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REVIEWS OF Carl's Jr. #7527 IN New Mexico

Betty Griffay

Need to add triple decker hamburger to their menu. All is good at Carl's Jr; a wonder place to eat.

Connie Myers

Worst experience of a Carl's Junior. Had to go inside to get my food from my hot car. Car behind me served and I still didnt get mine. Just ordered $6.00 Meal with double cheeseburger and Spicy Chicken after being asked to order the new $2.99 cheeseburger!!

Edwin Chavez

Didn't go, but have had their burgers delicious!

Chris Maurer

Went through the drive-thru while on a family roadtrip. Ordered our food and went to the drive up window. Gave them our credit card to pay. They were having trouble with their credit card reader and couldnt read our card. Rather than insisting that we find another way to pay, the manager gave us the meal on the house. Food was good and fresh and the crew was all friendly. Definitely recommend this store for a quick bite.

Paulene Mowers

There alot customers. .The restroom facility clean good.. I have hamburger with no mayo-chees and everything in Hamburger alot of onion and zucchini fried... It was good ... it was my reward for working hard being HEALTHY...

Robert Gilbert

The food is good so my coworkers and I stopped by on our way out of town. The staff was nice but it took a longer then desired time for our food to finish. The 4 for $4 Is a good deal.

Jesse Peiffer The Spirit of Truth Warrior

Very slow service for 2 run of the mill spicy chicken sandwiches. Also not very courteous.

David Bartlett

As long as they get your order right, they are awesome

Jennifer Biddle

Decent food. Clean.

Charlie Gravlee

Absolutely, one of the best burgers on the planet!!!!!

Betty Reeves

Awesome people good service beautiful smile good food.

Ernie Castillo

Early morning breakfast.....

Jeremy Large

Excellent customer service the manager Irwin really took the time to make sure I was taken care of he provided the old fashion kind of service where they treat you like family! Keep up the great work!


We decided to stop here on our way to work because the food is usually good at other Carl's Jrs. We ordered the 5 dollar meal and 3 piece chicken strips. After receiving our meal we were in a hurry but when we opened our food the sliders were slimy, don't know why, and the chicken strips were burnt. It was mainly batter night as well have called them batter strips lol and to top it off they forgot our drink that came with the neal. Due to the fact that we were in a hurry we were unable to return to let them know about our meals. Other than that, the cookie was pretty good!

Jude Chavez-Bustos

Didn't have what we wanted. No jalepeno poppers, apparently they are seasonal but couldn't tell us what season. They no longer have the Hawaiian burger. Unable to substitute onion rings for fries on box. Made us park to wait for food when no one was behind us. Still forgot the fried zucchini and they had to go get them.


I come here when I get tired of other fast foods and I think to myself, you know what, I haven't been to Carl's Jr in a long while, I'm going to go say hi and when I do, I get the single Patty and waffle fries. While biting into my burger I think, man, why do I not come here more often? Burger is so good and those waffle fries are the perfect size! The staff is always friendly and they always tell me to have a great day as I drive away smiling. I think I'll visit again very soon.

Jose Otero

Nothing was fresh.

Larry Huff

Change the grease more often then it will be as good as it was when they opened. Bad grease is lost customers i.e. revenue.

Robert Davis

Love the food love the thickburger excellent

Debbie Martinez

Love this place and manager is awesome but they have been making several mistakes lately

Pedro Mares

I don't hate places some are dirty

sean frank

Super busy at lunchtime. but they still brought me my food promptly.

Jason Albritton

Really bad. I ordered the burger for $2.50, cashier asks if I want to make it a combo, price jumped to over $11. Made burger wrong, then when fixed it but meat wasn't even hot enough to melt the cheese. And on top of all that, they were really slow!

Curtis Francisco

It was really great

Luella Eastman

Burgers were small, cold and I waited 20 minutes in the drive thru


Absolutely love that they have low carb options, not many around for fast food!

David Vigil

My wife and I have food allergies so eating out isn't easy. This place gets our food right 90% of the time. The other 10% is annoying, but the low-carb option usually feels with it to eat a burger.

Tyler Rouse

First Carl's Jr. Outside of Oahu, HI weve visited, HIT THE SPOT! They really nailed the Double Western Bacon Burger, with a perfect balance of sauce and meat, with perfect bacon. Fast service and hot food resulting in this being the best possible choice for our lunch. Thanks a million!

Bryce Harris

Lately, all of the drinks I've gotten from fast food joints have tasted a little like balls for some reason. In varying levels of balls. For the first time in a long time, I drank a drink that didn't have a hint of balls, whatsoever. And it was all thanks to this Carl's J.

