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REVIEWS OF Asian Pear IN New Mexico

Sarah Peterson

Loved this place! Friendly staff, quick service, delicious food. What more could one ask for.

L.A. Kelton

The ladies were very friendly, helpful, and attentive.

Robert Gilbert

Took a date to eat Korean Barbeque and super glad I did. Both of our bowls were good, I got chicken and she got steak. I couldn't tell which one I liked more. Both women were great with customer service and we even got to sample some Korean pancakes. The prices were good too. The restaurant is small in size and far from where I live but I will go again soon. They are located right off of Paseo and San Pedro

Ro Kle

Good food. When they ask if you want your food hot, by hot they mean fire hot.

Alissa Chavez Lowe

Friendly and with good food. Very customer service oriented. Our family likes going here to eat anytime.

See Jenn Teach - VIPKID

Really great service! The staff was very friendly and welcoming. They will take the time to answer any questions you may have. I also appreciated that they noticed that many people came in at once so they brought samples of kimchi to taste and gave out extra sauces. The food was good as well. There are vegan options. They also accommodated my allergies which was awesome.

Eunice Choi

The food here is phenomenal. Full of flavors and good quantity of food at reasonable price.

Bee Chamcharatsri

I have eaten at the Asian Pear when they were located at the downtown location. When the place was moved, I felt disappointed because I liked the food here. Until I found out that the restaurant has reopened at another part of town. My friend and I went there for dinner. The space is smaller but the food still tastes amazingly good. I ordered the combo dish with spicy pork and beef over the glass noodles. We also ordered the pancakes. For two people, the regular order is good for sharing. As I was having my noodles, the owner came by to offer four pieces of chicken potstickers. What a treat!! The potstickers were tasty: crispy outside, soft and tasty inside. I will definitely go back there again!

Will Brunt

I am a long time costumer of this restaurant due to the amazing food, and the dedicated owner. I just visited for the first time since the move and I was rather disappointed. It has more of a fast food feel now and they have introduced ALL plastic! I think the way they ran the restaurant before was perfect, the changes were a step back. Food was as good as always though.

Doge Dog

Very Clean, reasonable prices, nice selection of menu items however very disappointed with their food.

Emilia Park

I love here! The chefs and staffs were really friendly and kind. The quality of food was better than ever I had in Korea. I recommend pork bulgogi! Kimbap is also the best!

Debbie Losada

Very yummy with nice and accommodating staff! They made a non-gluten version of bulgogi from scratch for me and talked about offering other non-gluten dishes.

Rebecca Barnett

Wonderful food and great service. Hard to pick a favorite item. Im gonna try the Ramen next time i go!!

Cameron Coe

A nice cozy place to eat with a lot of friendly staff. The food was good and I would love to try some of their other menu options. My wife and I had a nice time and we both want to come back.

Kristin Andraka

Delicioouussss food. If you like kimchi, get theirs its amazing! Honestly everything is good. I always get the bento box though, its a great sample of a lot :)

Debra Aragon

I had the beef bowl. Was very tasty. Friendly service, was clean, and food came out in a timely manner.

David Ross

Excellent little shop. Very friendly owners. Gave out samples to promote their unique recipes. Most of which were great. But when I say little, I mean little, max capacity cant be more than 3 dozen customers.

Mark Hylas

Best Korean food in ABQ. Seriously, where else in this city will you find better Korean food?

Szandra Ruggles

Great food, quick service and good prices.


3 and 3/4 stars: kinda reminds me of the Korean plate lunch places that you can find in Hawaii. food is good, okay portions. (so glad, btw, that it wasn't some Asian restaurant that served *all* the Asian foods... you know what i mean, Albuquerque, what's up with that?) but still fell short of my expectations and i still miss how they do it back home where you can get twice the portions for the same price and the food has sooooo much flavor. the last time i went, it was around 1230 pm... so yes, lunch rush. i understood that there would be a wait but it did take a while and additionally, there was barely anywhere to wait. i had to awkwardly stand in front of the drink fridge thing. the staff is very nice and eager to please, so it made up for the lack of waiting area. ps. i love bibimbap but the small bowl makes it hard to mix the ingredients..

