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6910 Montgomery Blvd NE C, Albuquerque, NM 87109, United States

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REVIEWS OF Curry Leaf Restaurant IN New Mexico

Cordell Potter

Weekend lunch buffet is awesome, price just over $10! Great naan, idly, and goat curry! Everything is great, we will be back!


Really delicious, fresh Indian buffet for lunch.

Subrahmanyam Goriparti

Food was ok. Appetizers were great and lamb curry too. But, very disppointed with Roties and service. Roties were not at all cooked and moreover when I informed, the response was like as it is common and known to them. He said I will inform to chef. That's it!

Md.Naseef-Ur-Rahman Chowdhury

Food is good but expensive.

Peter Mack Grubb

A solid Indian food option for ABQ.

Taylor Winborn

Very delicious food full of flavor and amazing service!

Michael Grady

great service, tasty food

Robbie Elie

Excellent food great service super friendly definitely will return.

Bee Chamcharatsri

This was my first time at the Curry Leaf for lunch. Since it was an Indian buffet, I won't say much as the food items are somewhat similar to other places. My friend and I were greeted right away as we walked into the premise, which was nice. We were seated and were asked what type of bread we wanted. My friend recommended the garlic naan, he said it was great. I chose the dosa, which was not offerred other restaurants. The atmosphere was very chic! It was clean and well lit. It was a good place to take family or your significant others to dine. The staff were attentive and polite. I thoroughly enjoyed the dining experience.

Rahul Srivastava

We were in Albuquerque for 2 days and were looking for Indian food options during the Christmas time. This turned out the be one of the few places which opened that night. The food here is really delicious but we had to wait for around 1.5 hours to get our food served. I know it was very busy night for them but had we known for such a long wait, we would have left the moment we entered the place. At the end, the owner gave a 15% discount for such a long wait.

Elle Esse

Excellent dining experience! Many veg options. Attentive service, amazing food.


Really good Indian food, sometimes the service is slow due to is to crowded. In general they have a good service, the place is nice and cool. The food is tasty and is not expensive.

Mari Chavez

Yummmo! Tried the chicken curry leaf, super spicy and super delicious. Wonderful veggie samosas.

Koushik Kannan

Great buffet and the owner was nice and welcoming. Naan and Dosa served at the table along with the buffet.

Ken Brown

Best Indian food in New Mexico

Michael Laube

This was the first time I had Indian food and it was fantastic and the service was awesome!

Ron Weathers

Good food and service.

Devin Myers

Curry leaf is my favorite Indian Food spot in Albuquerque- crazy good- I would go just for the chai- buffet is to die for- dont be lame- go right now- I go here once a week- food so good you will float out of the restaurant- yes yes yes!!!!!!!

Dave Rochau

No doubt about it: best Indian cuisine I've ever experienced in Albuquerque. Fresh and deliscious Tandoori chicken shouldn't be skipped. Excellent atmosphere and the service is fantastic. I'll come here again!

Brittany Sayer

Delicious dinner! Can't wait to try the lunch buffet

Dennis Mcmullen

A great place to have indian food. Good portions excellent prices and service. Can highly recommend

Sean Phelan

Great food if you like hot food and Spivey food this is a must. Chicken Marsala was pretty good a little sweet but I would still give it a B+ and the lamb vindaloo was Spivey but not too spicey

Adam Armijo

Horrible customer service. Very rude workers and owners!!! Food made me sick

Jose Rodriguez

So delicious! I really enjoyed this place, great atmosphere, wonderful service and some really quality, authentic food.

brandon oyler

Good place to eat, good price, good people, good food.

Gen Whitt

I was impressed with the buffet & highly attentive service.

Fat for Fuel

Excellent food, atmosphere, customer service. I will be back! My friend said asian fusion dishes are not so good though.

rachael landau

Excellent buffet offering variety for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Northern and Southern Indian dishes, each impressively flavorful and distinct. Have lunched 2x & the soup and offered courses were different each time. Beetroot Halwa is vegan. Fine salty lassie. Crisp dosas and soft nan (plain or garlic) brought to the table. V. clean. Best Indian Restaurant in ABQ! Hope it maintains the quality.

