eyes and dissapeared.. not even a oh, I'm so sorry I'll take care of that for you. She brought back a new batch the was so unappetizing we just left it.. look its Cloadcroft you get what you get but this was over the top.. So long Daves the cheeseburger was great but everything else gets the big thumbs down.. Go to Mad Jack, you may have a wait but the service is great and the food is outstanding every single time.. thats the way to run a business. D.Anderson Cloadcroft NM.

Larisa Trevino

Quick service

Jody McKinzey

I like Dave's. The burgers are huge and juicy and their fries are excellent. Service is friendly. Only thing that I'm not crazy about is the noise. It's a very loud room.

Irvin Jackson

Nice spot for a quick bite or a nice cold drink. Would definitely go there again. I need to try the Billy Burger, heard it was the best one there.


We had burgers here and they were average. Service was bad.

Jan Fisher

Excellent food, good service.

George Crockett

Hamburgers are awesome, staff has always been great. The fries are a style not to my preference, but to each their own. My only complaint was the horrendous way I was served a “burrito”. Still, I will continue eating there as overall it’s a great place and friendly environment.

Timothy Lyle

Very nice people and good prices

Dawn Ahlen Willis

Food and staff were great.

greg mcgraw

Awesome place. Cozy atmosphere, good food. Nice people

Jane L Grider

Tasty sandwich, reasonably priced. We went late in the afternoon & there was no wait. Service was prompt & courteous. This place can be quite crowded at peak lunchtime hours.

Jessica Stafford

Well priced breakfast, super friendly staff.

Steven Winsor

Good craft beer and food


Nice local family feel. Good service crispy chicken fried steak tasty gravy. I would recommend this restaurant.

Melinda McDaniel

Enjoyed eating here twice. Each time, the food has been outstanding! A must here in Cloudcroft.

Dan Tribble

Great food and service !

Joel Boyer

Good flow, very busy Friday, decent prices, would go back again.

Victor Baca

good burgers, fair prices on beer.servers could use a course on customer service.

john knight

Above average food, nice folks

susan montgomery

Food good , but they added bigger bar area and added extra room to dine in. It is depressing with black ceiling and no windows. Like your eating in your bedroom. Place is dirty. Floors, back door, bathrooms, bathroom doors and hall to the place. Been walking in there for a year, and same dirty spots have never been cleaned. Yuk..

Jim Matthews

16 taps of craft beer two thumbs up to that. Deep fried asparagus were really good.

john hambright

Excellent food and friendly staff

Wendyl Alam

Fried Aspargus great! Everything is great on menu!!

Robert Garcia

Great place to eat and grab a beer the food was great and the beer selection is outstanding!

Cristian Monarrez

Super family friendly. Great food. Love their burgers.

Tiffany Menefee

Don't even bother with this place. Came into the restaurant and stood for a bit, no one helped us and there was no sign that said please wait to be seated. So we sat down. Waited around and no one helped us even though they saw us. Went to the counter where people were paying and were advised they don't serve people that seat themselves. But there was no sign that said wait to be seated and there was no host or hostess to sit you. We left and won't be back.

Sydney Hardiman

DELICIOUS. Billy burger was so yummy!

Leandrita Ortega

Very good burgers in the cool mountain village of Cloudcroft. The restaurant itself is pretty small...not a lot of places to sit. And I was pretty surprised by the hefty ticket...$75 for 4 people for what I consider to be pretty basic fare. All in all a good experience.


Small Town charm at it's best. Ate dinner one night and food was excellent little wait time. Staff was of it. Based on dinner experience returned for breakfast. Also very good. All was reasonably priced.

Jen B

Popular place with locals and visitors alike, and for good reason. Burgers are tasty, and the onion rings are excellent. We ate here twice on a recent stay in Cloudcroft and both times had great casual meals (we even went in with hiking trail grime on us and nobody batted an eye), served by a friendly and efficient waitress. We liked this place! Recommended!

Gary Jones

Were informed when we were seated that they were experiencing a personnel issue in the kitchen and that there would be a delay getting orders out. As we were not in any rush we went ahead and ordered and as advertised it took a while for our meal to come out. Everything was delicious and to top it off the staff went out of there way to take care of us. Comped some of the appetizers and apologized over and over. All in all a great experience since we had the time to spare and we knew what to expect.

Michael Cook

After hiking around for a few hours, the lady and I stopped in here for late lunch and were pleasantly surprised. She had a chicken salad and I had a club sandwich with fries. Just simple stuff but it was very well prepared and amply portioned and tasted great. I mean maybe it was because I was so hungry or maybe the altitude but it was the best club sandwich with fries I've ever had. It was very apparent that whoever is in the kitchen cares about what they are sending out. Great job!

Nena Dutill

Best burger ever!!!

Alan Sargent

Quaint bar and grill. Good food at a good price.