Gerald Kaiser

Re-found our relocated favorite Korean restaurant-- now only 2 miles from our house!

Terri H

Small place in the shopping center behind Starbucks on Paseo and San Pedro. But the food was yummy! People were stopping in for carry out so looks like some people have found it before me. I enjoyed the food and will go again.

Elisa Lundin

Amazing and a great deal

Mary Chavez

Enjoyed the glass noodles.

Geri Phillips

Really really good food.....service was great.....will be eating there more often now that I know about it!!!

Alfonso Lovato

Happened to choose this place by chance, very good and friendly environment.

Jesse Norez

Great customer service, food is amazing. Definitely a must try!

chrisse stokley

It was delicious and the service was amazing. We will definitely be back!!

Tim Scully

Love this place! Food is amazing and the staff is always friendly. Great place to get a quick bite to eat.

Darin Reese

Amazing food, great friendly service and owners who take pride in what they are doing. Do yourself a favor and go. You will not regret it. One of the best quick Asian restaurants in all of the Albuquerque metro. My new spot.

Eric Arellano

Really loved this place! Gave out free samples of their veggie pancakes, they are so delicious. I had their Spicy Korean Ramen and it was great! Will be back for sure! Thank you!

Michelle Scholer

Something really different to try and delicious food. Best not to walk in to order if you are in a hurry. Call ahead for take out.

Robert Riley

First time here... it's very neat, food is great and filling, the staff very very friendly and helpful. I'll make this place a regularly spot

Kevin Klein

This place is good. We had the Korean Beef bowl. It was really tasty and all the veggies and stuff they mix in with the rice goes well together. I definitely recommend giving this place a try!

Red Jelly Bean

I absolutely loved the food!!

Alexandre Yamamoto

Good asian fusion restaurant with authentic feeling and good food for a good price.


The food was only ok. The experience could have been better if the food was not served in to go containers with inadequate plastic utensils. The ambiance is nonexistent. The owner is very friendly and gracious but the food is priced high enough that the customer expects more in comfort.

Joshua Ortega

Asian Pear is a excellent place to take lunch , or grab a bite to eat for dinner. The owner is excellent and the employees seem to enjoy what they are doing. I have eaten many different kinds of foods on Albuquerque but i keep this on my go2 list.

Mykol Irvyng

Amazing food and amazing staff! They brought over a veggie pancake and that was as amazing as what we ordered!

jake mueller

Service was excellent and food was amazing!

Hannah Thomas

Very bland food

Philip Collins

Absolutely delicious very awesome authentic Korean and for an even better price.

Crystal Carabajal

The pancakes are good! The Korean beef was yummy!

Heather Forsythe

My first visit here. This was a smaller location. But had amazing personal service and wonderful food. I enjoyed every single bite. The only thing that I would say it lacked was enough seating. But I will definitely return.

Stuart Klein

Very good food. Personell are very friendly and accommodating.

t e Thompson

Simply outstanding. If you like fresh and authentic and the friendliest staff ever... then this is your place. Highly recommended!!!


Great food at great price, yum yums !

Shixi Zhao

Great food and service!

Tai Ayers

Wish we had one in Santa Fe.

Anon Ymous

I thought it was ok, but I have high standards for Korean/Asian food. For the love of goodness, EVERYTHING is packaged in plastic, even if you dine in!!! I try to be eco-minded, so this made me really sad. Korean meats can be very heavy on the flavor b/c they are strongly spiced and marinated. I prefer a bowl that is well balanced between the rice, meat, and toppings. I felt like the bowls here lacked a bit on the fresh toppings to balance out the strong flavors of the meats. The vibe is a like an Asian Chipotle - this is more of a lunch/take and go type place. It's not as much of a dinner/sit-down place. Seating area is small, which is fine, but just keep it in mind if you want to go with a group.

