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3405 W Historic Hwy 66, Gallup, NM 87301, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bombay Restaurant and Buffet Truck Stop IN New Mexico


If you want Indian food this is the ones for sure

Leilani Mora

Good food. Good prices. Relaxed atmosphere.

bart taft

If you can find something else to do with the kids to eat food was bad wather not too good to be true you need to speak there tung to order the food price cheap

Ruth Nainggolan

Good price for okay food. Unfortunately service was very slow.

Ashish Bhandari

Excellent and delicious vegetarian food. Friendly staff. long hours.

Salinder Singh

Very nyc service

Sukh Singh

What kind of restaurant does . List I'm a trucker sometime we don't have time to stop there n order them.for wait n wait there for an hour . So I called them head of time the guy who answer my call he was like sir we are busy we wouldn't be able to take your order instead ording by phone come in store then will take your order .


Great spot! You know you have to hit the Indian truck stop restaurant! Sounds crazy but it all works! Food is awesome. Buffet was perfect. No liquor license but the Indian tea is good. Enjoy!

Brian Kliesen

A very good Indian Restaurant, typical of a truck stop in India. It has the obligatory Indian music videos playing in the background (thankfully at a lower volume than you would find in Goa or Madras), a muscle bound Sikh staring intently into his cell phone, random relatives sitting at tables and a surprisingly good Buffet. The menu is even more varied and next time will be worth exploring. Buffet ends at 5:30pm and is every day except Monday.

Alexander Hernandez

Place is garbage! Avoid this place at al cost!

Rajesh Raghani

Like an oasis in the desert! This place is the same for lovers of Indian cuisine. Plenty of food so come hungry. The ambecience is set up more for convenience. Do not expect them to wait upon you. Overall, happy to find the food at reasonable price.

Mathias Wells

Great place

Ray Ray

I have one word for this place. EXCELLENT. I had the spicy lamb.

Sumit Sumit

Great location. Ok quality of lunch buffet for a vegitarian; really good chai tea.

James Ford

Decided to give this place a try as I am tired of the cookie cutter truck stops the big 3 offers. I should've known as soon as I saw four guys get out of the same truck all wearing flip flops my experience here would be unpleasant. The inside reminds me of the 80's, there is a wall covered with carpet!!! Who does that anymore??? The store part seemed like it needs a serious deep cleaning and they sell the usual garb you find at any truck stop. The bathroom was a disaster. I decided to drop a deuce and walked into the first open stall and almost immediately puked, used toilet paper was piled high next to the toilet. Nope I'll just hold it, I don't wanna get a disease. I was very hungry and the food smelled delicious so I decided to try out the restaurant and I went in and took a seat. The guy behind the register made eye contact with me but never acknowledged me. I sat there for about five minutes while two other guys walked in and sat down and he immediately approached them and took their drink order. Maybe next time I will wear my flip flops and turbine so I can get service. Who am I kidding, I wo t be back here again. So I went across the road and ate some bisquits and gravy. Don't waste your time at this place unless you have no other choice late at night for parking.

Courtney Metcalfe



The ladies are always messy and their is always a lady passout in one of the stalls. Found used needles.

Mark Kinder

Food was excellent! I would have given them five stars, but the service was a little slow. Food on the menu needs to be a bit quicker for truck drivers. Next time I will go when they have the buffet. Buffet is closed on Mondays.

david garcia

Best indian food ive ever tried

Tammy Panzone

Good atmosphere. Friendly staff. Real good food. I had Indian food in practically all 48 states and theirs is really good. Stop here every time we run the I 40. Keep up the good work.

Daniel Winget

Love the food here!

Niketa Kulkarni

This is by far the best indian food i had in the US. Good setup and clean. Friendly staff. Food is delicious. Hats off to the cooks!

Raine Sorrows

Love at first bite! You can tell they really care about their food here. Warning to those of you who have never had Indian food, mildly spiced might be a bit hot for you. The flavors are so intense and you can almost taste every ingredient. Definitely coming back!

