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30 Water St, New York, NY 10004, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog IN New Jersey

Ashley Vasos-Aust

Food is good. Service was touch and go but overall acceptable. More pricey than other places like this. Definitely for whiskey, stout, scotch drinkers exclusively.

Melissa Henderson

This place is great!!! Great food, great drinks and the staff were all amazing. Try the fried chicken and bangers and mash. Rarely do we find a place where everyone is so friendly and genuinely seems happy to work there. Thank you for a great evening! We'll probably be back tomorrow before we go home.

michael mallard

Mixologist knew her drinks and was awesome sorry i forgot your name but she worked 2nd floor around midnight

Carl Randall

One of my all time favorite place. Service of this place is amazing and the staff members are super friendly & polite in nature. Come to the point of decor and interior of this place that is just outstanding. Must recommend!

Boris Canville

Nice place to have drinks with coworkers. They have nice interesting cocktails.

Ben Arntson

We went by after work because we had been told that the establishment won an award for being one of the best bars in the world. It turns out this was for 2016 and was not what I would have thought for something with such a lofty claim. We sat downstairs in the pub portion. The server was nice and did a good job based on the volume of patrons. The food however was nothing I would call amazing, it was serviceable but not stellar. Basic pub fare, between the three people at the table we ordered a cross section of things and none of them screamed best bar in the world. The drinks were ok, the old fashion I had was decent but again not world beating. I would say this is an average bar where one must yell to be heard and eat bog standard pub fare with uninspired but adequeate beverages.

Joe Zimny

Very unique bar. Had a great time. The experience upstairs is worth the wait

Jarrod Miller

Great bar with great service. I came here to try the cocktails, but got caught up in the atmosphere downstairs. Whiskey saloon style bar that is just a little fun and easy to get lost in. Fun and friendly staff really make this place come to life.

Klaus Guenther

Have been returning here since 2015. My favorite cocktail bar in the city for modern classics. It's a cool mix of old NYC with a very modern twist, and yet it's an Irish bar that stays true to its roots.

Fx Rodriguez

Love this place, authentic Irish. As a bartender for over twenty years, not alot still surprises me. This place does.

William Watson

I would love to visit this place again and try the other things in their menu as well. Only go there to grab a quick snack. I have had the chicken wings which are pretty good.

Mark Donnelly

Best bar in New York and one of the best in the world I'm sure. Excellent service and really good food as well as the drink.

Dana Carucci

Love this place!!! Great atmosphere...delicious food.. Fantastic workers ..and of course The Irish Coffee!!

Soobin Lim

Hands down THE best cocktail I've ever had in my life.. cocktails are very creative and interesting, with different levels of seriousness with flavor and alcohol. We were seated (it was around 5:30) after about 10 minutes of wait- although most of the settings were still empty.. we were told to hang out at the bar until the buzzer rights. Once seated, we were greeted with a sample cocktail in a small tea cup - sweet and refreshing. Overall experience was great and this will be my favorite go-to from now on.

Cameron Embree

Fantastic ambiance at the bar and the Irish coffee with nutmeg on top was fantastic. Prices are high even for happy hour where drinks are $12-16 a piece but it's probably correctly priced for the area. My vegetable soup with bread was rich and delicious! 2 restrooms next to the bar are clean and in great condition. Great for a small family, couple, or solo like I was. Fantastic!

Yoav Mazor

perfectly balanced cocktails! cant get better

Jessie Fullmer

There is a reason why it has one of the world's best cocktails

Curtis Helmer

I read that this was a place to stop and I had 12 hours in NYC. I was not disappointed, the place was extremely busy and as small as it is, but that did not hinder anything. I had the lamb stew and it was AMAZING. I was there by myself and the bartenders were very attentive despite how busy it was, my beer was never empty. They decor is fantastic with old photos lining the ceiling and police patches on the wall. It had that hole in the wall feel despite its popularity. If I am ever in NYC again I will definitely be back. A++++

Cheri Douglass

It's everything everyone says. The staff was wonderful. The food great, really great. Personally I found most of their drinks to be too complicated. I kept wondering if x would really go with a, b, c and d. The drink I did finally order I found a bit too sweet. And the "background" music was just a bit too loud for me. But it is overall a wonderful experience.

Robin Jacob

One of the coolest places for a drink in NYC. Upstairs has a different menu and amazing drinks that you can't find anywhere else

Dan Larson

Cozy and welcoming. Excellent food. Good selection of draught beers. Truly amazing selection of Irish whiskeys. Friendly and attentive staff. Great place whether you're flying solo, a couple, or in a group. Make sure you're hungry when you go. You won't regret it!

