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REVIEWS OF Wei's Buffet IN New Jersey

Eugenia Providence

Nice place, reasonably priced, friendly staff. Food is pretty cliché, not as many options as other buffets. Good sushi bar.

Robert Dally

The food is the only reason this place gets two stars today. I had a party of 20 and had made reservations 2 weeks prior. We were supposed to get a small private room, however when we got there there were people seated in the room, and our party had to be split. Our party was there for 15 minutes before drink orders were taken. Another 5 minutes later the waitress brought out pitchers of soda (if you were going to do that why take the orders first?). Now there for 20 minutes, when I had to remind the waitress we needed cups to drink with. The waitress brought the cups out in one stack using her head and hair to balance the large stack of cups. Two hands? Two trips? Not in this thought process. The icing on the cake? My mom asked for some lemon for her drink and the waitress rudely replied they're at the bar you can get it. I had been using this establishment for small family gatherings and such. Not any longer. Not when there are hundreds of other establishments willing to work to get it right.

People Talk Alot

This place is a scam!! Took $81 from me and my family. The food wasn't even good! The best thing there was the Ice cream, and that says a lot.. don't recommend going here!

Kavon Karrobi

It's the real deal. If you want legit Chinese buffet food for a fair price (not to mention quality Chinese buffet food around town), then I recommend hittin' up Wei's! They could offer more traditional Chinese dishes, but still great food nonetheless =)

Aletha Alexander

I love having girls night here. The food is always fresh. The habachi grill is AMAZING and the drinks are always good. The customer service is very good. Try it I think you will love it.

Scottie DaGreat

Ok place i guesses

Terri Hyppolite

Everything over there is a spot on the deliciousIt’s very clean and the staff is very nice

Natalia King

The food wasn't all that great. It looked old. Not really much of a selection. I think the only good thing abt this place are the drinks.

Jae Vega

It has a nice set-up, selection of food, and they even have a Hibachi grill! The shishkabob's were dry tho. But their baked Salmon is great!

Tenecia Thomas

Nice place and reasonable food selections.

Danni Liang

Best buffet in the area! Very clean, great selection, and wonderful staff. Highly recommended

tahara qualls

Food was OKAY they serve alcohol so I love that.. there were flies on the food and NO

Fran Giameo

Nothing was hot.while this used to be a Chinese buffet it now has many other items like fried chicken, pizza, ham,broiled fish, mashed potatoes and appeal to the masses. Chinese favorites. each item I selected was room temperature which was very disappointing. The hibachi items on the other hand were freshly prepared and piping hot. Service was excellent. Never had a dirty dish or empty glass

Maurice Chavis

Mother's day with the rug rats

Jefferson Flores

Cheap food I love it tastes good to go.


Not a lot of selections, but the owner is amazing!

Brittany Giles - Jones

Horrible Food. Bland, under cooked, and under welling.

sheri mann

Maybe it was just today but the food was not good. All the chicken was tuff and they're over priced charging people a service fee. Let me decide if I'll leave a tip don't just take it.

Tarun Reddy

The food is great and place is really clean. I never saw such a clean Chinese restaurant for this price range. The staff are friendly and take good care. I'm Indian and I like the food here. It's definitely worth the price.

Ahqhhq Soapworts


Humphrey Nii

Very lovely and nice workers


Needs more variety. A bit expensive

Charlie Mike

The people are very friendly and helpful, and the food is very good. We always have a nice experience there.

Andersonie Fequiere

Great selection of food and the price is great too. Very clean place. The decor is great too.

Kayla Roblino

It was so good

Brittany Marie

Please do not go here with your family. I bit down on a soft piece of sushi, and ended up biting down on a piece of hard black granite counter top. Never going here again. God forbid a child or someone cracked their tooth innocently eating their food!!!!

Jays Bmx Breed

Food poisoning from this dump


Love the food and the service. However they are charging a new service fee. Who knows for what. What I know is that isn't the tip. So you end up paying $2 o $3 more per person, on top of the regular price of your food.

Janice Wilson

Great food. Wonderful friendly service. Love it.

Timi Pudie

Beautiful place with great meals.. Especially the shrimps in coconut

Jeannette Lescano

Prices are is amazing.... and the staff are all wonderful.... thank you for what you did for my dad's 92nd birthday

alex dougan

Affordable prices. O'K service

Nick Gulin

No see food dishes.

Kassie Mahabir

Great food and clean

Tim V

nicely kept establishment, very clean, especially for a buffet. they have limited selection but excellent quality, I'd rather have fewer, very well made options than more poor quality choices, and this buffet gets it right! with hibachi and sushi included, the only things left are a trip to their house bar and to throw a roaring party here!

ahmed elagami

This place is clean and the food is good. 2 things u can't find in an open buffet

Brad Dingo

Good buffet, but we waited forever for our server "Janelle" to come take our payment. Really a turn off of an otherwise great buffet.

