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13 Eastman St, Cranford, NJ 07016, United States

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REVIEWS OF Urban Burger IN New Jersey

Nick Mojica

Great burgers and you get a ton of food for a great price

victor arevalo

50 minute wait for 2 burgers???? No way!

James Huang

Huge delicious burgers. A must eat if your in the area. Ate the biggest burger I've ever eaten here!

mary mabey

Hands down best burgers in NJ!!!! Cooked to order and perfection every time. Well worth the wait. And let me just say, damn..those fried pickles

Leah McClish- Jones

Urban Burger used to be a consistent burger spot that my husband and I always enjoyed. The past few times I've visited Urban Burger, the service and food has been unacceptable. For instance, today we ordered Sweet Potato fries and the cook/staff thought it was acceptable to place burned sweet potato fries into our order to go. On a separate occasion, we've visited the Urban Burger and we were told to take a seat while the waitress took our order. After taking our order, 45 minutes to a almost a hour passed where the waitress forgot to put our order in the their system. As a result, we ended up not being able to get our food in a timely manner. If you are looking for any burger spot, then try out this place but I wouldn't recommend it.

John Zube

Tasted more like meat loaf then a burger.

Zen Mar

I had the impossible burger,it was very good! This is the 3rd time I had this burger with sweet potatoes fries. I brought my vegan mayo each time( I wish they have it)

Andrea Abdallah

I ate there last Friday. I ordered my burger well done, my husband wanted his medium. His burger was well done and mine was very pink. I took a few bites in and discovered the pink color. I asked them to fix it because I wouldn't eat it. Then slipped my burger back on their grill , that I had bitten from, then put it back on the bun in a sloppy way with toppings thrown everywhere. I know it goes back on a hot griddle but that doesn't seem sanitary to me. I thought they would make me a new burger. Used to love this place but I'm second guessing returning there again.


Empanada burger is amazing!!!! Just as good if not better the next day. U can def taste that it’s not just reg beef. Def a new discovery worth to share.

Brian Kirby

Ordered two burgers, onion rings, and a side salad. We waited over half an hour, during which we watched as folks picked up their online orders, which appears to be the primary focus of the business. When they finally arrived, the burgers were good, but not worth either the wait or the price. Disappointing.

Tess Rentschlar

The burger was pretty good. The wait staff was ok. The down side was how long we had to wait to get our order.

Marion McCarthy

Will never return. After waiting 35 minutes for a fresh cooked burger, the waitress informed us that she forgot to turn in our order. This was ten minutes after she came by our table and noticed we did not yet have our food. She said, "Well it takes a while." The waitress has cost Urban Burger these three customers. And we will tell our friends about this awful experience. (This review has one star only because a star had to be selected in order to post.)

Fabio Jimenez

Burgers are on Point. Fresh with a bunch of choices.


Small place with a good burgers.

Tamara Brown

Best burgers hands down!

Nico Colazzo

Good food there servers are nice but they are pretty expensive and it is really cold in there I sugest bring a jacket but except for that I would say it is good!

Joseph Gaffney

Small space, but they were able to accommodate a group of 15 of us. Fun atmosphere, absolutely incredible food in wild (but tasty) combinations. I'll definitely be going again!

James Delmonico

Great food and service

I am Rennie

Solid burger. Great service. Excellent value & experience.

al jurpalis

Great burgers. Hot and juicy!!!!!!!!!! Basic paper bag style eating on metal trays in a B- level cafeteria style setting. Burgers are worth it.

Ryan Drake

Good burger! Very small place with few seats.

Aditya Kaveria

Great food and service. Never had a bad experience yet.

Kevin Jarrett

Great experience here. Burger was substantial (most normal people would consider it HUGE, it's about the size I expect at a place like this), prepared well (would have preferred it a bit more rare) and a terrific combination (it was the Hefer Smothered in Onions). Fries were tasty and hot. Parking (metered) was available right nearby but likely would be a challenge at peak times. Service was a teeny bit slower than I expected but that just gave us time to relax and enjoy the meal. Smallish number of seats, so it probably fills up quickly at peak times. Friendly wait staff. Recommended. I'd eat there again!