Kelsie W

Loved the atmosphere. The wait staff was super accommodating and really warm. Thank you for the espresso drink. I was super upset about something, and had a hard time keeping it in, and they were just so sweet about it. So thank you. Drinks were great, too.

Sophia Purcell

Excellent cocktail bar in the financial district. Great variety of Irish Whisley and very unusual and interesting cocktails.

Daniel Fernandes

Excellent cocktails! Excellent ambience. Cocktails are a bit on the expensive side, though not too expensive.

Richard Hunter

Best sausages I have tasted in years. I'll be honest - I don't expect good 'pub food' in the US, wonderful place though the US generally is for food. But the bangers here were simply the best sausages I have tasted in years (and my neighbourhood in London has two butchers vying for artisanal sausage primacy). Aircon was a bit fierce downstairs, but otherwise a great lunch.

Tina Smedley

Found this place by accident and so glad we did. It has thr longest list of whiskeys I have never seen. And the staff are great, very helpful if you aren't sure what to aim for.

Marcus Macedo Hardinge

Top notch. Super cool, low light, cosy and contemporary styled bar. Good crowd, laid back feel with friendly staff. I was under the impression that when I visited I was exposed to the best cocktails they had to offer...... Oh well, my mistake. There are 2 sections, the bar available to all downstairs and the upstairs which is by appointment only. The bar downstairs offers some awesome cocktails but the bar upstairs, stop the press! They make some really wild and awesome tasting cocktails, on par with some of the best speakeasy/cocktail bars in my hometown of Copenhagen. Must visit!

Conor Mc Glone

Great drinks great food exceptional staff and an all round great atmosphere. A must when in NYC!

Niv Pai

Love this place and the amazing cocktails that they have. It’s no surprise that it was voted best cocktail bar in the world multiple times. Highly recommend

Gary J. Winthorp

This is the story of dead man tell no tale. Beware for if you read this there is no going back. Ok so back in the 1630 there was legend of an ancient idian burial ground. And because of the massicure the pilgrims had done on the indian, A whopping 1000000 killed and others never found. The chief Cherokee Jack laid a curse on the land that if any one remained there for more then a week they would be force to live there for all eternity. Now today the bar is packed full of people from all ages stuck there milleiums. Dont beleive me then just walk in and look for a brown ans maroon chalace. And look five or so feet to the right for the chiefs urn. The only way to break the curse is the ancient ritual of exceptness. If your freind has a milky haze on there eyes it probably to late. But if you are willing then this is your last chance. First thing is obtain a ancient indian peace pipe. You must fill the pipe with organically grown tobacco from Brazil. Blow the smoke into the person's face and hope they snap out of it. I tell you this becuase my wife is stuck there, I did the ritual many times but only few can out stand Cherokee Jack's curse. Please spread the word and help end the curse.

Kinga Sałęga

5 stars for classics execution / whiskey selection. 5 stars for signatures names. 2 stars for signatures execution. Pity.

Leigh Downes

Intricate, unique cocktail list. I'd never heard of most of them. Thursday duck ragu special was amazing. I'd come back just for this meal. Music was a bit loud to enjoy conversation.

Roxana Hollingsworth

I loved the way they sever the food . Huge space .Amazing cocktails . Music attracted the crowed .

Courtney Frazier

One of the funnest bars I’ve been to. Nice discovery!

Gail Kirkpatrick

Interesting and palette pleasing libations, the Irish coffee was fabulous so were a couple of the other cocktails we shared tastes of! The chicken pot pie was amazing and I also tried a bite of the bangers and mash which was also excellent. Pricey but great comfort food the service was decent and the place was hopping.

Jackson Barnhisel

The dead rabbit is the best cocktail bar i have ever been to in my entire life. Sam upstairs in the cocktail bar deserves a raise because she is incredible. I would highly recommend this bar to anyone. Absolutely unreal. Congrats to the owners.

Tom Bartlett

We read that the dead rabbit was the number one bar in the world. Is there any other place you should go? We went and had a scotch whiskey and Pearl Jam. Unusual flavors, but really, really good. The food was good as well. It was a loud, Close Quarters type of environment. Exactly what you would expect from an Irish Pub. If we're back in New York. Definitely go back to the drinks again..

