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2101 Vista Oeste NW Building 2, Albuquerque, NM 87120

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REVIEWS OF Bonchon - Albuquerque Westside IN New Mexico

Sarah Banh

Waited 45 minutes for food to arrive. Food was good but not worth the wait. Delay was due to the kitchen staff, front of house staff was prompt and courteous.

De Ma

Food was great staff was great.

Sandy Archuleta

Delicious! If it says spicy it's SPICY! Great service.

M. Golden

Nice place for a Korean style meal. I've eaten here 2 times and highly recommend.

dreking 638

Randolph Smith

Very good

Regina Perez

Chairs are very uncomfortable.. steamed rice was crunchy.. I would not recommend

Steve Patyk

Firstly, I have eaten at several BonChons on the east coast. DMV represent. The location is clean modern and spacious. Ordered both spicy and soy garlic chicken, and the pork sliders. The food tastes exactly as it should. The soy garlic was crispy and crunchy, the spicy was just right. There are no Korean restaurants in abq which is a shame. This spot is a perfect example of what abq needs. Its fresh and different. Cant wait to go back. Give it a try!

Nick Quintana

The hot and spicy will rock you

D Alexander


Dale Lackey

Good value. Good food


Have gotten to-go here twice. Food is really flavorful Bulgogi is tender and tastes great. Definitely not "cheap" eats. But I feel fairly priced for what you get. The spicy hot wings have some fire to them. Haven't got to try the other 2 flavors yet. Cant wait to try the house fried rice!! The physical location is a little small, and looks to have a nice little bar area that serves beer.

Lucille Sanchez

This was our first time there and we really enjoyed the wings and the Sever she was Amazing She took good care of us...She got a big tip from us...We will be back to try other selection of food...

Ian Montaño

Don't order from Grubhub or any online service. Have tried ordering twice from this location, both times the order was 30+ minutes late, once the order was totally incorrect. Not worth 1.5 hours of waiting.

jose martinez

great food!! staff kinda ify server spilled drink on my wife n didnt even pay for her drink great food with poor service enough to never go back

David Trujillo

Hey if you're willing to spend 8 bucks on 7 pieces of fried zucchini go for it...they won't be my neighborhood favorite.

David Nyberg

I arrived at Bonchon at 10:15 on a Friday night (3/15/2019) for the first time. When I walked in the gentleman at the front of the restaurant said, "I'm sorry, we are closed because it is dead tonight." The restaurant is scheduled to be open until 11:00 PM. I simply replied, "I will never return to your restaurant again!" I have lived on the west side of Albuquerque for the past 31 years and this is another pathetic excuse for a new business. Every time I talk to my neighbors and friends about where to eat I will certainly share this story. My wife, who is Asian, has already expressed the same feelings as mine after hearing my story. Can you give a rating of "ZERO!?"


Wonderful but the seating is strange.

Adan Salinas

Stay away from the spicy chicken! It is super hot!

John DeLeon

Tried for the 1st time last night. Chicken wings were really tasty and the fried rice was very good. My only complaint are the chairs. They have to be the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever sat on. My wife's hair was caught in the chair and a chunk of her hair was left on the chair. When I mentioned this to the manager, all he could say was "he was trying". Not sure what that meant but if I do decide to eat there again, I won't be sitting on those chairs.

steven young

Fantastic food fantastic staff alittle slow on delivery of food but great time

Jeremy Wolfe

This is awesome stuff. Service is good and place is clean. Food is great.

Karen Luna

We stopped here after walking around the Petroglyphs. We enjoyed everything we ordered. I got the Bull Dam which was extremely spicy, but i couldn't stop eating. I paired it with the pickled radish to soothe the burning pain. My husband and daughter shared the Takoyaki, shrimp Shumai (?) and seasoned fries. The bill totaled roughly $50 with tip.

Sasha Allison

John english

The white rice was missing from the order. This is the third time the order was messed up. I had Contacted the restaurant. Explained my issue to an employee. She dumped the phone to a manager “Katie”, with out explaining my issue. I started all over again. Katie said they would remake my order and get Grubhub to deliver it as soon as possible (The first order took 30 mins). After 45 mins, I contacted the restaurant again. Asked an employee about my order, they dumped the phone to Katie, again without any explanation. Katie said a Grubhub driver was on the way to pick up the order. $35 for (2) items and they screwed it up. It took 1.5 hrs to get the correct order. Grubhub would not refund delivery fee or tip.