Small kitchen means longer wait time (I would know as a work in a small kitchen myself), but it is undeniably worth it. Came once for the grilled cheese and fries, came back again for the cookie dough pancakes. Warning, they're heavier than you think. Only downside so far was the sausage. It was hard and chewy, with a strange flavor about it that I couldn't place, but I was so full from the pancakes that I didn't miss it. Shakes are to die for. If anything come for shakes.

Miltha Martínez

If you are looking for a place other than fast food burgers then try urban burger. It was a delicious burger and a good size. The fries were fresh, long, and tasty. They have a bunch of unique burguers and you can also build your own.

Frazier Nacion

Glad I stopped in. Nice staff and awesome burger.

scott metzger

Great burger in cool location! We stopped on way to jet-giant game. Great start to amazing weekend. Staff is amazing. Can't wait to come back. Too many burger choices to try in one stting!

TJ Bianco

It's a cool place but it gets pricey if you add toppings or order something extra. The onion rings were awful last time I went... The burger was tasty but kept falling apart and the meat wasn't cooked to the temperature I asked for. Not a huge fan of their sauces or shakes either.. but their grilled cheeses and fries are to die for!

Gioacchino Franzese

My expectation to this place was not fulfilled. Just regular Burger's, not more.

Michele Stoma

Great place to relax and grab a delicious burger. Would recommend this place any day.

Damian Avila

Omg! This burger place was a very good choice for a Sunday lunch. When you walk in it feels like you've travel to a burger universe. The walls and tables are nicley decorated. I like their pixelated burger logo on almost everything. I ordered the wicked blue burger. At first I thought it was a plain burger I didn't think of anything out of the ordinary. Then the waiter came and brought me this tower looking meat in a bun. I was surprised. The burger itself was very well designed and it tasted amazing along with the side of fries. I will definitely recommend this place.

Julz122705 Yt

Everything here is awesome! The burgers, crab cakes, veggie burger, grilled cheese, shakes....even the salads leave me wanting more!!! I can go there and be healthy with a delicious salad that actually fills me up or have a burger that instantly lifts my spirits! Everyone is so friendly and helpful too. Thank you for being my favorite place ever!

Sara Hewi

Amazing burgers cooked perfectly. Not too busy at 1pm on a Sunday - sat right down and was served quickly. Try the Ladder 31 it's delicious!

Amanda Abbate

Fantastic place for a fatty burger and indulgent shake :)

Andy Hilaire

Enormous burgers. Employee told me it was 9oz. Being your appetite with you!

Tg Glazer

Creative burgers that are excellent! Big, juicy and perfectly cooked, every time. From a simple, build-your-own burger to a variety of robust creations that work. All that and a bag of chips...fries, that is. And milkshakes, too!

Nia Flores

We love trying new burger places we usually go to NYC but wanted to try somewhere locally. Presentation is amazing. But once you bite the burger there is no taste. The onion rings aren’t even crispy. Didnt even bother to finish burger ate half and couldn’t bare. I got there wicked blu burger and you would expect blu cheese crumbling instead it had blu cheesing dressing on it. If you’re looking for a burger with taste this is not the place. Will never return and do not recommend to others who are looking for a tasty burger.

Dwayne Anthony

Amazing burgers the liberty bell, wicked blue and speedy are my all time favorites. Apart from amazing burgers the atmosphere is very chill and artsy.

Eileen Egan

Overcooked burger

Saquienia Gilliam

Food was amazing

Nigel Whitebread

Cozy, delicious, simple & unpretentious.


Great Burger A++++

Geza Frey


edwin joseph

Lovely and quaint joint! Great food and atmosphere!


