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REVIEWS OF Tapastre IN New Jersey

Crosby Herman

This place is worth visiting. They have large portions for affordable prices. Constantly well kept and with excellent character. Will visit here again.

Sarah Witmer

We have had a great experience every time we have come here. It is off of main street in Somerville and in the basement/back of project P.U.B. so if you haven't been there it can be confusing to find. We love sitting on the patio here as …

Kristy Rubino

Excellent service, very interesting drinks, and a very cool ambiance. Went for happy hour and it was average but the duck crepes were outstanding!

Jessica Layton

They are 100% reservations on the weekend, which was not properly explained on the website or through my email correspondance with them. I stopped by at 515 on a recent Saturday and saw a completely empty restaurant that was apparently 100% booked and was told they had nothing available until 815. They were kind and pointed me upstairs to Project Pub which was also half empty, but apparently only had room at the communal table. Food was good, but probably wont be back. Seeing an empty restaurant and being told you cant sit is a visual so frustrating I'll just find another restaurant and take Tapastre out of rotation rather than risk it happening again.

Lucy Sandler

Interesting cocktails and a good beer selection too. The food is pricey but tasty.


Every time we come here no matter what we get the food is amazing wait staff is super friendly never seen anyone have a problem it's always packed you're going to have to make a reservation but if you don't you can always get one of there craft beers and hangout while you wait

David Swanson

Great selection of beer for a small local restaurant. A lot of care and attention is given to the preparation of the food. The menu is simple and concise and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting. Service is good, as they have ample staff to cover the tables. The place holds less than 100 people (I think fire code said 80 but I am not sure if I am remembering that correctly) so reservations are a good idea on a Saturday Night.

Vishal Gupta

The sangria was basically half a pitcher of ice and some wine with some pieces of raw apple thrown in in the name of fruit. The food was overpriced and with below par taste

Dan Stephens

Great beer and food.

Robert Robbins

Outstanding would be an understatement. Service was fantastic and food was amazing.

Joe Habit

Wife and i love this place. Its great for date night or a group of friends. Pork sliders, the flatbreads and drinks are awesome!

Sara Stahl

Love the food, and great beer options. Staff is always friendly. Can fill up on a Saturday night, so a reservation is helpful

Paul B Taubman

Food and drinks are very good here! The beer selection never fails to please! The only disappointment is the service. It is really hit or miss. There seems to be no professionalism and each time I have visited, the wait staff is just socializing with each other at the end of the bar or at the Hostess Stand.

Vernon Doyle

Great restaurant with lots of potential however it seems like they are under staffed... I waited for a drink refill for awhile so we went to wasabi always great service and fast regardless of volume on the weekends

Cosku T

The atmosphere is very relaxing, great place for a date or if there is room, to just hang out. Great selection of beer. The food is interestingly delicious.

Errand Wolfe

Best restaurant in Somerville! The food is amazing and you will not find a better beer selection anywhere in the area.

Angela W

Unique and well prepared food, great service, and nice ambience.

Thomas Polson

Constant great beer selection and solid food.

Rich Ashley

Food was delicious. Place was only half full but hostess was slow to help us for some reason, we almost left but i said let's wait another few minutes. Eventually we were sat and everything was fine from then on. Extensive drink selection and decent portions.

Michael Lombardozzi

The ambiance is excellent, though be careful if coming in during the day, as the dimly lit bar and seating area is almost a little too dark when you walk in. Once you adjust, it's the perfect setting. The tap list is unparalleled in this area, and you'd be hard pressed to find another bar within an hour to rival the rotating selection from Tapastrie. The Tapash dishes are generally good, although there's some that are only all right. The braised short ribs are top notch, pork truffle pizza is excellent, the lettuce wraps are addicting, but I found the duck confit concoction to be mediocre, and the slab of maple bacon just wasn't my taste (though if you're into gristle, it'll be right up your alley). Service is generally good, even when busy, though I tend to frequent it at more off hours, so I would hope service was good. They also toss hockey on the TVs, and that's tough to come by.

Mohini Groves

Great choice of drinks!

Ryan Engelstad

Great beer selection and relaxed environment.

William Thomas

Amazing food and drinks

Christina Sorrentino

For the price of each tapas plate, the food was not worth it. The scallops in the seared scallop dish were not tender or even seared. They were tough. The duck confit crepe was not flavorful and if you're only going to give two peices, …

Faber Fedor

I LOVE this place! Nice ambiance, nice soundtrack, good food, beautiful people. One of my favorite places in town.

