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Tai Y Lee

great BBQ


Food is so~~ delicious and staffs are very kind. Specially their meat quality is the best in this town.

Sage Naka

Good Korean BBQ place. It was not crowded when I went.


(Translated by Google) The meat was so soft, the side dishes were delicious and the service was friendly and good. It is so delicious !! (Original) 고기고 너무 부드럽고 반찬도 맛있고 서비스도 친절하고 좋았습니다. 너무 맛있어요!!

tai chung

New chef, new management I can feel new management are focusing on quality of foods.

Natasha Brofsky

This is amazing food! The soup broth is complex and delicious, the beef is tender. Excellent, courteous and attentive service. We would make a special trip to come again.

Kimiyo Matthews

It was very good experience. The waitors grill the meat at your table. All the food tasted great and they serve everthing quick and there's no waiting time.


Good BBQ

HongJoo Ro

Ram Bo Lee

(Translated by Google) Homage and taste of Ugaji Galbi-tang (Original) 우거지 갈비탕이 맛이는집 친절+ 맛잇음

Tom Zieba



Good quality beef and pork in Korean BBQ style

Rachel Green

Great service. Nice stuff. But too lousy.

Steve Lee

Finest quality meat and best tasting Korean BBQ place in NJ under new management. Owner/chef has upscale manhattan restaurant exprience and it shows

Tom Kim

Cindy Swabsin

I went there with my friends who I haven't seen in years. Great, friendly service. Food was great. I lived all the flavors. Good variety to choose from. Can't wait to go back

Fernando Basulto

Sung Cheol Park

Very good taste.

Sung Yim

Good Korean BBQ with BYOB. They have combo deal where you get 7 different cuts of meat all cooked for you right at your table while you drink some wine. Best if you go with larger group.

edward jo

younghoon joe

Won Jae Lee

Their fried rice is goood

Dooseon Ham

Amit Patel

Very good marinated short rib and very good ribeye. Fluffiest egg I've ever had.. definitely going to need to come back here.

Eunbin Kwon

(Translated by Google) Teppanyaki octopus taste !!!! Lastly, try fried rice (Original) 철판낙지 핵존맛!!!! 마지막에 볶음밥 꼭 드세요 진짜 너무 맛있어요

Kaden C

This restaurant is definitely one of the most pleasant restaurants in the area. Anytime I go there I am incredibly satisfied. They keep their very high standard service and the topmost level of dishes they offer. You surely will enjoy this this place. Highly recommended.

Lance Choi

Ma. Ligaya Biscocho

We enjoyed this barbeque restaurant... The service is excellent and the staff are superb...

Gabriela Bustamante


Good quality of food and service. But not full enough

fear & loathing

food is decent nothing to get excited about.

Alejandro Briceño W.

Excelent food and Ms Young is incredible

Hoya Cho

(Translated by Google) It is very kind and very delicious. I want to go back. (Original) 엄텅 친절하고 매우 맛있어요. 다시 가고 싶네요

Sunny Oh

Yummmm ...i went there 2days in a row.

daniel hwang

Great kbbq and the service is good here.

jaewon park

Daniel Lee

Best Korean BBQ in NJ


(Translated by Google) The taste is very good. I do not think there is much to say about meat quality and meat quality. Side dishes are also delicious. Please note that the price is much higher than other Korean restaurants in Flushing. (Original) 맛이 엄청 훌륭합니다. 특히 고기 상태와 육질은 맛 없다고 하실 분이 거의 없을 것 같아요. 반찬도 맛있습니다. 다만 가격이 플러싱의 다른 한식집에 비해 많이 비싼 편이니 꼭 참고해주세요.

Steve P.

Food is really nice and all of staffs are very kind.

JS Lee

Erick Nolasco

Youn Sung

Please try beef combo. pork is so so.

Patrick Yun

Best of the best KBBQ.

Ranjith Rajan

This place is legit.. Great food, Excellent service.. Plus BYOB...

Kyung Soo Yoon

(Translated by Google) The taste of meat is good but it does not smell. (Original) 고기맛은 괞찬은데 냄새가 안 빠짐

R. Maxwell Sabato

One of the only places in town with great vegetarian options. Me and my girlfriend really like this place.

Jung Park

Trust me this place is better than Cote in NYC with reasonable price. Meat is amazing. I went back to this place 3 times after firat visit in 2 weeks


Great bang for your buck. Good meat great service byob

Youngduk Yang

Jeff Yunhwa Lee

Jae I Lee

(Translated by Google) Best ribs !!! 1 serving $ 34.99 If you need to drink alcohol (Original) 갈비맛 최고 !!! 1인분 $34.99 술은 필요하신분 본인지참

Yonggyun Lee


seo woo lee

Beef quality is great recommend!

