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850 NJ-3 #105, Clifton, NJ 07012, United States Located in: The Promenade Shops At Clifton

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REVIEWS OF Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar IN New Jersey


The service was great. The burger was delicious, the lemonade needs improvement it tasted artificial.

Afton Pressley

We came right before the Saturday dinner rush and had a wonderful meal. Paul was our server and was friendly and not too overbearing. Food was hot and fresh! It wasn't too loud or busy at the 3/4 o'clock hour which made the whole trip that much better.

Frank ruv

Good burgers. Fast service. This one has a good sized bar to sit at if you want to be cozy. The regular dining room is just so-so.

Josephine Utate

Nasty hostess. Great waiter.

Ivan Vison

A Must go! Everything is great! Really love the food here. The only thing I don't like is that sometimes bartender will forget about you and leave the area for a long period of time. Been there twice.

Stephanie Rabara

I can't get enough of this place. It's beyond good!! The truffle fries are to die for. Their burgers are always cooked to perfection, flavorful, and juicy. You can't go wrong with any of their milkshakes either. Most recently, they have this happy hour. $5 off a plain burger, 1/2 off French fries, & $1 off beers/wines. I usually sit at the bar but I can tell they can get busy sometimes.

Joe Raitano

Delicious burgers, awesome sides and a nice selection of wines. Service is exceptional and location is convenient. If you like mildly-spicy, go for the Green Chili Fries!

Eliot Sash

Very good burgers

Craig Eckhoff

Good food great service. But over priced for a casual burger place. Bathrooms need serious attention.


Great food Love Ahi tuna salad


I walked into this restaurant knowing I wanted to order one of their desserts. Since I felt a little self conscious about simply ordering a dessert and leaving. I ordered zucchini fries with ranch dressing so I wouldn't look so out of place. I've never had them before (but my server had a glowing recommendation for them). My server, Alex Jr., was right about them being delicious. He was also very pleasant during the meal and came over regularly to check on me. I never even had to motion to get his attention, he'd simply come over and inquire about my meal at seemingly the perfect times. I can't help but imagine it takes a lot of skill to develop that ability as a server, and it certainly made taking my order easier. I was surprised to find the zucchini fries were such a large quantity for an appetizer. I took my time eating them, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish them. I felt rather embarrassed to admit I was still planning to order dessert even though I'd been unable to finish my meal. He didn't seem to mind though and headed into the back to get a container for me. I barley even managed to pack the food way, before he arrived with the banana cream pie I had been craving. I haven't had cream pie since I came to this restaurant with my aunt over a year ago. It was just great as I remembered and I'm defiantly planning to come back in the future.

Hugh Hinds

The hostess are very polite professional the places extremely clean the food is very good and the bartenders are beautiful ladies and very professional.

Andrew Fuentes

Food was great! First timer and will come back. Although, it was my girlfriend's birthday week and we got a free coupon for a milkshake. We ask the waiter to redeem it but for some reason it he couldn't get it to work. I felt like he could of gone to a manager (gone the extra mile) but oh well. Anyway nice place, clean, bar was great.

Yvonne Noble

The service was prompt, the waiter we had was so kind. A very nice young man with a beautiful smile (forgive me, I've forgotten his name). The food was great!

Mavie Velab

Love their burgers, and their onion rings are my favorite ,thin and very crunchy ❤❤❤

4 Cars

Very busy place. Great costumer service

Patricia A Johnson

If you love burgers, a great chain restaurant and bar. I've been there and had almost every sandwich on the menu. Every one scrumptious. They even customize their burgers for special diets. I found it hard to stop eating the truffle fries with sprinkled parmesan. They have different flights of wine or beer to try each month. They also have TVs to catch the scores on the games. Since they are often located in malls. Eat and then get your steps in. Make it a great day or evening after work. It is really enjoyable with friends.

Renata C. S.

We had such a great night there. The food is delicious, there are options gluten free in the menu!! (Yay!!!!) The staff was super nice, we had a very large and loud group lol. The waitress was super patient and in a great mood. I absolutely loved it!

Jack Whitman

Amazing burgers and shakes... That's all I have to say.

Nehal Ahmed

One my favorite burger places in the area. They have great variations of burgers, the "Double" is my personal favorite. There's also salads and plenty of excellent sides like tater tots, zucchini fries, sweet potato fries and more. There's also shakes, wines and beers. I signed up for their VIP membership, which rewards you $10 for every $100 spent. Also, they have 50% off specials during big holidays. I have been to this places countless times, and always had great food and good service.

Frank Abbott

Excellent, cool place!

Ignacio A

Was my very first time at a Zinburger. Was pretty good quality food and the burger was awesome. However, the place was a bit messy, not cleaned up, tables coukd have been cleaned up better, floors was dirty with scraps here and there. That was my issue with the place.

Omar Albasha

Highly recommended for a very tasty burgers. Last time we tried the French Dip


I've come here twice, first time got a burger the next got the ahi tuna salad. Was a little nervous how the salad would be but it turned out to be really good. The sweet potato waffle fries with the yogurt dipping sauce is the best. Great place to eat while shopping in the mall. Good quality food.

Melissa Jourdain

Ibhad a chicken sandwich and my wife had the diablo burger. Plus some drinks. Service was great and so was the food. Will go back.

Alba Sanchez

Loved the quality of the meat on these burgers. I'm ready to go back. Yummy

Patricia Asturias

Nice place and the service is good.

David C

Food & service was great! Gave it a 4 for appearance. Back wall/mirror that they have has a mausoleum feel. Again, nothing against food & service but whoever designed that wall should redo - honestly look at it and ask some customers, they’ll agree it does look like that. I’ll take a pic next time I go.

Mike Hardy

Good, but overpriced for what it is. I was underwhelmed with the hamburger patty, especially when I paid extra for the prime rib blend. The patty was small compared to the bun, and it should have been the star of the sandwich, but it wasn't. The zucchini sticks were very good. I'll go again, but I won't pay extra for the prime rib and I'll try just a plain burger.

Nasser M

Love their Burger and it's friendly staff.

laury guzman

I love Zinburger the burgers are amazing and I love their zucchini fries. Their salads are also pretty good.

