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217 E Palace Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501, United States

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REVIEWS OF Chez Mamou French Bakery & Cafe IN New Mexico

Elizabeth Wait

The crepes are amazing! The restaurant is very cute and clean. The people who work there are very nice. Prices are not bad considering how good the food is. The dessert pastries are incredible!

Tucker Black

Ok.. forget the other reviews.. this place is awesome! If you want authentic French food BUT BETTER.. this is the place! Filet was perfect, pork fantastic.. talked to 2 other couples there who also raved. Our waiter Joaquin was great. This is a hidden gem.. no disappointments.. don’t worry if not on those best lists.. this should be! Great food without the hype!

W Worth

Had dinner, the sea bass was over cooked and had been frozen way to long. The escargot was tasteless, the rack of lamb was well prepared but the gravy way to bland. And finally the lemon tart crust was the consistency of cardboard. We had really looked forward to a good French meal but were sadly disappointed by the bland offering. I would have given it two stars but the waiter was very good and I could not fault the service. They definitely need a French chef.

Linda Bishop

Excellent crepes; so tasty!!

Ross Patrick

Great food, but a comedy of errors. We sat near the pastry counter for a late breakfast. The waiter was quick, and friendly; however, it was then the mistakes began. First they were out of vanilla syrup for a latte, then out of hazelnut. The caramel latte that was brought out was practically pure syrup. We had them remake it and it seemed even sweeter (the black coffee was delicious.) I also overheard the worker discussing that they were out of white wine. Syrup and wine are staples, and do not perish quickly. One worker was eating behind the main counter, and was later seen walking into the kitchen digging for gold inside of the back of her pants. At one point, the owner or manager, while making eye contact with me, blew something (hair, dirt, I'm not sure) off of the top of some macaroons before placing them into the counter. While I know that people eat in the kitchen and may not have the best hygiene, it belongs behind closed doors and not in the dining arena. The number of visible hygeine errors, make me question the number of hidden obes. Despite the delicious food, I will likely choose elsewhere to dine.

Garrett Schmidt

Went to this restaurant for just coffee and dessert. I chuckled when the host asked if we had a reservation, since the place was the size of a broom closet and was relatively empty. In short the staff is a bit snotty given the atmosphere. However, I had the almond tort with apricot glaze, it was out-of-this-world delicious! And the barista can make an excellent dry cappuccino. I definitely recommend this place for the food and coffee, it's worth the snotty attitude and less than perfect ambiance.

Debbie Leal

This restaurant is owned by a wonderful lady from the South of France, Normal and her world renowned chef, Paul, is the star of the show. Everything we've tried on the menu is excellent.

Mary Kaye Marquez

My sister and I waited to be seated. Then, we waited until other customers who arrived after we did were waited on. The croissants were good, but everything else was cold, overcooked, and overpriced. There were flies everywhere. Not a pleasant experience.

Franca Fiumani

We made a reservation for 12/31 in advanced. The place is small and apparently they rented the jewelry store next door. We were seated on the store space pretty closed to the rest room. The food was not good at all and pricey.

Krystina Parker

Adorable, authentic French cafe with delicious food, freshly baked pastries and croissants, and wonderful service! I will definitely be going back here during my stay. I had a latte, chocolate croissant, and the ham quiche plate. Everything was impeccably delicious and I'm excited to try other menu items.

Jennifer Weide

Average food with a '90s feel. Average service.


Overpriced grocery store food served by fancy wait staff. We walk away consistently underwhelmed.

Andrew Homer

Thoroughly enjoyed brunch here. French Cafe atmosphere and food. Pastries looked devine but we are dieting so choose the egg white omlette. Great! Reasonable prices.

Steven Radolinski

The food and service were excellent. As you would expect the French Onion soup and pastries are A+. I recommend this place...