Great Food made to order! My #1 go to spot now!!!

BNanaz Sweets Smith

The service was AWESOME and the hostess was very sweet.


Great spot for a burger. Pretty unique for it's diverse but reasonably sized menu. My only knock was that my burger was a bit overcooked and the particular vinegarette they use for the aide salad was a bit too heavy on the vinegar. Would recommend the Ladder 31 burger and the strawberry milkshake for sure. The place is small but quiet and the decor is on par with other burger spots so nothing out of the ordinary except really good food.

Krista Brennan

Waited 20 min for an order of mozzarella sticks. What a joke.

Josh Marunde

Had the Continental. The menu ingredients make this an obvious choice but, the execution far exceeded anything I predicted. It was one of the greatest tasting sandwiches I've ever had. AMAZING. Fun, quirky little place with very pleasant service, too. CANT WAIT TO COME BACK!

Chan Hawkins

I had the liberty bell, and it was (cue Samuel L. Jackson) a tasty burger! A bit messy, but good burgers usually are. Fries were nice abs crispy too. Great spot for a good burger!

Sergio Obando

Place used to be great a while back. Not so much anymore. Food quality sucks now

Jackie Stoll

It's food is really good and filling and the people are easy to talk to.

Annmarie Klimowicz

The food is excellent comfort food. If you like salty things as much as I do, this is the place for you.

Robert D.

Ordered two burgers with fries. Costs $26. Took 25 min wait time with no one in the place. Asked for medium but got a burnt hockey puck. The onion rings on the burger had the thickest driest batter i have ever had. The bread was dry. Asked for sweet potato fries and got regular fries. Oh and I asked for the burgers to go and they came out on trays.

Alean Elston

The Wicked Blue Burger... Just thinking about it makes me activate the Homer Simpson drool It's so tasty

Nicholas Jones

Honestly, it’s one of the best burger places that I’ve been too. The food is consistent every time which is a lot to say for any burger place. They serve other foods as well however, such as fries, shakes, brunch, and much more. I’ve been a regular here for quite some time now. When I’m in the mood for a burger, this is my go to place. You won’t be disappointed and the renovate of the place looks even better.

kristine castillo

I just came home from eating at Urban Burger for the first time and had to write a review right away. This place is amazing!!! My friend and I were having a miserable morning but we left Urban Burger feeling like we were on cloud nine. After having one bite of the food, our moods instantly changed. It's hard to think about your problems when the food is that insanely good. If the rest of the day doesn't go my way, it's great to know that I made at least one good decision today. We ordered the BB Mac and a Krabby Patty. Saying it tasted good is an understatement. The BB Mac and Krabby Patty is just happiness and good vibes in the form of food. The people who work there were very welcoming and friendly. The furniture setup and decor creates a very comfortable environment. My friend and I will definitely be coming back!!! We <3 Urban Burger!!!

Cait C

Their food is AMAZING!!!! They have the best chicken fingers ever. They also have terrific french fries. 10/10 recommend :)

D Mac

Great burger and fries. Healthy portions.

Wowsa Mouse

Great burger place that offers free basic toppings (lettuce, tomato, onion) grass fed organic beef. Best cheese fries I have ever had. Extensive menu. Nice staff. Very accommodating. Good atmosphere. The only complaint is their location, not very easy to get a place to park.

Evan Brown

Prepare to eat and eat well

Darius Rudd

Loved the atmosphere and food great selection!!!

John Payne

Solid burger, nice size portions

Blain Palmer

Placed a 40 dollar order to be delivered, sandwich only had chicken on half of it, when i called to let them know what happened, they said they couldn't do anything unless i brought the sandwich in and showed them. If i could go there, do you think i would have placed an order for delivery! Im in a wheelchair.

Faith Leon

Pretty disappointed. Service was terrible and not even busy. Burger was so so, used to be better


Come with an empty belly and stretch pants because you will definitely need the

Sherrie Burt

Delicious food, big portions, friendly staff.