Manuel Saltarin

Nice place but Dont go there without reservations

Veronica Salt

Great place to go with the family every once in a while. The burgers are solid, large, and flavorful, but they are a bit pricey. However, the atmosphere is pleasant and the staff is caring and considerate.

Lily de la Torre

Thus definitely exceeded my expectations. Zucchini fries were crispy but not greasy and the veggie burger was flavorful. I'll definitely be back for happy hour. The worst part of the visit was finding parking.

Andrew Luka

Very good place The food is amazing

Ahmed Monessar

Great burgers

Jess Gracias

Love zinburger, especially during happy hour! Love the ahi tuna salad and zucchini fries. The kids meals are great too! Milkshakes to die for!

Naruto Yolo

I will keep this short. When I pay five dollars at Habit burger they perfectly make it. When we ordered four burgers here, they all came with mayo which we specifically did not ask for. One of us decided to have the burger redone but instead they brought back the same burger with the mayo wiped off. When the new burger eventually came which was missing the key ingredient eggs. When you’re purchasing a burger for $16 it would be nice if mistakes were not made.

Becky Panda

Food and service are good but don't understand why there is a wait when plenty of empty tables, maybe they should hire more waitress.

Gak 63

Nice place, clean and friendly. Staff is curtious, knowledgeable and polite. Food is good as are the drinks.

Abdul Rehman

Delicious burgers! I loved their Spicy Green Chili Fries. Excellent service. Good value for food. I'd definitely recommend this place to everyone!


Yummy Kobe beef juicy fresh burgers and everything else. Salads are delicious too with fresh slamon and tuna. Sweet desserts and great wine selection

Jade Mirch Torres

Very good burgers; the onion rings and loaded fries do not disappoint. The servers were friendly and were very helpful and willing.

Scott mcgowan

Dont sit by the bar they make the bartenders wait tables between making drinks,awful service

Corinne Giletto

I left my wallet behind after a corporate lunch. I live 2 hours away. Management was kind enough to call me and arrange the shipment of my wallet to my house. Acts of kindness!

Keith Smith

Second time eating here. Butternut squash soup was spicy and delicious. Winter squash salad absolutely on point with colorful cauliflower, crispy bacon, smokey almonds and cannellini beans. Sherry vinaigrette tied it altogether nicely. Dessert menu only had two items, but we shared the choc cream pie and it was fantastic. Will be back for sure. Good ambience and service, too.

Mr Moon

Awesome place to eat with friends and family. Had the best service provided by the server named Christine would definitely come back and tell friends and family about their great customer service and burgers.

Michael Wilczewski

Had to have a delicious butger on the 4'th of July.

Walter Cordero

Exelent places,good food , good prices.

George Koroneos

The Clifton Zinburger has never failed us. This review is from the perspective of a pescatarian, so pardon my lack of mention of a beef in a burger bar review. In particular, I want to discuss the addition of the Beyond Burger to the menu. Unlike the typical Beyond patties that you can get at Whole Foods, Zinburgers non-meat beef is thick and juicy like no other Beyond Burger I've ever eaten. It's seasoned just right and comes with the option of all vegan cheese, Mayo and pretzel bun. I opt for the non-vegan version and it is the best I've ever had. Other than that, the truffle fries are to die far and the bartenders make a mean cocktail with the perfect balance of ingredients (I'm partial to the mango sangria). Finally, the milkshakes are perfection. Grab a Bars of Zin to go and taste a milkshake that is blended with kit Kat and chocolate goodness that can't be replicated. This really is a great restaurant and they also have really affordable kid's meals in the summer and a rewards program that really helps you save as you eat great food.

Miltha Martínez

I like the wine+burgers theme. Good place

Janice Rojas

Not sure why my fries were served cold & the waitress did not bother to ask how the food was. Just because it was a slow Monday night does not give a good enough reason as to why the food lacked its usual taste & quality.

truth be damned

Kobe burger and the apple pie shake, FRIKKIN ORGASMIC...

Lysander Chan

Good food and decent happy hour.

Ricardo Antonio

The burgers were great, I have the breakfast burger and a black n blue iced tea. The combo was good. Service was fast as well.

T Payne

Great chicken burger

James De Lucia

I liked this place. Good pre Jet game burger.

Joseph DeLeon

Traditional American burger fare but managers are constantly checking in and making sure that service and food are the best it could be.

Loci Lenar

Delicious burgers and excellent service. Sign up for the Zinburger app and receive a $10.00 reward for every $100.00 spent.

Abygail Shadownight

Amazing waiter and burgers and shakes, I suggest the root beer float shake, and the el diablo burger.

cody beeson

Too god dam expansive for a burger I could of bought down the street, wacker than wack!!


Used to be great! Very loud, service has really gone down and unfortunately so has the food. Burger was not hot the bun was old. I never had this experience before...won't be returning.

rose smith

got to try happy hour here!!!

Devapriyan Patel

Food is good, but very overpriced. Milkshakes are delicious, but will cost you around $6. When did milkshakes become so expensive to make?

Zandra Carlos

The burger was good and a nice size. However, it seemed that the waitress wasn’t trained to serve. She wouldn’t even smile or engage in any type of conversation which I initiated. She didn’t bring water or extra paper napkins until we asked for them. The fries were cold but they did replace them when we let them know. I was there with my husband and teenage son so for three burgers and one fries, two sprites and a glass of wine, we paid $60.00. I would go back during half price happy hour but I will make sure not to get the same waitress.

David Triolo

Yes, it is a chain restaurant, but it is awesome!

Joshua Sanders

Excellent customer service

Zuby Bu

Mediocre burgers. Additionally, why do you charge separately for the French fries? Greedy much?

mark chance

Great Burgers

Jerianne Pizza

Burgers and wine. I expected more but food was good and the happy hour drink specials were good

Josh W

Food is always good, service is normally slower than it was when I went a couple of weeks ago. Still not the fastest, but they're understaffed, so I get it. I'll keep coming back, though, because the good is good enough to override the service. For now, at least.

roland jousset

Slow service and very expensive

dee McF

The service is horrible. I was waiting at the bar for 20 min for my order. A bag was sitting at the back of the bar for 10 min before the bartender gave it to me(never said it was a to go order). Food was cold. Don’t bother coming here if you expect decent service.

