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REVIEWS OF Clafoutis IN New Mexico

Joy Rhodes

Fabulous place to eat. Busy. Not much on the menu for Yeast/Mold/Vinegar Allergies but it is a French pasty shop and my hubby loves it. I'm willing to go just for the atmosphere and to spend time with my guy. This IS a wonderful place to eat.

iris bryant

Enjoyable breakfast/lunch spot. Daily specials featuring farm fresh ingredients, friendly service and fair prices. Extensive french pastry selections with counter service. A little bit of Paris in SF!!!


A perennial winner of The Best of Santa Fe awards, (Best Bakery/Best Brunch-2018), I can see why they keep winning! Greeted with a warm “Bonjour!” and the intoxicating smell of delicious buttery treats in the oven, we were seated quickly when we stopped in for breakfast. They have a dog friendly patio and wide open doors, weather permitting, in this lovely modern/rustic environment. I took a short stroll to look at all of the sumptuous pastries, brioche, clafoutis, and other assorted French treats and traditional breads. I decided that along with my breakfast order of Croque Madame, that I would add an Apricot Clafoutis ("kla-foo-TEE"). Clafoutis is a rustic French dessert made by baking fruit (traditionally cherries), in a custard-like batter similar to the one used for pancakes. Dense and warm, this sweet cake is perfect with the tart apricot. Normally served as dessert, I could easily have seconds for breakfast. The Croque Madame is a traditional breakfast sandwich of grilled ham and swiss cheese covered in bechamel, and more cheese. The tasty house made bread elevates this simple sandwich and the silky Bechamel is spot-on. Everything I had at Clafoutis was delicious, which was why, along with my friends, I went back again during my Santa Fe visit! Merci beaucoup Clafoutis!

Bee Chamcharatsri

Food (5/5): ***** Atmosphere (5/5): ***** Service (2/5): ** I have been a frequent customer at this restaurant for a few years now since they were at the previous location. I have also been recommending my friends and have taken many friends to eat here. The food has always been extraordinarily delicious. I mean I must have tried almost the whole menus and everything was tasty and fresh. The baked items in the glass cases are also delicious. They are not too sweet and present to the palate. I ordered a cup of onion soup and ham and cheese crêpe and as always it was great. The texture of the crêpe was soft and buttery. The amount of ham and cheese in the crêpe was a lot. I highly recommend the crêpe. The onion soup was very rich. Unless I wanted the soup to be my main course, I usually ordered a cup. The onions were melted in the soup. I could eat these two dishes once a week for sure. Today's service was another story. I was visiting the men's room when the exciting action happened. I came back to the table and I was told that the server spilled a bowl of coffee at the table and on my friend's clothes. I was also told that the server didn't apologize for the spill and just brought a handful of napkins and left the table. My coffee order was also wrong but it was quickly corrected. Then the food came. Another server brought the food and dropped a strip of bacon on another friend's lap! I was so embarrassed because I brought them here. I wish the owner would provide some more trainings to the floor staff.

Pamela Rutter

Delicious! And ample parking at this new location.

Tara Sillert

What a wonderful place hidden away on a back street. I had the seafood box which was fresh and light. Not too much food and included the pastry of the day, a beautiful light cream pastry with figs. The I ever tea is fresh brewed and I wish I had come for breakfast so I could have had one of their coffee concoctions. I would definitely come back if I was in Santa Fe.

Edward Matheke

Good parking now, food better than ever

Mari Chavez

We stopped by on a Monday for brunch and I could only imagine the place is wall to wall on the weekend. The service was very speedy. Food was quite delicious with options for yummy coffee and pastries. Ambiance is country chic, with all servers wearing suspenders and bowties. Really loved this place and it was clearly packed with locals, highly recommend.

E. Rodriguez

Excellent fare. I had the mixed berry crepes on one visit with a latte and the crepes were light and not too sweet. I have also had the chicken and salmon sandwiches along with beignets for takeout. Customer service was just as good as sit down. I highly recommend visiting for breakfast.

Benjamin Gerke

Wonderful, beautiful little cafe with excellent food, particularly the ham and cheese crepe! The pastry is beautiful, but you would have to ask my wife if they are as delicious as they look. Excellent bread.