Kwan Joung

It was good


Very good for barbeque and so kind I really love Jumul ruck and noonkkotsal

John Dixon

Truly a great dinner! Wonderful people and great food!

shawn khan

Great value lunch specials

Sun Im

(Translated by Google) Owners change, taste and service atmosphere (Original) 주인바뀌고 맛도 서비스도 분위기 만점

NoA Roh

great group dinner place with authentic Korean bbq. great meat at a reasonable cost. BYOB. the only complain is the smoke suction is not always good but they have also LG Styler which can refresh / protect your coat / jacket from bbq smoke during dinner.

u Design

Great food, friendly staff.

Xiao Yang

Great food and service! Good value! Very friendly and attentive place! Will definitely come back!


Grace inhye Lee


(Translated by Google) Seawater is cool. If you eat meat, it is basic. (Original) 해물탕이 시원합니다. 냉면은 고기 먹으면 기본이니 양 봐서 추가 시키세요.


Cindy Lim

A little pricey, but good quality of meat. Recommend their combo special menu. Small combo should be enough for 3 people. Parking lot available.

Patrick Rho

The meet that they serve is premium quality meat. although a little on the pricy side, definitely recommended

young joong Song

It's great korean BBQ restaurant. Especially rib eye is the best. Try it!!!


Kangwon Seo


High quality meat. Super nice staff. Best Korean BBQ in town.

Soo Kang

Good Korean barbeque place. Meat selection is great. Attentive and energetic vibe. A young owner with adventurous mind tried with different sauces and menu. Liked the balsamic soy sauce for dipping. Tables by the windows get a bit chilly so ask for a different table if you get cold easily.

Shabina Park


Oguz Erginer

I disliked this place as the food is not delicious and charging too much what you eat. Not recommended.

Chulmin Jin

(Translated by Google) Meat value cheap seasoning free of charge (Original) 고기값저렴 양념게장무료

Nick Yoon

(Translated by Google) The ventilation ... I think it's catching a raccoon. (Original) 환기가... 너구리 잡는것 같아요

Minwoo Kim

Hangkyu Bak

Raul Jimenez

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

Youngher Shin

best ever food !!!!!!


Yong-Do Lee

Food and service with new owner is great. However the ventilation is not good

Brandt Varner

James Rim

Very high quality meat

Jordan Rosen

Great Korean BBQ. Their combo's are great for when you're indecisive and the food is always fresh and amazing.

Young Ki Kim

Meat is tender and price is okay for Korean bbq place

Aldo Fernandez

Expensive price for exquisite food.

Sang-Hyuk Hwang

Duk Young Kim

Ji In kil

(Translated by Google) The meat is delicious. (Original) 고기가 엄청 맛있어요

Doug Pae

Did not care for too Smokey

Lizzy Seo

Roberto Rodriquez

Love the Kobe beef

Joo Kim

chong choi

Dohee Kwon

The best Korean quality barbeque place in north jersey! Amazing decoration and the best service!

Scott Chon

Great meat selection and good dining place for family! BYOB.

Jason Choi

Gina Kim

masahiro inada


This restaurant is highly recommended. Recently new owner took over and it is really good. Best one I have been to recently. All the side dishes have yummy and clean taste. (I don’t even touch side dishes at some restaurants.) The prices are affordable even for dinner. Lunch prices are very good. Very generous portions. You must try fresh 멍게 비빔밥 (sea squirts bibimbap) if you like uni and clams stuff. If you like beef and soup, 왕갈비탕 (wang galbi tang) is best. My daughter likes marinated beef, so she had 갈비 galbi on hot plate. You get bibimbap with sliced galbi on top with woogeoji soup on the side. It is perfect for an adult and a toddler girl (I asked to give rice separate so my daughter can only eat galbi and rice.) I will come again!

Tomomi Harada

Yellow Card

One of favorite spot in fort lee

Kyung Jin Lee



This is now one of my favorite Korean BBQ places in NJ/NY. The meats are great and we have had amazing service every time I have been there.



sophie song

Tony Ye

Food was great!

Denis Kim

(Translated by Google) A better visual than I thought. (Original) 생각보다 훌륭한 비주얼.


good quality meat and its byob

Chae U Lee

Klim Kavall

Delicious Korean barbecue right on Palisades Ave in Fort Lee. The location is perfect for me and the food is amazing. The marinated beef is a must and the staff are friendly even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Highly recommend you stop by and try their beef and also their spicy soup.

No sung Park

Good for group and quality meat!

Lee James

average taste not great for value- especially when there's so many good ayce places

Sean Yoo

Best korean BBQ in town!

John K

Good prices

Joonhyuk Park

Love their side dishes.!! They give you gaejang (spicy crab) if you order BBQ!