Natalie Mahony

delicious burgers! A little on the small side. They say one order of waffle fries feeds 3 people....more like one and I'm a thin highschool athlete.

Emad Haque

Better burgers than five guys

Pamela Fernandez

Love the food, worth every penny!


Salmon burger was a fillet of salmon cooked to perfection! Not bargain priced but completely satisfying, a good portion. Too much hype about the truffle fries; I won't order them again. Our server took care of our every need in friendly fashion. My friend was very satisfied with one of the beef burgers. Clean, bright and contemporary atmosphere. Parking right near the entrance.


The wait was so much longer then we were told. We were a party of 4 adults and 2 children our original wait time was 20 minutes, in reality it was 45 min. Food and service was good.

Matt Verdi

Everything's hand made. The burgers are to die for. The loaded fries are crazy. Definitely stop by.

K Smith

I have been to Zinburger lots of times and have always loved it. Today I found out they have an Etch A Sketch for kids to play with while waiting for food. They have always been great but today elevated them. It's the little things.

Ryan Nova

Awesome food, great special prices on Sundays!

Elaine J

A great dining, the atmosphere,service and decor was laid back and welcoming. the food was v good. the food were great including the dessert.

Cree Lawson

Great burgers and wine in a family friendly environment.

Jamie Ly Macdonald

My favorite burger place!

Michelle Attilio

The food is tasty, the wait staff friendly, and the food comes out super fast! Their drinks are good too.

John Atti

I really enjoyed the food and drinks here. I'm not able to get out much, but the beer in tap tasted fresh, and the burgers were just pure juicy goodness. I recently tried the impossible burger on their menu, and wow did it taste good! The price isn't cheap, but it's not really pricey here, either. They also have good specials on half off beers if you know the right time to come. I'd recommend, if you're in the mood for nice burgers and good drinks.

Johana Cifuentes

first time here and LOVED IT! Cindy at the bar was so awesome and took care of me and my friend so well! She was so great! Food and drinks were great too! Can’t wait to go back!

Kristin Ko

Burger was good. Wish it came with fries. $16 for a burger and no side is a bit much... Like potatoes aren't that expensive i think they can spare some fries. But the burger was juicy and tasty. No complaints there.

John Murray

Delicious blue burger. Amazing mint shake.

Tunde Nagy

Nice restaurant. The Happy Hour deals are great! The service was fast. The only problem is parking, because it is inside the mall.

jeff druck

Great service great food can't wait to go back

M Preciado

Good service, great burger.

Wendy Rehim

Excellent service and food

Stephon Wolf

delicious food and great service

Lukasz Szalacha

Great burgers, breakfast burger is the best

Den Orlowsky

I went for lunch. Ordered their pea and broccoli soup with a cashew cream drizzle, followed by a Kobe burger ( without cheese )and sweet potato waffle fries. The soup was a delight. I love any soup but this was worthy of taking some home. The Kobe burger was, shall we say not a Kobe in the true sense. The meat was a little too tough, although compared to other burgers it was still a pretty decent pattie with mushrooms added. I have eaten a real kobe burger and it was a dream dancing on the tongue but it cost a princely sum. This Zin Kobe was very passable for $15 and quite tasty. The waffle fries were delicious. Service in Zinburger is always good.

Angela Talbott

Goid service nice break from the mall

nertil lazellari

Great burger the server habe to be more good but food it’s great

Luiz Magalhaes

Im here sometimes in zinburger and the service was horrible the waitress didt clean the table bringbthe check without ask for desert. Where the manager this place every waiter is the front restaurant talking each other very dissapoint today. I hope fix this

Mikel Rivera

Very good Burgers!

Alison B

Food is good, excellent staff. High ish prices

Kate Chernysheva

I was there a few times only for now. Planning to have dinner there for my birthday with some friends. Food is just great. The timing is proper and it is just done right and is very delicious. I loved it every time. Wine is great too. I remember i ordered the cheapest Riesling they had on the menu and surprisingly, it was the best Riesling I've ever had, talk about very well though-through wine menu. Absolutely loved it. Staff is very friendly and professional yet not too obsessive with customers which is a big plus for me (most times i came in to dine alone and to have some peace). Overall, it is a great restaurant, great atmosphere, good staff and delicious food and drinks. Thank you, guys.

Vance Campbell

The staff was amazing and friendly. The pickles were blahhh!!!

Lou Anne Kapura

Burger was great (so was milkshake)!!! Zucchini fries were one of the best I've ever had.


That Kobe Paty was of the charts

Gelo Petsvona

Straight forward menu. Nice salads, good milkshakes. Simple and good. We did like the Sunday happy hour, 50% off on the glasses of wine and $5 burger. Friendly staff, good service. It took a little longer than I thought to get the food.

Lorena Alvarez

Small but tasty selection of burgers. Friendly staff and great location.

Kyle Eve

Loved it!! Came here for a work lunch. The staff were excellent and the service was very quick

Angelo Cristini

Love this place! Best Burgers around. Had the breakfast burger and my wife had the blue burger. Also had the loaded french fries and chili fries both amazing.

Jon lopez

Good burgers a little pricey for what they give you.

Qwer Gaming

Exellent food, good service and hospitality, very nice servers. Overall very nice place

Neil Amaral

The food was great and the staff was friendly. Super affordable drink prices.

Margaret Close

Not a bad place for a good burger. Customer service good

Fernando Diban

Excellent service and food is first quality. It could use a bit more flavor.

roger diaz

Cheap fancy spot. Portions are big prices are small.

Mradula Dave

Very good deserts

Jason Hernandez

The burger, fries and pie were on point

Jonathan Vega Feliciano

Very good!! Excellent service and very good food.

Eddy Lai

Always a good experience here. Simple no nonsense menu and pricing makes this a popular haunt for my family.

Edward DuCoin

The cookies and cream milkshake is the best milkshake I've ever had

Edwin Tejeda

Phenomenal flavor on the burguer

DaVon Moore

Great Service, Wonderful burgers, Great Selection of fries and shakes. Sweet happy hour deals.

Ron Howard

Great wine selection and friendly staff!

Christopher McGrath

Great burgers. Service can be a bit slow but worth it

Mike Litterio

The cheeseburgers were okay I think the place is overrated ,although our waitress was very nice, little pricey for for a burger joint,that's just my opinion.