Kelly Engstrom

Just left this restaurant and had such an extremely negative experience felt compelled to write a review within minutes of leaving. Ordered desserts at the counter and initially said they were to go. Very pleasant waiter told us it was fine to sit. Sat down, and VERY rude presumably French owner came over to lecture us about how we should've not said it was to go and that this "isn't a cafeteria." We are not high school loitering troublemakers which she made us feel like - and additionally it was mid-afternoon and the restaurant was deserted. Truly - this was an astoundingly rude lady who kept the lecture going for at least 3 minutes. Visit at your own risk. But whatever you do - make sure you do not change your mind on the to-go order. To the rude French owner, this is an unpardonable sin.

Carrie Cochran

Incredible food and service! We can't wait to return!

James Orth

We had duck confit pasta and salmon for lunch, both were excellent.

Michael Lee

Mamou's place (rough translation for Chez Mamou) is a native owned French diner. The diner comes with an assorted variety of wine, house coffee and a moderate selection of entrees. The diner seats comfortably and has an easy-going ambiance. It would be nice to see a bit more options for crepes, but regardless of what you choose; the food will be made as ordered and tastes, as good, if not better, than it looks. Will be back!

David Horvath

Coffee and pastries here are too good.., they don't explain this to you as you walk in the door. Because of the lack of warning, I left after eating about a half dozen cookies and different sorts of pastries all which were absolutely incredible. It's just not fair. They also open really early in the morning which causes me to go back in the next day while everyone else is still asleep to go eat some more. Too good.

Aaron Girdner

The food is really good, if a bit pricey for the portion size, which seems to be par for the course for many upscale places. Service was adequate, if not overly friendly. Next time, I think we'll try for brunch or lunch.

Rayita Del Sol

Wonderful pastries and coffee. Convenient to the plaza.

Christine Wagner

Very Parisian. Try the cozy courtyard, it's delightful.

Claudia Horn

We stayed in Santa Fe for a week and had several breakfasts here with their scrumptious pastries and two dinners because our first one was so outstanding we just had to return for more. Highly recommend this restaurant. Service was excellent and so were their dinners (extremely tender meats, delicious flavors) and breakfast.


Delicious! Will be back again.

Grace Faustino

Great food and excellent service. Try the eggs benedict

C La

DELICIOUS!!! We had a wonderful meal and a lovely time. Bistro with outdoor seating - it's quaint and romantic. The wait staff were all amazing, especially our waiter, Laroe. Didn't expect to have French food in Santa Fe but what a delight it was and we'll be back for more. Put this one at the top of your list. The bakery looks incredible too. It was full of yummy pastries and macaroon cookies in all flavors.

Mary Brallier

We stumbled upon this little gem on our last day in Santa Fe. Nice wine list. My husband drooled over all of the fresh French pastries that were displayed in the bakery. We had a wonderful brunch, eggs cooked to perfection, not overcooked and rubbery. We will seek this out for dinner the next time we are in Santa Fe!

adonae anderson

Amazing atmosphere. Great good. Spectacular service.

Sherry Dekeyzer

When we lived in Santa Fe, my Husband and I loved going to Chez Mamou. Everything is so delicious! If you want to go for breakfast, or coffee and a lovely sweet, it's great! If you go for dinner, that is wonderful as well. Very cozy!


I was excited to try the place but had a negative experience from the french waitress, she completely ignored us and when I asked her about one of the orders if it comes with a side dish she started arguing with me for no reason. The bathroom is filthy. The tables are not symmetrical and feels like they are bought from Craig's list. I would not recommend it at all. Very poor service.

Rob Yardman

Took the family for Mother's day and the food was really good. Service is about on par with a busy bakery/cafe so don't expect too much attention at peak times.

James O’Neill

Everything was perfect! Croissant amazing!

John Francis

Don't vulcanize the bechamel, monsieur.

Madeline Feijoo

Quaint French restaurant, excellent food, very simply done-great staff. You will not want to miss the pastries!