Andy 준혁 Song

James Lee

Food 5star Service 5star Overall experience 5star Good quality meats.

Kwangjoon Chung

Jimmy Kim

Good food. Thumbs up for service

Gent Blaku

(Translated by Google) thanks (Original) dank

Michael P

Best K bbq place in NJ

Chris Lim

(Translated by Google) Snowflake beef is delicious (Original) 눈꽃살소고기 맛있어요

Chanhyun Kang

Best !

Timothy Pyun

From beginning to end- one of the worst experiences I've had. Finding parking in their cramped lot is horrendous. Once you're able to maneuver around all the tight turns and spaces, you pray you won't get hit by another car. Once inside, you'll find drab, uninteresting decor. Regardless, excited to try their bbq, was disturbing to see thru the kitchen doors and see how the meat is prepped, And wow, was the kitchen dirty. Nonetheless, the place is BYO, so if you can get over the loud convos of drunk old men, you might be able to enjoy the food on your plate. To end your evening, enjoy a cigarette outside with the most obnoxious broken exhaust fan spinning so loudly you can barely hear yourself think. STAY AWAY! Plenty of other options in the area.

Sangheon Lee

Steve Kim

(Translated by Google) A snowy house (Original) 눈꽃살이 맛있는집

Eric Lee

Excellent bbq and byob. Good parking lot.


4 people beef combo was really good we got the 24 hour marinate also which was great. Corn mozzarella really good also. 60$ a person for over eating not bad.

Matt Kim

Luna G

Great food! Their meat quality is outstanding! We got the beef combo for four and were completely amazed by how good the beef tasted! The ribeye was the best of course, just cooking it the simple way made it tasted great. The beef in the combo also got different seasonings in them, and I loved each one of them. The last one cooked was combined with pineapple, which was the first time we tried such a way of cooking but was ultimately satisfied by how good and tender the meat came out. Of course pork belly was a must and it got cooked together with kimchi. We enjoyed it a lot! The service was outstanding. They helped you grilled it to make sure you eat each kind at the perfect timing. They also gave a lot of side dishes. Reasonable price with large portions. Highly recommended!

Kyung C. Baek

best quality of meat and food is amazing

Josephine HJ Park

Theo Kim

Gean Choi

jungwoo an

Little pricy

Su Ka Kae

Great bbq

Julie LeBeau

Very delicious, authentic at a reasonable price

James Hanjoon Kim

Cozy and great Korean food

Areum Kim

great quality of food and service ,

Renato Delatorre

It's ok. The food is tasty and a good value. But there are better Korean BBQ places around. But it's good. My main issue is the cut of the beef short ribs. Very thin compared to other places and no bones. I like chomping on the bones. The portions are good. Just right. So the price is right.

Ki bum Koh

paul yoo

Joshua An

One of my favorite restaurant, Korean BBQ

Dean Choe

Super great quality of beef,and pork. Friendly staffs.i think this restaurant is best of best.

hs shawn

Beef comb is reasonal price and good meat

J Park

Leave the restaurant when the owner isnt there. There is a tall Korean waitress with short hair who is very rude and unprofessional. There is another waitress who is also very rude. Ive asked her to clean the grill, then she said “we dont normally wipe the bbq grills because it gets used immediately” then she wipes the grill and purposely avoids the area that needs to be wiped on the grill. The grill was so disgusting, it had rice from the previous customers on it!!!!!! I cant believe she had the audacity to say that they dont normally clean the grills because it gets used immediately by the next guest. Then the tall lady decides she doesnt want to wait our table so a short Korean waitress who seems younger with curly hair comes by and when she starts grilling our bbq, she starts slamming the grill as loud as she can. You have got to be kidding me! The meat quality is great here but with that type of attitude and violence while serving your customers? Who knows what goes on in the kitchen. I am extremely disappointed from this restaurant. I will never step foot in here again and neither will the patrons who were there with me along with their family and friends. Those ladies should be ashamed!!!!! If you are the owner you need to do something about your extremely rude and violent waitresses. 사장이 없슬떼 그렇게 손님 에게 함부로하고, 깡패 같은 waiteress들이 있는곳은 도저히 용납할수 없습니다. 나이있고, 키크고 머리 짫은 왜트레스와 조금 젏고 통통하고 꼽슬머리를 뒤로 묶으신 건달 최악입니다. 그 두 사람 정말 반성하세요.

Hongjin Kim

Very good place for Korean BBQ

kathy joo


Very good rhizo.. very good

Ralph Kwon

PaUL kim

Kangtaek Lee

Catherine Vecchio

Nice staff. Very salty food

Super khan

Love it

Byung Kwan Park

Great quality meat. They dont take reservations on weekend. Enough parking spots. Great service

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