Lauren Nicole

Good food and service, but the amount of disposable plastic and Styrofoam use was a real bummer for the environmentally conscious.

Kevin Duffy

We love UB. The burgers are fresh and delicious. My five year old who doesn't like meat raves about their grilled cheese too. And leave room for the shakes.

Poop Mcscoot Mcscooty

Went down hill when owners changed.

jason vincent

Service was awful. Sat down and looked at the menu. Waitress asked if we needed a few minutes. We said just anither minute so we can decide. That turned into about 10. She never even took our drink order. She came back and we ordered food and drinks. Took awhile yet to still actually get our drinks. The dirty fries (chili and cheese) tasted fine but they were not very hot and we're very greasy. I ordered the ladder 31 burger. Tasted good. The only reason it tasted good was because of all the toppings and sauce. The burgers by themselves had zero flavor. Pricey for what your actually get. Heard good things about thus place. Definitely will not be back. Thanks for the spell check. Unfortunately it doesn't help your food or service.

Bonnie White

To die for. This was so amazing

Chris Landaverde

Great customer service, especially from this one worker named Isabella. Burgers were cooked to perfection and fries were good as well. Overall a solid burger spot.

jorge pang

Small place with an explosive menu combinations of amazing food. I had the chicken and waffle sandwich with a Smores milkshake. The milk shake was Smores milkshake I've had. The chicken was crunchy and waffles soft and sweet with the pepper jack cheese and aioli. The place has amazing combinations and the atmosphere is down to earth. Really recommend this place especially on a cheat diet day!!!

Ali Perez

really good

Kristina Calabro

The owner treated us with such hospitality and kindness. We actually got talking into other things too. Such a personable man! The food was also on a different level of yum. Mondo blt with avocado on it is amazing. And the famous being cheesy burger. Come and you won't regret it.

Beatriz Gonzalez

Who doesn't like waffles for breakfast?! I mean I know I do. Hearing about a chicken and waffle burger definitely made me curious to try it out, especially since I love burgers! I went on to their website & looking at their menu and what was in it won me over. Parking could be an issue since there's a lot of businesses around and its meter parking. So the chicken and waffles is just what its described & I must say it was delicious. It was dorito chicken with chipotle mayo, pepper jack in between waffles. The combination of the sweet waffles and chicken made me want to keep eating it. The chicken wasn't dry and the chipotle mayo gave it just the right kick to it. Dirty fries?! Their chili cheese fries were just that... spicy but then again I like spicy food. I also ordered the ladder 31 made medium rare along with their sweet potato fries. I had requested a wheat bun but were all out of them by then. The burger was pretty spicy due to the pikliz & jalapeño mayo but I loved it. It was just done the way I wanted, medium rare. The sweet potatoes were just as good. Overall my experience here was excellent. The wait for my order was about 20mins but it was worth it. The staff was friendly & helpful. I definitely recommend giving this spot a try!

Freddy Garcia

Great place to eat!

BlackBoy Jesus

Nice place to grab a eat to go not to sit down not enough space

Andrew Pross

Great burgers.

Ryan Barbato

Great food!

Jamie Surbrug

Fantastic! I just finished the burger and felt the need to write a review that's how good it was! I got a bacon cheeseburger with garlic mayo and fried pickles - INCREDIBLE! The fries are also really good. Best burger I've had in a long time. TRY IT!

Asad F Dort

Love the Burgers here

Jessica Nicolosi

Burgers really vary from not good to tasty depending on what you get and when you go. Speedy Gonzales on beef is good but the turkey burgers are incredibly salty. Regular fries are bland and not worth ordering but some of the specialty fries are better. Shakes are always good. Fried pickles are okay but need better seasoning. Prices are high and only worth it if you get one of the specialty burgers and anything besides the regular fries. Burger patties alone are not very flavorful so you need the different toppings to make it taste good. We have been several times and only go back on occasion to get one burger we know we like and the shakes. We skip the fries. Food has some room for improvement but place is a good concept.