Mark Rickert

Amazing!! I came from Bay Area where Indian food is plentiful and great. Albuquerque finally has another acclaimed Indian restaurant!

Jeremy Standiford

Their food was excellent and the prices were good despite the fact that the atmosphere felt very formal like fine dining with table cloths and beautiful flatware. The staff were very friendly and the decor was beautiful.

Ofelia McCutcheon

Nice atmosphere and great food.

Luis Estrada

Amazing curry, very traditional. Masala tea is great. Chicken and lamb curry are to die for, also the ice cream is great. Really good service, waiters are very attentive. They always check if you're doing good plus they have endless rice.

Nicholas Knecht

Their lunch buffet is a fantastic value, but their made to order food is absolutely amazing! I'm addicted

Asha Bodepudi

Had the lunch buffet. Good for the price. Not too options though.

R Zetterlund

Very nice buffet...wide selection of Indian cuisine...very pleasant decor and ambience.

Raz & Imbri P

The better-half and I have an ongoing debate between 4 and 5 stars on the rating here, but since I wield the mighty pen, the 4-star stands until at least our next visit. The dining room is absolutely lovely, and the staff polite, quiet, and efficient. We have not yet tried a plated dinner from the menu, which would likely tip the scales one way or the other and settle the debate. We end up getting the buffet every time because they consistently include Goat Curry, and a seriously goaty curry at that. Most Goat Curry we have found in North America is pretty shy with the actual goat, tossing in just a few pieces of boney meat. Not Curry Leaf! The Goat Curry is packed with meaty chunks, and even the bone bits have more meat on them than you generally find in a whole serving of similar curries in town. Goat is fifth in my list of favorite proteins, so its inclusion isn't a deciding factor for me. Don't get me wrong, though, we have had consistently good service here, and the buffet never fails to please, so I am definitely a fan. We will keep coming back, and perhaps I will find the wow-factor eventually for that fifth star.

Chj Sullivan

Excellent food. Need to work on the service. Way too long to get waited on after being seated. Kitchen was slow. Yummy Indian food though. Prices were fair, portions ok. Great selection.

Stacy Lesley

Delightful service and epic food selections! We will be back!

Kritika Subedi

Second time visiting Curry Leaf and I gotta say the food tasted a lot better than last time I came which was over a year ago. Extremely satisfied with the service, food, atmosphere. My mom said “That was so good”

Harsha Rao

I liked the dosa and chutney which were surprisingly good. But I did not like the fact that they have mixed in Beef curry in the meat section. Waiters were helpful and well behaved. First day North Indian food tasted good. Second day the curry was not up to the mark. But may be the chef was having an off day?. Excellent location. If they keep improving and not mix in Beef and pork (no pork available during buffet) with other meat dishes then they would eventually be very successful.

Shannon Corder

Excellent restaurant. The food was flavorful, and the staff was among the most attentive I’ve encountered in Albuquerque. There were several different Indian dishes available, and all of them were excellent. They offer bread with the meal. Our drinks were kept filled. The building itself was very clean inside. I definitely will come back here again.

Cricket Itihas

South Indian food on the buffet was very sub par, borderline inedible. Service from kitchen was incredibly slow. When my daughter, whose order was delayed, began nibbling from my buffet plate, a server was quick to come t our table to ask if we'd ordered more than one buffet meal. Not going to return.

bryan carter

Great food, really nice atmosphere.

Nithin Jadhavmanohar

Dry naans and hard(literally) idli's. North indian curries were ok.

Adam Vitale

This place is awesome. High quality and delicious Indian food. The best I’ve had in Abq. The staff are also super nice. I love it here.