Christian Fry

Awesome beer selection with nice food options. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

David Goodrich

All time favorite place to go! Amazing beer and food! Great for a date night!

Justin Tobias

Very good food at a moderate price. I highly recommend ordering a flight of beers. 5-5oz glasses of your choice of craft draft beers! Also had to try the big Elvis... Banana, peanut butter, bacon and Sriracha is an interesting yet very good sandwich!

Jose Aponte II

Great ambiance, killer brew list, friendly staff.

Terry Londenberg

We go here close to once a week since our daughter dances at Serova school of dance in Somerville and we wait for her while she is there. Always super great food. The soup is to die for. I love their bar atmosphere. Some updates are needed.

David Calderwood

Great beer selection and really good food. Love this place.

Andy Janis

Awesome food and drinks. The service was great too.

Matt Squicciarini

Consistently amazing food, great drinks and draft beer, nice atmosphere, fantastic service.

Dave Steiner

Amazing beer selection, wonderful food and great staff... One of my favorite places to eat and drink.

Acclude 109

Cozy bar situated at the edge of Somerville's busier part of town, so parking is better. Good beer selection on tap, but I believe the beers do not taste exactly correct. Regardless, it appears to be a popular spot for more mature crowd on at least Tuesday.

Mark Allan

Always enjoy Tapastre. The mixologists know most every drink and most variations, and put their own unique spin on each one. Tell them what you like and ask them to surprise you.

Robert Cavezza

This is the best restaurant I've been to my entire life. After dining in dozens of restaurants in New York and Boston, Tapastre is still my favorite. Do yourself a favor and order the prawns.

Elaine Murawski

Always great! Love the beer selections

Michael Munczinski

Really good menu of small plates. Something for everyone.

Maureen Lokos

We had a party of six, and all of us were very happy with the food, beer selection, and service. The waitress was attentive and helpful, explaining the menu and beer selection. The menu consisted of unique and delicious dishes, and the beer selection was impressive. The atmosphere was warm, intimate, and inviting. I would highly recommend Tapastre anyone who is looking for a fun and unique dining experience.

Sachin Raje

Nice selection of beers. Simple, but delicious food.

Jon Cochran

Their beer selection and burgers are top notch, and the atmosphere is great.

Helen Baez

Delicious drinks!!

Peter Guarniero

Other than the large rotating beer selection, I love this place because the music is quiet.

Gavin Millard

Perfect speak easy style bar where everyone knows your name. Great food and beer selection.

Pauline Schneider

The best beer selection on tab and in cans I would say in NJ.

Peter Deane

Good food, great beer menu.

Kevin Haughwout

Incredible food and ambience, a great beer selection, and some of the best and most inventive cocktails I've had in a very long time.

Laura M

Delicious food and a huge beer variety


Our waiter Matt gave excellent service. I highly recommend the Calamari. The margherita pizza was flavorful but on a tortilla. 10 bucks for a bastardized quesadilla. Give me some pizza dough please.

Sabina Conley

Every food item on the menu is fantastic and the cocktails are so much better than other "high-end" places in town. The bearded bartender is sooo friendly, attentive, and funny - which really ups the experience if you sit at the bar.

Lisa D

Really cool vibe and great bartender! Food was great too!

Jim McGlashan

If your looking for a place with great atmosphere, food, and drinks Tapastre is one of the best in the area.

W Nelson

We were drawn in by both the tapas & craft beer and had a fantastic meal. Our favorite was the slab bacon, and shrimp and chorizo because they were perfect beer food. The beer flight is a good value to complete the tasting experience. Will definitely return.

Paul Murray

Great beer and food. Cozy atmosphere.

John Baldwin

Loved the beer sampler, the tapa including the shrimp and chicken lettuce wraps. Great grand brillie. Beautiful building and bar.

John Potter

The beer and wine selection is vast. I recommend getting a flight of you want to try new beers.

Nick T

Overall: 4/5 The place is very nice and gives off a chill vibe. I have never eaten food there before but their banana bread beer is absolutely worth trying before you die! X-Factor: 5/5 - It feels like you are walking into a speak easy which I find very exciting and appealing!!

Amy Dahl

Great cocktails and a nice, cozy bar. Best in the fall, winter, and early spring months. 4 stars for food that doesn't quite match the standards of what I expect for a Tapas bar. Great place to meet friends for a drink, though. And the happy hour is a good deal!

Richard Quiroz

I'm always mad I don't come here more often, the tapas are phenomenal especially the duck crepe! They have a great selection of beer and a real cozy environment for the crowd that would rather a semi quiet setting for conversation and cocktails/beers over a typical bar/club.