Diana Galante

Good place for burgers. A solid choice for adults but not a place for kids. The brie and fig burger is surprisingly tasty. My kids had grilled cheese, but it was made with burger buns, so it was a strange texture. They also were out of the apple slice side listed on their menu, so it came with fries. The kids were happy about that, but I wish the healthier fruit option was available.

J DaSilva

Food was way pricey and just not good! Fries were cooked in old oil and were just nasty. Only good thing about my burger was the bacon. Got a Caesar salad and it was just a mess, dressing was weird and def not Caesar and had tomatoes all up in that and chicken was burnt. Won't return. You can try it if u want but don't say we didn't warn you. PEACE ✌

Stephani Velloso

My favorite burger place!!!! Big portions, delicious burger and mac and cheese ! I also love their milkshake

Brandon Bates

You're going to feel satisfied and stuffed. Don't go expecting to feel anything but lethargic from eating great tasting burgers.

Kenny oh

It was my food in a timely fashion n they were nice

David Olcott

Mediocre burger joint. Food was good, atmosphere OK. Decorated like no one had a solid idea on what direction to take it. Food took some time to come out of the kitchen even though it was lunch time and there weren't many people.

Isidore Baltazar

Food and atmosphere we're perfect all the way around this place is now the go-to !!

Gabs Toy Adventure

Not what I expected after hearing they were rated number one burger in nj . Was not that good had better for cheaper.

Luis Gaxiola

Really nice and attentive people.

Manminder Singh

Tasty burgers but little longer wait

Christopher N

Take Out - Over cooked cheeseburger, not happy - I ate it though. Sweet potatoe fries were good. IDK 2.5 stars.

Juan Alatriste

Highly recommend good meat for the burgers. Cool combinations with flavor and a nice chill area to eat. Good price on the food. Various fries to get and combos to eat. If you are looking for a enjoyable and filling burger this is a great spot.

Julie Seguin

Great restaurant for food, shakes, and hanging out with family. We went here with some busy children and the staff was so great to us! Very interactive with kids which the kids loved and made them sundaes as requested by the kids as an off menu item vs shakes. They also made us feel very welcome despite some sugar highs from the kids.

Hip Hop

All I have to say....Lincoln Continental and Spicy Chickita are the "go to" sandwiches and the apple bread topped w/cinnamon crumble for Brunch is absolutely amazing!!! Grilled Cheese sandwiches for the kids are a killa too!!! Def a gem in Cranford and Jersey!!!!!

Anthony Mohan

The waffle bun is amazing

Stan A

Nice atmosphere, very hipster feel, but I didn't like the food.

Jennifer Hunt

Not sure how to rate the employee is eating what looks like a tasty burger while customers sit at tables with no food in sight.

Mike P

Great burgers but quite pricey. Atmosphere and music was spot on.

Lilia's Toy Review

Best burgers ever!!! I'm biased because they are friends but....fries are amazing. Burgers juicy and huge. Chorizo burger. Yummo!!!!!!! Chef Frank puts love and passion into his food always. I used to chef with him so I know. You MUST eat here.

Robert Oquist

Nothing fancy just a great burger in a casual setting

Steven Koehler

The shakes are really good which was why I gave the 2 stars, but not much else was good. We had a group of 5 and it seemed everything we tried to order, they were missing ingredients. i.e. a burger on a pepperoni roll, but they were out of pepperoni rolls. The place was virtually empty, yet it took almost an hour to get a few burgers. They're didn't appear to be any management around (on a Friday night no less) and when I paid and the cashier asked how everything was, I explained the above issues. To which she replied "ok". That was it. And that's the last time I'll go to Urban Burger.

Benjamin Cohen

Great burgers, big portions. Cool, relaxed atmosphere and great for kids! Highly recommended!