Mark Schmidt

Glorious food and great attentive staff. Wonderful tastes and spices, can't wait to go again. A true gem for our city!

Jules B

Best Indian food in town. Hands down!! Excellent service and food quality. Delicious!! My boyfriend and I eat here frequently. Can't get enough!!! It's our favorite restaurant in Albuquerque ❤❤

Rafael Jimenez

Great tasting lunch buffet

Angela Yarrell

Great food and service was high class !!!

Sunder Krishna Upreti

Great food and service enjoyed

Cara Waymire

Great food and service. A favorite!

dibyajyoti ghosh

Nice place .. tasty food

D.B. Teague

Good food, friendly staff, nice atmosphere.

Emily G

This is my favorite place to get curry. Especially during lunch when you can get the beef kofta. There dosas are thin and fresh. The restaurant is also very clean and beautiful. Its the perfect place for a good meal and a beautiful atmosphere for conversation.

John Smith

Poor Customer Service - the female cashier looks bothered and the wait staff seems stiff and unfriendly . Great Ambiance - beautiful . It felt like an elegant hotel. Taste - heightened with unique flavors . Not too greasy. Delicious.

Caroline Calisto

The food was too leftover. Some dishes were ok, a real mix. The ice tea and the chai were too watered down. By the way this was the lunch buffet. And my first visit. Hopefully they will be inspired and return to the lighter fresh food. The basmati was delish.

Geoffrey Johnson

Lovely the meal was perfect and the staff was very nice. I will go back often. If you like Curry you will love the place.

Saxon Knight

Best Indian food in town. Clean and inviting atmosphere.

Marilyn Shultz

The lunch buffet was wonderful! Wide variety of different Indian foods. All delicious. Excellent service. I will go back to this fine restaurant.

Jeffrey Smith

When they do their buffet, it is amazing! Everything there has so much flavor.The dessert is also unbelievable. Definitely some of the best Indian food in town! All the staff are friendly and they give great service. So glad there is high quality Indian food in ABQ!!

Bharathi C

The place has awesome veg n non veg lunch buffet..the staff was very well behaved..the service was quick n the price is reasonable.

Maninder Chopra

Very good Indian food.

Desiree Hattery

Very nice atmosphere. The food was really good with different flavors from other local Indian buffet options. My only complaint is how complicated it was to communicate desired drink refills to the general staff.

Duh nay Diaz

My favorite Indian food place. Very classy candlight place but feel free to dress casual.

Salvador Isaac Sosa Güitrón

Good food, good price, lots of leftovers for tomorrows lunch!


The food was super good and taste. The lunch buffet is a good deal. Staff is friendly and on it.

Michael Metz

Nice restaurant. Great service, excellent food.

Monica Rosas

Good food, but i prefer Taj Mahal they have their naan part of their buffet, you dont have to wait for them and then they are stingy with them. Also not a lot of vegetarian options. And their service not as good either. Taj mahal is so much better their customer service is the best!

Partha Katta

Good food.

Lannis Temple

Enjoyed the food. $12 buffet is hard to beat. Service was great, staff was attentive and polite.

Sahaj Baranwal

Food was good. Chicken biryani was not on menu, but they made it on request. Wasn't that good,but appreciate the effort. Chicken chilli was not like chicken chilli, had ok taste. Goat curry was so good, and so was garlic butter nan. The ambience is good,and sardar uncle (owner) was very good natured, and humble. He only took our order and cheerfully accepted the request for chicken Biryani.

Sentimental N

One of the better Indian restaurants in Albuquerque. Their food is well seasoned, the service is good. Wine and beer selection is ok but the food selection is great. Their spicy is spicy. Entree size could be better for what you pay and in relation to the amount of rice

Stephanie George

This is the best Indian food restaurant I've ever been to. You feeling chilly this winter? Why not stop in & get a warm meal that will only leave you feeling warmer with the rich spices?! The food quality is superior to most restaurants & the staff is lovely with plenty of patience for your mispronunciation of their dishes as well as giving great recommendations if you have no idea where to start.

