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8 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018

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REVIEWS OF Yoon Haeundae Galbi IN New Jersey

David Fermin


James Cho

EJ Photography

Nina Scholl

Awesome new happy hour, great snacks and drinks.

Luong Hoang

T Kwon

I went to this amazing restaurant for the soft opening event last week. Great food, staffs are really friendly, and the interiror caught my eyes! There is a bar on second floor which is modern and has great choices to try. Would definitely go there again!

Sang-Duk Seo

Best kbbq in Manhattan.


(Translated by Google) it's delicious. The taste of Korea is also felt. The atmosphere was good. (Original) 맛있어요. 한국의 맛도 느껴지고.분위기도 좋았습니다.가격은 좀 쎄요

Gary OBrien

Decent lunch menu. Food was good but better at fast food joint Worrijip.

Michael Soto

Great food and drinks

Shirley Li Man

Staff is really friendly and constantly coming by to check on us. Will be back again

Adya Maddox

Food was delicious. Location and atmosphere were also great. Would definitely come again.

steve lipschutz


They have time limit to eat just like Army in North Korea. I will never come this worst Restaurant.

Gregory Borys

High quality food in an inviting atmosphere. Service was a little slow, but overall it was a great experience!

Monica Zhao

Youngrok Lee

Too many servers. couldnt concentrate on Dinner with Friends.

Taegyun Kim

Side dishes were small and didn't have variety. Marinated short rib was too sweet.


Got the prime lunch package for two and the marinated package for two. Overall the quality of the meat is very good. I felt a little jipped on the brisket (chadol) - it felt like we only got 10 pieces of that. But I must admit the soybean stew may have been one of the greatest things I've ever tasted - I would come back just for that. It definitely has me curious about some of the other items on the menu besides the bbq.

John Chang Young Kim

cathy k


(Translated by Google) I have a party. My birthday party I also eat spicy ribs whenever I eat it ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ The amount of side food is too low. Next time I'll come early and eat the food. ^^ (Original) 회식 ㅋㅋ 내 생갈비 ㅠㅠ 역시 양념갈비는 언제 먹어도 맛있어 ㅋㅋㅋ 사이드 음식양이 너무 적어 ㅠㅠ 다음에는 일찍와서 생갈비 먹어야지 ^^

Aleisia Gibson

Saba Khan


The galbi here is amazing

Liam Wang

Kyle Valenzuela

So expensive for what you get. If you are used to cheap LA KBBQ, this will make you mad. Can't cook your own meat and they were out of Korean beer so this experience was a waste of time. The meat was great, but the experience was mediocre.

Han Hua

Awesome Korean Barbeque. Pancake is creative and tasty. Short rib is a must try.

Marcia Moraes

Pleasant and delicious food.

Jennie Lai

Very fast service at 9pm on a Friday. Drinks and food came within minutes of order. Smaller than average size portion. Price on the higher end. Everything taste great. It's especially worth it since it takes reservation.

Tianhui XU


Kyuwon Lee

Absolutely great service. We arrived quite earlier than a reservation we had made so we were expecting to wait, but the reception gentleman handled it very smoothly. Both main dish and banchan tasted good. A bit pricey for the portion to be honest, but for the ambiance and quality of food, worth it.

Ricardo Mtz

Amazing place! Love it!!

Hyun Lee

My friends and I came here because all the other kbbq places were too packed and the wait were hours long. I think there was no wait here because it’s not all you can eat but wow were we SUPER glad we came here. The quality of their meat is excellent! It was probably quality we weren’t going to get at the other kbbq places. They give you good quality and a good amount too! The meat melts in your mouth


fresh non frozen meat. simple menu. new favorite

Elizabeth Kim

I’ve been to both this and the original location in Busan - and the galbi quality is always perfect!!! The meat feels like it is melting in your mouth - I think it has to do with the way they cut the beef. The service is always on point as well - there are always 2-3 people watching over your table to ensure great service. They also have some other really standout items: pajun is topped with egg for added flavor/texture, their galbi soup dumpling is supposed to be eaten in one bite and it literally explodes with flavor, and you can add potato noodles at the end of your meal, cooked in galbi broth. After experiencing the galbi here, I don’t know how I can go back to any of my former ktown usual spots!

kkkl ll

ray park

They specialize bbq with Busan(2nd biggest city in Korea) touch which you can try both authentic and modern Korean fares. Try Busan style Pajeon, Mil myeon and marinated galbi!