Ryann Ellis

Haven't been here since they opened in downtown so I was surprised to see the had moved location. Only downside is that during lunch it's SUPER hard to find seating. Food is spectacular and staff is friendly.

Vanessa Alter

Food is delicious! Limited seating, but you can wait for an open table, or you can take it to go. Employees are really friendly, too!

Angela Bell

I love this place! From the free appetizers to the delicious meals, everything is always so excellent! While I'm sad to find out they're moving out of the downtown area after March 23rd, I'll definitely make the trip to their new place on San Pedro.

Jeena Lee

The spicy pork bowl was good and so was the tuna kimbap Thank you

Joseph Wiltgen Wiltgen

Great tasting food each and every time, friendly staff.

Martin Saavedra

Some Coworkers and I ate here a few days ago. The food was fantastic and the person who took our order and brought out our food was amazingly friendly. I highly recommend!


LOVE this place. Great food and service, Creative menu, reasonable prices. Aim for off-hours, as the wait can be long during prime time. Note: Always double-check your order during busy times. Have left parts of our order out, so maybe they need to have a final QA check before sending you off with the bag.

Zeb Westrom

This is some of the best food I've ever had. The meat is always tender, juicy, and flavorful. The veggies are always fresh, and the noodles/rice are cooked perfectly. The service is always very friendly. They will bring out a free sample of their veggie pancake while you wait - if you get the chance, order a half (or full if you're very hungry). You won't be disappointed. I've tried just about everything on the menu and haven't had anything that isn't fantastic. Get here early if you want to avoid the lunch rush as it can fill up pretty quickly.

Ana n Carl Couch

This place is excellent. Highly recommend it.

Justin C

Small dining room, clean restaurant, friendly staff. Our first visit and got most of the main menus items, chicken, pork, pancake, beef, egg roll, shrimp egg rolls. Food was excellent and you can add one of the sauces they have to offer to make it how you like.

James Davis

The food is always delicious here! The place is clean and bright. I would always recommend a bulgogi bowl, the bulgogi roll, the kimchi pancake, and the dumplings!! Yum, it never disappoints! The owners are also very friendly and always happy to see you. Great customer service!

Michael Metz

A pleasant surprise. Affordable and excellent food. Great service.

Sentimental N

This is not the typical flavorful Korean food with all the little side veggie tidbits. The meat is tender but not well marinated and served with iceberg lettuce over rice and glass noodles. Meh it's fine for a quick bite but nothing to write home to mom about

Heather Taylor

Great food. The girl who took our order guided us through the menu and gave her recommendations. We were not disappointed. The food came fast and the service was top notch. My teenage daughter loved the bt21 themed menu board!

Mark Chavez

Great food. Friendly, responsive service.

Chris Merrill

Great food, amazing service. Cool concept.

Graham Bell

Great food and super staff.Ordered spicey pork bowl and spring rolls

Andrew Berryhill

Some of the best Asian food I've had.

Alex Tsosie

Food was very fresh and delicious. Enjoyed every bite

Lexi Malone

This place is lovely! It was busy and there was somewhat of a wait for ordering and for getting your food and one of the ladies brought out samples of a kimchi pancake while we wait and some other samples. Very sweet! Food is also delicious and a lot of it! Thank you!

John Hayes

The food is good service is awesome

Rose Quintana

The Korean Vegetable Pancake and Cucumber Kimchi are delicious!

Thomas Hughes

Asian Pear is an incredibly cute little Korean comfort food place. Every time I go I am always greeted with a smile and the staff is always excellent and accommodating. My go to is Bulgogi bowl because the beef is particularly good. It's ¢50 extra but I also recommend the brown rice over the plain white rice. You will always receive a sample of something yummy while you wait for your meal which is one of my favorite things about this particular place.

James Bell

Food is great, but parking is very limited and so is seating. Not worth the drive and then no meal.

Berta Leddon

Great food. Friendly service. Definitely will come back!