Julia O'Brien

I wanted a good burger, and Urban Burger obliged! Plus the fries are excellent, and they have an intetesting assortment of drinks.


Love the decor and must say this goes down as one of the best go-to burger joints in the tri-state. Was def surprised on the portion size. The Empanada Burger and Ladder 31are 10 of 10!!!!!

Sunny Patel

Highly recommend this place! Great service, decor is good and good music. Oh and the burger was great! I got a Ladder31 turkey burger and it was amazing from the first to last bite. The buns were freshly baked across the street at Breadsmith and you could tell. The service was awesome — polite and helpful :) go here if you’re hungry!

Shakespeare Gilles

Awesome burgers

Marq M

The burgers are really good.

Ken Myers

Excellent, they've changed the menu stayed true to quality food and attentive service. The Truffle Fries are addictive.

MariAnne Skolnik

We had planned this brunch for a few weeks. We wanted to try a new brunch place so I sent out some suggestions based on food options and google reviews. Clearly google reviews are not always 100% honest. We should have known to walk out the minute we got in the place. We arrived at Urban Burger at 9:55am. There we were greeted with 2 signs on the door. One saying they opened at 9:30am and the other 10am. Well neither were true as the two workers inside finally decided to get off their phones long enough to open the doors at 10:05am despite us clearly standing outside the restaurant. We walked inside and it felt as muggy and humid as an aquarium on a hot day. We sit down and they eventually bring us menus. After about 10 minutes they come take our drink order as we were waiting for one more in our party. We order 2 milkshakes, a coffee, an orange juice and a water, well low and behold they can't handle that as it took almost 15 minutes to get our drinks. In the meantime our 6th party member shows up and orders a water as well. We were still missing waters when they took our food order. We ordered nothing special and nothing hard off the menu.... well at least not for a competent restaurant. Let me tell you all the things they found hard to do; cook an omelette well done, scramble the eggs for the omelette, make french toast that didn't taste like just bread, make rye toast without getting it in powder sugar, actually listen to a vegetarians order instead of suggesting bacon, make a decent cup of coffee... the list goes on and on. Never in my life will I step back in there.

Gabe Garcia



Great burger! Service was lacking though:( friendly but slow...although they need to rethink the batter for the onion rings not very good.. more like a plaster base:( I'm still giving 4 stars after they brush off the cob webs it seems like a great spot to sit and converse plus they have a wall projector with good movies to keep you entertained:)

Haseeb F

Second time here. I can't even finish my sandwiche. Huge portions!! This may be the best thing in Cranford! Come and get your sandwich here!

Paul Reynolds

Bun was hard. Fries were cold. Burger was warm not hot but good flavor.

Michael Mentor

Food is excellent but in need of more staff to help with the service.

Fernando Varela

Very cool place and great service. The burguers were awesome

Thierry Michael Zogo

Casual cool environment. Fair prices and the burgers are just yummy.....

John M Flores

Great burger and onion rings! All ingredients top notch and staff efficient and friendly.


Tried their signature burger called 'The Urban Burger" on a pretzel roll and I must say it was one of the best burgers I've ever had. One of the girls explained that the sauces used are 3 special sauces that the chef makes himself and its kept a secret....The sauces are that good you want to smack somebody.... One of the tastiest burgers I've had. Def would recommend. Helpful note that the signature burger is not on the main menu... I happened to see it on their announcement board at the counter. They def need to add it on the menu so that everyone can see and order!!!!

Lenny S

I been to so many burger spots and this is by far the best. The size of the burgers are hudge !!!!!! Price is fair also and does compare with similar spots but you still get more for the money at "urban burgs". The meat is just right I didn't feel tired when I ate it . The bread is from the local bakery literally from across the street and taste delicious. Toppings are fresh and go well with the rest of the burger. You got to try the continental the waffle and fried egg compliment each other so well and the whole burger goes so well with ham and syrup. But feel free to substitute the waffle with regular bun if you don't want to pass :-) out . Place is always clean and the staff is great . The owner is very friendly and always says hi and does small talk. Love it . I dare you to find a better burger spot.