Marcus Dianda

Good place! We went for breakfast and we're surprised on how big the portions were!

scott hays-strom

I always enjoy the food here

Lee Stevens

I had the Reuben it was great. They give you the dressing on the side. So you put on as much as you want.

Kathy Simpson

Good food. Just wish there were more tables in the bar. You can't get a drink with dinner in the dinning room across the hall.

Stephanie Smalling

Good burgers. Knowledgeable bartender

Melissa Ochoa

Such a nice place!#

Ray's Random

Excellent place to stop and get a tasty meal.

Dana Martin

Good burgers and salads and the kids meals are big! Prices are great and so are the people!

Anna Acosta

Best burgers

S. A. Snedden

This review is only for the breakfast and lunch menu. The food is typical American. For breakfast, ask what the special is, it's often good. For lunch, they make a good green chile cheeseburger. This is a great place if you want local color. A lot of locals eat here.

Juanita Hansen

Good food. Friendly staff.

Diego Carabajal

Best place to eat in Cloudcroft

Rick Welch

Good food great service

Jimmy Langell

Good price and atmosphere and shorty is the bomb.

David Allison

Went for a quick bite and a drink. Good prices. Taco Salad was cold. Brat was good. Nice beer selection.

Wesley Kitten

Great food good service

Samuel-TDA Dominguez

Cool place to take in sights and get some good food, fast.

Jeremy Zimmerman

Somewhat bland food and really slow service. Ended out coming here for dinner one night and then breakfast the next morning because my in-laws wanted to go here. Constant excuses on why things were late or wrong, and the tickets are dealt with in a ridiculous fashion. Family of 8? Perfectly fine. Come up to the counter afterwards and we'll split the checks up then. That only takes a half hour.

George Willcoxon

Good place to eat, great environment

Christina Gandara

Delicious food and great beer selection!

Luke Spoonts

Wow, this was a really terrible experience. We thought since we were downtown in Cloudcroft on Labor Day this would be a good place to grab a quick and easy bite. We got seated, put our order in, and then proceed to watch our waitress walk by our table over and again for 40 minutes - never acknowledging our existence. Had a nice young lady check in on us, even though it wasn’t her table. She explained that the wait was typically 30-45 minutes because the grill couldn’t keep up with the recent seating expansion. At 58 minutes, we got our food, but only after we watched it sitting in the service window for over 10 minutes and I went to ask about it. Even then, “our waitress” walked by it over a dozen times without even realizing it was there waiting. So sorry that these employees have to split tips, our waitress didn’t deserve a dime. After being here for over 1.5 hours, we never spoke to our waitress again once after she took our order. If you get “blondie”, ask for someone else.

Raymie Roberts

Good place to eat with a small town feel.

Rener Mateos

Nice restaurant.

Dora Tellez

Food was good bit the service needs a lot of improvement. We sat there for 10 minutes before we were even acknowledged. By passed by 2 female servers and then the cashier came to take our order. Not a good impression for residents

Jacob Paz

Poor service bland food don't waste your time or money

Tony H

Probably the best burgers in cloudcroft. Servings were plentiful. Service was ok. The place would be more appropriately called Dave's BAR!

Raina Myers

Fresh food. Helpful staff. We enjoyed our time there . Great burgers!


Some good food options, with beer and wine. Kid friendly

Mario Hernandez

Friendly staff and very clean. Food is good

Jose Soto

Delicious ice cream

Lance Goodrich

Good food and atmosphere, Dave is nice guy

Kraig O

Been here multiple times, always come back for the rustic feel and great food. Love.

Amy Rynell

In the heart of Cloudcroft. Does a good lunch business. Basic food done well in welcoming environment.

Trip Seven

My phone is lying to me. I've never eaten at Dave's Cafe. I walked by, close enough for it to count I suppose. From what I saw, the place was at capacity which is a big crowd. Everyone looked happy; and if the escaping aromas are an accurate testimony, the food is fantastic!

Screaming TBird

Food was delicious, staff were pleasant and attentive, atmosphere was inviting. You get all the stars.

Dave D

Great food and nice people every time we come here. We love it

Michael Kennedy

Ice cream was great!

Wayne Lippy

This place is worth the drive, one because the views getting there and secondly because food is great and fairly priced...thank you Dave

Joshua Painter

There burgers are amazing my group of 4 people went in and all got something different we all left in a food comma we were so satisfied that we wanted to just sleep on the floor of the building, it was a little costly but it was so good that its totally worth it I'm totally going to eat there again.

Matt Hodges

Super nice folks and AWESOME bacon Burger and home made fries. Had the kilt lifter beer and it was great. Will definitely go back.

Anthony Gannon

Fun experience.