Jordan Lanham

Good food and good service. Reasonably priced and will definitely go again when back in Santa Fe.

Alice McGreevey

Good service and delicious crepes. I arrived early and someone at my neighbouring table commented that it was slower than usual, so expect a bustling atmosphere even at breakfast

V. Ortega

I agree with Susan B's review about the service being an issue. When wanting a refill on coffee or needing anything else it's hard to get the server's attention and they don't come around often enough to ask if you need anything else. Management could work on a better wait system also, it's always packed and at times you're almost standing on top of someone who's already seated and eating. The food is good and the prices are fair, but the service and set up needs improvement. Also would be nice to see some locals employed there.

Mary Carpenter

Such a fun and special place! Their service is friendly and quick. The food was fantastic, and they have the best pastries!


Great ambiance and very helpful staff. Incredibly yummy pastries and breakfast. Will absolutely come back next time I’m in Santa Fe

Marcus Romero

With great food and a very inviting atmosphere, this restaurant is a wonderful place for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

Adrianne Padilla

Great food and prices. I had the quiche and it was amazing. Tried the crepes anf it was good too. The pastries and bread are delicious.

Patricia Trapnell

Awesome food! Highly recommend!

Jasmine Bailey Epstein

Nice atmosphere, friendly staff. Quiche was excellent, onion soup and chevre salad were ok.

Richard Montoya

A Classic French Patisserie in the heart of Santa Fe, NM. I had a lunch called The Sea, and it was fabulous! Fresh butter, traditional breads and croissants. You will LOVE it!

Karen Shomaker

Wonderful food and comfortable atmosphere. Love the bowls of coffee!!

Luis Grajeda

Good food, good variety, good service. It was a little too busy, but it was Saturday morning so it's expected.

G Paul Payton

A French bakery in Santa Fe was unexpected but outstanding. Felt like a Paris side street bistro. Fruit crepes were delicious and service wonderful.

Shannon Corder

I went here for lunch today for the first time. The service was awful. After waiting in line for over 20 minutes to get in we were seated. Then it was sensory overload. We sat by the dessert case and it was just a constant stream of people bumping into us. I ordered a bowl of coffee, yes a bowl with no handle, and the waiter brought the wrong order, a cafe au lait. then he was passing hot coffee over me to my friend and ended up spilling it on the table and my lap. With no apology he just threw a stack of napkins on the table, no apology whatsoever, and ran off to another table. Later when the food came out he almost dumped it on my other friends lap. He actually dropped some bacon on him and didn’t offer to replace it. I don’t go to restaurants to be assaulted by boiling hot coffee and pork products. I am only giving this place three stars because the food was cheap and actually pretty tasty. But I don’t be taking any visitors here again.

Jeff Peterson

Superb pastries! I'm looking forward to going back for brunch one of these days, but their macrons were just simply amazing.

Miles Loftin

Fantastic food, service left something to be desired.

Mark Richmond

Excellent food and service! Eggs Benedict is heavenly!

Teresa Molina

Very good! Love the quiche!

mark atchison

Excellent food. Great prices. Well worth a trip!

Allison Grant

The food was uncredible! I would go back here or recommend it in a heartbeat! The aesthetic is adorable and the foods in the cases all look absolutely amazing.

Ken Jacobson, NMLS#215044

Awesome bakery. Everything delicious.


Chic eatery with great lattes, flaky pastries, fluffy crepes, and friendly service! So good we went twice during our week-long stay :)

Claudia R

Three stars for service, coffee and base crepe. Crepe was light fluffy and flavorful but was overpowered by a cooks unfortunate choice to use over ripened bananas which were far too sweet and had an unpleasant taste of fruit that has seen better days. I ordered the special crepe hoping to be surprised by caramalized fruits that were fresh and in season for the area such as plums or apricots but instead got leftover bananas that were masked as a "special". Take your money elsewhere. This place is a bit of a sham.

Weze In TX

Service was excellent. Had my big to-go order for lunch in no time at all. Turkey sandwich with green Chile on a fresh baked French baguette was just what the Dr. ordered. Fresh home made chips were crispy and tasty. You're choice of delectable desserts. Will be back for more!