Keith Dorflinger

Great rotating tap list, cocktails and food are very well crafted as well!

SUsan Green

Great ambiance with delicious food.

David Powell

The food here is delicious, and the prices are great. Their beer selection is top notch and frequently rotating, and the staff here are knowledgeable and very helpful, especially when it comes to dietary restrictions and allergies!

aashish laxman

Have visited this place a few times now and each time they had new additions to their ever so unique and refreshing beer menu. Keep it coming ! From the food side, their crab cakes are a must try.

Dorothy Sakele

Slow service on a slow lunchtime

Edward Bloom

Amazing selections. Food was top notch, and the bartender made an excellent recommendation for beer based on my order. Will definitely be back.

Anthony Mangione

Fantastic spot. Great good, great beer, 'nuff said. Go there.

Pavel Enick

Great food. Menu had some good options that made it a bit unique. Staff was friendly, building was clean.

Colin Doyle

Very nice, underground setting. Relaxed, but posh enough to be a destination. Excellent self-conscious of beer and spirits. Be sure to order the bacon first since it take a little while to prepare. And yes, order the bacon.

Michelle Zgombic

Excellent selection of beer. Gets crowded so go early or make reservations. Tapas are delish too, if you are a foodie.

Mike Sumi

Great old fashion. What mixologists...

Alex Bolovschak

Craft beers and decadent perfectly sized small plate entrees.


This is a wonderful intimate place for great craft beer and delicious food. The beer selection is always changing so you get to experiment and the beer staff is really knowledgeable. A 5 star chef creates wonderfully seasoned dishes, Even the chips are great. Highly recommended.

James Dietrich

Bar and Wait staff are very nice and provide a great dining experience. The Tapas and beer/cocktail menu changes throughout the year, so you will normally be able to try something new. The food quality is great and portions are as expected based on the price. Would definitely recommend for small parties or date nights.


Super cool place, great food, great drinks...we just love this place. You can eat, have a drink & actually talk to the people you are with. I would definitely recommend you trying it out,you won't be sorry.

Jenn Noble Mikson

Delicious (as in bacon deliciousness). Fun. Make reservations early (like a week before) to ensure a table.

Jessie Browne

Yummy, cool atmosphere, pricey. Visiting from Indianapolis on business.

Juan Torres-Fernandez

I pigged out! Enjoyed good beer with even better small plates. Good date spot!

Mark Oberlander

TERRIBLE SERVICE. ZERO STARS. We ordered several dishes and the ones that did finally come out (35 minutes for a grilled cheese - come on) were ok, but 2 of the dishes never came (a burger and pizza). After 45 minutes, I asked the waitress to just cancel the food that hadn't come out and bring the check. 5 more minutes passed and she came over and said the food was ready and asked if we wanted it boxed up. I politely said no and asked again for the check. Another few minutes went by and some hipster / cook / manager with a long scraggly beard came out and said the food was ready and i shouldn't worry because nothing was wrong with it. He offered to box it up and I said for the 3rd time that i didn't want it anymore (was so frustrated from waiting and couldn't get out of there fast enough) and asked that he take it off the check. He then said he couldn't take it off the check because it was already made. I looked at this gentleman with the dirty black t-shirt incredulously and said 45 minutes for a medium-rare burger is ridiculous and any other place would've had 10 burgers out by now. He defended the length of time saying 45 minutes wasn't really all that bad. I looked him in the eye and told him again that he needs to take the food off the check. I suppose he figured I wasn't about to be bullied so he eventually relented and removed the $25 or so from the check for the food that never came. WOULD NEVER GO BACK THERE.

Ron Hartpence

Great place

Carly Chelder

Had a wonderful lunch experience here. Try the salmon kabobs. Excellent beer selection and knowledgeable staff.

Steven Freeman

Great food and drink. Tough to accommodate larger parties without prior notice but this place is definitely a somerville classic

Shilpan Patel

Great selection of drinks.

Traveling Pine

Great food and fancy cocktails. Would highly recommend the burger.

Mickey Luongo

I have been here several times for drinks, but just tried the food for the first time and I was really impressed. We shared a couple of small plates. Everything was really good. I would highly recommend the pork sliders.

Romir Anand

It was ok

Ann Thayer-Cohen

Nice selection of beers on tap and great cocktails. Small plates are tasty. We share 3 or 4 tapas choices to split for two.