Luis Allday

Don't waste your time or money... i was sooo excited to eat here and was very disappointed. This place is mediocre at best, ive been waiting awhile for this place to open up. So me and my family went today and got cold miso soup the rice was dry/old and the boneless wings were just ok. We will not be going back any time soon if at all. So if your Looking for a great spot to eat skip this one.

Yancy Montoya

We went there on Saturday night. The food was good . I would have given it 4 stars, but the seats were very uncomfortable.

moises macias

Wings were very good! Nice n spicy!! Will be going back for them again.

Nicholas Knecht

Went to try their fried chicken after a bunch of coworkers talking about this place. Holy smokes it was amazing! The best crunch I've had, and the soy garlic is just to die for.

Kritika Subedi

After having dinner here, me and my husband both had really bad tummy ache! The price for the food was higher than the quality we received. Even though we live 3 minutes away, we will not be coming back again. Our server was super nice, helpful and very sweet!

amber dodson

Tyler Berglund

The food is amazing tacos are super good the staff is very friendly!!

Sam D

Great wings. Be careful of the spicy, it has some kick. Definitely try with the pickled radishes. So good! Pot stickers are nice and somehow crunchy. The seasoned fries are outstandingly crispy and very flavorful. Definitely going again.

jon devieon

Had no idea that were in such a rush to close an hour before it was time, waitress was short tired or just plain mad trying to clean and wait at the same time. Food was not good, the bimbimbap was cold and the wings were all gristle, also ordered pot stickers that were spiciery than the spicy wings for some reason. All this and one beer was $40, should have gone to growlers.


I have dreamed of eating Korean fried chicken for years. Was definitely impressed. The spicy was actually spicy and garlic soy was delicious. Pickled raddish on the side added for a perfect cool down for the spice.

Ur Boy

The flavor of the food was pretty good. The rice was overly cooked. The rice was mushy. If I didn't know it was rice, I would've thought it was something else. Two bites, and then I asked for the check.

Allison Davis

So much good food to choose from! We'll have to go back again with a larger crowd to share more great tastes. Comfy, pretty place, plenty of parking, convenient location Great service!

Ayla Hughes

Inconsistent! I’ve been a regular customer since they’ve opened and not only do their hours seem to vary by convenience, so does their menu and accommodations. I will not be coming back. Too far of a drive for inconsistency/price.

Ryann Ellis

Food was good but when I asked about flavored alcohol our waitress said there was none. I was looking at it in the fridge and pointed it out to her. Just a little product knowledge is needed.

Anthony R. Jones

It's ok, needs to train waitress, not enough meat, ratio way off for price. Probably won't be returning.

Jeena Lee

Love the spicy wings

Alexx Gallegos

Really...Really good. Reasonable prices, good service. Spicy chicken tacos were super spicy but really good. Great something different place


I really think this is one of Albuquerque's best spots. Very good food and awesome bar.

Joseph Wiltgen Wiltgen

We will be back again.

mikey superfly

Good food, will be going again.

Dino Jiron

The food and the service were good but we waited a long time for our food and appetizer. That is why I gave it three stars. I believe with more help in the kitchen they could be a 5-star place to eat.

John English

The white rice was missing from the order. This is the third time the order was messed up. I had Contacted the restaurant. Explained my issue to an employee. She dumped the phone to a manager “Katie”, with out explaining my issue. I started all over again. Katie said they would remake my order and get Grubhub to deliver it as soon as possible (The first order took 30 mins). After 45 mins, I contacted the restaurant again. Asked an employee about my order, they dumped the phone to Katie, again without any explanation. Katie said a Grubhub driver was on the way to pick up the order. Never did receive my order. $ 35 down the toilet. Call the restaurant and talked to some guy claiming to be the owner. He said to talk to Grubhub about a refund. I told him to F*** off.

Erica Martinez

My new favorite place. We have enjoyed every item we have ordered. We have been 4 times now since opening. Service is great. We've tried the bon chon wrap with crispy chicken, popcorn shrimp, zucchini fries, seasoned fries, soy garlic wings, sweet crunch, and spicy wings, chicken fried rice. All very good!