This is without a doubt one of the top 3 restaurants I have ever visited anywhere in the world. The French pastry chef, Paul, is a true master. The fruit tart we had was insane, definitely an epiphany of culinary delight. My fiance and me visited here back in early September and it was INCREDIBLE. All the pastries are absolutely fantastic, and we stocked up on plenty for our trip home. The breakfast and lunch items we shared off the menu were divine. If you go here and don't like the food, the service, or the ambiance, check your pulse. I would seriously drive here from our home in Denver and the trip would be completely worth it. The owner was incredibly friendly and passionate about her work. If you go to Santa Fe and don't stop here, you truly missed out. HIGHLY recommended.

Phyllis Rowe

Poor service. Onion soup was terrific.

Ocean Young

Perfection. Everything is just as it should be. The beautiful, picturesque pastry case is loaded with a wide range of French pastries, including gluten-free options look almost too good to eat... almost

Patsy Rasmussen

My husband and I were delighted with Chez Mamou the 3 times we've dined there. They make you feel like family with the intimate space and the warm atmosphere. The service is like you're in their kitchen. The food is very tasty and cooked just right and the pastries divine. It's tough to make a decision on the sweets so I end up taking some home too. Try it!

James Britsch

I eat breakfast here every time I visit Santa Fe. The food and service are always fantastic. The atmosphere is awesome. Somehow I always feel a little more intelligent and cultured after eating here!

Alera Le'Ann

Wonderful! Both the lemon tart and the pear pastry were perfect. Dog-friendly patio was great for both our large dog and small dog. Top-notch service, too.


Not really a bakery. They have a few French style pastries. Otherwise, it's a nominal sit down restaurant. No place for a casual cup of coffee.

Thomas Read

Wonderful food. Very French.

Victoria Boynton

Such a lovely space with kind people and amazing food. Excellent coffee.

Thomas Mtp.

We went there three times in a row for breakfast. The breakfast pastries and dishes were always very good. Authentic French croissants. The waiters are very friendly and efficient

Reggie Jordan

Friendly staff and yummy food, the croissants are amazing!!!

Infidel 15

Great food and service. Met the owner she was super nice! Aaa+++

Jennifer Gonzales

When you first walk in, you’re greeted by classical music playing overhead that goes with the classy atmosphere. But there is no dress code or anything. There normal people eating with friends and family! The wait staff are very nice and helpful. The food is quite delicious and a little but not too expensive. The desserts are to die for!!! They are some of the best desserts I’ve ever had. They are made fresh everyday and are a little expensive but so worth it! They are so rich that you can get a small 5” tart and share it with someone. I’d definitely recommend going here if you have sweet tooth and want a place that is relaxing to eat at!

Jennifer Marus

We were greeted by a French woman who was not uppity in the slightest in fact, she made small talk with my mother and I several times and seemed warm and engaging. We stopped in one evening after shopping for coffee and pastry. C'est si bon we decided to come back the following day for brunch. I had the Croque Madame, and it was amazing. We ate outside and people were stopping on the street to ask me about it. I wouuld also like to point out that although we were seated outside, we were not forgotten about. I'm leaving town today and plan on stopping for some "to go" pastry.

Della Cobb RASWA

Amazing little French cafe and bakery. Wide selection of dishes and would love to visit more than once just to try them. The salmon carpaccio was amazing, and the toast was distinctly flavored to complement the tartness. The Hash was a fine balance between the mashed potatoes and beef/onions with the nice sharpness of guerey cheese. The coffee was one of the best I've had. A fine strong edge with no acidic after taste and would go well with any of the excellent pastries in the cooler. Atmosphere was quiet and relaxing and the staff was knowledgeable and spot on in their timing along with welcoming, cheerful demeanors. While this would be one of my go to places if I lived in Santa Fe it would not be often, since it is a bit pricy.....but the excellent food experience was definitely worth the $60 tab.