Nick Arminio

Always an excellent selection of craft beers on draft and in bottle. Frequently rotated and a good mix of local and regional brews. A great place to take a beer enthusiast. Flights are available and the servers are generally knowledgeable about the menu. The food is also of a high caliber here. Great selection of small plates, sandwiches, and entrees that are not your standard fare. Can never pass up the drunken clams when I come here.

Gerald Sarmiento

Good place to hang. Consistent and good food.

Allie Boucher

The food here is really outstanding and so are the cocktails BUT they cut their menu way down a few years ago and I don't think it's as good as it used to be. They used to be truly tapas and the menu was extensive with food from all over the world. It was all excellent. What they offer now is still just as good but it's a fraction of the selection that they used to have so they've lost some of their appeal.

Sebastian Hensiek

Drinks and environment are good if you're lucky enough to get in. Been here a few times. The bar is great although we've had some negative experiences with one of the bar tenders (dude with the beard, idk his name). One time we (my partner and I) we're here an hour before closing and he made multiple comments to the staff indicating that we we're unwanted. We weren't even lingering as there were other patrons still at the bar and he kept making comments about wishing that we all left. Another time we came for dinner and we're told there was a 30 min wait for a table. We said we would put our name on the list. We we're basically then pushed away as this same man (bearded bartender) saying how he "couldn't garentee us a table even after 30 min" and that the kitchen "would then be closing 20 min after we we're eventually seated so it might not be worth it". I tried talking and negotiating with him but we were just kept being pushed awat. We would have waitied and paid but this dude did not want our business on two occasions. Eventually one night we do get a table and get food. The drinks were still very good and everything about that was great. The food was okay, certain dishes are good others are just average. Still been here 4 times so far and have had negative experiences with the staff (particularly one person) on multiple occasions. Apparently 930pm is late for a bar on a Saturday night and you will be pushed away. 3/5.

Mark Pinho

I visit frequently and it's always a great experience. If you want a bar with great beer and an atmosphere where you can sit down and talk to the person next to you then go go visit Tapastre.

Edward Carbajal

Nice place. Probably a good date spot.

Domenico Venezia

Great tapas restaurant. Drinks are always on point as well. Highly recommend this restaurant.

Leanna Bolovschak

Wonderful food, excellent staff, delicious brews.

Aida Pantoja

The drinks are fantastic!!!

Robert R.

Really good environment, great food

sandra robinett

I'm afraid to say I love it bcuz it might get too packed to enjoy! Mmmwhaa - short ribs are beyond! And the drink knowledge - goes BEYOND imagination, so just ask! I did and They have IT in spades!!!!

Johannes Hermann

Great drinks, great ambiance, sadly not so great food

Wayne Foose

Low key, high quality food and beer selection. The cook is great,; he sources fresh ingredients and brings unique, well thought out ideas to the menu.

Theresa Cambria

Their always-rotating draft beer list is usually more than a page long, and the food is pretty good. They're great about table service, too - very friendly wait staff.

Stephen Lavender

Best beer list around, period.

William Wittenberg

Pleasantly surprised. The decor left a little to be desired but was very well made up for by the quality of food and service was superb

Matthew Taeschler

Great beer selection and great food too!

ebatiz40 .

Food is very good. I love the beer sampler and the large selection of beers. Not a very stuffy place. Kind of relaxed. Very good and attentive service also.

Maureen Greenbaum

We visited Saturday afternoon for a beer tasting put on by the Somerset County Democratic women. Because their tiny lot was full we parked in the Somerville lot behind the building which cost 75 cents an hour Mon-Sat,, but there were enough spaces. We were given a list of 20 or so beers with descriptions and alcohol content and could choose to sample 4 oz or so of each. It was fun and they had some whacky beers. There was no food served. This is an great place to come if you want to try different beers. They offer flights for $18 and $14 on Friday (per a blackboard sign) There is a restnt upstairs.

Christopher Yap

Pork belly!

Eric Edgar

Started off great. Beer selection was spectacular, Setting was quaint yet stylish though not very intimate. And anything deep fried tasted great (Calamari, Potato Chips, Yukon Wedges..) You got the appearance they were a bit understaffed, but our sever was still excellent. Great plate presentation but the rest of the food was terrible. We took one bite of everything and spit most of it back out. All 3 Sliders types and the pizza were inedible. We spread them around to look like we ate most of it, took the pizza to go and threw it out.

Greny Garcia

Very good cocktails, the place is very nice

Brian Auger

Great lunch spot in downtown Somerville.