Eric Gray

Always love Clafoutis! The move a couple year ago to a larger building was great and the quality of food is amazing. Great service and staff.

Bob Sarr

Food excellent, ambiance very good, service pleasant, adequate, but not particularly attentive. Refill on water and coffee few and far between.

Hannah Plehaty

Tasty, authentic, and genuine. Busy, because they rock. I remember the older smaller location. I'm so happy that they have been so successful and have the space they deserve to continue to be awesome!

Arturo Gutierrez

1st day at Santa Fe.... breakfast... amazing!!! Best croissants I’ve ever had in the United State’s... I honestly thing they beat the ones I had in Paris.... everyone was very attentive and helpful... I think the owner was running the front because she was speaking French... this is as authentic as the come... it would give any bakery in Paris a run for their money... save some money and got to Calfoutis not Paris

Marissa Matthies

Hands down, the best French toast I've ever had. Their "bowl" of mocha, is really a giant soup bow. Excellent service, and delicious bakery as well. A must visit for anyone in Santa Fe!

Yehoshua Klaußen

Great French Cafe experience. Food and pastries were wonderful. The doors were open and a nice breeze was blowing to keep it cool on a July morning. The staff was very friendly and the restaurant is nice and clean. Fantastic place.

Kendra Palmer

Great space with all kinds of the best fresh pastries behind the counter. Then there's a beautiful patio and lots of room in the back for larger parties. The place is clean and the staff and patrons are very nice. The food is fantastic. Nothing I didn't like!

Jackie Mcmahon

This place is delicious. I wish we had gone here the second day instead of where we ended up. The food is delicious, the bakery items are delicious, the food came out quick and the staff was pleasant. It’s a busy place for good reason and the only downfall I can see is it doesn’t appear to have a ton of indoor seating. Regardless, we’ll definitely be back when we’re in the area.

Jim Vandeventer

Top shelf all the way! Definitely a must eat place!

Miss Uli

Yum! Anything ordered here is delicious, especially the French toast and croissants! I love the ambience!

Frank Firestarter

Great food and fantastic prices? Just discovered this place. I've had the ham & cheese omelette and the egg croissant. Both were delicious. I'll be going here more often and I'm looking forward to trying their lunch quiche.

Natalya Weigel

What a gem in Santa Fe! Food and service were excellent! We will be back soon

Luna Haselbauer

Excellent food. Great staff. Very popular and busy, best time to go first thing when they open and after the lunch hour. They open till 3:00 pm.

Rebecca Boehs

Wonderfully perfect balance of flavors!

Sylvia Andrea Johnson LL.M

Great Food...really delicious. Atmosphere just right. Will definitely go again!

Georgellen Burnett

Can’t testify to the food because I never was waited on. Hostess dumped me at table nearest the door while saving a patio table for someone she knew who came in after me. Waited at my table with no menu for five minutes while a dozen waitstaff milled around. Finally got my own water. Waitress finally arrived and told her I was disappointed with table. She told me to talk to hostess who said there were tables over there while flapping her hand toward the back of the restaurant. My morning contentment ruined by the rudeness of the staff, I left.

Rachel Ortiz

Service felt a bit lacking, as did the food, but the others in my group seemed satisfied. Not sure I'd go back there, personally. The atmosphere was super nice though.

Corrina Wood

These are the best pastries I have had outside of Europe and I loved the atmosphere. Update: Stopped in here again today with the family. Let me say again that I LOVE their pastry selection. We all very much enjoyed our breakfast entrees as well. Three of us are our own plates, got drinks, paid a decent tip and spend $50. Here is what I would recommend to change though: You are going to have to wait a bit (20 min for us) because it is a popular place. That is fine because you can go to the pastry counter and snack on one of those while you wait. The way they have it set up though is so cramped and disorganized that 4 people smacked in to me as I huddled against the counter. Also, the regular coffee is not good. My husband never does cream and sugar but he did here. Better coffee is expected at such a place. My mocha was fantastic however. Also, if you dont enjoy noise, you wont like this place. Again, that just comes with being a hit.