Dylan S

The food was mediocre especially considering how pricey it was. Over 60 dollars for some wings and a bowl of rice and meat with two beverages.

Jonelle Mescal

Amazing food, the service and friendliness of the staff. Looking forward to visiting this establishment again.

Kathryn Hicks


Honestly, not even close to what I had in Korea. But at least Im glad i could find something korean chicken place If I really really want to go. I drove an hour and half to try chicken from where i live. But i felt disappointed. In Korea if you ask for a little bit of sauce to dip in, they will give you for free or charge you 50cent. I asked for it because the meat and outside parts are playing separately. But anyway I asked for a sauce I told them I will pay for it for dipping, but they said they can’t coz it’s a top secret.. lol.. Don’t be cheap, your costumers are not stealer.. i can get better sauce from internet for cheap or anyone can make it. No body wouldn’t steal your business from asking a little bit of sauce for dipping... And last time i visited was a month ago it wasn’t really hot weather.. inside of the restaurant was bit chilly I felt great. But later when food comes I realized It blows on the top of the foods, my foods got cold real fast i know outside is hot but you guys can prove to change to hot plates or change the AC systems just not straight to tables... thank you for reading.. Hope you hearing me soon.. And I’m truly glad for your business.

milton gustin

So delicious. We had the fried chicken. So Good. Service was excellent!!

Robert Gutierrez

Love the food but the order wasn't taken right.

Chris Peach

I'll start by saying I like the food here, it's definitely good. I went when they were just opening so they might have tightened up since then but I'll just say the service was extremely slow to no fault of our waiter, it seemed like he was serving half the restaurant which is fairly small but was extremely busy. Really good food, could work on staffing more wisely I believe. Not cheap either, their menu is a la carta style which I'm not particularly fond of.

Aubre Chosa

First timer here and th wings were delicious, had a bit of a spice to them. Good food.

Darrell Banward

The place wasn't comfy to me. It was pretty small and the chairs were hard and uncomfortable. The server wasn't very attentive. The bulgogi was very good though.

Toya Haskins

I’m hooked on Lorien fried chicken, it was crispy and juicy with great flavor! It’s a little pricey but so worth it.

Kyle Gassel

As good as California locations, love the chicken. Just wish they had tteokbokki like other locations and more interesting sides that weren't deep fried.

Eric Krieger

Excellent food at great prices.

Freddie B Isreal

Prices could be a little cheaper and not much in the way of substitutions on your meal. Food was tasty though. My beef was a little over cooked in my fried rice. The chicken is well done. Nice crispy skin but not too greasy and the soy garlic was good. I also had a sweet crunch drumstick and that was good as well but soy garlic was a little bit better in my opinion. Service was a1 although it was only one other couple there so the place wasn't exactly packed and spread thin. This place reminds me if Panda Express was a sit down restaurant.

Daryn Young

Great service and great food!!!!!!!!!

steve cell

Japchae & spicy chicken. Tasty! Nice mountain view from outside tables.

Becca Moore

Pricey but delicious!

Wesley Pilgrim

Really good food. A little pricey for the portion size.

Matt Luce

Acceptable Asian fusion cuisine with a light Korean focus in a new, modern building. I had bulgogi with a side of kimchi. It was tasty but not exceptional. The passion fruit mochi ice cream is really good. The chairs are misery to sit in, so sit on the benches if you can.

James Bevill


Sandip Patel

First visit here. Stopped in to get an order to go after having a few beverages next door at Growlers USA. Food was great. DAVID the manager was awesome. Very knowledgeable and great conversationalist. Offered to take our food to us next door for us but we decided to come and wait. Kids loved the food when we got home and want to go again. We got the Chicken wings Spicy, Fried Rice(level 5 heat) was HOT, and tasty, and ordered the Bull Dak. Unique dish with a kick and amazing flavor. Nice and fresh food, great family atmosphere, local brew and some nice wine if thats your thing. Glad it's there.

Raphaël Daniel

The place is really nice, the food is delicious and the service is awesome. My only one complaint is that the chairs aren’t too comfortable.

Alexis Farah

This place was so horrible don’t waste your money or your time! The worst costumer service ever! Horrible food!!!!