Jackie Mcmahon

Stopped here to pick up breakfast on our way out of town. The food was alright but greasy. The bakery items were tasty, but everything was very pricey. The woman who was working while I was there was rude and dismissive. She barked at the gentleman working there loudly in front of customers, which is completely unprofessional. I dropped my coffee on myself walking out the door. When I let the lady know she laughed and walked away from me mumbling something along the lines of “I can’t deal with this.” The gentleman behind the counter thanked me for letting them know and handed me napkins. The only reason I’m giving this two stars is for the pastries and friendliness of the gentleman. I wish I was able to get their names but I would not recommend this place as long as that awful woman is working here. She’ll be easy to spot. She’s the one with her nose in the air treating her staff and customers rudely.

Vikram Bhaskar

Fantastic food and service. Wish the French bistros in NYC were as good. Short but great wine list. Mussels to die for. Amazing pastries. Yummmmm

Valerie gomez

The owner Noella illegally withholds her employees tips and checks to profit herself. Not only that but this place has been known to have rats and mice and the owner will go under the table to dispose of them before the FDA noticed. Have fun eating here!

Cooper Adams

Great restaurant and great food. Only complaint would be the service which felt very fake and like we were bothering her to be there. I hope to have a different server if we go again.

Mike McMaster

Haven't tried breakfast but was impressed with their sign - "Brunch until 5pm". I had dinner on my own a couple of night ago. Then when I described it to business acquaintances I was meeting with, they cancelled what they had planned for the night and booked at Chez Mamou. The food was excellent but the service was a disaster. We got a new waitress who new nothing, I mean nothing, and she was inappropriate to boot. We had a good time anyway and will return. However I hope management reads this does better staff selection and training in future. The young bus boy filled in quite well and we enjoyed ourselves due to the good french cooking.

Dan Park

So perfect for a late evening dinner after a long day of art shopping

Pieter Sommen

Four of us had lunch. Eggs Benedict, omelette, onion soup,lemon tart. Yes a little eclectic. Everything looked great and tasted great. Good service, comfortable seating. We were very happy!

Talla Talyai

Ate here twice in one day! That's how good they are. I had the sea bass and there is only one word to describe this meal, PHENOMENAL! will definitely return!

Kyle Gassel

Rides the border between romantic, classy, and humorously pretentious. Got my order wrong and made excuses, but the food is pretty consistently good if not particularly French. Pastries are shockingly bad given the price and that they call themselves a bakery so do yourself a favor and go down the street to "French Pastry Shop" for those, but this is the place to be for a European style dinner in the $20 range.

Joshua Lorenz

Good breakfast spot. Usually not crowded.

Diane Oxnard

Fantastic food & service

Computer Help Now Inc

Wonderful coffee and croissant. Relaxing ambiance.

Zane Prall

Spent 35 minutes at a table without a menu for my first attempted meal there. Got up and left because I had to refill the meter. Ate somewhere else. Second attempt I got food in an appropriate time and the right order on the second attempt, however the guy a table over kept coughing and sneezing into his napkin. Whatever, it's not the restaurant's fault. He finished his meal, paid and left. The staff bussed his table AND WIPED THE TABLE CLEAN WITH HIS NAPKIN. This is not a place I'd recommend with so many places with better service and sanitary practices within walking distance. Try somewhere else and save your time and health.

Lou Ann Young

Great food

Shawn Perry-Turner

Fabulous food and terrific customer service

Abigail Ozols

I went here just for drinks and desserts because it is high-end. Gorgeous atmosphere (outside seating), excellent service and amazing desserts! I could not have had a better experience.

Paul Keyes

The food is good but the staff seems annoyed to have to wait on customers. We have eaten here twice with the hopes that the second time would be different. Both times the busboy stomped around in hard soled dress shoes and the waitress seemed to be bothered by the mere presence of the patrons. I think if the staff were switched out, Mamou would be a 4 star restaurant, and would become a brunch staple for me.