Nicholas Martin

stopping by the promenade shops in Clifton? put your name down at zinburger. as you might imagine, most of the menu items are sandwiches, and they do a good job of capturing most people's desired handheld meal. there is also the option to use Kobe beef on any burger option, really ramping up the taste factor. a unique assortment of sides (Wasabi coleslaw, anyone?) along with more traditional ones with twists (like a spicy cheese dip for tater tots) are available as well

My2 Cents

In the mood for a burger? You won’t be disappointed. Kind of excessive to order two sets of fries if two people want two different kinds as burgers don’t include fries. Shakes are delicious too. Fast friendly service. Have sports playing in bar area, visible from general seating. Nice atmosphere, plenty of parking.

Julia Manning

Love the$5 dollar happy hour!

Jason Mcrae

We has Jimmy as our server and he was phenomenal, very friendly and attentive.

Natrecia Reid

drinks were good had fun with friends did not eat but saw people with food that made me feel hungry although I was full

Praneeth Pasumarthy

One of the best burger places i have ever been to. This place is inside the mall and is very easy to locate. Ideal for pit stops while shopping. The food is good and the have a good collection of wine and spirits. Don't forget to ask for their local beers which are usually not listed in the menu. The food is affordable and it's worth trying. The staff was good and friendly. Four stars because i felt they took a little extra time to serve our food.

Sungwoo Kim

Good place t eat.. good bar

Lance Schnurr

I had a delicious Kobe cheddar cheese burger.

Deborah Bove

I arrived there at 6:45, wanted to take advantage of happy hour. Our waiter dropped off menu and came back at 7:04. I asked him if I could still get my happy hour drink and appetizer, he told me no it was after 7. I told him I was there at 6:45 and it took him that long to come back,he was to busy BS with some friends that were customers. I thought that was really rude. Dont know if I will go back to that location, since I was there a week before and the waitress we had was amazing and very accommodating. This waiters service left a lot to be desired

Rick Jor

My brother in law's 1'st time here and it didn't disappoint. He's a fan as of now. The food was amazing.


This is one of my favorite burger joints! I’m never disappointment by the food. It’s always delicious and the service here is always top notch.

random videos

Great Burgers, and I love the Big Bad Blue burger

jay k

El diablo...veg burger tastes good but upset stomach

deval shah

Went there for first time. The service was excellent and staff was very friendly. Being a vegetarian you will find lot of mix and match options. We tried ‘CLINT’S “ALMOST FAMOUS” VEGGIE BURGER’ and ‘DOUBLE TRUFFLE FRIES’ both were awesome. Defiantly recommend this place

el alejandro

Good food & service.


Their burger is decent and service is great!

Jennifer Ouellette

Food is amazing but the server seemed to be in a rush. One thing we do not like is to feel rushed through a meal.

Koro Chan

Had a burger with some loaded fries with a friend. Wait was minimal at midday Saturday and they simply text you when your table is ready so you can keep shopping. Super friendly (and handsome

Levon Myles

Great dining. Family fun and beautiful atmosphere.

ken viado

I sat in the area near the bar, where there is additional bar seating which goes around part of the restaurant. I sat there for 20 minutes and no one helped me or anything. 2 of the bar tenders made eye contact with me, but neither told any of the waiters or waitresses to come to help me. I would not recommend this zinburger location to anyone who wants to eat near the bar area, or wants to eat here without getting an actual table in the dining area. If I could give my experience and this zinburger a 0 star rating I would, but unfortunately I cannot.

Brian B.

If you’re looking for a juicy burger... look no further. This place is great along with the other Zinburgers that I’ve been to. Awesome milkshakes as well!

andrea lopez

Delicious food, delicious beer. It's a bit overpriced for a burger place in the mall, that's why I gave it 4 stars. But overall great food and good service.

Terry Brooks

This is my 3rd time in 2weeks I have eaten first experience was amazing my server Cindy was so great knowledgeable and the manager Krystal second visit not so good the server appeared to be new but service wasn't the same ,my third visit the server was nice but she didn't ask the relevant question but the manager quickly solved that and one of the cards was could have been a mistake do like the place though one of the few restaurants where I get tasty vegetarian meal that actually taste great and the arthmosphere is also great the greeter awesome and the host polite..

nancy galeano

Our First Time over there and our experience was Wonderful, We loved the Food, ThenPlace and the Service. Good Place to enjoy

greg t

First time there. Burger was great. Happy hour was great.

Gene Noble

The food tastes fresh and delicious.... Burgers are always good, but so is the salmon. I'd like a slightly bigger piece of salmon. Good beer prices and selection. One drawback for me. It's in a mall.


Excellent across the board. Service and quality!

Tamika Francis

Great burgers! I love the Salads as well.

XaBbep Гомезу

Happy hour one of the best in Clifton, NJ . Greetings from Javier Enrique Gomez Sagastume.

Kyle T

Tastey food. Beautiful atmosphere. Nice staff. Cold burger buns. Repulsive bathroom.

ryska jo

I love that place food is really good, servers are nice

Glenn Patti

great burgers and get the truffle fries!

pedro rodriguez

The burgers are amazing and they're shakes delicious

Catherine Mitch

Too loud. Terrible service, even though it wasn't busy. Berger was ok, but didn't come with fries.

Bibi Rivera

Never a disappointment. Can be pricy. Servers are very pleasant.

Dominick Tedesco

This is a fine place to come and enjoy a burger after shopping all day, however there were a few hiccups. We sat at a high top table (close to the bar). We had to wait a few minutes to be helped, but were greeted within 5 minutes of sitting. We ordered 2 burgers each and a shared side of fries. Our only complaint was that we asked the fries to come out with our food and the fries came out 25 minutes before our food came. By the time our food came, our fries were cold. We still ate them because we were hungry. After we told Faith our server about the fries, she removed the fries from our receipt without asking the manager and apologized for the misunderstanding. Overall our meal was delicious and we always have a great time here.