Great wings and salad, friendly & relaxed

Daniel Bisheit

Very delicious

John Szelengiewicz

Great FOOD

Paul Del Sordo

Fresh food, always good. Sorry they closed down.

Jack Nunziato

Food was awesome and super-friendly staff. Had the Build-Your-Own-Burger. Recommended! Also recommend the Fried Chicken Sandwich.

CDS Hughes

Small menus but great food

German Andujar

Very nice burgers !!!!

Abdul Rahman Muwahid

Nice place

Carlos Almanzar

Amazing home made veggie burger and fries pickles The chef Peppin is on point .Great place for Veggieterians .

Alisha McLean

Burger was well done but not dry or burn! Dope vibe and atmosphere.

Anna Havlíková

One of the best burgers I’ve ever had!!! I got the Ladder 31 and damn, it was goooood! The bun was so fresh, the beef pattie was so thick and super tasty, and French fries great! They give you so much! The whole burger stayed in one piece all the way, nothing was coming out, just perfect.(don’t know how they did it) I didn’t want to stop eating :-D I’ll definitely come back! Best burger!! I even got Mac and cheese for my son and it was yummy! Ohh and the stuff was helpful and really nice.

Miguel Mojica

This place has one of, if not the best burgers I've ever had. The service is very friendly and fast. The price is very reasonable too! I get a burger with a free-refill soda for 11 and change. If you are a burger lover like me, you have to try Urban Burger!

David Shankman

Awesome burgers and even better shakes!

Angelique Garcia

Great burgers and shakes!

Shaina Galley

The place is small and cramped. The tables are not cleared until someone else needs to use the table. It took about 15 minutes to receive the water we ordered. 45 minutes for the food. 3 sandwiches total. They weren't busy. People got their food in spurts at no time did any table get their full order at once. No one checked on us, did we need a refill, anything else... better service at McDonalds.... The burgers were ok, we ordered the wicked blue which is blue cheese dressing and siracha. The onion rings that top it were too thick. The blue cheese was lacking blue cheese. The medium burger was well done. We also ordered the your momma chicken and waffle sandwich with Doritos crusted chicken, chipolte mayo and pepper jack cheese. The chipolte mayo needed to be scraped off. The waffle was so sweet (it was a delicious waffle) it couldn't be eaten with the chicken but separate was delish and the chicken did not taste like it was Doritos encrusted. We went here after seeing it featured recently on a best of NJ and presentation wise everything is pleasing but overall what a let down.

Keli Laing

stopped by here with a friend per my husband's recommendation and we absolutely loved it. Its super cute and the music was great. So different from most burger joints. It's a cute little spot in adorable cranford. On top of all of that, the food was delicious. I had the Hit burger with sweet potato fries and my friend had the chicken and waffles sandwich. While my burger was really good, that chicken and waffle sandwich was EVERYTHING!

Jason Cheek

Burgers are generally good. Service is a different story. I’m currently sitting in their restaurant waiting on my pickup order that I placed 20 minutes ago. They are telling me that it is going to be at least another 20 before it is ready. 40 minutes to cook 2 burgers? Really? There are only 5 tables seated in the restaurant. Are they cooking each burger one at a time for all of the tables or something? It actually ended up taking over 50 min for the order. There are only 2 tables in the restaurant, even though they keep telling me the reason that my order was delayed was because my order was behind a bunch of others. This was unreal.