Misty Montgomery

Amazing food amazing staff oh wow

Dan Yeam

Great food and staff. Not legit Korean food, but that doesn't mean it isn't awesome food.

Vanessa Holiday

Worst service ever. They serve everyone else but us. Will never eat there again. Over cooked the edamame. One star is a blessing.

Sara M

They have great chicken and the tteokbokki was nice and spicy.

Mat Richmond

Firepro 505

Great place and friendly

Laura Gomez

Evangeline Telles

It's a hidden treasure

davy Smith

Excellent! Wait staff were very nice. Food was excellent! We ordered the BULL DAK, BULGOGI and Sliders. We were given 3 plates to share and it was awesome. Also got the mochi ice cream but forgot to take picture. Really good place! Be patient as its cooked to order so wait time took about 15 min. However the food comes out fresh and sizzles! Also the Bull Dak like most Korean dishes have lots of onions, so if you don't like them make sure to tell them.

Lori Sandoval

Food was delicious & spicy, as promised.

Ernest Pierce

Ill be honest, not great but looks amazing. Not worth the price the kimchi is so so I was expecting a better quality in house made product. The one saving grace is the pork belly sliders. Other than that I'd pass. There is defiantly room for improvement, im not positive but it seamed as most of the sauces were filled with corn syrup.

Jeremy Cintron

Was good, not what I expected

David McCreary

Great Korean Chicken!!!

Jackie Mixon-Johnson

Good food!!

Roberta Parker

Awesome food!

Mario Garay

Have only gotten to-go. Food is awesome. Bulgogi has a good taste and very tender. The spicy wings have some heat, but good taste. Haven't got to try other flavors yet. I feel it's fairly priced. Physical location is a little small, but seems comfortable. Has a nice little bar area that serves beer.

Jeff Santistevan

MariaElena Martinez

Very disappointing. My husband and I were really hungry and we were excited to try something new. The wings were really good along with the pickled radish. Our fried zucchini was way over cooked and hard to eat but I’m sure when it’s cooked right, it’s good. When they brought it to us, I could tell that the almost black zucchini was over cooked. We should have turned around when we didn’t see anyone eating here. We ordered something else, didn’t really know what it was and didn’t like it but that was our fault.

Thomas McDonald

Chicken wings have a fried chicken crunch but still light. Spicy is seriously spicy

Gaby Galaviz

Sam Romo

The service was excellent, the food was incredible, and the prices were fantastic. The restaurant was very small but not crowded the only problem I saw was the floor was filthy. I would go back and eat but I hope they clean their floor several times a day.

John Sanchez

Pretty awesome spot. The plates are huge and taste amazing. I was a little worried looking at the pics on the menu that the food would not fill me up. Boy was I wrong! I am stuffed and still have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. The staff was awesome! Great experience! The only thing better than the food was my date

Taryn Strickland

Jay Alanunay

Pretty good service. Food doesn't taste as good as other bonchon we've visited though.

Lori Workizer

Great chicken! Service was excellent too. Generous portions... I love leftovers!

Michael Schupbach

Really good food! Worth the drive.

Brian Lirah

I'm totally addicted to the food here!

Jeff Dahl

Hard to find from the road but worth it. Excellent fried chicken!

Jude Arguelles

Food was better than expected. Great visual menu with lots to pick from. Pork belly buns were my favorite.

Sheryl Howarth

Catroast DuJour

The food was excellent and tasty and my noodle dish was filling. The servers did a great job and the manager went around making sure everyone was happy.

ryan nguyen

Michelle Montez

Maria Silos MariaS

John Bordy

The pork buns were disappointing; the pork belly was overcooked and had too many parts that were chewy (like jerky). The katsu sauce on the pork buns seemed misplaced. The actual buns were cold, colder than room temperature. This could have been due to the coleslaw, but nonetheless, cold buns aren't pleasant. Speaking of the coleslaw, that doesn't really work on these either. I would never order these again. The sliders were slightly better, but not great.

derp channel

Food took forever

Vivian Taylor


Chinecherem Ndubisi

David Lam

Great food and service. Probably my favorite chicken wings in Abq. Definitely adding to my list of go to places.

Jeremy McPherson

Clean, attentive staff, bulgogi is a spin off from phillepino food but wasn't bad, tender meat, the kimchee was good. Will try again in the future.

