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REVIEWS OF California Pizza Kitchen at Albuquerque Uptown IN New Mexico

Caroline Barnett

The environment was nice, the hostess satis right away, however I had to go inside to ask where our server was because our server had not shown up after 25 minutes. When I found another server they said Hold on she's got a lot of tables. When she came out she apologized for the wait. From the time that we sat down to the time that we got served it was almost an hour. Our appetizer came minutes before our plates came . When the manager asked how things are going I explained to him the situation. He agreed that things should have gone differently however it was also making excuses. In the end of the server in the manager tried to make up for what had happened but after paying $90 for two mixed drinks four plates of food in an appetizer both my guess and I felt it was not worth it. The food was great and the manager did give us two free meals for the next visit. I would have rather that he would comped something because I wasn't interested necessarily and coming back after that. This was my first experience at California Kitchen

Rebecca Lemmon

CPKs aren't what they were a decade ago, but it seems they're better than 3 or 4 years ago, at least this one is pretty good. We especially like the BBQ chicken pizza and the Chicken Milanese. We also enjoyed their flavored lemonade and sangria. Definitely recommend the Mexican street corn as an app.

Vivian Valencia

Had an excellent meal today. In the past we've had some average meals. Today we split a Caesar salad, the half size which was plenty for two. We also ordered the margherita pizza with pepperoni on the hand tossed crust. It was perfectly cooked, in the past the crust tended to be a little too chewy and slightly burnt. Today it was great. Our waiter Alexander was the best waiter that we've had at this restaurant.


Clean place. Good gourmet pizza. Staff were friendly which is always a plus.

deborah salazar

Delish! Loved the pizza with cauliflower crust. I know, sounds weird by tastes wonderful. Had a caramel dessert that was oh so yummy!

Ettore Amato

Excellent service Real good food

Yahaira Romero

Best cauliflower crust ever!!! If you love gourmet pizza this is the place to go! They have an excellent menu to chose from, you’ll enjoy anything on this menu.

Gerry Dent

Was ok, with very good service. Stopped for lunch of pizza and salad combo. Neither was overly impressive but wasn't bad.

Jared Miller

Incredible food with amazing and friendly staff. The environment was relaxing and unique. We will defenitly be returning.

Monica Griego

We would go here more if it was affordable. The customer service was wonderful and the food was perfect. We loved it. We consider this pizza place as good as Saggios by Central and Cornell. Its made better fresh than sold in freezer aisle.

Jeff Moore

Excellent service but pizza was a little dry

Indea Sanchez

So many fresh and delicious menu items...definitely check it out!

Norma Jean Larson

Excellent food. Very attentive wait staff. And the desserts...OMG!

MollyMae Farley

Only redeeming part of this place is that the servers are great. Drop them in a restaurant with a real menu and they would make you enjoy the meal out.

Jacob Lanctot

The food was good the service excellent and it's only a couple bucks to get the pizzas made half and half for a party of two.

Amanda Wormington

We often order out from CPK and the food is always so good! Most of the time it is warm and ready to eat. We love the Thai Chicken Pizza, Southwestern Egg Rolls, and butter noodles for the kids.

Iona Mulcahey

I used to love this place, but tonight i went in again & I watched 3 other tables get seated & receive drinks before I asked someone if we had a server. We waited another 5-10 minutes, then I got up & took my purse & my mother’s purse to the car. Told the person I’d asked that I guessed we didn’t have a server, went back to the table to gather my blind stepfather & my mother who’s using a transport wheelchair, & walked out. While I was out the first time, someone finally came to the table. It was too late, I’d already waited about 30 minutes for a drink. The only difference this visit was that my mom is now using a wheelchair. I even went into the restaurant to be sure they had a table for us before bringing them in. The food has almost always been wonderful (aside from finding leaves of parsley in whipped cream a time or 3), but I have no desire to try to eat there again. Even the manager didn’t care when we left. Might be the worst customer service I’ve experienced in years.

Craig Lucero

It was a nice atmosphere, great pizza

Amy DeLong

Service is always really good. I never have to ask for refills. My drink is filled before I even notice it was empty. All the food I've ever had has been fantastic.

Katie Troxclair

Food is always good and the service is fabulous!

Rudy Aragon

Great environment, great food... delicious.

Tiffani G

I love their new pizza with cauliflower crust it is so good not what you would think it would be. The service was excellent this last time. It's always so nice and cool in there and you don't really have to wait too long to be seated or for your food. The only thing that didn't go as hoped was they were out of there strawberry Shortcake.