Giovanni G

Always good food and good wine at a moderate prices, especially during happy hour

Mari Esco

My family and I really enjoy going to zinbuger, we're always greeted with a smile our waiters/waitress are always pleasant and attentive which I Iike. I really don't care to wait 30-40 mins to eat but I learned my lesson the hard way. The burgers and service are worth the wait. Besides, I just go shopping while I'm waiting and receive a phone call when my table is ready so it's not too bad. The burgers are amazing so tasty & fresh, the zucchini fries are my favorite so delish and my kids love their milkshakes. Zinburger meets all our expectations from a mango mojito to variety of beers to choose from for the hubby. We'll definately be returning

Ivet Cruz


Glenn Gargiulo

Aces. By far the best Burger place. The Truffle Fries are incredible. A must try. My burger was awesome and exactly the way I ordered it. And the milkshakes??? Forget about... The best. The staff was friendly and explain the menu so you know just what you're getting. Definitely one of my favorite places.

Dharmesh Chovatia

Food and service is very good

Nick DiDomenico

The food is soooo good. plus they serve booze. plus the milkshakes. inside service has always been pretty good, outside service sometimes slow.

R David Koby

They have really awesome burgers. Little bit pricey but then you get great quality beef with savory flavor. Fries are top notch. Good salads. Fast pleasant service. Located across from California Pizza Kitchen. The bar area has open windows into the mall so you can get kind of an outdoors feeling.

M Revis

The food is good when it's hot! Everything seemed to go wrong on our second visit. The apple crisp is awesome but it needed to be heated longer so it's hot all the way through, the fries and burgers were barely warm, not even steaming; it's as if they were sitting out for a while. However the manager and our server were both great! And did what they could to make it better. Hopefully our third visit will be as good as our first!

Douglas McDonnell

Inconsistent kitchen. Usually can not cook a burger to order. And that is mostly their menu. Bad experiences for multiple reasons. Today was the last straw. Won't be going back.

Jessica Leon

The food was good! The shakes and service were also good. I had the veggie burger with truffle fries and was not disappointed. The restaurant was clean and service was also just as good.


Always great at this location!

Ash Soprano 007

Really enjoyed this place!

Delmon Malke

worst place ever No respect at all , i place the order through doordash and the driver waited there for 50 minutes to get a freaking burger with fries. one star rating is too much for them

Kisai Official

#1 Top place for burgers. My favorite are “almost famous” veggie burger , El Diablo & hand cut fries with beer. Never disappointed by the service.

Jeanine Viera

First time here. Burgers where amazing. Will be going back.

Jose Martinez

The burgers live up to the hype


Holy hell their onion rings

Issayana Munoz

HANDS DOWN THE BEST VEGAN BURGER EVER. They use vegan mayo and cheese, which MOST restaurants don't offer obvy unless they are full scale all vegan. Literally the beyond burger is cooked to perfection and everything just taste sooo amazing. Should def come with fries for the price but in the meantime I love love love this place. Plus they use paper straws so I dont have to bring my own which I love!


Bread is too soft on burger...feels so thin and light that it melts in your mouth. Sounds appetizing but not when I'm eating a burger. Another time I ordered a salad and ordered chicken to go with it , which was $4 extra. When my salad came out I had to search for the chicken! Also...the soda is always flat. Sweet potato fries are bomb yummy especially with the sauce!

Linda C

Yummy burgers. Good service. Very busy place, but could still comfortably have a conversation.

All About Anything A.A.A 세상의 모든것

Good food with best customer service.

A Friendly Place

Yummy burgers

Joyce Geiger

Always great. Relaxing and good food.

Edwin Mendez

Best burger ever! They are a bit pricey, but worth the money.


Adrianny is the best I love her !!!!! Very chill place great staff!! Drunk words sober thoughts

Jay Lucas

Today is Saturday April 27th,2019. I stopped here with a coworker and sat at the bar ordered to veggie burgers to go. The bartender took out order and unfortunately didn’t really explained a veggie burger (vegan style is essentially a salad). We waited 45 minutes for these two burgers. That wasn’t really an issue but the entire time we just felt ignored by the bartender. I still tipped her and I hope she learns to just treat customer nicer. The food is below average, at least the veggie burger. If you have time, go to literally any other place in the shopping center.


The food at zinburger is great however the Clifton location has a low performance team. On numerous occasions I have wanted to order to go and wanted to put my order ahead only problem is that they never pick up the phone. It’s unfortunate because you loose many customers by doing so.

Lorik Bejta

Not 5 star but solid 4

Shelby Meyers

This is my partner and I's go to date night spot! Delicious food, solid wine selection, and great happy hour specials. We go for "Wine Wednesday" at least once a month for the half price bottles. Burgers are amazing! Ive tried quite a few and enjoyed them all. The "Ringer" burger is my recommendation for meat eaters and "Clints Almost Famous" veggie burger is, no exaggeration, one of the best burgers I've had, period. You can't go wrong! This location is great. If there is a wait, it moves quickly, and there is some limited outdoor seating. Staff are all great! Only thing to be aware of is the burgers do not come with sides. Those have to be bought separately!

Jim C

Kobe burger medium was outstanding. Friendly service and food was delivered fast

Crystal monrooe

Burgers are really good

Raja Krishnan

I had food here several times. They have good happy hour menu. Great burgers, french fries and really awesome milkshakes, even the beer and cocktails are good too.

Neil Schuman

The food is excellent, and the prices are decent. Even their salads are superb, and the place works for vegetarians and gluten free diets

Erick Fermin

I had the "breakfast burger" the Meat was cooked to perfection, delicious

Aditya Gupta

I had hugh expectation from this place. I had heard lots of good stuff about it. I am a vegetarian and ordered the vegi burger and fries. I was actually disappointed with the food. The burger is the only vegi option on the menu, which I dont mind, but it wasnt worth it. No originality, no zin taste, nothing that popped in any sense. And McDonalds fries could have easily given their fries competition. I was really disappointed with the food. I doubt I will order from here again.

K Sinnott

Great burger, pleasant and helpful staff, great place to get cought up with a friend!

Marilyn Rey

Very disappointed with the service, quality, and price. I ordered a 15$ ahi tuna salad that when picked up the guy never even put the order in because he forgot to ask me for my number and never called back to tel me he didn’t hear I said a ahi tuna salad. Ontop of waiting, when we got the food, the fries were poorly made, and the ahi tuna, I could have gotten for 6$ some place else and they would have given me more. 15 dollars for a 6 dollar serving. Highly disappointed.

andres marin

Service was great , food was good had Volcano Burger I was expecting a blazing fire and spicy but it was just a medium not spicy burger, but it was well cook .