Emmett Tinawi

Usually I never bother to leave a review, but this restaurant truly deserves my time of day to leave one. I stumbled upon this place on accident, while my girlfriend and I were looking for a good Korean BBQ place in K-Town. We first sat at the bar while we waited for our table. Our bartender Andres was awesome, he took care of us and recommended us to try the short rib patty and dumplings which were full of flavor. When we got sat, we had the Prime Package, which was more food than we anticipated. The steak was great quality and full of flavor. We also had some Japanese Whiskey and cocktails with our dinner. Our waiter Henry was on point throughout the service. The place was far more impressive than we ever expected. Having tried many restaurants in the city, definitely would top one of our favorites, and will come back again. Phenomenal experience and would highly recommend this place.

Junho Choi

One of great addition in Korea BBQ dining scene. Food is impeccable and the staffs are very friendly. They have great side dishes and cocktail menu as well.


맛있는 경험이었습니다

Ashesh Shah

Fantastic place. The owner is wonderful the service very attentive and the food is phenomenal. You have to try the fried chicken. Yes I said try the fried chicken. The mixed marinate and steak kit when there is waygu as the manager special is the way to go. I have been there a number of times and love it.

Hillary Lewis

If I could give ten stars I would

Angela Tseng

Eugene Jerey

I kept hearing that Korean BBQ is better in Atlanta than in NYC. And before yesterday, I would've agreed. But this place offers a different twist to the Korean BBQ experience. And not just different but deliciously different. Their 'Busan' flair makes a big difference. Added bonuses on the staff bring exceptional and it being on the fringe of KTown too. Don't not get the potato noodles. And don't be afraid to ask the staff for help in ordering. Will definitely be coming back.

Denise Cho

Great service. Clean restaurant and will like to try dinner menu next time

Jessy Yu

Rob R

Love this place. They execute Korean BBQ perfectly. The Bulgoki mando is unbelievably good. The banchan is some of the best in the area. The meat is of excellent quality and tastefully seasoned. The best part is that the place very clean and the service is extremely professional unlike most places in k town. Very nice job!

Alex E

Excellent service food and atmosphere. It was my tenth year in nyc on business and I came in randomly on the soft opening. Delectable short ribs perfect kimchi... What an incredible experience. I will be back next year!

Ant Oine

One of the best Beef Korean bbq in town (at least from these I visited) Very modern and not too busy inside. The cocktails served are very original, using Korean liquor, and extremely yummy. The meat options are very varied and price remains decent despite the great quality of the meat offered. The staff is gentle and not pushy, and most important they cook the meat at perfection for you. So you only need to seat back and enjoy. Would 100% recommend this place for a nice dinner date

Chris Cannon

Best Korean bbq restaurant! They have only 3 kinds of meat, but it was just right. I’v never tried galbi and bulgogi like this in my life. The meat price was from 32 to 40. I know it sounds little pricy but it deserves it. Their cut of galbi looks very special to me, nothing like i have seen from other k-town restaurants. i don’t know why it was just so good. Also, the potato noodle was very brilliant! They use marinated sauce and cooked on the same grill which has lots of flavor on the grill after the meat. They cooked longer than i though, so it was little bit a musy and chewy at the same time! That was actually my favorite menu.


(Translated by Google) Best ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ

Emily M

Yan Cui

Came here with my family. We got one of the meat platters and bibimbap. The food was great and I loved the side dishes. For the most part the service was very good although they never refilled our side dishes which was sad. A bit on the pricier side but very delicious.