Kevin kamplain

Food always excellent. Service was superb.

Ali Ezzeddine

The wait staff is usually friendly. I usually have a great time when I dine in! The prices aren't bad either! There is this one girl (Corey, I think was her name?) who never ceases to give us an attitude when we try to pick up to-go orders. The manager is really friendly though!

Andy Sandovalemail

Loved it. The best....

Daniel Sullivan

Don't typically eat at chains but this one is great. Consistent food, service and atmosphere. Always quality.

Owlways Christine

So tried out CPK for this first time outside of California have to say food was good. Love the consistency. Missing California cuisine it was nice to have a fresh clean savory dinner. Our waitress was fine but as a whole the serving crew lacked urgency. This was the first CPK we visited that was like that. Usually CPK service is impeccable from management to runners... appears to me that the focus was more on carryout that actually dining room. Again food was great maybe we went in on an off night...I hope.

Ra Ro

Clean place with tables for couples families or groups. Bar area for drinking, getting drunk, or boozing it up. Some tvs are on while you eat in case you get bored of the person you're with. Food tasted good and has fresh spices so if you are sensitive to their kick be aware or beware. The waiters looked overworked as they seemed to have been trained to not stop moving to present a busy appearance because there were no lines but I still had to wait; not too long but just long enough where you feel like that person who is lost and maybe just doesn't know where to stand and maybe there is like a sign that says where I'm supposed to be- Then the waiter showed up and I was excited because I was about to say my order but he got there to answer the phone - Oh no is this some kind of phone area?? Am I lost? He didn't even make eye contact and I looked at him like a lost person who was hungry. Does no one see me? Am I invisible? No. That's not the case or else I couldn't grab all these menus and organize their desk/table/podium thing while I wait.. ... Hey the phone guy is back and finally asked my order which he politely patiently receives because I had a bunch of picky questions but thats another story. The End.

Barbara Chung

Dependably good food and service. Excellent fish tacos are my fav! But I don't recall ever eating a bad dish here--lots of good choices.

Camden Bair

The staff was really helpful to our family (our first visit). Despite our readers, the restaurant is really kid friendly with a recently priced kids menu. The server brought out pizza dough for all our kids to play with as we excited. We thought the adult entrees were a little overpriced, but very tasty.

Stephen Jaccobson

The food was great but the waitress was less than good. She was more worried about the TV and movies on the TV rather than picking up dirty plates, having to ask for more ice tea 2 times, forgot the mango the second order, and just gave very spotty service. Thankfully the manager came by to correct the dessert issue and actually was interested in what I had to say. He saved me as a repeat customer by his actions. Way to go!!!!!!!

R Dissassa

Service and food is always great

chris casias

I have been to this establishment three times now and the service is always great. The pizza (BBQ Chicken pizza) was great!! I wish there was a CPK closer to my location.

Claudina Guzman

Only giving it a star so people can see this. The food was horrible. One pizza was soggy, the others were hard. Hand tossed is extremely thin. Pasta had little to no flavor. Best thing about this place was the parmasean chese....


FANTASTIC HALIBUT DINNER. We happened to stumble upon this restaurant while getting gelato in the area. I saw halibut on the menu and immediately decided I have to "try it" since I hadn't had good halibut in 20 years! I was a little apprehensive at first because every place in Albuq. that I've tried had "not so good" halibut. The waitress was great and said they have a meal guarantee that if I don't like what I'm served, they will take it back and give me something else. So, I tried it, and I have to say it was positively outstanding!! Every bit of the meal was "way" worth the $25 price, from the halibut to the asparagus and creamy farro with butternut squash & baby kale. My oh my. I never dreamed I'd find the perfect halibut at a pizza restaurant, but nothing I've eaten anywhere in NM compares to theirs. It really left my mouth watering. Move over Texas Roadhouse! This place has taken number one on my list of favorite restaurants. :)

Misty Garrett

The tacos are really good!

Ali B

Had the pizza + salad deal. I got the original BBQ chicken pizza on cauliflower crust and the super spinach, quinoa salad. They both were delicious. The salad had green apples, spiced pecans and dried cranberries with a mustard vinaigrette. The flavors were great together.

Joshua Ashley

Great food, atmosphere and service.

Christina Snow

Our pizza was very dry and the crust tough. We had to get up several times and get our server for various things we needed. I'm from Dallas and the one there is always superb. This one , not so much. I live here now and was excited to see a Caifornia pizza kitchen here but very dissatisfied with our first visit.