Adrian Savonije

Had the Kobe beef burger , which was heavy on the salt , my first one and while it tasted good was over salted.

bohio Cruz

Omgg delicious food

Joseph Horrach

Great food great taste great price


Please, if you love yourself try the chocolate pie. I normally don’t eat pie. I like more structure and umph so I’m 99% a cake person but omg zinburger pie is my 1% exception. My boyfriend eats the whip cream since he’s full off the awesome burger and fries he had and I eat the actual pie. I always have a burger, too, but there I always room for dessert. Usually take at least half home for second dessert time. There are a lot of parking options in the plaza so that’s never a concern. Wait time is usually quick. Minimalist interior with their signature cow around. Little pricey for burgers and fries but I’m addicted to that pie so I make do.

Eliot Malone

Solid burgers, wine, and drink menu (Jalapeño Margarita is amazing). Great Happy Hour prices on Sundays with easy parking and less of a crowd.

Alana O'Neill

Really good happy hour deal for $5 simple burger and half off drinks and apps. You can get a beer fries and burger for like $11. Our waitress was very nice at GSP location. I also like how they only offer straws on mixed drinks and the shakes unless u request otherwise.

Shahzore Qureshi

Amazing Kobe burger and double chocolate shake. One of the best burgers I've ever had (after Bareburger haha).

Steve Kein

Been there 10 time's all hits no misses ! Batting .1000 Great Place Got Fat Tire beer in bottles

tomer yosifon

Nice place, nice food, a lot of noise.... But tasty...

Bob Mosely

Look out for the HOT POTATOE tots

Kelly Griffith

Burger and shake. You cannot go wrong with anything you pick. Conrad, our server was very attentive..

Louis K

Extremely salty inedible food. Over $60 of food that was barely edible. Better go to shake shack instead. Dont waste your time or money. The staff didnt even bother to ask how the food was when everything was left over.

John Lawrence

Pretty decent place . Very nice for a hamburger joint . The fresh flowers are a nice touch


Fantastic service. Good solid food

Dwade Babcock

Great burgers and our server was very attentive.

Adam Cox

Great service, really good happy hour specials

Angelique Harris

The best burger place in any town

Jonathan Mcneil

Good food and a good variety

Mike W

My 75 year old parents love this place. My wife and I found the food uninspiring. About as appetizing as an average diner.

Shane Price

Sides and food was good but fish was raw, and severely undercooked for its replacement. Decent but better burgers elsewhere

John K

Good burgers

Kelly Brown

The food is really good here, but often it gets really crowded. I went on a Monday night and was told a 25 minute wait, but then ended up waiting almost an hour for a table. But the food was really good and came out quickly

Dennis Newman

Quality food and drinks. Great place for lunch. I wouldn't recommend for large groups or to catch a game. This place just does not have that kind of party vibe.

Jim Clancy

I am in the hospitality industry for over 35 years. Service is a key component to the success of the guest experience. The server we had lacked personality and clearly didn't want to serve us as we had to look for her too many times. The food was good however on the breakfast burger the egg was well done and not how I wanted it. Over easy makes the Burger can complete. I would go back but would request a different server.

PeanutButter Queen

Ive gone here for my birthday and random dates this is my favorite resturant the service is always so nice and everything always tastes amazing

sandra gutierrez

Good prices, very yummy food and very nice service

E Perez

Good burgers (some). A little pricey. But the staff service absolutely sucked. They are not very polite. Most of them seem like they are at a social gathering talking bunched up in a corner. Most of them look very young and dont seem how to work at a restaurant and little do they know how to treat customers. (sad)

Anka W.

Love the ambience and the food. The staff are knowledgeable about the offerings, and helpful. . It's always pretty crowded, but if you go in the in-between times, you'll find a place right away. Totally recommend

barbara walsh

I am a big fan of Zinburger. However, this location has problems. Tonight, I was so disgusted I am actually writing one of these reviews. Service was terrible. My son ordered a soda. When he finally got it. No straw! after several minutes I got the straw myself. After waiting 30 minutes, someone brought us some fries which were soggy - they are normally hot, crispy and great! 15 minutes later we finally got our burgers after a total wait of over 45 minutes. RAW on the inside. disgusting. I asked for check, the food was deducted but quite frankly I would have preferred the food! Going home at 8:45 pm with no dinner just enrages me. Zinburger management should be ashamed. But clearly tonight, they were not. It was supposed to be a nice night out with my son and I and it turned into NOT THAT! Oh yeah - and the ladies room room was gross and and there was no toilet paper. If there were negative stars I would give them

Muhammad Y

Zinburger used to have good shakes and great burgers. I’m sorry to say it but this will be the last time I come to eat here. Food took a long time and when it came out the bread and beef were old. The bread was stale and the beef was hard and fell apart.

Ana Cardoso

Food was amazing. Menus should be simplified. Overall I highly recommend.

MaxDarkplayer 26

Good burgers and excellent drinks

Mark Lennerton

I've been to other Zinburgers and this one, at least on this particular day,did not measure up. It is the first time I've been to this particular Zinburger, but the food (Kobe burger and double truffle fries) and table service we less than expected.

marian gordon

Great burgers and onion rings. Good for a mall restaurant. Service was good.

Yazen Tabbaa

This location has great burgers and a fun atmosphere with a bar some games playing and a nice menu

Chris Thai

Great burger place; bit on the pricy side but well worth it. The kobe burger was flavorful and the weekly special was amazing. The sides are shareable portions. We got about 25 tater tots to share for a nice appetizer. Service is great and the ambiance is very chill. Expect around $16+ per person.

Domenick Santoro

Good food and good price

Daria O

Yum ordered uber delivery burger was thick cooked medium to perfection they gave me my onions and side of mayo I asked for Cole slaw was really good little small in size for paid side order zucchini fries really good but its the burger that counts and it was amazing I highly recommend this place

Allan Rose

Nice place, great food.