Cara W

Very friendly staff and delicious food!

Inglis Reynolds

Yum!!! I love this place. The chicken was so great, especially with a side of white rice! The green curry was delicious with great flavor. Red curry was sweet but still tasty. I am addicted. Had a take out order of chicken masala, the chicken 65 appetizer and garlic naan. When I arrived, I saw they had an impressive dinner buffet going on. Wish i tried that instead!

Danace Yambao

First time and didn't dissappoint. They have buffet for lunch which usually not my thing but it was really good. The options are a little but more limited than the regular buffet but the choices they had was amazing. One of the most tender and juicy chicken I've had. The sauces are also delicious and quite a variety. Definitely my new go to Indian food place.

Ernesto Hernandes

Vegetarian options limited for the price.

Sakshi Srivastava

One of the best chicken makhani i have ever had in my life, fabulous customer service, 5/5 for food and customer service. U guys rock !

Sabrina Perez

Definitely the best I've tried in Albuquerque! It's open and bright, you can tell it's clean and the service is excellent. The food was amazing and we can't wait to come back! After trying a lot of the popular Indian restaurants in town, I can confidently say that this one tops them all.

Casandra Trujillo

By far the best Indian food in Albuquerque! Love that they have a buffet to try different things.


Price is rather high for the portion size. And the food while ok is far from the best Indian food I have had. I'm used to this type of food being rich in flavor with the spiciness there to accent the flavors, with this place it seems they are using excess spice to make up for the lack of the rich flavors. I will give them The service is very good and the staff is friendly.

Sherrie Mcmillan

Very good food and service

Yvette Martinez

The food is so delicious! The staff is very polite and frilendly. I will definetly be back!

david cichy

No mudbutt and food was great. Try the szechuan cauliflower yum. Love this place.

Tiffaney Hawk

Delicious, large portions, reasonably priced!

John Sturgis

I ate too much. We decided to try the buffet and it was all very good. For $15 you get great service, really good food and overall a good experience. I just need to exercise a little more self-discipline and push back a lot earlier than I did. If you like good Indian food, you will not be disappointed at Curry Leaf. We'll be back (but I won't eat so much next time).

Bonnie Carr

Had the buffet. It was very good.

Janice Smith

Great food and excellent service. We were give great advice on what to order since we were not familiar with this cuisine. We had 4 entrees, bread and an appetizer. All were good

Leah Love

Best Indian in town by far! With a fantastic atmosphere and genuine service. My 4 year old picky eater shovels the chicken Makhani and tandoori into her mouth. You can't go wrong with this choice.

Levi Kruis

Great restaurant if you love indian food. Fresh products and great spices. Would recommend going.

Erica Martinez

Food is delicious & the staff is very friendly & attentive

Kyle Rosenberg

Great Indian Restaurant. I like the people here and the delicious food with spices. This was my first time I went to an Indian place and if get a chance I would surely be back again with my friends.

Jim Bridger

They are always happy to point out vegan and vegetarian options. Nice selections, great price and super friendly and helpful people.

Abdul Hamadi

Good food and awesome crew

Antonia Mondragon

Me and my mom love to go on Sundays for their buffet. I have yet to be disappointed. The decor is simple but lovely, the food is delicious, and the staff is very attentive.

Reema Dsouza

The food here is just amazing. The service is good as well. We had a special buffet today. Everything was delicious. And it is worth every penny (not expensive at all). I would say its a must try place.

savanna KD

The chutney is amazing. The sauce for the lentil dumplings are absolutely amazing. Will definitely coming back ASAP

mary kesner

Tha food here is absolutely delicious. If you're not familiar with Indian food, your first visit should be when the buffet is available. That way you'll have an idea (at another time) what you can order from the menu. The restaurant is clean, the waitstaff very attentive and kind.