Bridgette Fernandez

Stopped in for a few treats while in Santa Fe this afternoon, this is by far one of the best French pastry shops I’ve experienced. Today I purchased coconut macaroons, mini fruit tarts, and eclairs. I had difficulty keeping myself from sampling the goods before I brought them back to the family. Everything was delicious. This restaurant is just Lovely! I’ve had the pleasure of having lunch there prior and it was just as YUMMY!!!! Great atmosphere, delicious treats, a must if you want to be transported to France for a bite to eat or a scrumptious treat.

Arturo Suazo

Great food and service

Kirsten Nantz

Went here several years ago but still dream fondly of the warm, flaky, fresh out of the oven croissants. Best I have ever tasted in the US. I'm only sad that Santa Fe is so far away!

Tara Danon

Amazing dessert pastry called success

Miles Long

Ate breakfast. Excellent choices. Food is fresh and delicious. Service is courteous and friendly. Food came out remarkably fast. Make sure to save room for one of the delicious pastries if that isn't your breakfast in the first place. Get there early for some nice open air seating.

Phyllis Nichols

Delicious food. FANTASTIC French Bakery. Wonderful Customer Service

Israel Sushman

OMG! The best croissants and French pastries in Santa Fe. Great for brunch. A little crowded and noisy - because it's so popular. Not open for dinner.

Lesley Lomas

This is one of the best restaurants that I have eaten. The owners are out and watching everything going out and working also in the bakery part or cooking n the back of the restaurant. The presentation of food is divine and the food is as well. I recommend this eatery as one of the best in Sante Fe. Breakfast, or lunch, try for yourself and grab some sweets to go. They are divine as well. By the way the chocolate Torte is heavenly, wished I had bought several for everyday of the week as a treat. Absolutely the best food in town. I love Mexican but this is just the best for a change. Fresh juice, fresh food and outstanding service.

Henry Engineer

Try the coconut French toast and thank me later.

Richard Galewaler

Good food and no stuffy santa fe people

Stephanie Lange

Amazing pastries make this place worth a bit of a wait. A bit off the main plaza area, but correspondingly easier to get to.

Debbie Dillard

Very nice and very busy for lunch.

Rosella Pena

Delicious baguette sandwiches and the buffalo shepherd's pie we're fantastic! The quiche and salads to die. Bon appetit!

Cenes Hollern

While the food is good always, the pastries at the counter are some of the best in Santa Fe, and most at perfect pricing

John Bordy

The chicken salad was extremely dry and lacked any seasoning; it's not something my wife would order here again. I however, enjoyed my Croque Madame. The pear tart from the pastry case was a winner too.

D. Roth

Everything we had here was amazing, but the bruschetta was something special. The atmosphere is quite authentic and the prices are hard to beat!

G Baca

This is one of my favorite places!! The family that owns and operates it are wonderful! The atmosphere is phenomenal. The only thing that compares to the service is the food! They serve excellent coffee, and very good food in general, but the pastries are where it's at. Gallettes are to die for, danishes, bigenets, pies, croissants.... the list goes on and on, and every thing is delicious. If you get lucky enough to be there when Philippe makes tiramisu don't hesitate to get a piece. Everything is made fresh daily and they always use quality ingredients.

Samuel Cloud

Go somewhere else. This is the first 1, I have left in a review. I was very disappointed The food was ok. Nothing special. It did remind me slightly of meals I have had in Europe, or on the Med. I was with my children who went to the restroom after we ate. As I was waiting for them to return to the table ,as there was a line to the bathroom, the hostess came up and asked me to stop taking up the table, as people were waiting. Wow. Never had that happen in Europe, or Denver, or any other place in my life. arrival, 910, 5 min wait to be seated, asked to leave at 1020) Even MacDonalds is more generous Thanks Claf, for a wonderful Father's day weekend experience for a dad. Don't go. There are to many other examples of Santa Fe hospitality aren't black eyes on an otherwise great city.

Derick Pierce

Great place for food and conversation

Marisol Suarez Garzon

SO good. Highly recommended their berry filled beignets.

Sasha Berimbau Violo

Service was awesome! Our sever was super nice and very attentive. Food was amazing. The place is very attractive. Totally recommend!!!