Meriah Stallings

So glad i found this place! The food is absolutely delicious, my favorite is the spicy pork bowl. It's a healthier alternative compared to what else is in the area and the customer service has always been A+. You get plenty of food with the bowls and even with the sides.

Monarch Metagross

My girlfriend and I visit weekly to eat the best korean food in town, you just have to go to understand!

Stephanie Ortega

I loved it! Great food and AMAZING service! Highly recommend. I’ll definitely be coming back! (:


Love the Korean style ramen, best ramen I’ve ever had.

Linda Montoya

The food was delicious and the restaurant is cute. Very minimal, extremely cute!. They hive high and low chairs.... I would recommend the Kim's chicken bowl, good hearty and just enough for one person.

Jordan Salas

The food is pretty good.

Pawel Kowalski

Really surprised by how good this place. Great food, nice staff, highly recommended!

Andrew Davis

Tasty interesting Asian bowls.

S Foreman

The food was delicious. It came out quick. I ordered the chicken and rice bento box. The kim chi was fresh and not too spicey. Would definitely go again. One thing to be mindful of is that it is small so seating is limited. Probably not suitable for large groups. However this meal would do well as a take out order.

Jeremy Cintron

The food is great at a good price.

Lesley Worrell

We went here for the first time today. OMG! THE FOOD IS AMAZING! The staff was super nice and the place is spotless. This has become our new favorite place. We will definitely be going back.

Alexi Castillo

If you want good Korean food, come here and order the bibimba.

Thomas Peterson

Really tasty, large portions, good service.


authentic Korean flavor and the price's are unbeatable

Derek Davis

Very good service, tasty food, I recommend the bibambap with your choice of meat, thumbs up!!!

Tamikka Williams

Top notch customer service. They gave free samples of their kimchee pancakes and it was a must buy from there. I'm hooked!

Rebecca Wong

Food tastes great and fresh. I like the pancakes and bibimbap. Small place that better for take outs. Seems family owned. I don’t like the fried smell in the air and the abuse plastic containers, which is not environmental friendly.

Travis Forbes

Great Korean food and very friendly staff. Good with kids as well. Sitting area is a bit small so be careful when dining in during peak times.


Delicious food, made fresh to order. This place is great! The nice women who run this place are often times giving out their awesome veggie & kimchi pancakes to tables to try, yum! The portions are great. Their kimchi & spicy pickles are so good! Definitely trying the noodle soup next time.

Alfredo Apodaca

The good was very good....staff was very friendly....

Tommy Poole-Frank

Incredibly delicious food, exceptional and friendly service. A great variety of menu items at reasonable prices. Asian Pear is quickly setting themselves apart from the competition with an excellent and modern business serving traditional and non-traditional Korean-fusion dishes. We worth the visit.

Wendi Carrillo

Amazing food at decent prices.. They have a formula that works here. A bit sad to see so much one-time use plastic containers that food is served in but other than that it's a great joint!

Gina Hughes

Great customer service! But food is mediocre...It's hardly Korean food. If you only sweet and sour chicken for Chinese and teriyaki chicken for Japanese, this might be the place for you.

Matthew Dorsey

Delish. Great kimchee. I could leave just filling up on their free appetizers!

Stefan Waldvogel

Delicious food.

genevieve Padilla

Loved it I will be back. The food is really good here.

Monica April

I eat here all the time

Andrew DeMattos

Food is so yummy and staff is very friendly. Great food.

Thais Gardner

Yet another great restaurant and experience. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. The food is absolutely delicious. I'm happy I don't have to drive all the way downtown for this tasty bite.

Tiffany Albert

Absolutely delicious. Slow but worth it.


Bear Korean bbq period! Great local owned spot and great reasonable pricing! This is a must! Great service always!

Jayant Kumar

Casual eatery. Special plates have lots of food. Nice options for Korean BBQ and pan cakes.

Kelsey Luna

One of the most amazing places to eat in Albuquerque!!! They have options for meat eaters and veggie lovers! The prices are amazing and the service is incredible! I feel like they treat customers like family and are there when you need something. From their bowls to their salad and Thai iced tea, this place deserves more than 5 stars!