Lei Wang

Super slow or no service at all, same experience as the lady below. My family came in at 11:00. Waiting for 20 min, but nothing happened, not even a waitress or waiter came over to check us. I asked one waiter to order, but he said he would bring someone here. 10 min later, he came back and said it was busy and lag service. Come on, over half empty seats?! I was heading to White Sands Park, and better not wasting my time here. My family has to leave without even getting a chance to talk to the waitress. Tourists, please be aware of this restaurant- don’t waste your time there!!

Rudy n Kat Jaramillo

Really good burgers and fries, amazing variety, friendly staff , neat atmosphere!

Susan Fullerton

Ordered to-go before lunch rush and it took 45 minutes to get our food. People that came in after me who were being seated were served first. Waitress was rude when I asked how much longer it would be. Gave excuses for the grill being too small. If I hadn't already paid, I would have gone somewhere else. I won't eat here again.

Diana Gardea

Great green chile burgers! Great beer selection on tap and plenty of domestic bottled beer to choose from too. I always visit here when in town!

D Nabhan

Great place, much better that the place next door!!! Food is excellent...service even better!!! Clean and Friendly... Give it a try

Janet Harmon

Nacho plate had barely any cheese. Worst nachos ever.

Wild West Exploration's

Good food and drinks.

jerry everhart

Excellent coffee and pie...

Jody Mancillas

Great food! Great atmosphere! Awesome customer service!

Susann Mikkelson

Fun place!

Tod Sandlin

Food was great, and the price was way too low. Portions were unbelievably hugh.

Nicolai Stenz

Rely too heavely on tourist


Very good.

Peter McRaven

Great location, food was very good and came out fast. Draft beer was cold...

Eric Gilson

Went for lunch 10/07/2018. Bus Boy was extremely rude before we ever spoke to the person who seated us. No menus or drink orders taken for more than 15 min. after being seated (not busy at 11am). Asked for menus ans waitress was rude says she would get them when she had a chance (although she had walked past numerous times empty handed). Food is usually OK and service fair but this time we walked out angry. Won't be going back

Mike Kalabsa

We have had some excellent sandwiches and omelettes here. Prices are within reason and portions are HUGE! Nice wait staff and clean place. Worth checking out!

Dagmar Youngberg

This is a favorite of mine when in the area- friendly staff and always great food.

James Esparza

Great spot for coffee in cloudcroft. Ok, pretty much the only coffee in Cloudcroft. There's a bar attached, and there is food. Cloudcroft, in general, is a nice little mountain town with few amenities for big city Folk. I rate my coffee based on how a simple Americano is made and they do not disappoint.

Jose Gonzalez

Nice burgers

El Guapo

After a quick camping trip in Cloudcroft, we stopped here on our way out of town. Atmosphere is unique and it was a nice change from fast food. There's a lot to choose from on their menu, but we decided to split two plates...a smothered burrito and a burger and it filled us up just fine and it was delicious. It was a busy lunch and the service still managed to cater to all customers. They have a small selection of ice cream, but still enough to satisfy our sweet tooth. Even if there's a wait, I would recommend this restaurant.

John Buchan

Wife and I make a habit of stopping by Dave's when in the village. Hamburgers are always good (a friend told me some years ago to try the Willy burger, and I have been hooked since). Also, the ability to get a beer at the bar really adds to the meal.

Brad Wilson

Good food. Convenient to Cloudcroft. Good hours and generally good service. Can get busy on Saturday evening.

Jennifer Kiely

Delicious breakfast!!

Vito Monteleon

Probably a good local restaurant, considering the choices in the region and the word-of-mouth, but we were disappointed by the staffing shortfall during a predictable lunch rush on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Through the 40 minutes we persevered -- before giving up -- there was half or less of the staffing required to manage the customer load, and locals told us this situation is "normal" for Dave's. The available staff was trying, but unlimited comped ice tea and soft drinks can't compensate for interminably delayed food. We'll try again, whenever we pass through Cloudcroft, but only if the abundance of front door parking suggests they aren't crowded.

Cal Morton

If you're staying in Cloudcroft for a few days, you gotta eat here...

Suzanne Reaves

Great food, service & varied menu. Good for kids and a separate bar eating area for adults.

Jonathan Miller

I needed a place to hang out for half an hour with good ice cream and good wifi. Definitely a local crowd, but friendly

Susan Palomares

Delicious burgers and fries.

Nelson Miller

Great omelette! Perfect start for a morning hike.

Christy McCarroll

Great sandwiches, fries and salad. Very accommodating as we had puppy and had to eat outside. Talked to locals and they were very friendly!!!

dylan murphy

Great service, a number of rotating good taps, pretty broad menu (even veg options) neat atmosphere. Happy hour, $10 flights of 4, what more could you want.

Matthew Ellingsen

Food is not bad. Mostly burgers and bar food. One of the only places to get ice cream in Cloudcroft. The only negative is the size of the place. It's pretty small and can be cramped if you have a party larger than four.