Charles Fewell

Excellent I went with a friend on July 23. We had very good food and excellent draft beers. They have am impressive selection. Our waitress was very friendly and answered our questions. She was very efficient and professional as well. We arrived circa 1 pm and the downstairs was almost empty. By the time we left it had gotten crowded. The clientele appeared to be mostly tourist groups, but hard to tell

Gordon Davis

Due to time we did not fully experience the richness this bar had to offer. You can see why it received its 5 star rating in 2016. Voted best pub. Great array of drinks and especially Irish whiskey. Prices for food looked quite expensive however the whiskey taster was good value. Worth a visit as we have not experienced a better bar as of yet.

Chris Gonzalez

Great food and atmosphere! Loved the wait staff!

anwesh reddy

We went there on a Saturday afternoon around 2pm and the place was packed. The space upstairs is smaller and they don't take walk in reservations hete. Meanwhile, the downstairs section has more seating options and we were able to find a table after 20min wait. Service was pretty quick downstairs. Great cocktails! We tried over 10 cocktails and they were all fantastic. Everyone must try their Irish coffee, it is the world's best, as they claim it to be.

Giancarlo Surla

Great cocktails and solid food. It can be a bit packed but they get the most out of the space. The servers are friendly and expertly navigated crowd.

Andrea Handbury

I loved this place so much we ended up going two times in two days. The first time was this past Saturday morning for brunch. The Irish breakfast was outstanding. My friend had a burger which was delicious. The bartenders were friendly and knowledgeable. We returned the next day, Sunday, after we completed the Five Borough Ride. Once again the food was great. We had a corned beef sandwich and my friend had another burger. BTW their fries are the best around. And WOW, the Irish Coffee is the best ever! The bartender was decent, a different bartender, not as good as the ones on Saturday morning. She was friendly, however, the drinks took awhile. This place has definitely been added to our list of NYC favorites.

Alla Linger

There is a reason why this bar is recommended by almost all of the locals. The interior is nice but no air conditioning on a really sweltering summer day in the city. Only saving grace is the fantastic cold concoctions that the expert bartenders mix up. My husband really loved his old fashioned and I enjoyed the gimlet. The lobster deviled eggs were fantastic... order them... you won't be disappointed. (Unless you hate lobster or eggs) The best part of our experience was the Irish coffee that the bartender offered to make us complementary. I don't drink coffee.. never have... but this was out of this world delicious. I absolutely loved it. They totally converted me to loving coffee... well only if there is liquor in it. ;)

Shaun Heneghan

Upscale upstairs and more casual feel downstairs. Authentic and great blend of modern Irish pub and a traditional turn of the century historic Irish landmark! Only disappointment is they play classic rock....why would they do that in an Irish pub?

Zayn Raymond

This spot has superb service and delightful food. One of my favourite spots in the city. The food arrived fast and the rates are reasonable. I recommend this place.

Schaeffer Stark

Definitely a place worthy of checking out! The atmosphere is really cool and the food is great! It’s on the pricey side but it’s also NYC so what can you really expect. What makes it so unique is the storyline behind the restaurant and the menus. There’s usually a long wait but if you have the time, definitely go in and stay for a meal!

Charles Griswold

We really enjoyed the Dead Rabbit. The pork belly sliders were fabulous as were the fries. Great cocktails. We'd love to to go back

Robert Ivanovic

Love this place. Not sure what's better, the drinks or staff. Top notch

Laci Hoffmann

Dimly lit and sexy with boozy drinks? Sounds like a perfect date night spot to me! I would say this place is great for a 2 or 3rd date with someone that you really like...otherwise it might be uncomfortably moody. For me, it was the perfect vibe for drinks and a date. Highly recommend!

Tapan Desai

Dead Rabbit is one of the best cocktail spots in NYC. It has been rated the best bar in the world in 2016, so that says a lot. It is a multi-storied building with each floor providing a different experience. In order to get to the second and third floors there is usually a wait of an hour or two. However, in the meantime, you are able to drink at the bar on the first floor which also serves some of their famous cocktails. The Irish Coffee is a must have for everyone. They mix it perfectly at the right temperature. They have a good selection of other cocktails too ranging from 1-6 based on their potency. The food is good as well especially their deviled eggs. The ambience on the second and third floors is good for dates or to just chill with friends.

Pulkit Mathur

Good bread and beers! Nice decor amazing location.

