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Where is Carl's Jr. #7607?

REVIEWS OF Carl's Jr. #7607 IN New Mexico

Paul Nichols

Good location (near downtown); good prices and very accommodating and friendly - and, of course, Carl's Jr well-known delivery of your counter-ordered food to your table. Also, my favorite: the condiments bar with unlimited hot peppers, green chili and more !

Melany Pineda

Charles is a very rude employee. He needs to get fired immediately. He has to much attitude & is not customer friendly at all.

Luke Davis

Fast-food...Not always fast. Not always good. I did like their California Classic though...It's a knockoff of In-n-Out's Double Double Animal Style.

Michael Bohannon

Coffee weak, more like colored water

Mike T

Often make mistakes on food orders, employees don’t give a care to make things right

Tina Faulkner

Grass Feed All Natural Lettuce wrap is what I can eat and was good although they should use Romaine not Iceberg no nutritional value...

J Chambers

Overly greasy fair. Menu lacks healthy choices.

Rip Williams

Excellent that they offer salad and low-carb options. This location also has particularly good staff.

David Gurule

I cannot stand there ketchup and mayonnaise hamburgers I forget how gross it is

Christopher Tanner

Probably the best fast food around. Love it.

Chris Lagunas

It was alright. The place could use a really good cleaning.

Harley Dawn

They were very polite not the fastest place to get food but it was bomb as hell yum yum

Ramiro Cuevas

Stand esa very helpful.nice place and good food

Taylor Best

Food is always dry, no flavor. Shame they have such a good reputation.


Yum!!! I liked!

Rey Florez

Not very good! Poor service as well!?

Shaunna Justus

A bit expensive for fast food

Paul Featherston

Fast service. Burger and rings fresh and delicious

Ca Kler

Best place to get a Vegan Burger. Loved the opportunity to get the Famous Star on my shirt, and in my mouth.

Tom Thompson

Have been coming here for many years. Clean business, parking ok, gets crowded noonish. Just tried the new Beyond Meat burger. Today's special is buy a drink, get the BM burg for free, nice deal! Beyond Meat and others are up and coming veggie burgers to replace real beef. It is quite satisfying and has the texture of a burg and has good protein and minimal carbs. Doesn't exactly taste like beef, but has a good flavor on its own. Call me a tree hugger, but if it helps the atmosphere and environment, I'm sold! I'll gladly switch to these to make a better planet and future for your kids. Yummy on its own!

Andre Moore

The service was quick, although the food seemed dry and not fresh.

Arindam Bhattacharjee

This was my first Carl's Jr. Burger was good!

Carla Gabaldon

There chicken sandwich is awesome!

Cody Shell

Pretty empty inside, pretty clean, good music playing. I'd go back if I was in the area.

Surfer 79

A nice place to stop in on a warm day to get a nice cold Dr Pepper. Staff is nice.

Daniel Geier

Great service. Manager was awesome. Great sandwich.

Stephen Eiland


Jose Valdez

This place is nice but the cook serves the patties for the burgers burnt around the edge and pink as you get close to the middle , when the customer asks for well done you shoulder what they ask for and when you are told about the pattie you should at least show some concern about the issuse

Alora Cortland Haaf

Sure did get my food. Fast.

Bernadette LaPearl

Good service fast foods never a diapointment

Tom Hanks

I tried their regular Beyond Burger which is delicious and healthy. I'm going to try the Jalapeno Beyond Burger next time I go. My mother doesn't do the carbs from buns so it's a good thing have the choice to order your burger with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. My old landlady was glad that I let her know of that, she enjoyed her burger that night.

Ranch Gurule

Awesome food, as always, even though at the time of our visit this location was experiencing personnel issues. The local manager was very proactive in assuring our enjoyable meal. Thanks !

Travis Miller

Apparently char broiler breaks often... waited slightly longer than usual but they added a free strawberry cheesecake for the wait, can't beat the 4 for 4 deal though.