Steven Radolinski

I love their commercials but the food never, ever looks even close to the size or quality in real life.

Shanon Sawyer

What ever I order it is always fresh. People are nice and the place is clean.

Ryan Jackson

Restaurant was dirty and unsanitary, trash under tables, food was cold and employee's felt like they didn't want to be there

Tom Hanks

I love to get their jalapeno thickburger b/c I like things spicy. The manager there always remembers me, I go in almost once every week.

Lucille Wells

Friendly. Love the breakfast options.

Steven Dull

Slowest drive thru I have ever been! Not my first time visiting this location.

Daniel Castaneda

It was fast and good I like there onion rings we went through the drive through this time

Larry Markusson

Caught then at opening so they were still getting going. Fast enough though.

Neasha Baca

Great food

Mary Zander

It was horrible, they got our order wrong. Won't go there anymore.

Maria Logan

Bacon truffle burger is amazing. It's the service that makes this place a three

Luke Lynch

Stopped by for some great tasting coffee while traveling. The kind staff is refreshing.

Fred M

I never know how long I'm going to wait for my food when I drive up to the drive through. Sometimes it's a couple of minutes and others it's like 15! The service is so inconsistent that it kind of puts a bad taste in your mouth before you even get your food. The burgers are fine, typical fast food nothing special. I do like that they have the lettuce burger though, gives them something that other burger joints don't have.

Shannon Tweedie

Just had the best burger! The bacon truffle burger with the beyond meat patty! Lots of flavor, crunch Very satisfying! Thanks Irwin for making a delicious plant based burger!


Slow, under staffed and order wrong again

molly ball

How are you gonna run out of biscuits at 8:30 in the morning ? So mad I drove far because I was craving a biscuit and to be told when I go pay it’s gonna be 10 minutes because they ran out of biscuits lol wanted to give me a sour dough bun .. horrible management!!

T Evans

Good food slow service.

elaine rohrer

Waited 10. Minutes for my order. They're speed of service was more important then the actual Customer. They pulled me to the parking lot and there was 2 cars in front of me that were pulled before I got there. Didn't even have a car behind me. And they still pulled me. When I was leaving a car pulled up.

J.D. Warren

Very good. The lettuce they wrapped my burger in was mostly stem, though. Service was fast and friendly!


Your food looks nothing like your pictures. The food is small, unappealing and just ok. I get excited when I see how delicious it looks, then I get the food and it looks awful. Very sloppily put together and nothing like I expected. I don't usually eat fast food unless it's McDonald's as I know exactly what to expect, and you guys need to work on your product...

carl kelley jr

Good selection of burgers

Apester Japester

Good food Good service. Individual store managers serve the customers well - District manager not so much. He changes policies on a whim to serve himself & stock holders @ the expense of customers. He would do well to improve on his consumer service!

John Leach

I always get my order to go and stand at the counter to watch it being made as 90% of the time they make it wrong. My orders are simple and that's what seems to confuse them. I will never use the drive-thru for that reason. No one seems to listen when the order is placed.

Tracy Pineda

Love the fiery chicken sandwich

David Sanchez

My biscuits and gravy that I had received, the gravy was way too salty I let the attendant know she gave me no other options. Don't think I'll go back for that again.

Melba Dyer White

Consistently good service and food!!!

Jim Duncan

Really slow last 3 times. Especially drive through. Good food

Judy Germany

So disappointed my favorite thing on menu gone. Grass fed beef burger was soooo good. Now soooo gone. No need to stop!

Frederick Arleth

Great service and food!!!

carol wallace

I'm not much into fast food but this is the place to go in Los Luna's for great customer service and good cheeseburger fix.

lilly newling

Fast and friendly service!! All of the employees were smiling ! We really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. A+++


Ok food but never get an order right.

Joseph Solme

Better then any other Carl’s JR I’ve been to. They always are polite and very fast. Irwin is always polite and very professional.

J Vigil

Food is fresh and good tasting at this location in particular. Good job management at this spot, keep it up and you can keep taking my money!


For fast food, this place is good. Manager seems to jump in and help when needed.

Rachel Dworkin

Not very fast. Workers seem disgruntled. Food okay.

Y.Maxine Allbritton

The food is excellent, but they hardly ever have what's on the menu.

Sharon Harrell

Great tasting food, very reasonable

J Hector

They now have the beyond vegan burger!