Dr Dooright

The wait staff here is exceptionally attentive and friendly. The food of course was good but what makes them stand out is that they obviously carefully choose their staff. I will return for that fact alone

Blesson Samuel

They put us in the corner next to a filthy waiters stand near the bathroom after confusion with the tables and the tables weren't wiped down. We were basically ignored the whole time with absurdly slow service and the food finally came out lukewarm and with soggy floppy chips. This was uncharacteristic of Zinburgers as we love Clifton and the one near Edison. I'm extremely dissatisfied and would have asked the manager to intervene but frankly was already impatient waiting and didn't have any more time to waste.

Kristine Bell

Good service. Good burger.

Rebecca Carmeli-Peslak

Burgers were amazing. Got the classic cheeseburger and the special summer lobster burger. Zucchini fries were wonderful! Also ordered Mac and cheese, truffle fries, and sweet potato fries and would highly recommend all of them. Birthday shake is amazing!

Krystian S

Zin burger is always good. Great food and nice staff. Great quality food for a fair price. They have special burgers all the time and they have half priced apps as well. Defiantly a place you should go to

Haifa Alajlan

Very delicious

Karolina Soja

The waiters with black hair and nose ring is disrespectful. Today I have been in the Zinburger with my boyfriend and when I wanted to order something she literally turn her back to me. She was staring and smiling to my boyfriend, without paying attention that I was talking to her.

Lolita Samaroo

It was awful no taste and was hard

Diana Catalina Orozco Montoya

Its ok. It's expensive but the food is very good

roxandrei za

It supposed to be pleasant, nice atmosphere, however they offer drinks measured by eye (bourbon), the burgers don’t include fries in the menu. And when we finished it they offer us free fries! Lol Over all 5/10

A Schettini

Food was fast and good at rhe bar

Michael McGuirk

These are some of the best burgers around, and the menu is pretty well priced. I recommend French fries of any kind here

Christopher Mount

Food was pretty good but my burger was to well done and dry for my liking.

Leyla Lale

Always have a great experience here. A couple times the bartender made my drink WAY too strong, but after correcting it's always great. I get the zinburger with mozzarella, my boyfriend gets the breakfast burger, and we always get sweet potato waffle fries (my FAVORITE). Friendly staff and pretty fast service.

Chris Schulze

Burgers are consistently terrific, fresh cooked right tasty ingredients. Truffle fries are to die for.

Magna Gopal

Great spot for a great burger. This location is perfect for watching the game as well. They've got 4 huge TVs high in the wall so that no matter where you're sitting, you can still see what's on. I like that it's very open and spacious. Servers are very friendly and service is quick! Definitely recommend. There's a nice little frozen yogurt spot next door if you're craving that.

Jessie Bratcher

Love this place, but service was s little slow tonight. And it wasnt that crowded!

Doris Harvey

Only complaint was freezing cold Food was great service ok

Josh Onishi

Zucchini fries were great! It was a bit pricey.

phone rand

Food was very good. Service was not great.

Fred Martins

Have been meaning to try this place for a while. Have driven past it a thousand times. Glad I stopped in. Breakfast burger was great. Shakes are really good too.

Ivy Brown

All of the items I've had at this establishment have been 5 star quality and the servers are excellent.

michael stern

Great burgers and onion rings. Love the breakfast burger!

Melissa Di Santi

Had such an amazing experience here! The wine list was great and the service was awesome! All of the staff and servers were incredibly friendly and very attentive. The food was also great! I was very pleasantly surprised. They have specials going on all the time so it is good to look out for the ones that would best suit you. My boyfriend and I went on a Wednesday when they have half priced bottles of wine! I will definitely be coming back here again! Loved it.

Tom Fiedler

Great place for food

R. Scott King

Fries were a little soggy. Grilled Buffalo Chicken sandwich was ok but not really Buffalo sauce (although the chicken breast was first rate and cooked well). My wife said her burger was great. The flavored lemonade was also very good. Service was pleasant but a little slow.

Michele Dipasquale

Nice place. Very nice, good staff. Maybe a bit overpriced, as the hamburgers are served only with a few pickle chips, and they are not so big for a $15 average price tag. Good place, though. Maybe not great, but good.

Omer Ozkarakaya

Not a big burger fan but this place is pretty decent. Burgers are great size and very delicious. No fatty taste.

Alline Chauncey

Good choice for family for food and drinks, bar and grill. Good service, friendly atmosphere.

York Washington

Nothing impress, burger is so so. You should go Just happy hour time and 1/2 price drink.

Yamilis Bello

First time at Zinburger and the food and service was great. I ordered the Breakfast burger ( Avocado, fried Egg, Bacon, Lettuce, and Mayo ) with Pickles on the side ( thank god, cause I can't stand Pickles. I also ordered the Loaded fries... It was banging!!!!

Deborah DHARMA Ackerman

This place is fantastic! Try the loaded fries, and the prime rib French dip!! Simply amazing!!

Eileen Jones

Great service and delicious dessert.

Kevin Razo

Clean and good food (burgers, fries, shakes, etc.). Place becomes very packed during peak hours. Staff is friendly

Krystal G

I love zunburger. Everytime I go there I get a bunless Turkey burger and its sooo delicious! I'd reccomend going. They also have amazing milkshakes!

Mario Damiao

Normally good, this visit was terrible. the avocado in my salad was black... not fresh for sure. sent it back... They did not have any fresh ones in the house, It turned out I walked out and had lunch next door

M River

All the burgers on the menu are excellent, or you can create your own. Salads are awesome and shakes are phenomenal. Great family place too!!!

John Otterstedt

The service has slipped to the point where I can't see how this place stays in business. We had to wait for everything - from seating to drinks to food - longer than we ever imagined. At one point, we looked around and not one person in the restaurant had food in front of them. We only received explanations when we complained......but the explanations consisted of shrugs and replies of "I'm not sure what is going on. We have a new manager."

Jairo A Jinete

Friendly place and delicious food.


As i first walked in...the host greeted me and took my name and number. They said they woukd call me when my table was ready. Never did. Had to walk up there and see what was going on. Then i got seated. For a "fancy" buger place, the chairs and tables werent comforting. I asked the waitress wjat was the most popular burger there. She said " The Zinburger." I was not impressed once i ate it. It was good. But not the best burger ive ever had. Portions of the beef were great. Buns on the burgers were nice and full. I'll come back and try another one sometime.

Roshini Cijo

Love love this place. Nice ambience. Have visited this place at least thrice and will go back.

Kameliya Zoeller

Good Kobe Burger, terrible sweet potato fries, good service.