Aaron Silva

One of the best buffets I've been to. I've been a couple of times now, and I've consistently received good service and good food. This place is also pretty clean, not the usual for most buffets in the area. 5 STARS!

Pam Cakes

Great food! Friendly staff and amazing prices! Cant wait to go again...The food is delicious and fresh and they drinks were perfect!

Rodolfo Polanco

Dont do it

Margie B

Used to live in Roselle Pk Hadn’t been there in at least 20 yrs still look the same inside with my favorite beef kabobs tasting good

Sky Geo

I love it. Who wants eat healthy food, enjoy and invited love ones

Dorothy Wil

Food is very fresh and good ..deserts were delicious..nice atmosphere

Lesjahn Davis-Bey

Great variety of food, from Asian cuisine to southern with a salad bar and dessert bar as well. Great location, bathrooms were smelly at the time, but clean. Over all experience was positive and the price wasn't bad either. Will be coming back again!

Gregor Romeo

I got food poisoning last night from their food I took up all night I was sick That is no good I got a Badd batch of Salomon beef Or clams or sweet fish

Viviana heras

I went to eat yesterday with my husband food was good but when I asked for the bill the owner was charging me a service fee of $7.00 which I thought that it was tip well it turned out that it was the fee to keep the restaurant open. I’m like really i told her I’m paying for my food and she said well that the money that she is changing me for the buffet dine in is not enough... I’m never coming back I’m so disappointed

Leonid To

Was better, before

Maresa Ricoca

Honestly when this place first opened it was way better than now. The food is not the same anymore. We'r use to live coming here but now it's just not the same. Since they remodeled the place, prices went up more and food selection changed. Now I just feel it's pricey. Food is not that great. Spinach, I love creamed spinach, was way too salty to be consumed. Very disappointed, wil never return

Jackie Williams

Enjoyed have been going for new decor people are friendly and very helpful. Keep up the good work

Kaye s

First time there at night they turn this in to a club/bar, great dj, great drinks, crowd and food

Sharif Williams

Very good place

Michelle Cordato Tammaro

First time was great, even complimented the owner. Last week, only one sushi roll available, hibachi station not up and running, meat dry, meshed potatoes and mac and cheese had that film over it like it was sitting all day, and the owner was very nasty! Wei Young said we should have told them about the disgusting food when we first got there, even though we left 5 minutes after being seated. Offered 10% off, which is the coupon i gave anyway, even though we didn't eat! Rip off, nasty, needs health inspection desperately!

Lourdes Mendez

Food was really good. Hibachi was awesome!!

P Y.

I frequented this buffet over the past few years because it's my favorite in the area. The food is fresh, the service is attentive, and the management really cares about my opinions. Recently, they underwent renovation and I came in yesterday. The new look is amazing but definitely different. They now have a full bar, hibachi, and a beautiful sushi selection! I am so much happier with their additional sushi :-D

Debbie Sztybel

Best Asian food great hibachi great people

Pedro Maldonado

The variety of foods is not the greatest but the Lunch price comes at least 2 dollars more than average buffet places.

Wesley Wong

Absolutely astonished by this place! I was looking for a new buffet to try out, and this was the first result on the search list. I was skeptical at first due to the very low prices, but I am pleased to say that this is by FAR the nicest buffet to eat at. The staff is extremely friendly, the interior is clean and bright, the food is delicious and plentiful, and the overall atmosphere is very welcoming. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone and everyone to try this place.

Tamara Merilan

The food there is good

Mimi Rivera

Very good service. Comfortable place.

Candise M.

Wei's Buffet is one of the nicest buffets that I've been to in a long time. It is very clean and the setting is very nice especially for the family. The staff is very polite and friendly and attentive. They have a nice little bar if you would like to have an alcoholic beverage with your meal, they also have helped hibachi and Sushi on the premises. Nice place.

Maritza Guillaume

Great place, one of the few buffet style restaurant that hires a representation of the community its serves. Very courteous staff.

Pedro Esteva

Best buffet ever

Rita Kushner

Waiter very attentive and courteous - food so so.

Keri M.

Great selection of food and the food actually has seasoning. It’s a clean, fresh, modern place to sit and eat it. I like that this buffet has a variety selection of food from different cultures compared to the other buffet.

Peter Allen

The service was very good. They have a list of items that cost extra that are not on the buffet. One of these items was cheese wamton. When i told the manager id never heard of being charged extra for the wanton, she gave me an order for free. I appreciated her gesture but felt bad when she brought out a plate with 20 or so wantons which i could only eat 7 of. They were extremeley salty as was all of the food. Everything was luke warm. I was charged 2 dollars extra for a glass of milk. Had i known...I wouldnt have ordered it. I payed for 2 people at dinner price. Total was 36.18 for a buffet with less than 4 dinner dishes. There was nobody at the habachi station. The food was simply not worth the price.