Chris Rael

Poor customer service, messed up 3 out of 4 ordered items and ignored us dor several minutes before taking our order. Seriously, the woman at the counter (while we were standing in front of her) stared blankly out the window until I said hello. The dining room was dirty and the condiment bar was worse. Avoid this restaurant at all cost.

Mycaila Rodriguez

Best fast food burgers!

Rickard Davis

The food was what you would expect from Carl's Jr, the service was very good and our orders were filled quickly

Heather Cox

Everyone was friendly and was ready to take peoples order

James Nicholson

Was down the road several miles when we realized they had forgotten one of our large fries. Grrrr.... But the food we did get was good.

Jessemax Perea

This place is great

Chadwick Johnson

Food is good but always slow, and they always make me pull around to the front to wait for my order. That's annoying.

David Jaramillo

A lot of good eats, will be going back for more.

Stephanie Sumaya

Customer service sucked , non English workers and we couldn't understand one another very frustrating

Yazmin Ochoa

Its decent more pricier than other fast food hamburger restaurants.

Monique Valenzuela

Never have had a good experience with this franchise... Food taste like plastic. Something is just unsettling when you eat it.

Linda Hanks

I love that you can get a lettuce wrapped burger which is a great option for diabetics. For a $2 up-charge you can even get a vegan plant based burger.

Toni Orionsantini

The staff is always friendly and helpful. Beyond Burger was my treat for today. Carl's Jr puts ample fresh lettuce, onion & tomato slices; unlike every other drive thru out in our area.

Karina Vasquez

When it comes to fast food breakfast, this is the place to go!!

Erica Manfre

Staff is so slow when i recived my food was cold

Christopher Glassman

I liked it but made my uncle sick.

Victoria Najera

So today I went to Carl's Jr. and to my surprise it still sucks!!! The lady taking our order was nice but had no idea what she was doing. The lady making the food was rude and looked like she wanted to be somewhere else. I feel this place is under trained and under staffed. It took forever and the kicker is they still got our order wrong. We will not be going there for a while, hopefully things change but I doubt it!!

Misty Huffman

Delicious and I absolutely love that they have low carb options.

margaret moya

God food

Kelly W

Bring back the Jack Daniel burger! I'd stop on every trip if you had it.

Daniel Orndorff

Clean dinning area and restrooms. Fast service and good food

Chris Vest

It was ok

Melissa Gutierrez

Food was ok

Vivien Sadlo

Great service! Hot food and the speed I got my food was awesome. Will be coming back tomorrow!

Ken Frazier

Carl Jr's never lets me down as usual I got the western bacon cheeseburger and ate it while driving South on 25.

Elissa Wright

The usual food. We bought those fruit loop donuts seriously hard as a hockey puck. Too up to register for refund. The manager open box from case and said omg so gross. Gave refund and pulled from case

Sharlene Lopez

This place was short handed and we had to wait a long time. We spent a lot of money and we were not satisfied

Quinton Walters

Been to this place a few times and it's consistantly good.

Feliz Montoya

The best good people Friendly as ever

michelle reyna

Very delicious

Bob H

Manager assisted with order, coupon used.

Leonard Perry

Manager is great! Knows his customers, service is awesome.


The employee's at Carl's Jr have very poor attitudes to the customer's. Make wrong orders. Then argue saying it's the customer's fault and then proceed to try and charge more for their mistakes. On top of that the mangers sent seem to care how the employee's treat customers. Or seem to care that the employee's aren't dress in proper work clothing. Extremely piss poor service at the Los Lunas Carl's jr. Location on Sunday 11/25/2018. Recommended that others eat elsewhere. Other recommendations is that the company retrain the current employees or Re staff this Location.

Jolene Barbee

Everything was presented efficiently... thank you

Doreen Baca

Awesome green chili

Lawrence Brenner

This Carls Jr. is allways good. You have to wait a few minutes but your food can't get any fresher. Very clean and happy staff. Plesant visit.

Wild West Exploration's

Very good food good service

Andres Munoz

Avg fast. Food place one a CPL of employees stand out and deliver a good customer experience. Food sometimes taste as if it's been sitting under a heat lamp for a while does not taste fresh every time.

Robert Lawrence

There are closer hamburger places but I choose to drive to Carl's Jr. Food's always good, but the people who work there are so courteous and friendly. Manager Irvin oversees an efficient and well trained team that he leads by example. Thanks, Carl's Jr, for hiring such good people. We'll be back!

edyie diaz

The girl who took my order was very cute and it was a clean establishment

T. Chantal Truelock

Service was excellent! Very fast and friendly! Highly recommended

Shannon Doa

Best hamburgers in the world

JF Sullivan

Tried Carl's Jr for the first time the other day. No non-meat options for sandwiches. Wasn't overly impressed with a french fries. The batter on the onion rings crumbled off too easily and actually made me choke. However the fried zucchini was a very pleasant surprise. Tasty and not too greasy.