Hwechul Derrick Cho

fine but taste of next bite isnt good as first bite

Bia Kosmiskas

Excelent food and excelent service!! It is very worth the visit!!

seo woo lee

food was great and the owner was awesome if I'm at city again I will revisit this restaurant recommend

Yan He

Jodi Segalewitz


Janet Kar

Went here on a date night with my hubby, and it was delicious! We ordered a meat platter with Wagyu to share and it was more than enough for the two of us. You can refill the appetizers, which is a plus! Also - their selection of Korean soju is pretty awesome! Great cocktails - I sure did feel tipsy pretty soon after my first drink.

John Paul Young Kim

I was born in Pusan and I'm authentic Pusan guy. OMG! This place is totally same as original 해운대암소갈비! Thank you for reminding me of my old days!

Paul Cheong

Great service and ambiance. But the food itself doesn't live up to the same bar.

PilSoon Hwang

Great service great food. The desert menu is also very nice. The best thing about the place is that the employees are so proud of the restaurant and love working there. No wonder the service is good. Great quality meat and banchans.


깨끗하고 친절하고 맛있습니다*^^*

Jisun Song

(Translated by Google) clean. Modern. It is a delicious place. The warm side is delicious, but I was sad because I ate five chopsticks and it disappeared. (Original) 깔끔. 모던. 맛있는 곳이에요. 온면은 맛있으나 딱 다섯젓가락먹으니 사라져서 슬펐어요ㅠㅠ

Claire Lee

I visited here for the second time. I just love it. Everything was wonderfully great. I especially liked the people who work here because they were so kind and honest. I want to go again.

lorraine glaves

Great way to experience koreN barbecue foods.

Yoongi Kim

Kate Paek

(Translated by Google) The meat noodles are really delicious. Noodles are Tangle Tangle ~ The liver is delicious, and the side dishes are delicious. Staff Service is really nice too. A must-see Korean restaurant in New York! (Original) 육칼국수가 정말 맛있어요. 면발이 탱글탱글~ 간도 딱 맛고, 반찬도 맛있어요. 직원들 Service 도 정말 친절해요. 뉴욕에서 꼭 가봐야 할 한국식당, 강추 합니다!

Jun Kim

JMTGR 존맛탱구리

Hayoung Yang

I highly recommend the Korean BBQ place. The food quality and service are amazing ! I recommend you to try Galbi dumpling, meat, and the signature potato noodle. All foods are delicious, but those three dishes are amazing!!!! If considering a Korean BBQ place, you should to visit Yoon Haeundae galbi. You will not be disappointed!!!

John Wu

Great service. They cook for you. Marinated Kalbi was really good. Dont get the skirt steak.

vladimir monroy

This place is really good. I would not say it is the best place in nyc but it is really good. Vibe is really cool, the food was good and service was very smooth. Recommended

Anatoliy Budnitskiy

Man oh man this was amazing. My first authentic Korean BBQ. So freaking good. Very rich stuff

giorgos kontokalos

Meehyun Kim

Elevated Korean BBQ experience with high quality meats and unique Busan inspired dishes! Meat set menu a great option for sharing with 2-3 people.

Bom Kim

Anna Pletenchuk

Only 3 kinds of meat to choose from, mediocre taste, mediocre service. Overpriced. If you're looking for a good Korean BBQ, look elsewhere. Koreatown with its wide variety of BBQ places is only blocks away


The first time —— amazing. Amazing food and amazing service. It is a little more expensive but it worth it. Second time —— okay. Perhaps we changed the meat which was not the style we like. Totally speaking, you do really want to try this place. You will be impressed if you are the first time.


(Translated by Google) Awesome! Really good! (Original) 짱맛! Really good!

Sean Joo

pretty good meat quality 7 out of 10 price is pretty reasonable.

Les Greene

Luis moises Cal.moran

(Translated by Google) It is a good place to visit (Original) Es un buen lugar para visitar

Lorraine Jiang

Seung Jun Park

It is fabulous restaurant I've ever visited. Of course foods are clean and delicious, and service was great. This Korean restaurant is for not only Korean, but also other foreigners too. I highly recommend to everyone to visit here and enjoy not only food, but Yoon.

Holly Crawley

Wonderful Dinner! The marinated short ribs can't be beat!