Oh wow this is some delicious food! I've gone once with my fiancee and can't wait to go back to try other things! The Somosas were amazing, the lamb curry was delicious and the service was great. Bathrooms were clean, staff was friendly, the portions are good, and the price is right.

umut koray

The new decoration is nice and simple, great taste and very clean

Ezequiel Ortega

Good food long wait.

Jordan Yates

I absolutely LOVE this place. Their food is always freshly prepared and delicious. The staff is friendly and attentive. I would recommend this place to anyone. I dine here at least once a week.

Robin Hood

What a great place to try Indian food, if you haven't tried it lunch is all you can eat buffet

Parya Nickbeen

Excelent food and friendly staff! Ansolutely recommended!

Sean Shiel

Delicious food and welcoming, helpful staff! Go on Wednesday night for the buffet.

Grace Currier

Probably my favorite Indian restaurant in Albuquerque. The food is great, the staff is incredibly nice, the atmosphere is pleasant - I've always had a great experience there.

Madilyn Kreutzer

Love the feel of the space, nice light Indian cuisine options. The people who own it have been incredibly sweet every time we have been there!

Vivian Hairston

I was invited to lunch here by a friend who was raving about the restaurant. His background is Indian and so I valued his opinion when it came to this cuisine. The restaurant is clean and very inviting. The restaurant offered a lunch buffet that had many choices. The only thing was that I didn't know what many of the items were and what the ingredients were. I chose a chicken dish and a couple of vegetables. I think little signs with info would have been helpful for someone like me who was unfamiliar with the selections. However, the wait staff was very pleasant and they made sure to clear plates and refresh drinks quickly and efficiently. I would like to return and try some new dishes. Perhaps I'll grill them a bit about the ingredients and spices.

Nadine Maes

Beautiful, clean restaurant with delicious food & excellent service.

Erin Harris

This Indian buffet receives high marks for being one of the best in the city, so I was anxious to try it with my family. The service is excellent. My three children, ages eight and ten—were new to Indian menu offerings and needed some explanations. I was very pleased to watch them learning how to enjoy the selections. There were fewer offerings than I have seen at other restaurants, but the flavors were excellent. The mango custard contains pistachios. Contents of all the dishes was easy to determine by talking with the server. The restaurant offered good wheelchair accessibility, though parts of the buffet are too high for access from a seated position without assistance from a standing party. We enjoyed our visit very much and look forward to returning.

Stephen Graham

Never liked India cuisine till now.

Jackie Villegas

Awesome staff. Delicious food.

KT Gracie

Wonderful service, and amazing food. I've never had anything like this cuisine before. Loved everything I tried and the vibe here is very peaceful. Great date spot.

no name

Indian food is my favorite and since moving to Albuquerque I've been trying to find an Indian restaurant with delicious food and failing. I've tried 4 others in Albuquerque and all three in Santa Fe and Curry Leaf is by far the best. Some of the best I've ever had in fact. 10/10 recommend this place!!!

Steve Wilkinson

The buffet was nice, I would have given 5 stars if a paneer option had been available. Mango custard, yes, had to go back for seconds. Fresh naan brought as needed. For 20 dollars I left full and satisfied

Rebekka K Davis

I am grateful I tried this place! I believe it will be a new favorite. I rate it 5 stars because of the calming ambience, the kind treatment by the waitstaff, and the delicious food that my partner and I both couldn't get enough of. Thank you for the great experience!

Panjabi Ink

Amazing find! I am in ABQ for a business trip and was craving Indian food, to be precise South Indian food aka masala dosa. I wasn’t disappointed. Owners and staff are really nice and personally greet each cues and make them feel comfortable. The food was delicious and I am definitely coming back ro try some tandoori

Richard Krukar

Amazingly good. The place is clean, the staff is attentive, the food is excellent, and the prices are good. What's more to like. Everyone at my table went for the buffet. Can you take away leftovers from a buffet? Didn't try.