Niccoli Scalice

The food and atmosphere at Clafoutis are fantastic! I had a Cuban sandwich which was very flavorful and wasn't dry like some can be. I got their soup of the day which was a well done cucumber and avocado gazpacho. And my girlfriend had a salad with smoked salmon that was fresh and tasty. The prices were very good and the servers were friendly and attentive. I will definitely be back and highly recommend.

Laura Epstein

If you are in Santa fe, don't miss this awesome breakfast/ lunch spot. The bakery has awesome pastries and bread. The menu is classic french breakfast and lunch. I've been a number of times and am never disappointed! My favorite dish is the box lunch called The Sea... bread, butter, salad, a pastry and a huge serving of lox, shrimp and anchovies with capers.

Kindall Crawford

Wasn’t worth the hype that most people rave about. In my opinion, there are cheaper places with just as good or better. Nothing special and nothing horrible. Just average.

Lou Chavez

Great food and service.


Always very delicious with great service.


Delicious food and the bakery is a treat!

Ryan Bermel

Easily favorite breakfast place in Santa Fe, I go about once a week. More affordable than any other place in the city. Most expensive entree is about $10. They have a huge pastry selection, as well as great coffee. Haven't had a bad thing here yet, and their little jam jars are so cute :')

Karen House

My favorite place for breakfast in Santa Fe! Never had a bad meal ofd the menu, and the pastry case has delicious options.

Ashley D.

Overall, Clafoutis is a great place. The portion sizes for their breakfast meals are healthy (i.e., appropriate and slightly smaller than what you’d find at most other restaurants). I’ve only tried the ABC omelet and the Lè special, both of which fresh and tasted good. Prices are awesome for what you get, as most are ~$7-9 each. Their desserts are absolutely delicious and I’ve have great service during both of my visits. Although I wouldn’t consider this my favorite restaurant because of my personal taste, I’ll definitely be back for more treats in the future!

Elson Varkey

Place has great crepes. The one with Nutella and cooked berries were a little too sweet for my taste. I would go for the plain crepe with fruit next time. Price is moderate. Service is very good.

J C Robinson

Predictably great French pastries. A terrific place for breakfasts and lunch plates. Ample parking and very friendly and efficient service. Be warned: the food is so luscious you may have a wait .

Susanne Ulman

Expensive, rude people, staff was nice, but none of the customers there had an manners what so ever. I was shoved by a man 3× my age so he could look at the menu.

Charles Hunter

Excellent food and reasonably priced - that's why there is usually a wait during peak times. I always eat here when I'm in Santa Fe and it is consistently great!

Alexandra Marvar

We went here when it was a zoo on a Saturday morning and yet everyone was attentive and helpful and the pastries were mad tasty.

Susan B

I want to like this place more, but the service is an issue. Clafoutis is always crowded, because the food and atmosphere are truly lovely and the prices are very good. When I need to literally wave my arms to get someone's attention, it does not make me feel like a valued patron and that is important to me. I keep hoping that the management will address this....

consuelo lowe

A must foodie location in Santa Fe. The French Onion soup is amazing! Actually all the food is great. All freshly made and delicious. Depending on when you go, you might have to wait up to 30 minutes for a table. The parking could up your stress level as well. However, there is extra parking across the street. Don't leave without checking out the counter for some fresh pastries and bread to take home. They also have premade quiche and sandwiches for those on the go.

Kris C

Love the interior of their new place. Wish the food was better quality.

Randy McCrone

Very good and will work with someone who has to eat gluten free. The service was very good and attentive.

Joel Martin

Don't miss this place if you visit Santa Fe. Incredible food and French baked goodness. Wonderful service!

Bhavisha Patel

French owned bakery with a large variety of baked goods. The service was ok. A good place to go for delightful treats

Channet Francisco

The food is fresh, delicious and affordable. Amiable atmosphere and worth saving your calorie quota for a desert!

Carolyn Walker

Absolutely love this place. The coffee and breakfasts are amazing. We always get baked goods to go!

Carlton Blewett

Great pastries, and great breakfast!


Clafoutis is always wonderful. Everyone who works there is kind and helpful, the family who owns it are lovely people, and the food and pastries/bakery items are always top notch. I've been coming here since they opened, and it's still one of my favorites.

Jesse Winston

Best French Bakery in SF and one of the best I've ever been to including France!!!

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