Autumn Sokey

$16.00 FOR 4 slices of pizza- get the hell outta here!

Vernessa Altman

Awesome food and service with a smile

Gabriel Martinez

Unfortunately the food was subpar & service was poor... first bad experience.

Danielle Evans

Go see Alex k. BEST SERVER EVER!!!! he answered all our questions, super informative and gave GREAT suggestions!!! We had a great meal and an even better server!!! Thanks for a great night out!

Robert Hunt

Excellent pizza and service.

Imelda Sisneros

California Pizza Kitchen always has a variety in their menu. Good place to go if you aren't sure what you are in the mood for.

Nancy Jessa

Best cauliflower crust pizza ever. I am always looking for low carb alternatives. This was my first visit and won't be my last. The food and service is the best.

Lincoln Byrd

Not exactly sure what the place is. They serve everything from pizzas to oriental food but it was very tasty. I had the Kung Pao Noodles which were fantastic and spicy and the pizza dish was really delicious.

Charley Romero

food was terrible

Matt Montaño

Very delicious pizza options and great service! The works is where it's at!

Robin Fullam

Food is always great, I was a little taken back how many times the waitress asked if I was drinking diet Coke when I said it was Dr. Pepper, haha. But, overall a good experience.

Christopher Hines

Good food. Decent atmosphere.

Steve Casey

Excellent service on a busy Sunday afternoon. Food was very good and the people were very friendly and helpful. Best CPK we've ever been to.

flora nicasio

The service was great the food was dilicious and the armosphere is very inviting.

J Woo

Delicious! Nice thin crust pizza with a variety of flavorful toppings. Besides pizza, the menu has Italian pasta dishes as well as salads. The appetizers have an Asian flair to them. Service is fast and the staff is friendly and attentive.

umut koray

Great taste great hospitality. Best vibe in town so far.

Mandie Gonzales

I absolutely DESPISE that I am having to write a poor review about, what used to be, one of my FAVORITE places. There is a breakdown somewhere in the process from customer in to customer out all of a sudden. Usually everything is so smooth. Tonight, I was seated outside (beautiful weather and patio) where my server was not told about us by the host until we had been there for over 20 minutes as the host sat on his phone at the podium. No water, plates, silverware, bread, NOTHING. Our food took over 30 minutes to which our appetizer came with the food. The server only ever took our order, the rest was done by allllll kinds of other staff. Pieces of the meal were missing, everyone was so confused as to who was in charge of what. The waitress then tells us 5 minutes into eating "I have a 12 top so here is your check, let me know when you're ready." Talk about BEING RUSHED OUT after over 45 minutes of waiting games. Front of house manager decides to step in as I'm sure the server explained our situation (not allll her fault but much fault across the board) and handed us a kids "meal card" for our next visit. Nobody asked about CPK rewards. I grubhub at least three times a month from here. Been a constant customer over 4 years. Never been so disappointed in the chaos I saw. I'll stick to paying delivery fees over a tip.

Sandra Chavez

Price vs the product delivered to the table not appropriate. The service was exceeding slow. They have increased their prices and decreased the ingredients. I will not return.

Penny Baumann

Yummy cauli pizza and fresca' ices!!

Conrad Ruybal

Great food and service.

Luke Disko

Bbq chicken pizza for life!

Lindsy Campbell

We were having a business meeting and server kept interrupting. Great place though.

Chris Hernandez

Great place for nontraditional pizzas,salads,pastas and appetizers! Location is perfect in the heart of uptown,easy access for lunch,after work drinks or a casual dinner! The avocado egg rolls are a must and the Jamaican jerk chicken pizza is amazing!!!

Abigail Wignarajah

Lots of choices, allergy-friendly

Walter Zimbabwe

Parking in this shopping area is an issue on occasion, but that doesn't negatively affect our view of this restaurant. We were sitted promptly despite the restaurant being busy. there's plenty of room for strollers and wheelchairs between tables. The restaurant was clean and everyone from the hostess to the waiter was kind and attentive. Often a good sign of a restaurant is when a manager greets your table, as was the case with this restaurant. The food was excellent. The food was hot and cooked to order. The waiter was attentive and professional. I really can't think of anything negative to say about our experience.

Ellen Santistevan

Huge portions, friendly attentive service, quite decent food. You can order off the menu and they are very accommodating.


Great atmosphere. Great food. Great service.