Marisol Suarez Garzon

Absolutely loved this place. So authentic and flavorful. Definitely coming back.

Shan Ortega

Great place to eat! I am new to this cuisine so the Lunch buffet offered many flavorful options. I was pleased with everything I tried. The wait staff and manager were very welcoming, they answered questions about the menu and were extremely attentive! I will return! Thank you

Jayaraman Parakkat

Wheelchair friendly.parking facility available.Good south indian and north indian spicy food available.Neat and clean toilet facility Overall a good place to enjoy veg and non veg indian food.

Andrea Smith

Authentic, delicious Indian food with excellent service.

karthik k

Excellent food. Very soft chicken particularly

Stevie Russo

Food was lukewarm if, dining room was extremely hot. 4/5 small chunks of meat on any given entree with no choice on heat and above average cost. Over dressed tables where the eye should be on the food.

Jastin Paul

Tikka masala wasnt that good. Everything else tried was good.


I like this place ok, but there is better Indian food to be had in ABQ. Buffet was good, service good, but had a better meal the first time I visited here than the second. Just seemed like things weren't quite as freshly prepared the second time I went. Worth a try if you are in the neighborhood for lunch.


Great atmosphere, customer service, and the food was ridiculously good. New favorite for Indian food in Abq.

Diego Colom Steele

A favorite even among my Indian friends, excellent food with even better service for a great price

Patrick H

Owner is very helpful. Knows us by name. Very thankful for our business. Food is excellent! Will miss this place as we leave ABQ


The food here is amazing and authentic!

Janet King

Our favorite food when we leave Durango, CO is to locate an Indian restaurant. Usually we read reviews to select one, this time we passed the sign Curry Leaf. This turned out to be one of the very best we have ever tried. We had the buffet at lunch and were delighted with the flavors, textures and service. I would highly recommend the Curry Leaf Restaurant in Albuquerque, NM

Amanda Soberon

Pretty good Indian food but other Indian restaurants in the city leave me saying WOW where this one does not. Also tried them for take out and found that portion size compared to price is not worth it and not comparable to other restaurants of this cuisine. Paid 11 something for chicken tikka masala and the container was filled to the brim with sauce but had 5 very small chunks of chicken in it. We ordered a five dishes including appetizers, entrees and desserts and were not impressed.

bikram sandhu

bht kaint food aa this restaurant aa bande v bht he jnda vdiya aaaa jarore sare ik var aao to good food yaar comment english vch ho sakda but jo punjabi vch maaja oho english vch nee

Shauna thar

Great vibes. They have some south indian food including the big paper dosa/ indian crepe. Their curry isn't very spicy and is more on the sweet side which makes it a great choice for westerners. Wish they would be asked for our spice level but food still good. Service was excellent and attended. Bathroom is clean.

Ken Thomas

BEST iNdian food and service this side of Calcutta. I've eaten in all the Indian restaurants in Albuquerque. This one beats all of them. Even have many Gluten Free choices for my wife. Try the Dosa bread made of rice and lentil flour. Crisp and Tasty!! I'd give them 10 Stars if I could. Wednesday's Lunch or Dinner Buffet, is a must.


Freaking best dinner ever!! Chilean Malbec with Chicken Curry Leaf. Lentil Soup and naan. Then some Galaviz Jamun for dessert. Awesome. The chicken tandoori was next to me and it looked great. Nice atmosphere. Price a bit high but worth it. Service was spectacular.

Karen Ivonne Trevizo

Me and my boyfriend have been going here for a year and every time they get things right and treat us amazing!& I decided to celebrate his birthday at curry and i am not disappointed! Called in made a reservation and took a cake they brought it out with a candle and sang happy birthday! The food is great and so are the staf!

Sudhakar Sundar

Very average food. Absolutely not much vegetarian options on buffet.

Debra W Friedman

Delicious and delightful!

Nicholas Douglas

Indian food. They have it. Look like a fancy restaurant mated with a mud hut.