Venkat Iyer

Great food and very reasonable price. We stopped there for buffet with the family (me, my wife, a teenager and 3 little kids) and everyone enjoyed the buffet lunch. Food is dhaba style and tasted great. The servers were attentive and we noticed that they were replacing the food trays regularly as food was getting consumed. The waiters were nice, asked us if we wanted to have chai (tea). We were surprised that they didn’t charge us for the kids (only 3 for us and our teenage son). We decided to give them a good tip in return. Highly recommended. Try it if you are Indian food lover and in the area.

Cirilo Alvarez

I love this place!! I've been coming here for years. When ever I pass this way, I plan a stop here

Patrick Donahue

Been here twice. Ordered off the menu once and had the buffet once. Both times were great.

Mark Szyprowski

Good Indian buffet everything exellent

John Yohanan Fason

Always nice when I stop in cold n hot food coffee n donuts, rest rooms needs to be remodel.... Better cleaning

Amalesh Murali

Good buffet. Glad to have found an Indian place on our way to Nevada. Satisfied. Restrooms will need maintenance.

KingMe A'one

Best food I have had in 2019 hands down. Plus I love eating with my hands and the fact that the food was delicious was and extra bonus. I wouldn't recommend eating with your fingers though, you might bite'em off. 5 stars and 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up for Bombay Restaurants. Definitely a hidden gem of the city.

Chad New

Food was amazing, my whole family loved it. I was kind of sad that they ran out of samosas though. That's ok next time.

B Hammoudeh

Not bad for Indian food ,interesting stuff at the store.

Kul Winder

Pls set open times correct.

Bubba Boseabus

Great india food

Jas Singh

.Sunday buffet was notcso good i tried chilli chiken and butter chiken both of them was not fresh cooked they make my stomach upset what they do they use old same chicken and add more spices. Spices make chicken taste fresh even the chicken is not fresh i know this respite cause m also a cook so watchout guys....good luck

Sandeep Singh

First of all you’ll get to see the face of that white shirt person with his really bad and freaking noicy behavior with bad attitude and I would have given zero star if we can do it.. the guy with white shirt I don’t know he owner or a worker but his attitude is more than a president,even president of USA is having nice attitude than this ਫੂੱਦੂ (assw..le).. he don’t know how to talk with customers but he knows how to sell illegal things.. I been a restraint manager and we used to give a paper or foil paper to pack naan bread to customers taking out buffets, even our chefs used to give them fresh naan packed in warm paper so they don’t need to work on getting paper and pack it .. he always disrespect people walking in with his racial attitude .. so I would say don’t ever go there if he will not change his behavior..

Harminder Dhindsa

Pizza was delicious. Great combination of Indian flavour on Italian pizza

Tim Bruinius

This place has great food, generous portions and excellent prices. The ambiance is decidedly 'truck stop' and the place is full of truckers from all over the world. The wait staff is friendly and aim to please. Free chai and rice with the meal. I recommend saag paneer, baigan bhurta or Malai kofta.

Goddess Queen

If you enjoy terrible service, wrong orders and disgusting food, eat here. If you are looking for authentic Indian food look elsewhere. I have eaten Indian food all over the Bay area, while traveling and I specialize in certain dishes, this was the worst experience I ever had with an Indian restaurant. I believe they take advantage of people who don't know any better. The owner was beyond rude and unreasonable. Beware especially if you are a woman!

Marcia Hansen

Excellent food!

Ishmael Dean

Food is great but poor service that was my own experience

Michelle Morales

Great tasting food! Feels like your eating in another country. Staff is friendly and restraunt is clean. I will definitely be going back.

Dan T

I've been to several Indian places all over the country and this one by far is the first bitter disappointment. First of all the service was extremely slow. The owner was nice but really slow service. We ordered a chicken curry & for me some other chicken dinner but the taste was weird, the meat was raw and old (not fresh) and potatoes were hard. Also I ordered it extra spicy but it was sweet so I'm sure it was the wrong dish (it was a dish I've never had before). The water tasted horrible and my plate was dirty but no big deal. The Naan was good and the rice was ok. I wouldn't say it's a great place but it is edible if you're really hungry. Definately does not qualify as high end quality authentic indian food like most indian restaurants I've been to.