Gerald Pena

The food is not very good.

john hambright

Great bfast price for seniors

Xhaiden Wendeborn

I love there all star meals amd there drink they ar yummy food and drinks

505% HomeGrown Family

Sloppy the works make food sloppy

Big Weezing

Quick snack. My first Carl's Jr experience. Didn't disappoint at all

Loren Robinson

Good service

Ryan Denery

Great food terrible service. 8:30pm on a Saturday evening took 36 minutes from the time I received my order. Just a single famous star burger with cheese. Please retrain these employees and managers at this location! That is unacceptable timing to make one burger with an empty dining room.


I'll say this for the's a whole lot cleaner, the staff are more professional at their posted details. And get this, "NO FLIES"...

tee jay

Hot fresh food, and convenient.

Myke Bullock

They closed the Carl's Jr I used to go to, but this one did not let me down, burgers and fries were good, beverages were big and the money spent was not

Carla Ortiz

I tried their new vegan famous star burger and it was yummy!

Rosa lee Garcia

I asked for extra crispy fries and they were made to order

Brigitte Casaus

The lady in the drive thru was very nice and kind. Her customer service was well above what I expected.

Nod Sivart

It was fast and ok

Samantha Marie Freeman

Fast food, warm, juicy, yummy... fills the tummy!

myke bullock

I enjoy the big burgers here, better than those flimsy burgers they serve elsewhere. I want my burger to fill me up, not lingering for more. Great job Carl's Jr.


Busy place but cranks um out fast. Has a open field next to it where semi trucks can park and a drive thru for cars. Has promotions all the time to change things up. The light level here is 360 LX and the noise level is 55 DB so it's a quiet average lighted dining area.

Julia Granado

This place is Sad! What a Shame on them! Right I25. The Employees could careless!

Ariel Fitts

The food was amazing

Yolanda LaJeuenesse

Very good food.

Gary Lucero

I had breakfast and while the coke and hash browns we're good, the steak breakfast burrito tasted off and want edible. The service was good.

Elaine Smiel

Went in for a bogo coke float. Employees were friendly and even brought my order to the table. Temperature was wonderful compared to the near 97 degrees

Paul L

We ordered low carb burgers and got the quickly. The patties were cool. Must have use precooked. Not good. I like fresh cooked.


I like that you can get many different food items. The beyond meat burger is still my favorite non-meat burger. Carl's Jr does it right

Tinu Borzu


Jennifer Nieto

Great service. Accurate. Food was delicious.

Pamela Chandler

Because..... Burgers

Daniel A.

Good food served pretty fast. The staff was very pleasant also.

Carlos Montoya

Order a Double Star Burger combo w/fries, and drink. Drive thru Service was Good didn't wait very long. It was a great idea I enjoyed.

Stacy Walraven

No greeting. Just a "yea" when i walked in. All i ordered was coffee. It took close to 15 minutes to finally get it. Maybe some kind of customer service training is in order?


Drive through took kind of a while. Service was ok. Please watch out in this area!! Lock doors and watch out for the homeless and panhandlers!! They are always around and could be unsafe.

AmPed inNM

Very nice and helpful manager here. I hadn't been to a CJ in a while but it was nice to be back

AllenTerry F1

Tried their Beyond burger with all the fixings including cheese and mayo (I'm not vegan). Been wanyityo try it for a while. Tasted alright but not like beef, much closer soy patties etc...but was a little too soft, maybe not cooked quite long enough. Will I have another? Not sure rarely ever go to Carl's Jr though. Won't go out of .y way for another though. I do think the Impossible burger is best though.

Mr. G

Always a delight!

Neata Matturro

Food was hot and good

Rob R

Yum.... the beyond burger

Lachrisha Nieto

It's one of the best Carl's Junior's around Albuquerque. The staff is friendly and upbeat. The food is great quality. My order comes out hot and correct.

Todd Johnson

☯️ Bravo Zulu! ☯️

Nick Roxy 6/13/83

Was ok

Marfo Sasu

They are the best. Be there

Deanna J

Food is always hot and tasty.

Jacqueline Sabata

Good fast food.

Julia Green

Beyond meat


Great staff, good breakfast and fast orders.

Brandon Be

Drive through menu is to hard to read, will go dine in soon. The staff was friendly. And typical fast food, does not look like the menu pictures. My chicken tenders were greasy and soggy drive thru fries. Had higher expectations, this review will be updated once I dine in.....whenever that may be.