Susan Donovan

Absolutely DELICIOUS!! REASONBLY priced! GREAT service! You will want to visit FREQUENTLY!!

Shahadathossain Khan

Please try to contact One Indian restaurant.

Jemez Fred

Fantastic experience. Good food. Friendly service. Reasonable price for what you get (lunch buffet). We will be back!

Gerrit Kruidhof

Amazingly delicious Indian food with a bright modern decor and polite efficient staff. The interior of this place is beautiful. As we were seated I admired the decor, including the tea light holder on the table. I enjoyed the masala tea while my daughter enjoyed a mango lassi. My daughter ordered her favorite dish, Chicken Tikka Masala. Fortunately it was on point and to her liking. Interestingly enough, they have a stuffed Chicken Tikka Naan, which turned out to be amazing; even better than it sounds. I ordered the Chilli Paneer to start. It was surprisingly good. The flavors are as vibrant as the colors. I tried the Onion Masala Dosa as my friend has been raving about the dosas here for months. It did not disappoint in the least. When they brought it to the table, I was astounded at the size. After starting to make my way through it, I realized that only 1/3 of it is stuffed, so the rest can be eaten separately, but I just used it to double wrap the stuffing. The sauces that came with it are both great, but I love the warm brown sauce and quickly made my way through the entire dosa. I'm definitely going to make my way back here again soon, with other friends in tow.

malcolm mckenzie

Professional service and amazing food even the water tastes good

Jenn B

This is the best Indian food in town. Great atmosphere, good vibes and good energy. People who work there are so friendly and I can't wait to go again. 5 stars all around. Food is made with love, I feel it in my heart. Thank you. Namaste

Asher Frank

Very thankful for a random decision to dine here, expectations of hopeful decent Indian cuisine were exceeded tenfold... possibly elevenfold(?). Amazing food and great service. Highly recommend!!

Sankar Jena

Good food. Clean food. Clean ambience. Nice service. Not spicy; you may not like the food, if you like a lot of spicy Indian food. But this is a good restaurant worth every penny.

Bailey McCullough

We tried Curry Leaf on a whim after hearing about it from many friends. We went in on a Saturday and had lunch buffet and absolutely everything was delicious. Each different buffet item was as good if not better than the one we tried before it. We are excited to return to try the menu items.

Faisal Khan

The best Indian cuisine in Albuquerque. Loved this place! Customer service and food is really good !!!

Mary Skaggs

Went on a busy Saturday evening. The restaurant was packed, but the service remained excellent, quick, and super friendly. The menu is surprisingly affordable for the very high quality and authenticity of the food. Our server ably assisted us in understanding the menu, and we will be back!

Czar Kanj

First time here today, and it was amazing. The best service and absolutely delicious food. Friendly people. Left very full with some food to take home as well.

Jameson B

My first time eating here, very savory and delicious! Loved the ginger lemonade too

Richard O Neill

Said we'd try this place then our usual. Got the samosa and tandoori chickens to start, pretty good. Got the chicken tikka masala, felt it was more creamy then had other flavours in it. Girlfriend got the Korma which she liked alot. Shared the fire naan has green Chile in it then our usual garlic, nice spice off it with the different sauces we had for dinner. The service was excellent and very friendly.

Kalenah Moore

We enjoyed our food. We got a bunch of small dishes between our group so that we could try many different things. All of it was very delicious. Our service was pretty slow unfortunately and we had to ask for our check after waiting for so long. Other than that, everything was very good.

Caitlin Updike

Such a sweet home feeling restaurant with the nicest servers. The food was beyond great!

Laura Epstein

Awesome food, amazing service and beautiful environment. ..what's not to love? Friend had tandoori lamb that was tender and flavorful. I had chicken Tikka masala which was delicious though could have been slightly more spicy.. hard to know at first visit. We all took home leftovers so meals are good sized. Samosa's and pakoras were delicious.

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