Brad Randel

I love this place... Great atmosphere pastries coffee good energy great care put into their product... created by a great artist and hard worker... with love

Allison Weiss

Server and atmosphere were fabulous but food and coffee in this place is really lacking. We soooooooo wanted it to be good because it's so quaint but it just didn't measure up and there are too many more places to try in Santa Fe. Omelette had way too much cheese and egg was overcooked and crepe was bland and boring.

Tabrel Uvyvul

A great meal every time I've visited. One of my favorite places of all the places I've lived.

Eric Wollard

Quaint French restaurant and bakery. Good for brunch, pastries to go or a fancy French dinner. A must visit while in Santa fe.

Tera C

This place was wonderful. I visited Santa Fe a few weeks back and had brought my dog with me on the adventure. They were pet friendly and even brought me a water bowl for him while I enjoyed their delicious food. The pastries taste just as good as they look. I would visit again. The patio seating area is shaded and comfortable.

Ben Brooks

Delicious place for breakfast in a soothing venue. Solid delivery on French classics. Service is so-so, perhaps making this place even more legit French!

Ms Lorri

Next to La Sena, this is the best food outside your typical Mexican dishes found everywhere around the Plaza. Pictured here are Marsala Chicken with fresh mashed potatoes and sauteed spring veggies. And a sirloin steak topped with potatoes and gruelyer, served al fresco on a beautiful May spring day.

Mike Dixon

The real deal. Even the wait staff seem to have been schooled in France. The pastries are beyond excellent. Way cheaper than a flight to France . Go enjoy the French way of eating well. Mike

David Wolken

Wide menu, excellent food, reasonably priced. Worth searching for, on a side street.

Thomas Janecek

Didn't get my order of squash

Javi C

We had a really nice brunch here. We liked it and will be back. Solid 4+ stars.

Unicorn Cat

Wonderful food, friendly and engaging service.

Anupam Sharma

As lovers of fine coffee and pastries, my family and I were looking forward to an evening of lite french fare. What we had hoped would be a sweet experience turned out to be an extremely bitter evening. Upon entering, we were curtly greeted by an uppity french lady. She asked us if we had a reservation when the restaurant was sparcely attended. When we said we did not, she gave us an exasperated look and went to go check if she could seat us. Reluctantly letting us take a seat, a waiter came by who just dropped three dinner menus, even though we had said that we were just here for coffee and pastries. When we went up to look at the pastries, there were no labels, and the waiter wasn't bothered to assist us. After the food was served, we were completely ignored and abandoned. This especially struck us when we noticed the staff being incredibly kind and attentive to other patrons, who were travellers just like us. As a matter of fact, no one even came to retrieve the bill. The one person we asked to take the bill said that he had no way of doing so and would inform his superior. However, after two further requests, no one came to take the bill. So I went up to the register and asked the superior if we could pay, but he shirked off the responsibilty, saying that someone else would take it (they never did). We were on vacation and did not have time to sit there all day and pay the bill. Finally, in today's age of plastic cards, we managed to pull out enough cash to clear the bill and left. Food is not simply an experience for the taste buds, it is greatly affected by the people you are around when you eat it. Unfortunately, the attitudes of the owner and the staff at this establishment completely ruined our food and our evening.

John R.E.

SANTA FE QUICHE TRAIL RUNNER-UP: Linen, quiche, hot coffee, sidewalk table, people-watching. Perfect.

barry martin

A secret you should learn!

Pascal Schläpfer

This place has great pastries. French. Nice staff, good coffee. Invites to stay and read a newspaper. Its not inexpensive. But good. They offer Brunch until 5pm and then dinner. Definitely worth to check it out.

Jim Claitor

Food was not particularly special. Bakery bread was great.

Bette Piacente

We stopped here on our way to Albuquerque and had a delightful lunch. Wait staff was attentive and charming. Food was excellent. We had the onion soup which was very authentic. The mussels and the pork medallions were both beautifully prepared delicious. Very nicely done!