Kevin Jacobs

Good food, clean environment

andison valera

Definitely not 4 or 5 stars but 3. A plus is that they have a full bar. Buffet food is ok. The hibachi is not so don't waste your time with that and hit the buffet. I went on a Saturday lunch.

Yinka Fadahunsi

The place is not as big as some other buffet I have visited but I had the best hibachi here. I will always go back for the hibachi.

Benjamin Guzman

Good price for their selection


Food was like warm and oily. Nothing that should have been crispy was. Sushi was weak. Had one guy behind sushi and hibachi. The girls that work there are very nice; but it seems to run very low budget. No need for another visit here. Food was not the best, needed more care in preparation and presentation. I'm sure I got them at the end of the night 6:30pm. Typical Chinese Buffet food, just wasn't all that.


Great, very fresh food and Delicious

Rahul Bhattacharya

Quality of food sucks, price you can eat in high end restaurant in that price. So cheap quality highly priced.

Dream big Always

Very nice and delicious all the tims

Candida Sánchez

I like the place goog food

john londono

Great place for the whole family. They have a bar with great drinks. And the food is always amazingly good!

Elena Brodriguez

Good service, good sushi.

Denise Robinson

We love it there. The food is good, once & awhile slow coming out if very crowded. But for the most part it has been wonderful. Even when we had to wait for a table it has never been a long wait We also enjoy the drinks from the bar. Let me not forget the very friendly staff.

Niquelle Johnson

Good food great drinks!

E- Vlog

This place is decent not too much variety. But it's clean and nice waitresses. Will go back, in the future good ice cream & good soda

Liliana Ribeiro

Needs to have richer seafood dishes...seafood is lacking in variety i believe i didnt really have sushi there but the only three seafood options there besides the hibachi was salmon fried fish and tiny shrimp.... And clams they had but it was clean pleasant but overall the food could have been better specially for the area and environment.

Katy Cooke

Nice environment... Great food,

Vivian Colon


DOLASOZA akaBulldoza

Always a great experience here


It was good, affordable


Good place, good food but to expensive.

Julie E Auguste

They have an amazing choice of food

Andres Monterroza

Great service and the food is amazing

Veronica Cioaric

Great food. Great price. Very nice staff. Always clean. The have a bar and they have oldies nights from time to time

Ebony Thrower

Owner clearly seen us standing in line and rudely took a lady in front of us.. won’t be returning

Tabster Rivero

The food was good and the price were cheap. My sister and I went to the buffet right after we finished shopping at shop rite. I would recommend people to come here and eat with family or friends. I like the way they set the fresh sushi bars.

Salena G.

Good food good service and the chef in the back is pretty darn good

S. Joseph

Good place , only complaint it needs more of a variety , almost the same selection every day .


Not so much to offer also the prices then there's a service charge, it's a nice place just a not enough food and going for it inside.....

Preethi Ganesh

not is very oily..friendly staff..average ambience

Shades Of Glamour

Food is well season ! Customer service is amazing

Andres Jimz

To be seated took forever, and waiter was unaware we were even there. I had to go to the bar myself to request a drink and when finished I had to approach the host for the check after dining here. When I approached the host about three employees stood around playing with the cell phones.

Ava Longo

Good food and good waitress.

Koji Yuu

The 4 stars rating is mainly for the hibachi. Give the guy a tip at hibachi session. I would come again.

Jiazhen Tan

Friendly people. They said that most people eating there are returning guests.


For 8.99 buffet lunch including sushi, Chinese, American and others, it is great valve. Great service. Clean place with nice setup.

Uly Luck

Soooooo overpriced. When I came I found only 2 kind of sushi. There is not to much choice of food. I paid 17 dollars for one person. Plus I left 3$ tip. 20$ for this buffer is too much! Disappointed.

Hyun Jeong Lim

It was a pleasant surprise! They have little less food items but they all tasted good!! I would say they have chinese-spanish food items. $12.99 for dinner and $5 for happy hour drinks are a good deal as well!

Mardochee Joseph

Not the best and Not enough choices to choose from

Sogralimasos T

Was ok the food was good but we wait more then 15 minutes for our table and they never call us we went back to the lady and ask her for our table. They have variety of food and sushi. Our experience was ok.

Deilene Fernandez

Our first time here

Magdalena St.

Let me just say: My family and I have been going to this place ever since I was a baby and things have gotten crazy! We went there last week to dine in and found out about this new policy about a service fee that's been going on since June. We were angry about this. My father said to the cashier that this is the last time you will see us today and we decided to order Chinese food from another place instead. In my opinion, this new policy thing is going to take away the waitresses tips. Never coming back to that place again! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE BECAUSE OF THIS DUMB SERVICE FEE! (When we went there, I also saw ONLY 2 people on a FRIDAY eating there after 3:00. This place used to be FILLED with people on any weekday...)