Matthew Cordonero

Came here with my wife, auntie and uncle. The food was excellent. It came out fast, and our server was very attentive, kind, and professional. We ordered fried chilies, salad, and pizza. Everything was way above what I would consider standard for a franchised-chain restaurant/business. Better than expected!

mad zax

Great place for specialty pizza and salads. Always consistent , clean and pleasant atmosphere. Go there regularly for the Oriental chicken salad or the Waldorf. Big portions. Awesome service and pricing is fair. This is another place where the parking can be a challenge during the busy hours. This chain is consistent , the sign of a we'll run regional chain.

Sam Lamb

Waited too long for our food. Some if it was cold. Wait staff was too slow and couldn't be bothered to check on us

Carl J Carlin

Located in one of Albuquerque's nicest shopping districts, California Pizza Kitchen is a wonderful place to enjoy a tasty pizza and a cold beverage of your choice. The waitstaff is friendly, professional and responsive. The decor is beautifully contemporary and comfortable. Prices are moderate, but the high quality menu and great table service makes the prices feel like a bargain. Take a break from your shopping and get a table! One of Albuquerque's bright spots!

Sean Healy

We went Saturday evening around 5:30pm for dinner. There was no wait when we arrived and were able to sit outside. Food was good and arrived within a reasonable timeframe. Our server made sure we were good but didn't over stay her welcome. We'll go again.

Amanda Llerena

Great place, I loved the carne asada pizza, I recommend it.

Dom J.

Ordered ahead and got there and surprisingly had to wait another 10-15 min for a new pizza. Ive had California Pizza Kitchens in other cities this is by far the least organized I’ve seen. The manager was somewhat accommodating but not to the fact that the pizza was not done considering i ordered this over thirty minutes! Before getting there. On top of that the pizza was cooked unprofessionally and half the pizza was missing cheese just sauce and pepperoni. Try a local spot if your in Albuquerque this was a total waste of time

Vito Monteleon

Always a fine break with great atmosphere and good service. We often split a pizza made 1/2 her veggie style and 1/2 my meatie style. CPK's diverse menu also includes fine sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, and desserts.

Nickiel Patel

I usually like this place but the last 2 times have not been so great. The food is usually perfect, but again I might have come during bad times. It was not busy, but the service was super slow. We placed our order and 10 minutes later a manager comes to tell us they are out of jerk chicken we had ordered, we ordered another pizza and asked for thin crust and it came out wrong. The server said it would be about 20 minutes to remake. Super odd, I love the food. So I will come back. Hopefully third time is the charm.

Mary Reinhardt

I have enjoyed the great variety of tasty meals inside this restaurant. In addition, my elderly father and I enjoy ordering take out and waiting for it to be delivered to us at curbside pick up. We have not been disappointed at this CPK and we enjoy it very much!

Wesley Morrow

Clean environment and great social atmosphere. Food is fresh and steaming hot. Always a good selection of drinks. A little pricey but overall good.

Yard Yeti

The staff was amazing and I liked the food so much that I visited a second time during my trip to Albuquerque. Try having them drizzle honey on the crust of the pizza right when it comes out of the oven. Don't tell anyone else though, it's my secret to amazing pizza!

Marissa Sanchez

The service is always great. The servers are friendly and super attentive. I always enjoy whatever entree I get. I wish more places were like CPK.

Brandon Kennard

The food was great! I had the spicy chorizo pizza and it was delicious (although not really spicy). The server Leo was one of the best servers I've ever had. He was polite, fun and engaging, helpful, and all around just really nice! Props to Leo for being awesome, and thanks for the fantastic food!

Justin Martinez

great pizza, they offer gluten free pizzas they are decent, little pricey but overall the taste is worth the price.

Zach Cruz

Amazing food and theres much much more then just pizza which, by the way, is also great! They have a good selection of beer and lighter side selections on the menu!!

Cherie Richards

For some reason, spells my name wrong on online carryout

Emily Mayoral

It’s a complete SHAME that they discontinued the mushroom strozapretti pasta. It was by far the most phenomenal dish they offered. I would literally order it multiple times a week & am DEEPLY saddened & disappointed it’s no longer an option. Spinach & artichoke dip, pizza, chicken tequila pasta, & strawberry mango cooler are amazing.

Kafilat Emmanuel

The food here is always good. They messed up my kids' pizza order but the remade it without any fuss. However, it took a long time for the food to come out and it wasn't very busy at the time.