Joe Jaramillo

Sheri Roark

Really good food. Friendly service

synore wood

My sons took me there today for Mother's Day. They were so excited because they said they love Bonchon in the Philippines. I love takoyaki and they have it and it was wonderful!


Slow and forgets things in orders

Stella Naranjo

Interesting! The food was good, as was the service.

Joshua Fox

Jason Ortiz

It was my first time eating here. I asked the host what was really good. She said the tacos. I paid $18 got my food and drove home. There was nearly no meat just a a tortilla and a bunch of nasty coleslaw. What a waste of money. NEVER AGAIN!

cjthegodking 24

Amazing food experience and great service

Paige Miyuki

I've only eaten here once (carryout) and really liked it compared to most fast food Asian restaurants. Great food! My parents are from Hawaii, and they like to order all the time. 10/10 (...just kidding, 5/5) would recommend.

Michael Montoya

Disappointed, way different from the BonChon we frequent when we stay in Maryland. Ordered boneless wings and they seemed like 90% breading and very very dry. Will give it another shot, but will order the bone-in wings next time. On a positive note, the kimchee cole slaw was delicious, if you like kimchee.

Joseph Chavez

Awesome food. But just advice...the spicy wings are just what they say they are. They are hot. Haha Tasty though!!!


Mary Chavez

Food was excellent,service was great

Miel Rim

We ordered the 3 wing sampler (8 of 3 flavors). First of all, the service was fine. The wait staff was kind and prompt. Apparently the sampler does not come with the picked radish but when I asked about it the server was able to bring me some without charging. The store was clean and not too busy Now, we only had wings so I am reviewing solely on the wings (bone-in). I have been to quite a few Bonchons across the country and this one does not match up in their taste. The batter is supposed to be chewy and crunchy but this store's was just crunchy (maybe too crunchy). Inside the wings - The drummetts were fine but the winglets were super dry and over cooked. The biggest problem for me was the sauce. I have no idea what kind of flavor this new sweet sauce is supposed to be. It was just sweet. The soy and garlic was salty. The spicy was probably the best of the three in terms of balance. Most Bonchons I have eaten the sauce was well "soaked" into the batter. This one seemed like the sauce was tossed or drizzled. Many parts of the wing was not covered with sauce. I wouldn't say my experience was bad but the wings were definitely not up to par to other Bonchons I have been to.

Makay Moses

Stan Alexander

If you are looking for excellent Korean food in Albuquerque, look no further! While they specialize in the chicken, the other items on the menu are equally good.

Ric Martinelli

Brandon Torrez

Medium wing and drumstick combo was amazing! Great friendly staff.

Kelly Gutierrez

Amazing food, great flavor and good customer service

Christina S.

Great food and exceptional service! A few tips: instead of eating one item, I recommend ordering a few small ones and sharing all the items with everyone. Also beware of the spicy chicken: it might knock you off your butt! Katsu and soy garlic chicken are the best items in my opinion. Be sure to try all they have to offer!

2ds Castillo

Awesome place to eat at! Come for drink eat some Korean food! Nice veiws of the city!

Jennifer Moore

Glenda Sanchez

The wait staff are friendly and there is a delicious selection on the menu. Its definitely on the spicy side for most of the items. They do have a large selection of beer and wine as well as some sparkling sodas. The place is very clean and has great decor! I want impressed with the bar stools at the bar as they were somewhat uncomfortable for the duration of the meal. Still enjoyed the experience.

claudia paige

The food was really good. Just a tad uncomfortable with the fact that every single person working there was extremely caucasian


I've had Bonchon both in New York and Korea. Bonchon takese back to 34th St in New York,eating with my friends and family. My favorite is the soy garlic and it does taste the same although one of my qualms is that the wings aren't as crunchy as the ones in New York and Korea. Besides that every thing was good. We came on a Monday afternoon so it wasn't too busy. The manager and the server we're both nice and accommodating. The service was pretty fast. I do have a side of gochujang red paste to put on my white rice to give it a bit of a kick. I wasn't really a big fan of the zucchini fries. I miss the Bonchon that I have in NYC and I'm happy that there is a chain here that I can go to.

josh pacheco

Good food special beers are cool.