Rosy Rose

I wish that the food they are serving at the buffet have names and have a description. The price is just right. If you have an adventurous taste in food, i recommend this place. The male Bombay cashier, another male Bombay & the Navajo server were nice people * this review was 9 months ago* -------------- Present review... as of our visit 2 days sgo... May 22, 2019 The food my husband & i ordered tasted really good. Things that need to be improved... customer service... A man wearing dhoti or lungi, was impatient. I think he expected that anybody who enters that truck stop/ restaurant would know what to order. Doesn't smile, even .05 %

Carlos B

Food was great they just need to work on their costumer service

Shari Priddy

We had the buffet and it was authentic, very tasty, Indian food! We'll be back.

Dayanand Singh

Much joyfull and pleasant spot except working place for me.

Samra Seymour

Is this the best Indian food I have had? No. Is it exceptional Indian food? Probably not. But is it far above and beyond any expectations of any Indian food I would expect to get in Gallup, AZ - let alone in a truck stop? Um, yes. Definitely and enthusiastically yes. My dining partner opted for the buffet and was quite pleased. The few bites that I stole from her plate of tandoori and butter chicken, chana masala, naan, and vegetable korma were totally solid. I opted to order off the menu. I went with the malai kofta and aloo paratha. The kofta wss a bit too creamy for my tastes, but the flavor was fantastic. I can't say enough good things about the paratha. It was buttery and amazing and I could have eaten two more of them. Also, your meal comes with complimentary small chai tea. So if you find yourself staring incredulously at your phone at an Indian restaurant with 4+ stars located in a truck stop in Gallup, AZ while driving across I-40, take the plunge. It's well worth it.

Scotty Skeets

The food was excellent I had the buffet..tony was super awesome!

leonard wondergem

Wonderful food. Worth the stop. Great pleasant people work here. India spice is not only healthy but very tasty.

Eddie Wheeler

Of all the places to find a good Indian restaurant, I would have not guessed at a truck stop. They had a couple of curried that I was not familiar with and the staff was very helpful and willing to explain some of the different dishes. If you are in the area and want some excellent Indian food please give them a try.

Thomas Czarnecki

I love their curry chicken, I have ordered several different dishes and tried the buffet, something for everyone on the menu, really good.


Waited 15min to be seated and left not sure how the food is but the service is terrible

Gurdeep singh

Very good food

DeLisa Craig

My Husband and I LOVED this place! This was also my first time ever eating Indian food and I can't wait to go back today! Lol.... although it was a couple of dishes I didn't like on their buffet, however the food I did choose from was amazing with just the right spice! I would definitely recommend anyone

Jim Bridges

First time eating Indian food....was very pleased with it....will come back

Nosheen Shan

It was good

Sonia Westfall

Best Indian food I40

Alima Gibson

If you’re wondering if you should stop here, I recommend it! My husband and I were on a work trip and needed to stop for food in Gallup. This place was close so we decided to check it out, and it was surprisingly good! The butter chicken & curry chicken were tender and flavorful.

Sergey Ivanchenko

They don’t speak English. Called em ask if they have a meal with shrimp instead of meat... the answer is what? What? I don’t understand

Styler Weiland

Indian (India) cuisine. Had the buffet, and was quite delicious! My first time eating Indian food. Will definitely be back again. Unclear as to why the poor reviews.


I think best Indian food in NM On I40

Barry Penzotti

Great place to park. Lots of room. Clean clean bathroom. And the buffet was really good. The authentic tartare of India in every bite. Can drinks but the buffet is well worth it. Great place to stop. Butter Marsala and basmati rice is to die for. Can’t get enough.

grace lawrie

My boyfriend and I stopped in for the lunch buffet on our way back from flagstaff. The food is delicious, fresh, and very affordable! I’m a vegan, and roadside eating can sometimes be hard. There were many options for me, and he loved the chicken curry. This will always be my Gallup stop. If you love Indian food, I highly recommend you check this spot!

Adnan Askar

Great food, generous portions, wonderful staff

yaboha aro

It's good place for a truck drivers

Gurjit Dhillon


Rick Dunn

Decent buffet and decent price

Rance McEntyre

Good food, they don't speak English place is dark and dank, looks dirty! Station smells like poop

Sumitra Badrinathan

Decent Indian food in a pretty deserted town

Isabella Kirby

No buffet on Mondays.