Howdy Yall

Had the Beyond burger again (meatless, pea protein burger), have they tweaked the ingredients a bit? Tasted completely like beef this time, couldn't tell any difference at all. Very tasty!

Tommy Maniscalco

This is the best place to get a hamburger with hands down homemade bread juicy burgers cooked how you want it to be cooked and not expensive at all If I could I'd eat there everyday

Erik Official Email

They Have The Beyond Burger

Bruce Darr

a good place to go and eat

Warren Maurer

Carl's Jr. is probably one of the worst burger chains out there. The food is assembled without care, tastes like it came out of a dirty gas station microwave, and leaves one questioning their own dignity.

Christopher Sherwood

Very good

Rudy Llamas

Fresh food, slow service but worth the wait.

Marc Hertel

Food was fresh and hot. Service was great. I did find out that when you get a large combo and change your French fries to criss cut fries, that criss cut fries only come in a medium size. So for the most bang for your buck I would stick to your large French fries.

Moe Greene

It was very busy and the staff was very quick with my order. Very clean restaurant


They make thier burgers so different than other places it just makes the burger taste different. Great hamburgers.

melvin maestas

Food was great it was not all sloppy.. the store was very clean sanitized the staff was very friendly very professional I would recommend them to anybody I would go back and eat there again

Bob Porter

Service is not very good.

Eric Romero

Fast food, better than most. Great service at this particular location.

Michael Jefferson

Two drive thru menu boards two lanes but one service window

Anthony Franklin

Went to try their breakfast for the first time, since I had some coupons. Got the biscuit sandwich and the breakfast burrito. The biscuit sandwich was meh, at best, and the burrito was absolutely disgusting. Both I and my guest ended up throwing ours away a quarter of the way through. If you're curious what Carl's jr. breakfast tastes like, like I was, don't do it; it's gross and expensive.

Adriana Navarrete

Very good, fresh and fast service.

Kim Marbo

The have a plant based burger now!! Coming here more often

Kelly Perryman

It was very good. Chargrilled.

Dot Keesler

Poor food, limited menu, lacking all Mexican items mentioned on line, very cold,unable to stay to eat.

Stephen Canas

It's a Carl's Jr hamburger joint. If you like their western star slider burgers or cheeseburgers this is yet another place to go in this area.

Caroline Baker

My boyfriend and I stopped in yesterday to try the Beyond Burger! They were delicious and we couldn't have been more pleased. I'm really happy that this company has such a satisfying vegetarian / vegan option available. Good job, Carl's Jr.!

Patrick Comey

Standard Carl's fare; always good. Restaurant was clean as were restrooms.

Clan Of Kiriyaka

Not a bad place to eat. Has some healthy alternative options

Paul Armijo

Carl's Jr. serves delicious fast food and drink options. Tasty breakfasts' and luch/dinner selections to enjoy.

Jose Zambrano

The beyond burger is awesome


Better be hungry big burgers!!

Wilette Francisco

Always very quick and the food always fresh and hot when I'm on my way to work.

roberto rodriguez

Beyond is so good, great taste.

pamelaann chavez

Looked a little dirty..

Duwayne Davis

Gotta admit 1 of the better chocolate shakes for fast food

Maria Aragon

Excellent service . Great food very clean .Yolanda and the manager very friendly. Good cooker

C Garcia

Those fruitloop donuts are the bomb.

Monica Zamora

I Love the famous star burgers omg they're to die for!! Their fries are also on point!! But the most important part is that their icecream machine is never broken

Kevin Oleary

Hard to believe a double meat cheeseburger meal costs almost 11 bucks! Just saying, good taste though.

Deathking_stroke death

The lady taking my order this morning was extremely rude while I was placing my order. Not to mention I was on a quick 15 min break. So I ordered the grilled cheese breakfast sandwich combo and when I got back to work and began to eat. The bread was really tough and the sausage tasted so fake. It ruined my appetite. And that girl and her attitude taking my order just topped it all off. Also didn't get a receipt so don't know the name of that woman. SMH waste of money this morning.