Shelley Shelle

The spicy wings are crispy and SO good. Definitely a reg now (Bone-in wings are my fav)

hellobtche btche

Nice and clean. Nothing to write home about and the food isn't very inviting to me. The seats we not comfortable, if the intention is to get people to leave fast those chairs will do it.

Nicole Baker

So we went in looking for great Korean food. The place was smaller than expected and the service was severely lacking. They had one server for a nearl full restaurant and bar area. Our server Jessy did her very best but it took probably 15 minutes before we even ordered drinks. Next we ordered an appetizer and a few sides for our child, they didn't come out until all of the other food did, which was about 30 minutes after we ordered it. Thankfully the food was OUTSTANDING! We will give them another try and I hope it is better staffed and the service better than this time.

Bryan Archuleta

Delicious food. But expect a wait. I had the pork buns and spicy wings, delicous. I will visit again. Spicy is spicy. Be warned.

Lucianne Deutsawe

Paul Acosta

We went in a few nights ago for the 1st time. Food tastes great. We didnt know anything about the place. We took our time looking at the menu. Ordered some wings, pot stickers, tacos and fries. Simple order. After ordering we sat waiting for 28 minutes before any food came out. We got the tacos first, minutes later, the fries and pot stickers, about five minutes later I see a server come from another table with our wing and it was missing one drumstick. Server said it would be right out. I had to ask where my drumstick was and we finally recieved my drumstick when we were done eating almost a half hour later. The server forgot to put our order in. Our food came out in 3 different trips, we wanted to eat together as do most couples who go to eat out. Our order was not complete. She forgot drink refills, the rest of our chicken, and she also forgot to bring us our check. I am a server myself and I have to say very poor service.

Roz Mint

I tried this place for the first time in Houston Texas last summer. The serving size here is not as big as it was in Houston but still very good. The garlice soy chicken is very good the spicy is very spice I like hot food so for me it was great. The fried zucchini and fries are good, really everything I have tried has been very good. I'm very happy that this place finally opened in NM and I really hope they last out here. The only complaint I have is our server was really quiet and did not check on us to much. The place was not packed at all and we were a big party willing to leave a big tip but service was not up to par.

Thomas Newkirk

Biggest chicken legs I've ever had, love the sauces, will go back again.

Jose Counts

Bulgogi is great! Always enjoy

Janet Taylor

Food is delicious

The girl Who don't give up

Very delicious, we'll be back.

Faith L.

Very good experience! Natasha was friendly and prompt during our visit. I ordered the bibimbap with bulgogi and it was so flavorful I didn't need to sauce packet! The portion was great for the price! We will be coming back for sure! Seats did suck, nice looking seats but not inviting for any decent length of time at the restaurant.

Harold Hardinge

Omar R


So good! Unique chicken experience.

Emma Casey

Excellent service! Food outstanding! Korean BBQ tacos very generous portion, Japapoe, also very tasty. Can't wait to go back and try other Korean food options on menu. Only downside; a bit out of the way. Need location in NE heights

Jarvis Barnes

Chicken is great and flavorful!

Lauresa Rice

If you're going to eat here, get takeout. The building feels cramped and the seating is extremely uncomfortable. The food was decent; nothing to write home about. It's nothing compared to authentic Korean. I ordered the Bull Dak; a spicy chicken dish. The meat was tender and the heat is about on par with the medium sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings. We spent about $40 for two people and I was still hungry when I got home. I've been waiting for this to open a while. I'm pretty disappointed overall.

Matthew Baca

One of the few places I can actually say I loved it, the food was cooked to perfection and didn't take long at all to arrive to our table. One of the few different ethnic restaurants that isn't Chinese, Mexican, or New Mexican in Albuquerque. Prices are a little high but they are worth every penny.

Kalenah Moore

Delicious food and amazing service! We got boneless wings, normal wings, seasoned zucchini and seasoned fries. All of it was very delicious. If you like your wings crunchy, I definitely would recommend sticking to the bone in wings, as the boneless were far less crunchy. The seasoning on the fries and the zucchini was very good! Their soy sauce is interesting, and very delicious. The Sriracha mayo mix was probably our favorite to dip in. Pricey, but very delicious.

angelique Flores

Ludivina Jones

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