Vidhi Shah

Amazing bar with a cute theme. Great cocktails

Jai Berg

Cocktails were amazing. They were confident that all were gluten free (no potentially problematic flavored liquors). They have gluten free items marked on their menu. I wasn't there to eat, so I didn't ask many questions about cross contamination. Do note that their fryer isn't dedicated to gluten free food, so don't go for the fries if that's a concern.

carlos borges

Great 1 oyster happy hour. They serve bluepoints which aren't my favorite but these were incredibly fresh. Good beef and barley soup and excellent fries served with 2 mayo based sauces for dipping. Great drinks. Incredible room. Worth the wait for dining in.

Justus Orozco

I adore this restaurant! They offer tasty food, their menu is rich, The chef in that place is an expert, I enjoy very much tasting all their dishes. The dishes are always of high qualtity, the attitude towards the guests is very good too. I often go to this place and I not even once was discontended. I highly recommend it.

Patricia Mahony

5 stars for amazing cocktails. In love with their "Doctors Orders". Menu does change seasonally, but always delicious! Love their laid back vibe in the middle of hustling and bustling FiDi.

Patricia Sadler

I loved this place so much we ended up going two times in two days.

Dustin Martin

Great liquor store. It has all kind of liquors and always got the newest best selection. Prices of liquors were lowest. Staff is kind and amiable. Great customer service. Highly recommend!

calvin campbell

Great place interior on point cozy atmosphere and the food was amazing coming from a Sierra Leonean man west Africa

Matthew Vincent

It was a fun experience. A little hot but no big deal it was also an extremely hot day. I like the atmosphere and the people were fun and nice both the staff and the patrons. It was somewhat of an attraction but did not make it a bad bar. I think it would be a good time for most people especially younger people. I had a good time.

Richard Summers

Absolutely amazing bar with incredible drinks and food!

John Crowley

Went with 4 of us on Tuesday evening. Was nice time to go and only had to wait 5 mins to get to the parlour which was well worth it on the 2nd floor. Fabulous cocktails in a great atmosphere. Previously when came here was very busy on other nights. Top class place.

evan planas

Very interesting place. Down stairs is a huge old style Irish pub. Saw dust on the floor and all. Upstairs is a swanky cocktail bar that you need reservations to get into. I went to both. The mixed drinks in both sections where very good and elaborate. The whole place has it's own lore with a comic book series based losely on new York Irish mobster history. It's pretty extra, but does it right.

Jake Scott

The scotch eggs are very authentic, just the right kind of runny. Actually pretty much all the food is super tasty. The backroom downstairs is chilled enough to just enjoy a pint after work, and obviously the cocktails that the bar is known for are always delicious.

Shushan Arakelyan

World's best pub, exceptional drinks and absolutely amazing food - we tried truffle fries and pork belly sliders and both were delicious. Also great service! Must go in NYC!

Melanie Sosa

Super cozy and great drinks! Definately try their world famous Irish coffee.

Jonathan Kazar

This place is absolutely amazing. Some of the best cocktails I have had in my life. I've been multiple times and will go back anytime

Ronald Paylor

Wonderful place!!! Fantastic food and a great cocktail. Food was well prepared and served on time. The place was huge, and the location was convenient and clean. The staff is super friendly and very courteous. I really appreciate their service.

Russell DeVoe

Wow, there was nothing that wasn't delicious. Scotch egg was amazing, soup and slides were spectacular. I also had the dead rabbit red ale which I would say was more a brown ale but I loved it all the same.

Aniket Agrawal

This is an amazing pub, themed upon "Mr. Rabbit", as the name suggests. Their cocktail menu is fascinating. It is separated into 6 volumes, which is essentially a graphic novel with Mr. Rabbit as protagonist. The sheer variety of cocktails is overwhelming, with some being how they heck did they think of that. Do visit the upstairs cocktail lounge, since that's where you'll get it. I find downstairs pub good for quick beer at the bar, having options of brewed beers.


Excellent pub the guys have done a fantastic job great craic

Ian Smith

This is a cozy little place. The multiple floors are fun! The drinks are pretty expensive, but definitely worth it. You can get cocktails you won't see anywhere else. The Rumplestiltskin was the most interesting that I tried.

Farrah Powell

They get 5 stars for drinks at the Parlor. Really well thought out comic book menu with drinks that tell the story. But some details need attention desperately . The banquette against the walls are so uncomfortable because no back cushions are provided. And if you try to sit upright against the wooden frame, you're forced to fight for space with the many picture frames. To make matters worst we visited on a hot day and their ac was not working at all. Their was no disclaimer about this made by the host whatsoever at the door. We waited about 30 minutes for a table upstairs at the bar downstairs where we had a drink while we waited. Finally we were ushered in to yet another hot box, although the host said the air conditioning was working on the top floor. We managed to sit through 2 quick cocktails before begging for our check. After paying we discovered that they had a room off to the side blocked off with chairs where the air conditioners were working just fine. In fact, while the room was completely set up and ready for service no customers were allowed to sit in the room that was below 100 degrees. How thoughtful of management to torture its customers by giving them a taste of hell!