Elizabeth Hall

Great little bar in Cloudcroft,NM. A good selection of cold beer on tap. Great food. I had the patty melt on sourdough with Chile cheese fries. Would have preferred green Chile instead of red but I didn't ask if it was available. Great vibe, fair price.

Karmi Karmi

Best of the Best! I have never had a bad meal here. The food has always been excellent with real french fries! The staff here is extremely nice and make you feel at home, as though you are part of the family. We may not live nearby but anytime we are in the area (every few months) this is our first and primary stop for meals.

Kris Kuhlmann

Great food and beer! Rustic bar and friendly staff.

Carina Felix

Really nice visit to this sweet town. Great staff and delicious food!

Morgan Adams

Very good food worth the wait

Juanidel Cubero

Good food, friendly staff!

Clint Sawicki

Excellent food good prices

Jacob Pedregon

Place was terrible! Both the front of house and back of house service was disappointing. $40 burger made of frozen foods and burnt patties. No pride at all in that dish. Server never returned to take payment or deliver tab.

E Boyd Daniels

Veriaty and really good food as well as great service.

Lee Santiago

Absolutely delicious! I loved the chicken cordon bleu sandwich. My husband loved the chicken fried steak, with homemade gravy. Very quaint and authentic!

Jim Anderson

Last splurge of ice cream at Dave's. Heading back to the ranch in the morning.

Carrie Crowl

My boys and husband enjoyed their ice cream.

T Leslie Gattis

Love this place, it is our new GOTO place when in Cloudcroft!

Jesus Moore

The food was really good and the hot coco hit the spot. Nice place to go after a hike.

Brandy Allen

The food is good but, the service is awful. Locals take priority. We were asked to leave a table to make room for a local couple. Unfortunately, tourists are what keeps these cafes in business not the 800 locals that live here.

Elizabeth O'Hara

Great food, friendly service, will definitely be back!

Angela Castillo

Green Chile cheeseburger was ok Tasted like it was sitting under a warmer. Fries were very good, small portions.

Matthew Race

The food was adequate and deserving of 3 or 4 stars, however we waited, along with the 5 other tables around us, (no exaggeration) a full hour for our burgers and fries. We would not eat here again, but we would get ice cream again.

mark mckinney

Green chili cheeseburger sure tasted good

Christopher Wipperman

Good food even though it wasn't busy there was a bit of a wait that day, something happened with the grill we were told, anyway food finally came out and it was decent large portions taste was a little off. My wife being from the area told me it normally was better. Atmosphere was pleasent staff and regulars easy to talk with. Being up in Cloudcroft the view was stunning.


Great food. Delicious French fries. Wait for sandwich was a little lengthy.

Dcn. Andy Weiss

I have been here a couple times with parishioners after Sunday Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church and the food is delicious, the help is friendly and the atmosphere is what I would expect from a mountain community. I thought it was a wonderful place to eat and share time with friends.

Bobby Schat

Horrible greasy food, bland patty that seem frozen package food. Kettle chip stale and tasteless. Way to expensive for the food quality

Kyle Colussi

Great place, good beer and wine selection, good atmosphere, and food was great. Wait staff was nice, I will definitely be going back when I'm in cloudcroft again!

Vivian Victory

Great place for Burgers and a Beer!

CathyFrancisco Tejada

It was delicious! But it did take quite awhile to get our food and my grandma's french Fry's were cold and hard.

Brett Poteet

I tried it again... first time was dry burgers. I hoped their breakfast would have some redemption... NOPE! Move on!

Joey Madewell

Sandwiches were great but a little pricey. Ice cream was great.

Joe Kowalski

The green chili cheese burger was awesome

Tara Stanton

Bubble gum ice cream and salted caramel espresso ice cream was delicious

Christy Moya

New little spot in Cloudcroft to have a drink, and great hamburgers. Got to try one if you check them out.

Robert Dodson

The food was great, the people were friendly and the atmosphere is cozy. If you are in Cloudcroft, NN, I recommend you stop at Dave's Cafe!!!

Gabriel Fletcher

First time here and new to area. Burger was horrible. Never had one burnt so bad. Fries were supposed to have garlic salt on them and they didn't not to mention they were burned to the point they were like the potato sticks you put on green bean casserole. Wish I could post pictures.

Brian Kellam

Great place, great menu, great service

Roberta Hanneman

Good prices

Mark Olsen

Nice atmosphere. Good service.

Joseph Sutton

Waited an hour for two burgers that they eventually got wrong. The fries tasted like they made them, and let them sit on the plate for an hour while they waited on our burgers. They also didn't bring out our sons Apple sauce for an hour which they had in individual packets and just took out of the fridge. He wound up falling asleep before they brought it. First and last time ever going.

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