Matt Milligan

Try the barrel-aged soju. A surprisingly good pairing for the marinated meat.

Dharam Goragandhi

No vegetarian food. Should have more options if we go with friends who eat meat

Deep Elem Blues_nj

absolutely stunning food. can't wait to go back.

liliana velez

Josh Click


(Translated by Google) Calvi is delicious. (Original) カルビが美味しい。

Michael Amofa

Delicious. Recommend trying.

Ian Park

Easily the best Korean food in NYC. Perfect place for date night, family/friend gatherings. Upscale but not too fancy, just right atmosphere with a reasonable price tag. AMAZING ventilation system! It is bulit into the grill so I dont smell like barbecue after 5 hours of meal and drinks (also great variety). Highly recommended.

Susan Yoon

One of the most authentic Korean foods I have tasted in NYC! It’s got a great quality of BBQ selection of course, but à la carte menu is also amazing. Highly recommended.

James Guzzo

Officially my go-to spot for Korean BBQ in NYC. The set packages are reasonably priced and represent a good range of grillable goods. Not to be overlooked, the bonchon is fantastic as well. Staff here are attentive and friendly, ready to answer questions if you're less familiar with Korean fare. They also expertly prepare the meat so you can throw back some shoju and enjoy the evening. Will be back, hopefully soon.

tianyi wang

Noemi Schlenker

Came in with some buds from outta town.. great first impression and they were very accommodating with everything. We had to wait a bit but just went around to corner to a lil bar and was quickly settled in after our group called on.. left so f*^%ing satisfied.. highly recommended!

sarah jeon

Chef Jose Soto

Great Place!!

Feiye Huang

NYC Sporkful

We had an opportunity to try their delicious Galbi and it did not disappoint. The attention to detail and the work that goes behind it was intriguing. The soft buttery taste of the meat dipped in the special salt was amazing. Cannot wait to return and try again!

Paul Lim

Definitely try the dry aged beef

Fiona Lee

I loved every aspect of my dining experience! The quality of the food, service and ambiance were impeccable!


(Translated by Google) One person is good but .... The taste is so ordinary. (Original) 1인 1식은 좋지만.... 맛은 너무 평범..

Christopher Chyu

Kaitlin Frick

One of my favorite dining experiences in NYC so far! The food was delicious - we got one of the meat packages, which came with a variety of side dishes and was cooked by our waitress - and the atmosphere was great. Will definitely be going again.

Cathy Busick

Unique experience. We ordered the premium package with tons of aged beef. It came with small sides, some I liked... some no so much. The staff was very attentive and the food was excellent.

laura henley


Spencer Crowder

Best Korean BBQ we have ever had. The restaurant manager, Adrian, is beyond friendly and great for a chat. Our first visit, the owner, Bobby, happened to stop by the table and buy us a drink. The food is awesome, the people are even better. After living in NYC one year, this is our favorite restaurant.

Polly Anywhere

Finally a high quality (service, meat selections, and even premium soju) Korean BBQ place that will take reservations


The most delicious dumplings we have eaten. Great BBQ and service.

jumi jeon

(Translated by Google) I have not known yet. Lunch combo (seasoned rib + miso soup) Recommended, but delicious. It was okay to go to the miso stew with ribs. The bibim noodle has a really small amount of sheep. It's okay to have a side dish. I am willing to go again. (Original) 아직 잘 안알려졌나봄. 런치콤보(양념갈비+된장찌개) 추천받아서 먹었는데 맛있음. 된장찌개에 갈비살 들어가서 그런지 괜찮았음. 비빔국수는 양이 정말 조금 나왔음. 밑반찬도 깥끔하니 괜찮음. 또 갈 의향있음.

Chris Fitzgerald

I can't say enough good things about this place. The servers are all very attentive, but not in an annoying way. We had 10 different things of the menu and they were all delicious. The owner greeted us as well as the hostess when we entered. He came over during the meal to make sure everything was good and I even saw him cook for two tables. I will definitely be going back

Stephen Marasigan

best fine dining Korean restaurant

Maged Michael


I came here with my friends last weekend, I liked their bus an style pancake, and I also loved their meats. Drinks were more reasonable price than other places. Service was great too. Definitely recommend this place who is looking for a cool place to eat with friends or family.