Kathy Slyder

Not a buffet..not a place I would want to eat at.

Bee Jones

This is top quality food. You will smell the spices from the truck stop door. They are constantly taking phone orders with customers coming in. That is a good sign. First time eating the lamb biryani and IT was GOOD. I mean delicious. The somosa plate was incredibly tasteful. Even the water tasted fresh. This spot is where you want to be if you have a cold and need some spicy, aroma filled dish to chase the cold away.


Indian food. I 40 ext.356 New mexico

Elise Jens

Delicious Indian food. Love the lunch buffet! Many dishes to choose from.

pinder multani

Food quality good but customer service is worst.only greet white peoples.

deep gosalia

Very good food and soft naan, majority dishes are non veg are compared to veg, but they are very flexible for customizing the dishes for veg people as well, very nice service as well! You get a feel of a nice Indian dhaba! Worth going.

Aaron g

Amzaing i have never had a traditional Indian meal snd im so hsppy i have it isgreat and il have leftovers highy reccomend it here

Peter Munga

They didn't have goat curry though.

Matthew Yancey

Its my favorite restaurant in Gallup and the food is excellent

Mr. FireRotor

Unusual venue, but terriific food! Don't see any justification in all of its 1 star reviews. Highly recommend you stop here for the buffett... 1130-530 all days except Monday.

Dean Tillett

Great food for a truck stop restaurant. Hidden gem!

Aldo Goncalves jr

Everything was delicious and great until I showed the waiter a dead mosquito inside the sweet rice on the buffet to which he took it out with a spoon passed by a man that I believed was the owner on his way to the kitchen and came back with a clean spoon and just put it back on the sweet rice, never throwing away the rice. Lol

Just Me

Good food. Bad service...don't be a woman trying to get food... fuel is great and pure. Everything is reasonably priced. Lunch buffet Tuesday through Sunday 11:30 to 1800, $10.99. Large bathrooms and truck repair services. It is a bit rudimentary.

Misti Curtis

I was skeptical at first but then I got my food. I don't remember the actual name of the dish but it was amazing. It was a very spicy chicken curry with potatoes and chilies. Food and service were wonderful. Definitely coming back.

Balwinder Singh

Good Food Fresh Testsy enjoy Buffet.......

Muninn Myrkvi

Fantastic food. I had the saag paneer and some naan. Prompt and delicious.

Clu Carradine

The gas prices were good, but the creepy guys holding up the wall right outside the front door made it an adventure. If you're a woman traveling alone, don't go here. The attendant was nice enough, but the place is overall dirty and nasty and the characters hanging around in front made it extra creepy. Just pay the few cents more per gallon and go somewhere else

jerry redfern


10toe ken

Good stuff

Harpreet Banga

Unlike other indian restaurants this place give u more chicken in your curry. Ordered butter chicken to go. Had enough chicken for 2 naans.

Sarah Jones

Service is a bit slow, but the food is worth the wait, and prices are pretty good. I prefer to browse from the great selections at the buffet, but you can order off of the extensive menu as well.

Mike Brooker

A surprise, great food. As people as said, this is next to a truck stop, and doesn't look like much, and erm...a little sketchy looking, but don't let that put you off. I eat a lot of Indian food, I had the chicken korma, I've probably ate 100 plus korma's in my life and this is up there with the best of them, also, the first time I've had a korma which was spicy hot, which is unusual for a korma, they are usually mild, but still tasted great, my son had the chicken curry which was also great, as was my sister-in-laws shrimp and spinach dish.The food does run on he spicy side of hot, they do not tone things down for the typical American palate which I have found many Indian restaurants do, so be prepared or let them know if you want it to be on the mild side. Why not 5 stars? For some reason they couldn't split the bill, maybe it was a language problem, but they couldn't do it and after several attempts I gave up and paid the entire bill.

kapil deo

5 star rating for Lovely owner and staff and amazing aalo paratha .. If you are passsing by gallop then make sure to stop here for indian food . Especially the paratha are amazing just like how you get in india.. with lots of butter n curd . In the middle of no where is this place but I must say a really good place for indian food.