Dr. Paul C. Sandoval

Horrible experience. Ordered a steak salad. I received a salad w steak, but not the salad described in the menu. The manager offered to bring the correct ingredients to to add to my salad. He provided complimentary dessert cards for the next visit. They would not accept a 1988 $100.00 bill because it did not have the black security strip. He didnt realize the security strip was available on the 1988 series bills.

Naga Appani

Unpredictably awesome! Ordered BBQ Chicken thin crust with buffalo and spicy marinara sauces, and pineapples, yummilicious!!

Mark Romancito

Good food, great selection, good service.

Alexa Cameron

Food was great quality, fresh herbs, lower carb options, we were left alone most of the meal but that works for me. The Buffalo cauliflower is definitely worth a try

Virginia Trujillo

Very convenient location to grab a bite during shopping excursion at an amazing outdoor mall!

Milly Gang

Good food & friendly service. My first time eating here, they were super packed bc it was one high school's prom night. They still made the effort to come give me a free appetizer & ask me how I was liking the restaurant. I was impressed

Laura Ulibarri

Great drinks. Excellent Moscow mule and local beer. Good pasta and salads. Great service.

Nick Non-ya

$12.00 for a tiny pizza. An extra $2.25 because they put 5 pepperoni's on it, Plus an additional $1.50 because they sprinkled literally a dozen olive slices on it. $12.50 for a HALF Cesar salad, also tiny, with a bit of chicken. The taste was maybe ok. The price for the amount of food was terrible and obnoxious. If you care about value for your money at all, go somewhere else... oh and they got my order wrong. I asked for olives on the side, they put it on the pizza.

Mark Grinevich

Great food, polite employees, fast service, clean. Reccomend visiting at least once..

S Aragon

They have a wonderful selection of gourmet pizza!! They of course have the classics as an option but are always putting new and delicious options on the menu. My favorite by far is the BBQ chicken but last time I did try the New Sriracha it was very spicy though so be prepared for that if you dare to try it!!

CrzyKtLdy63 Payne

Didn't realize this place was here but of course I'm seldom in uptown. We had appointments in uptown and nearby so for lunch we decided to just stop in at CPK instead of driving to some place else. The manager was out front & chatted with us a bit to see if he could suggest something we would really like. Indeed he did. We had a lovely lunch and even tried a few of the appetizers. Really nice place, busy for the lunch rush but that is to be expected for where it is. Still not so busy that they couldn't get us right in & served almost immediately. I'm not in uptown often but I think I'd make a stop here again just for this lunch break! Thank you for the extraordinary service. It was greatly appreciated.

D. Michael Korach

Service was good.. food temperature was Fair. Tortilla soup was amazing!

Frederick Kloer

Surprisingly diverse menu with many delicious dishes. Friendly servers and a comfortable dining room make a meal quite enjoyable.

Mike D

Normally pretty good however, this time the pizza was overcooked.

Hiwot Araya

Do not place order using Grubhub. The drivers suck. The supervisors do not help with any issues except tell you they can’t come to the phone. I’m so disappointed California Kitchen is not on Uber eat, or use more professional apps!!!

Bees honey

EVERYTHING was amazing! I was exceptionally impressed when the manager Dev, visited our table to introduce himself and welcome us- it’s our first time in. The food was fresh and spectacular. Just what two friends needed after an exhausting day. This is my new to go spot! Update: I decided to bring the kids for some family fun and BOY was it a great idea. The manager gave them “kids dough” to calm them down. Fell in love again.

Stefanie Turrietta

Excellent! We were a first time couple going for lunch. The manager was so welcoming, the staff was so friendly and the food!! Yummy the Sicilian pizza to die for! Will be returning

Christopher Ruiz

Always a good experience here at California Pizza Kitchen! Great food and great hospitality! I love it!

Lee Black

Some menu items better than others. Service was great. The prices are reasonable.

Melinda Nidel

Excellent food and service. Bbq chicken pizza was perfect!

Laura Castille

Nice spot for a quick lunch. Excellent service.

Mekela Chavez

Incredibly overpriced. 9 in pizza for $12 plus like $2 a topping. Ridiculous. Also charged $12.5 for a Cesar salad ( literally the size of a side salad at any normal restaurant) with a bit of chicken. The prices are just not worth it in the slightest.

Brenda Crisafulli

On first visit the manager came out and greeted us and gave us a card and invited us in. He also served us our appetizer, and I can appreciate that because it usually means that he's not above serving his customers and that the staff is treated well. But more about the food... Pizza is good and filling. They also have a great lunch special with pizza and a salad.

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