The selection of meats is incredible here. They offer marinated and fresh beef cuts for korean bbq. There are also many appetizers and main dishes to choose from. The soy bean stew is rich in beefy deliciousness. The decor is modern and clean, and there is a nice bar area out the front. Their bbq grill has many vents on the side so our clothes still smelled fresh when we left :)

eunhye kim

TJ Cho

Laura Schoenmakers

The staff was very kind and when I ordered I got a few tastings in the smaller cups. Every single one of them tasted good! I had a steak with asperges, shii-take and soybean sauce and it was amazing. The beef was incredibly tender and tasty. Highly recommend it to anyone!

Peas in a Pod

Jeffrey Cheng

New, clean restaurant. Up to par with the other Korean restaurants in the area

Ray Yang

Great new restaurant.

Chengyuan Zhao

I really enjoyed it. The service is great!!

Zhijun He

rubbish restaurant

Jamie Andreson

Incredible food. Attentive and helpful staff. Portions are good. And the quality was very good. Atmosphere had a great vibe.

jina kim

ki chang seong

(Translated by Google) Food is overloaded (Original) 음식이 너무 달음

Brian Lee

Meat was high quality, tender, and delicious. Had both soups and they were extremely rich but went well as a compliment to the meat. The side dishes were a bit lacking though. Would expect a little more variety from a korean bbq spot to be honest. Service was great although a bit slow because we were a big group. All in all a positive experience

Samuel Araki

Great food, great experience. Wagyu for the win - it was amazing. Great service and a clean, modern interior make up for an awesome meal

Sohee Park

Great meats and cold noodles. Love it!!

Jessica Lee



Pretty trendy place with good food and good service. I also checked out the upstairs lounge, which I really liked. Clean decor and good space to chill in.

Carmen Lee

Great refresh on Korean classics. Friendly service. Chic decor!


Randy Bognatz

Great food and a very nice staff

mihyun song

(Translated by Google) Yesterday, My husband and I had great service and food at this Yoon Haeundae Galbi. We have visited this place a couple of times. But they never changed !! Always tasty! No, I think getting better !! We got some new menu which is a prime combo and spicy noodle. Prime combo came with really great quality meats bulgogi and ribeye, flat iron, and short rib. OMG they were so juicy and fresh. This menu was just perfect for two! It could have been a little pricy but it was worth it because obviously well prepared served. The spicy noodle was also good and great combo with meats. We will definitely visit there again! It was the most pleasant place I ate in New York with my husband. It was so expensive and expensive, I wanted to pay for it, but I really wanted to go there again. It is not cheap here, but if you look at it, it is not much different from other Kikutoseki, but it was good to compare with other places in taste, service and environmental part. I think it is a real place for value. The meat quality, the overall menu, and even the side dishes are cleaner and tastier than the high quality restaurants in Korea. Service is fast and cooperative. I am happy to find such places in New York. (Original) Yesterday, My husband and I had great service and food at this Yoon Haeundae Galbi. We have visited this place couple of times. But they never changed!! Always tasty! No, I think getting better!! We got some new menu which is prime combo and spicy noodle. Prime combo came with really great quality meats bulgogi and ribeye, flat iron, and short rib. OMG they were so juicy and fresh. This menu was just perfect for two! It could be little pricy but was worth it because obviously well prepared served. The spicy noodle was also good and great combo with meats. We will definitely visit there again! 남편이랑 뉴욕에서 고기먹은것중에 가장 기분좋게나온곳이였어요. 여태 비싸기만 비싸고 이돈주고 먹을만한가 싶었던곳이 대다수였는데 여기는 정말 또가고싶고 또가고싶더라고요. 여기도 싼가격은아니지만 따지고보면 다른고깃집과 얼마차이나지않는데 맛이나 서비스 그리고 환경적인부분에서 정말 다른곳들과는 비교가안되게 괜찮았어요. 진짜 값을하는곳이라고 생각해요 고기퀄리티나 전반적인메뉴 그리고 심지어 밑반찬까지도 왠만한 한국에서의 고급식당보다 깔끔하고 맛있어요. 서비스도 빠르고 협조적이에요. 뉴욕에서 이런곳을 찾을수있어서 행복합니다.