John M Flores

We come here for special occasions. Great culinary adventure!

Jodi Vander Veer

Loved it. Food was excellent and service was great. If going on a Friday make a reservation. Loved the duck crepes and the brie!

Sergio Bichao

I've been going to Yelp for lunch, dinner, drinks and the special beer-food pairing events for several years. Mike Proske always has an interesting, ever-changing selection of craft beer you won't find anywhere else. The tapas on the menu are good, but I find the sandwiches to be even better.

Andrew Martin

Great food, great drinks, cozy, cool place to hang out. You won't regret it.

Shakemma Perkins

Good food and drinks.

Laurie Doscher

Great food and drinks. Mixed drinks are excellent!

Patrick DeRiso

Such a cool spot with amazing, adfordbale eats and a killer beer list. Hit them up!

Rodney Reyes

Chill spot. Intimate setting. Great place to sit and sip craft beers at the bar. I've also dined in and the food is good.

Isaiah Lucas

Nice place.

Allison Fleisher

Do not waste your time or money going to this restaurant. The food was decent but the service was remarkably rude - there are too many other great restaurants in Somerville that deserve your patronage.

Tara Mazzarella

Best place in town. Beer, cocktails and food are always 100% And the staff is delightful

Vatsal Gandhi

Good food and atmosphere.

Christopher Michael

The owners' and team members' knowledge of beer and kind service are one reason to visit. But the food and the atmosphere are great reasons to stay

Henry Hill

Great beer choices

Cheryl Walton

Great little nook! Good food, great people! Awesome bar too.

Nancy Anglade

Meal, drinks (Bourbon Black Cherry & Fall Sangria), and dessert was amazing!

Vanessa Clark

Yummy food and cocktails

Louis Cooke

Nice service, food was good especially the duck crepes. The beer was delicious. I enjoyed spending my birthday there. We discovered a new hangout.

kelly noyb

If you don't like this place, it's because you have a problem. The staff is fantastic, and the food is amazing. I drive an hour each way to get here because it's that good- I managed a restaurant for six years, and I'm pretty particular about where and what I consume. You'll never find a better environment, because the staff members actually care about the place. Like I said, if you don't like this place, check your attitude, chances are you're looking for any excuse to be miserable.

Joe Bruno IV

Lovely environment, food, and service.

Georg VanderGoot

Have been there numerous times. Really good place to dine. Nice ambiance, good service and great meals. Handicapped accessible, clean restrooms. On street or municipal parking lots.

Lauren Pinho

They take great care for providing an excellent selection of beer and cocktails. There well always be at least 2 beerst worth trying every time. The good is very good. I can always find something I want to munch on.

Joe Alpizar

I love going there. Its number one on my list of places to go out. The owner mike is accommodating and kind. the atmosphere is relaxing

Alexis Thomason

I really wanted to give Tapastre the Full Five. However... Let’s start with what’s great. Outdoor seating on a pleasant corner; a cavern-like indoor dining room that looks like it was taken from Andalusia and plopped down in Jersey; great …

A martinez

Nice ambience, drinks are good and food variety is excellent.

Richard Repole

Drink selection is great, food is pathetic. Not worth the price of admission.

Rena Strool

Great adult beverages and yummy food with a friendly and attentive staff.

Philip Sitver

Good selection and good food. Atmosphere is good for a date. Prices are a little high.

Mike Gallo

May 2019 visit. Everything was ok - food, drinks, service, venue, price. But - everything was just ok, and nothing was really good. The space was a little odd, and seems rather worn out. Food was decent but flavors not very profound or …

Amy Magner

Atmosphere is great as the decor. Bartenders are friendly mixologist and educational! Will be back for sure!

Anthony Sapichino

Atmosphere is fantastic. Food was really good. Excellent beer selection as well. Can be tight as it is a small spot so call ahead if you have a large party. Especially if they have an event that night.

Aldrich Gamboa

The food here was very good, a little pricey for the amount you get. I have had better Tapas, but this wasn't so bad. However, the service was excellent. Knowledgeable waiter who was attentive and cordial. The inside looks nice, but is a bit dark. It's clearly meant as an upper class night out/date place. If you are looking to take someone on a special night, this is the place to go.



Johana Mejia

OmG! Beautiful Restaurant...Excellent food...nice Bartenders!!

Richard Bello

The food borders on inedible. The draft beer selection though is excellent

Stan Rizzolo

Food drink atmosphere service are all very very good

Trevor Farnsworth

Fantastic food, great service, knowledgeable staff,exceptional tap lists.

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