Wilfrid Wallace

My friend Roy recommended this place, what great cocktails! Wonderful time.

Daniel Reitz

Good service, good food and very nice atmosphere

wolliez marco

They get 5 stars for drinks at the Parlor. Really well thought out comic book menu with drinks that tell the story. But some details need attention desperately . The banquette against the walls are so uncomfortable because no back cushions

Kristina S

Love it! Sleeves and Pints for Guiness on tap, and the best Irish coffee I've had. Love the atmosphere too. The bartenders are lovely. Come here at 5PM to get a seat upstairs where the cocktail and food menu is more expansive. Downstairs food and drink menu is much smaller. Come here after 5 and you'll have a long wait. We are travellers from Canada and Ireland and we loved it.

Akashi Akashii

Place was amazing. Great atmosphere. Food was good. Staff were friendly.

Bruce Gillespie

Great experience, Samantha took us through an excellent array of complex and wonderful cocktails.

Miss Ssy

Best irish coffee ever. I loved the Irish Charm of the place.

Colin Cravenho

Great vibe , reasonable prices . Shepard's pie was fantastic

Cullen Cairns

10/10 some of the best food and drink I've had in my life. Every member of the staff was outstandingly well trained. As a bartender myself I was blown away by the expertise shown.

Valeriya Voskoboynikova

Authentic style and signature food I had a great experience there. The place is usually packed. I had a chance to see a band playing Irish music, which made the evening more pleasant. The menu is full of interesting things. Definitely coming back!

Yordi Tak

Loved this place - try a highball or a pork belly slider whilst you’re here!

Hilmar Koch

Scrumptious brunch, great service, despite being so close to so many tourist attractions. Also features an astonishingly well provisioned bar. Really would love to come back for cocktails.

Hugo Cortes

This place has a great atmosphere, and great Real McCoy Irish Food. You must go and thy their Iris beers.

Marina Alessi

Drinks and cocktails all really good. Bartenders also very quick, kind, attentive, and responsive.

Nadine Nadine

The drinks are outrageous and the food is just as good. We put our names in for upstairs, and I started with the Sour Grapes cocktail while we were in the taproom and it was delicious. Also had a few sips of Halley's Comet and Humble Pie. Moving upstairs to the Parlor (about a 20 min wait), we had a second round (I loved the Kith and Kin) plus food. The chicken pot pie and lamb stew are not to be missed, and the fries were incredible. Only thing I would have skipped was the bourbon pecan pie pudding, it was decent but nothing special. I finished with a mini Irish coffee, which was the perfect way to try the famed drink without committing to the regular size. It was definitely the best one I've ever had.

Steve C 032

This place is so cool. I feel like I've stepped back in time when coming here. The drinks are always good and the food is really good. I've had the deviled eggs with bacon a few times...really good. A lot of my buddies like the deviled eggs with lobster. the chicken pot pie is so good here. Even the basic ham and cheese toastie is really good.

Dominic Chen

This spot obviously knows how to take care of their customers. Consistently with a helpful approach. The food is conveniently priced, always delicious and clean.

Refugion Chandag

One of the most popular and outstanding place ever. Excellent service, great staff great food. Highly recommended!


One of the coolest pubs (it’s huge) in NYC. A bit pricey, however, so bring your shekels.

Charlotte Harker

One of the best cocktail bars in the city. Make sure to go upstairs for a seat because the menu is different up there.

Victoria Schutter

This bar was a revelation! The atmosphere takes you back to what it must have been like 100 years ago. It is so unpretentious and confidant. The bartenders know their stuff producing perfect cocktails with a flair. The prices are very good by NYC standards. We loved it! Get a seat at the bar if you can.

Philip Fortenberry

Brilliant Cocktails with wide varieties of flavor.The place was really awesome and the staff was cooperative . The Price was genuine as per quality. If i talk about the music which was superb.

Jack W.

Absolutely the BEST scotch eggs I've ever had. Highly recommended, worth braving crowds, and spending a bit more than you would initially think. The food is honestly worth more than they charge. Go! Eat, drink, regret nothing.

Patricia Patlewicz

This place has changed a lot since the remodel. At least the drinks have stayed the same. Starting to feel a little kitchy and commercialized, with t shirts and gift bags being sold in the back.