J Stacy Morales

The food here is amazing we found them by chance about a month ago and everytime we pass through now we have stop and get some delicious Indian food everything we have had is great. Don't let the looks of this truck stop fool you if you like Indian food you won't be disappointed. Mrs.M

leo mutlu

Way to expensive

Surjit Singh

Nice place and excellent food

Conrad Castellino

Indian restaurant in Albuquerque at the truck stop. buffet till 3pm then alacarte. table service for naans, and alacarte. food items, lentils, garbanzo beans, aloo gobi, saag( spinach), paneer. meats include chicken, lamb, goat. no beef. buffet is good about 12 items. hot chai, chicken, lassie, soft drinks. the rest rooms are filthy, so be warned, clientele are tired truck drivers munching away quietly. my wife and I go there about every 6 weeks. ala cartecan be ordered mild medium or hot.

Danae David

We were in time for the buffet hour which finishes at 5. The Indian food was good tasting and not mediocre at all. If you are looking for something different to the usual burgers and pizza this is your place a bit spicy but light for the stomach without all the greasiness.

Inderjot Singh

Delicious food. My favorite place

Robert Stoll

The place is definitely dated and in need of some upgrades, the convenience shop had a large assortment of drinks, snacks, and souvenirs not so much in the line of postcards. We did not eat at the restaurant. A little cleaning and general maintenance would go a long way in raising their ratings.


Horrible buffet and expensive! I've had way better food for 8 bucks at other Indian places by truck stops. Very cheap meats and watery flavorless sauce. 14 dollars with a can of soda!

John Arne

The food is really good and flavorful. The service is common, dont expect them to do any tricks for you. But if you want a good meal then this is definitely the place. I will return again.

Haydee Sheen

Wonderful surprise in the middle of nowhere. Well, West Gallup, NM. Truck stop off exit 16, I40. Great food.

Eric Smith

Welcome change of fresh reAl food on the road after days of fastfood

Emily Simar

Great food

Don Wimberley

Best plates of expertly prepared dishes I have ever eaten anywhere.

saciid Umul

I would have give zero star totally rude especially the tall bold guy

Shoubhik Doss

Amazing, authentic Punjabi dhaba food and service. Unassuming place and simple decor. Loud Punjabi music adds to the theme and ambience.

Gooniegoogoo LXK

Waiters are unprofessional. Food not labeled. No one to help identify whats on the buffet. Did not trust the water served there. Be careful at the checkout. Cashier not friendly. Its like they did you a favor eating there. I personally will not return.

༒ HムRRY ༒

Tasty Food

Morgan Guerrero

Fast Service. Friendly staff. Comfortable Punjabi atmosphere. Fresh and nicely toasted Roti. Chicken Curry, Lamb Curry with white rice made a great dinner choice. Plenty of Diesel parking, exit 16 off interstate 40.


Best food.

Denis Saenz

Good Indian food buffet

Radai ValencianA

Good food Fast


This is a 100 star bufette, dont belive any bad comments about this place, stop and see ,what a great indian food they serve

Kay Lala

No actual buffet very sketchy area

Raymond M Williams

Decent buffet if you like Curry. If you don't happen to like Curry the smell of the place will make you sick. Best gas prices of the area.

Jeffrey poole

Looked kinda scechy

Bre P

Not a fan of the restrooms there, but luckily I ordered my food to go. It tasted AMAZING! Their chicken Tikka Masala is on point!

Tony Wamback

Was going to try the food untill I saw the cook use the restroom and not wash his hands. Place is a mess. I wont be stopping there again.

Stinger man

The food was great didn't know that place was there.

Santosh Rai

I think this is the best Indian restaurant along the I-40 which i have been.

Kusum Lal

Worst food and service ever . Owner of this place is so argumentle . When I asked mutton is not cooked well he started arguments so we left .it use to be very good food quality not anymore.dont waste your time and money . Tasteless food and quality is so poor .

Marie Churro

At the truck stop. Lots of truckers n travelers using greyhound sstop.


If you want good fresh food plz must stop this place.