Hogeun Jung

I went there last friday night . This store is the grand opening. All renovated interior it is awesome place!! Nice food ,All staffs manager were friendly and good work!! There is a bar on second floor I love this place :-) I'll go again !!

In-Ho Yi

It's a trap


Quality of meat is phenomenal and the service was impressive. Loved the place!

Siin Choi

Very nice place. Clean. Nice service and employees.

Gabriel Bernier

Had a great time!! Food was so good, service really great, charming personnel, great owner!

Vincent Liu

Amazing Korean BBQ. The atmosphere is a little fancy, however the food was amazing. The salad they provide as a side is so good too!

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

This is a more upscale Korean restaurant then the usual places in Koreatown. It's spacious and there's no line of people at the door being asked to give their order before they even sit down. It is a little more expensive but the quality, presentation and creativity of the food is better. We opted to have the $90 meat combination which was really interesting. I've never been to a Korean restaurant that demonstrated cooking four cuts of beef so clearly. The dumplings were delicious as well but there weren't enough of them. I'd rather pay more to have an order of 6 rather than 3. They are bigger than your usual mandoo and beautifully presented. The Korean pancake is much thinner and crisp year than I've had in other places. Once you finished the barbecue of meats definitely get the potato noodles to finish it off. They served a very refreshing shaved ice dessert with cinnamon drink at the end which was a palate-cleansing way to finish the meal.

William Anderson

Pretty decent. The tables are waaaay too side though making it impossible to talk with your guest or date. Us and many others crammed over to one small side of the tables so you could actually talk. The food was decent quality but with some tougher cuts of steak that were frankly hard to chew. Staff is very attentive though which is appreciated. Overall "fine".


People were nice :)


Excellent pancake. Attentive fast service. Not my favorite kalbi and limited quantity of ban chan. We weren't offered a desert menu.

Florian Kolbitsch

It was so good, that we ate there lunch and dinner. Super clean, nice atmosphere, very friendly and fast staff. You need to try this restaurant!!

Jongho Park

If you are looking for the best Korean restaurant in New York, this is a must-visit place. Yoon offers a legit Korean barbecue (especially the Short-lib is to die for!) and the traditional dishes in a modern and cozy environment. I have visited Yoon several times with my family, friends and co-workers, and it was always satisfying. This means that Yoon’s authenticity works for both Koreans and non-Koreans. The service is also worth mentioning because all staffs including the owners Bobby and Elaina truly love the restaurant and are willing to listen to the customers' feedback carefully. Great job guys!

Syed Ashrafulla

The $105 meat combo was a little pricey but the meat was of great quality. The banchan was very very good as well; three of us finished five portions of kimchi. Of the meats, my favorite was the raw steak because on their deeper-in-the-table grills with proper grill management, medium rare ribeye pops in your mouth. Also the service was top-notch, from the bartender who took care of me to the hostesses who ensured my party was taken care of to the waiters who took care of me.

Amanda Klingler

Every bite was divinely delicious, ambiance was stellar and the service was spectacular! I highly recommend Yoon for an authentic and elegant Korean bbq experience!


(Translated by Google) Haeundae ribs that seem to be hard to eat in Korea in New York! I loved the ribs for 1 serving. (Original) 한국에서도 먹기 힘들 것 같은 해운대 갈비를 뉴욕에서! 갈비를 1인분으로 시킬 수 있는 점이 좋아요


Business Hours of Yoon Haeundae Galbi in New Jersey

11:45AM–2:30PM 5–10PM
11:45AM–2:30PM 5–11PM
11:45AM–2:30PM 5–11PM
11:45AM–2:30PM 5–11PM
11:45AM–2:30PM 5–11PM
11:45AM–2:30PM 5–11PM
11:45AM–2:30PM 5–11PM


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