Google User

I'm always down for more Asian eats in ABQ and this is one of my go-to's! I get the chicken and beef combo bowl here and the veggie pancakes here are amazing. Service is awesome and get here early because seats fill quickly during lunch. Although eating here is refreshing, It's not 100% traditional so I think older Korean folks will be surprised if they come in expecting that flavor they know and love. Still a unique and good eat!

Stephanie Calderon

The Spicy Korean pork bowl with brown rice is great. Love the potato pancakes!!

Manny Yela

Love this place the food is always good. The view is great! And the people are so friendly!!! Great prices for great healthy food.

April Danielle

Visiting NM for a few days and found this gem. Great food and great people that work there. I ended up not liking the glass noodles (wanted to try them because I've never tasted them before) and she gave me extra rice for free. My chicken was but dry not sure why, but it has good sauce Also, you get little kimchis with your meals that are delicious.

Jeffrey Castle

Great customer service. Food was amazing. Exceeded my expectations

Herbert Rodriguez

Very good service


I only gave 4 stars because of the huge amount of plastic and styrofoam trash each meal creates. Even the condiments are served up in throw away plastic cups with lids. This applies to everyone - sit down or take out. By contrast, the food, the K-pop Korean music, the little treats they bring you, the friendliness, the affordability - they all EXCEEDED our expectations. It's a really lovely little place and worth a visit. We'd go MUCH more if the restaurant would switch to real plates, cups, silverware, and condiment bottles for 'sit down' service (or, even just a switch to paper good would be far preferrable than all the plastic and styrofoam) and, then, more biodegradable 'takeout' containers (like paper cups, paper-based to-go boxes, etc.) The prices are so affordable that they could easily be bumped up a little to cover any increase in 'food packaging costs'. I'd love to see these folks succeed and hope they will read and consider my 'food packaging' input. The planet is suffering from all the plastic trash.

Chance Noffsinger

Spicy pork bowl was delicious

James Abram

I really enjoyed this little gem. The food was excellent, there was no wait. The staff was friendly and brought out other foods for us to sample. Overall it is the perfect mom and pop shop we need more of in the world today.

Sharath Bennur

Great Korean food, very authentic and flavors were spot on. I ordered a bibimap bowl, well made. Portions we slightly on the smaller side for the price but good food overall. The place is very small, so we had to wait for a few minutes. Would recommend, but not if you're in a hurry.

Leslie Fortier

A small Asian food joint with a limited menu. Clean and the people were nice, but I wasn't impressed. I got the sweet and sour chicken bowl and it was meh. Chicken was super crunchy, almost hard to eat, but decent taste.

Thomas Langella

Excellent food, very nice presentation, Great service, we will be regulars

Archie Horner

Great original Korean food and greater service

Gideon Nieves

This is a great place. Fresh, healthy and fairly priced. The staff is great. Eat here, you are welcome.

Mel Mo

Tasted good. Good service. And the specials are great value!

Me'a Townsend

Aww man, tender moist chicken on a bed of perfectly steamed rice and crystal glass noodles. Sooooo good. But my new favorite thing is their Korean Pancake. The veggie one -- it's crispy and flavorful -- perfect with the chili sauce -- ordered a half, but you are gonna be craving more! It's just a fried piece of heaven. Gonna have to come back soooooon. Also don't be afraid to try the potstickers. They are sold individually. Dont let that intimidate you. Just ask for 6, or 12 hahaha or however many you want. Can't go wrong, there's no such thing as too many potstickers :)

Chad Rutter

The place was very clean and the staff was so nice. I will be coming back more often. A must try if your looking for affordable food.

Alise Leach

Great food. Good prices.

Noe Galvan

Excellent food. Superb customer service. You gotta go.

John S Lee

Great food! Everything was perfectly seasoned, fresh and tasty.

Joe Wolff

Great food and friendly staff!