Robert DeCaul

Fun! Go check out. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. They have a wide assortment of everything.

Joshua Hanover

One of the best cocktail bars in the city. Make sure to go upstairs for a seat because the menu is different up there. Service is excellent! If you already have a developed cocktail pallet, they can help steer you in the right direction for whatever you are looking for. If you are a novice, they are more than happy to help you discover new flavors and experiment. Extensive menu with drinks that are strong, making the price worth it.

Vivian M Chan

Excellent and food well made. Cocktails were vibrant with creativity and many choices. Our host was welcoming and friendly. The last Irish coffee was complementary thanks to the generous host and it was most delicious even to my husband who do not enjoy coffee. Definitely will be back w friends to share this warm and great place of gathering

Bruno Dirksen Orlandi

The bar has a fantastic ambiance. Food was delicious, the Irish Breakfast is quite something, on Thursdays rabbit is served, cooked to perfection. There is an extensive range of whiskey options. It is just a little crammed, so be prepared to give room to people passing by once in a while. The staff was friendly and full of energy. It seems to be a locals’ happy hour spot. Would definitely recommend it!

Michael Connor

THE DEAD RABBIT HOPS, at least in its ground-floor taproom, where some fifty iterations of Irish whiskies are on display and the bartenders are discerning about the Irish and some 200 other liquors. Grand small dishes and bar food. We were comped an appetizer mistakenly ordered, as we awaited the correct one. Old school that, but still best practice. We overtipped. Old school back at you.

Niall O'Leary

Great vibe, friendly staff, fab food and drinks menu, and, on Sunday nights, 7pm-10pm approx., some of the best live music on planet Earth!

Adam M

Dead rabbit is a great place. However the gin bar next door is also a great place if you want to sit and have some food and a real gin and tonic

Jared Banyard

Amazing spot with amazing food and drink. You will not be disappointed if you stop in. Famous Irish coffee and a huge whiskey selection.

teodora rollins

This place is outstanding. Different varieties of delicious food and drinks we're available at genuine price.

Monica Rodriguez-Finston

Great bartender! Watching him make drinks was pure entertainment!

Jerry Miller

Very cool unique place to see. The drinks are unique and tasty. The food was delicious and the lunch upstairs was perfect.

David Yan

Surprisingly busy bar; even for a Monday evening. The food was pretty good, but the stand out is definitely the unique drinks. I'd definitely go back in the near future. There is a wait to go upstairs. But it's completely worth it.

Edward Perkins

Phenomenal selection of whiskeys. Great ambiance. Nice cocktails (I’m told as I just drink straight whiskey). Manages to be cool and upscale while still maintaining the comfortable laid-back vibe of a local Irish bar.

Chris Miller

Nice Irish bar with a lot of character. The Dead Rabbit has a whiskey selection to die for, and the food menu is fantastic as well. Our bartender was very knowledgeable and helped us make the right selections.

Nicholas Olsen

Wow! Great drinks. Great atmosphere. It's a cocktail lovers dream.

Lauren Russell

Incredible. Incredible. Please try this if you are visiting manhattan! You will love the charming service and wow... the drinks that are so good you never want them to end. Enjoy as much as I did!! Thank you to Sam, our fabulous bartender.

Thomas Fisher

Nice and cosy American-Irish cocktail bar serving some great food options and drinks. It gets busy with the local crowds in the evenings but worth a visit if you’re in the Battery Park area. Quite an extensive menu for food and for drinks, with signature cocktails, local brews, and creative culinary combos.

Greg S

The cocktails, food, and service are amazing. The live music could have been less loud to my liking, but hey, it was Irish!

Michael McMillan

With plenty of personality and a great selection of food and beer as well as traditional Irish hospitality this place is tops on Wall Street.

Johnathan Durr

Shared a burger with my wife and had a mixed drink and a beer. Our server was Brooke, who was incredible and generous! They split our food on different plates for us without us even asking and made sure we tried an Irish coffee on the house before we left. The best bar I’ve visited in New York by a large margin.

michael rabiner

If you like beer then this is the place to go. Voted one of the best bars in the country, plus the food is excellent too. It's two floors and if you're in lower Manhattan definitely stop in for lunch or dinner. My pot pie was super rich and delicious. The sliders and fries were equally as good.

Gabriella Ashby

I loved the place . Its was very attractive and beautiful . I ordered the vine and its taste was good . Staff were very friendly . Great services were provided . very thing is well managed . I liked the sitting area its very comfortable .