Ray Martin

We had two lovely breakfasts on the side patio here and couldn't have been more pleased. Our service was fine in every respect. Food came promptly. My wife loved the ham and cheese omelet and ordered out both days. I liked the Benedict and was impressed with how much ham the put on it. A great experience

Steve Kiely

Awesome brunch! The omelets and eggs Benedict are authentic French recipes with highest quality ingredients. We came to Santa Fe for a long weekend and chose Chez Mamou three mornings! Service was great too.

Gail Walker

I just had a tasty brunch in a very pretty atmosphere at Mamou's. BUT, their service is outrageously slow. We had to wait nearly 1/2 hour to pay our bill and there was just one patron in front of us. We have experienced this before, with our attempt to buy a loaf of bread. They don't have a cash register so If they have to give change they have to look for it. I probably won't go there again.

Steven Frampton

the food was beyond excellent. the service was decent, right up until the check was presented and the waiter made a snide and inappropriate comment about my mom being my "sugar momma." we were both offended and put off by his sarcastic and inappropriate comment. we still tipped 20% but I was very tempted to flat out stiff him bc of that. it left a bad taste in each of our mouths after what was an otherwise fantastic dinner. edit: despite posting this review here, and yelp, and someplace else, I never heard from the owner with anyway of apology. so I have downgraded my review from a 4 to 1 because it is clear that service is just not something they care about.

Penny Thode

I ordered a salad for my dinner. It did not live up to the description on the menu. I was highly disappointed. My husband ordered a salmon meal. He said it was good. We sat in the courtyard. The chairs were very comfy.

Marian LaForte

This place was quaint and awesome! The food was delicious, the atmosphere relaxing, and the staff friendly. You MUST go at least once if you are in Santa Fe!

London Ashton

Lunch with dear old friends. Food was delicious. Thanks.

Rob O'Neill

Great food but no baguettes? Really

Bob Donovan

Delicious food, excellent service.

Kathe Maclaren

What a lovely place for dinner with grrr friends. Cheery, not too noisy, good food, great staff.

Deborah Collins

Visited for a birthday meal and they did not disappoint! The Short Ribs were cooked to tender perfection, a generous portion of asparagus, and lovely buttery mashed potatoes. Took home a couple of treats for dessert (lemon tart and pear tart). They were equally decadent. A lovely, intimate space and attentive service made this one of our best meals ever in Santa Fe!

Ann Trout

Excellent. Went here for restaurant week. Both the pasta dishes were awesome and the wine pairing very nicely done. Strongly recommended.

Chau N.

Just had breakfast, and the food was amazing. The atmosphere did feel a bit too ‘soft stuffed’ for comfort, and everything didn’t really match but personally it wasn’t a problem for my family. The crepes and egg Benedict were delicious, as well as the baked goods especially the almond croissant. The French onion soup was very good too, although the broth was just a bit salty, so make sure to request for more bread to go with it! Btw, totally recommend their chamomile mint tea. naturally sweet and just spectacular. Otherwise the service was nice and very sympathetic after dropping water at our table. All in all, the food was great, the service was plenty, and the atmosphere was decent. 4 stars. Would come back.

Betty Rose

NOT worth the $$$! I've been there several times now and the food is ridiculously expensive for what it is. It's organic, but the portions are so small that I always leave the place still hungry, even after spending up to $30! The taste isn't anything to rave about, either. Many of the food items are bland and without any kind of pzazz. What's more, the service is absolutely horrible. The staff is slow, rude and even dumb. There are only two servers there that actually know how to do their jobs, but the others, which is the majority, need to be replaced immediately!!

Jim Craddock

Great little place. Sit outside and enjoy the air.

Jacob Ruby

Took my wife here on a weekend getaway. The food was well prepared and sourced. We were given a hard time for not having a reservation, but we're sat anyway and treated well after that. We were amazed by the torts and regretted not being able to bring more home with us.

Jessica Park

Slow, unprofessional, and rude. After 45 minutes, our table of 6 was served three plates of food, one of which we had not ordered. Ten minutes later, a table that had walked in 30 minutes after us was served. When we questioned the servers, they offered us neither aplologies nor solutions. According to one of the two of us who had received his food, his crepe tasted a little better than mediocre but certainly was not worth the wait. We ended up leaving.