Ryan Nussbaum

Bi bim Bob is amazing, sadly it wasn't served on a hot ceramic bowl, however the taste and price are ON POINT!


The food is super good and super affordable! I recommend the vegetable Korean pancake and vegetable kimbap!


Was passing by NM, and found this wonderful place to have lunch with the family. Price is cheap and you can't go wrong with their delicious food. Although, lunch can get quiet busy, it's worth the wait.

Douglas Dunton

Great pancakes, great service, reasonably priced. I'll go back!

Felipe Gregory

Very friendly staff . More than reasonable in price . You can feed 3 people for under 40$ and not to mention the sauces are awesome .

Ruth Velasco

Good food

Theresa Lovato-Vigil

The food is so delicious and fresh. Staff are always super nice. Love that kimchi pancake it’s amazing!

Shelley Lucero

Great food,best I have had outside of Los Angeles.


Great customer service, Delicious food, Great atmosphere.

Chris Rackley

This place is fairly new and was recommended to me by a friend. So I now recommend it to anyone interested in any kind of Asian food. This is particularly Korean food. The kimchi is good, the spicy Korean pork was excellent, the glass noodles and brown rice were great. Overall the place is very small but I would say don't let that stop you!

Nicholas Douglas

Delicious food and a friendly atmosohere. I may actually come back sometime.

Trina W

Food was very good. Staff was outgoing, friendly, and happy to answer my questions

Gerrit Kruidhof

Friendly attentive staff, delicious food, quick service, clean establishment, great lunch! For lunch today, I tried a combo bowl with spicy pork and bulgogi beef as well as the vegetarian roll and was pleasantly surprised how good both of them were. I also indulged in a Thai iced tea and it was so good I got another one. The staff also brought over small containers of kimchee and then a Korean pancake over which we enjoyed as well. I'll definitely be back!

Thomas Mortensen

Great food, reasonable prices and a friendly staff.

Claudia Zamora

This a great little locally owned place. The food is very good and it seems to be very authentic. The service was fabulous and all was good.


This place is great! I've eaten here twice now, and the food is wonderful. The staff is friendly, and they really try to make you feel welcome. They accidentally overcharged us for two ramens instead of one, but as soon as we pointed it out, they gave us a refund. No fuss, no "are you sure we charged you", just boom! Instantly fixed. I am definitely going to be coming here again. And again.

Marissa Chavez

Absolutely delicious! Really great service and food. My husband and I shared a combo plate with both rice and noodles with chicken and beef. Even though there's not too many seats, we found a place to sit. The service was fantastic and quick. Will definitely be returning! Can call ahead orders but I don't think they have bathrooms. Still, a great restaurant!!

Nick Griffin

Food is amazing!

Franco L

Wish I would have found this delightful spot sooner. The food is filling and delicious. I plan to go to Asian Pear as often as is practical. The staff are welcoming and courteous. I would recommend this place to anyone.


Super friendly and helpful staff, healthy Korean and Japanese dishes

Juan Agon

Delicious food, great variety and nice portions. The vegetable pancake is a must!

Amanda Luna

Best hands down for kimchi pancakes man those are yummy ! not to mention the owners are the the sweetest people, we love you Asian Pear ! Food is amazing !

Katherine S

This place is delicious! I didn't know what to order but I got some great advice and went with the BBQ chicken bowl. As I waited for my to go order they brought out a sample of Korean pancakes. Yumm!!

Chris Adams

Authentic korean foods with very friendly service! Everything was so yummy!

gleeful dragon

Wonderful food, generous portion sizes, and if you dine in, you get extra treats with your food. Absolutely love it!

Kaleo Alexander

Great food and service!

Charlotte Maestas

My first experience was not great but I have a couple friends who swear by the food so I tried again ... and I'm so glad I did! Inexpensive and delicious, meal was ready quickly and I enjoyed everything!

Sparky #

Decent place for lunch

Phil mckenzie

Great food great service. It has become a treat in our household. If you have not been you do not know what you have been missing

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