Raisa Brown

Love going here

Faizan Siddiqui

One of the best burgers I've ever eaten. Fries are delicious. Amazing service. So nice. Food doesn't come late. Even our hostess was so, so nice. I'd definitely come back here.

Muriel Corradino

Burger was awesome. Great food and service. My dad was a butcher and the burger I had tasted just like the hamburgers I grew up eating. Definitely eat there!

Eliezer Heredia

I recommend The Double burger for those that love mid rare and taste the juice of the the meat. The only thing I don't recommend are the sides dishes for some reason all of them came overcooked. White Empress and Honey Bee are the best cocktails

Paul Cohen

Limited menu. Way overpriced for the quality they serve.

Krystian S

Great food, great selection, including wine and shakes. Very kind workers

Alicja Bil

THEY HAVE A HAPPY HOUR!!! HALF OFF!!! 10/10 recommend the fries. Better than Gordon Ramsey’s!!! It’s the only reason I’d want to come back here. Both of the sauces, and the zucchini and truffle fries... it’s actually heaven in your mouth. I hate greens but the zucchini fries are actually to die for. For $6 maybe not worth it, just try them for the experience. They are phenomenal. Unless you come for happy hour, then they are totally worth it. Ps. When they say burger and wine, they ain’t lying. That’s all they really have. Which is fine. The zinburger itself was tasty and the best part was the Zinfandel onions.

Yana Mar

Great service and even better food! Absolutely love this place!

Omer K.

Staff and waitresses are rude and disrespectful and there is terrible service. I walk in and ask how long the wait is. They say 15-20 minutes. I get an text saying “Welcome to zinburger! Your table will be ready soon. We will text you then!” I wait and wait. I decide to speak up because people that came 10-20 minutes after me are getting served(by this point I have been waiting 35 minutes). I ask why I haven’t gotten a message yet. Guess what they say. “Oh your table is ready!” When I try to protest on why I didn’t get a message they show an attitude. I get up and leave.

Alaa ElShazly

Amazing bergers so juicy and huge ,nice staff and very friendly ,very affordable

Amaury Linares

Cheeseburgers are delicious.

Jose Gabriel Carpio Sancho

Oh my god I love that delicious hamburgers

Hamlet Alvarado

One of the best tasty, juicy burguers so far. BearBurguer is as good too.

Michael King

My son's favorite ❤️ place. I always have a beer there and every time it is ice cold better than any other place I've been to. Wedge salad is one of the best and the loaded fries are great.

Meow Choy

Waitress had so much attitude it was like she was doing me a favor in taking our order. Went to wash my hands but bathroom had no soap in the dispenser and no paper towels. Took them a half hour to make the burgers and it came out cold. All this for a $15 bueger? What the heck. Sent it back but at least it was good and they remade the burger instead of microwaving it. Should have gone to shake shack instead.

Master Asador bbq

Good place to eat a burger with beer. Casual and relaxed.

Annette S.

This particular location is in a great spot, but the server left a lot to be desired. She came to the table to take the order, bring the food and then to bring the check. Didn't check in to see if we needed anything else during the meal. Not good service.

Josiah Chung

Overall quality has gone down and it seems the people who work there are not excited to be there.

Gizeth Cruz

Christine was great this evening! Delicious food and the Bloody Mary is extraordinary!

Danielle Doug

The decor is warm and inviting. The service was friendly and pretty helpful. My issues lie with the cook. My husband and I asked for our burgers mid-well and they came to us ready to run off the plate WITH the soggy bun. If this wasn't a burger joint, I wouldn't have much of an issue but BURGER is in the name. I expected the execution of the burger to be done correctly. Oh and the drinks (1 LIT and 1 mojito) tasted quite watered down.

John B

Best burger and fries but go to the one in Morris plains... better setup there.

L Carson

Zinburger is my fam's new go-to restaurant. With a gluten-free family member, we have gotten very picky. The first thing the waiter asked after introducing himself was if anyone had dietary restrictions or allergies. Besides the waitstaff making us feel very comfortable (some places haven't been very patient with our questions and requests), the food is really good! Burgers are tasty & satisfying. Truffle fries are delicious. Even the chicken sandwiches are juicy and flavorful. The gluten-free buns here get a big thumbs up. Finally, we haven't yet sampled the desserts, but the shakes we had at our last visit were thick and better than some we've paid twice as much for. Dietary issues or not, you definitely have to check out Zinburger at the Promenade Shops.

Oded Livneh

Tasty food. Very very noisy.

Abs Kat

Horrendous service. The waitress at this location said I did not belong there due to my attire. I wore nice jeans, that had slight tears which were apart of the design, along with a plaid button-down. She was incredibly rude, and she deliberately sat a party of 6 who came after me, before me. I left. I was tremendously apalled.

Lorena Uribe

Great French Dip and Buffalo Chicken Sandwich!

Rob Gee

Good burgers. For a franchise .

Samir Shah

Service is great, food is very good too! You can also get most burgers with veggie patty. Drinks could be better, hence 4 stars. I like this location because it's convenient when shopping, and if you like it to be quiet, go on a Sunday since the mall is closed but the restaurant is open.

Dmitri Ogorodnikov

Nice place, good food

Tiffy Mccoy

I had the buffalo chicken sandwich and Mac & Cheese. The side of Mac & Cheese was horrible. The chicken sandwich was decent. The person I was with had a Zinburger and the cheese was terrible. As for the drinks- the bar is extremely slow so after the first round we canceled the second because it should take 20-25 mins for a margarita. Especially if it’s only like 5 parties seated in the restaurant at this time.

Mr. Amazing

It seems like this place has hiring discrimination.. All young people. Young people are great but mix it up a little.. Plus I have heard stories how they turn older experienced workers away.. Anyway. . Management is not visible. It looks like their training needs work also. Poor service.. Knowone smiles... Food subpar

Leo DeGennaro

Good burgers, nice atmosphere, might have to wait on weekends.

Joseph Oswald

Love their happy hour on Sunday. Great to get good food and drink before a movie. Very friendly bartenders.

Steve & Judy Reichman

Enjoyed my meal. Great options on the kids menu. Service tends to be a bit slow.

Chris Kwon

Still my favorite burger place, bar none.

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