Elijah Chavez

Rude service to a customer who has dined here many times. Never going herr again.

irwin yellowtail

Love the food hot and fresh and very polite customer service

Ambur Flanagan

Food is a hit or miss on freshness. They do always get your order correct.


It was alright the fruit loops doughnuts were all hard and stale I mean all of them in the whole store my son was sad for a sec the food isn't really the same but it's alright better than mc Donald's

Nei-Nei Freeman

I ordered 2 hamburgers through the drive through. The bag seemed very light when I drove away. I parked, checked the bag to find ONE.i walked to order another. There was no apology, no good will effort.

Aaron Grayum

Boss man knows what's up. Customer loyalty like fuuk

Shining Starr

Great food! Try the new breakfast burger. I love the tea. Great service @

Jose R Garcia

OMG I was there on Thursday night on Dec 21 2017 and that was rhe best Western Double Cheese Burger I have ever had from Carl's Jr. The onion ring was crispy and I think that made the whole burger fabulous and the sercice at the window was great it was around 10:50 pm. Thank u for a great experience

Lisa Argenbright

Assuming manager was a very nice guy, talked to us for a few minutes. Food was good, service was good!

Donald T

Clean, polite staff and quick despite being busy

Mustache Brandan

Always make sure you to check your order from drive through. I've been here multiple times and I've had to have my order corrected multiple time. Sometimes small like no ice or no onions. Other/most times whole items are incorrect. Famous star instead of Western bacon, or missing a California burger then getting a jalapeno burger then getting the correct burger.

John Hardy

Great food.

Johnny Brady

Too slow, food was cold

Cynthia Martinez

Everything is pretty good but especially the chicken sandwich and onion rings


Hamburger tasted dry.

Jd Rayburn

Hamburger. Was. Very. Dry, and. The. Fries were. Just. Warm not. Hot.

Jerri Hubbert

Ordered sausage, egg and cheese biscuit for my husband and I. When I arrived home I realized they made me the wrong sandwich. Probably because they were chatting instead of working, but who knows? I decided to try it...and I would have too, if I could bite thru the brick they call a biscuit. We threw the sandwiches away and ended up eating cereal.

Sean Pluemer

I ordered a breakfast burrito, it was good but nothing special. Same can be said about the building. It's a Carl's jr. Who do you expect?

Rita Pirkey

Was not happy with the service. Things missing from order. Was overcharged.

Wolf Pack Entertainment

Amazing food with a great staff

Jimmy Gonzales

Great place awesome hamburger several different burgers to chose from

Cory D

She all right

Beast Mode66

Star Burger nice and tasty

Cleve Prince

Had the el Diablo burger combo and got stuffed but it was good but pricey

mike koenig

Carl's Jr is great for low carb diets they offer a lettuce bun on the menu I just wish they had low carb sides

tammy rodman

I didnt get my meal tonight because the workers were talking i sat there a whole 30 mins and wasn't serve didnt pay for my order either the whole crew should be fired i wasnt the only person the left the drive thru

Bill Upton

Food is mediocre at best.

Dr. Chimichanga

This place has good food overall I just cant have some stuff due to religious reasons but, when I'm old enough to make my own religious decisions this will probably change


Everything here 8s good. Can't go wrong

Michelle Anderson

When you walk in, you get knocked over by the smell of sewage. Something is VERY wrong with the plumbing. I just wanted coffee. $6.47 to fill my thermos and 20oz cup. I WONT stop again!

dominique apodaca

The up front girl was rude and didnt let us dine in an hour before closing time. Customer service was terrible

Robert Torres

Burgers don't disappoint.

Christopher Costa

Great low-carb burger options!

Daryle Orr

Jalepeno poppers and chicken strips were fresh. Fish sandwitch was over cooked and left sitting so it tasted like a rubber chicken. Fries were old and luke warm. Chocolate chip cookie was hard from overcooked and old. I will never try the fish sandwitch again from my experience. It will be a long time and different location before I enter a Carl's Jr. again to dine.

Desire Scott

Tried their Bacon Truffle burger, absolutely delicious. I’ve never seen that where I live so I had to try it. You won’t be disappointed. Also the staff was very nice and helpful


Never actually visited honestly idk when i was close to one heres some memes

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