Michael Davis

Not bad for comfort food.

Gideon van de Vyver

Food is good and the staff are very helpful.

Joshua Owens

Have not been here in awhile place was clean did not have to worry about cleaning the boster seats. The food came out quick and they brought it to me instead of getting up and getting it that was a bounes will go back!!

Brandon Jensen

Being a vegetarian means most fast food options are off the table (no. A salad does not count as an "entré"). Sure, BK has their veggie burger, but Carl's Jr. now has the Beyond Burger and it. Is. Fantastic. I used to eat meat. They say that this tastes the same as meat, but honestly, no. It is actually SO MUCH BETTER! Seriously, if you're a meat eater, give this a shot. It's a whole new flavor with all the texture of meat. At first it looked like it cost more than the others, but really it's about the same as a burger of comparable size here. Makes me with I had the double. Fortunately Albuquerque also has the impossible burger at a few places, but it's really awesome to have another fast food place available. Speaking of, since this was my first time at a Carl's Jr. In many many years, it's also really awesome that they have a little salsa bar with hatch Green Chile for free. The cross cut fries were really good and they even had Coke zero (sugar)! Throw in a clean restaurant and very friendly staff and I'd have to say all-in-all a really super positive experience! I'm really hopeful that the Beyond Burger is here to stay!

Jonathan Miller

I enjoyed the beyond burger!

Georgia T

Somehow I've been to this Carl's Jr. a dozon times ans they have yet to fail me. The staff is kind and quick. The restaurant is always clean and I really can't complain.

Gerald Leon

Carl's Jr is ok they do have a cool food menu but you do need to have some extra cash cuz this place is expensive to eat here

Crystal Gallegos

The burgers here are very small for the pricing

High Priestess of Weird

Stopped Fri July 19, 8:00, 2 girls running everything & they were amazing. Hope their manager sees this. Fast, hot, correct!

Monique Le Rouge

I was hungry. I love the zucchini fries and guacamole burger


Always quick!

Gage Lawless

Its Carl's JR.........i mean c'mon.

Marisa Chacon

Terrible. I ordered the Charboiled Chicken Salad. White wet soggy ice burge lettuce. Soggy, over seasoned chicken. Wet mixed blend cheese that didn't go along with dressing. Just skip this salad.

Clint Mielke

Its Carl's, its always great

Anthony Baca

Best breakfast burgers in town

Steve Montano

This location was very clean. The staff was very helpful and professional. Very accommodating to a large party. We often come by this location and have never had a bad experience.

Caren Vendetti

I ordered the Impossible bbq combo without cheese, small. I was given a large. When I said I wanted small, they gave me cash back instead of crediting my credit card. When I opened the burger it had cheese and I cannot eat this. I will not be returning to Carl's Jr. This is unacceptable service.

Bruce Ellerd

Love their chicken strips, juicy and tasty, and highly recommended.

D- Eazy

Great food and service

George Coleman

Quick drive threw

Greg Torres

It's a Carl's Jr. Not much that jumps out other than the dual drive through.

Ideas Practicle

Clean place with good food.

Derek Jones

Great place to feed the engine! Best burgers!

David Aguilar

Love the pic de gallo

Marcy Marquez

Staff was very helpful, just didn't like the food. Fried squash had a metallic taste to it. Sauce was warm.

Jorge Garcia

Expensive and terrible food. The restroom stall for the men's has an opening so you can see the person using the uniral and their parts.

Yayo Saavedra

Chicken strips are great when fresh! Needs faster service or larger crews during dinner hours.

Maria Rodriguez

They have a junior Burger during happy hour that I can get carb free Helps me stay on my diet

My Lady

Saturday between 3-4pm at drive thru had specifically asked for NO onions but they put tiny onions on the bun? WTH? Did not know until I got home.. I just had to throw away that bun! Well anyway very disappointed in that type of service...

Stephanie Lucero


Willard Eastman

Convenient, reasonable, pretty good fast food

Michaela Ferrer

Service sucked. They didn't acknowledge me AT ALL.

Chance Hopson

Almost wrecked my motorcycle in their drive through because of all the grease in it, won't be back.

Tim Greene

Fast service

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