Ismael Castillo

Best Indian food


Best India

Naomi Martine

Always love eating here, the only real authentic tasting international food in Gallup, NM. I wish we had more authentic tasting international restaurants not the commercial chain gangs. Always a treat to stop here and eat buffet.

Mo Gambu

The was great, so many options, spicy food.

Jagtar Singh Dhaliwal

One of the best places

Levi Rubin

It’s certainly a little surprising to see a place like this (an exotic, quality establishment compared to a junky American establishment) attached to a truck stop. Despite this, Bombay Grill is quite a good place to grab food. I had the lentil dish which certainly was hearty, flavorful and authentic as it would be at any Indian place you will find. The portion was generous, and the price was quite reasonable. Admittedly, the service was a little slow & inattentive and there was an extra charge for rice (granted, only $2), but I will take it in order to experience authentic Indian cuisine while driving through an otherwise unassuming small town

Muhammad Saqib

Check out their buffet... and their tarka daal with parata..

Tiffany Gardner

Staff is friendly and helpful and bathrooms are always clean!

Amber Ascher

Unassuming little spot. Stopped by on a Thursday evening around 6. The buffet had ended so we ordered off the menu, two chicken dishes - one in curry sauce and the other in red sauce with peppers and onions. Wow, was it delicious! Some of the best Indian cuisine I've had. Great service, as well!

Vance Sumner

Maybe they just weren't on their game, but the waiting staff was not great. Got charged for 3 things we never got. Our food was tasty but not done correctly.

Fareed Kassam

You know it will be good Indian food when you walk inside. The dining area is well kept and they have some of the best Indian food you will ever find on the road. I’ve had Indian food in big major cities that was no where near as good as this place. Well worth it

Iza Neria Segovia

I love stopping here for buffet, great food, nice customer service, thank you

Christina Deighton

Food was delicious, fast, and a good price. Full of flavor and the place is really clean. Loved it!!

Roger Sapienza

Great Chicken Curry ! Every time I'm in Gallup I always eat here. Never a problem.

Jim Stevens

Indian buffet, but get there early they close the buffet early

Garth Tulloch

The restaurant is good

siddhartha ravipati

Good place for naans and chicken currys. Right next to Interstate. Speedy service

Harry Sidhu

Great food

Cela Urbina

Great food.

Ali Mahmoudi

Good reasonably priced food. Buffet is Tuesday to Sunday and totally worth stopping by to try different dishes. The garlic naan is awesome!

Jefferson Slaten

Authentic Indian food. Very tasty!

steve martinez

Don't waste your money. Buffet was a joke. Food wasnt any good.

Ayman Musleh

Food needs salt, and there was no white rice.

Keaton Davis

Lots of parking and great merch

Susan Dittman

This was an unexpected jewel. They have a buffet if you are just experimenting with new things. A monitor that plays the menu items and explains them. And they have a very thoroughly explained menu. It isn't expensive. It could be a little cleaner.

Xreativ Bonez

No. The place was a mess! The tables were dirty. They saw us come in but ignored us. The restroom was a disaster! Especially too, at the sinks!-I say, that tells alot about the cleanliness of a place....

Ken Love

My meal was very good. Unfortunately one of the dishes that was brought to me was not the dish i had ordered. I informed the server and the manager and no attempt at resolution was made. They did not take it back, did not offer to correct it, and did not remove it from the bill. So i ended up paying 10.95 for a dish I did not request and did not eat. Buyer beware indeed.

Zak Coding

It was great food. Great customer service.

Ashley Evelyn

Food at the lunch buffet was so good! Quick in and out but still tasty. Nice change from the usual truck stop food options.

Singh Preet

Clean washroom. Fresh buffet until 5pm . Chaa Tea anytime

Jasmine Stephens-Boyles

Bombay is the bomb! This is my second time coming here. I told my fiance to stop by here every time we pass through New Mexico. Honestly the food is to die for. I had the shahi korma and he had the jalfrezie, you have to try it out. Con: there is a language barrier but it's well worth it if your patient.

Anthony Arellano

Best Indian food I’ve ever had! I live in Denver, C.O. Now and Gallup’s Bombay tops out any Indian food here in Denver!

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