David Vargas


Thomas MacNamara

The food is excellent as well as the service.

michael smith

Was waiting for this place to open. Same owners as the Italian Pantry which used to occupy the space. I always heard that they had a good burger although I never tried it myself. Walking in I was a little disappointed. It looked like they were going for a hip look but the whole place just felt cheap to me. Decor though, was not my goal, I wanted a good burger! I had the urban burger which I ordered medium. Mine, my wife's and the lady next to us who ordered medium rare on the rare side all were beyond well done! The roll was very good but was not just browned but soggy with butter. The burger itself had a nice crust but no seasoning! No flavor whatsoever. The Urban Fries were crisp as advertised but they were standard frozen fries. How can signature fries come out of a bag? My daughter had the pretzel bites which were swimming in a pool of butter. Add to that the place is expensive as heck! Very disappointed, the burger just wasn't good!

BreeAnna Kiernan

We had their food truck come to our wedding after party and it was AMAZING! The service was incredible, the food was amazing! They showed up early and served in such minimal time that there was virtually no line!! The food was so good even the wedding staff had to come out and try it! This was the perfect ending to our wedding! Thank You Urban Burger!!!!

Danielle LaBarbera

Amazing burgers!!! Found this quaint place on google and decided to try it!! Burger was cooked perfectly, juicy and delicious!! Fries were perfect and my chocolate shake was to die for!! The truffle Mac and cheese was so creamy and I'm not normally a Mac and cheese type of gal!!! Love this place!! It's my new go-to burger joint!!!

Brandon Lopez

Have you ever felt the presence of a god? Have you ever felt the utopic pleasure of Aphrodite? No, you haven't. Because you haven't been to Urban Burger. This place is a beautiful orchestra of flavors and burger combinations that you can't find anywhere else. Jokes aside, the staff is extremely friendly and the environment is very inviting. The food is delicious beyond comprehension. I went yesterday with my girlfriend and after my visit, I just needed to give them a review. I ordered the "Continental" which consisted of a beef patty, fried egg, taylor ham, american maple cream cheese in between two waffles. It was amazing. My love for this place is almost selfish. Even though I want it on every street corner on a national scale, I feel like having it only there, with that staff, in that location, with those cooks, is whats makes it superb. Don't ever move, don't ever close, don't ever expand, we want to keep you for ourselves. 5 stars. No less. Oh, and have a milkshake, its really damn good.

Zachary Neal

Burgers and fries were made near perfect! Custom burger to order with any toppings from the list and vanilla based shakes to go with it!

jennifer lamorte

Burger was very thick but tasted great. They were out of sweet potato fries which was did as disappointing. Regular fries were ok. The grilled chicken sandwich was AMAZING! It was such a nice surprise !

Alex Storts

EDIT: Went to get brunch on a Saturday in September and was told that wasn't an option until October. Despite the fact that both their website and lettering on the front door stated they serve brunch on weekends. We went to the coffee place next door for a great experience.

Klaudia Michal M


Paul Bryan

Food is fantastic (and always has been), but be ready to wait for your food. It seems like, now more than before, they're very understaffed in the kitchen.

Reinerio Amaya Jr.

Burgers are pieces of art ! They are delicious.

John Nanavati

Slowest service in town. My goodness. Don’t come here hungry or you’ll faint by the time you get your food. We placed our order and waited a solid half hour before our food arrived. And it arrived one item at a time with time in between. This is the second time that I’ve gone there and had the same kind of wait each time. I ordered a burger, which was good but not amazing. My son ordered the hotdog - huge! We didn’t realize that it came with chili, mac n cheese, and mustard. We probably could have split it.

Kristopher Mason

Great place for a delicious and filling burger!

Christian Lau

The burger patties are high quality but the bun is very dry and takes away the pleasure of eating the high quality ingredients. Boylan soda on tap

Jesi James

The music sets the tone enjoyed the chicken and waffle sandwich definitely coming back for another one...

Dana Lewis

I went there recently with a friend.. Loved the Cow in the Onion Patch Burger & the Orange Creamsicle Shake & the Blueberry Pie Shake!! Definitely would like to go again soon! :-]

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