Jena Mitcehll

There is a reason this bar is consistently ranked #1 bar in the world. The cocktails never disappoint and neither does the staff. You can go casual low key Irish pub with a twist down stairs or take your experience to the next level (pun intended) at their upstairs parlor.

Karl 1974

This 2-story spot combines a lunch taproom with a parlor serving small plates & vintage cocktails.

Vince Ferrinho

Best Irish Coffee in all the land, great burger with crispy fries and a cool atmosphere.

Glendoval Stephens

Went here looking for a decent caipirinha in New York City. While that quest did not yield any noteworthy results (they had to scrounge up enough cachaça to make one caipirinha; but they did manage to find enough to make one more later in the meal!), I discovered the absolute best shepherd's pie on the planet. At twenty bucks a pop, it's a bit of a small meal and too much of an investment for seconds. But every morsel is a delight for the senses. On a Friday night this tiny financial district watering hole will feel like a subway platform at 5pm. But try the shepherd's pie. It'll be worth the trouble.

Carissa Espinosa

My cocktail (Perfect Lady Royale) was absolutely delicious. I also ate the lamb stew, which was very flavorful and filling. Lastly, the Irish coffee was superb. Atmosphere was lively and pleasant, not too loud to have a conversation. We only visited the downstairs portion and would definitely recommend it. Their many awards for cocktails are clearly well deserved!

Evan Vinciguerra

Quaint little irish looking pub. They had a great selection on tap and house made cocktails. I had the Doctor's orders and it was delicious.

Orlando Sepulveda

It's no wonder this place was previously voted the World's Best Bar! ✅ Cool staff (Shane was my bartender) ✅ Fast service ✅ Savory (Scotch Egg & sausage roll) ✅ Great ambience in the multiple rooms ✅ Perfectly made drinks

Zev Behar

An incredible, fun spot for big or small groups. Amazing drinks and food. An atmosphere that will enhance your experience. Great music. A fun night for anyone who goes here.

Josh Wolfrum

Maybe I just had a bad experience here. A/C was not on during an incedibly humid and hot day. I could not sit in the bar without literally dripping with sweat. I have never drank and old fashioned that fast just to get out and to another place with A/C.

Caitlin Driscoll

Honestly a fire hazard it’s so overcrowded. And the staff is nothing but subpar.

Besim Gjidija

Ok, so this place was shown to me by my coworker. I had no idea what to expect from the outside of It. But after coming here and enjoying their AMAZING drinks and culture, this has become a regular after-work spot. Very unique, great place to chill with friends.

John Goodman

Loved this place! Hostess asked if we were eating or drinking and told us there were 3 open stools at the end of the downstairs bar. Attentive bartenders and Fun diverse crowd. We had already eaten dinner so only ordered drinks. Irish coffees were perfect!

Jo Lorio

These guys knew their menu well, and it was very unique. This place is also one of the top rated bars in the world. Definitely worth a drink if you're in NYC.

Anneka Kumli

They have a really interesting variety of cocktails, super efficient and talented bartenders and good food. Definitely on the pricey side and it gets very crowded after work. Overall a great spot downtown.

Lingchun Liu

My new favorite place for $1 Oyster. The atmosphere of The Parlor is completely different from the tap room.I love this hidden spot.

rahul edla

Ohh Boy. Amazing Cocktails, but the waiters in there could be a bit more engaging and welcoming.


This Pub is an authentic Irish pub, a Dive in Dublin you won't find better even at Temple Bar Pub .. very friendly and Professional Staff, Great Cocktail and Guinness , it cant be better at st James's gate in Dublin. the fish an ship is one of the best i ever eat .. i was 6 month in Dublin as a Maitre D'Hotel at the Ashling Hotel in Dublin when i was younger .

Ibrahim Hammouda

This restaurant is a unique place in downtown Manhattan. The design, colours, and the uniform of the staff their brings you back immediately to the Victorian era. They have a very nice place upstairsto dine at, and the bar is downstairs. However, they have a very unpredictable schedule for the dining area that you really should check before you go (it changes depending on weekdays). The only way to check it correctly, is by calling them to enquire and make a reservation (places are limited for dining) to make your experience better and enjoyable.

Zygintas Krasodomskis

Fantastic pub with authentic saw dust on the floor. They have a good selection of local and imported beers and amazing cocktails. Be sure to speak to bartenders or ask if you are unsure what to get, as they are super knowledgeable and interesting. They can even tell you all about the history of this pub.