Van Anh Ton

Overpriced for low quality food. One star for fast delivery.

Josh Paro

Good service and decent selection just wish they had more Chinese food that's based out of china

Valerie Whitfield

Went to Wei's buffet for a meeting, Nice place to gather and meet & eat, however, I didn't try any of the food. Other people at the Wei's stated their food was very good, and they kept going back for more food. Nice location with plenty of parking.

Taneka Howell

My momma and I had a dam ball feeding out faces at this place... Food was super good

Mateo Perez

Service is good.. price for 4 people is kinda a lot for the choice in food

Kiran Mandhadi

Great food, service, ambience - all at a great price

jose Martinez

It's ok

Ken Sora

Excellent food quality, variety. All-you-can-eat. Free ice cream, fruit, and desserts. I just love this restaurant. Best one in the area.

Victor Toro

The Best Buffet In Town...

Maddox N

This place always delivers. They have excellent food for affordable prices, there is no waiting time even when they are full.

Thanks to The Desinger


Kassiem Lawry

Didnt like the food, I really don't see myself returning.

Sze Nok Tam

Friendly staffs and over 20+ kind of delicious dishes are what you can get at Wei's Buffet! It is definitely one of the best places to go when I am craving for a variety of Chinese dishes.

Jeffrey Johnson

Love the fresh garden grilled vegetables and the hibachi is garden fresh as well. And multiple selection from the hot bar and let's not forget about the liquor bar OMG awesome drinks

Ivan Waters

They add dine-in gratuity/surcharge (12.5%!!). Of course they don't mention it, you only find out when you get the receipt


Nice local buffet.

marcelo esguerra

Great food, friendly service, great price!Everybody had their own favorites! Chicken tacos, chicken teriyaki, chicken dumplings and for me I loved everything on the menu! Next time I want to try the Hibachi grill!

Roger Djagli

Too expensive for the variety of food offered

Romal Roberts

Nice lunch buffet. Polite waitress. Food is decent not bad not the best but good. Quiet atmosphere 3:00 on a tues. Not exactly the busiest time. Def recomend a visit. Good lunch price ten bucks.

April Duhart

Very good atmosphere food is very tasty. My daughter and I ordered crab clusters they could have been a little cleaner. Not a total wash it wasn't that bad. Other than that it's a very cool buffet even serves drinks and has a bar and tv's to watch.

Hector O.

Food was fresh and all was nice and warm. Delicious food for great prices!

Fredy Rojas

Wow. It is a good place but the prices are a bit sketchy. They charge you the food plus a 15% service fee in which does NOT include the tip for the waitress.


Enjoyed it. Lots more options than your typical Asian buffet offerings.

ned barker

Food always hot & yummy

Gus Molina

The service was excellent

Alex Varela

Very good place. A lot options food. Very cheap price. Frienly people

Julio Francisco

Pretty good, fresh food at reasonable prices!!! I've been a customer since they opened, and have no complaint what so ever!!!

Sandra Supreme

Long line and the waitress were not the friendliest

Meekko Jones

Staff is great .The food it some dishes could be better

Tina Treich

Now this is a welcome new Buffet that will blow the others out of the water! Very clean, various choices as well as a hibachi section in the back as well! Only complaints I have is they have to find a way to keep all the food warmer (a very small amount wasn't as warm as you'd like) and PLEASE enforce the parent going with small children rules! Their were two very LOUD bratty kids running around jumping in front of customers and piling food on their plates that just got thrown away. Otherwise nothing that would keep us from going again. It's a new place and I am sure that they'll get things straightened out and improved!

Elliot Morse

The parties at the Weis be on fire

Ivy Boston

My family and I always enjoy going there sometimes we eat but we always takeout food out it's always clean and the people they are Pleasant and all I want to say is keep up the good work and I will be returning many many more years as long as they stay open

Joseph Cannon

Very spacious and clean. Restaurant waiters extremely pleasant and helpful. The food is fresh and quite delicious!

Alicia Avalos

I love it. Nice price

Garrett Agard

Ya..... look for another buffet

Terry Moore

Had an EXCELLENT TIME celebrating the Leo birthdays last night very good

Patricia Brown

I love everything about the place and bet your dollar they would be seeing me again.

Alex Karp

Awesome place great food.

Tara Trent

Great food

fred c.

I recommend a good place to eat, Great service, reasonable price, will come again

Justina Hidalgo

This place is horrible, terrible customer service I had ever had I never want to come back I tried everything to prevent me from slapping the dog sh@@ outta em but to each is own come in at your own risk I will not spend my money here and you should look at your other options before looking into a place like this... I still want my money back thanks for nothing and wasting my own time and food is nasty

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