Ian Harrison

Excellent food and service.

Carrol Wilson

Meals are beautifully prepared and absolutely delicious. Service is excellent and the pastries are out of this world

Mona Sarrai

My husband and I ordered our wedding cake at this pastry shop. While the cake was exceptional, the store owner overcharged us for the cake. I initially asked for a cake for 85 people and I paid on the spot for the order. I did tell her that I might change the number of guests according to confirmations. Later, when 55 guests confirmed I called ahead of time to change the order. The cake was made for 55 guests but I never got reimbursed for the difference.

Barbara Mee

Excellent food, great desserts, fair pricing!

Richard Novak

Mussels and the beef bourginon, coffee, service, all very good.

Michael Scholten

Slow service but excellent food.

Jennifer Powell

We didn't have a great experience here. We only stopped in for a few baked goods to take home with us. The cashier acted like he didn't want us there and kept trying to correct me when I told him I wanted a macaron ("A macaroon?" "No, a macaron. I don't want something with coconut.") In a French bakery you'd think they'd know better. The macarons we're not done well, crumbly and filled with air, and there was barely any jam in the linzer tarts. The peach tart also seemed a bit stale. The waiter seemed to be in a hurry to leave us and just left us to sign the bill and didn't even offer us a receipt to check his accounting. To make matters worse, on our way out, we passed by the front patio of the bakery and that same waiter had started cleaning up tables and tossed a full glass of water towards the flower bed in front that splashed onto me and would have drenched me if I was closer! Very rude. I won't be back here.

Gabrielle Paris

Chez Mamou in Santa Fe has one of the most Charming Terraces and also relaxing Charming indoors in Santa Fe. Because Santa Fe has close to 500 restaurants you won't see Chez Mamou reviewed very often in the top 10 restaurants, but it is certainly one of my favorite with delicious French food a fabulous weekend brunch and also pastries to die for to bring home. I love the staff and as I go to Santa Fe every year for the Opera Festival it's one of the first places I plan on spending my time.


I love it, Best french food i know in USA, Really everything is nice, i only can recommend this place

aurelia nerval

Great food, horrendous service, mediocre coffee Update Aug 2019 Same as before. If the atmosphere, location, and the food were not as good as they are, there's no way we would put up with the dismissive, inattentive, and always overwhelmed service. The managers are often surly and seem put out by having to attend to customers. Some of the waitstaff are very kind but seem harried by the managers' barking. Unpleasant. Having to stand in line to pay at the counter after the meal is déclassé and seems inefficient for both the customer and staff.

Ben TerreBlanche

Quiche very good with fresh croissant

Pete Slaga

Quick service and very good food

Stephanie Turner

Great service and scrumptious food in a cozy but elegant setting near the center of historic Santa Fe. You'll want one of every pastry to take home.

Ben Gregoire

Great food, not the best service. I recommend it to anyone that has time.

Mason Cole

Small dining room where they tried to jam as many tables as possible. I was constantly being bumped throughout my meal. Not suitable for someone over 5.5 feet tall. Waiter was polite but would drop things off and immediately vanish without facilitating any questions. Food was decent but extremely over priced. I did not get a chance to experience the bakery side of the restaurant, but I assume it is better considering this place is still in business. Would not recommend

Henry Kranz

Wonderful food and presentation. Excellent salads. Small dining area with some outdoor tables. Star off for teacup not free of lipstick and glass tabletop not really thoroughly cleaned.

MN Publicidad

Wonderful food and presentation. You have a dining area with some outdoor tables which is very nice. I recommend it.

Emma Currens

Walked in at 1:30 on a Sunday and had to look for staff to seat us. Once we were seated we were given water glasses and then completely ignored. No one came to collect drink orders or anything. We literally watched our waiter walk out of the restaurant with his backpack! After waiting 15 minutes or so we got up and walked out. Felt like we dodged a bullet because the dining room felt dirty and run down. I wouldn’t want to see what the kitchen looked like! Would not recommend or return.