Lucas Duffey

You have to go upstairs for the saloon, that's where the good drinks are. Irish coffee is pretty good. Not too spirit forward, and creamy.

Vivek Jain

Always an amazing experience, never a dull drink at this place. I had negroni, Irish coffe, whiskey punch and Willing well. All four cocktails were perfect in terms of texture and flavors; none of them sweet (and I don't sweet cocktails). The ambience is amazing and a very friendly staff

Maxwell Mosley

Amazing cocktails in a great atmosphere, one of the best bars in the city. The Irish coffee is outstanding and the Irish whiskey selection vast. Brunch food is great too with a lot of variety. I take all of my out of town friends here.

orkhan ibad

I loved this place so much we ended up going two times in two days. The first time was this past Saturday morning for brunch. The Irish breakfast was outstanding. My friend had a burger which was delicious. The bartenders were friendly and knowledgeable. We returned the next day, Sunday, after we completed the Five Borough Ride. Once again the food was great. We had a corned beef sandwich and my friend had another burger. BTW their fries are the best around. And WOW, the Irish Coffee is the best ever! The bartender was decent, a different bartender, not as good as the ones on Saturday morning. She was friendly, however, the drinks took awhile. This place has definitely been added to our list of NYC favorites.

Ashley Kristoff

Such a warm, lovely environment. To be fair, I went on a Monday, but was a perfect volume for drinking and conversation.

Sarah Lyons

Cocktails are a 10. Atmosphere is a 10. Amazing pub.

Sunil Lachuman

A must visit when in NYC. The building itself is a landmark preserved by the City. The drinks are worth every penny and the service exceptional.

Stephen Mattingly

Awesome drinks. Wide variety of cocktails. Food is tasty but not exceptional. The crowd is fun and diverse. Great clothing for souvenirs. Strongly recommend for anyone visiting the financial district

Eunju Kim

Great place with nice staffs and tasty food. Love irish coffee, must try. Unique experience with something like sand on the floor.

Zellers Straker

Collection of large number of delicious and tasty drinks one of the best part of this place is the outstanding selection of beer and vines I personally love the collection. Highly recommend!


One of the best cocktail bar! Friendly staff. Love that place

Jason Holder

I loved the parlor menu. The food is also fantastic. The servers made sure everyone in our party would enjoy the crafted beverage they selected. I would encourage anyone that enjoys creative adult beverages to visit at least once. First floor offers the classics and beer if the parlor does not sound like your thing.

Lisa Curtis

Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding We loved this place so much we ended up going two times in two days. The first time was this past Saturday morning for brunch. The Irish breakfast was outstanding. My boyfriend had a burger which was delicious. The bartenders were friendly and knowledgeable. We returned the next day, Sunday, after we completed the Five Borough Ride. Once again the food was great. We had a corned beef sandwich and my boyfriend had another burger. BTW their fries are the best around. And WOW, the Irish Coffee is the best ever! The bartender was decent, a different bartender, not as good as the ones on Saturday morning. She was friendly, however, the drinks took awhile. This place has definitely been added to our list of NYC favorites.

Mikkel Krog-meyer

One of the best Irish coffees I've ever had! Well done and see you soon

Alexandru Balotescu

This place is simply amazing! The food is absolutely delicious and the atmosphere is mesmerizing. A must-visit.

Carin Whitaker

These bartenders/mixologists are some of the best in NYC! The service is excellent! The second you finish your drink at the bar they are there asking if you would another; when your water glass is low they fill it immediately; we ordered food and again as soon as we were finished the plates were whisked away. This is a grown up cocktail bar with addults...very few folks under 30 and we felt very comfortable there at 55 and 57 respectively. Drinks were well thought out and their Irish whiskey collection and probably scotch(I hate Scotch so I didn't notice) is impressive. The food, served until 1 am, is very good. We ordered the fried chicken and fries. The chicken was coated in panko, pounded flat and the fries had some truffle oil on them. Both were excellent.

Kathryn Hazelton

You haven't lived your life until you have come to this place. You're treated like an old friend the moment you walk in; the drinks are absolutely astounding. I don't know why or how this place has a 4.6, other than maybe those people are boring, have no palate, and need a swift removal of a certain stick in a certain place.

Colette Townsend

Great atmosphere and super friendly staff. Irish music was great, definitely going back.


Excellent craft cocktails! Great ambiance and good time!

Vishal Patel

Great atmosphere in the bar. We went to the seating area upstairs. Drinks were all delicious, had a few different ones.

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