Melynn Schuyler

Intimate, cozy, yummy, with very attentive service

Jacob Romero

Great food and atmosphere!

Patriot log home Builders

Delightful. Lovely atmosphere. However found the piccata and marsala sauce odd in that it had tomatoes and not cream based. Bakery wonderful. Nice wine list.

Sanjay Sharma, MD

Great escargot. Unique pastries and great French wine list. Delectable crepes and freshly prepared vegetables and meats. Don't miss this place if you are in Santa Fe

Antonio Gurrola

Great atmosphere, great service, great food, n great memory

Kathleen Connor

Delicious and such nice staff..

Scott Kirvan

Very pleasant outdoor space when the weather is good. Brunch was good. Service was mediocre.

Amber Miller

The service was horrible. The waiter was slow to take our order, never refilled our water, never asked if everything was good or we needed something. And it was NOT good. The vegetarian sandwich had way too much mustard on it that over powered everything and burned. It was gross. When the waiter finally came back we said something and his response was, "well when it's prepared well it's one of our best." Okay? He offered a croissant which is not an appropriate $13 sandwich replacement. Whatever. Horrible service and mediocre food.


Breakfast at 2pm - Yes!

Kirsten Cook

I eat here at least once every time I visit Santa Fe. The baked goods are amazing.

Sara Smith-Frings

Delicious food. The French onion soup is delicious any time of year. Hubby's go to is beef bourginon. Pastries are so tempting

Denise Shroyer

Service was non existing to buy something from the bakery

John Keith Hohm

Every item was delicious. Only time I've had frog legs not at all chewy. Perfect wine pairing recommendations.

Paula Kimlicka

So yummy

Deb Taylor

Delicious food, great ambiance, good service (absolutely no complaints, contrary to some cranky reviews), and terrific music-cello and guitar. We loved it! Fabulous food, and the feel of France. The owner is French and it shows. Highly recommended!

Buddy Quaid

This place looks extremely charming and the pastries are baked in house. You can watch the pastry chef making the goods. I highly recommend. They have full breakfast as well but we didn't try it. Their coffee is also good.

chris finch

My wife and I had an amazing dinner! The braised short ribs and sea bass specials were incredible (Saturday night). Our server Liroh took excellent care of us. We have only positive things to say about the service. I highly recommend a dinner at Chez Mamou!

Autumn S

Yum! The coffee was amazing and breakfast was perfect. We are looking forward to coming back for the pasta menu.

Sam Weiger

The French delight in Santa Fe is placed very well and has great staff. For a French establishment, the portions were very good and chicken was great quality.

Maureen KIng

Great food, delicious desserts. I love this place and always stop here when I am in Santa Fe.

Annette Alvarez

We had a perfect evening last night. Food was superb, service was exceptional.

Vincent Catbagan

French atmosphere ♥️

Cheri O'Brien

Nice guy at counter, table service slow

CHEF Sneebly

Great place for pastries and delicate cuisine

Sierra Thomas

Best croissants in Santa Fe!

Cynthia Sandoval

Everything we ate here was excellent.

Richard Maner

The food was great. Service too. Pastries yum.

Bobbi Such

Our nine year old really wanted to treat the family to hot chocolate and desserts while we were visiting Santa Fe. So she found this cute little bakery and she started showing us around the glass display so we could pick our treat. The waitress asks if we have a reservation and we don't, because the place was empty except for one obvious regular sitting alone, she became very annoyed and said she'd have to ask if we could be seated ???? Note, we told her we were just there for coffee and dessert and the place was was obvious that we were an inconvenience to her. She finally seats us and continues to look annoyed... Her behavior alone was enough to never return here. The food was okay, the sponge cake was a little rich but the apple dessert was very good. If the service had been better, I'd have given more stars.

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